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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. tonight at 5:30, we have a weather alert, thunderstorms, high winds, heavy rain making a mess of the evening commute. this is a live look from brighton over the mass pike. wild weather and also warm temperatures. >> this was so strange. it is more than 50 degrees warmer than it was yesterday morning. for more on what is happening outside we will check in with eric. >> today was the 29th day this year over 50 degrees. we are tracking heavy rainfall but fast-moving rainfall also. in central massachusetts you are just about done. the back edge is moving in. this has probably caught your attention. this is just east of boston harbor, working its way near the sandwich area and across
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-- hate cape. this is moving its way over through parts of hyannis and is about to leave martha's vineyard and move over to nantucket. >> it will be moving quickly to the north and east. the wind gusts have been 50 miles an hour and in some areas even more. this will be in eastern massachusetts until 10:00. will be in the immediate vicinity of the rain. we have breaking news, the president says he will put forward a nominee to replace sprinkler justice antonin scalia . >> i am -- supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> i want someone who cares
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there was not going to be any particular position on a particular issue that determines whether or not i nominate them. i am going to present someone who is indisputably qualified. >> the president made those ago. republicans are vowing to hold up the nomination until the election. investigators say a saudi national was drunk and went to the hospital injured after fighting with his roommate. bill shields shows us the he left in handcuffs. >> reporter: is a 21-year-old college student from saudi arabia. police say he threatened to blow up a future care hospital -- the signature care hospital. >> he said he was going to go
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his blood. then he would go up the hospital. >> it was early in the morning when he asked for treatment after being in a fight. he became belligerent, threatening to blow up the hospital and fighting with staff members. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] his defense attorney says he college student had been drinking and doesn't remember any of it. >> he had too much to drink and that is why he was acting in this way. >> he is now being held on bail but that's the least of his problems. more than likely his activities are going to be investigated. i am bill shields wbz news. an elderly man is on trial in a 42-year-old murder. in 1974
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indiscernible ] guthrie stabbed a woman in his home. evidence. guthrie is 71 years old now and has pled not guilty. campaign 16 underway, republican primary is this saturday and represented -- candidates are doing whatever they can to try to convince people to vote for them. one of the biggest topics on the campaign trail has been income inequality. the latest installment of his status -- series on the issue, jon keller is taking a closer look at these issues.>> reporter: after stunted job growth and staggering -- staggered job hiring. --, it's a good time to take a closer look at these ideas in
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comes to sharing the wealth. >> [ indiscernible ] more than any major country on earth. >> reporter: at least 41 other countries have more including russia and mexico. years of stagnant working-class wages and persistent poverty have put income inequality front and center in the current campaign. >> it is our job to rein in the excess of capitalism. >> reporter: what's the difference between these two? both want to have federal stimulus but sanders backs more sweeping taxes on corporate product -- profits and inheritance which linnton claims would hurt the middle class. wbz's radio john matthews says he's found a sweet spot. >> he is painting this is a contradiction with hillary clinton. >> do you understand the forces of inequality in united
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professor is a former president of catholic charities who codirects the social for -- center for social innovation. you get everything heavily regulated from bernie sanders, a tax code that heavily regulated as well. ted cruz is on the other end. anything he says about inequality is about his belief in the federal government. >> reporter: while republicans stressed decentralized government, tax code changes and greater mobility is what the democrats are pushing. >> anytime you say the word tax and democrats and republicans can agree, that's remarkable. >> we have enforced the laws in ohio because we want minorities
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>> reporter: with the exception of governor john kasich, no one wants to raise minimum wage. >> we can't do this if we are going to compete with the rest of the world. we just can't do it. >> every time we raise the minimum wage, the number of jobless people increases. >> let's not do anything about the minimum wage, just makes me want to pull my hair out. >> reporter: it will be fascinating to see what they have to say come fall. plummeting gas prices and economic growth, look for voters to be demanding smart answers when they watch those debates in october. this campaign will come to an end in the fall, believe it or not. >> really? >> some say not soon enough. >> you have been doing great stories. what is next?>> reporter: it is very much related to healthcare. that has become a larger and
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living and obamacare was supposed to help elevate the poor by providing accessible healthcare. is it working? is it not? what is the solution? we will be talking about that. eliminating [ indiscernible ] would make it harder for tax cheats and criminals. getting rid of larger dominant -- denominations would make it -- make no difference for most people. >> we don't like breaking 100 anyway. a former nfl quarterback has just made wishes come true for thousands. what went wrong with adele's performance at the grammys.
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you know tesla is an expensive car but what about getting one for less than $500? >> in this case the car is just for kids. radio flyer says they are going to be shipping test models for children. this is designed for children ages 3 to 8. it can go as fast as 6 miles an hour. >> i think that's a normal sized car but just a really huge kid >> he looked enormous. >> you don't think of -- you don't think of prom season as being in february but don't tell tim tivo that. >> this was called light to shine. tebow even made a
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the proms. they enjoyed festivities in a night of music. he always seemed to have so many people who disliked him when he was in the nfl. he turned everything into a prayer session. i have always really liked the guy. he seems like such a good person. >> he walks the walk. he talks about doing good things for people and he is doing it there. we have seen it ourselves. there are very cute dogs in westminster right now. >> check out this video. the toy dog keeps pulling back his ears as he is groomed and looks just like a seal. i'm a dog. i'm a seal. i'm a dog. i'm a seal. [ laughter ] and they are very smart. >> i think he's adorable. >> we will find out to wins the westminster dog show tonight. i have no doubt in my mind that they could do what they
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survive. inactive night as weather moves to the area, warm temperatures and heavy rainfall. the wind is causing issues. lots of branches are down. we will track that coming up. on my -- on my tv 38, a possible low in the blood supply because of the zika virus. what does it mean if you want to donate and you have just come from one of those when those warm weather
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adele's highly anticipated return to the grammys stage did not exactly go as planned. >> there was an obvious technical issue as she performed "all i ask."
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there was that part where you couldn't hear her and that other parts it didn't sound as good as you normally sounds. after the show, she tweeted that a piano mike fell on the strings making it appear out of tune. she said, i am treating myself it was worth it. [ laughter ] the funny thing is , people were listening in saying that doesn't sound right but she stand a great because she is adele. >> it is interesting to find out that even in a situation like that where everything seems to be perfect, things go wrong and professionals can keep going on. we are watching a windy and dynamic storm. almost 2 feet of snow in
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the ice here is being replaced by heavy rain. there's a squall line making its way around cape cod and the islands. it is centered around hyannis right now. some of the heaviest rainfall and strongest winds are here and extending up to this area. this line goes all the way down to nantucket. these downpours are basically being caused by a river of fast- moving air. the downpours canned drag the rain down to the surface. this is a damaging rain potential. this has been heading eastward. we have trees down in several areas, several thousand power outages as well. the good news is it is moving through so quickly, it is
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as well as cape ann. the end is in sight. peak gusts at 65 miles an hour at blue hill observatory, foxboro 53, strongest winds are all around the heaviest rainfall. as we head toward 8:00 tonight the strongest gusts to start pushing their way out to see and return to westerly wind which will bring in cooler and drier air. although it is mild right now, that won't last for too long. we will return to the cold stuff overnight. take a look at the hour by hour, by 7:00 offshore except for the cape and the islands. by 8:00, it will be exiting that area as well. as we see this happen the temperatures will fall. anything wet will start to freeze back it.
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many towns will be at or below freezing to start the day. watch out for ice. we are 69 degrees warmer right now in start of sunday morning. that's an unbelievable turn of events. eight then we were at the start of sunday morning. that's an unbelievable turn of events. 800 -- acquired her day in sunny skies tomorrow, maybe some flurries or sprinkles as we head toward tomorrow evening. way above average in the 40s, 45 boston for wednesday. pressure built-in. cooler air for thursday and friday but no big storms until at least the middle of next week. here is your accuweather 70, temperatures near 50 degrees this weekend, way up into the 40s at least, rain and snow showers early saturday morning. the next thing to watch is wednesday of next week. the berkowitz school, a third grade group we visited. they are cute.
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-- together. they are cute. i love it. >> to gather -- together we are better. there is a number -- and amazing medical mark that's going to be hit today. >> baby e'layah faith pegues was born more than three months before her due date. >> now we are here for her homecoming in charlotte. >> i am so happy. i am so happy. [ crying ]>> reporter: megan smith has waited five months for this month, the chance to go home with e'layah, her baby girl. >> [ crying ] she is looking like, don't cry. >> i am sorry. [ crying ] i am happy. >> reporter: e'layah is a medical malic though -- a
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>> we actually got to see her being formed outside of the won't. >> merrick -- megan and her boyfriend, eric the keys -- pegues were thrilled about the upcoming birth but months into the pregnancy, megan needed an emergency c-section after high blood pressure. 10 . -- baby e'layah was born three months early and was 10 ounces and measured 10 inches long. >> she was like a kitten or maybe even smaller, a baby bird.>> reporter: e'layah was born half the size of the premature babies at the hospital. her world for weeks was an incubator, a respirator and a series of challenges.
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our technology. we had to create -- be creative about our approach to many things. >> reporter: she left the hospital six weeks after her original due date weighing 5 lbs. 8 oz., almost 9 times her birth weight. >> i refuse to put down in their. she was here for a reason. everything happens for a reason. >> reporter: e'layah has more than lived up to her middle name, faith. mark trestman charlotte. >> what a great end to that story. i am so glad she is home. she is so little. >> she is going to be a fighter throughout her life. a twist after the break. a woman carrying an infant out of the busy mall and carjacked at gunpoint.
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massachusetts in artificial
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if you loved the movie, " pitch perfect " there is
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tonight. >> >> that is a dozen different singers from the boston area that came together to create this group called " vocalosity" . we have wind gusts today and tomorrow freezing temperatures. a tugboat sinks within seconds and puts its crew in danger. hidden history inside the house of the seven gables. the secret room we are about to
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we have an accuweather alert tonight, a double dose of bad news for drivers, heavy rain and strong winds snarling traffic wear the mobile app weather lab is on the roads, this is route 24 in brockton where the grilled like -- where the gridlock is be inning to break up there have already been 2500 power outages. >> eric fisher is tracking it all. this is a lot to keep track of. >> the temperatures rose through the 50s today and now we are tracking be very fast- moving rain. we are now tracking a squall line of heavy rain moving through the cape and islands. the strongest winds will be in this line as it moves through. >> right now around hyannis, you can see heavier rainfall moving into brewster and
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we can see 50 to 60 mile an hour wind gusts. it's near nantucket as we speak. it will probably gone in about 15 minutes. i just heard from larry in centerville and he's as we got three quarters of an inch of rain in 20 minutes. you don't see that this time of year in boston very often. the strongest wind and rain has moved off to its east right now. the heaviest is just leaving gloucester. this will all be exiting by 8:00 tonight. it is very fast-moving. wind gusts 60 miles an hour atop blue hill observatory, six -- foxborough 53, many over 40 including boston, bedford, 41 -- 44 nantucket. it's hazardous driving around. there's a lot of debris on the street.


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