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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we can see 50 to 60 mile an hour wind gusts. it's near nantucket as we speak. it will probably gone in about 15 minutes. i just heard from larry in centerville and he's as we got three quarters of an inch of rain in 20 minutes. you don't see that this time of year in boston very often. the strongest wind and rain has moved off to its east right now. the heaviest is just leaving gloucester. this will all be exiting by 8:00 tonight. it is very fast-moving. wind gusts 60 miles an hour atop blue hill observatory, six -- foxborough 53, many over 40 including boston, bedford, 41 -- 44 nantucket. it's hazardous driving around. there's a lot of debris on the street.
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continue until 10:00 tonight. the strongest winds are going to be in the next couple of hours and then they will die down. the other story is we are up in the 50s, 54 boston, colder air is just across the border into new york. we will go subfreezing tonight. most of that will be after midnight. it is not a flash freeze but things will freeze up overnight , 20s central massachusetts and 32 in boston by tomorrow morning. will take a full look -- we will take a full look at your forecast coming up. like it or not drivers have two tickets it. here is the rain sewing down rain everywhere. -- slowing down traffic everywhere. where are you ken? >> we are on 24 heading southbound toward brockton.
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vacation week. it seems to be a good old- fashioned slow rush-hour for the most part. we are going to try to show you the roadway. this is on 24 through brockton. we are getting the occasional sheets of wind driven rain but not the blinding stuff and not the kind of wind that makes you change lanes against your will. we traveled the southern stretch of 128 which was a struggle in some spots. it was better in other spots. i don't think folks will set any speed records on the way home but it won't be the worst commute either. >> you can get traffic updates anytime at our website, and you can also get current weather conditions and live radar. a mother with an infant's carjacked outside of the busy mall. we are live back in the satellite center with this. >> that woman was just getting
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her family -- baby and her mother when she saw someone inside her car. the man got out and then flashed a gun at the woman demanded your keys in purse. she handed them over and then the man took off in her car. he did not getting -- did not get very far. it crashed into a pole trying to get away. the mom just spoke to was about the terrifying ordeal. >> he was in the car. besaws come to the car. he pretended that he had gotten in the wrong car. he got out and started to walk away apologizing and then he turned around and then said, do take your car. >> the woman, her baby, and her mom are all okay tonight. in the meantime rosi robles -- josi robles has been arrested. the gun he showed it was actually a pelican. he was injured in a wreck with police but we don't know how
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at an investigation. >> reporter: this is an open and active investigation involving local and state police which began at about investigators were called to a huge apartment complex in the city of malden. they were making a well-being check go when i got there they found the body of a woman. right now there was not much more being released as far as the cause of death. as we said police have been called into look into this and the da's office is actually taken over the investigation. at this point, the identity of the victim has not been released while authorities try and notify the family. no other information is being released tonight. neighbors to tell me that's they are stunned by this news. tonight they are very uneasy by all of this. resource also tells us that at one point there was a be on the lookout alert for a vehicle. tonight police are not commenting on it. unfortunately, the body of a
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apartment complex turcotte it is now an open and active investigation. -- complex. investigation. there has been arrest -- an arrest in a hit-and-run. [ name arraigned tomorrow for intentionally hitting the 15- year-old boy on a bicycle. victory for critics who question the safety of turf fields. they are used all over the boston area and filled with material that is made from recycled tires. >> you would be hard-pressed to find a kid who hasn't played on one of these fields. now the epa, cdc and consumer product safety commission plan to investigate. . years the turf industry has maintained its product is safe. other studies including one released by yale last summer raises questions about -- raise
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the issue ramped up after a college soccer coach noticed an unusual number of players coming down with cancer, especially goalies who roll around in the turf. >> reporter: if you are a parent, do you want your child ingesting or swallowing material from scrapped tires that you have driven on for thousands of miles? critics and supporters welcome the news. they are hoping the government can finally settle the score on this debate. the report is expected by the end of the year. for the i-team ryan katz the bcb news -- wbz news. these men are safe and sound even though there tugboat
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them in the freezing water. that's because another boat captain happened to be nearby. we are live with this amazing story.>> reporter: they say timing is everything. fortunately, [ indiscernible ] [ background noise ] that rescue happened just in the nick of time because their boat was the water. >> we have got someone time. >> reporter: captain doug immediately sent out a distress call when his tugboat emily end -- emily ann began taking on water. it sunk within a few minutes. >> the boat has sunk in 2 of us are hanging on to our survival gear and one of us is in a liferaft. says moments later the boat sank and about 44 -- in about 44 feet of water.
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and 2 in the water. >> reporter: joe maloney happen to be a half-mile away about to start his day aboard the chelsea when he heard the distress call. he immediately sprang into action. >> we saw the lights and about a half-mile away the lights went out. i saw the silhouette of the tugboat and then it was gone. >> reporter: when he heard the distress call, he knew their lives were on the line. >> ring it on joe. -- bring it on joe. >> i am happy to be home and warm and dry. >> it was perfect timing, just perfect timing. doing fine. they declined medical attention after the tugboat sank. had a difficult time getting back because of the terrible weather conditions. this is a house that has fascinated visitors for centuries but it turns out the house of the seven gables has more mystery coming up.
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innovative self defense, a rubber was scared off by of all things -- armed robber was scared off by of all things, a milk crate. strong rains and heavy winds right now.
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police are trying to track down for pistols that were stolen from hitman firearms. the front door had been smashed in police --. police believe the person who pulled this off also hit another gunshot the week ago. look at this clerk stop a thief with a milk crate. the would-be robber had a knife
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this happened in norwood. after he pulled out the milk crates, the would-be robber left with no money at all. a rebound for [ indiscernible ] that was its best month since october. so far plane ranch has made nearly $50 million for the state. what can we say about the weather? it was warm but not beautiful. >> we went from freezing to it being muggy. >> it is very humid outside. traffic is slow this evening. as you would expect, heavy rainfall and slick roads. we are now talking about rain and the snow is now off to the west in rochester new york. we have been seeing heavy rainfall today. the radar looks more like springtime. we are tracking the squall line racing toward the east. it is moving quickly. it's almost completely offshore.
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has moved outside of chatham in nantucket. that's good news. the heavy rain on six -- 6, that is where we can also see some of our strongest wind gusts. this is going across the cape in nantucket. the back edge is moving into boston. steady rainfall around cape ann and across the seacoast. >> this will be gone in a couple of hours moving very quickly, a soaking rain. many areas have picked up an inch of rain or even more. we've had some pretty big wind gusts, gloucester 62 in the last few minutes. power outages are up to 18,000 at the moment. it's really messy, a lot of debris on the roadways.
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move offshore as we get to -- winds will be starting to move offshore as we get to 7:00 or 8:00. >> the westerly wind will bring the cold air into southern new england. >> -- the temperatures will fall from the 50s to the 40s and then at midnight we will go massachusetts. by 2:00 am, the subfreezing air is in the worcester area. everything will start to freeze back up. this has been quite a roller coaster ride. most areas will be at or above freezing -- at or below freezing. a mix of sun and clouds and then the ice will be melting away with the day above average temperatures, 40s in the afternoon. a bit of a westerly brees and partly sunny conditions.
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boston and plymouth, a cold front will move through early thursday morning which will usher in sunshine and colder temperatures for thursday and friday. it won't be harsh like what we just came out of. but it will feel like winter again. the next storm system will be tracking out of the north. for the rest of the work week we have 40s tomorrow, gusty and colder on thursday, dry day on friday, upper 30s. this weekend a system moves across northern new england and a chance for snow. maybe some wet snow and rain shower activity friday night into saturday, a high of 48 on saturday, 47 on sunday and still in the 40s on monday. then we are looking for the next storm threat on wednesday of next week. >> i like those temperatures. bruins coming off of the loss. >> yes, they need to get back
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this one is against the yellow jackets. thursday night they were in when opaque and -- winnipeg and now feeling better from the injury. the trade deadline is thursday afternoon at 3:00. we know that danny [ name indiscernible ] would like to pull off a brought buster -- a blockbuster deal. >> the chemistry has to be there. if you look at how they are poised and what they do, if i have your back, you have my back. i think we look at this team overall, what they have. they have done well but denny yams -- danny aims has all of the cards right now.
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night and then it's warm, welcome to new england. the sun is out and we are closing in on red sykes -- red sox spring training. they have to report by thursday, but many are already working out. all eyes will be on david prince who signed a seven-year $217 million deal. hope fully he can get them back to being a world series contender. tony massarotti talked about boston. >> i think you will find that david price is a professional and a good teammate. i am pretty certain that what you will get during the regular season is a good pitcher. i looked it up the other day, on average his teams have gone 19 and 11 in the teens that he has started every year. >> last year it was 24-8. if you get somewhere in that range, you have yourself out of the chute with over 500 [ no
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difficulties ] he is clutch. let's get them out of last place first and then we will worry about who is going to pitch game 1. >> dan roach has the suntan lotion, the shorts and sunscreen as well as his t- shirt. he is headed to spring training. marshak has 13 goals in his last 13 games. let's hope he gets one tonight to hope -- help the bruins win tonight. >> it would be great if they could get a street going. >> it would be nice. it will also be great if danny comes back not read as a lobster. >> that image of danny wearing shorts. [ laughter ] >> maybe sneakers. [ laughter ] "cbs evening news" is coming up at 6:00.
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with a preview. >> it's great to be with you about the. about one hour ago president obama told a news conference at donald trump will not be president. he went to some length to tell us why he thought that was the case. we have a correspondent with the trump campaign in south carolina and we're trying to get his reaction to this prediction. we have all of this coming up in about 10 minutes. it's the house of the seven gables and one huge secret. the hidden room in a historic home
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tonight the hidden history of the house of the seven gables, one of the most famous sites in salem. it turns out it has always had a secret room that has been off- limits to visitors. >> now we will get an early look inside.>> reporter: a
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pages about witchcraft and murder has more secrets lurking under its seven gables. >> this is part of the original structure that has never been viewed by the public. >> reporter: this is a $200,000 restoration project at the house of the seven gables. the 1668 mansion was immortalized by nathaniel hawthorne. >> it can only carry a minimum of weight upstairs. this beam will be reinforced as will this. >> reporter: this stairway is like one described in the novel. visitors have never entered the dining room chamber. this is the secret room that we hope to -- >> this is the secret room we hope to restore and show to the public.
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accounting room will also be grander after renovations when they knock out a wall and plan. >> right now it is such a small space that we can't accommodate >> -- >> reporter: they are hoping that the public will chip in 7 dollars each to get the the house of the seven gables project completed in time for its 350th anniversary in 2018. to the wider public. we want to focus on different aspects of the story.>> reporter: in salem preseason wbz news. >> alpa get a ton of movie to restore that. wouldn't it be funny if they had a closet with a black cat with a buckle on it that has been there the whole time. -- black hat with a buckle on it that has been there the whole time. [ laughter ] a heavy rain is slowing down drivers. this is a live look right now. air will be back after the break looking at the storm and what
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live pictures at the mass pike and the traffic is not that bad. it is a holiday week but it is in a great ride right now. >> the temperatures did a great job of getting rid of the sheet of ice that was on your car last night. >> have temperatures rise 7 degrees over a couple days -- 70 degrees over a couple of days is a sure fire way to get rid of ice and -- ice. the strongest winds are just about done. this will exit the cape my about
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after midnight we go -- the cape at about 8:00 tonight. after midnight we will get below freezing. >> i saw clouds in the mobile forecast. >> lookout. >> pelley: an election prediction from president obama. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> pelley: also tonight, violent weather in the south, including a tornado on an interstate. >> it was, basically, like the "twister" movie. >> pelley: extreme weather is being fueled by el nino, and tonight we'll look at the effects from the u.s. to africa, where millions are threatened with famine. >> people haven't been able to plant the crops they need to survive. >> pelley: and it's show time for america's top dogs. >> it doesn't get any better. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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