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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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always on. live from the channel for studios in boston, wbz news at 11:00 starts right now. >> we begin for the race for president. donald trump is a big winner in the south carolina republican primary and hillary clinton wins the democratic nevada caucus. good evening, i'm kate merrill. i'm ken merrill. donald trump is the projected winner with 33%. the second treat victory after winning new hampshire. florida senator marco rubio in texas senator ted cruz and a close race for second. in the nevada caucuses hillary clinton comes back with
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we begin our team coverage tonight with the republicans and craig boswell columbia, south carolina. craig? >>reporter: kate and ken ted cruz wrapped up his address in columbia south carolina. this has been a three-man race all night long and now with ted cruz and marco rubio locked in a tie for second the voters have spoken and there is now also one less candidate in this race. >> cbs news projects donald trump has won the south carolina republican primary. he came out ahead of ted cruz and marco rubio but only a few points separate the top three. >> i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina. this is a special state. >> jeb bush finished in the bottom three. he told supporters this was his last primary is a 2016 presidential candidate. >> the people of iowa have
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decision so i'm suspending my campaign. >> yes. >> south carolina voters said the most important quality in a candidate is that he shares their values and they said the most important -- important issue is terrorism. >> for kristen rubio a strong finish it means momentum heading into super tuesday march 1st when almost 600 delegates art state. >> the 21st century conservative movement is the son of a bartender and a maid from cuba who set -- stance one step closer to being the 45th. -- president. >> brent -- ben carson says he's in the race for now. >> he said we are the people and we will take it back. >> trump will try to make it three in a row tuesday at nevada. >> one of the things to keep in mind for delegates. they are rewarded -- awarded proportionally. on how well you do. if it's a three-man race going
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divided and possibly extending the race longer and longer. craig boswell record -- reporting. one-man touting his underdog status is john kasich. the presidential nominee is in massachusetts campaigning. he was in worchester and addressed a crowd and wakefield saying he is staying in the race. >> tonight when more time we have defied and overcome expectations in the state of south carolina and about sixer seven days. it started as a 16 person race and now, folks, it's down to the final four. and we are going to travel all across this country. >> john kasich spoke after jeb bush announced he ended his campaign and he complemented jeb bush and his family on his years of public service.
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analyst don keller. trump winning is no surprise. does rubio get any bump out of this quick. >> i think he does. he over performed his whole numbers and he's back from the dead after his dismal showing in new hampshire but the fact is his burden is intense. he's got to consolidate the establishment support behind him and he's got to do it fast. he's got to clear the debate stage and make himself the clear trump alternative and that's not going to be easy especially because he has to do it before march 15th when winner take all primaries kick in. if trump stays on a roll until then, then you are talking big trouble. >> john kasich said he's not getting out so doesn't that complicated? >> it could just by his mere presence. an extra body and the debate
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away from rubio. let's be honest about it, john kasich and ben carson's campaign our vanity projects. there is no clear path for either one of them to become serious factors. john kasich is here in massachusetts, to have him here the last polling i saw it donald trump running away with the massachusetts primary in rubio has. >> stick around we will talk democrats in just a second. it's talk a little bit now. it was hillary clinton who pulled out a crucial victory on the democratic contest. clinton overcame an unexpectedly strong surge by bernie sanders. clinton thanked the voters who gave her the win. >> thank you. tens of thousands of men and women with kids to raise and
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this is your campaign and it is [ cheering ] -- it is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back. clinton's campaign tried to dampen expectations. was this win big enough to stop the sanders surge? >> not necessarily. sanders has plenty of money and he's done a fantastic job of excite -- l -- of exciting younger brother -- voters but it was the african-american vote that put hillary clinton over the top. they broke more than three to one for her and we are heading into the democratic race word democrat -- will african- americans will dominate. tonight it's paging elizabeth warren. keep in mind the broader context. the number of voters turning out and republican primaries is overwhelming the democratic turnout and you've got to
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running against donald trump is a republican nominee won't serve -- persuade someone like elizabeth warren to get off the fence and step in and make a call with the imperative being we've got to consolidate sooner rather than later. >> john, thanks for your analysis. the next big event is super tuesday on march 1st. 13 states including massachusetts will hold primaries or caucuses with nearly a quarter of all delegates needed. >> switch gears a little bit. tonight a touch of spring outside and meteorologist barry burbank is here now and he's got your first look at the forecast. >> it was a week ago tonight temperatures below zero in boston to go down below zero just before midnight last saturday night and now we are looking at temperatures this morning 33 but not going below 40 for low tomorrow morning
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55 to 60. it was warm. felt like spring. it is still almost 50 in many locations. a weak front is coming up. cold air been -- building in canada. we might get a shot late next weekend but tonight only in the lower 40s. we will take a look at the forecast ahead and we will see another warm day in a few minutes. an inferno erupted overnight in a vacant fall river mill triggering a rear general arm. >> investigators believe the fire is suspicious. we are live with the rubble. jim, it is still smoldering? >>reporter: it certainly is, keep. it's hard to believe that this building still is partially on fire. it's not even close to the inferno that we had here in the wee hours of saturday morning
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occupied. nearly 24 hours later the of anna stork mill. the wreckage all that is left after huge fire destroyed the massive vacant brick building. the flames broke out around 3:00 a.m. saturday and could be seen by miles throughout the city of fall river. kevin tivo has equipment stored and captured the early morning -- moments of the fire on the cell phone. >> it was crazy last night for sure. very crazy. it was almost catching the building in the back on fire. >> could you feel the temperature? >> yes. >> fire officials are treating this as suspicious. it looked bad from the moment they arrived. >> i was the first one down here and i drove on weaver street which is on the west side and i saw flames coming
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we lost the building. >> a birds eye view shows just was. symbol of fall river's another piece of heritage on. >> it is unfortunate. it is part of history. a lot of these mill buildings, a lot of empty ones and it's just another -- another empty one that is gone. >>reporter: back here live in fall river you can see the leader not all of these hours later the flames are visible from the rubble of this building. fire crews are keeping an eye on it. bears repeating. nobody hurt and now the investigation, the fire is considered suspicious but looking at that it will take a while before investigators can look around. two college students under arrest charged with stabbing another student.
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durham police say the attack took place just off campus. both are from salem new hampshire. the 20-year-old victim is in a hospital in stable condition. an elderly woman was killed today when a two alarm fire engulfed her home none of her smoke detectors were working. as paul burton reports she's the state 12th fire death this year. >> this scorch mattress shows how intense this fire was the claimed the life of carol mccarthy, 73, was found in the second floor. >> it's a tragedy. anytime there is a loss of life in a fire. >> the fire broke out around 7:30 a.m. inside this two story home at 211 east spencer street. >> the initial companies that came in discovered a hole in the second form -- bedroom where the victim was found and were able to navigate that whole. >> we woke up to a lot of the sirens and so we came down to see if everyone was okay and
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>> what fire crews arrived on scene they found the woman unconscious in her bedroom. they had to use a ladder to take her out of the win -- window on a stretcher and she was taken to the hospital -- hospital where she later passed away. >> it's horrible. it somebody's relative. that could be somebody's mom, sister, aunt, daughter, it could be anybody. it's horrible. >> fire officials say mccarthy was alone at the time of the fire the house did not have working smoke detectors. paul burton, wbz news. austin city council wants to make sure that pet stores are not selling animals from puppy mills. city counselor matt o'malley is proposing an ordinance that would prevent pet shops selling animals from commercial breeders. o'malley says many large-scale breeders do not provide proper care and animal rights groups have lined up to support his
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apple says they are >> the government says it needs to on mike -- unlock an iphone we will have the latest. >> the farewell to supreme supreme court justice antonin we will talk about the
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competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country it is time for them the middle class
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family and friends paid respects to one of the conservative giants the funeral for antonin scalia was held at the washington silica today. the reverend son talked about his father. >> the issue that evening was not that i had been hearing confessions but that he had found himself in my confessional line. [ laughter ] and he quickly departed it. as he put it later like heck if
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the feeling was mutual. >> vice president joe biden represented the obama administration at the funeral. old. the battle over user the tech giant and federal prosecutors protest against the cities. the internet rights group fight for the future is appalled they want apple to break into the iphone. they believe the president could then be used to break into millions of other phones for reasons not nearly as clear- cut or weighty. yesterday a court magistrate ordered them to provide expertise to get the information off of the iphone. i think our meteorologists are wonderful and can the hand -- handle the roller coaster? >> i think ours can. i think if anyone is equipped
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>> it's interesting. last winter we were just snow every other day, persistent cold. nothing changed and it was snowing and cold in this year it's been all over the place. december has been worn in january we head up and down swings and we've had extremes here. so far 25 inches the season. that compares to 100 almost 1 year ago. we're looking at temperatures that are almost dead even for the mean temperature. maybe slightly above the average where it was way below average last year. today it was way above average. club six at lynnfield middle school. milton academy and all 60 degrees as it was in boston at logan airport officially 60 that's 20 above the average
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february 20 but not up to the 68 before you head back to 1930 for the records. 55-60 in the region until you get to cape cod and the rest of the nation just had incredible high temperatures. look at these launch of 70s. this does not seem like a february 20 math -- matt. the cold front coming our way. cutting across northern new england. it won't be as off tomorrow. snow showers across the northern mountains and skiers in snow lovers and snowmobilers in the snow plow are looking for a big storm and there's just no snow. a big storm coming up this week. looked at the comparison. nine below zero last sunday in tomorrow is 42 degrees above went dry up 50 compared to only struggling to get to 12 last sunday afternoon 42 tomorrow morning watch it go up to 50.
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show up here and there but we will see sunny times too. tomorrow night will think of -- thicken up and a little bit of light rain will scoot across the extreme south coast and that storm goes out to see and it will be chilly here by monday morning close to 32 degrees and not rise a whole lot during monday and probably going to the mid-30s or so the trans partly cloudy with the cold breeze coming in and tuesday is on the chilly side we go deeper into the week in the jet stream will change the patel -- project the jet stream and will shoot warm weather back up here with wind and rained and temperatures going up to 55-60 on thursday. maybe a bit of a wintry mix and some locations further north and west of boston. mostly like rain in the city.
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when it pours and it's rainy and warm and windy. it may turn very cold late last weekend but would not down to the level that we reached last weekend. >> i don't know if it's the recordbreaker last year and this year. >> all right, barry. thank you. >> tonight the harvard artist of the year award. lucy lu was presented hard -- hard words prestigious art metal. lucy lu was commended for her contribution to the performing arts as well as her highly praised humanitarian work. she starred in charlie's angels in chicago. coming up next tonight the sites and style -- south of
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the bruins. >> i know steve did not because night. >> a wild finish tonight in dallas but they come out on top and go for-2 on the trip and they have to be happy down 3-1 in the second after a couple of questionable goals brand --
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that's 30 on the season for him. a career-high. kevin miller 35 seconds later ties the game at three and the bruins fans in dallas are celebrating less than one minute left in the period. david's crash's office gate and in and the question is did he kick in and? watch again. office gate and he pokes at home with its -- with his stick. after review it's a goal. he's up 4-3 after two. a little assurance in the third. a shot goes after it hits the dallas defenseman's leg. an empty net here for brett conley and bergeron with the assist so that's worth showing you. six unanswered goals for the 7- 3 win and crews left with an injury. six unanswered goals.
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there's a lot to talk about in this game. >> certainly early when it comes to spring training. it's a lot of good storylines to look at. pitching and catching and it adds up to a busy day. >> day two of workouts and more pictures during both mounds. rick porcello got is working and has a new reliever carson smith who was acquired from season. >> it was soak in and once i >> thanks so much. >> david price continues to be the big man on campus who still seems shellshocked wearing a red sox uniform after competing against them and hissed -- in his entire eight-year career. >> probably so. i think there's always environment.
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>> a battle to watch all spring. the number one catcher spot as blatant sky heart played and 84 games a year ago had tommy john surgery. >> i'm going to try and win the starting job. christian have been a good friend of mine forever and whatever happens to make the team better. >> my goal is to start like everybody. >> the manager saying it's not a competition until baskets can get healthy. you look at the surface it looks like it will be swinehart handing in on the big level and vazquez in tripoli if only to protect that valuable arm. vazquez is lost 20 pounds. any tips for losing weight? he said broccoli. a lot of broccoli. by the way no pablo sandoval citing. he is expected to be here in
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nothing yet. he has plenty of time to report. i'm dan roach, wbz sports. >> broccoli? okay. this guy is 44 years old and he is holding his own. this is career goal number 741 for yarger. he had 742 later in the game to move ahead of brett whole for the third most schools by one clear only when gretzky and cordy howell than yarger. congratulations to the boston college hockey team. they wrapped up a perfect season. they finished the season 34-0. to finish regular season unbeaten in the conference. they will face main in the week.
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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finally tonight too cute. >> the birth of a baby rhino.
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their newest addition. the species was once close to extension but conservation efforts have the rhinos numbers increasing to more than 3500. what is cuter than a baby rhino ? not much. the shortest forecast in history. >> no snowstorms. >> this week [ laughter ] >> all right. >> that does it for us. thank you for watching. night, everyone.
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