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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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from the channel 4 studios from boston, this is wbz "this morning" wbz. >> good morning, everyone, get a good look at this snow because thankfully, it's not going to last. we're in for a big weekend warm up! good morning, everybody, i'm kerry konl connolly along with pamela who let me in on the secret. >> and i'll let you all in on that secret too. >> we have that stretch that was so cold and then -- [ indiscernible ] [overlapping]
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to snuggle, that was the weekend. >> i know it! but literally, i spelled spring the other day. >> beautiful. temperatures in the 50s, fantastic forecast. once we get all this precipitation out of here, we did have light snow reported across the area, weather watchers up in new hampshire, some light coatings of snow. but for the rest of us, we have the salt on the roads here in sxwoeuts getting wash -- boston and getting washed away. those light showers across cape cod in the islands, chatham and too. berkshires getting a wintry mix thanks to the higher elevations but all this pushing through, satellite radar picture showing here. morning, still keeping the chance for maybe a bit of a wintry mix, a couple wet snowflakes mixing in to the but after 10:00 a.m. and through noon, we start to clear things out and become mostly sunny, temperatures soaring in the
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lower 50s. fantastic weather for us. today more warmth on the way for sunday and then we are tracking the chance for another bit of a wintry mix, those details in just a bit. mayday, mayday, mayday. [ indiscernible ] with a [ indiscernible ] going on. >> four firefighters are at the hospital right now injured in a blaze in brighton. one fire department official tells wbz last night almost became the worst night of his life as they took roll call after that mayday. julie loncich has more. >> flames just shooting out of the roof, out the windows. >> reporter: the fire on perthshire in brighton quickly went to three alarm. >> i saw a bunch of firefighters on the roof, i could see their flashlights and everything, that there was a lot of smoke inside and that there were a lot of them up there. >> reporter: just after 7:30 friday, the focus turned to the
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>> a member in the attic, [ indiscernible ] get in there. >> reporter: at least one person alarm was sounding and worried some of their own were trapped in the attic. >> the alarm system, you hear the couple alarms going off, did as he was trained. because time is of the essence. he called a mayday. >> reporter: firefighters went in to search and rescue mode and after several tense moments, everyone was accounted for. as it turns out, fire officials say a system feature may have triggered the scare. >> if you stand still, if you do not move for about 30 seconds, the alarm signifies, it signifies to the alarm system that you may be in some type of trouble. >> everybody is accounted for, of course. and, we'll, you know, look in to this further. >> seven adults have been displaced, one dog still missing and we learned a cigarette is to blame.
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a state trooper meanwhile to the rescue after a teenager falls through thin ice in fall river. his friends formed a human chain to keep him above water until help arrived. it was a dramatic scene in britman park, trying to retrieve a soccer ball that had fallen on to a frozen canal, but the teen who weighs about 220 pounds fell through the ice. several of his friends held on to him like a human chain but couldn't get him out. that's when trooper kyle duart arrived. he was able to pull the boy out of the icy water and over a five foot wall to safety. >> he was in shock basically, he really couldn't move and when i assisted his friends, we pulled him up by his arms and then pulled him out of the water, i was happy i was nearby, able to get to the scene quickly, and it was, you know, a job well done by everybody involved.
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minutes. he was taken to the hospital but is expected to be fine. and thankful to his good friends in time. some sad news now, the 5-month-old baby girl hit by a car in roxbury has died. her mother is still in the hospital with serious injuries. the accident happened as they tried to cross the street on thursday night. cooperating with police. filed. a 19-year-old from framingham is charged with an armed assault that forced u mass amherst in to lockdown. mckeon surrendered to police, they're still looking for a second suspect but they do not believe this was a random attack. on to campaign 2016 now, two big tests today in the race for president, the republican
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donald trump leads by ted cruz is gaining ground. while the race is still tight between donald trump and ted cruz, a trump victory could be a crippling blow for the campaign, a hotbed for conservatives and evangelical voters, the kind making up the part on super tuesday on march first. but for democrats, the nevada caucus is their big focus, their contest is today and this one is too close to call between hillary clinton and bernz. nevada has only been holding caucuses -- bernie sanders, nevada has only been holding caucuses since 2008 and hillary clinton has won, she's been holding get out the vote events like this one this las vegas, the state was supposed to be a so-called firewall for clinton because of its largely minority population. she had a 20 point lead in polls just a few months ago but supporters hope sanders' recent momentum can help clinton by encouraging her backers to get out to the polls.
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doesn't look too concerned, he's been busy making up for lost time. according to the new york times he did not have a single staff member in nevada until october but since then opened 12 campaign offices and spent twice as much on advertising as clinton has this that state. 35 delegates are up for grabs. so all in all, this weekend will be an important moment in each campaign and will likely set the narrative for super tuesday when voters in massachusetts join 12 other states in heading to the polls. ken macleod with a closer look at where each candidate is focusing orchblths. >> reporter: donald trump is urging american to boycott apple products until they help the government unlock the phone against attackers. not shy about speaking his mind on the campaign trail. >> you know, one of my problems is i'm straight. i tell it straight. i tell it like it is. >> reporter: trump once held a double digit lead in south
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just friday shows him just five points ahead of ted cruz. >> the next 24 hours we're fighting to determine it if the next generation will have the same constitutional liberties every one of us has been blessed to enjoy. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are running neck in neck in nevada, ahead of saturday's caucuses, the first real test of their appeal to minority voters. >> i'm excited for the hispanic community right now we have a lot of impact. >> reporter: nevada is more than 25% latino and immigration reform is a major concern there. >> i want people to come out of the shadows under comprehensive immigration reform, i want them to register, be on a path to citizenship. >> reporter: sanders agrees joop if congress does not do their job, we will use the executive orders in the presidency. >> reporter: ken macleod, wbz. >> stay with wbz and cbs crews tonight for results from south carolina and nevada and jon
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down on the wbz news at 11:00 tonight with a special focus on what the results mean for massachusetts voters who head to the polls in just 10 days, 13 states in all hold primaries or caucuses on march 1. but nearly a quarter of all delegates needed for the nominations up for grabs. in other news this morning, a funeral mass will be held today at the country's largest roman catholic church for antonin scalia, yesterday president obama and the first lady paid respects in front of his casket at the supreme court. the president will not attend today's mass at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. the white house suggests the president's security detail would be too disruptive. there is much more ahead this morning, pamela has details of a nice weekend warm up coming up for you in five minutes but too late to present a major mess at one local hospital. we'll tell you when you can expect it to be back in business. also, if your heating bill
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could be in the sky, what you need to know about going solar. pamela? well, we're going to check out more of those weather watcher reports. always appreciate hear from you and what you're experiencing at your home. dawn reports 34 degrees there in hollis, new hampshire with a little bit of snow from overnight relatively warm morn with -- morning with just a dusting of snow and the wintry mix out of here when we'll see temperatures in the 50s, coming
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it is 5:13, welcome back. even with the days getting longer around here, you may not think of massachusetts as a hotspot for solar panels. but, you'd be wrong. in today's tech minute, some ways to tell if your home would be a good candidate. >> solar panels aren't suitable for every house, the first thing you should do is find out if your roof gets enough sun throughout the day. the easiest way to check for viability is by typing your address in to google's project fund website, it will tell you how much sun it gets per year and how much money you can save which switching to solar. google sun roof is only available in some areas.
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them, you'll need to thele -- the leg work yourself. find your location on solar maps provided by the national renewable energy laboratory. if your home is any part of the psychiatry that receives -- country that receives very little sun, you might not go solar. and then you can see if it saves you money. i'm sharon. back open for business on monday after a devastating flood there. this sped up surveillance video shows what happened immediately after a pipe burst inside the hospital during our stretch of extreme cold weather. the veterans administration is expecting most of the hospital to reopen by monday, some areas could be closed as much as eight weeks. wow, there's nothing worse than water damage. >> oh, no! oh my goodness! well, we don't have to deal with that, thankfully.
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i can't even believe, it's been the strangest winter, it has. >> el nino. >> yeah, that's a part of it. darn el nino. good thing for us though, giving us the temperatures but soon the pattern will flip back to colder weather coming up in the next few days. and we have a couple more chances of snow for this morning, we're dealing with that first round of three total for the next seven days. and this very weak system continues to push through, giving us a bit of a wintry mix, some snow, rain, depending on where you live here and taking a look at doppler radar, we zoop in to -- zoom in to some locations with precipitation, notice temperatures in the mid degrees. very close to freezing, we have wet and heavy snowflakes moving in between concord and portsmouth and then south dealing with the rain. and then more of a wintry mix as we get to higher elevations
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the berkshires and the worcester hills, a chance for light snowfall early this morning as the second breadth of this system moves through. 7:00 a.m. in your hour by hour forecast. most of that wintry mix moving through worcester county and towards 495 but then completely dissipates as it passes through boston. we can't rule out the possibility of a brief wintry mix, couple of light sprinkles passing by. by noon, we're all chaer -- clearing out except in the mountains, where thankfully we'll have fresh snow in the elevations but for the most part mostly clear skies and enjoying a southerly breeze and warm temperatures. clouds passing through to you. boston right now, 38 degrees. this is a bit of a wintry mix and let's see sprinkles falling. light breeze from the south now, making your real feel temperatures elsewhere in the 30s, some 40s farther to the
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friends on the cape. hour by hour forecast, temperatures stay in the 30s. then we reach the 40s this afternoon, 45 degrees to 48 degrees by noon, 50 degrees later this afternoon and we don't stop there. highs top off in the low to mid 50s across the board with tomorrow's high temperatures actually just a tad cooler. but overnight tonight, we fall in the upper 30s, low 40s and there tomorrow's highs. upper 40s, lower 50s. fantastic weather, way above normal. but then our focus moves towards the couple more snow chances. the first chance here is sunday night in to monday morning. quick moving system, maybe a few inches it in higher elevations. mid week the biggest potential for an east coast storm, this one looking like a rain event, actually wednesday in to thursday, a brief period of wintry mix and the models have flipped so this looks different than say if you've been following it next week. we have temperatures swimming in
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>> awesome, pamela thank you. the students on board weren't able to drive but even they knew better to try to outrun a train, the punishment
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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a very close call on a school bus. students posted this clip online, showing their driver crossing railroad tracks just before a train barrels by. there were 42 students on board. fortunately, no one was hurt. the bus driver blames the students saying they were so loud he couldn't hear the train. the district isn't buying it and has suspended the driver. the literary world is mourning two well-known authors, italian scholar umberto ecco died, he wrote the name of the rose which became a movie of the same name, and six more novels and more than 20 nonfiction books. his works aimed to interpret culture through signs and symbols through religious icons, clothing, music, even cartoons. harper lee's first novel was
5:22 am
the author of "to kill a mocking bird" died last night, at 89. it became required reading for generations of school kids with its story of racial injustice in the small southern town. lee famously shied away from publicity but to those who knew her personally, she was a towering figure. >> what will you miss most about her? >> just her warmth. and her, her sincerity. and glad to say i was her friend. >> as of last year, more than 40 million copies of to kill a mocking bird have been sold. well, still to come, a long way from home. a seal takes a very strange trip on cape cod. we'll explain. and it is saturday, february 20th, is it your birthday?
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then, the birthday of actor and director sidney poitier, ivana trump, and rihanna is 28 today. if it's your birthday, that's
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welcome back. 5:25. if you're walking on a beach, you wouldn't be surprised to see a seal. how about seeing one on the road? on tuesday, this little guy was found on the side of the road in orleans, the seal had come ashore, slithered under a fence, look at those eyes, and across the street, a driver spotted him and called the proper authorities. the seal was taken back to the beach, checked out, and released in to the water. they're so darn cute! 5:26. so glad you're with us this morning. much more ahead for you at 5:30, how you can score big payoffs by helping the fbi track down an elusive bank robber. also ahead, a cold case ends with a jury verdict but it comes with no real answers for the family of a murdered shrewsbury woman. >> as we head to break, are you
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in boston, this is wbz "this morning". >> that guy really knows his [ indiscernible ] because it is wbz "this morning" and we're glad you're with us, it's 5:30, i'm kerry connolly along with pamela gardner and you're in for a heck of a weekend for february 20. weekend. that was rough with the -- >> it was a little rough, yeah. >> with the record cold zero. now 50 to 60 degrees higher than what we had last weekend. a touch of spring out there, although dealing with a bit of a wintry mix and because temperatures north of the mass pike were at one time below snow. now that snow, anything that we picked up will continue to melt. temperatures are running right now in the mid to upper 30s. concord though, 34 degrees. we have a wintry mix moving towards the main coast. but here on the cape, you have
5:31 am
of that wintry mix. keep the brief wintry mix in the forecast for at least the few hours, this last breath moves through but this afternoon, the 50s. 3:00 p.m. awesome weather, more warmth on the way for saturday too but then changes in your kerry? so much. checking our top stories, four firefighters went to the hospital while battling a difficult fire in brighton last night. thankfully, none of their injuries are life-threatening carelessly deposited cigarette is to blame, a dog is still missing. falling through the ice in fall river, the 15-year-old boy was going after a soccer ball
5:32 am
his friends formed a human chain to keep hold of him until trooper duarte was able to get him over. helping to clear the still crowded gop slate. a politico poll shows donald trump leads with 32%. nevada holds its democratic caucus, the first test for hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a more racially diverse state. clinton had an early lead in the double digits but the most recent poll shows a race too close to call. a young woman murdered in shrewsbury, the case went cold for decades until an arrest and trial. now the verdict is in but as louisa moller reports, it's only bringing up painful memories for the family. the interview is a wbz exclusive. >> i went in to shock.
5:33 am
sister-in-law, eileen's sister examine she -- and she just broke down. >> reporter: it's been 42 years since his wife was killed and in a matter of hours, a shot at closure was shattered, tony says. lonzo guthrie was acquitted of murdering 21-year-old eileen ferro. >> because i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take it now. what happened in this trial was a travesty of justice. it was, it was -- i can't even say how bad it was. >> reporter: in 1974, eileen was found in her home, her neck slit from ear to ear. four decades later, new dna technology linked a penny-sized dot of blood found at the crime scene to guthrie. the georgia man's dna was in a database because of a previous rape conviction but that rape conviction remained unmentioned at trial, the ruling of judge walker.
5:34 am
similar enough crime. >> reporter: and the jury found plausibility in the defense's argument that guthrie could've cut himself in the ferro home while moving furniture. >> yeah, there's not enough evidence to say guilty. >> reporter: despite his claims that a murderer was set free, tony only hopes that memories will live on of a beautiful woman. >> she wasz a -- was a wonderful girl, i can't say enough good about her. i loved her then and i love her now. >> reporter: tony ferro says the victim of the rape of which guthrie was convicted actually sent him and his family a heartfelt letter and said she was set to testify for this judge's ruling. i'm louisa moller, wbz "this morning ". >> if you have information that helps police catch a serial bank robber, the fbi is now ready to write i you a $20,000 check, for the so-called incognito bandit.
5:35 am
man is in dark clothes, wears socks over his shoes and tlaents tellers with -- traents tell threatens tellers with a gun. [ indiscernible ] charged with road rage now getting treatment for ptsd. investigators say ian megan pointed a gun at another driver on route 9 in wellesley. his attorney says he was scarred by his experience as a medic in afghanistan. a judge ordered him to get treatment at the va hospital. funeral services held today for the late supreme court justice antonin scalia, at the largest roman catholic church. joe biden and his wife will attend. but as wouijiajia xiang reports,
5:36 am
raising eyebrows. >> reporter: scalia's body arrived hours before in a flag-draped casket. his former law clerks lining the steps as he entered the building one last time. inside, his son, father paul scalia led a short service. >> our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. >> reporter: denise and kevin o'donald travelled from philadelphia for the public viewing. >> despite all the rancor going on with the politics going on, it was nice to be able to just see something done with a lot of respect and a lot of honor. >> he was a man of faith. and he lived, and he practiced it. >> reporter: the line to get in to the supreme court wraps around the block twice. visitors are here from across the country. many of whom say they didn't agree with scalia's views but still admired his work. >> i'm a lawyer and so i really respect the justices and the offices that they hold and he really, i thought, did a lot for bringing the public in to the court.
5:37 am
justices will remember scalia as more than just a conservative. the liberal justice ruth bader ginsburg called him her best buddy. senior day for the boston college women's hockey team saturday afternoon before their last regular season home game and this group deserves all the honors it gets. another win, 7-1 providence. the hockey east champs are an incredible 33-0 with just one regular season game left. a win today at providence would make them the first hockey east team ever. women or men to go undefeated in conference play! >> obviously, it's special, you know. having a record like that is, you know, extremely proud of our team for that. you know, they've worked hard this year and to have a record like that and not have a blemish on it is pretty amazing.
5:38 am
>> we'll have the results tonight at wbz at 11:00. the first road trip since the all-star break and it was a late one, what you might have missed. pamela? dealing with a spotty wintry mix this morning. but once this all gets out of here, this afternoon is going to be fantastic. a touch of spring, temperatures soaring in the 50s and more [ indiscernible ] on the way, the forecast coming up. weather trivia time, we have the first question of the morning, who is credited with having written the first weather forecasting manual? a [ indiscernible ] b archimedes, caquinas or d, da
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the celtics taking on the jazz last night,st first game since the all-star break, shot just 37% from the field, isaiah thomas led with 25 points, the celtics lose it 111-93, taking on the nuggets in denver tomorrow. meanwhile the bruins back on action on the ice against the dallas stars, looking for redemption after thursday night's shutout to the nashville predators, nice game.
5:42 am
catchers are back on the field, dan roche one of the lucky ones aas camp gets underway. >> appreciate is thrown around a lot, pressure is a big word. this year coming in a lot back to back finishes with this team. pressure on manager john to keep his job, price and kimball, but another guy embraces that word. pitchers and catchers worked out for 90 minutes on day one friday, in front of hundreds of red sox fans. of course, everyone watching every move of new ace david price but also watching kimbral, from san diego, is say four time all-star and welcome all the pressure of closing in boston. >> i look forward to it every time i get the chance, the crowd getting loud. i want that ball throughout the game. i want to wrap it up. >> reporter: the 27-year-old
5:43 am
per season over the last four years while only averaging four blown saves. >> and my goal at this time every year is to try to go out there and be perfect, is that going to happen, i hope it does and i hope for the organization and myself that it does. but, the mentality that i have coming in, every time and every day that i have the the try to be perfect. >> reporter: as for facing the yeah. you know. i don't, i don't get credit to pitchers, you know. but he's my teammate now, yeah. [ laughter ] >> reporter: love that attitude from ramirez, doesn't like any pitcher unless he's one of them on your team. pretty good stuff. expect pablo sand skral to -- sandoval to show up, the word from manager. ortiz monday as well. first workout coming up wednesday here in the fort. with the red sox in florida, i'm
5:44 am
>> he just loves when he gets to go to fort myers, rub it in. >> we have our weather, can't feel that badly this time. going to feel like spring skiing. if you're heading to the slopes, actually we have some fresh snow that is fallen overnight. some of that snow will change to more of a wintry mix. but not bad, 43 degrees to the north here, this afternoon. and sunday's high temps, 40 degrees with plenty of sunshine, pleasant conditions, nice and dry there too. for us, closer to home, we're going to top off with highs in the 50s both today and tomorrow, right now tracking some rain and a bit of a wintry mix on doppler radar as we head to the north here, more of a wintry mix, either some snow in the higher elevations or some rain for our friends there in portsmouth. as we go to the south and east on the outer cape and islands, some light rain, a little bit of drizzle and definitely steady rain on the cape there, that's going o it push off -- going to push off shore pretty soon but a
5:45 am
wintry mix in parts of worcester county and starting to move in gardner and berry and that will continue to push towards the east in boston, within the next couple hours. 7:00 a.m. that wintry mix still just approaching 495. but then it falls apart running in to some relatively drier air. we keep the chance to maybe a sprinkle or a wintry mix falling from the sky, through the later part of this morning. by noon, most of that precip would be to the north of us with clearing skies everywhere else. and we'll continue to be dry clear for the next 24 hours sunday morning starting off with the clouds passing through, sunday looking great, mostly sunny to partly cloudy, 5:00 p.m. still keeping it dry but another system will approach us late sunday in to early monday. more on that in just a minute. temperatures running in the 30s, well above freezing although we could see a wintry mix fall from worcester to nashua.
5:46 am
fall will melt if we do see any snow mixing in. 39 with 40s south and east. warming in all spots compared to this time yesterday, actually 18 degrees warmer in boston and we'll continue the warming trend this afternoon in that hour by hour. average high keep in mind should be 40 degrees, well above all day long with 52 by 2:00 p.m. highs elsewhere in the mid 50s for most, 54 degrees in boston for that high. overnight tonight, partly cloudy and low 37 for tomorrow's high temperatures. low 50s, we gain a couple more degrees, awesome weather to wrap up the weekend. and then there's the chance for snow. quick moving systems sunday night in to early monday morning may put down light snow accumulation, the second system more questionable here. we have the chance for a mid week storm, this one looks like an east coast event and kind of a long-term storm here. wintry mix late wednesday, changing to rain on thursday. stay tuned, still some
5:47 am
>> but not a bad seven day. weather trivia time, the first question of the morning this one from david milford, and he had a dog question for you last week, kerry. >> oh, he did? >> it was a good one. i'll tell you later. but okay, who's credited with having written the first weather forecasting manual? who do you think? hmm. >> way back in history. >> oh, definitely archimedes. >> no, brastoff. he wrote a book in 300 bc. that discussed weather. >> okay. funny, i couldn't remember that. >> yeah, way back. [ laughter ] >> pamela and dave. for almost 15 years he's had memory and phone calls. now a local man is heading home to find his family, the lost boy who has found new life in america. >> later, what happens in brazil doesn't stay in brazil for this monkey.
5:48 am
5:49 am
5:50 am
a local left africa as a refugee, 15 years ago as one of the lost boys. he will come to america with a degree. his first job is to find family members 7,000 miles away.
5:51 am
back for the thing that made me to survive. >> reporter: and he's definitely a survivor. >> this one, you can do it like this. i'm going to need this especially when i move from one village to another village. >> reporter: so there will be no lights. >> exactly along the road. >> reporter: to his village in south sudan begins from logan to istanbul, then to adusababa and then kenya. if roads aren't washed out, he should be close. >> reporter: when was the last time you saw your mom and dad? >> almost 20 years ago. >> reporter: right now he's both excited and nervous. >> i'm nervous of how am i going to feel to meet my family for the first time, how am i going to perceive them, how are they going to perceive me, what's the feeling? >> reporter: washad was 5 years
5:52 am
walking hundreds of miles and spending years in refugee cams, including had -- camps including this one in kenya, a program saved him and thousands of lost boys with a new life in america. weighs 18 when he a-- he was 18 when he arrived in medford in 2001. >> this is me, america is a country that possibility [ indiscernible ] possibility are there. and what you need is a motivation, hard work and ethics for us. >> reporter: he and his friends proudly say this is home now. but they miss their family. >> we still have a life over there. you know. >> reporter: you're in two worlds. >> exactly. >> reporter: he'll return to one world with this passport, his first and one of his proudest possessions. and with the survival skills he honed as a child. >> some villages, they are like, six hours. some villages like three hours, some villages maybe two hours. it depends. so, but, if i see the family in one place, it saves me time! [ laughter ] >> reporter: you don't have to walk six hours! >> be like oh, yes.
5:53 am
with his family and bridge two worlds, he says any walk is worth it. >> so when i close that gap, i feel my world of circulation is all connected. >> he started planning this trip two years ago, he knows it can could be dangerous, kidnapping and robbery are very real threats so he's packing light to blend in. he hopes to be back home in massachusetts in may and hope one day he can move his whole family to boston, lisa hughes, wbz news. you don't normally call animal control to break up a bar fight, how they were able to
5:54 am
we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation.
5:55 am
bailed out wall street. it is time for them the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
5:56 am
welcome back, 5:56. a group of bar patrons in brazil learned the hard way not to leave their drinks laying around. witnesses said a tiny capuchin monkey snuck into the bar and finished what was left of several glassy of rum and then things got hairy. apparently, the monkey found the kitchen knife. someone posted a picture of him on the bar. before that, he was waiving the weapon as some of the male customers. yikes.
5:57 am
capture the monkey and release it into the wild. once, of course, it sobered up a little bit. he sure had a good time. that is good. 5ex right now. we have the top stories and an update on a warm weekend forecast which, is nice. we're glad you're waking up
5:58 am
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. good saturday morning, everybody. look at the snow. thankfully, it's not going to last. and we're in for a big weekend warm-up. should be careful. some people love the snow. >> that is true. >> and some love it, some don't. >> and that is for everybody today. i'm kerry connolly with pamela gardner. it's going to be a warm weekend. >> it is. performs into the 50s this afternoon. we have had everything. snow, sleet and rain and


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