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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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to find out the latest. one, extra employees at train stations like this to help people figure out their trip home and extra mbta trains to make up for the lack of commuter rail trains. lori jordan set up a makeshift office at the south station. >> it's always something. >> reporter: because boarding a train from here was not going to happen any time soon. >> i took the red and orange and. >> now it's something else. >> reporter: this morning, amtrak announced the signal system at tower one had failed. making it impossible for commuter rail trains to safely travel to south station a spokesperson for keolis who runs the commuter rain explains. >> it's just like a traffic signaling system or air traffic control system. it tells you whether it's okay
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along the tracks. when this system guess out it has a enormous impact. >> reporter: after a hectic morning with commuters forced to deboard before south station to stapped in long lines and -- stand in long lines and make unexpected connections amtrak crews were on the tracks trying to fix the issue and using manual signals holding up signs to direct limited trains slowly. >> to have this happen and to find out about it, at 6 in the morning, and to be scrambling trying to figure out how to help people deal with the morning commute was not the preferred route for any of us. and i get the frustration believe me. >> reporter: limited trains leaving south station here and the latest is there are two routes up and running stoughton and providence line are leaving the station here but again they are limited. and amtrak says the problems with the signals and switches continues.
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things will be back to normal or if it will be back up and running by tomorrow morning. david. back to you. thank you. and as you can see with the evening rush underway back bay station is also mobbed. >> ken macleod is live and it's worse their than south station. >> reporter: there than south station. >> reporter: the crowds come and goes and it's in surges and these folks are going to stoughton providence and franklin and worcester and they have been told to come here and where the this is where the ride home will originate when it comes and this is where many gotoff as they were coming into the city amid the problems. they are standing at the top of the escalator here for tracks 3 and 1 and you can see up there. and a commuter rail employee is hollering out on a catch by
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folks going to stoughton track three and tough make a hole as people funnel through and go down the escalator and it's kind of controlled chaos but i've been surprised how reasonable most folks have been and throwtheir hands up like they got used to it last winter when things were so awful. they are rolling with the punches and they understand this is going to be a two-hour ride home. many told me it was an hour and a half to get in. so right now, you can see the crowd once again collecting here at the top of the escalator as they are waiting for the location to be called out. so they can funnel down and get on a train and finally get this trip underway. reporting live from the back bay station, ken macleod, wbz news. >> it's like expectations are so low people are not as upset as they might but for some patience for the t has run out. >> understandably. commuters are furious and frustrated by what they had to go through and say they have had enough. bill shields is live in quincy
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in. >> reporter: a commuter train came in and there's no snow. so that's something to celebrate too. but this morning here at quincy, we were told there was mass confusion and at times this afternoon, a little bit of mass confusionching let's go tote -- confusion. let's go to the video we shot of one of the first commuter trains coming in. with the commuter rail line limited it what ripple effect on the system. and south of boston especially. red line trains were packed and there were long waits for the commuter trains. there was a lot of confusion among riders and sometimes a little bit of anger. >> confusing and slow, frustrating. going. frustrating. going. >> not so good. >> reporter: not so good. >> no. >> reporter: you will get home eventually. >> have to get the kids. >> a little frustrating but everyone is trying. conductors have been fan --
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but as longing a we -- as we be good. >> reporter: and he had a very positive attitude i think this goes without saying that a positive attitude is going to go a long way for this evening commute. hopefully, it won't need all that positive attitude for the morning. hopefully that signal system will be fixed and running probablely. bill shields. >> that's the guy you want to sit next to. stay with wbz news on the air and online for continuing coverage of the problems for the mbta. tonight at 5:30 we will look closer at how well the mbta and keolis are performing. another big story for the first time the catholic church seems to be opening up to the use of birth control. our paula ebben joins us with this developing story. >> reporter: well, it was very specific. today pope francis suggested that women could use artificial contraception if they are threatened by the zika virus. he made the announcement on a flight from mexico back to the
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he said there is a clear moral difference between contraception preventing a pregnancy and abortion. and zika is a mosquito born ill knits linked to a birth defect leaving babies with abnormally small heads and it's rapidly spreading. in south and latin america. but also, a holy war of words broke out today between pope francis and donald trump. when asked about the presidential hopeful's plan for a border wall, the pope responded to a question saying that a person who thinks only of building walls and not bridges is not christian and within minutes trump took to social media blasting the pope disgraceful. he went onto say that no leader especially a religious leader should have the right to question another man's religion or faith. don keller will -- jon keller will dive deeper into this but all of this comes as a new cbs news national poll shows donald
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over the rest of the field. 17 points ahead of ted cruz and marco rubio remains in third with john kasich close behind him and this certainly took on a global scale today. >> not the end of it. also tonight a. revere police officer is expected to be okay after being hurt when he crashed his police cruiser into a pole during a chase this morning. the suspect that he was chasing has not been caught. chantee lans is live with the new information on the investigation. >> reporter: david utility crews have been on scene all evening and all day just piecing together exactly what happened to the utility pole after a police cruiser hit it. the aftermath. >> i heard a big boom. >> reporter: from a police pursuit. >> i heard a siren and crash. >> reporter: that started in revere and ended on marginalviet in chelsea -- street on chelsea. >> there's wires down.
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hit the second pole. >> reporter: witnesses say the revere officer was alone in his cruiser. >> when he came out and put on the floor and he was saying help me. >> reporter: good samaritan franches co ortiz went to help. >> his leg was hurting because he couldn't walk and i grabbed his legs and and there was a person that helped and we caredy him over here. >> reporter: he was rush to the mass general hospital in serious condition. >> tragic to be honest and they do so much for us and to see this happening it's unbelievable. >> reporter: the suspect took off but police say the city camera captures surveillance of the get away car. >> white, honda self i think it was -- civic i think it was like took the corner and speed like sped off. >> reporter: and we checked several business in the area and weren't able to get the video. as for the officer revere police say he will make a full recovery.
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reporting live in chelsea, chantee lans wbz news. back to you. >> thank you. it has been nearly 3 years since the murder of amy lord. >> and tonight we are hearing from the detectives who tracked down her killer and from one of the young women who got away. plus a manchester new hampshire teacher nd arrest for -- under arrest for knocking candy out of a student's hand. did she go too far. >> a cold night is on tap. single digits and teens by tomorrow morning. coming up. >> it's been 137 days since the boston red sox officially were together on the field as a team. that all changes tomorrow as red sox pitches and catchers -- pitchers and catchers
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more on the breaking news this afternoon. the signal problems at south station causing a huge headache for those trying to get home by
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back bay station tonight. so many people can't go to south station. they are being told to go to back bay and as you can see there are very long lines to get on the train. much more on this developing story coming up in a moment. also ahead... >> and he just looked at me and didn't say anything and kept stabbing me. >> she was one of two women who got away from edwin alamaney and tonight she is telling her story as we look at the evidence that helped police catch the man who murdered amy lord. it shocked people all over greater boston. >> and the case will be featured on a crime show. bree sison joins because first look. >> reporter: during an hour long episode of see no evil on vet investigation discovery we see surveillance footage. some taken from this atm's
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dorchester. >> she did love being a city girl. >> reporter: in a rare family interview carly lord says her sister amy felt safe in boston. the show see no evil on investigation discovery plots out the events that led to her death. >> the motorcycle fire was reported at about 8:37 in the morning. >> reporter: amy's car found burning in hyde park after she was forced to withdraw money from several atms. >> surveillance video could still help them solve the case. >> reporter: the movements of the morning caught by cameras near amy's home and stops along the way. pieced together by boston police. >> hundreds of cameras to look through and count list back suvs on the streets of boston a mammoth task. >> people think you got the video well you have to watch it too. >> reporter: detectists walked through the clues they -- detectives walked through the clues they followed like a sticker he on back of the car
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a grips glimpse of the man later convicted edwin. >> when the car pulls forward, the driver's face is covered. >> reporter: the show also features the first ever interview with kaley ballantyne another woman he attacked. >> i said take whatever you need. -and he look at me and didn't say anything and kept stabbing me and i knew he is not coming after my money but my life. he all of a sudden fell back and he ran out the door and i closed the door plrs. >> reporter: police followed a blood trail and spotted another camera that captured the attacker. >> she had a number of tattoos praying hands with rosary beads and the boston red sox b and then there was the area code 617. >> reporter: they matched those tattoos to him when he went to the same emergency room as kaley. >> the individual had walked in
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>> reporter: after a three week trial, a jury rejected his insanity defense. >> i wanted him to know that i am sitting here and you are there and you will be behind bars for the rest of your life and i am going to go out and still going to be able to live my life. >> reporter: at the time of amy lord's murder this was a sovereign bank branch one of -- it's the fourth of five atms where footage will be shown in this episode of see no evil airing on february 23rd. live in dorchester bree sison wbz news now back to you. >> chilling. time and again there were missed opportunities for amy to get away. >> that's why after her murder there was an increased push to install so-called panic buttons at atms but three years later the bill remains stalled. coming up tonight at 6, we take a closer look at why lawmakers have done really nothing to make atms any safer.
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looked live at train platforms not so great but one thing we can say is the daylight seems to be stretching out. we are getting beautiful early evenings here. >> i went for a hike this afternoon and the temperature was not great but it felt like it was early spring. >> we moved to that time of year if the sun is out that's all that matters. and beautiful sunshine fading a little bit. but when you come home from work it's bright. this is in marion crystal clear skies. a round of golf? maybe. temperatures at 32 in the city and 30 in plymouth. down to 28 and 23 in the berkshires and pittsfield clear skies and areas of cloud across the cape. might be a few snowflakes on the outer cape. but high pressure is moving in. the winds have been gusty today are going to calm down overnight. and our next storm system is this one well-off to the west and doesn't arrive until tomorrow night. overnight lows ranging from
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elsewhere and closer to 20 on cape cod and islands. there's an international space station flyby perfect timing. #:06 to 6:10 lost to the west north weave. it will move high up in the skys -- northwest. it will move high up in the skies. a little sighence in motion. tomorrow morning a cold start. calm winds as we head towards midday. rebounding nicely well into the 30s a nice wint are day and less -- wint are day and less -- winter day and less winds tomorrow. boston. 35 in worcester and jaffrey up tomorrow afternoon. now the next system is a fairly weak one. so as clouds increase they will give way tomorrow evening to activity. not going to be a big deal. it's just warmer air pushing its way in. we have a little precipitation on the front end and saturday we have a couple rain showers in the morning. a dumb more likely to -- a couple more likely to pop up in the afternoon.
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clouds and couple chances for rain -- breezy in and out of sun and clouds and coupla couple chance of rain. the ski areas will not mind thestorm system that pushes towards the east heated heading into sunday. sunday a mix and sun and clouds up around 50 in the afternoon. and then on sunday nights one quick moving system off to the south. still questions as to how far north this is going to be able to get. but sunday night, into early monday morning we might get another burst of wet snow and rainfall to start next week. we will monitor that. the weekend up around 50 on saturday. breezy and a few showers sunday a drier day in the upper 40s. and what a difference compared to last weekend where a high on sunday was 12. and this time around in boston 50. the low was 9 below and this time 33 so we are looking at about 40 degrees warmer than last weekend. here's accu-weather seven-day and the story next week is watching the storm nearby for wednesday into thursday morning. and right now, looks like close call could bring more snow.
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next hour. david and lisa. >> all right appreciate it thanks so much. speak of spring like temperatures -- speak of-- speaking of spring like temperatures red sox fans can rejoice pitchers and catchers report. >> that's pretty. dan roche arrived in fort myers today hi dan. >> reporter: hi. it's beautiful here and why not. everyone can use baseball. red sox look to erase another last place finish from last year and they are 4 g in the last five years as they get going here tomorrow officially report day was today. now some pitchers and catchers did take to the field for informal workouts but all they had to do is be here physically. friday is the first time they take to the field and it will be extra perhaps and have extra meeting for the manager who is diagnosed with stage one lymphoma in mid-august and missed the remainder of the season.
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meaning. how can it not when you or anyone that's gone through a similar situation you have a great are appreciation of the every day small things of life but certainly to be back in uniform and on the field to be back representing the red sox we know we have a lot of work ahead of us but i think it's kept in perexpect he have by the personal challenges that not only myself but others go through to enjoy the game. >> reporter: yes nice to see john back out there with his team. they will come together tomorrow. the only player by here is joe kelly who had what a-- who had a baby boy last week and theyexpect him to be here next week. and i did say beautiful fort myers nice and beautiful and during that entire sound bite we heard from john i got my first text telling me to be quiet knock it off we know how nice it is down there. so let's go back to you guys. >>i don't know. we are living vicariously through you. >> reporter: i can't believe his wife tweets during the
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well, pam is a good viewer. thanks. dan has the lucky job of being there for the next week and he will have live coverage at spring training. and as we head to break we will show you a live picture the crews working right now to try the mbta. platforms. long delays and lots of cancellations and as you can imagine a lot of angry commuters. still to come a. local family 7,000 miles away. >> one of the lost boys of the sue dan built a life for himself in massachusetts. now on a potentially dangerous journey home. >> saving lives of newborns. team of local doctors and a breakthrough helping parents
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we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country it is time for them the middle class i'm bernie sanders
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babies preemies breathing is just not automatic because the brains forget to remind them to do night but as dr. mallika marshall shows us doctors and researchers may have a life saving solution. >> a wild thing. >> reporter: max's arrival into the world was more wild than his parents expected. >> two months early. he was 3 pounds and 2 ounces and he was on the nicu for 32 days. >> reporter: like many preemies whoa stop breathing for short period -- he would stop breath for short periods of time. >> the first time it's terrifying because you doesn't know what happens and the alarms are going off. >> it happens because the brains are immature. >> reporter: a possible treatment for the common but
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tested at the nicu at beth israel deacones medical center. he treats babies all the time for the sleep apnea spells. >> that's part what have makes what we are doing exciting because it's something new. the mattress is very simple. >> reporter: this is a vibrating crib mattressch the brain child of dr. david a neurologist at u mass med he cal school. >> the stimulus appeared to improve breathing in infants without waking them up. >> reporter: using technologydeveloped in boston he teamed up with engineers to design and build the mattress a speaker inside delivers the vibration slight but enough to trigger the baby's brain. >> stimulating body send signals to the brain to wake up. >> right. >> reporter: the mattress was used by three dozen babies here and the numbers of times the moment -- they momentarily stopped breathing was cut this half.
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>> reporter: and bigger dreams to offer in home prevention of sids. >> there is the hope that this could prevent those events. >> reporter: but first the mattress has to go through another round of clinical trials in hopes of winning fda approval. >> i could see it throughout the nicus around the country. >> reporter: and it helps everyone to breath beautiful lie. >> it took him and while but now he is fine. >> reporter: dr. mallika marshall. the charges a new hampshire teacher is facing for taking away a student's candy. >> donald trump picked plenty fights but is taking on the pope a good idea is in the back and forth between them and the potential political fallout. and we follow the-- >> and we follow the breaking news a nightmare commute for the t. passengers dealing with huge days and we look at how often -- delays and we look at
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. breaking news at 5:30. and mbta mess. a live look at the chaos inside back bay station where people are shoulder to shoulder. massive delays on the rails for people trying to get in and out of boston. the issue started this morning outside the station.


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