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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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breaking news overnight. a series of debt shooting in michigan. at least seven people killed in the suspect in custody. the latest on the investigation. some big changes on the campaign trail. donald trump and hillary clinton celebrating this morning as jeb bush suspends his campaign. why investigators are calling this fire suspicious. from the channel for studios in boston, this is wbz
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hello, everybody. 5:00 in the morning. >> we're glad you are here with us this 21st. i was pleasantly supplies -- surprise walking out this morning. full sunshine and southerly winds. we're still running extremely warm at this hour. 50 degrees in boston. 44 in worchester. 38 degrees in providence. we have some clouds to help trap that daytime heat. we are running lower in all yesterday. 13 degrees warmer and lawrence and 12 degrees warmer and concorde. we will have are right around 48 degrees for the rest of the day here. 50 degrees by 3 pm. the wind kicks in from the
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bring in slightly cooler air. overnight tonight, a chance for rain. we will go through that hour by hour timing and let you know when we could be tracking our next chance of soaking rain. we do have breaking news. seven people are dead following shootings in the kalamazoo area. police arrested a 45-year-old overnight and found weapons in his car. police say the shootings were random. the suspect opened fire in multiple locations including cracker barrel, and a car lot. donald trump winning the south carolina primary. hillary clinton celebrating a victory of her own work the democrats squaring off in the
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coming out on top. we began in south carolina. donald trump celebrating his second straight win after taking the new hampshire primary. but some carolina also marks the end for another candidate. good morning. at the start of the american revolution, thomas payne wrote these are the times that try men's souls. with women to that equation, the same could be said of this moment in the presidential race. marco rubio has a chance to conclusively prove he has the best leadership skills. he can do that over the next few days by persuading john kasich and ben carson to drop their fading campaigns and endorsed him. you can bet they are already working on the same for jeb bush. if rubio can do that, he can
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himself and trump. keep in mind, the gop center, the combined support for rubio, push and kasich beats trump but if it continues to split, john could run the table from here on out. on the democratic side, it looks as if the center is holding for hillary clinton. and nevada caucus yesterday, and suggest the going is not getting any easier for bernie sanders with african-american voters breaking for clinton by a huge martin -- margin. anything can happen. another old saying comes to mind. when the going gets tough, the tough get going. i am jon keller at large. wbz this morning.
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status in the baystate. john kasich campaigned yesterday. he addressed the crowd and wakefield last night. he finished second in the republican primary. he is staying in the race. >> tonight, one more time, we have defied and overcome expectations in the state of south carolina in about six or seven days. it started as the 16 person race. and now, it's down to the final four. and we're going to travel all across this country. >> he spoke after jeb bush and complemented jeff bush on years of public service. the next big event is super tuesday. 13 states including
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primaries and caucuses. in other news we first told you about yesterday morning. and inferno jiggling a rare general alarm and investigators believe the fire is suspicious. >> reporter: nearly 24 hours later, the flames still burn in the rubble of fall river mills. the records, all that's left after a huge fire destroyed the massive brick building. the flames broke out around 3 am on saturday and can be seen for miles. kevin tivo has equipment stored in a nearby building and capture the early moments of the fire on his cell phone.>> it was very crazy last night. the winds are almost catching developing -- the back of the building on fire.>> reporter: fire officials are treating this place as suspicious.
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from the moment they arrived.>> i drove on waiver street which is on the west side. i saw flames coming out about a windows on the second floor. it was obvious that we lost this building as soon as we got here. >> reporter: a birds eye view shows the damage. >> a lot of these empty buildings, just another one that is gone. >> reporter: as you can see, as of late saturday night, the flames are still visible in the rubble of this gutted building in fall river. we should repeat the good news that no one was hurt. now comes the investigation but it will take a while before they are able to get inside and poke around because of how hot it is. in fall river, jim smith.
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college students under arrest. matthew givens and eric then. the attack took place just off campus. both are from salem new hampshire. the 20-year-old victim is hospitalized, and stable condition. boston police are looking for a gunman after a shooting. the victim was shot at about three deck 30 yesterday morning. he was taken to boston medical center where he was described as -- his wounds were described as life-threatening 6:bill cosby's wife heading ready to deposition tomorrow. bloggers are the that she has -- lawyers argued she has nothing to deposition.
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nation paying their respects. the funeral was held in a washington basilica yesterday. the justices sun presided over his mass. >> the issue that evening was not that i had been hearing confessions but that he had found himself in my confessional line. >> [ laughter ] >> and he quickly departed it. >> [ laughter ] >> as he put it later, "like heck if i am confessing to you." the feeling was mutual. >> joe biden represented the obama administration at the funeral. a profit aerial followed the mass. he was 79 years old. health officials in boston
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homeless to protect against the bacterial infection. three homeless men have already come down with a blood infection and one has even died. there is concern when three cases popped up in a very short period of time but the globe reports there is no threat to the general public. it made amends with the mayor but when resorts is facing off another casino. so far, summerville has gone to court five times to block the casino from opening in 2018. the latest challenges over environmental permits. delaying the project will cost massachusetts $55 million per month. the tv is reporting early progress in reporting overtime and other employee cost. the data shows an average savings of $39,000 a day in overtime compared to this time last year. the chief administrator acknowledged that a milder
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this but stronger management controls and new policies governing absenteeism appeared to be working. coming up, it's a job that is out of this world. massive driving and job applications. the massive number of people hoping to head end soon. a local doctor getting ready to run his 25th boston marathon. why this year's race will be extra special. are you feeling lucky? hopefully. here's a look at your winning numbers.
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it may be the final frontier and apparently, a lot of people want to get there. nasa says it has received a
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people who want to become astronauts. that is triple the number of people who want to blast into space in the last call. nasa will start whittling down the candidates and in the end between eight and 14 people will be asked to report to training. pamela is here. and once again, feeling like spring. 60 is what we had yesterday. everyone was out and about. enjoying the sunshine. and everyone is in such a good mood. >> a similar day today. just a tad color and a few more clouds. the highest 50 degrees
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spring equinox in 28 days. another good training day for you. as temperatures will be quite comfortable. we are already sitting at 50 degrees this morning with a few clouds out there. winds from the west at 14 miles an hour. it actually feels like 50 degrees out there. we are in the 40s and a lot of locations. boston one of the hotspots. beverly also 50 degrees. waking up to 47 degrees in norwood your 41 degrees. 45 and chat him. your hour by hour forecast, temperatures stay in the 40s. right around 50 degrees. we fall back to 40 and go up to the 40s later today. and go back up to 50 degrees. i think most of the day will be spent at lower 50s.
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and a high of 46 in p towne at those tonight in the upper 30s. a chance of rain for the to the south. thomas temperatures will be slightly cooler. upper 40s and lower 30s. a bit of a week cold front it also the main energy source is going to be to the south. your hour by hour forecast, most of the day will be dry your a bit of a wintry mix. mostly rain. a great start to the work week. temperatures slightly cooler. our next system moves in from the south bringing gulf moisture. late tuesday into early wednesday. first, bringing us a brief
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and the rest of your wednesday, thursday, it looks like it's going to be sake the temperatures actually get warmer and warmer. here is your 7-day forecast. 40 degrees for monday. wednesday 46 and rainy. thursday at 60 degrees and we fall back to 41 on friday. back to the 30s next weekend. >> look at that. that is crazy. coming up next, the hidden ingredients in your glass of wine. a closer look at what is not listed on the label and what you need to know before picking
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welcome back. we are spilling secrets this morning about ingredients hidden in your favorite bottle of wine. as catherine houser explains, these are things you will not find on the label. >> it's a fairly complex science . >> this is only the first step.>> frank runs a small one- man operation making mine. that most of the wine we buy is being mass-produced. >> perception is you are drinking fermented grape juice
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exactly true. >> 200 different compounds can be added to wine. >> when you drink a glass of wine, a relatively expensive wine, you're drinking a huge array of compounds and chemicals that you have no idea are present in the wine.>> sugar, water and yeast are the main components but also make a purple to enhance the color. oak extracts to enhance the flavor. gelatin for texture and iodine to kill any bacteria in the wine. >> that sounds good but it's so dangerous it has to be handled with special training. >> i want to know what i'm eating and drinking. labels should be required on wine. frank says sulfites are needed
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there are some winemakers that do what their ingredients on their website but that kind of transparency is not required so you can skip most of those additives by going organic. i am kathryn hauser, wbz news. still ahead, more outrage stemming from a controversial ruling. a hollywood star. a big
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the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs.
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for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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welcome back. the cbs show "elementary", lucy
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>> still to come, and our next half-hour, chilling new details about the sinking of the el faro and the call the captain made minutes before the ship sank.
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from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us. i would clashing? i don't think so.>> look orange on tv. >> your orange, for sure. but this is red in person. tweet us and let us know. i don't know. >> we are very glad you are waking up with us this morning. it feels like spring out there this morning. a nice and mild morning. yesterday, we had a high of 60 degrees. this morning, 50 in boston. we will cooldown a few degrees before we warm back up to 50 this afternoon. we have a cold front moving through. not bringing any precipitation that we will notice a little bit of wind direction change later today with temperatures hovering in the 40s all around
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providence at 38 degrees. temperatures fall back to 48 x 1 o'clock and 50 degrees by 3 pm. partly sunny skies and i think the clouds will rule most of the forecast for today. satellite radar picture showing a bit of a wintry mix and snow in the higher elevations. the clouds right along the north. and just a bit, rain moves in for tonight. i will have your hour by hour timing, or temperature swings and the chance of a mid week soaking. campaign 2016 now we're donald trump is celebrating -- where donald trump is celebrating. >> there is nothing easy about running for president. i will tell you. it's tough, nasty, mean, vicious, beautiful. >> [ laughter ]
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each took 22%. rubio had 1000 more votes. south carolina was the end of the road for jeff bush after failing to finish in the top three. he suspends his campaign. on the democratic side, an important win for hillary clinton. >> some may have doubted that we never doubted each other. and this one is for you. >> to fight -- despite the polls , the races will flip with republicans caucusing in nevada on tuesday and the democratic primary in south carolina next saturday. family and friends are remembering a three-year-old little boy from dorchester. white was found unresponsive in
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the little boy died several days later at boston medical center.'s funeral was held yesterday at the united house of prayer for all people. his death is still under investigation by boston police. >> an elderly woman was killed when a 2-alarm fire engulfed her home. none of her smoke detectors were working. she is the states 12th fire victim this year. >> reporter: this scorched mattress shows how intense the fire was that claim the life of the 73-year-old found on the second floor. >> it's a tragedy anytime there is a loss of life in a fire. >> reporter: he says the fire broke out about 7:30 on central street. >> the initial companies that came in discovered a hole in the second floor victim -- bedroom where the victim was found.
5:34 am
whole. >> we woke up to a lot of fire engines so we can down to see if everybody was okay.>> reporter: when fire crews arrived on scene, they found a woman unconscious in her bedroom. they had to use a ladder to take her out of the second floor bedroom on a stretcher. she was taken to the hospital where she later passed away.>> somebody's relative. that could be somebody's mom, sister or daughter. it could be anybody. it's hard.>> reporter: our official say mccarthy was alone at the time of the fire. the house did not have working smoke detectors. the fire remains under investigation. wbz news. chilling new details about the sinking of the ship, el faro . the captain could be heard pleading for help as the ship is sinking.
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>> the coast guard says based on the information they received , they believe the ship needed a tow and not a rescue. all 33 crewmen on board died when the ship went down off the bahamas during hurricane joaquin . a boston city council wants to keep that stores from selling animals from puppy mills. the city council member is proposing a -- an ordinance that would prevent pet shops from selling animals from commercial breeders. many large-scale breeders do not provide proper veterinary care. advocates are already lining up to support the ordinance. structured bogle is getting his prison sentence shortened. he was sentenced to 15 years last year after pleading guilty to child pornography. but lawyers argue their child never abused small children and the prostitutes or near the age of consent.
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immediately following his arrest . the battle over user privacy at apple is now going beyond the tech giant and federal prosecutors protest against the government in more than 30 cities. the rights group fighting for the future. the government wants apple to break into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. a wild finish against dallas but is it enough for getting them a win? i am and fort myers, florida, where we continue to watch the red sox. guess who continues to be the center of attention? feeling like spring all
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would go as high as 50 degrees under partly sunny skies. tracking our next chance of rain in a soaking rainmaker for midweek next week. we have all of the details coming up. the first question of the morning. icy roads can increase stopping distance by how much? three times, seven times, 10 times or 13 times? the answer is coming up. dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. but i always tell people - saving'
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you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne.
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good morning, everyone. what a hockey game in dallas last night. they come out on top and go for and to on the journey and they have to be happy with that. down 3 to 1 in the second. marshawn leads with a nice snapshot. that is 30 on the season for him. and just 35 seconds later, he ties the game at three and the fans in dallas are loving every minute of it. less than a minute left in the period. the question is, did he kicked and? once again. office gate and he pokes at home with his death. after a review, he is up.
5:41 am
5-3 bruins. and an empty net or. hear from brett conley a career point. that is what's showing you. troy left the game late with an injury. no word on the severity of that just yet. working out for the pitchers and catchers is in the books. christian vasquez, and christian is back after missing the second half of last season with elbow problems. he threw his six sessions after arriving in fort myers yesterday and says he feels good. the addition of david price will bring some bubbles off as well. price continues to be the center of attention down in fort myers. >> thank you so much. >> is the most popular man in red sox camp. the fact that he's having a hard time leaving after
5:42 am
socks for so many years. >> i think there's always some disbelief when you are in a new environment. it feels a lot better now than it did. >> as the eight-year veteran gets ready to be the teams new player. >> i'm definitely ready for the first day of the season. the first day of spring training. and i eased myself into it. >> the ball, he has received nothing but love from his new teammates.>> is a good teammate. >> he has been great. he comes in here and jokes around. he has been golfing. he's a pretty good golfer. >> the one player he has yet to me, david ortiz. a player he has had a bad history with after prior showed him up a few years ago.
5:43 am
and his friends. that is what i am looking forward to. >> you know david ortiz and david price will meet and on the will go as teammates as they try to win. he is expected to arrive by today, tomorrow. one guy who has not shown up yet, john farrell saying he expected pablo to be here by saturday. he did not show up until the afternoon when we were there but all he has to do is report and he has to do that by tuesday. for the red sox in fort myers, dan roche. we're back to hockey. he is 44 years old but more than holding his own. the players are young enough to be his son. he had 7.2 later in the game. for the third most goals all- time by one player.
5:44 am
hockey team. they wrapped up a perfect regular season with a 9-1 when over providence yesterday. -- win over providence yesterday. the 1st team women or men to finish the regular season unbeaten in the conference. they will face me next week. and the sultans are in -- the celtics our endeavor to take on -- are in denver. talk about getting locked out -- blocked out by a landslide. trees and boulders on a highway in elk city, idaho. the 250 residents who live there are trapped here the trapped town is taking it all in stride. that is scary. a beautiful area. look at that. a mild morning out there, pamela. another springlike day?
5:45 am
>> i know. >> yesterday, we were 20 degrees above normal. crazy warm snow and it feels good out there this morning. we have some 40s and 50s out there and on our way to 50 degrees. again, we always like to keep track of what is going on in the world of weather. we want to keep you posted on tropical cyclone winston your this -- winston. this has slammed into fiji. one of the strongest storms on record here. the strongest in the southern hemisphere. this is a category five hurricanes. it has weakened overnight to a category four. still strong and not affecting any item -- islands at this time. we expected to weaken as it pushes to the south. no weather worries for us. 50 degrees with a win from the
5:46 am
very comfortable out there. 40s from king to worchester and down to 38 degrees in providence. farther to the south, we have clear skies overnight allowing for a little bit of radiation old cooling. the clouds to trap in the daytime heat and that is why you have 38 in providence. 41 where we have the 40s and upper 40s in the north. hour by hour, you see temperatures go down and back up. we have a week cold front moving to let this morning. that is why we will see a little bit of a direction change, slightly core temperatures compared to yesterday. the average higher should be 40 degrees. we will be above at once again as we click back into the upper 40s and low 50s this afternoon. the clouds are rolling much of the forecast this afternoon as opposed to yesterday's full sunshine.
5:47 am
partly cloudy skies. overnight tonight, 33 degrees for your low. tomorrow's highs top off around 40 degrees, upper 30s for others as the cold front moves through. the satellite radar picture. we want to show you a few clouds right along the pike and areas to the north. the next system moves in tonight. that went to the ohio valley and as it tracks in, a brief period of a shower or two on the south coast. monday afternoon, we are dry but the next wave of energy will move in late tuesday into monday -- tuesday, wednesday into thursday giving us rain chances as opposed to snow chances. the forecast models putting it way to the last. we will be in the warmer sector of this storm system giving us 40s and 60s for next thursday. spring is in the air, everybody. it is back to winter here.
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great questions every weekend. >> unlooked to my director for some help -- i looked to my director for some help. let's go with c since i'm clearly on my own. >> clause meant -- clause max -- [ applause ] why this year, and doctor will have an extra spot in his step.
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runners training for the boston marathon have to take -- have to stay on a training schedule all year long. the support of little boy is all he needs to keep running. >> roses are red, violets are blue, thank you for honoring me by running 26.2. what a unique gift. >> reporter: the doctor is reading from a handmade plaque given to him by harry burns and his family.>> is almost brought tears to my eyes. this was really very special. -- this almost brought tears to my eyes. this was really very special. >> reporter: he is not only treating the five-year-old but
5:52 am
>> i first got to know very as my patient and now he is my patient/partner. >> reporter: we first met the doctor a couple of years ago. training during a sloppy winter similar to this one. >> when i am out there doing a run and i start to her, i think about harry. and if you're can go to therapy, i make this run. and harry has been getting chemotherapy for the last one -- 10 months. he has done incredibly well. he is in what we call complete remission. >> reporter: but harry also has two more years of chemo to endure. the money raised by the marathon team will support cancer research and care. harry comes to the clinic every week for that care. sometimes with his plan, sammy, and older brother. >> i think it is credible because we are running this
5:53 am
we do this for harry.>> what do we have here? >> we are all very excited about it because it gives us an opportunity to do a little payback. we always wonder what we can do to help. >> harry, we did the marathon! >> reporter: what a great story. harry and his story will be at mile 22 cheer on the runners. a team from the mass general hospital for children has raised nearly $12 million to fight cancer. that is awesome. wbz is proud to be your home for the race. we will have coverage for the 120th marathon on monday. still to come, stripping it down and taking it to the street. the event that turned more than a few heads and what it's all
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welcome back. it was certainly a great day for a run yesterday. even if he didn't wear a lot of clothes for it they called it cupids on the run and it features hundreds of stripped- down runners hitting the streets. as you can see, some outfits left little to the imagination. it's all for a good cause. the event raises money for
5:57 am
and you guys got lucky. still to come this morning. donald trump celebrating another primary when as one of his primaries -- rivals bows out of the race.
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breaking news overnight. a series of deadly shootings in michigan. at least seven people killed. the latest on the investigation . some changes on the campaign trail. donald trump celebrating his second primary when. -- win. we break it all down. from the channel for studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. all right. we are ready to rise and shine


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