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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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breaking news emergency inspections on the orange line after a pam falls from a train crawsing passengers to kick out windows and evacuation a smoky station. >> a mother and child car jacked at the mall but the suspect didn't get far. how police tracked him down and charges he will face in court today. >> a landmark ruling what apple has been ordered to do in connection with the san bernardino terror investigation. and new this morning apple is responding. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning.
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wednesday, february 17th i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckin none. it's been a -- mckinnon. it's been a wild few days of weather. yesterday high winds and heavy rains taking down trees across the area and we felt it all over place yesterday. i felt leek my car got power washed. >> that's a way to look at ice positively. the wind was howling and we had over an inch in some spots but today will be quieter. boston at 34 degrees. dew point 27 and wind out theet of the west at 8 miles -- out of the west at 8 miles per hour. feels like 27 but not too bad. a and we are generally in the mid-30s. notice we are at 35 in manchester but down to 32 in bedford. the wind dried out the roads in a lot of spots but can't rule out a icy patch or two very isolated.
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norwood at 32 and everybody else from marshfield to the cape above the freeze mark. running into mid to upper 30s right now. and things have quieted down a few increasing clouds starting to come back into the mix and a couple flurries in the lower connecticut river valley. but we are in for quiet weather today and planner goes this way. rise at 6:39 and blended sun and cloud and dry and quiet up to 42 by lunchtime today and the wind won't be nearly as strong as yesterday. and about 7 to 14 miles per hour through the afternoon. and we will cool back into the upper 30s heading into your ride home with partly cloudy skies and sunset at 5:18. i have a couple cold fronts on the map we will talk about and take you through the weekend in a couple minutes. >> thank you very much. breaking news, police investigating a deadly shooting at a bar in randolph. it happened at city limits on a north main street. the victim's name has not been released. no word if any arrests have
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orange line trains inspected before going into service for this morning's commute. this comes after an emergency caused smoke to fill the state street station and panicked passengers kicked out train windows to get out. the whole thing started when a body panel fell off the train heading into state street station last night. >> the train ran over the panel causing the smoke to fill the station. passengers were able to get off without a problem. a second train just a few minutes behind hit the 12-foot panel and which was still on the tracks causing more smoke to fill the air and that train became disabled. passengers on board pulled emergency alarms and you can hear them because the train was not fully platformed the doors remained locks. locked and passengers kicked out the windows to escape. >> there was a lot of smoke. people were kicking out the windows on out orange line. >> it was chaos. it sound like a bomb and people were panicking and people were running around and they were
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rip open the doors. >> the mbta says the body panel design is specific to the orange line and they say only trains that have been inspected will be in service today. we are following a developing story a infant pulled from a bathtub and rushed to the hospital. the 10-month-old was at a home on logan way and the baby has been taken to boston medical center. no word on the condition of the baby but police are investigating. developing a death investigation in malden. police there found a woman's body in an apartment at cliffside commons on broadway monday night. they are not releasing her name and the case is being investigated as a homicide but police say it was not a random act of violence. an accused hit-and-run driver is due in court. that crash seriously injured a boy riding his bike in lowell. calvin suesa ran down the 15- year-old a on friday and that teen is still hospitalized but in stable condition. a violent carjacking comes to a crashing end.
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her child at the mall. then took off in the car. that suspect will be charged in court today. kate merrill spoke to the victim who is still shaken up. >> reporter: it started as normal family trip to the mall for a young woman her mother and baby until they tried to leave and a man was inside their car. >> he was already in the car and saw us coming and pretended he got in the wrong car and got out and started to walk away apologizing and he said you know what i am going to take your car. >> reporter: she thought he was kidding until he flashed this gun. >> give meet keys and your purses and took off. >> reporter: it didn't take long before the car ended up here in stoughton wrapped around a pole. but police say that didn't stop the suspect. >> it was pretty crazy. >> reporter: he took off but neighbors say his escape didn't last long. >> came running up the street but within seconds there was a cruiser right here and he was
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out and told the fellow who was hiding across the street put down your gun. >> reporter: he was taken down his gun which was actually a pellet gun was located but for the victim, she only cares about one thing. >> i have the baby i have my mom, so we are all healthy and safe and that's all that we care about. >> reporter: this is 32-year- old jose robe bless -- robles is facing armed carjacking and armed robbery among other charges. i did speak with the dedham monday with her parents and she is feeling fine tonight and her daughter is okay as well. in boston a, kate merrill wbz this morning. apple will fight a judge's order to help investigators hack into the phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. that ruling was a first of its kind. the fbi took apple to court to get the software prevent be
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if you try with the wrong code it erases the data. now to campaign 2016 we are days away before the south carolina primary. republican primary front-runner donald tump is fending off an attack from president obama as democratic contenders stomp for minority votes. >> reporter: donald trump took aim at president obama in south carolina tuesday night. moments after the commander in chief said this. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. >> you are lucky i didn't run because you would have been a one term president. >> reporter: trump commands a double digit lead and yesterday he and marco rubio he bashed ted cruz for being dishonest. >> i never seen a human being lie so much he lies about everything. >> he he didn't tell the truth about ben carson and doesn't tell the truth about me. >> reporter: he responded.
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substance they scream liar. >> reporter: hillary clinton is trying to maintain a lead in south carolina. tuesday she and bernie sanders courted minorities voters. >> it's not enough for your economic plan to be break up the banks. you need a plan to address the generations of underinvestment and neglect. >> we need to provide substantial health to hbcus that have done a great job. >> reporter: democrats hold the primary in south carolina a week from this saturday. don champion, cb is s news. cbs news. justice antonin scalia's chair at the supreme court is draped in black. he will lie in repose in the court friday and laid to rest on saturday. the unexpected vacancy is at the center of a political war. senate republicans are vowing to block anybody that president obomba nominates to the supreme court. speaking to reporters the president said he fully intends
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>> we are going to find somebody who is an outstanding legal mind, somebody who cares deeply about the democracy and rule of law. >> senate republicans can block that nomination but some analysts say it could be political backfire. pope francis wraps up the five-day trip to mexico today and will make a phenyl stop bordering el paso texas. he suarez was once known as murderer capital of the world he will visit a prison and hold mass. last night about 45,000 young people crowded into a soccer stadium to hear the pope speak. the patriots jerod mayo is retiring announcing it on instagram last night and thanked the krafts and team and fans. he has been plagued by injuries and he is ended the last few seasons on the tam's injury -- team's injured reserve and
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other news e is spn is reporting -- espn is reporting the team rehired the offensive line coach. donte takes over for dave whose contract was not renewed after two seasons. scar necky retired after 32 seasons including 30 with the pats. it's 4:30. 40 on your wednesday morning --4:40 on your wednesday morning coming up patching up potholes not city workers help with repairs. >> and a tugboat crew he very thankful to be alive -- crew very thankful to be alive. the hero that came to their
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welcome back. advice for parents looking to purchase a first car for their teen and tesla car selling for $500. >> that's it? >> i don't know. we have to find out more. >> yes. plus there's a deal in the works that could have a impact on oil prices. jill wagner is live with today's money watch to fill us in. good morning jill. >> reporter: good morning. the fate of a global oil deal now hangs on iran.
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to freeze oil production at january levels to boost prices. but, they will only do it if other oil producing countries do it as well. wild card just had sanctions lifted and listed it's full team ahead for oil production. word of a possible deal sent stock markets higher. dow gained 222 and there's new rums out for parents who are shopping -- recommendations for teenagers first car. vehicles for new drivers should be boring and slow. not the criteria adults want but it's for newbys. they say the best mid size car is ford fusion and best large is 2012 buick regal. and toy cars have come aa long way. te is sla and radio flyer are teaming up on an electric model s for kids. all right.
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it has working headlights music and three colors red silver and blue and the big difference is between this and the adult mightel -- model besides the size is the speed the kid version is 6 miles per hour and cost about 500 bucks. where were these when we were kids. >> i know right i want to get that for my son that's the affordable version. >> i could get to work in about an hour if i drove that tesla. >> wouldn't have to pay for gas it would be perfect. >> reporter: would you go on the sidewalk or road. >> with boston drivers i would have to go on the sidewalk. >> mind you jill, chris is 6 foot 4 so seeing him in something like that would be very entertaining. >> reporter: awant a picture. >> thanks very much. see you next hour. boston crews will be on pothole patrol today at least 15 teams will head out across the is city to repair damage they have spent the past two days identifying problem areas.
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to report potholes in their neighborhoods. the damage is caused by the deep freeze and the warmer temperatures and boy oh, boy. >> the last day has proved that right. >> yep. >> this is the calm -- today is the calm after the storm danielle. >> much quieter. what a swing. pothole weather from 9 below zero up to 54 yesterday. we are going to be around 32 degrees this morning. so there's been a lot out there. the extreme temperature swings over the last 24 to 48 hours and now we are talking about a much quieter day overall. you are right and the temperature is in the mid-30s for a lot of us in eastern massachusetts lawrence boston both at 34, 35 in taunton and 30 on the nose in onester and keene and there may be a couple paps of black ice but overall the wind tended to dry out the roads and there's not a ton of leftover moisture from the rain that fell yesterday and boy did it fall. real feel 20 degrees in worcester and there's a bit of a wind and that wind is making you feel a little bit colder. not bad by february standards. and the skies did partially
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filling back in and they will be with us at times today. there are a couple flurries in the lower connecticut river valley. we may get a flurry or two but i am not overly concerned a couple cold fronts back to the west as well. they will bring in a shot colder airheading into the day tomorrow. so out ahead of it, it won't be as warm as yesterday but mid- 40s this afternoon. and then as we head into overnight tonight, maybe a scattered flurry or two that's the colder air. high pressure building in behind it means tomorrow will feature plenty of sunshine but temperatures in the mid-30s. actually more normal for this time of the year. there's the slight risk we could see a brief snow shower ocean effect on the outer cape tomorrow and friday high pressure is in control again so it's quiet stretch here through the remainder of the week. think late in the day on friday, we get into an increase in clouds and the clouds actually represent warmer air that's going to push in as we head into the upcoming weekend. may come with an early morning rain or snow shower on saturday and increasing sunshine.
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upper 40s not too bad. tonight we do dip into the 20s so we will be chilly and even a couple teens in the outlying suburbs. tomorrow's highs mid-30s. pretty normal for this time of the year. going to -- good amount of sunshine mixed in and accu- weather 7-day forecast upper 30s on friday and this weekend will be very warm. 50 degrees on saturday and a rain or snow shower early on saturday morning and partly cloudy upper 40s on is sunday so a good looking weekend and we stay fairly mild heading into the start of next week as well guys back to you. >> all right sound good thank you very much. that weekend i can't wait for it. thank you very much. framingham is mop up -- mopping up for a winter mess he. damage is so bad at mccarthy school it's unclear if it will be able to reopen after school vacation on monday. crews worked late into the night to remove a tree that crashed in the front yard of a wellesley hoe. the baby-sitter was cooking dinner when the wind started to
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in the middle of the house to stay away from the windows. >>i was frightened when i looked outside and i could think of the kid and i was worried something else would fall. had it gone the other way we could have died. >> power has mostly been restored although there are still a few scattered outages. crews will be back out today to check on those areas. local tugboat crew is thanking rescuers this morning september out a distress call when the ship started to sink in boston harbor. >> we have got a hull questioning assistance. >> they grabbed survival gear and they were clinging to a life raft when another captain heard the call for help. >> we saw the lights and about a half mile away the lights went out. an you can see the silhouette of the tug and it was gone. >> i am glad to be home and warm and dry. >> captain joe maloney pulled
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strangers. maloney is friends with the tugboat's captain. >> quick thinking and quick response. >> close call with the privilege it's -- frigid temperatures the water was 37 degrees. cold day on the water. >> glad they are okay this morning. ahead concerning investigation into certain brands of pam parmesan cheese. >> and lawyers for aaron hernandez fight og avenue key piece of evidence in the former trial. >> and nfl commissioner roger goodell taking a big pay cut.
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we are following breaking news right now. police investigating a deadly shooting at a bar in randolph. it happened at city limits on north main street. victim's name has not been released and there's no word on if any arrests have been made in also breaking overnight the mbta inspecting all orange line trains after a panel fell off a train causing big problems at the state street station last night. two different trains hit a 12 foot by 12 inch panel after it fell on the tracks. smoke filled the station and passengers on one of the trains kicked out the windows to escape. the t tells us only train that is have been inspected will run this morning. more details in a live report coming up from nicole jacobs at 5:00 with reactions pray passengers. local office -- he -- reaction from passengers.
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investigation for several weeks. an undercover state trooper brought heroin several times from lebreux and he was not working at the time. he will be arraigned in fall river today. police are trying to track down weapons stolen from a gun shop. power four pistols were stolen from the hitman firearms monday morning. front door was mashed in and police believe the thieves who pulled off the crime also hit a gunshot two weeks ago. lawyers for aaron hear hernandez setting their sights on a suv that prosecutors say was used for a double murder. they wanted jurors to see the suv. prosecutors say was in the passenger seat and leaned over and shot at another car and killed two other men. hernandez' lawyers says the jurors need to see it because of contradictions by witnesses by where people were seated and what they were doing.
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to hernandez wants it back. the plain ridge racecourse may be losing the losing streak they generated more than 12 million in january the best month since october and revers the downward trin. casino business picks up generally in the spring. this will get your attention. you may think parmesan you are sprinkle on your pasta is cheese. but bloomberg tested the pure parmesan sold in stores from walmart to whole foods and included major brands like kraft found indread cents like -- ingredients like sell you lows and the stores say they are vegging the -- investigating the findings. bruins facing off against the blue jackets and a questionable call lead to the penalty shot. puts the blue jackets up 1-zip and later in the first bergeron back in the lineup after missing two games he
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scores and it's a huge night stopping several shots and we will go to overtime here 33 seconds in and and the game winner right there b's take it on the road 2 to 1. patriots fans might find satisfaction in there. roger goodell taking a 9 million dollar pay cut. but listen to this. in the most recent filing by the league he still earned more than 34 million dollars in total compensation which includes his salary, and bonuses. it's 4. >> chip: 56. coming up next, the win of westminster is on point.
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the wall street banks meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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check this out an underdog wins best in show at the westminster dog show. >> and here he is. check him out. the german short haired pointer is cj the owner says he is a beautiful dog and old soul and beat out the heavily favored rumor the german shepherd 2700 dogs competed and one notable good-bye this year. and last night it was the last westminster show for announcer's that has been calling the show for the last 26 years. that's amazing. >> yep. >> i love watching westminster. >> you look at the dogs. >> i love to see the different
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like only if my dog uld act this way. >> and i am like dougie take note. top stories and weather and traffic straight ahead this morning. >> the news at 5 starts right now. >> breaking right now at 5, a deadly shooting a at bar in randolph. details we are learning this morning. >> also breaking, emergency inspections along the orange line after a panel falls off a train. the smoky situation that left panicked and jers kicking -- passengers kick out windows. >> a carjacking comes to a crashing halt. the suspect heading to court accused of robbing a mother and her child. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning. >> food morning it's 5:00. thanks for joining us i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser appreciate you being here on this wednesday february 17th. it's been a wild couple days of weather. >> for sure.


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