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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 11:00 p.m. starts right now. >> we have several breaking stories tonight right now, passengers are bracing for more delays even as crews race to fix a major problem and umass students -- umass amherst students warned to stay inside following reports of a armed man and a mother and her baby struck crossing the street. both have been rushed to the hospital and both are in serious condition. jim smith is live in roxbury with the latest. jim? >> reporter: very active scene here in roxbury and a sad situation. video we shot of this extremely active scene.
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a mother and her baby, both struck by car, badly hurt as they crossed the street, the baby only five months old. they were rushed to boston medical center. the baby is in bad shape with severe head trauma. the driver did stop at the scene. we got an update from investigators. >> our accident team is here, they will ascertain whether speed was a factor or not. but we have a cooperative motorists that stopped and tried to render assistance. and made himself known to boston police. back here again live. police still at the scene a couple hours later as they try determine facts here. the big concern tonight for the mother and her fifth-month-old baby girl.
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jim smith, wbz news back to you. >> thank you. the scare at umass amherst. reports of an armed man on campus forced the lock down tonight. police tell us it turned out to be an arm assault on a studentane dorm room. wbz's -- student in a dorm room. - julie l -- wbz's julie is live. . >> reporter: an arm asult on a student -- assault on a student. the student was injured. two suspects fled and they were told to shelter in place. police are looking for the suspects. they do not believe they are student but the shelter in place orderer has been lifted around 7:30 p.m. 515 p.m. police say a male student was hit in the head on an upper floor in the pierpont hall dorm in southwest. the victim was cut in the head.
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police now believe the suspects fled immediately but out ofsation they issued -- of caution they issued the shelter in place alert. students were terrified. >> terrified. cops with rifles. >> reporter: what did you see? >> i just saw bunch of cops. went back in my room. >> we were wondering what happened and then we got e- mails there were guns, an incident with two people. gun. they had the area on lock down. >> we thought we had two people that had just, you know, that were seen with a hand gun. we wanted students to stay in. we thought initially they probably were going to run out and leave the building. so instead of people kind of doing their normal routine, business, we thought it was
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>> reporter: at this hour police are still looking for the two suspects. they don't believe they are students. two white male, college aged. they took off in a silver four door vehicle. police are working to review surveillance video taken from the dorm as well as neighboring dorms. they do not believe there is a danger on campus. julie lawn' check, wbz news. -- lawncheck wbz news. . stations packed solder to solder with frustrated rail riders. >> tired. tired. >> a signal problem leading to 2 and 3 hour commutes for hundreds trying to get home and tonight the rail is warning to expect more delays in the morning. - ken macleod is live -- wbz's ken macleod is live. people are still trying to get home? >> reporter: there are a new stragglers here but the lion's
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for many this is where the train ride to work ended this morning and this is where their commute home began. check out the board going out of here. 2-3 is delayed. the signal problem is not fixed and there is no time table for when it will be. >> reporter: as workers barked out the details of the commute, some in the swarm of train riders were low on patience. >> i hate it. i hate it. would drive. >> reporter: they were directed to the back bay station to keep folks away from a crippled south station where workers tonight. >> i am frustrated about this. >> reporter: the malfunction of a signal meant that commuter
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some made it. but most dumped passengers a late. while amtrak made no promises. >> what they tommed us right now is they do not -- told us right now is they do not know when this will be fixed. string together enough trains to get them home. >> waiting for an announcement that is not going to come. just wait. >> reporter: and wait they did. in fact some boarded trains only to sit another half hour while they hunt down someone to drive it. >> i don't know. i am just tired of it. just tired. >> reporter: so your chances are good your train will not take you all the way to south station tomorrow morning. they have a listing of where your train will kick you out
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bridge the gap to get to work. again tomorrow. live tonight, ken macleod, wbz news. >> a lot of people will be at the station. thank you. a closer look at the size of the problem. check out the branches highlighted to the south. and the west of the city. these are the lines that experienced delays and cancellations. this is important for the morning commute. inbound commuter trains will depart at normal times. passengers can transfer to the orange and the red lines. we posted all this information on our website. we will stay on top of this over night, watch wbz news in the morning at 4:30 a.m. for the very latest. breaking news on a murder investigation. police tonight naming a suspect. they say they are looking for kenneth manning. this is a mictur of him.
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woman. surveillance video shows him inside her building on monday. kenneth manning is considered armed and dangerous. a scare at a boston hotel. the s.w.a.t. team surrounded surrounded the marriott and arrested a man. police evacuated one floor of the hotel as a precaution. the man now in custody is wanted on domestic violence charges in connecticut. campaign 2016 donald trump is back on top with a commanding lead over the rest of the republicans in a new national cbs poll. you can see them there. 35%. cruz 18%. donald trump taking on the head of the catholic church calling out the pope for what he called disgraceful comments he made about his position on immigration. wbz's jon keller is here with us tonight. him? >> reporter: down the road maybe but in south carolina
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of skeptics of the pope, today was a net plus for the frontrunner. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: it began with a reporter's question about donald trump's most famous campaign pledge. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border. >> person who thinks only about how old -- a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not christian. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> reporter: was that response a mistake? some think so. >> there are certain non- negotiables. >> reporter: 13 person of the gop primary vote in south carolina four years ago was catholic. and this pope's outspokenned
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outspokenned a cuicacy angered some. tonight while there was this from john kasich. >> i am pro pope. okay? put me down. >> reporter: jeb bush treated it like crypt tonight. >> i don't think it is appropriate to question donald trump's faith. . >> when you heard the pope said something about you, maybe i have to ask for forgiveness? >> no, no. [ laughter ] >> reporter: donald trump is presbyterians but in a poll 30% of catholic voters said they thought donald trump would make a good president. we will have to wait for more of them to weigh in to assess whether damage was done today. >> thank you. right now the search is on for two people who took a police officer on a high-speed chase. that chase ending with the officer crashing into a pole. here is a picture. witnesses helped pull him from the wrecked car. tonight they are looking for the two.
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concussion and bruises but he is out of the hospital. an unbelievable picture. the driver of this car survived. troopers say they were chasing him when he hit a pole so hard the car split in crash. murder that shocked our city. amy lord kidnapped, forced to withdrawal money from atms and then killed. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. a look at the evidence. >> and we have new video. tourists crashing into -- a helicopter crashing into the water. >> and boston's housing market is booming. how buyers paying with cash could leave sellers vulnerable to criminals. >> cold start to the day tomorrow, single digits and teens. spring returns for the weekend, not before snow.
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wow! frightening video out of hawaii. a helicopter crashing into pearl harbor near the arizona memorial. all 5 people were rescued by winches. one is in critical condition. the faa is investigating. crime that crocked bust -- rocked boston. a look at evidence in the murder of amy lord. >> reporter: see no evil on investigation discovery will profile the murder. during the show they rely on surveillance video, some of which was taken from a camera on a atm the morning amy lord was killed. in a interview her sister said she felt safe in boston. police found amy lord's car burning after she was forced to
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her final moments alive caught on camera and pieced together by police. >> you have all this video. you have to watch it. >> reporter: detectives walked crews through the clues they followed like a sticker that helped them identify her in the footage. in a look at the man convicted of the murder. >> the car pulls forward again. the driver's face is once again covered. >> the show features the first interview with another woman he attacked hours after killing amy lord. >> take whatever. take whatever you need. and he just looked at me. didn't say anything and kept stabbing me. that is when i knew he is not coming after my money. he is coming after my life. >> reporter: police spotted him on another camera. >> he had a number of tattoos.
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>> reporter: they matched the tattoos to him when he went to the emergency room. he is now serving life in prison for the crimes. that surveillance video of amy lord going from atm to atm prompted lawmakers to try get a bill that would install panic buttons at atms. three years later that bill is still stalled. >> all right. thank you very much. the weather around here, it has been changeable from day to day but it hasn't been bad. >> it hasn't been bad. tonight isn't going to be great though. i saw numbers that i was excited about but there is a twist to at -- twist to that. >> it starts to feel more march like and march plays with your emotions. tonight clear skies. 25 degrees in the city. colder out there. 19 worcester. 13 on the cape.
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northeast and it brought clouds over cape cod. a few flurries. everyone else is in the clear. next storm system is this one. snow moving into northern michigan tonight. it will bring us snowflakes tomorrow night. these are the temperatures tomorrow. single digit and teens. a cold start to the day. no wind out there. good news. sunshine leads the way again. 30s by lunch. a good day for a stroll and during the afternoon, clouds thicken, upper 30s. just touching 40 in boston. rock port 39. mid-30s in worcester county. we start with the sun. the clouds during the increase, thicken up in the afternoon and then the storm system works to the north and drags in wet snow fall. i don't think this will be a big deal tomorrow night but don't be surprised to see snow falling changing into rain saturday morning.
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north of the pike. a decent one to three across northern new england. they won't complain about that across the ski areas. towards the weekend, we start saturday. and then we will see sunshine. and then another chance for rain showers in the evening as a cold front moves through. that is like a march day, right? gusty winds and mild temperatures. i think sunday will be the better day and sunday night another system to the south may bring us wet snow fall and rain. over all theme for the weekend is above average temperatures. it is still mid-february. 50 on saturday. showers in the morning and again in the afternoon. drier, less windy. and the storm system next week, on wednesday. the trend has been for one that will have some wintery weather, snow and change over to rain.
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7 day, over all, nothing too hard to take here. looks colder by the end of next week. back to you. >> thank you. it is off to compete with buyers paying cash but now the federal government is looking that sales. lauren leamanczyk found out, some people think a second look is a good idea. >> more competition now than in the spring. >> reporter: he spends time with his realtor looking for a place to buy. his last offer got beat by someone paying cash. >> it is tough because you can't compete with that. >> reporter: it is a challenge for regular home buyers. new numbers show how challenging. last november 36% of all homes in the boston area were all cash. that is up from 27% a year ago.
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>> 15 years ago it was a rarity. today it is a large part of the market. >> the hottest area, high end properties fueled by international investors look to get their money to the u.s., now drewing more scrutiny. >> cash sales of $2 million or more is 77% of those were cash sales. >> growing number of these cash transactions are not by people. according to the paper work. they are bought by llcs. >> there is a lack of transparency and we don't know who is behind them. >> the treasury department launched a trial program to require the names of anyone involved in all cash sales to be made public. he says criminals can launder money through real estate transaction.
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$10,000 at a bank the bank has to report on that. same thing at a casino. >> reporter: the iteam obtained this letter asking them to consider expanding the program to boston. >> places are being driven up and people are being driven out because of criminal activity. >> reporter: that is the concern, these llcs are creating greater demand and pushing up prices making it harder for people to put down roots. >> you have a market where people are looking to buy a home and a market where people are looking to invest. and they have two different priorities. when they clash typically the investors come out ahead because they have the money. >> reporter: there is nothing illegal about using an llc. some buyers just want to hide
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wbz sports is driven by ... just keep hoping the bruins will get on a streak but they can't do it. >> no. disappointing again tonight. >> they let it slip away. they had three power plays in the 3rd period and still couldn't score, shut out 2-0. the second time this season they have been shut out in a game. predators wasted no time pouncing. 13th of the year. just like that nashville 1-0. later in the first. more predators. the save. he cleans up the rebound. nashville 2-0. same score in the third. he puts one off the post. did not get in. the whistle blew, no goal. that was that. 2-0. red sox pitchers and
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great to see martinez teaching the young guys the tricks of the trade. more from fenway south. >> reporter: official reporting day here thursday for pitchers and catchers. the first work out on friday. after last year's trying season everyone seems happy to be here, including the team's new ace. the manager who missed the final six weeks of last season after being diagnosed in mid- august. >> i feel great. work outs have been consistent. goal was to get back in shape and to get up every day with an energized outlook makes every day more exciting. >> reporter: they dished out 217 million dollars to david price and he showed up early, ready to go. >> good to get here before spring training to get to know the guys. everybody has been great.
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kelly who welcomed a new baby boy. he will join the team next week. dan roche, wbz sports. >> thank you very much. the nba trade deadline came and went, the celtics did not make any deals. they tried but in the end there wasn't a good trade to be made. >> we feel like we came close to doing some things but ultimately we didn't. we didn't get anything accomplished that we were looking to do because there were no deals good enough to do. >> and he will be out with a sore right shoulder. that is sports for now.
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well, we may have to turn this over to someone else. a new dating service matches people by scent. you get a t-shirt in the mail, you wear it, and then the company sends it to suitors and they will call you if someone likes you smell. what is the smell you are smells like pizza. >> there you go. here is her number. forecast. >> hope it is pizza.
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before we talk about scents for another second, the weather. >> cold start to the day tomorrow. we have sunshine leading the way into the upper 30s and wet snow tomorrow night. coating to an inch.
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>> starting to get the aroma. that -- [ talking at the same >> missing out. >> thank you for joining us. we will see you tomorrow. >> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs welcome to "the late show"! (cheers and applause) hello, everybody! (audience chanting stephen) down here, up there, up there, right there, out there!


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