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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 11:00 starts right now. and we have breaking news right now, an emergency on the mbta. panicked passengers kicking out windows after a spark that one witness says sounded like a bomb. >> turns out it was a problem with the third rail. crews immediately killed the power on the orange line and evacuated the train. julie is live with the latest. >> reporter: you can only imagine how frightening and chaotic an experience it was for dozens of orange line passengers when they were down bow low, the flat -- below, the platform filled with heavy smoke causing some to actually kick the windows out of train cars to escape.
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when damage to the third rail caused the motored to overheat and smoke filled the platform. passengers on another train were in such a panic then kicked out windows to escape. they actually found a piece of sheet metal and believe it caused the damage to the third rail to begin with. >> there was a lot of smoke, you know, people were kicking out the windows on the orange line. >> it was chaotic. it sounded like a bomb. people were really scared, they thought it was something happening. people were panicking, running around, breaking windows and trying to rip open the doors. >> reporter: service was disrupted for more than an hour, it's since resumed, but they're trying to figure out where the piece of sheet metal came from. back to you. >> thank you. to the other big story now. high wind and heavy rain taking down trees.
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wires as well, triggering power problems for homeowners, in fact at one point it left thousands across the state in the dark. some of worst damage was in wellesl y. >> and one unanimousny was forced to -- nanny was forced to get kids to safety just in time. >> reporter: yeah, the power is back on here on upway road, even though the campbell family is staying with relatives. you can see the low hanging wires and mess in the front yard. a lot of washing to be done, and they're -- work to be done, and no doubt they're still talking agent the storm. -- about the storm. >> reporter: the babysitter recounted the storm that uproot third degree tree in the fronted yard. >> i was definitely frightened when i looked outside, and the first thing i thought of was the kids.
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dinner for the three kids, and huddled the children in the middle of house. >> yeah, it was just a frightening thing. >> reporter: fortunately it only mangled the suv in the driveway, not the home itself, but like several towns south of pike, the wires it took down knocked out power on the treat. >> i was downstairs and heard a crash. >> reporter: police quickly blocked streets with downed wire, and workers spent the evening cutting off tree, installing new polls and reinstalling lines, while a certain babysitter gave thanks to winds direction wasn't different. >> >. if it had gone the other
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>> reporter: the kids are all fine tonight. there's a new threat now, story. >> the strong winds out of the south earlier today bringing up the warm air, gusts over 60 miles per hour across the area, you can see why we had the damage but the gusts are starting to calm down and bringing the colder temperatures. up and down the temperature game the last couple of days. 36 in orange and springfield, the cooler air comes eastward overnight, so anything wet from the rain fall, a lot of standing water, that will start hours. most towns at or below freezing by the time we wake up in the morning, so watching out for late nice icy spots into the first part of day tomorrow. little less drama the rest of this week, not the extremes we have been seeing.
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as well, the full forecast is coming up in a few minutes. all right, thank you. tonight burst pipes flooded four school, and damage is so bad at the mccarthy school it's unclear if they'll reopen monday. and a violent car jacking comes to a crashing end. a thief robbing a mother with her child at the mall before taking off in the car. kate merrill is live in brockton tonight where the victims are still shaken up. >> reporter: at first she thought it was a joke, but then realized she and her baby daughter were in trouble, so right here in the middle of parking lot in the middle of day she handed over her car keys to a man with a gun. it started as a normal trip to
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pan was in -- man was in their car. >> he sort of pretended he was in the wrong car, started to walk away apologizing, and said you know what i am going to >> reporter: she thought he was gun. purses. >> reporter: and then the car ended up here wrapped around a poll, but that -- pole, but that didn't stop the suspect. >> it was crazy. >> reporter: he took off, but neighbors say the escape didn't last listening. >> >. came running up the street, but within seconds there was a cruiser right here, and the cop had his gun and said put down your gun. >> reporter: the man quickly taken down, the gun, actually a pellet gun was located, but for the victim she only cares about one thing. >> i have the baby, i have my mom, so we're healthy and safe and that's all we care about.
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will face a judge tomorrow. he's facing armed car jacking and armed robbery charge, as for the victim i spoke to her tonight at her parent's house and they're all just so thankful the police worked so quickly, this whole thing wrapped up in less than an hour. live in brockton, kate merrill. following breaking news from south boston now, and what could be a horrible story. a possible drowning involving an infant, rushed to the hospital after being found in the bathtub. the victim is ten months old, and rushed to boston medical. we'll stay on top of this and bring the latest tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. and we have this development now, a murder mystery in mauldin. and there's an arrest in the hit and run of a boy badly
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a man deliberately ran down the 15-year-old friday. the teen still in the hospital tonight. the suspect in court tomorrow. and a member of patriots calling it a career. >> after eight seasons with the patriot, mayo announced his retirement, and let everyone know on instagram. it was long believed they'd part ways this long season, but he retired and caught everything off guard. he's been plagued by injuries and ended the last three seasons on the teams injured reserved. he finishes with over 800 tackle, and three interceptions. coming up later in the show as he leave, the patriots welcome back an important person to the organization. i'll give you a hint, hold the line. the answer later in the show. >> we'll see you then.
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nominate a supreme court justice, says republicans have no grounds not to vote on the nominee. liam martin has more. >> president obama said he'll fulfill his constitutional duties. >> reporter: justice scalia's bench draped in black to honor his service to the country. he'll lie in repose friday and be laid to rest saturday. president obama says he'll time. >> we're going to find somebody who's an outstanding legal mind and cares deeply. >> reporter: it's become a major talking point on the presidential campaign trail. >> our next president is going
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for justice scalia, but two others possibly. >> i plan to do my job between now and january 20th of 2016. >> reporter: chris is a constitutional scholar and professor at american university and say republicans are within their rights to block the nomination, but it could backfire politically. >> it could play into the theme other that republicans are -- theme that republicans are obstructionists. >> reporter: at least one conservative agrees, a north carolina senator says his colleagues are risking falling into the democrat's trap of framing them as obstructionist. >> and tonight cbs confirm that late show tonight. >> donald, call me on this phone. it's a line dedicated just to you, and i'm willing to split the charges.
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>> hallow, who is -- hello, who is this? >> this is donald trump. >> of course heist offer the punch line of his joke, and you can see the entire call on within the meaning of wbz right after this newscast. an icy rescue in the boston harbor. >> three men rescued by another boater nearby. >> and dramatic storms in north florida, we have video. are we beginning a country where the rich get richer and a closer look at where the respectable candidates --
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tonight a local tug boat crew could not be more thankful them. >> these men were sinking to boston harbor, two of them actually in the water when they rescue. >> we've got a hull casualty,
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>> the three men put out the may day, grabbed survival gear, and were in the water clinging to a life raft when another captain heard the call and moved in. >> we saw the lights, and then the lights went out and you could see the sill wet of tug and it was gone. >> just glad to be home and warm and dry. >> john, that captain, pulled all three men on to his boat, can be it cemented the relationship, he's actually friend with the emily's captain. country tonight. heavy snow stranded drivers in up state new york. white out conditions made it tough for people to get around in rochester, and dramatic video out of florida where they were two tornadoes ripping through the area there. a driver capturing one of the tornadoes, you can see it on the right-hand side of the screen. fortunately no one was hurt. >> it's been an unbelievable day in our weather. >> yes started out nice and warm, and the overnight hours
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>> yes, pretty big swing, sorry about that. temperatures last night, teens and heavy freezing rain, and this afternoon just dumping regular rain fallout side. boston 63 degrees warmer than sunday, and that's happened before. an inch and a half of rain in brockton, and belmont about an inch of rain, and that pothole season is very much here when you have extremessing go from subzero temperature, then a big warm up and then back to the cold, the crews will be busy, weaknesses showing up in the area roadways. it's that time of year. current condition, still at 47 in boston, we have the colder
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38, and it's cold, colder air working in, so the main thing to watch for tonight. any wet areas from today's heavy rain fall starting to refreeze. so by tomorrow morning, at sun rise, about 32 in boston, 30 in norwood, 20s across much of central massachusetts, watch out for the icy areas out the door toward the middle of the week here effort for your wednesday, partly sunny, not as warm as today, but comfortable for february. looking at 40s in the afternoon, and toward the end a little more daylight becoming more and more noticeable. high about 45 in the city. taunton up to 44. not a warm day, but a comfortable one. watching a trailing cold front tomorrow night as that moves through we get back to the winter air heading into thursday and friday. temperatures in the 30s by day, and teens by night. however as we move towards the weekend here comes the next
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moves to the north, which means a little wet snow rain mix friday night, but no cold air for any significant impact for the storm. the rest of the work week 40s tomorrow, breezy and partly sunny, gusty, colder a chance for an ocean effect shower on cape cod especially friday morning, friday upper 30, peaceful end to the work week. this weekend, the good news is a little band of snow should move across ski country, and rain all across new england with the storm, it's been a tough go for it. no big snow totals all winter long. sunday, more milder air flowing in, and pretty easy weekend to take, especially compared to valentine's day weekend. here's the full zaire, we'll manage -- seven-day, the mid and upper 40s saturday and sunday, and monday with a few rain and snow showers there. if you're thinking about the next big storm, wednesday will be the day to watch next week.
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we can take that. thanks. to campaign 2016 now, and income inequality, an issue thoracic outlet millions of -- that millions of americans say affect them. >> the top issues, gets us closer to where the candidates stand. >> from the occupy encampments to living wage protests to bipartisan anger at wall street, the rising income gap between the rich and the rest of us has become a potent political topic, but in the race for the white house who's really taking on the issue of sharing the wealth. >> this country today has more income and wealth inequality than any major country on effect. >> reporter: actually at least 41 other countries have more, including russia and mexico, but years of stagnant working class wages and persistent poverty put income inequality front and center in the current campaign. >> it's our job to get the
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>> reporter: what's the key difference between the two? both want to help close the gap by growing jobs and wages through federal stimulus, but sanders backs more taxes that class. >> reporter: boston college school of social work professor is a former president of catholic charity, and codirects the center for social innovation. >> you get everything from sanders on the extreme end, heavily regulated, a tax code to match it, then ted cruz, pretty much anything he says about inequality is about his belief of the role of government. >> reporter: but while rubio, cruz, and other republicans stress decentralized approaches to inequality, dearing credits them from supporting greater
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>> >. any time you have to t word tax, it's favored by both the republican and democratic candidates, that's fairly remarkable. >> reporter: some republicans go even further. >> we enforced the laws in ohio on set asides because we want minorities to develop and rise. >> reporter: but with the exemption of kasich none of them support raising the minimum wage. >> we can't do this if we want to compete with the rest of the world. we can't do it. >> >. every time we raise the minimum wage, the number of jobless people increases. >> let's not do anything about the minimum wage just makes me between pull my hair out. >> reporter: massachusetts voters get their say on super tuesday, two weeks from tuesday, and coming up next week a closer look at where the candidates stand on health care. for more details on the key issues in the selection, the
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taking, and my analysis go to our website. the key member rejoining the patriots. >> >. and an overtime thriller for the bruins.
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patriots fans may find some satisfaction in this. roger goodell took a 9 million- dollar pay cut, but still earned more than $34 million. not well earned. >> so let's talk patriots. >> let's talk patriots and bruins as well. what have you got going on over there? >> take that roger! that's all tom brady's money. the bruins needed to regroup and play for defense tonight against the blue jackets, a team that's back entices, and mcquaid back in the line up after being injured. 1-0 columbus.
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ber -- tied. bergeron capitalizes on the turnover. game tied at 1. making a few saves to keep the game tied at 1. 28 stops in the game, goes to overtime. just 13 seconds into the three on three, we have a game winning goal. ericson's 20th of the season. the bruins win 2-1. and earlier in the show we told you mayo announced his retirement, and maybe his next step is to help out as a coach. players already said he was a coach on the field. instagram. after a lot of thought we've express our sincere gratitude for what we consider a life changing event.
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the past eight years. as my family and i prepare for the future be sure the pats memories will always hold a special place in our hearts. and espn is reporting the team rehired scarneccia as the offensive line coach. he retired back in 2013 after 32en is in the nfl -- seasons in the nfl, including 30 with the patriots. and now the nfl trade dead lynn. the sell -- nba trade deadline, so far the celtics have been quiet, but the team should be ready for anything. >> we haven't accomplished what we want to accomplish, and we're just moving forward, and the big errs things is we have to be ready to act and be ready
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are presented to us. we can't force them. we can't think that we're way better than we really are, and try to do something that's we have to remain patient and smart, and on top of things. meanwhile ohio state honored evan turner tonight by raising his number to the rafters. he spent three seasons with the buck eyes. his number is the fifth to be honored. and red sox pitchers and catchers report thursday in florida, and we'll have daily reports from dan roach. danny, getting his summer on early. >> >. all right, thank you. from hundreds of dogs, down to seven. the furry finalists for best in show.
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relatively speaking a kind
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>> all right, situation normal after some wild swings. icy spots tomorrow morning just watch out for that. >> colbert is up next. donald trump calls into the show. >> see you tomorrow night. good night. >> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: you deserve it! you deserve it! thank you. >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen!


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