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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the new details we are learning this morning. >> plus an fbi raid in canton. why a state senator is now the subject of an ethics investigation. >> and a new front runner in the race for president. the new poll numbers released plus the candidate picking up a key endorsement. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us. it's 5:00 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser thanks for being here on this thursday february 18th we like to call it little friday. and we have to check the forecast with danielle. sounds like it's going to be decent day. >> it will be a little chillier than yesterday by 10 to 15 degrees. but the sun will be shining. boston right now sitting at 32 degrees. the dew points around 20 and the air is dry and wind out of the west at 13 miles per hour. and the wind will be a factor today.
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wind may gust occasionally over 20 miles per hour this afternoon. 23 in worcester right now. 25 in keene. 27 in nashua. lower 30s on the cape. there's's cold front coming -- there's a cold front coming through right now. there's not a lot of moisture with it but the wind shifts and picks up a bit and will drop a few more degrees between now and 7 a.m. sunrise 6:37. 32 by lunchtime and a couple clouds that mix in. real feel is around 20 with the gusty breeze. 28 for the ride home and it will be quiet and dry sunset at 5:20. i am tracking another big warmup. details coming up. let's get you on the road with traffic and weather together. good morning robi. >> reporter: good morning. thursday morning commute is underway with no major accidents or backups right now. let's look live over 93 in somerville. light to moderate volume. 93 southbound coming from woburn route 1 south looks good out of peabody.
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no issues on expresswaynorthbound. 24 north and 95 north are trouble free. chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much. we begin with a developing story a deadly house fire in plymouth under investigation and this morning we have learned that house was about to be sold. the state fire marshal and district attorney office were on scene investigating. >> neighbors say the home belonged to a husband and wife with grown children. the fire broke out at the home on ellisville road around 8 last night. being see the intensity here. huge flames. fire crews from several communities responded to this. neighbors say before the fire was out, there was concern about propane tanks nearby. >> she first heard like snap popping and smacking and she told me and then she saw the whole deck in flames and that's when she called the fire department. than we really saw flames shooting. we really thought it was coming at the house on the hill because we are over across the street. >> reporter: investigators have
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nosh investigators have not released the name -- investigators have not released the name of the-- >> investigators have not released the name of the victim. f b and irs is combing through the office of senator joyce. >> he has denied any wrongdoing in this. susie sometimeel is live in can't canon and the governor is weighing in now. >> reporter: yes, that's right. the governor expressed some condition but he is being more -- concern but he is being more careful wanting to see how the investigation plays out. as for senator brian joyce he is being careful mostly to avoid the media and has yet to speak publicly since the raid took place. the fbi and irs spent wednesday combing through and packing up documents inside senator brian joyce's law office in canton. adding fuel to allegations that he he is abused his power -- he abused his power as a state senator. >> i was troubled by some of the issues raised previously.
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been under the microscope for months now accused of using his position to secure a decade of free dry cleaning, and discount shipments on designer sunglasses. last month he admitted to using campaign funds to pay for his son's high school graduation party. his district is disappointed to say the least. >> a little scary. it's not something you want to hear or see about your elected officials. >> reporter: joyce's lawyer says it's unfortunate recent stories in the media appeared to have sparked an investigationch the senator believes he has -- investigation. the senator believes he has done nothing wrong. top republicans are asking him to step down but the governor wouldn't go that far. >> the voters get to make the equally respect to whether someone is allowed to continue to serve or not on election day. and i think that's probably as it should be. >> reporter: it's unclear what the fbi and irs are looking for. but their presence indicates
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than dry cleaning receipts and designer sunglasses. susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thanks very much for the update. a manchester new hampshire teacher is now facing assault charges. get a load of this. anita lamaze is accused of smacking candy out of a student's hand leaving a mark e was allegedly disturbing the class while eating the candy and refusing to listen to his teacher. lamay turned herself in yesterday and she is charged with simple assault. walton police eye dent -- malden police aidentified 36- year-old colleen russell as the body they found after in her house after going to the home for a welfare check. police say they don't believe the attack was random. a long time employee at bernie and phyl's killed atn aaccident outside the corporate office. michael hasett of foxborough
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the driver is a subcontractor who delivers furniture for the chain. police are investigating. a new team of lawyers will handle the boston marathon bomb are's appeal. bomber's appeal. this is a standard practice and motion asked for death penalty expert judy clark to remain on the team through the transition. the search for a missing man from the town of harvard is expanding. yesterday dive teams went into boston harbor and the charles river looking for any sign of zachary marr. the 22-year-old disappeared after a night out with family and friends in a bar in boston last weekend. the mbta is taking new safety steps after this frightening scene along the orange line. smoke filled state street station tuesday night when two trains ran over a metal panel that fell on the tracks. passengers climbed out of windows to escape. nobody was injured.
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all bolts and rifets every 8 or -- ribets every -- rifts-- rivets every 8 or 9 weeks. a routine inspection discovered problems with the lights last fall massdot have been working to remove the lights but some believe it should have been done. >> i thought it would have been fixed but it's surprising it's not. >> it's total darkness and if you look up close at the lights looks like there's wires or bungee cords holding the lights up in place. you know for 15 billion dollars it is like this whole project is held together with bubble gum. >> transportation officials say the lights up now meet or exceed federal guide lanes and the work will be finished by monday. today -- guidelines and the work will be finished by monday. the white house will announce a historic trip. president obam.
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travel to cuba next month. the first sitting president to travel there since 1928. a shift in the republican race for president. fortifiers time a national poll shows ted cruz inching ahead of donald trump. marco rubio is in third and a big endorsement for rubio in south carolina. governor nick can i haley -- nikki haley backing him and appearing with him on the campaign trail. several gop candidates fielded questions in televised town haus last night. political analyst jon keller takes a closer look at their very different answers. >> we will bring back our jobs. we are bringing them back from china. >> reporter: trump's lead in this race reflects his keen eye for can youing edge issues. and while his blunt answers can be crowd pleaseers. >> i give you that commit mean the. >> reporter: other responses like this one to a question about appeal refusal to help the feds hack a terrorist iphone are as vague as can be. >> what do you do as far as changing laws to make tech knowledge.
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>> tech companies complied with -- comply with the needs of the country. >> we should do whatever we have to do. >> i don't have a magic solution. >> reporter: rubio often prefers to smother questions withspecific solutions. >> how do you deal with cutting costs for students but still maintaining a high wallet of -- high quality education. >> i have a bipartisan ajeaneddate first is alternative acrediting. >> reporter: but like trump rubio sometimes prefers to change the subject. >> you said yesterday you got a candidate who sponsor a bill i supported to solve the immigration problem and he is running away from it as fast as he can. >> but president obama has no standing to talk about immigration. >> donald trullp marco rubio said you are a liar are they lying about that? >> you know i got to say anderson that is strange election season. >> reporter: and ted cruz a bit of the best and worst of both rubio and trump. the aggressiveness of trump and verbal agility of rubio without
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so how many voters care about a candidate's command of detail and the directness of the answers? we are about to find out. jon keller at large wbz this morning. >> just about 5:10. coming up, some travel help for pet owners. >> amtrak rolling ute pet policy. what you need to know about the rules and restrictions. plus one man's trash becoming another man's treasure. why items found in the garbage are expected to fetch thousands at a local auction today. good morning danielle. >> good morning chris. i know it's school vacation week. it will be chilly today and a couple snow showers tomorrow evening. and then a rain or snow shower in the mid-30s as we head into the weekend. we have got a big warmup in southern new-lan. we will breakdown all the details -- new england. we will break down the details
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today in boston auction house those make a lot of money by selling someone's trash. >> rr auction will set letters books and checks and other items that john updike threw out.
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in beverly picked through his trash for years. updike pass aid way in 2009. they expect the collection to sell for as much as 30,000 dollars so that's expensive trash right there. >> there's also the chance to make them a offer they can't refuse. the 45 box archiving of papers belonging to mario puzo goes up for auction today. multiple drafts and screenplay and is expected to pay for at least 400,000 dollars. >> that's a lot of money too. >> all right we need. >> i wonder if you can make money off my trash. >> i could try. i mean. >> she is like. >> somebody else can do the picking. >> coffee cups candy wrappers. >> there you go. >> there's nothing in there. >> very true. we need to check the forecast danielle. today. overall it's probably going to be 10 to 15 degrees colder than yesterday. temperatures right now 32 in boston.
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worcester to nashua. 25 in taunton. low 30s on the outer cape. there's a bit of a wind not that strong but it's going to continue to increase here afternoon. the real feel 11 degrees in worcester lower 20s in boston. this is what you want to dress for through the course of the day today. there's a cold front crossing the region right now a few scattered clouds but we are in for a plenty of sunshine during the day today. big area of high pressure is going to be building into the northeast from the great lakes over the next 24 hours. what we will see is cloud on-- clouds on the cape especially this evening because the wind is going to come out of the north blowing over the warmer water relative of course we may get some ocean effects snow showers or flurries not anticipating acumulation but we may see a couple flakes on the cape heading into the evening hours. tomorrow morning, sunshine out of the gate for friday. the wind won't be nearly as strong either. late in the day we get cloud that come in tomorrow. and those clouds represent a warm front that will lift
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astray rain or snow shower friday night early into saturday and watch what happens. clouds part for sunshine andnorthern new england seeing rain and snow showers but we go 45 to50 on saturday and we will be mild again topping out near 50 on sunday too. so weekend is look great if you like the warmth. today's highs low to mid-30s. a little cooler than average in most spots and the wind is going to be probably about 10 to 20 miles per hour gusting occasionally higher. it will feel colder and it will feel like it's around 20 during the afternoon. tonight, dropping into the the teens and winds still active and we may get single digit readings when you get back to jaffrey and 20s on cape with scattered snow showers. ocean effect and flurries. tomorrow 35 to 40 so it will be milder touch above average and wind will be very light. 45 to 50 heading into the weekend. breezy and warm on saturday. same on sunday. chance of a rain or snow shower early on monday and then we turn colder through the middle part of next week.
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looks leek it will impact the whole east coast depending on track it may be mixed with snow. but signs are maybe rain closer to the coastline. traffic and weather togetherrobi. >> reporter: one of the weird weeks where we have 150 50* degrees one day and potential storm a couple days later. it's been bizarre. weather. it's fantastic ruers it -- weather. >> reporter: it-- it's fantastic. guessing. thursday morning. no reported backups the rest of look fine. the map. lots of green and no issues on 93 southbound from andover. route 1 south and route 3 south look okay. no issues on 128 south either. 5:17. fbi says the hacker who attacked boston children's hospital has been found after being rescued at sea by a disney cruise ship.
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embroiled in a controversy over the just tina pel tier case who was put into the hospital's custody because of worries about her health. many people were angry over the case and the fbi says that included martin goutsfeld who called for action against the youtube. prosecutors say he was part of the attack as the fbi closed in on him, he vanished. until yesterday. a disney cruise ship rescued him and his wife from a disabled sailboat near cuba. he was taken to shore and appeared in federal court yesterday. today and for the next several days work crews will be racing time trying to get a school cleaned up before vacation ends. a pipe flooded the library. 2,000 books destroyed and water from the the leak soaked into old asbestos fireproof
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ceiling whichmeans it has to be removed by specially trained workers. >> from the carpet to the furniture books and computers and anything that existed in that library was destroyed. >> official hope to reopen the school by monday but the months. new hampshire is one step closer to bringing back bobcat hunting and trapping. they voted 5 to 4 in proposal to issue 50 permits through a lottery system. the legislative committee will review the decision. all aboard for pets. amtrak says it's expanding a pilot program allowing riders to bring small mets pets on northeast corridor trains. they must be in carriers and the animal in carrier -- and carrier combined can't weight more than 20 pounds. pets will only be allowed on acela express routes on the weekends. so making it easier to travel.
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up neck the nba trade deadline hours away but will the celtics make big moves. >> rumors swirling amid new health concerns for a big man. >> pitchers and catchers report today. hanley ramirez there and working out.
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bmw >> patchers and catchers report for spring training today in fort myers. >> and will the celtics make a move before the nba trade deadline. steve burton has more. >> good morning. it's almost here the nba trade deadline takes place at 3 this afternoon. will danny ainge make a move. there are rumors but so far it's just that rumors. usually the big deals don't happen until the final minutes. bad news kelly olenic will not be in the lineup. he is headed to l.a. to get a second opinion on his injured right shoulder. he got hit by deandre jordan in the second quarter of the the gapes against the clippers and didn't announce. they announced it was a bruise but maybe not. red sox pitchers and catchers officially report for work in fort myers florida. many players have arrived for informal work joust including
5:24 am
with mike napley's old baseball glob. he took grounders after the field. many are skeptical he could make the transition to first but that's the plan. he slimmed down and says he feels more athletic and hopes it translates to the field. >> yeah i mean, like i say i start early that's the key. that's the key you know and. [audio not understandable] i been working and i feel really good and stronger. >> he will be interesting to watch. that's for sure. dan roche will be in fort myers today and have live reports beginning at 5:00 and finally the brew vints night off and continue the 6-game road trip tonight in nashville. that's sports for now. i am steve burton. rob gronkowski tomorrow will set sail for the bahamas cruise and announced the i go august rail gronk for charity.
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nation youth foundation which supports local sports programs. it will feature entertainment live auction food and open bar at merced quiz bens of burlington on april 14. general admission tickets cost about $500 a piece. there you go. we wondered why we weren't out on assignment on his cruise. >> right. >> the whole team can go and we will be live from the ship. >> that's what i am talking with. >> but sounds dangerous. still to come in the next half-hour, harvard grad suing the school. >> what she says school official failed to do when she was sexually assault on campus. clear. >> reporter: this is jon keller. ceo of apple says he is trying to protect customers by refusing to help the fedser is. san bernardino killer's phone. why i see other possible motives coming up on wbz. >> for the new hampshire kids going to school.
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will be rising into the 30s later on. it's hats and gloves and winter coat type morning. i am tracking a warmup on the way for the weekend. we will talk about it when we
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developing right now a deadly fire in plymouth. a house goes up in flame. latest on the investigation. >> the fbi rate raiding the law office of a state senator. why he is at center of a ethics investigation. >> protesters voicing support for apple. in the loll battle with the u.s. government -- in the legal battle with the u.s. government. company refusing to help the
5:30 am
suspect. today jon keller weighs in. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you. welcome back. i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon it's thursday february 18th. 5:30 in the morning thanks for waking up with us. >> we have to look at your forecast too. things pretty good today. >> not bad. >> a good amount of sunshine many probably 10 to 15 degrees colder than yesterday. nothing to worry about weather wise in terms of precipitation. a couple snow showers by later this evening for the cape and islands. otherwise, look at temperatures right now. running in the 20s and 30s out the door. we are 25 and when you get into other areas 32 in boston real feel is 23 and we are talking about 32 in the city 25 in toaston. low -- taunton.
5:31 am
up here so we have got at least partial clearing that's taking place a few scattered clouds and that's about it. for the morning drive bright and chilly and sunrise 6:37. taking through the midday lunch 32. we are 32 right in you in boston. we are not going up that much today. the real feel is around 20 as the wind gusts occasionally over 20 miles per hour. heading into the evening hours clouds will develop at the coastline. temperatures cruise into the upper 20s and sun sets around 5:20. the only thing to watch out this evening is a couple scattered snow showers. ocean effect developing on the cape not anticipating a lot i've keim lation but there may be a dusting here -- accumulation but there may be a dusting here or there. let's go on the roads robi. >> reporter: the first report backups are to the south of the city in predictable spots. here's expressway the northbound side getting heavy from the brain tee split to the
5:32 am
between route 37 and split also heavy. nothing to the north of the city right now. >> thank you very much. we begin with a developing story. a deadly house fire in plymouth now under investigation. and this morning, we have learned that house was actually about to be sold. >> several communities were called to that scene. nicole jacobs is live in plymouth with the latest developments. nicole good morning. >> reporter: kathryn chris, plymouth. of this fire. you can see here behind me the scene is still very much active in terms of a firefighter down this manning this. i want to get to video overnight. fire crews arrived on the scene of ellisville road last night. we are told one person was trapped inside. it took several hours to get the fire under control for the three-story home that was actually for sale. firefighters have not officially released the victim's name. of course neighbors here in
5:33 am
and they have also, pressed concerns over propane tanks in the area as well. looking live at this home again, one person died as a result of the fire. authorities have not determined whether or not it is suspicious and they are not commenting on that but it's all under investigation. that's the latest in plymouth nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you for the update. it's 5:33a recent harvard graduate who says she was sexually assault on campus is now suing the school. alyssa leader says harvard officials ignored her complaints and only moved the accused attacker to a dorm after she got a retraining order two years after the alleged attack. she claims one school official encouraged her not to report the incident. >> i carried pepper spray in the halls of my own home. harvard doesn't want to admit it has sexual assault problem. >> harvard declined to comment
5:34 am
fairly to all allegations of is sexual assault. protesters gather outside an apple store in san francisco to voice their opposition to a court order forcing apple to help the fbi. apple is fighting the judge's ruling to help investigators hack into a phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. ceo tim cook says that ruling sets a dangerous precedent. and the ruling getting a lot of attention and stirring up a big debate about privacy. >> this morning jon keller gives us his take. >> reporter: good morning. when two heatfield filled terrorist were killed after slaughtering 14 people last december in san bernardino they left behind a key piece of evidence. an iphone 5 c which the fbi believes may contain crucial information about the contacts and travels before and after the murders. but the investigation hit a wall and now a federal district court judge ruled the only way to get at that info is if apple
5:35 am
heaven forebid says apple ceo tim cook in a press release where he he claims cooperating would be an unprecedented cave- in to an overreaching government that would "undermine decades of security advancements that protect our customers." what a bunch of self-serve nonsense if you rated judge's ruling as i did the facts are that -- read the judge's ruling as i did the facts are that apple has helped in similar searches as officials followed due process but heightened privacy protection is part of the marketing so the rules appeared to have change. tim cook claims they the refusal to help is about "protecting our customers the his brief statement. he better pray that no further murders are committed by people connected to the san bernardino killers he.
5:36 am
prevented by cooperation with a careful legal process focused on this one phone. which is is what should have happened already. in private if you pardon the irony instead of the corporate policeity stunt -- policeity stunt -- pub listity stunt -- pub listity stunt this -- publicity stunt this has become. another good day on wall street but doableist think the market can keep up the momentum. >> and the invention that could make cleaning up after meals easier if you have the appetite for it.>> reporter: boston city plaza has been called ugly and atrocious. and the mayor wants ideas how to spruce it up. one plan includes a restaurant and a skating rink. what would you do with all that open space? let us know.
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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whole foods unveiling a meth add to attract shoppers. it's looking for independentvendors to set up shop in new stores. >> including tattoo artists to music sellers. the vendors would get space at the new whole food 365 stores. that new chain is supposed to be a little less expensive and attract a younger client.>> thinking of a whole foods tattoo. that would be interesting right getting a whole foods at that tiew in whole foods. the invention that could spell the end of washing dishes and good news for wine lovers. >> investors hoping for another good day on wall street. jill wagner is live with the money watch. good morning jill. >> reporter: good morning can investors make it 4 in a row.
5:40 am
day rally of the year the dow jumped and cut the losses for the year by half. the nasdaq climbed 98. what is behind the rally? mostly oil prices rebounding as the major oil producer companies get close to a deal prices. why wash dishes when you can eat your silverware instead. the edible spoon maker let's you bake crisp spoons to eat with your meal. they he come with premade dough that takes just 3 minutes to bake. no word on how much it cost or when it will hit the market. and here's a made up holiday we could clink our glasses to. today is national drink wine day. it was created to promote the health benefits of drinking wine. studies show moderate consummations lowers -- consumptions rei lowers heart rate. the u.s. is the largest consumer of wine in the world and i cantell you i am helping
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>> so are we it's all good. >> we are taking the wine plunge. >> we do it for the health benefits. >> reporter: exactly. like if someone is daring me to do this. >> i will have to do it i have to help out the economy. >> fine. cheers to that. >> thanks very much. see you tomorrow morning. i am thinking of myself. all right. my trainer says just no wine during the week but if it's national drink wine day. >> there you go. coming up on wbz we have a check of your traffic and weather. >> and a look at top stories including new details on a hit- and-run in lowell. why prosecutors say the suspect intentionally ran over a teen- ager on a bike. >> the f b and irs raided senator brian joyce's law office here in canton. now top republicans are saying he should step down. we will tell you what the governor says coming up. >> and good morning. checking in with weather watchers this morning temperatures are running in the 20s in a lot of spots.
5:42 am
sean says it's 27 degrees in ashland with clear skies overhead. and we are in for a lot sunshine. we come into the 30s later on but i am tracking a big warmup. we will break down the details
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5:44 am
two sisters and the united kingdom turning heads after
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>> i would say so. they are harvesting air and dollars a jar. they claim it is designer oxygen collected in pristine spots all across the uk. the women have sold more than 100 jars most to clients in china where there is a pollution problem.a little >> yeah. >> we totally could. >> that is business idea. >> we could market it this is air that danielle niles has breathed. >> oh my gosh. >> we are trying to think of amarketing idea. >> let's get more creative than that. >> it's day 12 for me so i am a little. >> loopy. >> i get it. >> his british accent was on point. >> that was on point absolutely. hey you know who i have the spring counsel down they are reporting now i have to change it to something else.
5:46 am
31 days until the spring equinox and 50 days until the boston marathon. hope training is going well for all those running this year. the weather cooperated in compared to last year. 32 in boston. in the 20s and suburbs. 23 worcester. 25 keene same in taunton. real feel 11 degrees in worcester. 23 in boston. so there's a bit of a chill to the air and that's what you want to dress for. wind will stay active. once the sun comes up, it's up and going to be shining. ocean effect clouds on the cape and there's not a lot of weather across the north eement high pressure that blue h building and a other than a couple clouds we are in to arquiet day today and tomorrow. we start with sunshine out of the gate. high pressure slips off the coast and wind will be lighter tomorrow. and we do see an increase in clouds late in the day tomorrow. the clouds represent the warmer
5:47 am
into the region this weekend. so with it, comes clouds and even a threat for rain or snow into early saturday. most of us won't see it. the risk is isolated. northern new england sees scattered snow showers friday night into saturday morning. and then we break out the sunshine just an isolated shower well inland on saturday. again most of the weekend is going to be dry. and southwest winds sunshine boosting temperatures 45 to 50 as well. so that's a warmup on the way especially when we will be 33 this afternoon. so, probably about 10 to 15 degrees colder in many communities compared to yesterday. and don't forget that wind is going to start to increase gusting over 20 miles per hour. so it's going to feel like it's in the teens to lower 20s right on through the afternoon today. and even at warmest time of the day it may feel like it's in the mid-20s at times and falling this evening. so that's what you want to dress for. tonight, mostly clear and there will be clouds on the cape and a flurry or snow shower ocean effect.
5:48 am
there may be a dusting here or there. low temperatures drop into the teens across the board and then tomorrow sunny start late day clouds and upper 30s. the wind is going to be from the north in the morning and shift around to the south fairly light. only 2 to 8 miles per hour tomorrow. and 49 on saturday. 50 on sunday. there are maybe a shower or two on monday and cooler air returns to the middle part of the week along with the threat for a storm on wednesday. looks like rain for a lot of spots snow across the interior and we will keep an eye on the track. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: right on cue slow downs to the south and north of the city in predictable streps of highway now. -- stretches of highway of the northbound hanging up between the braintree and furnace brook. 128 south heavy and slow between 37 and split. checking the north this is a live look over 93 in somerville south has two slow pockets. in the andover stretch between river road and 495 and down near woburn between spot pond and montvale avenue. >> thanks very much. the fbi raids the law
5:49 am
>> plus a deadly fire in plymouth. here ruer top stories on this thursday -- here are your top stories on this thursday morning. >> reporter: i am nicole jacobs live in plymouth as one person died due to a late night fire. crews arrived to find heavy smoke and flames that are still here this morning. one person was trapped inside. we learned the person did not make it out alive. that person has not been identified. investigating. taking another live look here we can see firefighters walking around the homecoming up at 6:00, we will talk about neighbors' concerns they expressed about propane tanks here in the area. all of that coming up at 6. live inly owing did -- plymouth. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> reporter: good morning i am susie steimle live in front of senator brian joyce's law
5:50 am
this was raided by the fbi and the irs yesterday. senator joyce has been under the microscope for the past couple months. admitted to misusing cal pane funds accepting designer sun glasss at a discount and free dry cleaning for over a decade but the irs and fbi being present here indicates something much more serious is likely going on. now some top republicans want him to step down. but governor charlie baker says he wants to see how this investigation pans out. you will hear from the born r -- governor coming up as 6. live in canton, susie sometime glel new details in a hit-and- run case pot cues -- pot -- case. prosecutors say it was a result of a accident. calvin sousa is charged with hitting a 15-year-old boy an bike. he was seriously hurt. prosecutors say sousa and boy had an argument on lawrence street. after the argument sousa hit the boy and took off. man is held without bail
5:51 am
outside city limits saloon in randolph. gregory wright pleaded not guilty. police say he shot and killed scott drake yesterday. drake had just participated in the bar's-open mic and investigators say the motive is unclear. edward snowden is the featured speaker at an event in new hampshire according to the valley news. snowden will appear via video link at the free state project convention in man chest they are weekend. he was an nsa contractor who leaked millions of documents about surveillance and could face traeson charges if he returns to the u.s. it's 5:51 and teem for the daily talk -- time for the daily talker. boston city plaza has been called ugly and atrocious use of space. >> but now there's a new proposal who could make the concrete and brick area a go to destination that would be fun. >> reporter: we he will see about that. i heard visitors to the fine city take one look at that
5:52 am
mayor walsh is hoping someone can transform the giant open space into something useful that will attract tourist as local company has plan to do that how about a year-round restaurant and ice skating rink. the anthem group which runs a bistro wants to build a 20,000 square food 500 seat eatery on the plaza called polar bear in the winter and city bistro the rest of the year. glass enclosed space would look out on a public skating rink that wouldn't rival rockefeller plaza but be like a frog respond. the mayor has been soliciting plans for a makeover since last year. a spokesperson for the anthem group says they want to make it the epicenter for culture, arts and events. anything is better than that huge brick and concrete ugly space right now. so, let's see what the ideas people have out there what would you do with the space?
5:53 am
can't people appreciate the dignified history that exist instead of turning it into a circus area. they do have big apple circus out there. and steve simply calls it lipstick on a pig. there you go. >> okay. a number of ways to comment steve says no matter what you do it's going to be ugly. >> they call it brutalist architecture. >> thanks robi. 5:53. the president of northeastern university making serious moves. >> right during an convenient at the school last -- event at the school last week he challenged a noble peace prize to a dance off but you see them they get up and get down to the delight of the crowd. they have moves too. >> can he go down low that's what i think of. still to come the soul mate that will keep you connected. >> the shoes promising to keep your phone running.
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(vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health
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welcome back many we are at about 5:56 right now. this is bringing new meaning to power walking. researchers are working a on a shoe that could charge your phones. sneakers. >> at the --
5:57 am
of wisconsin madison in the sole is energy sourcing that can power mobile device using a charging cable but they want to make it wireless with a wi-fi hot spot. >> they look like snow boardingboots. >> yeah. >> if you could snow board and charge the phone you keep the tunes going. >> i like how you put the positive spin on it. that's good. keep it here on wbz. top stories straight ahead. stay with us.
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developing news right now at 6, a home about to be sold goes up in flames. one person found dead inside. the investigation underway. >> and a busy night for f b agents in canton removing box from the the law office of a state senator and the governor is now weighing in on the ethics investigation. >> also new poll numbers in the race for president. plus a key endorsement as we get closer to the candidates and several town halls. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning great to have


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