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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. breaking news at 5:30. and mbta mess. a live look at the chaos inside back bay station where people are shoulder to shoulder. massive delays on the rails for people trying to get in and out of boston. the issue started this morning outside the station.
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we want to go to ken macleod who is live in the back bay. ken. >> reporter: well, as you pointed out all of the folks here are folks who usually would leave from south station but theride didn't end there. a lot had to get off here and make it to work walking by taxi or on a bus something along those lines. so they have been if you look around the crowd you can see everybody is on their phone here. they are checking the t commuter rail site to find out latest schedule and they have been directed to come here. they are headed to providence and stowton and worcester. this gentleman is you are trying to get to canton. >> canton correct. >> reporter: how long did it take you to get in this morning. >> three hours to get in this morning. >> reporter: three hours. you were two hours late for work. >> two hours late for work. >> reporter: and how much do you have to invest here tonight. >> i am hoping it's not more than now more hours but we will see. >> reporter: what doy think the commuter rail -- what do you
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system have they kept you informed of the plan. >> it's confusion i think the intercom in my car was down and so i didn't get much of a update. >> reporter: good luck hope it is fixed but hope you get home tonight. there have been glitches on the computer site. i just talked to a lady trying to get out to needham and so 20 minutes ago she said she is at her office and checked the website and it says go to back bay and when she got over here the gentleman from canton made abeeline for the trainch second she got over here, the site changed saying she had to take the orange line over to forest hills to get her commuter trail. so, it's influx and you can see it's little bit chaotic here. when they called the train numbers in the front people have a make a hole in the crowd and those folks are going to the location got to funnel through. so far, patience is holding up. we will see how it goes over the next hour.
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>> great job getting us closer to what's happening. i-team ryan kath is live from south station with a closer look at how well the company that runs the commuter rail has been performing ryan. >> reporter: it's a mess behind me at south station as well. now keolis says it's amtrak problem with a ripple effect but we looked closer at the performance data for 2016 and found that more often than not the commuter rail service is not meeting the mark. the i team reviewed performance data for the first six weeks. the target is 92% of trains run on time but during peak service hours the average performance is 86%. and drilling down a little more the commuter rails have notachieved that on time performance on 26 of 30 weekdays. a train is considered on time arriving at the final station within 5 minutes of the scheduled time. government wash to have --
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no matter whose fault it is it needs to improve. >> they have a lot of work to do. they need to get the public confidence that they can get to work on time. they can get home on time. when they are not meeting the basic standards that have been set forth with their agreement, that is when people have to say wait a minute, fix it before you increase my fare. >> reporter: that's what someone said in my ear is they are trying continue to crease the fares after all this? there's an incentive to get this right and meet the bench mark because the t can actually find k -- fine keolis for each delay and canceled tape and we tried to ask about that but a spokesperson says she is too up to her eyeball was this mess and wouldn't be able to answer questions about this. for now live at south station ryan kath wbz news. >> thanks. if you read her twitter feed you will see the head of communications for keolis whoyou heard from earlier
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in fact yesterday, leslie bemoaned the fact her american airlines flight was delayed and gave a sarcasm drenched yee for the pretzels the airline handed out. when america tweeted back to apologize she tweeted back american was not being respectful of her time. another person on twitter responded well, i don't get pretzel on the t. stay with wbz for continuing coverage on mbta mess on air and online at cbs breaking news now. road rage in wellesley. police say a brighton man pointed a gun at another driver. would driver slowed down for construction on route 9 police say another driver pulled up alongside honked and cursed and pulled out the gun. police say they caught up with the man arrested him and found the gun in the car. now at 5:30, a new hampshire teacher is nd arrest charged with a-- under arrest charged with a crime of knobbing candy out of a
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>> reporter: no shortage opinions outside southside middle school in manchester thursday after news of a teach are's arrest. on wednesday 52-year-old anita lemay turned herself into police on a misdemeanor assault charge. cops say last month, the teacher of nearly 16 years lost her started when a 14- year-old student caused a disturbance in her math class. next police say he refused to listen to her and that's when she allegedly knocked candy out the boy's wrist. it happened in front of a pair of professional in -- >> the paraprofessional determined it was an assault and reported it to the police. >> reporter: the torn says his client rat led by the charge. and cautions understanding the circumstances which led to the allegations is crucial. >> anita has no criminal record
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>> reporter: parents left were her actions appropriate or outrageous. >> obviously teachers should never he put their hand on a child. >> i don't think slapping candy out of his hand serene to -- hand is a reason to fire a report take her to court. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the school district said they will allow the police to complete their investigation before conducting their own. lemay is due in court march 24th. louisa moller wbz news. developing story tonight. a pretty heated debate between pope francis and donald trump. the pope saying anyone who wants to build a border wall in mexico is not christian. wbz political analyst jon keler is here and trump was none too happy. >> reporter: he was not. and look we have come to learn something about donald trump he knows a political opportunity when he sees one. keep in mind, only 13% of
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south carolina four years ago were catholics. and this pope's high-profile comments about immigration, income inequality and society's obligations to the poor have not endeared him to the arch conservatives who heavily populate gop primary electorate. the pope is regularly branded a communist on right wing talk radio i heard it today. and for trump this latest spat is consistent with his branding. trump fans love his "toughness" and willingness to take on anyone no mat are how unpolitically correct it may scenes my thought is it helps to consolidate his support in south carolina and the added advantage of overwhelming one of the last news cycles before saturday's pry parry vote at the very moment it appeared his competitors might be making their move. the guy is crazy like a fox david. >> not sure who is left on the list of people he hasn't taken on.
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>> jon keller thanks. lisa. tonight an i-team investigation there's proof of boston building boom every where you go and people are buying many of the condos in homes with cash. coming up tonight at 11, the i- team investigates why this is racing concerns with the federal government. about the potential for criminal activity hidden in all the cash transactions. if you hate having to check your work e-mail at home this next story is for you. >> coming up, the country that is giving employees permission to ignore the boss after hours. >> then, a local man who survived a civil war in sue dan is going home to find his family 20 years after seeing his mom and dad he says he is excited and nervous. >> and who thought this was a good idea. a nerf gun shooting faster than most speed limits. >> that would have been on my christmas list as a kid. look at weather watchers network.
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eric checking in and uploaded a
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on the bz feed france is about to give workers the so- called right to disconnect. >> this is the law employees can ignore bosses phone calls and e-mail at night and weekend. the goal is to give people a chance to have a better social life. employees in france work 35 hours a week and get 6 weeks paid vacation and they have great cheese and bagettes and think about this americans work 300 hours more than french workers every year. >> i don't know how i feel about this. i don't know part of me says yes but there's a reason why they are france and we are america. >> exactly and hard to disconnect. and after work who are's a -- here's an easy way to justify your wine. >> today is national drink wine
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will participate because people in the bay state consume 50% more wine than the average state. check out this map. you will see the state drinking the most wine are shaded darkest almost a wine color new hampshire vermont massachusetts are the top three. >> we are in good company right there. helping the economy. >> we get our drink on. parents, does your child really need a nerf gun that fires foam pellets at 68 miles per hour. >> hasbro unveiled the nerf rifle chaos and the pellets keepfiring as long as you have the finger on the trigger they say they are super soft and won't leave a mark. >> but from a couple feet away. >> i don't know. >> watch out. up next for almost 15 years he had memories and phone calls. tonight a local man is heading home to find his family.
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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. tonight a local man is on a long journey home. he left being aa as a refugee 15 years ago one of the lost boys of sue dan now he will return -- sudan now he will return as american citizen with a degree and full-time job. >> the mission to find family members 7,000 miles away. >> this bag is for my travel bag for the things that make me to survive. >> reporter: and he is definitely a sur ?riefer you can do like -- survivor. >> you can do like this and i will need it when i move from one village to another. >> reporter: there will be no lights. >> no exactly along the road. >> reporter: the road to his parents village begins with a flight from logan to istanbul and then finally to kenya three
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not washed-out he should be close.when was the last time you saw your mom and dad. >> 20 years ago. >> reporter: right now he is exsighted and nervous. >> i amer in -- excited and nervous. >> i am fer vows how will i feel to moat my family and how they going perceive-- meet my family and how they going to perceive mere and what their feeling is going to be. >> reporter: he he was five years old when he escaped the civil war in suedan after walking hundreds of miles and spending -- sue dan after -- sudan walking hundreds miles and spending years in refugee camps. a u.s. program saved him and thousands of lost boys with new life he was 18 when he arrived in med forein the spring of 20 01. >> this is me america is a country that possibility are there. and what you need is a motivation or hard work and ethic. >> reporter: he and his friends
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but they miss their family. >> we still have a life over there. you know. >> reporter: you are why two tworld. >> exactly. >> reporter: he will -- world. >> reporter: >> exactly rs he will return with this one and with survival skills he honed as a child. >> something there 6 hours and some villages three hours and some two hours so it depends. so but if i have see the family in one place, it's family time. >> reporter: you don't have to walk 6 hours. >> yeah you be like oh, yes. >> reporter: but to reunite with his family and bridge two worlds, he says any walk is worth it. >> when i close the gap i feel my world collision is all connected. >> reporter: he planned this trip tore two years and it can be dangerous kidnapping armed rockery -- robbery and they are real threats and he says he is pack light to blend in and will back home in massachusetts in may. >> great story and makes youwonder could his parents come here.
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says -- goals he says if he can find them the dream to walk with them in boston common. >> let's hope they are in the first village he goes to. >> long walks. let's-- >> let's talk about the weather and i thought today was nice right. >> gorgeous. >> we are doing all right. plenty of sunshine n. sun is -- sunshine. sun is strong. cindy sent this in. thinking of sum are days but not too shabby a couple clouds off the ocean and sun dipping downon a chilly but beautiful day. quiet across the northeast. some clouds moving across cape cod. next weather maker is off towards the west but by the twin cities not lot of moisture with this storm system. it's going to be starved for precipitation. we will get a little rain and snow tomorrow night. in the meantime, right now we are seeing falling temps 28 in orange. and lawrence is at 31. and with calming wind and clear skies it will be a chilly night. lows 7 to 15 without the wind it will feel better. especially in a couple hours
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ishes. the city -- diminishs. the city down to 15. the sun will shine again. plenty for the first half of the day. into the afternoon clouds will start to increase but it's another nice wint are day and afternoon high temp in the upper 30s. sunset at 5:21 and not much wind tomorrow. a high of 40 in boston. 37 in fitchburg and new bedford around 39 and 38 on nantucket. we start the day with sunshine. as we head toward the afternoon, clouds approach. they mentioned the storm system off to the west. a little band of wet snowfall and rain showers mixing in late at night are going to move through. it doesn't look like a big deal and another input pulse behind it. we dry out for a bit on saturday morning a. chance for few more scattered showers as we head into the afternoon. to me that's classic march weather in and out of the sun and clouds and it will be gusty especially near the water. and temperatures will be milder up around 50. looking for a coating maybe as much as a inch of snowfall on friday night. better chance for a couple inches in northern new
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the ski areas. first batch moving through at night and another front approaches heading towards the afternoon and chance for rain showers. and then things dry out for sunday. sunday is looking like a nice day a westerly breeze and temps again up around 50 keeping in mind average highs are in the 30s so this is well above the norm. we are looking at all tolled a early spring weekend. going up north ski areas temps near freezing on friday. snow arrives at night. and snow changes over to a couple rain showers on saturday with highs near 40 and upper 30s and pleasant for sunday at the end of the weekend. next week. the next large or significant storm on the east coast. tuesday. really begin to develop on wednesday and there's still a lot of uncertainty as to where to be. how strong will the storm be. will it be farther east or west. trend is weaker and further east today. it's something we will monitor for the next few days and there's a chance for snow in the area. right now i am not thinking it's going to be a block bust
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has interests and we will watch. over the days to come. the accu-weather seven-day and before that happens we will cool down to start next week with low 40s on monday and 30s on tuesday and right now just providing updates and people asking questions on twitter about it and radar for sure. >> okay. >> on ours too. >> that will follow cold so we don't have to look for winter yet. >> thanks. whether you are carbo loading or enjoying the best food in the country greater boston is the place to be for restaurants. >> and more proof. we celebrate shining stars in the run for james beard awards. >> up at 6 breaking news we will been following all day. the problems with the mbta commuter rail. we will were going bring youunbelievable live pictures like the back bay station a signal problem that popped up this morning is still slowing down the ride. we have team coverage of the commute and the work to fix
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just in time for dinner congratulations to some of the local chefs and restaurants just named semifinalists for the james beard awards. with chefs susan regis shepard in cambridge is up for best new restaurant garrett harker
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and new restaurant in watertown and and outstanding chef is in the run as well. congratulations and we will let you know who wins. much more ahead the news at 6 starts now. now at 6, breaking news. commuter chaos on the mbta. >> walk to the right. through the open gate night been awful. >> a bro broken signal causes massive delays. >> we can't bring trains in and if the signals are not working. >> no end in sight. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 6 starts right now. >> more now on the mbta mess. live pictures in the back bay station. it's been packed with commuters trying to get home. big board filled with bad news in south station. as we look live there train after train running late if it is running at all. and the heart of the problem is right here. tower one.
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that is not working. crews are having to give the trains their signs manually as you can imagine it's been a slow process. >> the mbta canceled more than a dozen trains and rerouted many othersch worcester line is starting at back bay station but those trains are running between 20 and 25 minutes late. the middleboro line is now starting at jfkumass and they were on scheduled but the last schedule. providence line is still running out of south station but the trains have been running up to 40 minutes late. our team coverage starts tonight with ken macleod live ken. >> reporter: paula, the schedule changes have confused workers. we were told that providence train boarded at 5:05 down there and when we went down at the 5:40, all the passengers were sitting on the train but there was no one to drive the
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so it couldn't get out of the station. as you can see the crowd is thined down quite a bit as trains have come in on the makeshift schedule and folks have gotten out. this woman came in from toteon -- stoughton how long did it take you to get in. >> reporter: three hours and how long will you invest tonight? >> i don't know. >> reporter: how do you feel about the t. >> i don't have feelings for the t right now. >> reporter: no good feelings. >> none that's good. >> reporter: all right we heard a lot of that. other folks have been kind of patient given the circumstances. i have to say different from the storms last winter, there have been quite a few t workers with t with commuter rail around and wearing colored vests and telling folks what they can expect and what track of stuff. so there has been a better flow of information this time around. but the commute is you can see that took folks 2, 3, hours this morning well the line is beginning to build again here and it looks like they will have another very similar


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