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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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like only if my dog uld act this way. >> and i am like dougie take note. top stories and weather and traffic straight ahead this morning. >> the news at 5 starts right now. >> breaking right now at 5, a deadly shooting a at bar in randolph. details we are learning this morning. >> also breaking, emergency inspections along the orange line after a panel falls off a train. the smoky situation that left panicked and jers kicking -- passengers kick out windows. >> a carjacking comes to a crashing halt. the suspect heading to court accused of robbing a mother and her child. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning. >> food morning it's 5:00. thanks for joining us i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser appreciate you being here on this wednesday february 17th. it's been a wild couple days of weather. >> for sure.
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and heavy rain took down trees across the area. here's some of the damage. let's check the forecast with danielle. sounds like things will be better today. >> much quieter today. looked at outages and we are under 200 customers now without power in eastern massachusetts which is great news. it was up to several thousand yesterday. so, a quieter day overall. temperatures right now is 34 in boston and winds out of the west at 8 miles per hour and the air is dry and real feel is running in the upper 20s but that's not bad. by february standards. we have dipped to right around freezing in some spots. 30 in worcester and 32 in keene and i can't rule out a few icy patches. skies did clear out overnight but now we are seeing an increase in low level clouds again. and we will be into the clouds at time today and the sun will break out. sun and clouds 33 for rush hour. rise at 6:39. and dry and quiet 42 throughlunchtime and the wind
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partly cloudy 37 for the ride home with sunset at 5:18. coming up. let's get you on the roads. traffic and weather together should be bet they are morning. >> reporter: soak accidents yesterday with the icy -- so many accidents yesterday with the icy conditions we should see a easier commute today. knock on the bumper. no low downs the rest of the look fine. to north lots of green on the map. no issues 93 southbound out of andover route 1 south and p south -- 3 south are okay. 128 is a speed limit ride toochris and kathryn. police investigating a deadly shooting at a bar in randolph. north fork da says it -- norfolk d sa. says-- da says it happened outside a saloon. one person has been taken into custody. breaking overnight major inexpects -- inspections underway on the orange line. all trains must be looked over before they can be used.
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the tracks that had panicked passengers scrambling to escape. >> we are getting new details about what happened here. let's get to nicole jacobs who is live in boston for us. good morning nicole. >> reporter: good morning to you kathryn and chris. we have learned overnight mbta officials are inspecting all wall panels in all trains for the orange line before they resume service with those elements. this of course happening overnight after an evening of sheer panic. it was just before 9 tuesday night along the orange line complete commotion. >> it was chaotic. sound like a bomb. that's why people were scared oh something is happening. >> reporter: passengers taking matters into their hands trying to escape a situation of uncertainty. >> there was a lot smoke. people were kicking out the windows in the orange line. >> reporter: fire officials were called to the scene and determined a damaged section of the third rail caused overheading -- overheating but
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>> there was sheet metal on the track that is contributed you know to that damaged section of the third rail. >> people were panicking and running around and they were breaking windows and breaking trying to rip over the doors. >> reporter: it was the not knowing that made matters worse for dozens of commuters. but now mbta officials are hoping to put the concerns to rest with a thorough investigation. there were no injuries as a result of this situation. but again, mbta officials conducting a thorough investigation and a thorough search and inspection i should say for the orange line this morning before those services resume. live at boston nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you. we are following a developing story from south boston. an infant pulled from a bathtub and rushed to the hospital. the 10-month-old baby was at a home on logan way last night.
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no word on their condition. police are investigating. also developing a death investigation in malden. police found a woman's body in an apartment at the cliffside commons on broadway monday night. they are not releasing her name. the case is being investigated as a homicide. the police say this was not a random act of violence. a violent carjacking comes to a crashing end. the thief robbed a mother and her child at the mall and took off in their car. susie steimle is live and that suspect is heading to court today. >> reporter: he is chris. we know it's 32-year-old jose robles of taunton charged with armed carjacking and armed robbery all from accidents that -- incidents that stemmed from here at westgate mall. shortly after the car was stolen it was found crashed wrapped around a pole. with her baby in her arms, and her mother by her side, a young woman walked into the parking
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tuesday to find a stranger in her car. >> he was in the car. he saw us coming to the car and kind of pretended that he got in the wrong car and got out and started to walk away apologizing and turned around and said you know what i am going to take your car. >> reporter: mrs. arrested jose robles from taunton saying he held the young mother at gunpoint but didn't harm her physically. >> give me the keys and your purses and took off. >> reporter: the next time she saw her car was in this picture. people who saw the aftermath of the crash say robles tried to run but didn't make it far. >> running up the street within seconds there was a cruiser right here. he was out of the car and had his gun out and told the fellow who was hiding across the street put down your gun. >> reporter: the victim says her car can be replaced she is just happy her family is safe. >> i have the baby and i have my mom. so we are all healthy and safe and that's all we care about.
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us she wanted to thank police for the quick work they did after the car was stolen. police made an arrest within the hour. live in brockton susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thank you very much. an accused hit-and-run driver is due in court today. the crash seriously injured a boy riding the bike in lowell. calvin sousa deliberately ran down the 15-year-old on friday. that teen is hospitalized but in stable condition. new this morning, apple will fight a judge's order to help investigators hack into bernardino shooters. the ruling was first of its kind. the fbi took apple to court to get software preventing is syed erased. if you try too many times with data. farook and his wife killed 14 people at a holiday party in december. the american band that was playing during the paris terror attacks in november have returned to the french capital.
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eagles of death metal concert last night at the olympia theater. several who survive the deadly attack at the theater attended last night's show including a tribute to those who died. justice antonin ska lee's bench and chair at the supreme court are draped in black to honor his service to the country. he will lie in repose in the court on friday and laid to rest on saturday. the unexpected vacancy is at the center of ally the cal war. senate republicans are vowing to block anyone president obama nominates to the supreme court. but the president says he fully intends to nominate someone. >> we are going to find somebody who is an outstanding legal mind, somebody who cares deeply about deet mock sigh and -- democracy and rule of loll. >> some say it could backfire politically. over to sports a key member of the patriots calling it a career. yet. -- jerod mayo announcing retirement after 8 seasons with the team. he made the announcement on
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part "after a lot of thought, chantel and i take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for what we car life changing event. that of becoming a new england patriot. leban reid will look at the announcement coming up in your sports report. in a little while. >> all the bet best to him. trump calling stephen colbert. >> what they he chatted about as he gets ready for the south carolina primary. >> this is jon keller a new poll of what voters think of campaign coverage is bad news for the media and for the voters. why we are all in this together when wbz this morning continues. >> good morning never too early weekend. we are looking ahead. temperatures should be pretty warm. 45 to 50 this weekend looking mainly dry a couple rain and snow showers possible early on saturday. otherwise, we are going in a quiet stretch after yesterday's wild weather. we will take you through hour by hour to enter the week
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heavy wind, rain causing a lot of damage yesterday. crews work late into the night to remove a tree that crashed in the front yard of a home near route 9. >> the family's baby-sitter was cook dinner for three kids inside when the wind started to pick up. she gathered them all in the middle of the house away from
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>> i was frightened when i looked outside and the first thing i could do is think of the kid and i was worried something else would fall. had it gone the other way you know, we could have died. >> power has mostly been restored to the area. although there are a few scattered outages. crews will be back out there to check those areas and boy, that wind was howling yesterday. >> it was. i couldn't get over just the dramatic shift in temperatures and you have the wind and rain and there was so much going on. >> yeah. >> today is a new day. >> today is a new day. what were we dealing with with the wind. >> it was impressive wasn't it? everything kind of started to ramp up during the afternoon but we have the gusts to 65 moils per hour at blue -- miles per hour at blue hill. gloucester and rockport got over 60. and a lot of communities got between 40 and 55 miles per hour as some of the heaviest rain came through. and you're right. today is quieter. 34 in boston right now.
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communities that have dipped to 32 degrees. and that will mean a slight ris africa few patchy area of black ice but the wind that brought damage yesterday also helped to dry out moisture on the road. real feel right now is cold nest worcester at 22. the rest of us in the upper 20s to low 30s. not too bad by february standard. and we have had low level clouds filling back in. there has been a couple flurries in the lower connecticut river valley. he can't rule out a flory this morning there's not a -- flurry this morning there's not a lot of moisture. more sunshine will peek out this afternoon. there's a cold front back across the great lakesch the front ushers in colder air by tomorrow. and with it will come a flurry at least in the berkshires through western new england and a couple inches in the summit of the green mountains by the tonight. blast through.
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effect snow shower that clip the outer cape tomorrow. other than that high pleasure the blue map will build in and provide us with a quiet stretch on through the end of the week. sunshine to start on friday. then increase in clouds those clouds actually represent the warmer air that's going to be pushing in as we head into the upcoming weekend. it will come with a slight risk with a rain or snow shower on saturday. so today's highs mid-40s for most of us. a few upper 40s and above average day not as warm as yesterday. overnight tonight we dip back into the 20s and we will have passing clouds and tomorrow will be a colder day overall. highs top out around 34 in boston and 36 in -- 35 infitchburg. most of us will be running in the mid-30s. accu-weather 7-day forecast. upper 30s to end the week as clouds increase on friday and the weekend feature a warmup. 50 on saturday and early rain or snow showers should be fairly light come to an end.
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and we will be at 40s heading into the start of next week. by the way we had a couple school visits barry had a blast pamela was out there the bay school in salem. first group was kindergartners through second graders. the second group was the 4th and 5th graders in salem and big smiles lots of waves there. pamela hadh a blast. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: how do you lose a tooth like that in. >> i bet he he was like weather something. >> reporter: wow. >> i don't know. coming. out. >> reporter: it was not forecasted. you something nice. quiet out there right now. it's the early part of the underway. a live look over 93 no slow downs reported on 93 southbound between andover and boston and the rest of the major routes from the north look fine.
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lots of green expressway getting busy quincy to boston but moving along of the route 3 smooth up from hingham 25 north and 95 north speed limit rides. >> thanks very much. it's 5:17. with south carolina republican primary a few days away,presidential hopeful donald trump is back to calling into talk shows. >> but stephen colbert wants tohelp him break a troublesome habit cursing on tv. >> i do that for emphasis and i do that sometimes not politically and when i decided to run for office i said well we will have to stop. >> but you didn't stop. you didn't stop running for office you didn't stop. >> but these are very minor words and many cases i actually bleep them out myself. >> i got a is suggestion have a swear jar and you say a bad wordput a billion dollars in it. >> tonight colbert's guest is
5:18 am
the presidential race den generating media attention. >> and jon keller takes a closer look at the influence the media can have on the election. >> reporter: good morning. do you think a biased news media has too much influence over theoutcome of elections join the club acording to a rassmussen survey of likely voters, nationwide, 2/3 say the media has too much power over who wins and loses. less than a quarter expect the reporting to be unbiased and an appalling 75% see the media as more intent on generating controversy than informing voters where the candidates stand. this is very bad news for those of us in the media who believe in keeping voters informed and try to avoid taking sides. and it's especially scary because the negative perceptions of what we do will ineffortably cut into the --
5:19 am
yoans we better listen to what the unhappy customers are saying. we need to respond by providing useful unbiased information focusing on helping voters wade through the disinformation and spin by fact checking specifics or speeches rather and ads and dialing back the obsession with the horse race that too often winds up seeming like an attempt to influence the outcome. but voters have work. if all you want is affirmation of your biass and upset when presented with facts counter to them we can't help you. if you don't differentialate between ideological propaganda mass cay rate raiding as news coverage and outlets that try to play it straight that disincentivizes the type of coverage you say you want. seeking the truth is a tough job. our job but also yours. and if we don't hang together
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share your take on this via -- via e-male or via twitter atkeller at large. coming up more on jerod mayo's retirement. >> and familiar face returning to the team. >> overtime thriller for the black and gold. levan reid has the highlights
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wbz sports driven by bmw. test drive a bmw today at your
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visit us bmw spring training is almost here. >> it is. and we are excited about this but we will stick with the ice bruins find themselves in an ot battle. levan reid has more on morning sports. >> well good morning everybody. after losing a wild game over weekend to the redwings the bruins needed to regroup and play more defense. last night against the blue jackets, the team was back on the ice and so was bergeron and mcquade back in the lineup after missing 81 games. first period alexander won a penalty shot. and undressed him with the backhand. 1-0 columbus. later in the first, the b's tie it. bergeron back after missing two games and capitalizes with the turnover putting in the 22 of the year. razz was the number one star on the night and deservedly so. made huge saves finishing with 28 stops and this game goes to
5:24 am
just 33 seconds into the overtime 3 on 3 fun. ticktacktoe and we have a game winning goal that is the 20th of the season. b's collecting the important 2 points and they win 2-1. and after 8 seasons with the patriots jerod mayo announced retirement and let everyone know via instagram. it was long believed the pats and mayo would part ways this off season but he retiring one week before the 30th birthday caught everyone off guard. he has been plagued by injuries and ended the last three sea sos on injury rese of and ends with 803 tackles and 11 sacks and 7 fum billion recoveries and three interceptions. in other patriots news e is spn report they rehired the offensive line coach. donte takes over for dave whose contract was in the renewed after two seasons with the
5:25 am
he retired in 2013 after 32 seasons in the nfl including 30 seasons with the pats. and finally red sox pitchers and catchers officially report tomorrow down in fort myers and dan roche will be there live. dealy reports on spring training from dan roche. let's go to riddle. what state is round on the end and says hello, in the middle. what state is round on the end and says hello, in the middle. that's sports this morning i am lev and reid for wbz sports. >> ohio. >> you got it. >> our floor director is from ohio she is like i know this. >> and i had to go through the 50 state thing. >> you talk yourself through it. >> then i am like o's are round and says hi in the middle. >> patriots fans might find satisfaction in this news. roger goodell took a 9 million dollar pay cut but listen to this. in the most recent filing by
5:26 am
34 million dollars in total compensation which includes his salary and bonuses. it's 5:25. >> a lot of money. still to come three men rescued from a cinching tugboat in boston -- sinking tugboat in a boston harbor. >> the call for help and the hoareo that came in the nick of time. >> what would your child do if they saw someone being bullied. how a program could prevent problems at schools around the world. good morning danielle. >> good morning kathryn and everyone. massachusetts students still on vacation but new hampshire still in school a few icy spots coming into the 40s. so you want the winter gear and quiet to enter the week. i will take you throot the week
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break right now at 5:30 a deadly shooting at local bar. new details just coming. >> also breaking inspections on the orange line. crews working overnight after a
5:30 am
the smoky situation that left spasers -- passengers scrambling to escape. >> an icy rescue. three men happy to be on dry land after a close call in boston harbor. >> from the chapel 4 studios in boston -- channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning. welcome back. i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon wednesday february 17th and just like the last couple days you wait a day and the weather changes. >> much quieter today. it was wild yesterday. we literally had everything. and now things quieted down they will stay that way for a couple days. >> that's good. i feel like after the last 24 hours we are due. >> for a little break. the only thing to watch out for is couple patches of black ice. any of the leftover moisture from yesterday with a few community sitting at 32 degrees may experience a little bit of that. worcester for example is sitting at 30 right now.
5:31 am
of us running in the middle 30s. we may drop a few more degrees over the next hour or so but again that wind yesterday tended to dry out some of the moisture too. satellite radar shows clouds have been filling back in and that's the story today. we will be in and out of clouds and sunshine and a couple flurries in the lower connecticut river valley. can't rule out a stray flurry but no big weather makers. temperatures around 32 for the morning drive rising to 43 and sun and clouds through the midday hour. west wind at 14 miles per hour. and partly cloudy skies dipping into the upper 30s for the ride home. and the sunset at 5:18 and i will take you through the weekend coming up. let's go on the the roads this morning traffic and weather together hi robi. >> reporter: hi getting busy but no major accidents or backups. let's look live over the extressway. seeing -- expressway. see veg heavy von between the
5:32 am
to the north 93 southbound busy woburn to boston but and overstretch looks okay and rest of the major routes from the north are look fine. >> 5:31. we are following two breaking stories this morning. first police investigating a deadly shooting at a bar in randolph. the norfolk da says it happened outside the city limits saloon on north main street a man in his 20s was killed. one person has been taken into custody. the suspect's vehicle was towed from the scene. also breaking overnight, the mbta inspecting all orange line trains. after a panel fell off a train causing problems at the state street station last night. two different trains hit that 12 foot by 12 inch panel after it fell on the tracks and smoke filled the station. passengers on one of the trains kicked out the windows to escape. the t tells us only trains that have been inspected will run this morning. a firefighter is facing
5:33 am
baby-sitter who was watching his kids. prosecutors say he made sexual suggestive comments to the 15- year-old girl and while the baby-sitter and a friend were sleeping over at the home, he is accused of climbing into bed with the girl and touching her inappropriately. >> obviously the public places great trust in public safety officers in all departments and it's a charge we take very seriously. we will investigate fully and take all appropriate action. >> through his attorney bodowits denies charges and is on paidadministrative leave. a man who threatened to blow up a brockton hospital assaulted a -- assaulted a worker there. 21 -year-old saud alonize was drunk when he walked into signature health care brockton hospital on saturday night and asked for help. police say he got belligerent and threatened to blow up the hospital and kill his roommate. he is being held on 2500
5:34 am
a local corrections officer due in court this morning charged with trafficking heroin police and the fbi say they have been investigating 40-year- old stephen labro-- lebreux for several weeks. the undercover officer bought heroin from him. he was not working at the time. the swing in temperatures continues to cause burst peeps across the state. in framingham pipe problems flooded four schools and the damage is so bad at the mccarthy school it's unclear if it will reopen after school vacation next monday. the head of education in massachusetts is pushing for two new charter schools. the elementary and secondary education commissioner says that he is asking the board to approve charters in springfield and brockton but won't recommend proposals for charter schools infippleburg and sturbridge. critics say it drains financial
5:35 am
a program putting students to test it's called kiva7,000 students in 77 elementary schools in fin lan tried itch the program includes role playing exercises and computer simulations making the student a by stander in bullying situations and encouraging them to think about how to intervene. researchers found teaching empathy and to be more supportive helps the victims too. reducing depression and boosting self-esteem. a local tugboat crew thanking rescuers. they sent out a distress call. >> we have a hull casually requesting assistance. >> they grabbed survival gear and were in the water clinging to a life raft when another captain heard the calls for help. >> we saw the light and about a half mile away the lights went out and you could see the was gone.
5:36 am
>> captain joe maroney pulled all three on his boat. malonnie is friend with the tugboat's captain. >> talk about at the right place at the right time. >> absolutely. still ahead a.tesla for a couple hundred bucks. >> sound nice but it's not for you. when your kids could start cruising in style. >> reporter: if you can't get to the confession booth a breast wants to bring the sacrament to to you called mercy bus. eye has -- it has the blessing of the pope but we want to know
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welcome back. we are talking about a te is sla for kids and all eye on wall street. >> the global deal in the works that could impact oil prices. jill wagner is live with today's money watch. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. investors came back from the long weekend in a buying mood. the dow jones 222 points yesterday and nasdaq up 98. the fate of a global oil deal hangs on iran. saudi arabia and russia agreed to freeze oil production in january levels in order to
5:40 am
it only if oil produing countries do the same. iran signals it's full steam ahead for oil production and toy cars have become a long way. tesla and radio flyer are teaming up in a electric model s for kids with work headlights and music and comes in red silver and blue. there is a big difference not just the size but the speed. kid version goes a max 6 miles per hour and also the price is less than a regular tesla about 500 bucks. and here's serious bling one of the largest diamonds discovered in angola. a massive 404 carat diamond is the 27th biggest recorded in the world. and it is worth i don't know 20 million dollars. >> cut. just wondering. >> instead of like. >> the princess cut or round cut. >> got you.
5:41 am
joke. >> a rock. >> reporter: what was your joke i didn't hear it. >> the cut of the diamond was it a rock cut it locks like a rock. >> reporter: -- looks like a rock. >> like a stone. >> you. >> he a support. >> reporter: my joke is worse. >> you would need a sports system. thanks very much we appreciate it. coming up a check of your traffic and weather together and a look at the day's top stories. >> we are talking about patching up potholes. city workers heading out today and how you can help them with the repairs. >> and accused thief holds a mother and her baby at gunpoint at the westgate mall. we will tell you details of the arrest coming up on wbz this morning. >> reporter: a smoky situation on the orange line. now has mbta officials inspecting walls and trains. more on that coming up. >> good morning. checking in with our weather watcher network this morning, temperatures are running in the upper 20s to around 30 in some spots.
5:42 am
and a few slick spots in the walks and driveway anything untreated will be a little slippery on the way to 40s this afternoon. a pretty quiet stretch. we will take you throot weekend and if you -- you through weekend and if you want to joint weather watcher network
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we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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pothole patrol today. at least 15 teams are head head og tout -- heading out to repair the damage. >> they spent the past few days identifying problem areas the mayor encourage you to identifypotholes it's caused by the deep freeze and warm air. >> you are about to see from danielle dramatic temperatures. >> it has been quite wild so let's get to it danielle. 60 degree difference in the past couple days. >> it was remarkable. >> you can't make it up. >> you can't from the act being air in place on sunday morning right -- arctic air in place on sunday morning right and 16 behoe to 53 for a -- below to 53 for a high. 63 degrees swing in boston with sunday morning bottoming out at 9 below and a high of 54 yesterday. we didn't hit records yesterday afternoon. the record to beat was 60. that would have been wild. 30 in worcester right now.
5:45 am
30s but right above the freezing mark. you can't rule out a couple icy yesterday. the wind did dry up some of the moisture. but just watch out anything-treated the sidewalks driveways may be a little slick. boston. not bad by february standards. clouds are filling back in and that's the story today. clouds and peeks of sunshine and isolated temperaturey can't be ruled out. -- flurry can't be ruled out. but overall a quieter day. we have another cold front back to the west. that will cross the region tonight with some passing clouds. not a ton of moisture with it. can't rule out a flurry in western or northern new england. the northern green mountains may pick up a couple inches of snow in the summits. otherwise tomorrow morning we start with sunshine and outer cape may get clipped by a couple ocean effect snow showers. i don't think it will amount to all that much. high pressure building in. quiet end to the week. we start with sunshine on friday morning and then the clouds do increase. but the clouds represent warmer
5:46 am
it's going to push in this weekend. so warm front lifts to the north, we will get clouds friday night into early on saturday and i can't rule out a stray rain or snow shower. saturday morning, but that's about it. most of the weekend looks like it's going to be spent dry with temperatures 45 to 50 degrees. speaking of 40s that's where we will be 44 for a high in boston. popular number for a high today. bedford lawrence and 43 in nashua. not as warm as 50s but above average. 39 in jaffrey. and fitchburg and 47 in norwood and winds out of west northwest not nearly as strong as yesterday. generally 7 to 14 miles per hour. we will top out in the mid-40s and even upper 30s here on cape cod. tonight passing clouds. we drop back into the 20s so it will be a chilly start tomorrow mong and tomorrow will be about 10 degrees colder than -- morning and tomorrow will be 10 degrees colder than today. 34 in boston and actually fairly normal for this time of
5:47 am
upper 30s to end the week. clouds gradually increase late in the day on friday. and rain or snow shower possible friday night into early saturday and the sun breaks out and temperatures top out around 50 on saturday. pleasant weekend. looks like we stay fairly mild heading into the start of next week. traffic and weather together. how is it looking. >> reporter: hearing about a rollover north of the city. look at the map up in boxford a car flipped over on the roof. 95 southbound the rollover is on the exit ramp there. and then most of the reported slow downs are southed of city. let's look live over the expressway the. northbound side heave -- expressway. northbound side is very slow. 128 southbound is sluggish between 37 and the split. chris. >> thank you very much. 5:48. a mother and child car jacked in brockton. >> the mbta inspecifyinging all orange -- inspecting all orange line trains overnight. here are your top stories on this wednesday morning.
5:48 am
nicole jacobs live in boston where mbta officials are trains. we are told by officials that a smoky situation created quite a bit of panic. this after a third rail damage motor. it was exacerbated by the piece of sheet metal on the tracks. nonetheless, it caused a lot of smoke and panic. some passengers kicked out windows and ripped opened doors to escape the situation. coming up at 6, hear from some of the passengers who were actually on the train when all of this happened. we are live in boston nicole jacobs. >> reporter: i am susie steimle at the westgate mall war violent car -- where a vileen carjacking it can -- violent carjacking took place. jose robles held a mother and her baby at gunpoint before making off with their car.
5:49 am
mall and this woman tells police she saw a strange man in her car and than he pulled out a gun. about an hour later, they found that car wrapped around a pole. coming up at 6, you will hear from the mother telling us the story in her own words. for now live in brockton, susie steimle wbz this morning. lawyers for aaron hernandez want jurors to see an suv at the center of the double murder case. prosecutors say hernandez was in the passenger seat of the suv when he leaned over and shot at another car killing two men in 2012. hernandez' lawyers argue the jurors need to see it because there are witness contradictions about where they were doing. police are trying to track down weapons stolen from a gun shop in kingsboro four pistols stolen from hitman firearms early monday morning. the front door had been smashed in and police believe the thieves who pulled off this crime also hit a gunshot in new hampshire two weeks ago.
5:50 am
complex a fire on the second and third floors left dozens of people without a home. the fire was caused by an electrical shortch the damage is estimated at about half a million dollars. a rebound for a craze course generating moo are than 12 million in gross revenue in january. it is the best month since october. so far plain ridge made nearly 50 million dollars for the state. pope francis wraps up the five-day trip to mexico today. he will make a final stop in juarez which borders el paso texas. juarez was once known as the murder capital of the world. elvis ate prison and hold mass. 4500 young people crowded into a soccer stadium to hear the pope speak last night. 5:51. time for the daily talker. some catholics may not be crazy about the idea of going to confession. >> part of that might be you can't find the time to get out of the house and head to
5:51 am
one priest has found a unique way to bring the confession booth on the road. robi is here with more on this one. >> reporter: we have seen a book mobile a library on wheels and a blood mobile where they donor lab comes to you now an irish priest decided if people can't get to confession he will go to them called the mercy bus named after the sacrament of mercy known as coninvestigation. the brain child of this is father frankie mulgrew who is the son of a comedian. father frankie is taking the double-decker the lenten tour throughout northern england and says it's a way to reach out to those who might not otherwise have contact with the church. he got a big thumbs up from his boss not the big boss but close. pope francis himself was reportedly delighted with the idea of the confession mobile. the pontiff even blessed the photo of the bus that father frankie brought with him to rome. so what do you think about this? would you jump on the confession mobile?
5:52 am
there on the bus? josh on facebook says the bus is just as effective as the original method. but danielle she disagrees andsays cult priest shouldn't be allowed out on the streets. ouch. calling father frankie a cult priest really? you might have to go to confession about that danielle. number of ways to comment. cbs twitter or facebook we would love to hear 6. >> thank you very much he. >> oh, boy. brings me back, brings me back. i had a lot of prayers for my sins. okay. an underdog wins best in show at the westminster dog show. >> cj german short haired pointer was named top dog. 2700 dogs competed at westminster but there's only one big winner and one notable good-bye as well. this year was the last westminster show for the announcer who called the show for 26 years.
5:53 am
>> i know. >> it's nice when you see the underdog win. >> that's true. that. still to come, your chance to look like a spy sort of. >> how to get your hands on
5:54 am
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james bond most recent ride
5:56 am
this week. the db10 super car was created for the latest bond film specter. >> it's expected to sell for as much as 2.1 million dollars. but there's big catch. you can't actually drive it on the road. it doesn't have the srt if ications because it was built of course for the movie. >> it's not street legal. >> that's what they are saying. >> i don't know. if you have that kind of money you could pay for it to be street legal so there's that piece to it as well. aid nice car. >> it is. >> keep it here to wbz this morning. top stories are straight ahead.
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(cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, it's what you do. where are you?r are you taking at
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breaking news right now at 6 emergency inspections on the orange line. what fell off a train a caused passengers to scramble to get out. >> a mother and her baby car jacked at the mall. but the suspect didn't get far. how police tracked him down and the charges he will face in court today. >> a landmark ruling what apple has been ordered to do in connection with the sand beer terror investigation. and new -- san bernardino terror investigation and new this morning apple's response. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you. thanks for being here with us. i am kathryn houser -- hauser.


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