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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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traffic ahead on wbz this morning. >> the news at 5 starts right now. right now at 5 we are following developing stories. first commuters bracing for the worst. the mbta warning of more delays today. and when this will all be fixed. >> a mother and her baby in the hospital this morning after being hit by a car in roxbury. details we are learning about the investigation. >> and a lock down lifted at umass amherst but the search is on for two suspects who attacked a student. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning. >> good friday morning to you it's 5:00 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser thanks for being with us on this friday february 19th. we have to look at the forecast with danielle niles. happy friday. >> happy friday. we made it and we are all about to warm up this weekend. temperatures around 50 degrees
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and until then, chilly start this morning. we zipped into the -- dipped into the single dints. 10 in nashua. a lot of teens in suburbs north and west of boston. 21 in the sit they. and then a lower 30s in parts of the outer cape where the clouds have been a little thicker overnight with ocean effect cloud cover. real feel right now single digits in worcester is zero in keene 10 in boston. there's still a bit of a breeze but the wind will subside over the next several hours. clear skies and sunshine going to greet you today. we have had ocean effect clouds from plymouth to the cape and they will taper and gradually dissipate through late morning. so the planner goes this way. bright sunshine sunrise coming earlier. nice winter day on tap. 38 for lunchtime and the wind will be light and dipping into the mid-30s for the ride home. cloud will increase pretty rapidly late in the day. with the sunset at 5:21. tonight. all the details on your weekend coming up. we will get you on the road
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together good morning. >> reporter: good morning. happenpy friday woeful made it to the friday morning commute. lower than normal volume week. let's look live at the, pressway northbound side busy quincy to boston but it's moving along from the south look fine. from the north 93 southbound a smooth ride from andover. and 128 southbound is the speed limit ride right now. >> thank you. morning. we are following several developing stories this morning. a mother and her baby hit by a car in roxbury both in serious condition. >> a lock down lifted at umass amherst but a armed man is on the run. >> train passengers should expect more delays this morning as crews race to fix a signal problem. it took people hours to get home last night and most commuters are bracing for yet another miserable commute today.
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amtrak's signal problems. nicole jacobs is live at back bay station with more. a tough commute last night. >> reporter: tough doesn't even describe it for some commuters. but can can you imagine if it weren't school vacation week i mean, the nightmare would be even worse. but right now, keolis is saying that amtrak has not given them a time frame as to when the problem will be fixed. it was complete mayhem to say the least. >> track 3. >> to the left track 3. >> reporter: another day and devastating delays along the commuter rail. >> &on train. >> reporter: no weather the cause this time but a broken signal says amtrak leaving workers directing trains the old fashioned way. >> i am incredibly frustrated about this. >> reporter: but all wrong according to commuters whose pictures tell the story of frustration. >> i hate it. i just hate it. if park was not $32 a day i
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>> reporter: making matters worse it's anyone a guess as to when this dysfunction is fixed. >> what they he told us right now is they do not know when this is going to be fixed. >> reporter: so it's sure to be another day of annoyances for riders who are told to expect delays today. a.m. and p.m -- a.m. and p.m. >> they are waiting for a announce then the mays not going to come can be announcement that's not going going to come. >> reporter: a schug of a shoulders -- slug of a shoulder their hands are tired. >> i am tired. >> reporter: all other trains will end early at earlier stops those commuters will get off and take the red or orange line to the final destination. and again, officials are urging passengers to avoid south station. live in boston nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you. and we want to give you a
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so check out the branches that are highlighted to the south. and the west of the city. dhows are the lines that experienced the delays and cancellations because of this issue a huge problem. also developing this morning the serious crash in roxbury a mother and her infant hit by a car while crossing the street. hospital. >> susie steimle is live in roxbury. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well this is humboldt avenue where the accident happened last night. at last check the mom and her baby are in serious condition. the baby suffering the most serious injuries incurring head trauma. >> approximately 8:40 p.m., the mother and child crossing the street in front of 71 humboldt and they were struck by a motor vehicle in traffic. >> reporter: police closed down humboldt avenue in roxbury for several hours thursday night as they investigated this serious accident. a mother and her 5-month-old
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both are in serious condition and the baby with the most severe injuries. >> severe head trauma. >> reporter: the main concern is the the well-being of the mother and her daughter police are thankful for one thing. the driver stuck around. >> we have a cooperative motorists that did stop and tried to render assistance and made himself known to the boston police. >> reporter: police say the man's cooperation plus help from neighbors should make the investigation a quick one. the hope is the mother and her baby recover at similar pace. >> our prayers to the mother and the 5-month-old girl and we hope that they will be okay. >> reporter: speed is being investigated as a factor right now. but that driver who cooperated is not facing any charges. just yet. live in roxbury susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. whoa want to update you on a -- you on a scary situation a shelter in place order has been lifted this morning and we have
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sparked by an armed assault on astudent. shortly after 5 missay a student in the freshman pieron the dorm was hit in the head and possibly piste ole whipped. male student suffered a cut to his head but his injuries are minor. the two suspects can get away. police say they are college age but not students at the school. with reports of an armed man on campus, police didn't take any chances issuing the shelter in place order which lasted about 2 hours. several students told us they were terrified. >> i woke up and opened up mdoor and there were cops in the hallway with rifles. >> reporter: what did you see? >> i saw a bunch of cops turned around and went back in my room. >> we were wondering what happened and got e-mails telling us there was something instant with two people seen with a gun and they had the area on lock down. >> police are taking a look at surveillance video from the dorm as they search for the suspects. campus police are expected to
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investigation to us around 10:00 this morning. right now a manhunt is underway for the suspect just named in a murder investigation in malden. police are looking for kenneth manning you see here. he can considered armed and dangerous wanted for the murder of a 36-year-old woman found in her apartment on monday. police say sur veil and video shows him inside the building on that same day. the search is on for two suspects involved in a high- speed chase that left an officer injured. revere police are look for michael gouthro and jaqueline murphy. he tried to stab an officeer with a syringe and -- syringe and took off. that chase ended in chelsea when the officer crashed into a utility pole. the officer suffered a concussion and bruises. he was released from hospital and is expected to be okay. and a frightening case of road rage in wellesley. police say a brighton man pulled a gun on another driver along route 9 near mass bay community college. they caught up with him and
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and look at this one. a car literally split in half in leominster. troopers tell us they were chasing him last night when he hit a telephone pole so hard that the vehicle split in two. the driver then took off running but police caught up later. today mourners will pay respects to justice scalia as his body lies in repose at the supreme court a private ceremony for family friends and colleagues will begin in few hours. public invited this evening a funeral mass will be held tomorrow among those expected at today's calling hours president obama and the first leady. donald trump take on the head of the catholic church calling out the pope for what he called disgraceful comments. the pontiff made about trump's position on immigration. our political analyst jon keller has closer look at the controversy. >> reporter: it began with a
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about trump's most famous campaign pledge. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border. >> reporter: a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be located and not building bridges is not a christian. this is not in the gospel. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> reporter: was that response a mistake in some think so. >> will are nonnegotiateables i think when it comes to being a christian. >> reporter: keep in mind 13% of the gop primary vote in south carolina four years ago was catholic. and this pope's outspoken advocacy has angered arch conservatives who sometimes refer to him as a communist. for them, trump is once again the fearless leader speaking politically incorrect truth to power. and at a cnn town hall there was this from john kasich. >> i am pro pope okay put me down in the pro pope column.
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>> i don't think it's appropriate to question donald trump's faith. >> was there a on the you thought maybe vil to -- i will have to ask for forgiveness. >> no. >> that is jon keller reporting. we should know trump is presbyterian but 30% of catholicvoters thought he would make a goos president. and pope francis is making history with an announcement about birth control saying women at risk for the zika virus can justify using artificial contraception and is urging doctors to find vaccine. zika is most dangerous for pregnant women because it can lead to severe birth defects. 35 5*:11 on your friday-- it's 5:11 on your friday morning. new details about the sinking of the el faro. >> the text message sent to the captain before the ship sailed into the hurricane. >> a helicopter crashing in hawaii. how everyone made it out alive. good morning.
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happy friday. if you are heading north and going scowing we will have a fresh couple inches with evening snow snow around 40. and-- snow around 40. we are warming up too. we will talk about the weekend
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welcome back a boost for denna la. in -- laing. donation. the final donation tally of dollars. laing was seriously hurt in accident on the ice at women's stadium. >> poem stepping and helping and she is a remarkable young woman her strength staying positive. >> absolutely. >> she is a role model for any wop who is dealing with any adversity. >> absolutely. >> glad to hear that things are going well with the foundation. time to check our weather this morning. and a lot people are going to be pumped about this weekend danielle. >> i think so. up around 50 what do you think? >> sound good. >> you like the warmth. you have been waiting. a little spring fever in the air absolutely. and not a bad way to end the week yes aid chilly start and temperatures are 21 in boston right now. that northwest wind is active at 10 miles per hour creating a real feel 10 degrees at logan
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the wind is going to subside through the day today. it will turn light this afternoon and actually won't feel so bad with temperatures up around 40 later on today. real feel zero in keene. 8 in worcester and a the lot of us running in the teens out the door and skies are clear except for the one exception through plymouth county and the cape where ocean effect clouds areimpacting us there. can't rule out a stray flurry or two. otherwise, we have got high pressure that's cresting right over us today. you go back to the west and notice you run into clouds. than you run into snow showers. this is the warmer air. you put the temperatures on here and we go from the teens eventually to the 20s, 30s and 40s. it's 45 in chicago right now this morning. so that's a little piece of the warm air that's going to be working in our direction. it comes with late day clouds today. as high pressure slips off the snow showers -- couple snow showers may come down in massachusetts.
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a coating to perhaps as much as an inch especially in southern now ham sure. but most -- new hampshire. tomorrow morning, areas of snow in northern new england back through central new hampshire we may get a quick rain or snow shower in northern mass and then the sun breaks out. temperatures comes up around 50 and tomorrow evening, the cold front will approach may bring a scattered rain shower not going to ruin your day and on sunday the sun is back as early as the morning hours. there may be a late day sprinkle that comes in and temperatures will once again be up around or just over 50. you guessed it sunday night into very early on monday one more wave of low pressure is going to bray pocket of snow perhaps mixed with rain along the south coast. there may be a couple i been -- inches that it would be done by monday morning and we will watch the track of that closely. today up around 40. not as chilly as yesterday. 50 for a high tomorrow. this is more normingal for the beginning -- normal for the beginning of april.
5:18 am
in as well. accu-weather seven-day on monday a little cooler after the overnight snow. temperatures will be in the low 40s and 30s on tuesday and then a potential significant storm will impact us on wednesday up and down the east coast with temperatures running in the upper 30s. we will keep ion on the track. pamela -- an eye on the track. pamela had a great visit. k through 5th graders took place with weather trivia and they showed pamela the weather forecasting charts too. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: i have a little cold today. >> reporter: and a couple months ago when chris had a cold i said he sounded like nose. public service this is how you blow your nose when wearing makeup i won't do it but you take one kleenex and put it over the lip so you don't mudge thely particular and -- stick
5:19 am
week so volume is down but we could see frustrated t riders driving and that's going to balance it out. looking live over the zakim bridge and 93 no slow downs. light some coming from woburn. from the south green expressway getting busy from braintree to boston but moving along. the rest of the routes from the chris. >> thanks very much. she -- 5:19. she escaped from a murder hours after he abducted a woman in south boston and killed her. kayleigh ballantyne is sharing her story in the first ever interview. >> once i punched the code to my apartment and unlocked the door he came up from behind me and pushed me in and locked the door. >> she is featured in investigation discovery's
5:20 am
the night she was attacked by alemany he had just murdered amylord. >> i can think about is fear and it hit me looking at her in the individual yes. still does. >> before she was killed amy was forced to withdraw money from several atms around boston. after her death, state lawmakers pushed to require all cash machines to have additional security features. but the banking industry lobbied heavily against that measure and it was defeated. lawmakers have filed a bill again. some really frightening video from hawaii when a tourist helicopter crashes into pearl harbor. take a look. frightening right it happened near the arizona memorial. all five people on board were rescued by witnesses onshore. one is in critical condition right now and the faa is investigating. new details about the
5:21 am
ship's captain knew he was sailing into a hurricane a second mate on vacation when the ship went down testified for a coast guard panel yesterday. the sailor says he texted the captain at an offshore storm was forecasted to become a hurricane. all 33 crew members including 6 with ties to new england died when the ship wept down in hurricane joaquin. red sox fans rejoice. spring training is here. >> dan roche has the latest from fort myers florida and is capping up with the manager farrell and the battle with limb foam aa. >> high rights -- lymphoma. >> highlights with the bruins matchup with the predators next
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wbz sports is driven by bmw test drive or visit us at bmw >> spring training is here and the sox newest ace is trying to get to know the teammates. >> a sour notes for bruins and steve burton has more in the morning sports. >> good morning. bruins had three power place in the third period and couldn't -- plays in the third period and couldn't score. they were shut out and it's the second time this season they have been shut out in a game. to the music city we go. predators wasted no time pouncing less than three minutes in. the 13th of the year and just like that nashville is up 1-0.
5:25 am
the same but he cleans up the rebound. nashville wins by 2-0. to baseball red sox pitchers and catchers reported yesterday. great to see martinez teaching the young guys the tricks of the trade. dan roche has more from fenway south. >> reporter: official reporting day here thursday in fort myers for pitchers and catchers. first work out on friday. after last year's trying season, everyone is happy to be here including the team's new ace. we begin with the manager who missed the final 6 weeks of last season after being diagnosed with stage 1 lymphoma in mid-august how you feel. >> i feel great. work outs are consistent and just to be able to get up every day with a renewed energized outlook makes every day that much more exciting. >> reporter: sox dished out 217 million dollars to david price this off season and price showed up early ready to go. >> it's good to get down here a little early before spring training to get to know the
5:26 am
level but, everybody is great so far. >> reporter: the only pitcher or catcher not here on thursday joe kelly who welcomed a new baby boy to the world this past week. manager john farrell says he will join the team next week. with the red sox, dan roche. >> the n about. a trade did he -- n about. a trade did he -- nba trade dead lipe came and gone. c's are back in action again jazz in utah. that's sports. steve burton. still to come boston public schools criticizing one of the most prestiguous schools in the city. >> how official as the bostonlatin handled a racial incident. >> this is jon kel here is to blame for the latest train commuting nightmare? the background of the amtrak disaster when wbz this morning continues. >> it's all about the warmup this weekend. going to be feeling more like spring as opposed to february. up around 50 both weekend days.
5:27 am
-- timing out a couple showers including a little threat for snow overnight. details up next. we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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developing right now a warning for commuter rail passengers. expect more delays today.
5:30 am
you head out to work this morning. >> a mother and infant hit by a car in roxbury. the latest on the injuries and the the investigation. >> a lock down lifted at umass amherst the attack that has students on edge. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. >> good morning everybody. welcome back. i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. thanks for joining us this friday february 19th. a lot of problems but we are hearing we are work on new information on the t situation. >> yeah. >> we will keep you update on that -- update on that. >> bush -- updated on that. >> but first weather. >> i think we are looking forward to the weekend. >> weekend warmups sound good to me. >> absolutely you guys. it's a chilly start this morning. 9 dedress in keene right now -- degrees in keene right now. 21 in the city of boston and
5:31 am
the wind is still a little active out this creating a real feel the feels like 10 in before theon 8 in -- boston and 8 in worcester. the wind will subside as high pressure builds overhead. clear skies to sunshine will be out to greet us. ocean effect clouds from duxbury to plymouth and the cape the two will he depart but takes longer. so sunrise at 6:36 the winds starts to turn light through the afternoon. and a nice winter day plenty of sunshine temperatures in the upper 30s and we will top out right around 40 degrees today. that's actually a little above the average this time year. clouds increase pretty quickly late in the day. and we drop back into the mid- 30s for your drive home. sunset at 5:21. weekend details are coming up. now on the roads first traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: quiet out there right now on the roads. but we have a crash on the expressway to tell you about. the accident is on the expressway northbound down in
5:32 am
the shoulder is blocked. we are seeing a bumper to >> thank you. we are following several veg stories this -- developing stories this friday morning a mother and infant rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car in roxbury the both are in serious condition. the 5 month old baby girl is treated for severe head trauma. police say the driver did stop and investigators are trying to determine if speed may have played a role in the crash. right now police are searching for two suspects who injured a umass amherst stewed he and set off a lock down students were told to shelter in place for about two hours yesterday. police say the suspect had a gun and they don't believe that they are students at the school. also the mbta is warning there could be big delays for this morning's commute. amtrak is working to fix a signal problem. and that means most rail riders most commuter rail trains
5:33 am
will have to end service before south station and transfer to the orange and red lines for free. the franklin and providence stoughton lines will go to south station this morning. >> and that commute likely to be frustrating for many this morning. so our jon keller is looking at the route of amtrak's probable -- root of amtrak's problems. >> reporter: are you look forward to your train -- looking forward to your train commute? probably not if you are one of the thousands of commuters whoendured delays and jammed cars and platforms because of a problem with the switching equipment. and since this is likely not your first experience with the failure perhaps you have been wondering who is to blame. well it's been 45 years since the remnants of america's private railroad were consolidated as amtrak. a for profit corporation that needs government subsidies to survive. over the years air and car travel have received much more support than amtrak.
5:34 am
service especially the heavily traveled northeast corridor from washington to boston have grown ever more popular. critics of amtrak dismissed it as wasteful and poorly run. supporters point to the environmental benefits. democrats blame republicans for shorting it but amtrak has not thrived during periods of complete democrat control in dc. fast forward to today. and underfund maintenance is a chronic problem for amtrak as the commuter nightmare of the past 24 hours illustrates. what a coincident dense latest failure is days after -- coindense the latest failure is days after they sued amtrak to make the state pay them more than 28 million bucks a year for the privileged of continued service overturning a long- standing contract where they pay us. of course, the t has its own dire fiscal problems. so, who's to blame for this nightmare?
5:35 am
bad politics, bad carma festering for decades. no wonder campaigns built on outrage are doing so well this year. your comments welcome here via e-mail at or via twitter at keller he at large. >> we want to update you on the situation with the trains. breaking news just in. amtrak says it has restored the signal issue. it's all fixed. all trains will be going to south station all trains that were affected by this yesterday and last night will be going to south station. people can board trains where they he normally do. we will have an update again in about 10 minutes on this one. new calls this morning for a state senator brian joyce to resign. joyce refused to answer any questions yesterday about his ethics investigation. the massachusetts fiscal alliance presented a leter to the senate president yesterday asking him to start the process of expelling joyce from the state senate.
5:36 am
in canton on wednesday. joyce has been under investigation for alleged ethics and campaign finance violationer. a new review by boston public school ace administrator at boston latin didn't adequate thely investigate a racial incident at the school. the report released last night found the school didn't discipline the student who used a racial slur and threatened another student. but the report claims that was the only incident in 7 cases where administrators failed to act properly. african american students say the school has ignored racist behavior by other students. the opioid crisis is on the agenda as massachusetts governor baker and new hampshire's governor hassen head to washington this weekend. both will take part in the national governor's association conference baker and hassen lead the health and human services committee and are expected to ask for federal action to expand treatment options for the open oiled crisis. -- opioid crisis. it's 5:36.
5:37 am
making a comeback. >> plus intel for anyone looking for a new car. vehicles most likely to get you pulled over. >> reporter: a mother and her 5- month-old daughter are hospitalized after being hit by a car crossing the street. can coming up. >> talk about a heavyweight fight trump versus the pope. the pontiff takes a swing christian. trump counters calling the comments disgraceful. we want to know whose corner you are in. answer the bell.
5:38 am
the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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good morning once again a popular 80s drink making a come back and the cars most likely to get pulled over. >> hope you don't have one. and a warning for spotify customers. jill wagner is live at the stocks exchange with the money watch. good morning jill. >> reporter: good morning. spotify may have been hacked. there are reports information from hundreds of premium users appeared online. things like e-mail addresss and passwords and home country. it's is not clear if credit card information was stolen. spotify is the second most popular music streaming service that has 20 million users. drivers when it comes to getting speeding tickets and other violations, you might be able to blame it on the car. looked at which ones get the most tickets and lexus es300 is a ticket magnet followed by nissan 35 -- exchows me 350z.
5:41 am
and an 80s flash bag hi c he can toe cooler could be make its way back it was a green colored citrus flavor drink used to promote the real ghost busters in the the 80s. now it locks like it could be back to promote the new ghost busters movie which was filmed the filming. >> it was cool we would have crews on out and about and catching the scenes being shot here and it was neat to see. >> yeah. >> i am a big snl fan and i can't wait to see the ladies bring it. >> reporter: yes -- >> yes indeed. >> thanks very much jill. you will next breaking news from the mbta this is welcomed news. amtrak fixed the signal issuewhich is good us in for the morning commute. >> definitely. boston hotel. why s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the marriott in dorchester. good morning danielle you have weather watchers.
5:42 am
in the teens for most pots. larry in attleboro reports 20 degrees and says happy friday. a nice weekend let's enjoy it. i agree. we are talking about a big warmup coming with a little threat for snow tonight. we will breakdown details if you want to joint weather
5:43 am
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wow look at this. australian town is drowning in tumble weeds. and some places you can barely see the homes underneath the brush. remember, it's summertime down under. >> they say they are mentally and physically drained from clearing it away and think most is coming from a field that a farmer failed to maintain. clean up. >> yikes. >> that's not good. >> and it's like that doesn't go away easily. it looks like it's difficult. >> it's like prickely and. >> i like we played the western music. >> we did for australia>> we need a check of the forecast on this friday. things are look pretty good danielle. at least temperature wise. >> better than being buried in tumble he we had. -- tumble weed. >> we will warm up on the way for the weekend.
5:46 am
and the wind is out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. that does create a little real feel running 10 degrees in the boston. so it's a cold start actual temperatures are in the single digits from keene new hampshire to springfield vermont. lower 30s in chatham. a little milder so to speak out over the cape because we have had ocean effect clouds helping to keep the temperatures up a little bit. the real feel is in the single digits in central massachusetts. and in the teens for a lot of rest of us out the door. skies are clear so don't forget the shade. it's going to be dealing with bright sunshine to greet you this morning once it comes up at 6:36. and a few clouds floating by through eastern and plymouth county back down to the cape. ocean may get a flurry or two. high pressure moving in and snow flurries and clouds. temperatures going from the single digits and below zero to teens, 20s and 30s. and then 40s.
5:47 am
this warmup is what's working in our direction. so what can we expect? sunshine will replace by increasing clouds late in the afternoon. so enjoy the sunshine while we have it. clouds represent the warm front that's approaching. with it comes pockets of snow mainly across central and northern new england. but a couple snow showers may sneak down into northern massachusetts. we may see as much as a coating to perhaps an inch in some spots but it's after the evening commute and for most of us during the first part of the overnight. tomorrow morning, still dealing with areas of rain and snow to the north. we get an early morning rain or breaks out. we come up around 50 and cold front approaches late in the day and that may bring an isolated rain shower tomorrow quickly. out. temperatures once again come up around over 50 and sunday night into very early on monday one little wave of low pressure is going to develop along the front. may bring a period of rain and snow in southern new england a couple inches likely depenning
5:48 am
changing to rain along the south coast. today's highs, up around 40. boston north and west of town either side of 40 here through southwest new hampshire back into the city of worcester and upper 30s to low 40s on the cape and back through southeastern massachusetts and tomorrow, 50 sunday 51 and there's the pocket of snow sunday night and monday sun is back out 42 and turning cooler through the middle part of the week with areas of rain and snow possible with the significant storm potential on wednesday. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: an accident on expressway some slow down to the north. crash is on expressway northbound down in quincy at furnace brook parkway. shoulder blocked and stop and gobackup to the braintree split. to the north a live look over 93 in somerville 39 southbound heavy and slow from mistic valley parkway into the leverett connector. we have good news for any t riders out there. >> the issue that caused major
5:49 am
let's get to nicole jacobs for nicole. >> reporter: we are live at back bay station where we are learning the breaking destation right in the last half-hour -- hour. amtrak confirming the signal problem has been fixed and all trains will go as normal in and out of south station i want to get you to video to show you the nightmare yesterday. the cloud and frustrations. it was image of winter past but it had nothing to do with weather or winter but everything to do with the broken signal which amtrak now saying is fixed. back here live we are told all trains will go straight to south station. there should be no cancellations or delays as a result of that signal problem. it has been fixed according to amtrak. that's the latest on the
5:50 am
nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> reporter: good morning i am susie steimle live in roxbury on humboldt avenue closed down after a mother and baby were hit by a car last night. this happened around 9 and police closed this down while they investigated for several hours. that mother and her daughter were taken to the hospital in serious condition. the baby suffered head trauma. one good thing that happened the driver did stick around to cooperate with police. they think that will be helpful in figuring out exactly what happened. speed is being investigated as a possible factor. and that driver is not facing any charges at this time. live in roxbury susie steimle wbz this morning. scare at a boston hotel leading to evacuationsch the s.w.a.t. team surrounded the marriott in dorchester last night. and arrested a man who barricaded himself inside. police evacuated a floor of hotel rooms as a precaution.
5:51 am
domestic violence charges in connecticut. a youth football coach in central mass is behind bars facing child porn charges. investigators say that they he found the images on the computer and cell phone he has been a pop warner football coach for several years and will be in court next month. 5:51. time for our daily talker. probably heard about this story. trump versus the pope. talk about two heavy hitters. every one has an opinion about the war of words. runner is upset after the pontiff said he was not a christian. robei -- robi is here. >> reporter: they may be the two most popular people in the world right now. most pop tigss probably -- politician probably wouldn'tfire back but as you trumped by anyone. the sparring match started when the pope was asked about trump's plan to baled wall between the u.s. and mexico and the pontiff on his way home replied a person who only thinks about building walls
5:52 am
bridges is not a christian. trump responded quickly telling supporters for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. later, trump sofned the stance saying he has respect for the pope and claimed the pope was given false information. trump's compedtors reacted -- competitor's reactor kasich says i am pro pope but bush says he doesn't think it's appropriate to question donald trump's face. so what say you people out there? about our daily talker so farther majority of the comments were getting are antitrump. jonathan on facebook says is there anyone on the planet that the hateful trump won't disrespect? and brenda says pope versus trump? good versus evil. she didn't specify which was good or which was evil. number of ways to comment go to the website twitter page or facebook let us know what you think and we will read more
5:53 am
chris and kathryn. >> this is hitting a cord with em. >> people talking about it. still to come. we are hitting rewind. >> i can't wait to see the funny moments. we have a look back at the biggest stories straight ahead. stay with us.
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back.
5:56 am
>> and major changes in the weather. here's week that was. >> drive in i went from discoero to 1 dough grows and that he moving in the right direction. >> 50 one day and potential storm. isn't it bizarre. >> only in new england will we have highs record cold and go to 50. what a swing. >> violent carjacking comes to a crashing end. >> shortly after the car was stolen they found it wrapped around a pole. >> the orange line. >>mbta official are inspecting i'll all trains. >> the legislator is a target of a ethics investigation. >> senator joyce admitted to misusing campaign funds. week. here's the always kind 365 days a year robi. >> very sweet in my trainer says no wine during the week but it's national drink wine day. we are take the wine pledge. >> bust out the dance moves. >> have fun especially when we
5:57 am
>> the alarm clock comes early. >> sometimes you have to dance from the bed to the shower. >> keep it here to wbz this morning.
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it's good news for commute ires. service restored stored is to-- commuters. service restored for the south station. >> veg news in roxbury a mother and her baby hit by a car and rush to the hospital. >> developing a lock down on the campus of umass amherst but the suspects have not been caught. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 6 a.m. on your friday morning i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. it's february 19th and it's friday which is the best day of the week. >> it is. we are so excited for the weekend. it's going to be a little warmup. >> a big warmup. we will be around 50 tomorrow and on sunday as well.


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