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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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what went wrong has amtrak northeast operation superintendent chalking up to a computer glitch. hardware and software that controls signal switches in this bridge known as tower oneinterlock. the photos give a inside look of the boards that runt compleax track systems. >> the first analysis is out therein and they are going over the root cause and what caused the problem and what we can do in the future to make sure we minimize the impact. >> the control center in boston has been there now for well over 20 years. >> reporter: on-site, former fed he rail railroad administration official steve ditmeyer says the fact a backup sis ticket tem didn't kick-- says the fact a back upsystem didn't kick in means it's
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>> it's been a -- it's worthwhile. >> reporter: that former federal official says a better backup system or as he called them redundanceies would have prevented the breakdown we saw yesterday and today amtrak officials told us that is something that they are focused on now. at south station christina hager, wbz news now back to you. >> thanks so much. we have breaking news. a framingham man is charged in the attack at umass amherst. mckeown surrendered. student were told to shelter in place but the order was live the after a couple hours. police say the student knew the attacksers who don't go to -- attackers who don't go to school and they are vegging the
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the second -- investigating a secondsuspect. baby girl hit by a car while being held by her mother pass aid way. jim smith has the story. >> reporter: i will tell you this is really a terrible sad story a mother and baby girl hit by a vehicle while trying to cross busy humboldt avenue and now the baby has pass aid way. -- passed away. two sisters ran out and tried to help and tonight they aresharing their story. >> we got out there it was caseous. >> reporter: heart -- chaos. >> reporter: heart break a mother and a 5 month old girl hit by a car. mother seriously hurt the baby not breathing. >> i saw a man carrying the baby back and forth and looked like he didn't know what to do. >> reporter: she and her sister ran outside. she immediately began to give the baby cpr. >> we were kneeling down beside the sidewalk with the baby and she was not taking any breaths and i couldn't find a pulse and i had put my hand over her
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out and there was nothing. i did a couple compressions. counted. two lives in the balance. >> the baby was lifeless and i mean the little girl was less than 6 months old and we were sure at the time and we just kind of did whatever we could to help. >> reporter: mother and daughter were rushed to boston medical center with life- threatening injuries. the baby has now passed away. but these twin sisters know they did all they could. >> i don't think it hit me i was holding a baby in that condition but, you just tune into your motherhood instincts and do what you have to do. what you hope someone would do for your child. >> reporter: now the driver did stop at the scene right away and cooperated with police at this point he's not been charged and the identities of the mother and baby have not been released. live in roxbury jim smith wbz news david. >> heart breaking jim thank you. tonight we are getting first look at what happened in
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during the extreme cold a few days back. this sur veil and video was recorded over the weekend. it's in the lobby of the jamaica plain va. the video has been sped up and you can see the water you can see debris filling the lobby and it flooded out parts of the hospital which has been shut down all week. the va says most of the hospital should reopen on monday. but some parts will be closed for up to 8 weeks in the meantime, they are bringing in mobile units from other parts of the country to help out. paula. >> wow. don't be fooled you may be seeing this again soon. we are looking at not one not two but three chances for snow in the next week. plus some 50s which is interesting. eric fisher joins us and you said a prolonged bit of miserable weather. >> it's not looking good next week in particular. for this weekend we are serving up a spring sandwich. that's bread is the snowfall. tonight a coating to an inch of snow across the area. we move into saturday and sunday, and things warm up. we are looking at temps near 50
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brightest day is sunday. and gusty wind tomorrow and a couple rain showers after that snow. and then as we look towards sunday night and into monday a chance for a little more snow as the storm system moves off next week also. ray -- busy -- looks busy next week also i can't find any snow reaching the ground right now. dry air is in place so it willtake a while. most will be after 10 tonight. looking at hour by hour we will drop down to about 33, 32 degrees and temperatures start to rise as we head towards tomorrow morning. so snow showers will move over to rain showers by the time we wake up tomorrow and many towns 35 to 40 degrees out the door to kick off our saturday and it will be all up from there to around 50 in the afternoon. so snow totals a coating to ionch and mainly in northern massachusetts and best snow northern new england where they want to see it 1 to 3 and peaks up to 5 before tomorrow morning. we will talk about the weekend and that storm potential for next week in a few minutes. >> all right thanks. the the boston public
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do the right thing when an incident involving a racial slur and threat was reported at boston latin school and the superintendent is now vowing to fix the problems. students at latin have voiced their concerns about how the school handles racial intolerance. that spurred ion ternal review that looked at -- an internal review that looked at several incidents and the report found one of the incidents was mishandled. >> when racial egrigous remarks were made by students they were not properly investigated communication was not properly done and so those issues needed to be adreaded -- addressed. >> the report makes a list of recommendations including training for students and staff and antiracism initiative. superintendent says he plans to implement the recommendations in the school system. tonight, mourners are payingrespects to supreme court justice antonin scalia. you are looking live where thejustice's body is lying in
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that is port tritt of him near -- portrait of him nearby where his law clerks are taking turns standing vigil. president obama and the first lady paid their respects earlier this afternoon. they will not attend tomorrow's funeral. this morning more than 100 former clerks lined the steps of the supreme court when justice scalia's casket arrived. big weekend in the presidential campaign. tomorrow the democratic caucuses in in vade and republican primary in south carolina. now, the the south -- in in a's have-- nevada and republican primary in south carolina. today cruz mocked the slogan saying trump may not understand why america was great in the first place. hillary clinton has an edge in bernie sanders in nevada.
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are minorities which seems to work for clinton but sanders has been work hard to court minorities and healed rally with undocumented youth brought -- held a rally with the rally. stay with us for latest results from south carolina and nevada. 911 dispatchers sending police to the wrong town. >> coming up, the officers who say there's something seriously center. and what they are doing to try to make sure it sticks. >> two mothers who left the families. and the surprising way they business. >> i am dan roche in fort myers florida where pitchers and catchers have the first workout among those craig kimbrel who talks about performing in boston the pressure of it
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almost as if the police union is sounding the alarm about a 911 center saying the dispatchers are making mistakes that could kill one. 911 emergency for essex middleton and topsfield are handled by a center next to the jail in middletown. union for the topsfield police expressed no confidence in the center. the union says officers have been sent to the wrong addresss and even to the wrong towns. the sheriff's office which manages the center is not commenting tonight. the city of lowell wants to villains cameras. they planned to buy a gun shop detection system for the city but police believe that they would be better off adding sur veil and cameras instead -- surveillance cameras instead. the park which is next to sponsor. citizens bank will help fund
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the lawn has probed to be a popular draw but expensive one. the convention center spent more than 2 million dollars running the park last year. a great area for families and to get outside boston is so pretty in the good weather. >> a couple moments over the past couple days have me thinking about spring and summer and i can't wait. >> we got lured in eric. it felt like spring today but that's not going to last. >> yeah you know we are at the time of the year where it's volatile and you get the teaser days but there's wintry weather to talk about as we lead into march. number one, tonight we have light snow that will be moving on through. number 2, sunday night into monday morning that one very close nearby could bring us a couple inches of snow and then the middle and next week is the time frame to watch with a broader larger storm system impacting the east coast. looking at temperatures tonight 37 in boston and nashua. we wouldn't see the temperatures fall back much more wove warmer ware. air on way. pittsburgh at 59.
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the they at -- cleveland and cincinnati at the 62. and here's the storm system we are watching. the energy will move to the north. and we get the tail end of the storm system. some snow that will come down. the radar looks impressive but almost none of this is reaching the surface. we have really low dew points and so it's going take while before it reaches ground for most of us a chance for flurries this evening and the best chance of snow comes after 10. and temperatures bottoming out near the freezing mark areas of slick travel and a coating to an inch is possible. mainly northern massachusetts and then working into northern new-land 1 to 3 and -- new england 1 to 3 and higher peaks 4 to 5. and the ski area gets a fresh coat. hour by hour the snow starting to break out as we head into the evening. and then as we move towards saturday morning, southerly wind increasing and that's going to bring up warmer air. snow showers will change over to rain showers for many by the time we get towards tomorrow morning.
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we will get sun working in there after the showers and then a cold front approaches late in the day. and a chance for few more rain showers to develop especially well northwest of boston. so we are looking at mild afternoon after some snow tonight and we hit 52 tomorrow afternoon. gusty south southwesterly wind most of us stay above freezing tomorrow night. not very cold and then on sunday, i think the more enjoyable the two weekend days will have a breeze and not quite as strong as one and a little more sunshine and no showers on sunday. and high temps are up around 50. moving towards the ski slopes they start the day with snowfall and chance for a couple rain showers after that. highs make 43 tomorrow afternoon and up around 40 and dry on sunday. mentioned that next storm system at the end of the weekend on sunday night. and an area of low pressure is going to glide off to the south. and still a little uncertainty here as to where this will track. if it goes a bill bit more south we will -- bit more south nothing a bit more north 1 to 3 inches of snow. so not a big day deal either way.
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heading towards wednesday a mix of snow and ice is likely and then a bigger storm system tracks to the west on thursday. rain. the bottom line is it's going to be a ugly weather week. it's not going to be a major storm in terms of snow but we will have a wintry mix and heavy rainfall and not a beautiful look last week of february. highs in the 30s on tuesday and wednesday and another cold shot moving towards next weekend but david and pauler after next weekend it's march and we are thinking spring. >> i like it. thank you. >> we love it. this is an exciting sight. first official day for the new sox. >> fun to see. >> reporter: he better produce i go -- neater produce. today is the -- he better produce. ignore the information about snow. david price this a bullpen
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roche let me ask you he was not the only one who impressed today was he? >> reporter: no a lot of guys were impressed with the newcomers. let's talk about the word we will see david price and those that follow. how about pressure after back to back last place finishes with the boston red sox team. so we talk about farrell and price and there's newcomers on the team too. some of them seem to embrace that pressure under sunny florida skies pitchers and catchers worked out for 90 minutes on day one friday in fans. everyone watching every move of david price but they are watching new closer craig kimbrel. he acquired in the off season trade with san diego is a 4 time all star and welcomes the big time pressure of closing in boston. get the chance. i love the crowd getting cloud and -- loud and i want the ball at end of the game and i want
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>> reporter: the 27-year-old alabama native averaged 45 saves per sea sewn over the last 4 years and averaging 4 blown saves. and be perfect. is that going to happen? i hope for the organization and myself that it does but the mentality that i have coming in every time and every day that i have the opportunity to pitch is going to be perfect. >> reporter: as for facing the fireballing right hander. you know. i don't get credit for pitchers you know but he is my teammate and he nasty you know. so,. >> reporter: love that mentality when it comes to hanley and pedroia like and maybe that will hit off on hitters but seriousness but getting their work in businesslike as they try to rebound from back to back last place finishes. that's the story from here. now back up to you.
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seems like weeks since cell explayed but they will play tonight kick off a 3 game road trip against the jazz and david lee is no longer a celtic. ainge said they would look to buy out his contract after not being able to deal him and they made the release official a hour ago. played 30 games averaging over 7 points and 4 rebounds and reports say the mavs are interested in david lee. that's sports for now. >> thanks. cbs evening news is coming up at 6:30. >> scott pelley joins us live from new york with a preview. hi scott. >> hey paula and david great to be with you we have an interview with donald trump who is going to tell us why he is patching things up with the pope and our major garrett asked do you always tell the truth. we will have his answer and the very close race between the democrats in nevada. and in that caucus tomorrow. those stories and the rest of the world news coming up on the cbs evening news in about 10 minutes. >> we will see you then.
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it started with one woman sewing. up next how a mom's hobby
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tonight nome grown two -- home drone two mothers who wacked away from the corporate world creating a children's clothing that turned into a hit and it happened by accident. >> it started with two homes just trying find a bush db -- moms trying to find a better balance. >> sister hug. >> reporter: a photo shoot. a new line of children's clothes. >> i got the inspiration really from my children and wanting to dress them in sweet simple designs that held tradition. i started sewing and now we are here. >> >> reporter: kate had her job in the medical world in boston to live in vermont with her family and the dress designing and sewing started out as just
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but when she shea got a big response from fends and -- friends and familiar -- she got a big response from friends and family she sent photos. >> all the boutiques wrote back and said they wanted them for next season. >> >> reporter: the business was born. ashley joined her a year ago after leaving a marketing job to care for her daughter and today business is booming. >> we want every piece to be innovative and unique. >> our whole idea is to celebrate the magic of childhood. new england is the inspiration for our brand. we love the quint essential wholesomeness and tradition new england has. >> reporter: that means manufacturing in an old building in fall river and filling online orders there as well even the making of massachusetts can be more expensive. >> it's worth it to us. the quality is phenomenal and we have a relationship with the people and we are supporting local businesses.
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duesing 500 pieces to over -- producing 500 pieces to over 10,000 in a year. >> reporter: mulberry road on newbury stress street is one of 40 boutique carrying the line they love the look. >> but it is made and designed in the u.s. and locally designed and made so i they that's a great attribute of the product. >> so for the future kate and ashley hope to spread it around the country and open their stores and the clothes cost between 18 and 78 2k08ars -- dollars. >> awesome to see it in a local warehouse and watch somebody making the clothing. >> i love that. >> you picture it being you know hot off the presses. >> it's great. still to come a long way from home.
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street
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millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. when you are walking down beach you wouldn't be surprised to see a seal. >> how about seal one in the
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on tuesday this little guy was found on the side of the road in orleans. he had come ashore went under a fence and across the street a driver spotted it and called the proper authorities and he was taken to the beach and checked out and released into the waters. >> look at that face. >> he was probably like i am trying to get away from a shark leave me alone. >> i know. >> i saw seal the other day next to the locks running down the street. sitting there in the water waved a flipper and kept going. >> hey weatherman. >> like i am digging this no big storms feel pretty good. it's a little snow out there not a big deal but coating to an inch overnight and slippery spots. tomorrow afternoon it's 5 # and -- 52. >> and this was a spring sandwich this weekend the snow is the bread. >> the bun. >> okay and in the middle is where.
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and 50s so saturday and sunday. >> condiments involved? no. >> good question. >> your preshous lettuce completes the sandwich. >> thanks for watching. >> see you at len. >> pelley: pax romana. >> i s a terrific person. >> pelley: trump makes peace with the pope on the eve of a critical weekend for both parties in the presidential race. also tonight, law enforcement's battle for access to the cell phones of criminal suspects. remembering author harper lee, and her american classic. >> it was a sin to kill a mockingbird. >> pelley: and steve hartman, when a young boy summoned the police, they responded in force. >> i didn't know it was going to be this big, really. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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