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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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police converged on a home for a report of a drug overdose then made a disturbing discovery. >> police found a meth lab inside that home. nearby residents had to be evacuated. and the man who overdosed will be in court tomorrow. jim smith is live with the details. what's happening? >> reporter: liam and kate, all is quiet right in the neighborhood where this bust took place. but earlier today, it was anything but quiet around here. and now a man is under arrest. >> hopefully they get this out of the neighborhood. >> reporter: the lights are on but nobody's home here. the home was the target of a police rate sunday. and -- raid sunday.
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a crystal meth lab was inside. all day long, investigators in heavy-duty protective gear scoured the home for oefdz. they were call -- evidence. they were call forward an overdose and found signs of the meth lab. >> you always wonder, and worry about today's people. some are them are just a little crazy out there. you wouldn't think there'd be a meth lab a stone's throw from your house. >> reporter: police arrested the man who allegedly overdosed. he was treated and charged with two houses had to be evacuated. hazmat units and the bomb squad the chemicals used are highly combut theible. >> i think it's terrible. it's like right by elderly housing. there's a lot of kids on that
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>> reporter: he was treated and released and taken into custody. new details tonight on a stabbing in dorchester. police say the victim is in his late s teens, and in critical condition. police originally reported this as a shooting. the shooting happened on columbia road and devon street. a suspect is in custody. the fire alarm sounded through the shopping center when an electrical fire broke out above the express store on the third floor of the mall. firefighters were able to contain it to just that area. one shopper said it was a confusing situation. >> the express store, there were firefighters near the roof,
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security officers were there as well. it was pretty chaotic inside. >> there were some water damage in the area. but the mall was able to reopen late this afternoon. no one was injured. another fabulous february day. temperatures are once again very springlike around here. and people are trading in snow boat bootds for running shoes. but there is another change coming. barry has a first look at the forecast. >> good evening, everybody. last sunday, the high was 12. the low was 9 below 0. and at this time last sunday night, we were going into the single numbers and heading toward 0 again. today, 54 for a high! the low, the current reading, 43 in boston. and it's getting colder off to the north and west as cold air is coming in, another cold front coming through. extreme southern new england, it's still on the mild side in the 40s. way up here in canada, look upstream and see this intense cold again, and another piece of this is going to break off and come our way.
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until next weekend. it's about a week away. burit's gonna be here next -- but it's gonna be here next sunday. temperatures down near 10 at this point next sunday evening. tomorrow morning, it's gonna be all cleared out. upper 20s, lower 30s in boston. rain occurring there right now. a couple of sprinkles almost to the mass parts, but the steady rain here is moving out. sun is gonna be out, 6:31. in the afternoon about 40. the rest of my forecast in just a few minutes. there's been a shocking find in a dorchester home. a loaded gun inside a baby's bassinet. police were looking for illegal drugs in the home. they found several bags of heroin and cocaine but they were stunned when they found the weapon hidden in a baby's seat. two people are under arrest.
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children were living at the home or using that seat. bill cosby's wife will not be giving a deposition tomorrow in a defamation lawsuit against the embattled comedian. a judge is has granted a delay after lawyers filed an emergency motion in springfield to postpone. the 71-year-old claims she has had no involvement with the facts or allegations in the case against her husband. previous defense motions to prevent the deposition have been unsuccessful to this point. a michigan man is in custody charged in a horrific crime. police say he carried out a series of random shootings that left six people dead. >> jason dalton is accused of opening fire at people in three different locations. following this story live. >> reporter: police say the suspect was working as an uber
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right now investigators do not have a motive. and that is making it difficult for the community to grasp what has happened. news [ music ] >> reporter: music and prayer brought hundreds of grieving residents together sunday night at a church service to honor the victims killed in a deadly shooting rampage. >> this kind of tragedy happens in california or in new york city or overseas. it doesn't happen here. >> reporter: 45-year-old jason dalton's spree allegedly began when he seriously wounded a woman around 6:00 saturday night outside an apartment complex. four hours later, a father and son were killed at this car dealership. then investigators say dalton killed four women at a roadside restaurant. dalton was working as an uber driver and passed the background check. matt mellin says he was dalton's rampage.
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medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along, and then finally once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> reporter: his fiancee posted on facebook to warn other passengers to stay away. authorities believe dalton would have continued his shooting spree if he was not stopped. >> police do not believe the shootings are an act of terrorism. dalton will be arraign trmd afternoon -- arraigned tomorrow afternoon. a driver is being charged with operating under the influence after his car ended up in a swanzee river. he escaped from his car after it went into the car. >> police are trying to find suspects breaking into cars in medway, millis and medfield. a black palth finder possibly -- pathfinder possibly without a
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from a parked car. the pathfinder has no front license plate. a house party leads to a major bust early this morning in bridgewater. police were called to the home on maple avenue. they found a number of college-aged kids trashing the place. but they weren't sure who lived there. so they arrested all 41 people for charges ranging from disorderly conduct to underaged drinking. they'll be in court tomorrow. an intense fire in new hampshire sent flames and heavy smoke spiralling into the air. the blaze began this afternoon on a vacant property on mass road in gosstown new hampshire. the area was once the site of a been vacant. a close call for a driver in andover. the gates came down the
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most of the front end. she was okay. >> i did not see it. because it was coming from the other side. i did not see. i just didn't have time to assess the situation. and the train was coming so fast. >> everyone on the train was also okay. the train was headed to boston and got into north station close to three hours late. marco rubio may soon be getting a big name endorsement. >> why jeb bush dropping out could be a big help to the florida senator. >> why the cost of summer rentals might bring you some sticker shock this year. >> and a couple celebrates 50 years of marriage for the same price as their honeymoon night. >> we'll go live to fort myers where red sox pitchers and
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a bloody day of violence in syria. three explosions rocked a vegetable market in damascus. 50 people have been killed, more than 200 wounded. isis has claimed responsibility for the triple blast. the violence comes
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provisional agreement has reached to end hostilities in syria. donald trump's resounding victory yesterday in south carolina has made him the frontrunner for the republican nomination. >> he was back campaigning for votes tonight. he held a rally in atlanta. trump has won the last two primaries. and every gop candidate who won new hampshire and south carolina has also won the nomination. trump says it is far from over. >> i'm dealing with very, very talented people, smart people, good people, and i think they'll be competing. we still have competition. >> marco rubio is energized by his 2nd place finish, nipping ted cruz in south carolina. the senator says jeb bush's departure from the race is good for his campaign. polls say the majority of republican voters do not support trump.
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electorate that says we're not voting for him. but they're divided up among five or seven people. as those people narrow down, it's gonna make the race clearer and clearer. >> the huffington post is reporting that norm will endorse rubio. hillary clinton beat bernie sanders yesterday with a 5-point victory in the nevada caucuses. clinton got strong support from black voters in nevada. she's hoping that continues next saturday in the democratic primary in south carolina. tonight sanders was in south carolina utilizing some star power to get his message across. >> feel the bern! [ cheering and applause ] >> danny glover! sanders will be in massachusetts tomorrow. the senator will be holding a rally. the event will focus on making college affordable, climate change, and eliminating big money from politics.
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on cape cod? you may want to start looking right now. the number of signed weekly releases is up 10% over last year. that's also leading property owners to jack up their prices by nearly 14%. an improved economy and a drop in gas prices has helped fuel this price increase. this weekend's weather -- makes you think of the cape, the summer. we had that bitter cold last week, this week a far cry from this. and this has been a nice winter. >> unbelievable. just try to remember, in 2015 what we were doing! today, look at that. barry burbank has the forecast. there are some changes coming this week. >> there are some changes. i want to thank everybody for sending in these pictures of contrast from last year to this year. they're just amazing. as you all know for sure. let's go
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this point in time through february 21st, last year we had almost 63 inches of snow for the month. unbelievable from the season. we're just almost at the century mark. so far this season, we got 25 inches of snow in boston. we had it mild again today. about 54 at concord. 54 in boston. that was the high today as well. and that's about 14 degrees above the average high for february 21st. not up to the record 63 in 1906. look at the rest of the nation for highs, 60s and 70s, widespread. not even that cold across the northern border either. but cold air in canada up here, we're gonna keep a watchful eye on that all this week. it's gonna charge and strike us here next weekend.
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mild air depart. the second one moving into northern massachusetts. and a wave of low pressure is sending a little rain moving across the extreme southern new england down there. and clearing out certainly by daybreak. should be a nice sunny monday overall, and just a few scattered clouds around with not much wind, some of it coming in from the ocean. and tuesday the clouds increase more during the day from the ocean and up from the southwest. the first wave of low pressure gets closer. it looks like with high temperatures tomorrow in the lower 40s, tell be chillier on tuesday. pretty much only in the 30s on tuesday. and by tuesday night, we could have some light snow breaking out. snow mixed with sleet and freezing rain. tuesday night, if it comes in this fast, it's gonna be cold enough initially to support a messy mix here tuesday night into wednesday morning. and the rain takes over from there. and mostly a plain light rain on wednesday.
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low pressure come up and gives us some of that light precipitation tuesday night and wednesday. but the main low which will give us most of the precipitation will be winding up off to the west and southwest of us. it's gonna be the inside runner, through the mohave valley. and here's all this warm air waiting in the wings just south of boston and new york to come up here on wednesday night and thursday morning. here's my 7-day. temperatures going up to about maybe in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees late wednesday night or thursday morning when the rain is gonna be the hardest. it shuts down after that. a few breaks with a little sunshine breaking through. a snow flurry early on friday. colder next weekend. the cold front should come through saturday night, sunday morning. temperatures falling from sunday morning into the teens sunday afternoon. that's it. have a great week.
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a giant sinkhole opened in this town in germany. the shifted water caused the ground to collapse. no one was injured. rob gronkowski as you've never seen him before. >> and a panda sighting in
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we gotta take you on board the gronk ship. [ laughter ] >> hosting a cruise with his fans. the ship left port friday from miami. it's setting sales for a private destination called gronk island. his siblings, dad all on board. people on board say gronk has been twerking and dancing the entire cruise! [ laughter ] >> oh, my goodness. i heard that you were really trying to get one of these tickets. and you were heartbroken. [ laughter ] >> i tried to call bill belichick to get a ticket. no luck! >> i could call in a favor. i could imagine you on that ship. unbelievable.
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red sox positional players aren't due in camp till tuesday. pablo sandoval made his first appearance today. >> reporter: not surprisingly today, pablo sandoval got a lot of questions about his weight. and despite his disappointment season, his first season in boston, he told me he doesn't feel like he has anything to prove. yeah. well, we'll see. plenty of hugs for sandoval when he try showed up here. he took ground-balls and got in some batting practice as well. even took time to sign autographs for the fans. but there was definitely an expectation that we see a somewhat slimmer panda, and that wasn't the case. so he was asked point blank how much weight he's lost. >> i don't weigh. i don't weigh in at all.
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try to do everything i can out there. i haven't weighed in all season. i just try to get better. >> reporter: kind of strange. much more on sandoval ahead on sports. and we'll go one-on-one with blake swi art as he tries to build on last year coming into replace the injured christian vasquez. i'll sit down with craig kimbrel coming up, and harold steve buckley joins us as well. celtics, a little rough coming back friday after the all-star break. not so much tonight in denver. thomas led
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boards, drains the three. then thomas with the steal and the outlet to bradley. he had 20. they're at minnesota tomorrow. >> sports final will be right back at you. >> you always come back in the offseason looking trim. [ laughter ] >> you drop 25 pounds? >> doesn't look that way. i don't buy it. [ laughter ] just ahead, a story of love and marriage. and how they came
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a couple in maine began their marriage 50 years ago this weekend in boston. >> today they were back to celebrate their anniversary. they spent their honeymoon at the sheraton boston. and larry's brother back then shelled out $19 for the room! so they saved the receipt, called the sheraton to see if they could get the same deal, and the hotel said sure! >> respect and love. this is my bride. and 50 years later, she's my bride. >> they have had a blast reliving their memories. clarify, she said be deaf? [ laughter ] >> that's genius. >> your you together so long? i'm just deaf to him.
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>> a little disappointing. we'll shake it up. keep working hard. >> let's hope he does. welcome thank you for staying up with us. we begin in red sox nation. reporting day was thursday for pitchers and catchers.


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