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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news right now at 6 emergency inspections on the orange line. what fell off a train a caused passengers to scramble to get out. >> a mother and her baby car jacked at the mall. but the suspect didn't get far. how police tracked him down and the charges he will face in court today. >> a landmark ruling what apple has been ordered to do in connection with the sand beer terror investigation. and new -- san bernardino terror investigation and new this morning apple's response. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you. thanks for being here with us. i am kathryn houser -- hauser.
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waving up with a lot calmer weather. >> we need this. >> we do. quiet stretch through the end of the week. temperatures this morning right around that 32 degree mark and a couple areas. so there may be a few patchy areas of black ice that's about it. temperatures in boston at 35 degrees. dew points in the 20s and wind out of the west at 12 miles per hour right nowch the real feel is -- now. the real feel is at 27. not bad by a february stand airs. -- stannards. some cities and -- standards. some cities and towns at the anything untreated may be just a touch slippery sidewalks driveways and things like that. high thin clouds have been work into the region as well. but it's going to make for a nice sunrise this morning once it comes up at 6:39 this morning. and dry and quiet, 42 for lunchtime. not as warm as yesterday but still above average. we top out in the mid-40s in several communities. partly cloudy falling off a bit upper 30s for the ride home with the sunset at 5:18. i will take you through the weekend coming up.
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traffic and weather together. >> reporter: we have a couple accidents now both north of the city. the latest is up is in lowell. 495 northbound at lowell connector. left lane is blocked up there. then we had the earlier he crash in boxford a car flipped over on its roof 95 southbound the rollover is on the exit ramp and we are seeing ramp restrictions there now. to the south expressway jammed from the split to furnace brook 128 southbound sluggish between 37 and the split. to the north, 93 southbound two slow pockets between river road and concord and 128 and park street. also route 3 southbound hangs up between 495 and 129. chris. >> thanks very much. 6:02. breaking news. police investigating a deadly shooting a at bar in randolph. norfolk da says it happened outside the city limits saloon on north main street a man in his 20s was killed. one person has been taken into custody.
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morning in wednesdayy district court. also breaking overnight, all -- quincy district court. also breaking overnight all orange line trains being inspected after a emergency on track. passengers are kicking out train windows to escape. >> nicole jacobs is live at the state street station where this happened. good morning nicole. >> reporter: good morning to you chris kathryn. we are told mbta officials are inspecting wall panels and trains on the orange line this before thr allowed back in service -- they are allowed back in service. all this happening last night after a smoky situation. along the orange line, complete commotion. >> it was chaos. sounded like a bomb that's why people were scared. it's oh goodness something is happening. >> reporter: passengers taking matters into their hand trying to escape a situation of uncertainty. >> there's a lot of smoke and people were kicking out the windows on the orange line.
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were called to the scene and quickly determined a damaged section of the third rail caused overheating. but a closer look. >> there was a piece of sheet metal on the tracks that contributed you know to that damaged section of the third rail ando heated the motors. >> people were panicking and they were breaking windows trying to rip open the doors. >> reporter: it was the not knowing that made matters worse for dozens of commuters. but now mbta officials are hoping to put concerns to rest with a thorough investigation. i can tell you no one was situation. i have contacted mbta officials this morning to get a progress report if you will on the status of the inspections and i haven't heard back but when we get that information we will pass it along to you. wbz this morning. >> thank you. we are following a developing story from south boston an infant pulled from a
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the 10-month-old baby was at home last night. baby was taken to boston medical center. no word on their condition. police are investigating. also developing a death investigation in malden. police found a woman's body in an apartment at the cliffside commons on broadway monday night. they are not releasing her name right now. the case is investigated as homicide. but police say this was not a random act of violence. and an accused hit-and-run driver is due in courtch the crash seriously -- court. the crash seriously injured aboy riding hi bike. calvin sousa deliberately ran down the 15-year-old on fridaych the teenager is hospitalized in stable condition can. a violent carjacking comes to crashing end. the thief robbed a mother with her child at the mall and took off in their car. susie steimle is live where the suspect will be charged in court. susie. >> reporter: chris it's 32-year- old jose robles that will be
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and armed robbery in court today. both of which were said to have taken place here at the westgate mall in brockton. an hour after the car was stolen, police say they found it wrapped around a pole. >> reporter: with her -- with her baby in her arms and mother by her side a young woman walked into the parking garage of the wetgate mall tuesday to find a stranger inside her car. >> he was in the car. he saw us coming to the car and kind of pretended he got in the wrong car and got out and started to walk away apologizing and then turned around and said you know he what, i am going to take your car. >> reporter: mrs. arrested jose robles from taunton and say he held the young mother at gunpoint but didn't harm her physically. >> give meet keys and your purses and took off. >> reporter: the next time she saw her car was in this picture. people who sought aftermath of the crash say ro about. les tried to are but didn't make it far. >> i am running up the street but within seconds there was a cruiser right here.
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his gun out and told the fellow who was across the street hiding put down the gun. >> reporter: the victim says her car can be replaced but is happy the family is safe. >> i have the baby and my mom and we are healthy and safe and that's all we care about. >> reporter: the victim made a point when swee spoke to -- when whoa spoke to her to thank police for the quick work. an hour after this happened the arrested. live in brockton susie steimle wbz this morning. new this morning, apple will fight a judge's order to help investigators hack into the phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. the ruling was a first of its kind. fbi took apple to court to get software that prevents syed farook's phone data from beingerased. if of you try -- if you try too many times with the wrong codes it erases the data.
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people at holiday party in december. a local corrections officer charged with trafficking heroin is due in court this morning. police and the nbi say they have been investigating 40-year- old stephen lebreux for several weeks. and undercover state trooper bought heroin from him several times. he was not working at the time. he will be arraigned in fall river today. now to campaign 2016, just days before the south carolina primary, republican presidential front-runner donald trump is fending off a direct attack from president obama. this as democratic contenders continue to stomp for minority votes. >> reporter: donald trump took aim at president obama in south carolina tuesday night moments after the commander in chief said this. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. >> you are lucky i didn't run last time when romney ran because you would have been a one term president. >> reporter: trump commands a
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and he and marco rubio bashed ted cruz for being dishonest. >> i never seen a human being everything. >> didn't tell the truth about ben carson and not telling the truth about my position on marriage. >> reporter: the texas senator fired back. >> they don't respond on liar. >> reporter: and hillary clinton is trying to maintain a lead in south carolina. tuesday she and bernie sanders courted minority voters. >> it's not enough for your economic plan to be break up the banks. you need a plan to address the generations of under investment and neglect. >> we need to provide substantial help to who. bcus that have done a great job. >> reporter: democrats hold the primary in south carolina a week from saturday. don champion, cbs news. the patriots jerod mayo is hanging up cleats after 8
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ai -- he announced his retirement -- via instagram. he has been plagued by injuries and ended the last the three seasons on the injured reserve. he retires a week shy of the 30th birthday. in other patriots news espn reports the team rehired donte scarneciae takes over for dave whose contract was not renewed after two seasons. he retired back in 2013 after 32 seasons in the nfl including 30 with the pats. 6:10 right now on your wednesday morning. coming up on wbz this morning, patching up potholes. >> the city workers heading out today and how you can help with repairs. >> and a tugboat crew thankful to be alive. the hero that came to their rescue when the boat went down in boston harbor. >> and what a mess. burst pipes flooding four schools in one district. good morning danielle. >> it was a huge temperatureswing from the act
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weekend to the 50s yesterday. today cool wear blend of sun and clouds and we rise into the 40s this afternoon a quiet weather day and quiet stretch. we will take you to the weekend
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a beach cleanup crowe on the other side of the pond found a salem evening news box washed-up on the shores of wales. it has not useed that name in a decade and experts says the box couldn't have been in the watt he for more than a few months and they say it could have ended up in the water after being inadvertently picked up with the snow last winter. >> quite a voyage. >> that's kind of cool. >> my good knees. >> -- goodness. >> we should check the forecast on this wednesday morning. we have had quite the 24 hours of changes but today we can breath a sigh of relief. >> take deep breath and a wild stretch we have is done. we have a quiet day today a quiet stretch the next few days in fact. the only thing to be concerned about this morning is just a touch of patchy black ice andsome of the untreated surface sidewalks and driveways and things like that because we
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30 in worcester. we are in 32 in falmouth. there's just a bit of a wind. this is not -- this is not bad for february standards and it feels like 22 in worcester and mid-20s when the wind picks up a little bit. we have had some high thin clouds on the increase. the cirrus clouds will decorate the sky forrise this morning -- forrise this -- for sunrise this morning. there's not a ton of moisture with the cold front but it will approach heading into the evening and overnight tonight. what does that mean for us today? not a whole lot. it's quiet and we have intervals of sun and clouds. we will be in the mid-40s and not as windy either. stray temperaturey passing clouds overnight tonight and that's the front that approaches and in fact the northern green mountains may pick up a fresh couple inches of of powder by tomorrow morning. high pressure building in is going to provide us with the quiet stretch. tomorrow looks quiet and friday sunshine and clouds will be on
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but this is actually a sign of warm air that's trying to push weekend. so it's warm front that's going to lift north notice there's rain and snow showers but the north. we may get a stray rain or snow shower overnight on friday into early saturday morning and we punch into the sunshine again and temperatures come up around 50 on saturday afternoon. so no more 50s today but 40s is well above average. 44 for a high in boston same in bedford and plymouth around 40 in province town. upper 30s here. a few passing clouds tonight and a little chilly overnight lows dropping back into the 20s for most communities. coldest in the suburbs well north and west of boston. 19jaffrey 21 worcester and 28 in boston. and 25 to 30 on the cape and tomorrow, it will be a colder day overall. it's going to be. [audio not understandable] knock about 10 degrees off temperatures and that's what's going to be feeling like tomorrow with the real feel factored in.
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weekend warm up 50 on saturday and upper 40s on sunday with a blended sunday and clouds and fairly mild heading into the start of next week too. pamela had a great school visit with the school in salem. the first group she met with was kindergartners through second graders and she read cloudy with a chance of meat balls as part of the literacy festival. one kid was so psyched for a visit he lost a tiewght. she met with the 4th and 5th graders as well. look at the smiles. lot of energy as well. that he had blast traffic and weather together. >> reporter: we are keeping an eye on a couple accidents. one is is a rollover up in boxford 95 southbound exit 51the flipped over car is on ramp part of the ramp is now closed. then up in lowell an accident 459 northbound after the lowell connector the left lane is blocked. also to the north a 93
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between commerce way and park street and medford square and the leverett connector of the slow between 495 and trouble cove road. jammed from east milton to columbia road. 18 minute delay right now and 128 southbound hangs up between 37 and the split. chris. >> thanks very much. 6:18. boston crews will be out on pothole patrol. 15 teams will head out across the city to repair road damage that comes across. they spent two days identifying problem areas. the mayor is encorn canning people to report any potholes in your neighborhood. the damage is caused by the deep freeze and the much warmer temperatures in the past 48 hours. framingham is mopping up from winter mess. burst pipes forced four schools there. it's unclear if the mccarthy school will be reopen after school vacation on monday. a local tugboat crew thanking rescuers.
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when the ship started to is sink in boston harbor. >> we have a hull casualty requesting assistance. >> the three men grabbed survival gear and they were in the water clinging to a life raft when another captain heard their call for help. >> we saw the lights and about a half mile away the lights went out and you could see the silhouette of the tug and it was gone. >> i have my faith in joe and i am glad to be be home and warm. >> captain joe maloney pulled all three men on his boat but they are not total strangers. maloney is friends with the tugboat's captain. coming up, we have to tell you about a concerning investigation into certain brands of parmesan cheese. >> this is going to surprise you. also coming up lawyers for erin hernandez fight overing a key piece of evidence in the former patriot double murder trial. >> and a new role for british
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welcome back students protesting claims of racism at rhode island college say they have made college. 5 dozen providence college students sat in at the school president's office and after 13 hours he promised to create more inclusive environment. in one instance 5 students color were not allowed to attend a party and had bottles thrown at them. a new program promising to proconvenient bullying by putting stewed don't test. 7,000 students and 77 elementary schools in finland tried it out and it includes role playing and computer simulation making the student a bystander in bullying situation and encouraging them to think about how they would intervene. teaching children empathy and
6:24 am
victims too reducing deprex and boosting self-esteem. >> [audio not understandable] -- depression and boosting self- esteem. the duchess of cambridge will focus her addition on mental health of children. coverage includes a personal blog post where duchess hopes to breakdown the stigma attached to mental illness. she says she and her husband prince william would not hesitate to seek help for their children if they needed it. you may think parmesan you are sprinkling on the pasta is cheese but bloomberg tested supposedly pure parmesan sold from walmart to whole foods and including major brands like kraft and found sell you lows which is made from wood pumpch the stores say they are investigating the findings. also new recommendation to protect the blood supply. fda wants u.s. blood banks to refuse donations from people who have traveled to countries where the zika virus is active. the recommendations follow similar measures taken earlier
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new hampshire could bring back bobcats hunting and trapping. fish and gaming commission will vote today. it would be the first time in more than 25 years. experts says the bobcat population is stabilized but it would grow if hunting and trapping were allowed. the slots parlor generated more than 12 million dollars in gross revenue in january. that's the best month since october. and rears have a downward trend over -- reverse as downward trend over the last 5 months casino business generally picks up in the spring. lots pour coming up in the -- more coming up in the next half-hour including efforts to track down weapons stolen from a gun shop. >> it may be kecked to another crime. >> taking religion on the road. the priest bringing confessions to you. that's our daily talker. >> heading to break four things you may want to know as you
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break news right now at 6:30a man shot and killed outside a bar and there's an arrest to report. >> and breaking news on the orange line. the emergency situation that led to train inspection overnight. >> plus, income inequality jon keller looks at where the candidates stand on the issue. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you. it's 6:30 right now i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. thanks for being with us. we have a check of the weather. big changes and good changes i should say. >> quieter and that's good news. it will be a quiet stretch into the weekend and another warming trend. how does 50 sound on saturday. >> why not. >> sound great. >> the weekend is going to be good a couple icy patches this morning. that's about it.
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where it's a quiet start. we have some sunshine poke through the clouds and coming up in about 10 minutes from now making for a nicerise. some high thin clouds working into the region too. currently the city of boston is sitting in the mid-30s. 35 in fact. 30 in worcester and nashua so a couple spots dipped to below freezing and that's where there may be a couple icy patches and slick spots to contend with this morning. the high thin clouds moving in and that will be case today intervals of clouds and sun and a few flurries in the lower connecticut river valley and we don't have to worry about those a few icy patches to start and melting away quickly rising through the lower 40s for the midday lunch hour. and the wind out of the west not nearly as strong as yesterday. about 7 to 14 miles per hour. and it will be partly cloudy as we cool off a touch. upper 30s for the ride home with the sunset at 5:18. we will go through the weekend coming up. now traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: we have a couple accidents north of the city and
6:31 am
let's look live over the expressway northbound side packed from east milton square to columbia road. that is going to take about 20 minutes. we heard about a crash on north bond side at south hampton 128 southbound heavy and slow between 37 and braintree split. 495 northbound after lowell connector left lane blocked there. also in the lowell street route 3 southbound jammed between 495 and trouble cove. 93 southbound slow in woburn and medford stretches. police investigating a deadly shooting at a bar in randolph. the norfolk da says a man in his 20s was shot and killed outsight the city limits saloon around 1 a.m. one person has been taken into custody. that man will be arraigned today. also breaking all orange line trains inspected before going into service for the morning's commute. >> and this comes after an emergency on the tracks left
6:32 am
to escape nicole jacobs is live for us this morning at the station with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you kathryn. we have learned from mbta officials that the inspections are complete and none of the failed that inspection. we learn out of an abundance of caution they replaced 13 wall panels all happening after sheerpanic yesterday evening. >> there was smoke and people were kicking out the windows on the orange line. >> people were panicking and running around. they were breaking windows breaking trying to rip open the doors. >> reporter: of course this happening once we are told those tracks overheated which caused a smoky situation on the tracks on the train and on the platform as well. passengers were kicking out
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those inspections are complete and we are told no issues have come as a result of that. we are live in boston, nicolejacobs. >> good news there thanks very much for the update. lawyers for aaron hernandez are fighting to keep a suv in evidence prosecutors say was used nor a double murder. hernandez defense team asked the judge to allow jurors at the trial to see the suv. prosecutors say hernandez was in the passenger seat leaned over and shot at another car killing two men in 2012. hernandez' lawyers argue jurors need to see the vehicle because of numerous contradicks about -- contradictions by witnesses whereb where people were seated and what they were doing. dealer that loaned the suv to hernandez wants it back. four pistols were stolen from hitman firearms early monday morning. front door had been smashed in. police think that the thieves who pulled off this crime also
6:34 am
two weeks ago. a violent carjacking comes to a crashing end. the thief robbed a mother with her child at the mall and took off in the cars. susie sometimeel is live in brockton where the suspect is going to be charged in court today. susie good morning. >> reporter: good morning kathryn. this is the scare for the mother and her baby walking out of the mall to find a man inside their car. police did make an arrest be a we now know the suspect is 32- year-old hoe arobles of taunton. -- jose robles of taunton. he is spbded to face a -- expected to face a judge in court. the woman says she was walking out of the mall with the baby in her arms and her mother was next to her and they saw man in the car and didn't know what he was doing at first. and then he flashed a gun at them and demanded their purses and took off. that gun turn out to be a pellet gun recovered about an
6:35 am
as was the car. police found it wrapped around a tree. here's how the victim described it to us yesterday. >> he was in the car and saw us coming to the car and kind pretended he got inside the wrong car and got out started to back away apologizing and turned around and said you know what i am going to take your car. i have the baby and my mom so we are healthy and safe and that's all we care about. >> reporter: as you might imagine this woman was shaken up didn't want to go on camera yesterday but as you heard her say she is glad everyone is safe and no one was harmed during the robbery. live in brockton, susie steimle wbz this morning. >> wild story thanks very much. over to campaign 2016. and an issue millions of americans say affects them and their families every day. >> we are talking about income inequality. jon keller continues the series exploring where candidates stand.
6:36 am
wealth inequality than any major country on earth. >> reporter: actually at least 41 other countries have more including russia and mexico. but years of stagnant working class wages and persistent poverty have put income inequality front and center in the current campaign. >> it's our job to reign in the excesss of capitalism. >> reporter: so what's the key difference between these two? both want to help close the gap by growing jobs and wages through federal stimulus but sanders backs more sweeping taxes on corporate profits and inherentance which clinton claims could woo hurt the middleclass. >> do you understand the forces of inequality if the united states. >> reporter: boston college school social work professor is a former president of catholic charities who codirects bc's center for social invasion. >> you will get everything from bernie sanders on the extreme end and hfly regulated lots -- heavily regulate and centralize programs and you will get ted
6:37 am
he does say about inequality is actually about his belief of the role of government. >> the enervation never coming from the federal government. >> reporter: but while marco rubio cruz and other republicans stress decentralized approaches to inequality deering credits them with supporting greater economic mobility and tax code changes to help boost working class incomes. >> any time you have the word tax and say it's favored by both the republican and democratic candidates, that's remarkable. >> reporter: some republicans go even further. >> we have also enforced the laws in ohio onset asides because we want minorities to go to develop entrepreneurship to rise. >> reporter: but with the exception of kasich none of the g-op candidates support raising the federal 7.25 an hour minimum wage. >> we cannot do this if we are going to compete with the rest of the world. we just can't do it. >> every time we raise the minimum wage, a number of
6:38 am
>> let's not do anything about the the minimum wage makes me want to pull my hair out. >> coming up next, next week in the special series a closer look at where the candidates stand on health care. and for more details and keller's analysis check out cbs with south carolina republican primary a few days away presidential hopeful donald trump is back to calling into talk shows. but late show host stephen colbert wants to help the billionaire break even more troublesome habit. cursing on tv. >> i do that for emphasis and i do it sometimes nonpolitically and when i decided to run for office i sort of said we will have to stop. >> you didn't stop. you didn't stop running for office and you didn't stop. >> but these are very minor words and many cases i actuallybleeped them out myself. >> i got a suggestion. why don't you have a square job when you say a bad word put a billion dollars in it.
6:39 am
includes john kasich. pope francis wraps up the five-day trup to mexico today -- trip to mexico today. he will make a final store bordering el paso texas. juarez was once known as the murder capital of the world. he is expected to visit a prison there and hold mass. last night about 45,000 young people crowded into a soccer stadium to hear the pope speak. it's 6:39 right now. time for our daily talker. catholics may not be crazy about the idea of going confession. >> and part of that might be you can't find the time to get out of the house and head to church. one priest found a unique way of bringing the confession booths on the road. robi has more. >> reporter: we have seen a book mobile a library on wheels and blood mobile where the donor lab comes to you now an irish priest decided if people can't get to confession he will come to them. now it's called the mercy bus named after the sacrament of
6:40 am
frankie mulgrew the son of a comedian he is taking it on the lenten tour throughout morning england and it's a way to reaching out to those who may not have contact with the church but he got a thumbs up from the boss and not the big, big, big boss but close. pope francis himself was reportedly delighted with the idea of the confession mobile. the pontiff blessed a photo of the bus that father frankie brought with him to rome and there it is. right there. it's like selfie with the pope and the picture as well. let's see what people are saying about this on the social media platform. would you go in the confession mobile? kevin on facebook says go for it. then try to get them to come to a mass. like recruiting. and john on twitter asked what's wrong with people getting closer to the good lord? amen. number of ways to comment website twitter or facebook comment all day long if you are not too busy going to
6:41 am
>> thanks very much. just ahead, check of the top stories including a legal battle between apple and the u.s. government. >> how the tech giant is responding to a judge's order to help the government hack into the phone of a terror suspect. >> plus a patriot's player makes a surprising announcement on social media. danielle good morning. >> good morning kathryn and everybody. checking in with the weatherwatchers. temperatures running right around the 32 degree mark in several areas. so watch your step because anything that is untreated may be a little slick with black ice. 30 in hollis. we are rising into the 40s later on today. we have got quiet stretch and i will take you through the week wend we come back. stay with us -- with we come back. stay with us. a closer look at privacy versus security. plus, can driverless cars make moral decisions?
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6:43 am
high wind and heavy rain yesterday toppling trees across the area. this was the scene in wellesley war tree came down near a home scaring a baby-sitter and three children inside but they are all okay. >> it was mildweather yesterday especially the wind even when it was raining and wind was blowing the rain sideways.
6:44 am
>> we are onto better days today. >> quieter today. the wind won't be nearly as stroke as yesterday. peak wind gusts 65 miles per hour fair haven recorded gusts to 64. gloucester and rockport over 60 and foxborough at 50 miles per hour. wind quieter today. a little bit of black ice this morning. because of the leftover moisture on roads and temperatures have dropped to right around that freezing mark. 30 in nashua not below freezing in boston but when you factor in the breeze it feels just a little bit colder out there. the real feel 27 degrees in boston right now. and 25 in falmouth not too bad by february standards. clouds have been moving in high thin ones so cirrus clouds adding decoration to the sky forrise. the sun is up about 5 minutes ago and we will stey some of the sun -- and wool see the sun filter -- we will see sun filter not the love moisture.
6:45 am
the west with some snow showers in the great lakes that will approach late this evening and tonight. and but a aside from a quick flurry northern green mountains may see a couple inches of snow. the front doesn't have a whole lot of moisture with it. so, we may get an isolated snow shower on the outer cape and ocean effect tomorrow. otherwise it's all about high pressure building into the northeast over the next couple days. tomorrow will be colder by 10 degrees because that chilly air mass comes in. friday we start with sunshine as the high slips off the coastline and an increase in some clouds but these represent in this weekend. so after being in the 30s to end the week, by the time we get to saturday, morning clouds are going to part for sunshine and we come into the upper 40s and low 50s on saturday afternoon. 40s today. not as warm as yesterday. 44 in boston and it's about 5 to 10 degrees above the average for this time of year.
6:46 am
39 in worcester and low 40s in fitchburg. the wind out of the west northwest about 7 to 14 miles per hour. we will top out in the upper 30s to low 40s with a good amount of sunshine and few clouds in the cape passing clouds overnight tonight as well. a little bit chilly. 28 downtown and some of the suburbs dip into the upper teens and then tomorrow, flurry in the outer cape may graze the flurry and breezy and blend of sun and clouds for thursday. temperatures will be in the upper 30s to end the week. and there may be a rain or snow shower friday night into early saturday again. that's the warmer air coming in. about 50 by saturday afternoon. and really nice looking weekend. upper 40s on sunday and looks like we stay fairly mild heading into the start of next week. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: an accident on the expressway creating even more problems for a slow ride. the crash involves a truck on the northbound side of the exit on south hampton. expressway is mess from columbia road to east milton square almost a 20 minute delay.
6:47 am
rollover up in andover. 93 southbound at 133 just coming in now. and 9 p southbound is -- 93 southbound is stop and go about a 25 minute backup and earlier in lowell 495 at the lowell connector the left lane tied up. breaking news police investigating a deadly shooting at a bar in randolph. the norfolk da says a man in his 20s was shot and killed outside the city limits saloon a.m. another man is now in police custody. he will be arraigned later on today. it's 6:48. checking our other top stories the mbta worked to inspect all orange line trains overnight. we have learned that they all passed that inspection. this comes after a panel fell off a train causing problems at the state street station last night. two different trains hit the 12 foot by 12 inch panel after it fell on the tracks. smoke then filled the station
6:48 am
had to kick out windows to escape. the mbta replaced 13 wall panels as precaution. >> a 10 month old pulled from the bathtub and rush to the hospital this happened on logan way in south boston. medical center. no word on the baby's condition but police are investigating. apple will fight a judge's order to help the fbi hack into the phone of one of the san investigators took apple to court to get software that prevents syed farook's phone data from being erased. he can't get into the device and if you try too many times with the wrong codes, it erases everything on the phone. farook and his wife killed 14 people at holiday party in december. a key member of the patriots hang up cleats. jerod mayo announced retirement after 8 seasons in new england. he thanked the crafts and the
6:49 am
and team and fans and he has been plagued by injury and end the last three seaons on injured reserve. a overtime thinkinger -- thriller on the ice. >> big plays between the brew apes blue jackets. >> a change at fenway park. how it will impact tickets to
6:50 am
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the blue jackets in ohio last night. a questionable call in the first period leads to the penalty shot from the blue -- putting the blue jackets up 1- zip. but later on in the first, bergeron back on the ice after missing two games capitalizes on this scoring the 22nd goal of the year. and also a huge night for rathee stopping 28 shots to help the game stayed tied at one too time and this you go. we have them putting it home for the game winner. b's take it 2-1. >> let's talk about baseball. red sox are getting in on resale game and that means better seats for you. team is calling it red sox replay. they say it's the safest most secure site to buy or sell game tickets. and the only one backed by the red sox. season ticket holders get a discount on resale fees and
6:53 am
points and will have the option to donate tickets to the red sox foundation the fees should lead to the best seats. pitchers and catchers report for work tomorrow. dan roche will have daily reports on all things spring training. >> closer. time for a closer look on what he coming up at 7. >> let's check in with gale king. >> will the -- gayle king. will the fbi be able to force apple to open up phone. and ash carter. and the news is back in the
6:54 am
6:55 am
they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
6:56 am
underdog winning best in show at westminster dog show. >> let's lock shall. we here he is cj german short haired pointer. his owner says he is beautiful dog and old soul beating out the german shepherd. 2700 dogs competed. and one notable good-bye. last night was the last westminster show for the announcer he. he called the show for 26 years. >>i love watching seeing the different dogs very cute. >> so cute.
6:57 am
group because my dog is in that group i like watching that. >> i could see him doing it with his little legs. >> why can't he walk and look that clean. >> so the weather is quieter the next several days which is good news. after our wild stretch. today we will be in the 40s a little black ice this morning so be mindful of that. tomorrow colder rupping in the mid-30s same on friday and then a warmup for the woke end with a couple rain and snow showers saturday but 45 to 50. >> there you go. >> sound good me. thanks. cbs this morning is next on wb- z.
6:58 am
6:59 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, february 17th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a judge orders apple to help the fbi unlock the phone of a san bernardino killer. ceo tim cook fired back overnight saying he will resist. president obama predict donald trump will not be the next president. compliment. and can we trust driverless cars to make moral and life saving decisions?


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