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tv   WBZ This Morning  WBZ  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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developing news right now at 6, a home about to be sold goes up in flames. one person found dead inside. the investigation underway. >> and a busy night for f b agents in canton removing box from the the law office of a state senator and the governor is now weighing in on the ethics investigation. >> also new poll numbers in the race for president. plus a key endorsement as we get closer to the candidates and several town halls. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning great to have
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>> i am chris mckinon. >> today will be colder than yesterday. by about 10 degrees on average so we dropped a couple degrees. boston at 30. dew points in the teen. the wind out of the west at 12 miles per hour. gusting occasionally higher. real feel is 21 degrees in boston. it feels colder. temperatures are in the 20s in the suburbs but we are in for lot of sunshine once it comes up. not a lot to talk about weather wise today. just a breeze kicking up and gust occasionally over 20 miles per hour. so grab the shades as you head out bright and chilly start. rise at 6:37 and real feel around 20 even though we come into the low 30s this afternoon. that's where we top out. quiet and dry dipping back into the upper 20s for the ride home. sunset at 5:20. we will go through the warmup this weekend coming up. but let's go down road. track and weather together when it gets busy. >> reporter: we have slow downs north and south of the city but
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north map 93 southbound has two slow pockets now between river road and 133. up in the andover stretch and from montvale avenue in woburn to spot pond in stoneham. a live look at the, pressway heavy pockets northbound between the split and furnace brook and from granite avenue to columbia road. bumper to bumper is 128 southbound jammed between 37 and the split and just hearing about a crash as i walked out here in captainon 128 northbound at route 95. total traffic network says the car has just gone off the road. chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much. we start with a developing story. a deadly house fire in plymouth is under investigation. and this morning, we have learned that house was about to be sold. >> let's get to nicole jacobs live in plymouth where this is still an active scene nicole. >> reporter: whoa just spoke with a neighbor who said the
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inside at the time of the time. -- fire but it's unclear who was inside and who died as a result of the fire. you can see behind me still an active scene with firefighters down at the home. i can tell you fire crews arrived on the scene of ellisville road. we will get you to video of the fierce flames they encountered once they arrive. one person was trapped inside. it took several hours to get the fire under control for this three-story home that we are told was actually for sale. firefighters have not officially released the victim's name. of course again neighbors in the area know who lives here. they have exprebsed concerns over propane tanks in the area. let's listen. >> she first heard like snap popping and smacking and she told me and then she saw the whole deck up on-- in flames and that's when she called the fire department then we really saw flames shooting and thought
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or the house up on the hill. >> reporter: and taking another live look here down at the home you see firefighters continue to do work there. i can tell you the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation. there's no word on whether or not firefighters believe it is suspicious but coming up, at 6:30, we will hear from a woman who says her he daughter-in-law actually called 911. that's the very latest from plymouth. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you. a late night for the fbi combing through the law office of state senator brian joyce. the long time legislator is the target of an ethics investigation. susie sometimeel is is live with the latest information. good mong morning. >> reporter: good morning. we know governor baker addressed this issue late last night. but he is being careful to weigh in until the investigation is complete. senator joyce is being careful too care foul avoid the media
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he has not spoken out since the raid took place. the fbi and irs spent wednesday combing through and packing up documents inside senator brian joyce's law coves in canton -- office in canton adding fuel to the allegation he abused his power as state senator. >> i was troubled by some of the issues that were raised previously. >> reporter: senator joyce has been under the microscope for months now accused of using his position to secure a decade of free dry cleaning and discount shipments on designer sunglasses. last month he admitted to using campaign funds to pay for his son's high school graduation party and his district is disappointed to say the least. >> it's a little scary. it's not something you want to hear or see about your elect official. >> reporter: joyce's lawyer says it's unfortunate recent stories in the media sparked an investigation. the senator believes he has done absolutely nothing wrong. some top republicans are asking joyce to step counsel. but the -- down but the governor won't go that far. >> voters get to make the call
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is allowed to continue to serve or not on election day. and i think that's probably as it should be. >> reporter: it's unclear now as to exactly what the fbi and irs were looking for inside the law office. but the presence suggest it's likely more serious than dry cleaning bills and designer sunglasser. susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thanks. 6:06a manchester new hampshire teacher faces assault charges. anita lamay is accused of smacking candy out of a stewed antihand leaving a mark on his wrist. the 14 -year-old at southside middle school was allegedly disturbing the class while eating the candy and refused to listen to the teacher. lamay turned herself in yesterday and is charged with simple assault. malden police identified a woman found murdered in her apartment. police say they found colleen russel's body monday night
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it's unclear how she was killed. and so far no arrests have been made but police don't believe the attack was random. a long time employees at bernie and phyl's killed outside the company's corporate offices in norton. 63-year-old mikeet hasett of foxborough was hit by a delivery truck yesterday afternoon. the driver is a subcontractor who delivers furniture for the chain. president obama is planning to travel to cuba next month and white house is expected to officially announce that trip today. president obama will be the first sitting president to visit cuba since 1928. over to campaign 2016 now, a shift in the republican race for president for the first time, a national poll shows ted cruz inching ahead of donald trump. wall street journal nbc poll shows marco rubio in third place. and a big endorsement for rubio in south carolina. governor haley backed the florida senator in and appeared
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several gop candidates field questions in televiseded town halls. political analyst jon keller looks at the candidates' contrasting styles for answering the questions. >> we will bring back our jobs we are bringing them back from china. >> reporter: trump's lead in this race reflects his keen eye for cutting edge issues and while his blunt answers can be crowd pleaseers. >> i will give that commitment. >> reporter: other responses like this to a question about aapproximately's refusal to help the fed hack a terrorist iphone are as vague as can be. >> what do you do as far as changing laws to make tech knowledge. >> or deal with the situation. >> tech companies comply with the needs of the government. >> we should force them to do that and do what whatever we have to do. >> i don't have a magic solution. >> reporter: by contrast rubio prefers to smother questions with specific solutions. >> how do you deal with cutting costs for students but still maintaining high quality of education. >> i have a bipartisan agenda comprises four things.
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rubio sometimes prefers to change the subject. >> you said yesterday you got a candidate who sponsored a bill i supported to covelet immigration problem and he is running away from it as fast as he can. >> but president obama has no standing to talk about immigration. >> donald trump marco rubio said you lied you are a loir. are they lying about that -- liar are they lying about that? >> you know i got say anderson that is strange election season. >> reporter: and ted cruz a bit of the best and worst of both rubio and trump. the aggressiveness of trump and the verbal agility of rubio without much of the charm ofeither one. how many voters legally -- really care about a candidate's command of detail and directness of the answers? we are about to find out. jon kel canner, at large -- keller at large, wbz this morning. the mbta is taking safety steps after this frightening scene on the orange line. smoke filled state street station tuesday night when two trains ran over a metal panel that fell on to the tracks.
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luckily no one was hurt. now the mbta plans to inspect all the bolts and -- bolts and rifetsets every 8 or 9 weeks. thanks for staying with us. coming up, trouble for drivers in the ted williams tunnel. >> the concern over lighting. and what massdot is saying about it. >> pet owners getting on board with amtrak's new policy. new rules and restrictions. >> and comcast is crediting customers for a outage and the big vote today that could shake up the cable industry. good morning danielle. >> good morning kathryn and everybody. so the temperatures in the 20s and low 30s right now. we are only going to be in the low to mid-30s this afternoon. ton of sunshine in the forecast. i am tracking a warmup. we will let you know when it arrives and how long it will
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look at this. this summer some daredevils will take over the charles river and in august the red bull is bringing the competition to the hat shelf. they will create flying so- called flying machines and see how far they can sail over the river. you guys we have to make some. >> that's what i was thinking.
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>> that's a good one. >> it was. couple epic fails. >> like that one. straight down. >> you to watch that and see which worked and maybe we can get designs in place. >> i feel hike we should have anadvantage with you because you know about airflow. >> the turbulence class will come back. so it will be gusty out there today. and it will feel colder and i showed you a picture earlier. i want to take you to another one because this is remarkable. first a live look at boston where it's quiet start. nice start couple clouds off to the east and remember a year ago bob sent the pictures last year in his backyard transitioning to this year he. grass is out and you get just a couple snowy patches out there and just a huge difference and we are actually chillier today but we will watch a track the next significant storm in new- land that doesn't look leek
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rain mixed with snow across the interior. let's keep a close eye on that. 22 in worcester right now. 30 in boston. 29 in lawrence. 28 in taunton and low 30s on the cape. a breeze making it feel colder. 10 the wind chill in worcester. 21 boston and it's been dropping all morning because the wind is picking up. once the sun comes up in under a half-hour from now the wind will get more active gusting over 20 miles per hour. plenty of sunshine. grab the shade as you head out. no worries about precipitation and the only thing today is a couple snow showers ocean effect this evening on the cape and islands and don't anticipate accumulation. high pressure is buildint from the great lakes and will crest over us tomorrow so sunshine out of the game for friday. high slips off the coast and we get a wind from the south. the wind is going to be light tomorrow. so big change compared to today. late in the day clouds tomorrow as well. that's a sign of warmer air for the weekend and it will come with a slight risk with a rain
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into early on saturday morning. and the you will become of the -- bulk of the activity is to the north. we come up 45 to 50 on saturday afternoon and we will do it again on sunday. an isolated shower risk this weekend. but most of the weekend will be spent dry. looks fantastic. 33 for a high in boston today. we are at 30 right now. we are not coming up that much. most of us top out around 30 to 35 degrees with the wind factored in. you can knock 10 degrees off the temperature. that's what it will feel like. tonight we dip into the teens mainly clear skies except for the cape. a couple scattered dusting with snow showers and then upper 30s to around 40 degrees tomorrow. 45 to 50 this weekend could be a shower early on monday and colder air comes in there as the chance of rain poe lengs tensionly snow inland. traffic and weather together. what's the latest. >> reporter: hearing about a multicar crash west of the city. let's look at the map. it's out in acton a three-car
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before pipa road. that's a very busy stretch and that's going to be a problem. we have an accident to the south it's down in canton if i can get the map to come up. and there you go. yep. 128 northbound also 93 southbound in that stretch. the scene is before 95. total traffic network says the car has gone off the road. expressway is jammed between east milton square and columbia road. and let's check the north 93 southbound has two slow spocts between 495 and concord and 128 and roosevelt circle of the kathryn. >> thank you. if you are wondering why there's a lot of lights out in the ted williams tunnel you are not alone. since a inspection uncoveredstructural problems massdot has been working to remove clean and reinstall lights. but some drivers believe that project should have been done by now. >> i thought it would have been fixed by now with the amount of time i seen cones but it's
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>> it's just like total darkness and if you look up close at the lights it looks like wires or some bungee cords holding the lights up in place. and you know for 15 billion dollar it's like this project is held together with bubble gum. >> transportation officials say the lights that are up now do meet or exceed federal guidelines. and they say all of the work will be finished by monday. it's all aboard for your pets amtrak says it is expanding a pilot program allowing rideers to bring small pets on northeast corridor trains. small dogs and cats must be in a carrier and the animal and carrier combined has to weigh less than 20 punts. travelers have to pay $25 surcharge and pets will beallowed on excella on the weekends. the fcc votes on whether to let you buy and use cable bocks from companies other than your cable provider. ft c tom wheeler proposed the plan saying it would help bring down cable costs.
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be able to deliver cable directly. cable companies have lobbied against it. comcast is offering customers a credit for monday's service outage. but to get it you have to call yourself. they won't just give a blanket credit on cable bills because they say different customers were affected differently. the credit is worth about $2. listen up to this. starbucks is under fire for sugar in some of the drinks. a new study analyzed more than 100 different coffee drinks and found some contain up to 25 teaspoons of sugar three times more sugar than one can of soda and more tan 3 times the maximum recommended amount you should get in a day. starbucks says they are working to reduce sugar in the indulgent drinks by 25% by the end of 2020. now you can use your spoon and eat it too. edible spoon maker lets you bake crisp spoons you can eat with the meal. it comes with premade dough and
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no word on how much it cost or when it will hit the market. and if you are using soup it might get soggy. >> that's what i was thinking too. depend on what you eat. a harvard graduate suing the university. >> she claims they didn't do enough to protect her after an alleged sexual assault. >> and the bizarre connection between a disney cruise rescue and investigation into hacking
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welcome back. fbi says a hacker who attacked boston children's hospital has been found. after being rescued at sea by a disney cruise ship. two years ago, children's was embroiled in controversy over the just tona pelletier case she was put in the hospital's custody because of worries about her health.
6:24 am
case and the fbi says that included martin gottesfeld who posted a video on youtube hospital. a short time later hackers knocked out children's networks for weeks. a week i should say. prosecutors say gottesfeld was part of the attack and as the yesterday. a disney cruise ship rescued him and his wife from a disabled sailboat near cuba. gottesfeld was taken to shore yesterday. a harvard grad who says she was sexually assaulted on campus is suing the school. alyssa leader says harvard officials ignored her complaints and moved the accused attacker to another dorm when she got a restraining order two years after alleged attack happened. she claims one school official even encouraged her not to report the incident. >> i carried pepper spray in the halls of my own home. harvard doesn't want to admit it has sexual assault problem.
6:25 am
on the case specifically but says it responds fairly to all allegations of sexual assault. edward snowden is a featured speaker at a event in new hampshire he will appear at new ham sheer sure free stakes project. he leaked millions of dollars about government surveillanceand could face treason charges if he returns to the u.s. today is the chaps to make them an offer they can't refuse. a 45 box archiving papers belonging to the godfather author goes up for auction today among items drafts of the novel and screenplay with hand written revisions. it's expected to sell for 400,000 dollars. she finished 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days but becca pizzi will appear on cbs this morning to talk about the amazing feat and in april she will run this year's boston
6:26 am
it won't be the first boston she ran it 15 times including the 2013 race as well. wbz is proud to be the only boston tv station to bring you live coverage of the world's most famous marathon, the 120th boston marathon is monday april 18. it will be here before you know it. >> i can't wait a sure sign of spring and what a fun day it is. >> i can't wait to see becca pizzi. >> good for her. i am thinking running five miles. >> is an accomplishment. >> right. she puts me to shame so we will see what she says coming up. lots more in the next half- hour including gronk giving back. >> the upcoming charity event organized by the pats tight end and his family and how to attend. >> the new idea to spruce up sit they hall plaza all year long. robi has your reaction and comments in our daily talker. >> as we go to break here are four things you might like to
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine.
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and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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a deadly -- right now at 6:30 a deadly fire. the home was set to be sold but went up in flames. >> the marathon bomber is shaking up his defensech the legal filing over -- defense. legal filing over dzhokhar tsarnaev appeal. >> reporter: in the jon keller the ceo of apple says he is trying to protect customers by refusing to help the fedser is. san bernardino killer's phone. i see other possible motives coming up on wbz this morning. >> channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. food morning 6:30 i am -- good morning 6:30 i am chris mckinnon. >> it's going to be cooler out this morning. >> you know yesterday when whoa were leaving we were like >> it does. spring. >> danielle had perspective of how many days until we spring
6:31 am
so we have got 24 days until daylight savings time 30 until spring and it's around the corner. i agree kathryn it did smell like it yesterday. >> i am all about the smell. >> this weekend i think it will too 45 to 50 degrees. today is chillier. 30 in boston right now. 22 worcester 28 in taunton low 30s on the cape and island. but we are in for a lot of sunshine. and the sun is going to be shining mixed with few clouds. so bright and chilly start. 26 degrees on average. winds start to kicks up and we gust occasionally over 20 miles per hour this afternoon. temperatures in the low 30s by lunchtime but the real feel, the wind chill values around 20 degrees. coastal clouds in the mix for the ride home. sun sets at a:-- 5:20. a couple snow showers on the cape and islands late this evening and tonight. they won't amount to a lot but
6:32 am
traffic and weather together how does it look. >> keeping an eye on the multicar crash in acton. theep car -- three-car accident causing backups and it will get worse if they don't clear it soon. to the south an earlier crash in canton, 128 northbound cleared but expressway is jammed. east milton square to columbia road locks like a 15-minute ride and see that little marker there on the upper right hand of the screen is an accident on thenorthbound side of the expressway and milton and granite avenue in the cut out blobbing part of the show the d shoulder. 93 southbound slow pockets between 495 and concord street and 128 to roosevelt circle. chris kathryn. >> thank you. beginning with a developing story. a deadly house fire in plymouth. now under investigation. this morning we learned the how was supposed -- about to be sold. >> nicole jacobs is live at the scene.
6:33 am
>> reporter: we have learned through a neighbor the female home owner was not in the home at the time of the fire. but it's unclear who was inside and who as a result of it passed away but you can see firefighters still working at this ellisville home. i can tell you that they are putting water on the roof which looks to be a partial roof at this point. we are able to see that now the sun has come up. i want to get you to video from overnight where flames are just tearing through the home. fire crews arrived at the ellisville home where one person was trapped inside. it took several hours to get the fire under control in the 3- story home that was actually for sale. firefighters released -- have not released the victim's name. neighbors know who lives here and they expressed concerns over propane tanks in the area. way spoke with a woman -- we poke with a woman whose
6:34 am
>> my daughter-in-law called 911 because they live behind them and heard there was some kind of explosion and they heard the explosion and then they saw immediately saw the fires. >> reporter: taking another live look here you see firefighters with the hot hose putting water -- hose putting water on the roof. there's hot spots they are working this morning. no cause has been determined for the fire. we don't know at this point if it might be suspicious. that is sag that firefighters are not quite commenting on at this point. that's the latest from plymouth. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you. murder charges will stand against a blackstone mother accused in the the deaths of two children. the skeletal remains of three babies were found in erica murray's home in september of 2014. murray's attorneys asked a judge to dismiss the charges. because they claim there was no hard evidence she fatally neglected the children.
6:35 am
will be back in court next week. a late night for the fbi combing through the law office of state senator brian joycech the long time senator sft target of an ethics investigation. joyce denied any wrongdoing. this morning the governor is weighing in and susie sometimeel is live with the details. susie. >> reporter: good morning chris. we know senator brian joyce has been under the microscope for the past couple months accused senator. and yesterday, it got much more serious as the fbi and irs were here at his law office raiding the place taking a number of documents and going through everything. we are not sure exactly what they are looking for. but the fact that they are here incates something much more -- indicates something much more serious may be going on. he he had a mited to misusing -- he has admitted to misusing campaign funds saying 5,000 dollars went to his son's high school graduation party and receiving a decade of free dry cleaning and discounts on
6:36 am
now a number of top republicans want him to step down. governor baker did weigh in on that last night but he is being careful and says he won't say he should step down just yet. >> i'm not going to comment spie is selfcally on the investigation because i have no information on that. it will take its course and go wherever it goes. >> reporter: senator joyce has remained very quiet throughout the entire process. his lawyer did release this statement saying he believes he did absolutely nothing wrong. wbz this morning. 6:36. a new team of lawyers will handle the marathon bomber's appeals. attorneys for dzhokhar tsarnaev filed paperwork asking the federal appeals court to replace them with attorneys colorado. that is standard practice in death penalty appeals. the motion asked for death penalty expert judy clark to
6:37 am
protesters gathered outside an apple store in san francisco to voice opposition to a court order that was to force apple to help the fbi. apple is fighting a judge's ruling to help investigators hack into a phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. c-eo tim cook says the ruling sets a dangerous precedent.that ruling is getting a lot of attention and stirring up a big debate about privacy and this morning our jon keller gives us his take. >> reporter: good morning. when two heat filled terrorist were killed after they slaughtered 14 people in san bernardino last december, they left behind a key piece of evidence, an iphone 5 c which the fbi believes may contain crucial information about the context and -- contacts and travel before and after the murders. but the investigation hit a wall and now a federal district court judge ruled the only way to get at that info is if apple helps the feds hack into the phone.
6:38 am
a press releaseer with claims cooperating would be an unprecedented cave in to an overreaching government that would "undermine decades of security advancements that protect our customers." what a bunch of self-serve nonsense. if you read the judge's ruling in the case, as i did, the facts are that apple has routinely assist with similar law he forcement -- enforcement searches in the pass after official followed due process as they have here. but heightened privacy protection has since become part of apple's marketing so all of a sudden the rules appear to have changed. tim cook claims the refusal to help is all about protecting our customers. the word protect is used 9 times in his brief statement. he better pray that no further murderers committed by people connected to the san bernardino killers. murders that might have been
6:39 am
careful legal process focused on this one phone. which is what should have happened already in private if you will pardon the irony instead of the corporate publicity stunt this has become. talk back to me on or via twitter at keller at large. it's 6:39 right now. and that means it's time for our daily talker he. boston city hall plaza has been called ugly and "atrocious"waste of space." >> but now there's new proposal that could make the area a go- robi is here with more. >> reporter: i heard visitors to the phene city look at that and say -- fine city look at that and say what's that supposed to be. the mayor is hoping someone can transform it into something useful that will attract tourist a company has a plan to do that. how about a year-round restaurant and ice skating rink to jazz things up.
6:40 am
20,000 square foot 5 hub hub -- 500 seat eatery called polar bar in the winter and city bistro the rest of the year. the glass enclosed space would look onto a public skating rinks that wouldn't rival rockefeller plaza but might look like thefrog pond. the mayor has been soliciting plans for a makeover since last year a spokesperson for the anthem group says they want to make it the epicenter for culture arts and events a lofty goal i would say. what say you in conversation nation out there? let's see what rickey has to say on facebook. fix the problem put up new stones and put more kid and teen games they can actually enjoy. maybe a skateboard park out there. what do you think of that. and david on the website writes i for one would prefer they just rip up the bricks and plant some grass and trees. more open space in the city says david.
6:41 am
thank you to those who have done so. all day long. >> viewers have the best comments. >> they do. for president obama. >> also the local teacher facing a i -- assault charges over an incident with student and candy in a classroom. >> a local college president letting loose this spontaneous challenge that had him showing off dance moves. >> good morning. watchers. temperatures in the 20s. and on way to later on and warmup for the weekend.
6:42 am
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welcome back. the president of northeastern university making serious moves. >> during an convenient last week joseph aoun challenged leymah gbowee she first refused because there was no music but then to the delight of the crowd they stood up and got down. >> every once in a while we have dance offs and i will tell you,chris has moves and danielle has got some moves. you got some moves. i feel like you guys have got it. >> chris didn't do that yesterday when he turned and did the little pop. >> we called you out. >> i only do this weekend when
6:45 am
caught me dancing right in the middle of the show. and heavy "d" so you know. >> that's awesome. >> let's have fun especially when we are up at 2 in the morning. >> gets the blood flowing. >> after this count down here we go 24 days until daylight savings time. 31 until spreng equinox and you should see kathryn raising the roof. spring 31 days away. 60 days until the boston marathon on wbz. under the gun now. it's go time and thankfully the weather cooperated in a lot of spots at least not as bad as last winter. 22 in worcester. 30 in boston upper 20s lawyers back down to taunton at 28. around 30 on the cape but there is that breeze out there and it is kicking up a bit. the real feel is only 10 in worcester. 19 manchester. teens well inland and thingel -- single digits. feels like 2 below in burlington vermont. 21 in boston.
6:46 am
for because the wind is not going anywhere. we are in for sunshine. grab the shades as you head out. not a lot of action i cross the northeast. we have high pressure that's building out of the great lakes and will build over new england over the next 24 hours. what does it mean for us? not a whole lot. wind gusting over 20 miles per hour a couple snow showers on the cape ocean effect by this evening. by tomorrow morning, sunshine. out of the gate looks like a beautiful start to friday. clouds late in the day are a sign of warmer air pushing in this weekend. and with that, may come a rain or snow shower friday night into early saturday. bulk of the action is to the north. we break up the sunshine going 45 to 50 saturday afternoon and sunday as well. there may be a stray shower again it would be isolated most of the weekend has been dry. sunshine and few clouds. chilly breeze 33 for a high. and with the wind factored in notice the hour by hour forecast for the real feel only
6:47 am
through the course of the afternoon. so, it will be a little bit of a bite to the air and we drop into the teens overnight tonight. actual temperatures. winds subside a bit. clouds and a flurry of snow shower won't accumulate. maybe a dusting here and there but ocean effect affecting the cape. highs in the upper 30s. winds tomorrow very light. it's out of the north in the morning and shift around to the south late in the day as the high shifts offshore. being a you weather 7-day, 45 to 50 this weekend. monday chance of a shower and cooler for the middle part of the week with some rain on wednesday. could be wet snow. track and weather together you were doing it robi. >> reporter: i was what's that called. >> sprinkler. >> reporter: and chris was stretching out his quad and i was adding that to it. we have a new crash north of the city now bound to slow things down this morning. the accident is up in woburn 93
6:48 am
a busy stretch seeing a bumper to bummer backup -- bumper backup to 129. jammed from stoneham into theleverett kegor. the earlier accident in acton is causing back backups. route 2 eastbound at piper road stop and go backup is to route 27 and south the worst ride is the expressway crawling between furnace brook and columbia road. chris kathryn. >> thanks very much. 6:48. checking top stories on this thursday morning a. deadly house fire in plymouth is now under investigation. >> that fire broke out at a home on ellisville road around 8 last night. you can see flames shooting from the home. fire crews from several communities responded to this one. neighbors tell us the home belonged to a husband and wife and the house was about to be sold. a man chest your new hampshire teacher is facing -- manchester new sham sure teacher is tasting -- faces -- facing assault charges. the 14-year-old at southside
6:49 am
the class while eat and refused to listen to the teacher. lamay turned herself in to police and is charged with simple assault. massachusetts republicans are calling for brian joyce to resign amid an ethics investigation. yesterday the fbi spent 12 hours raiding his law office in canton. joyce is accused of using his position for personal gain including years of free dry cleaning a claim first reported by the boston globe. president obama is planning to travel to cuba next month. the white house is expected to officially announce the trip today. mr. obama will be the first sitting president to visit cuba since 1928. the clock is ticking for the celtics. >> can they make a move before the trade dead loin. >> and if you are not heading out on the gronk party cruise yet. the tightend announcing another way to hang out with him and it's -- hang out with him and
6:50 am
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competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
6:52 am
wbz sports driven by bmw test drive a bmw today at massachusetts bmw center or visit bmw >> to the celtics could they make a big move. nba trade deadline is at 3 this afternoon and there's plenty rumors about options for danny ainge and the team. the biggest deals usually
6:53 am
bad news for the green. kelly olenykz will be going to l.a. to get a second opinion on his shoulder. he was hit in last week's game against the clippers. team originally said it was a bruise. >> over to baseball red sox pitchers and catchers officially report for work later this morning. down in fort myers florida but many players are there for informal work years including hanley ramirez. he was trying to make the transition to first base and started to take grounders at first last season after a rough stint in left field. fans can skeptical -- are skeptical he can do it full- time. he slimmed down and says he feels more athletic. dan roche will have live reports beginning at 5 this evening. rob grone could youy set sail on bahamas cruise and just announced the gronk gala for charity.
6:54 am
the gronk nation youth foundation which supports local sports programs. it will feature entertainment a live auction food and open bar. hosted by mercedes benz of burlington from 7 to 10 p.m. general admission tickets cost 500 dollars each. purchase them there at the >> he is always doing something. >> he is he is a busy dude and we talked about we didn't get time. broadcast there? >> awesome. time for a close are look at what's coming -- closer look >> here charlie rose. >> i head on cbs this morning we will reveal the results of a new national cbs news poll on the presidential race. and meet the massachusetts woman who completed 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. that and more. news is back in the morning. see you at 7. >> thank you. we will be watching.
6:55 am
with the quality of the air you breath every day, a company has
6:56 am
6:57 am
[ music ] >> you can call one new
6:58 am
two sisters in the uk are selling air. >> okay they claim it is designer oxygen collecteded in pristine spots all across the ukch the women have sold more than 100 jars mostly to clients in china where pollution is a serious problem. the cost is $115 a jar. >> look at them. i am telling you the wbz studio air idea right? why not? >> make a little money why not? thanks for joining us.
6:59 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, february 18th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted cruz dares donald trump to sue him over an attack ad. we reveal the results of a new national cbs news poll. google backs rival apple in its fight against the fbi over unlocking a terrorist's cell phone. how about this? seven marathon on seven continents in seven days! a single mom who is the first american woman to complete this daunting challenge. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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