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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now at 4:30, three big developing stories for you. first in roxbury a mother and her baby hit by a car. >> a lock down lifted on the campus of umass but the two suspects who attacked a student have not been caught. >> plus train commuters told to man for more delays today. the around the clock efforts to fix the big problem. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 4:30 right now it's friday. we made it i am cathen hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon friday
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looking forward to the weekend. >> it's going to be mild out there danielle. that's the good news. >> it's going to feel like spring 50 tomorrow and sunday. happy friday. one more day today. temperatures are pretty normal. we will be running in the 30sthis afternoon. but a chilly start. we are 14 in worcester and 12 in nashua. 19 taunton, 21 in boston and 30 in chatham. milder on the cape because we have had clouds. a little real feel in fact it feels like single digits in worcester right now. feels like 4. 9 in concord new hampshire and 11 in bostonch the wind is actually -- boston. the wind is going to subside. clear skies over us. flurries overnight on the cape and still ocean effect clouds from the plymouth county to the cape. these clouds will also tend to depart as we head throughout the mid to late morning. so 20s to start. rise at 6:36. upper 30s through lunchtime and it's going to be a nice winter
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active as yesterday -- day. the wind light not as active as yesterday. in the afternoon and evening mostly cloudy mid 30s for the ride home with the sunset at 5:21. a couple snow showers this evening is the warmer air pushing in. we will breakdown the details of that and your weekend too in a couple minutes. >> thank you. we are following several developing soreies. mbta passengers should exspent more -- expect more delays as crews race to fix a signal problem. >> a lock down lifted at umass amherst but the armed man is still on run. >> a mother and her baby hit by a car in roxbury of the both were rushed to the hospital in and both are in serious conditionch the mother and her 5 month old daughter were crossing humboldt avenue when they were hit before 9 last night. trauma. they are treated at boston medical center and police say the man driving the car did stop at the scene.
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team is here and will ascertain whether speed was a factor but we have a cooperative motorists that did stop and try to render assistance and made himself known to the boston police. >> police were talking to witnesses and searching for surveillance cameras that may have captured that crash. now to the scare at umass order has been lifted. >> we have learned the lock down was put in place after an armed attack on a student. shortly after 5 last night, police say a student in the freshman dorm was hit in the head and possibly pistol whpped by two suspects -- whipped by two suspect. he suffered a cut to the head but the injuries are minor. two suspects got away. police say they are college ainge but not students -- age but not students at the school. with reports of an armed man on campus, police didn't take any chances. issuing a shelter in place
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several students told us they he were terrified. >>i woke up and opened my door and cops were in the hallways with rifeels. >> what did you see. >> a bunch of cops. >> we wondered what happened and got e-mails telling us there was something incident with two people with a gun and the area was on lock down. >> police are reviewing sur veil and video from the dorm as they search for the suspects. campus police will provide an update around 10 this morning. also developing, train riders bracing for another miserable morning commute. >> that's for sure mbta warning commuters to expect more big delays as crews continue to work to fix a signal problem. nicole jacobs is live at back bay station and it took people hours to get home half the night. >> reporter: can you imagine if it were not school vacation week?
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would be even more of a nightmare and keolis says amtrak has not fixed the problem. it was complete mayhem to say the least. >> to the left. >> reporter: another day and devastating delays along the commuter rail. >> &on train. >> reporter: no weather the cause this time but the broken signal says amtrak leaving workers directing trains the old fashioned way. >> i am incredibly frustrated about this all right. >> reporter: but all wrong according to commuters whose pictures tell the story of frustration. >> i hate it. i just hate it. if parking was not $32 a day i would drive every day. >> reporter: making matters worse it's anyone's guess as to when it is fixed. >> what they have told us is they don't know when this is going to be fixed. >> reporter: so it is sure to be another day of annoyances
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expect delays more of the same from a.m. and p.m. commute a day earlier. >> seems they are waiting for an announcement that's not going to come. >> reporter: with the shrugging of the shoulders their hands are tied. >>i don't know i am tired of it. just tired. >> reporter: a couple of things to note here, with the in addition to those expected delays we know with the exception of the franklin line, and the stoughton providence line, rides will end at earlier stops and then passengers will get off the commuter rail and take the orange line or red line to the final destinations. and again, passengers are urged to avoid south station. live in boston nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you very much not a good situation. we want to give you a closer look at the size of the problem. check out branches highlighted to the south and west of the city. those are the lines that
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cancellations because of the switch issue. a manhunt is underway for the suspect just named in a murder he investigation in malden. police are look for kenneth manning considered armed and dang rouse. he is wand for the death of a 36ior old woman found in her apartment on monday. police say surveillance video shows him inside her building on that same day. a scare at a boston hotel leading to evacuations. the s.w.a.t. team surrounded the marriott in dorchester last night. and arrested a man who barricaded himself inside. police evacuated a floor of hotel rooms as a precaution. the man in custody is wanted on domestic violence charges in connecticut. today mourners will play respects to justins antonin scalia as his body lies in repose at the supreme court a private family for family friend and colleagues will begin in few hours the public will be invited this evening. funeral mass will be tomorrow among those expected at today's calling hours president obama
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a war of words between donald trump and the pope. the republican presidential candidate calling out the head of the catholic church over comments he made about trump's stance on immigration. jon keller has a closer look at the controversy. >> reporter: it began with a reporter's question to the pope about trump's most famous campaign pledge. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border. >> reporter: a person who thinks about building walls wherever they may be located and not building bridges is not a christian. this is not in the gospel. >> for religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> reporter: was that response a mistake some think so. >> there are certain nonnegotiateables i think when it is a christian. >> reporter: keep in mind 13% of the gop primary vote in south carolina four years ago
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>> and-- and this pope outspoken advocacy angered arch conservatives who refer to him as a communist. for them trump is once again the fearless leader speaking politically incorrect truth to power.and at cnn town hall there was this frommion kasich. >> i am pro pope put me down in the pro pope. >> reporter: jeb bush treated it like crypt night. >> i don't think it's appropriate to question donald trump's faith. >> you thought maybe i will have to ask for forgiveness. >> no. no. look. >> that was jon keller reporting. trump is presbyterian but in a national poll 30% of catholic voters thought he trump would made a good president. new review says administrators at boston latin did not adequately investigate a racial incident. the report released found that the school didn't discipline a
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and threatened another student but the report claims that's the only incident in 7 cases where administrators failed to act properly. african american students say the school has ignored racist behavior by other students. it's just about 4:40. coming up on wbz this morning, a crashing end to a police chase. >> the suspect he's carliterally split in half but it doesn't end. >> a warning for spotify users. jill wagner has details in money watch. >> red sox pitchers and catchers reporting for duty in florida. but one pitcher was not there for the start of spring training.
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the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy
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and i approve this message. 4:43 on your friday morning a drink from the 1980s is making a comeback and raise for a million workers. >> and some spotify users may want to monitor their accounts. we will tell you why with jill wagner live at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning. spotify may have been hacked. there are reports information from hundreds of premium users appeared online things like e- mail addresses passwords and home countries. it's not -- it is not clear if credit card information was
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it's the second most pop for -- popular streaming is service with 20 million users a millionwalmart workers will get a wage. minimum page goes up from 9 to $10 and pay four full-time workers will jump 3%. this is phase 2 of the massive pay increase announced last year. 80s flashback. hi c he can toe cooler could be coming back a green colored citrus flavored drink and now it looks like it's back to promote the new ghost busters movie that was filmed in boston i am told. chris and kathryn. >> remember the original ghost busters movie jill. >> reporter: i love that movie. >> you do? >> yes. >> reporter: i do. isn't that weird. >> no. i love it too. it's like it's a total throw
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>> i crushed so many of those juice boxes. >> the old car they used to drive in everything was awesome. >> thanks jill. >> reporter: the firehouse where they taped the first one is down in tribecca a few blocks from here. >> very cool. swing by. >> we should drink a juice box to that or something like that. >> thanks jill. >> reporter: good idea. >> we will check in with her in the next half-hour. we need to look at the forecast happy friday we have that going for us. >> we do. and big warmup for the weekend. we will be around 50 on saturday and on sunday. one more chilly day today to get through but not too bad. temperatures 21 in boston right now. dew point in the single digits so it's dry and it's crisp northwest wind at 9 miles per hour real feel is 11 degrees. so aid chilly start and feels like the single digits in worcester and feels like 9 in concord new hampshire. teens for a lot of us leading
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real feel of 15 and skies are mainly clear although we have some ocean effect cloud impathing far eastern or southeastern plymouth county back down to the cape where there were a couple flurries. otherwise high pressure that's right over us right now. and then you get back to some pockets of snow through the great lakes. this represents a warm front n fact if you look at temperatures on here, we go from the 20s and teens and then jump into the 30s and 40s. so that's at least the start of some of the milder air that's going to build into new england this weekend. so enjoy the sunshine today. the clouds are going to increase pretty rapidly during the late afternoon and evening. so you will notice theshoin fading away. high presh consider the sunshine -- sunshine fading away. a little area of the clouds may sneak into eastern massachusetts late this evening and tonight. so after the evening drive shouldn't be any issues. but there may be a quick coating in northern massachusetts late this evening in the first part of overnight.
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tomorrow. aside from an early morning shower in northern massachusetts, the clouds part for sun and we go 45 to 50 and the cold front approaches late in the day. we may get a stray shower generally tomorrow evening i widely scattered. it's not going ruin your day sunday morning. sun is back out and we come up into the low 50s and it had feel like the beginning of april as opposed to february. sunday night into monday another little wave of low pressure may bring a couple inches of snow that's overnight so we are timing things out well and it look like it would be out of here early on monday morning. we will watch the track of that closely and until then beautiful winter day today 40 in boston a touch above the average for this time of the year. we will generally run in the 30s to lower 40s. 50 tomorrow in boston. low 50s in some of the suburbs sunday. 50 to 55 degrees. and there will be 40s as well. on saturday.
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there's the chance of snow sunday night into early monday and the next significant storm could impact us on wednesday looks like it would be a chance of rain and mixed with some wintry mix across the interior. guys back to you. >> all right thanks very much. she mentioned our weather is warming up this weekend but it's not as nice as sunny florida. >> red sox pitchers and catchers are there and today will hold the first official workout. dan roche has the action from spring training. >> reporter: every one is sprent a -- preen and -- present and accounted for except for joe kelly welcoming a baby boy this past week and will join the team next week. mood seems upbeat and ready to go. under the palm trees mere in fort my -- trees in fort myers. >> always spring training is an energetic time of year and we
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>> reporter: he welcomes the day after missing the final weeks of 2015 season due to stage one lymphoma that's in remission. >> each day has a different meaning how can you not after you go through or anyone that goes through this you have a greater appreciation of the small things in life. >> reporter: farrell welcome the new addition of 217 million dollar man david price who is happy to be here. >> everything right now to me is so new so just throwing the ball the way i am capable of having fun. >> reporter: farrell has an ace staff. after the sox acquired all star kimbrel from san diego. >> he will thrive on the energy fenway gives us in the 9th inning and i think people will attach to the kind of velocity he will bring from the mound. >> reporter: and the first workout later this morning as red sox look to put 2015 and another last place finish behind them.
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florida dan roche wbz sports. >> all right. excited for red sox season. >> i love seeing the palm trees. >> excited for summer right. two suspects involved in a high spiel chase that injured a -- speed chase that injured a police officer. >> and one is accused of trying to stab the office wear syringe. >> dramatic video as a helicopter crashes into the water with tourists on board.
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4:52 on friday morning updating developing news mbta is warning customers there could be big delays for the commute amtrak is working to fix a signal problem and that means most commuter rail trains coming from south and west will have to end service before south station. riders will be able to switch to the orange and red lines for free. the franklin and providence stoughton lines will go to south station. mother and 5 month old baby girl are in serious condition at the hospital after being hit by a car in roxbury. we are hearing the trauma. cooperating. investigators are trying to determine if speed may have been a factor in this crash. and right now, police are searching for two suspects who injured a umass amherst student and set off a lock down the students were told to shelter in place for two hours yesterday. police say the suspect had a gun and they don't believe that umass.
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look at this. this is in leominster. troopers were chasing him when he hit a pole so hard that the vehicle split in two. the driver took off running. the police caught him a short time later. the search is on for a man and woman that police say were involved in a high-speed chase that left an officer injured. revere police are look for michael guthrow and jaqueline murphy he tried to stab the officer with a syringe. the officer crashed into a utility pole the officer suffered a concussion and bruises and he was released from the hospital and is expected to be okay. a youth football coach in central mass is behind bars facing child porn charges. investigators say that they found the images on kennethbacks's computer and cell phone. he has been a pop warner football coach for several years and will be in court next month.
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sinking of the he will faro. -- el faro. the ship's captain knew he was sailing into a hurricane a second mate on vacation when the ship went down testified before a coast guard panel yesterday. he says he texted the captain an offshore storm was forecasted to become a hurricane. all 33 crew members including 6 with ties to new england died when the ship wept down in hurricane joaquin. frightening video to show you out of hawaii. a tourist helicopter crashes into pearl harbor near the arizona memorial. all five people on board were rescued by witnesses. one is in critical condition right now. the faa is investigating. >> crazy to see that. the opioid crisis will be on the agenda as the massachusetts and new hampshire governor head to washington to
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they are expected to ask for treatment options. today is last day drivers can use the south boston by- that road has been opened to all traffic for the last 6 months as an experiment but that experiment ends at midnight tonight. before this the road was used for commercial vehicles only. the state will now hold hearings and examine the impact on commercial trucking and whether the road should be opened to all traffic permanently. 4:56. services out there. >> this may be a first. up next how your smell could can attract a significant
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you understand why we are playing this a dating service matches people strictly by scent called smell dating. >> here's how it works. get a white t-shirt in the male and ware it for three days straight no deodorant or perfume and send it back and they send out pieces of the shirt to potential suit erstwhile sending you the t- shirt samples if you like each other's smell it's a match. >> let's hope this doesn't catch on because we will have people walking around with no deodorant on for three days not okay in my book. >> it's different. i don't know. smell test. >> oh. >> that will wake you up. >> it will on a friday morning.
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traffic ahead on wbz this morning. >> the news at 5 starts right now. right now at 5 we are following developing stories. first commuters bracing for the worst. the mbta warning of more delays today. and when this will all be fixed. >> a mother and her baby in the hospital this morning after being hit by a car in roxbury. details we are learning about the investigation. >> and a lock down lifted at umass amherst but the search is on for two suspects who attacked a student. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning. >> good friday morning to you it's 5:00 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser thanks for being with us on this friday february 19th. we have to look at the forecast with danielle niles. happy friday. >> happy friday. we made it and we are all about to warm up this weekend. temperatures around 50 degrees


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