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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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in live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbd news starts right now. -- wbz news starts right now. breaking story at 5:30. a baby girl who was hit by a car in roxbury has died. last night a woman was crossing humboldt avenue with the 5 mong old daughter in her arms when the car hit them. mother suffered serious injuries as well and she is still in the hospital. >> umass police say william mckeown assaulted a student and forced the campus into lack down. he turned himself into police this afternoon. umass police are looking for a second suspect. >> mbta is back on track. earlier this morning amtrak fix the signal problem that caused a delay at south station and back bay last night. >> now at 5:30a. road rage. investigators say that he driver.
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there's more to the storych suspect is a military veteran who is suffering from ptsd. >> and as bill shields shows us he is trying to get help. >> reporter: 25-year-old ian bacon investigators say he went into road rage and pointed a handgun at another driver. but his attorney says his time in afghanistan was difficult. and left him scarred. >> it was his responsibility and his mind to care for the guys and when they die that frustration not being able to help doesn't go away. i think that bothers him now. >> reporter: it was thursday here on route 9 in wellesley a traffic tieup and year driver wouldn't let him emergency he waibd a handgun and the other driver notified -- let him merge, he it's waved a handgunand the other driver notified police and he was arrested. he cooperated with police.
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pistol but two rifle as well. the -- rifles as well. the judge remand him to the va who. >> he acknowledged that this is a problem that he really needs help in dealing with. which is why we are going to over to the va hospital. >> reporter: even the police agree he is not a danger to the community. that in fact what he needs is psychiatric help. in wellesley bill shield wbz news. >> well after a bit of a chilly start things warmed up nicely this afternoon. >> a lot of bright sunshine. eric says some places can see snow tonight. >> seeing some of that showing up on radar but a lot is drying up before it reaches the ground. best chance of snow is after 10 p.m. here's the current situation the clouds have been increasing most of the snow in new york not reaching the surface and the storm system moving through the great lakes way off to the north which is not conducive to a big system here.
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hourtemperatures will climb overnight with areas of snow and as we move towards tomorrow morning temperatures keep rising we start to change over to rain showers and the bottom line is acoating to an inch possible that's not going to have a significant impact. aid spring sandwich for the weekend. we start with -- it's a spring sandwich for the weekend we start with a coating of snowfall and 50 degrees tomorrow and sunday and another chance for a little snowfall moving in heading towards sunday night. so we will look at that next week's storm in a few. lisa. >> thank you. the fbi is offering a 20,000 dollar reward for information about a serial bank robber inmassachusetts who racked five banks since september in woburn arlington and stoat op and a bank in he has a slender build and wears dark colors and care yeas gun. tonight a vatican spokesman says the pope didn't launch a
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when a reporter asked the holy father about trump's plan to build a border wall he said a person who thinks about walls instead of bridges is not a christian and trump was furious. the vatican says the pope was not targeting trump and the comments shouldn't be taken as an indication on how to vote. meanwhile trump is calling for a boycott of the apple. the republican saying no one should buy anything from the tech giant until the company helps the fbi break into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. an official with the world health organization believes the number of zika virus cases will be way down in brazil by the time the olympics roll around. the mosquito born illness is linked to birth defects. experts think it will have moved through the population so many brazillians will developed an immunity before the august games begin in rio. in boston's red hot real estate market it's tough to compete with buyers paying cash but now the federal government
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of the sales as i-team reporter lauren leamanczyk thinks it's good idea. >> there's more competition than in the spring. >> reporter: jordan wilcox spends a lot of time with the realtor looking for a place to buy in the walthamconsider area his -- waltham area. >> you can't compete with that. >> reporter: it's a growing challenge new numbers object tanned by the i-team show how challenging. last -- object tanned b-team -- obtained by the i-team show how challenging. mike del rose is a realtor. >> 10 or 15 years ago, cash sales were a rarity. today, it's a pretty large market. >> reporter: the hottest area high end properties. fueled by international investors looking to get their money to the u.s. now, drawing more scrutiny. >> cash sales of two million
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kind of trophy homes in boston it's actually 77% of those where cash sales. >> reporter: a growing number of the all cash transactions are not by people. at least not according to the legal paperwork. they are being bought by llcs, limited liability corporations. >> raises concerns because there's a lack of trance pant sigh and we don't know who is -- transparency and we don't know who is behind it. >> reporter: a trial program has been launched to require the names of anyone involved in all cash sales to be made public. >> there's no oversight. >> reporter: wbz security analyst ed davis says criminals can launder money through real estate transactions. >> if you move nor and 10,000 dollars in cash at a bank the bank has to report on that. the same thing at a casino there are reports filed with the federal government. that's not the case in the real estate market. >> reporter: the i-team obtained a let that's right congressman sent to the treasury asking them to consider expanding the program to boston. >> places are being driven out
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criminal activity and that's a real problem. >> reporter: this is the concern the llcs are creating greater demand and pushing up prices all across the market making it harder for work people to put down roots. >> you've market where there's people looking to buy a home and then you've market where people are looking to invest. and they have two priorities and when those clash typically the i vestors will come out money. >> reporter: there's nothing illegal about buying property using an llc, experts tell us some wealthy buyers want to hide their identity or limit the amount for which they can be sued. for the i team lauren leamanczyk wbz news. >> must be nice to have that cash. >> i can't imagine. parents you sick of chasing your kid around with a tissue. >> isn't that fun. coming up, why a special sleeve could be the answer. >> plus, want to shop in oprah's closet. how to get access to the former talk show queen's wardrobe.
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coming up the phantom gourmet
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on bz feed it's tough for parents to get your kids to stop using their sleeve as a tissue. >> it's so gross. well the sneeve which we didn't make up is a product protecting your child's clothes if he or she coughs or sneezes in the elbow areach the stretchy disposable sleeve is a so- called landing pad for the common cold. the makers say it kills 99.9% of germs and comes in the con-- it comes in contact with. >> it's disgusting. >> almost encouraging. >> kills 99.9% of germs and any friend that the kid might have. >> and you have to take it off. >> your kid walking around with that. >> sorry not good. >> that's going to be a lonely
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from the sneeve oprah is doing a little early spring cleaning. >> which means you can get her stuff she emptied the work closet at harpo studios and will put it up for auction shoes bags and dresses and starts on march 1st. bid on everything through ebay she plans to add new items through march 4th. all of the proceeds will go to her leader sheep academy for girls and any time lisa starts -- leadership academy for girls and any time liesa starts toic that -- lisa starts to shake her head it is not good. >> i want the shoe size. greater boston is seeing a surge in vietnamese restaurant. >> dan andelman visited local favorites. >> reporter: in framingham and worcester the steaming hot authentic vietnamese noodle soup has a made from crash beef broth simmered for over 12 hours.
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>> first we have the rice noodles and soaked rise rice noodle and he is putting the steak on top cilantro and cooked broth boiling hot and could be aing the red steak. -- and cook the red steak. >> reporter: with quick service low hecations it gives fast- food a twist. >> that's a great thing about our stuff is you can have a satisfying lunch that's healthy. >> the man yew is easy to navigate. it's a modular man yew. you pick a rice bowl or sandwich and noodle salad or salad and then a filling with it. we have lots of drinks. >> reporter: other good spot is chinatown and in brookline and in dorchester. and randolph for more food and fun watch the phantom gourmet saturday and sunday at 10:30 and 11 on my tv38.
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major operations without the need for blood transfusions. dr. mallika tells us how it's being done and who it can help most. >> feeling of snow in the air tonight. weather watchers network look forward to it. temperatures in the 30s about freezing and dan in troy says looking for a bit of snow moving in and that's what we have in the forecast coming up. >> tonight on wbz news at 10a. pennsylvania woman kidnapped. her mouth duct taped and hands tied before she was tossed into a truck but police found her accused kidnapper in mere momentsch the app that helped -- moments. app that helped to save her
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missouri firefighters battling a grass fire they spotted the fire nato called a fire swirl. -- fire neighedo called a fire -- fire nado and ignited a fire on the grass. there's fire bans and this is a real thing fire nado. >> a fire whirl. >> if you are out west it's a fire whirl and you get intense heat and the fire gets engulfed by it. >> why does it say fire nado. >> it's slang like twister fortornado. >> is it dry enough you can have it. >> it's been dry there and warm. they have been setting record highs in the middle of the country and a ton of wind and so it's getting into grass fire season. >> hopefully no sharknado. >> that's our problem and nothing like that going on this weekend. we have got changes coming our way and we are thinking about
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you know who sells thinking about it? gronk. getting ready to board the cruise. >> the cruise. >> reading this earlier and getting through security and he has the sun out guns out look and biceps and spet spending time on the water. i can only imagine what the weekend will be like. warmer times for them. for us looks like a beach day a picture sent in from megan and footprints on the sand. anything finer than that, blue skies will be nicer if it was 70 but not bad out there today. our attention will turn to a chance of snow moving towards tonight and light stuff tonight and maybe a better chance on sunday for a couple inches and the middle of next week is the larger storm system that will encompass the east coast. in the low 30s and temperatures will fall a degrow or two with the clouds moving in and southerly wind increasing and it's not going to drop off all that much and three plenty mild air off -- there's plenty of mild air off to the west. pittsburgh 60. and it's a leading edge that's producing some snow.
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in fact i can't find a single reporting station that has any snowflakes reaching the surface yet and that will start to work its way our way overnight and the snowflakes will reach ground. so scattered areas of rain and snow mainly after 10 p.m. and temperatures this evening around the freezing mark and then slowly rising heading towards tomorrow morning. looking at a coding to as much as inch of snowfall locally best chance from 1 to 3 and 4 to 5 is across northern new england which is great news for the ski areas. here's the hour by hour as we head into the overnight. see the snow actually does start to reach and then as we move towards tomorrow morning, temperatures are warming from south to north and so snow showers will change over to rain showers and that's the way we wake up tomorrow morning a lot of clouds couple rain showers out there. and then a break and then one more round of rain showers tomorrow afternoon and evening so a very march like day with changeable weather in and out of the sun and clouds and couple chance of rain and quite breezy out of the south southwest tomorrow.
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afternoon low 50s outside so anything that falls is going to melt and we stay above freezing tomorrow night. and we are back around 50 again on sunday and little less winds more sunshine on sunday and it will be more pleasant day to be outdoors. and then as we move towards the snow chance number 2 it's with another weak wave of low pressure sliding off to the south sunday night into monday morning and it's something to keep tabs on this weekend. this could 0 little farther south and just miss us completely but at most i am thinking a couple inches of snow. next week drawn out ugliness as we look towards the last week of february and i think storm number one is weaker and it brings snow and ice around the region and storm number 2 is stronger and changes us over to rainfall as we head into thursday. i don't think we will see a big snowfall event out of this. we will be watching for icing in the middle of the week. here's the accu-weather seven- day and temperatures colder next week as well a lot of highs in the 30s and we may briefly spike on thursday. and as the storm tracks to the west. and a quick school yard shout
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a big group from kindergartners to 5th grade and they participated in a weather trivia and share the weather charts. >> thanks. news tonight there may be more in your glass of wine this evening than you realize. tonight at 11 a closer look at researchers originally developed bloodless surgery to help patients with religious concerns. >> now doctors are realizing the procedure could be used well. dr. mallika marshall with the story tonight. >> reporter: madison mason was born with down syndrome and a heart condition that required open heart surgery. >> i was devastated. it was very overwhelming. >> reporter: surgery requires a blood transfusion which gons jehovah's witnesses. >> we wan the best treatment possible without blood. so then we had to look at other avenues. >> reporter: the medical team at anglewood hospital agreed to
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transfusions. something they never had done before on someone so young. instead, they gave madison natural hormones and iron infusions to boost her own red blood cells. >> we really were able to bring her blood counts up so thee was strong enough to sustain some blood loss during the procedure without needing a transfusion. >> reporter: because transfusions can carry serious risks, more physicians are exploring bloodless medicine for all kinds of surgeries. >> there are things to do to make patients healthier to reduce the amount of blood to make surgery safer and the patients did better. >> reporter: madison made a full recovery and was back at home in four days. >> she came out of surgery and when she saw me her face lit up and she was trying to get up. >> reporter: they he believe by staying true to convictions their daughter received the best possible outcome. some medical experts says it should be considered for any surgery that is traditionally associated with transfusions.
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breast surgeries and joint replacements and spinal surgery brain surgery and heart surgery. i am dr. mallika marshall. >> it's business. and what a business it is. the godfather creator's capers on the auction block. >> coming up new at 6, police officers sent to the wrong house even the wrong town by 911. serious questions tonight about a senter that handles emergencies for five communities. and our first look at what happened inside a va hospital what pipe burst. how long it is going to take to clean up the mess and the plan to make sure patients get the
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a massachusetts auction house sold memorabilia from thegodfather for 625,000 dollars. this is a 45 box archiving from author mario puzo who wrote the godfather including the working draft manuscript for the novel which he originally called mafia. the high bidder got the type
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he used to write the book and handwritten edsits where he wrote the line i will make him a offer he can't refuse. we have much more still ahead in this hour and half. news at 6 starts right now. >> now at 6, putting the mbta back on track. >> tonight, a closer look at the complex system that guides trains in and out of the south station and why one failure crippled the commuter rail. >> an arrest in the scare that forced umass amherst to shelter in police for hours. >> a spring like weekend sandwiched by snowfall. >> two others who walked away from the corporate world end up launching their surprisingbusiness. >> i started sewing and now we are here. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 6 starts right now.
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but why? tonight a closer look at what went wrong with the transit system creating chaos for thousands of commuters. the mb-ta is running relatively smoothly tonight. >> the broken signal was fix fixed and that caused so many issues but it was fixed in time for the morning commute and it's a pretty complex system. the images from google earth show you the tracks what lead -- that lead in and out of south station the control tower that failed manages more than a dozen of them. christina hager is live at christina. >> reporter: a lot of us seeing the trains coming and going and engineers spent the day trying a figure out what caused the computer system that controls the operation here at south station to breakdown. >> it's much better. >> reporter: the sweep sweet sound of commuter rail trains running at south station. >> we are here. so it's good.
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what went wrong has amtrak northeast operation superintendent chalking up to a computer glitch. hardware and software that controls signal switches in this bridge known as tower oneinterlock. the photos give a inside look of the boards that runt compleax track systems. >> the first analysis is out therein and they are going over the root cause and what caused the problem and what we can do in the future to make sure we minimize the impact. >> the control center in boston has been there now for well over 20 years. >> reporter: on-site, former fed he rail railroad administration official steve ditmeyer says the fact a backup sis ticket tem didn't kick-- says the fact a back upsystem didn't kick in means it's


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