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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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asked yes under oath part of a lawsuit filed by 7 women against bill cosby. the women claim they were drugged and sexually assaulted by bill cosby. bow but camille's lawyers tried to stop the deposition saying shes in a no involvement with the facts or allegation with the underlying case and for her to give a statement serves no purpose other than to embarrass her. the couple owns a home in shaw burn falls and it's monday tarry value has been dragged into the proceedings that's why the deposition is here in springfield. it's important to remember that the only criminal charge so far filed against bill cosby is filed in philadelphia. not here. reporting live if springfield, bill -- in springfield dil shields. >> camille's cosby's testimony has many wondering whether she is protected because she is the spouse. here's cbs legal expert rickey cleman explaining the law in massachusetts.
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something called the marital conversation disqualification. what does that mean in english? very simple. if you have a conversation of husband and wife, anything you say during the course of that marriage privately is excluded from any testimony including a deposition. that is a big exclusion. >> but the law does compel spouses to give depositions or testimony in civil cases. now the spouses don't have to answer questions about intimate conversations because camille also served as her husband's business partner, she could be required to testify about any work related conversations. >> now to breaking news about an hour ago all of the lanes on route 128 reopened following a dump truck accident in newton. skyeye over the scene earlier you can see gravel spilling all over the highway there. one person was hurt but not badly. again all lanes of route 128 in
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also tonight, the uber driver accused of going on a terrifying killing spree in michigan just face adjudge. police say jay -- faced a judge. police say jason dalton shot victims at ran doll and picked up passengers in between e didn't enter the courtroom appearing via video conference. judge denied bail and this iswhat we are hearing from police he he confessed to part of the attacks. 45-year-old jason dalton appeared by video lank where he is facing -- link where he is facing 6 charges of murder. >> you understand the charges >> yes, sir. >> reporter: police say uber driver went on a deadly rampage saturday night in kalamazoo michigan randomly killing 6 and seriously injuring 2 others in three separate attacks. investigators say he began his shooting spree at an apartment complex where he shot a woman multiple times. tammy george came outside when she heard the gunshots.
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a ball and she was asking about her kid. >> reporter: mrs. say dalton east -- police say daltonnate mided to -- dalton admitted to begunking down a man and his son and a woman outside cracker barrel. investigators are looking into whether he continued to drive passengers between shootings. iewbers say the father of two passed a background check -- uber says the father of two passed a background check and had no prior history of criminal activity. what is being done here in massachusetts to make sure you stay safe if you take a uber driver. we will have a closer look at that tonight at 6. developing at 5 a woman is in custody in connection with a crash involving a revere police officer last week. police say they spotted jaqueline murphy in stolen car on route 1 this morning. officers say she sped off down the road. ultimately crashing on the lynn fells parkway.
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crashed while crazing -- chasing murphy and a man wanted for threatening a officer with the needle. man is still on the run. developing tonight the man accused of forcing a lock down at umass amherst plead not guilty to arm robbery and assault william mckeown is being held without bail. the campus went into lock down after he attacked a student in dorm. police are investigating this car slamming into home. this morning around 10:30. you can see part of the front porch was brought down. no one was hurt and it is not clear why that driver crashed. >> norwood a driver is facing charges after this early morning crash. police say a 22-year-old woman from brockton was driving home from work when she hit the guardrail lost control and slammed into the starbucks. she then jumped out of the car and ran. she later turned herself into place. officers say the drugs and alcohol were not factors in the crash. people were in tears in
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family of a 15-year-old boy stabbed to death faced the 16ior old accused of killing him. chantee lan it is live in dorchester. police are saying it started with an argument. >> reporter: lisa that's right. emotions ran high here at dorchester district court. a 15-year-old is dead, and prosecutors say a 16-year-old did it. standing behind a wall to hide his face amari pope face as discricket court jumping for the arraignment in the stabbing death of a 15-year-old boy. the stabbing happened sunday afternoon across the street from pope's home near columbia road and devon street. prosecution aors say he stabbed -- prosecutors say he stabbed dion hopkins. >> the statements included i did something really stupid and mr. pope admitted to one individual i think i killed
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>> reporter: a fight between the victim and pope's girlfriend. hopkins was a month shy of his 16th birthday. >> two kids two families destroyed. >> maybe this will stop the killing. stop the damn killing it's sad. >> what is this like for you a dream not real? >> it's never real. i mean, you know, especially when you lose a loved one man this is the second nephew i lost. >> reporter: how old was the other one. >> in his 20s. >> reporter: the victim's uncle looks forward to forgiveness and feeling. >> god controls everybody my faith is in god and whatever happens that's him and god got to deal with it. mim and god -- him and god he got to repent. >> reporter: and amari pope's family says he's good kid with good heart and has behavioral issues and being held without bail and is due back in court march 30th for a proper cause -- probable cause hearing. chantee lans wbz news. >> thank you>> returning to the weather and another beautiful
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change. >> that change sadly comes tomorrow night when we get snow and sleet and rain so we check in with eric and not great for commuters. >> no. a sloppy storm system moving in this week just like last week. almost identical storm. mainly clear skies out there tonight. it was gorgeous outside and the sunshining but this is the area we are watching. developing strong system along the gulf coast and it's coming at us in two waves. tomorrow morning the clouds will start to thicken up and gray and kelly tomorrow winds pick up out of the east. and then tomorrow evening we are watching snow develop and between 4 and 7:00 that snowwill overspread and temperatures warm initially so there might be a tough time sticking on the roads but there could be poor visibility heading into tomorrow evening and then as we head into tomorrow night, just like last week, we will see the change over to freezing rain. especially across the interior and freezing rain is going to hold on across interior locations through much of the day on wednesday.
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snowfall is code coating to a couple inches. this is just like what we saw last week creating some nasty travel tomorrow night. heading towards wednesday it's more the icy conditions across the area with temps near freezing and there are still slippery areas as we head into wednesday evening across the interior and than we get a spike and with that on thursday morning we get a wind driven rain with some strong potentially damaging wind gusts again just like what we saw last week. we will talk more about this storm and some warming temperatures as well, coming up in bit. liam. >> thank you. presidential politics coming to boston. senator sanders appeared to pick up an endorsement from a grass roots organization. >> national people's action is behind the message and sanders headed to a rally at umass amherst fill hillry clinton is
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raisers the next democratic contest is south carolina before soup are tuesday and there's a new poll domed trump surging here in massachusetts. 50% his closest competitor marco rubio at 16% and john kasich coming in third right now at 13%. and on the democratic side it's a statistical dead heat here both hillary clinton and bernie sanders at 46%. and now to the rebbe pub -- republicans donald trump is hoping momentum from his victory will help him in the gop's next contest which is tomorrow's nevada caucuses. trump marco rubio and ted cruz are the top three vote geters in south carolina and all stomping for votes in nevada. there was a sanders rally of the sugary kind in boston. ben and jerry came to town to support the vermont senator by introducing a new flavor bernie's yearning ice cream with a thin disk of chocolate representing the richest 1% of
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break up the chocolate and mix it with 99% to get the full flavor. the duo started the company in vermont and they say sanders is their guy. spring training is in full swing. fans may have mixed feeling about big pappy they love seeing hmm arrive but hate it's his last season. >> let's go out to dan roche and other big arrivals. >> reporter: yeah pretty big day here for the boston red sox. final two arrivals were the biggest names both players hoping to make 2016 a season that new englanders will not soon forget. >> thank you. >> reporter: pedroia enjoys the highs of playing in boston winning two world series but endured the lows including back to back last place finishes. >> doesn't matter what place you are in, if you don't win your last game, you know the season is a failure. >> reporter: he is happy with the off season acquisition
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>> just from facing him over the years, definitely when you wake up you are not thoild thrilled to face him. it's going to be a fight and we are thrilled to have him. >> >> reporter: a dougha's thrilled to -- pedroia's thrilled to play the 11th season with david ortiz and he is ready for bigpap' farewell sea heson knees ready. me and my wife went to italy and he went and we overlapped in a city and went to dinner and talked about a lot of things. little upset it's the last year but it will be cool to see him go through everything and what he did in his career is special. >> reporter: what is he like in italy. >> no one recognized him and he is like what's going on i am like they don't watch baseball too much. >> reporter: and knowing david ortiz he probably a little ticked off they didn't recognize him. i did have a slight conversation with david today as he he was taking batting practice and asked if he put up
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are not going to play one more season and he says he is done. much more coming up at 6. for now with the sox dan roche now back to you guys. >> we are glad you asked anyway dan. thank you for all the red sox nation. still to come, pressured postpartum. >> a maturnity wards move to get rid of a nursery moms are defensing the right to have time to rest and recovery. up next dr. mallika marshall looks at the brewing controversy. >> from high school dropout to a college professor with a phd. inspiring tore story about beating the odds and local organization that has the power to change lives. >> plus police make a shocking and dangerous discovery at a
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delivering controversy more and more hospitals are getting rid of nurseries and moving newborns into the mother's room. >> some new moms say they want the time to recover and they want option of sending the baby to the nursery. dr. mallika marshall looks closer at the controversy. >> she holds her hands up to the face. >> reporter: jessica just
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was not easy. >> we in a week lake and induced. >> reporter: baby charlotte was born 40 hours ago and has not left once not even for a second since she was born. aid trend among hospitals to keep babies in the rooms with their mothers after birth called rooming in. and midwife marie henderson says mass general has been doing it for the past 10 years. >> the nursery that we recall 25 years ago where babies are lined up those days are gone. it's new day. >> reporter: that doesn't mean nurseries are going away for good she says but they are being reinvented and it was moms who asked for the change. >> they didn't want us take their babies to the nursery to be weighed and this for the pediatrician to do the exam and to the nursery for the hearing exam they said what are you doing and we listened. >> having her arms up to the feet. >> reporter: the nurses do everything at the bedside with the parents. >> we got a bath at the bedside
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helping with the breast feeding. >> reporter: some expectant moms are worried they won't get a break or cap z's if the baby stays in the room. henderson says the nursery will always be an option but. >> actually the mother does get more sleep if the baby stays in the room with her. >> reporter: jessica wouldn't have it any other way. >> you have them in your belly like for 9 months or 10 months and they are with you all the time and you go through the labor and then you deliver them and you don't want them to leave. you want them with you all the time at least i do. >> reporter: dr. mallika marshall wbz news. >> we don't want this weather to leave either. it's just been so nice. >> we were talking about how gorgeous it was what a gift it was all weekend. and as i was driving into the city last night i thought is that a full moon not the case. it's. >> almost. >> tonight. >> tonight is the full moonofficially speaking. it's gorgeous out there. and it's a snow moon how appropriate. >> perfect.
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opposite sun sets and a full snow moon and jupiter is by so you get a two-fer and cool out there 36 in boston 40 in norwood but it was a beautiful winter day. and tonight, we will dip back into the teens and low 20s. mainly clear skies light winds and all tolled just a chilly february evening. and then we will start to talk about the next storm system. so high pressure is in control right now. delivering some cooler air and this is going to be where the action happens over the next 24 hours. a large powerful storm system will develop along the gulf coast. and it will come at us in two waves. so we will start tomorrow morning it will be kelly and we will have clouds starting to build. the clouds will thicken up as we head towards midday and chilla kelly raw afternoon as snow develops and i think the snow arrives between 4 and 7 so it will go during the evening especially from the pike southward and temperatures are borderline to begin so it may have tough time sticking to the roads but poor visibility out there and that will go downhill heading through the night. just like what we saw last
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midnight that snow changes over to freezing rain. for many areas. and as we pointed out last week cold air is underestimated in the computer models. this is a model and it has temperatures 40s and temps above freezing inland on monday morning. colder i am confident of that and so i think freezing rain and temps near freezing will hold on here away from the coast really throughout the entire day on wednesday. and so southeastern massachusetts you won't have to worry about the ice during wednesday afternoon and inland i think it's going stay icy for a big part of the afternoon. we look at the snowfall as part of this and comparing to last week because it's in our minds acoating to two inches isolated totals up to 3 are likely. a initial thump of snow and freezing rain on top of the it. then the next part on wednesday night. that is when temperatures actually rise. it's important to note where we have snow and ice a lot of it will not wash away until late wednesday night and on thursday morning that's when the warmer
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and the other thing we watch on thursday morning an area of heavy rain is going to move on through. we will have downpours and strong wind gusts and the temperatures will spike to near 60 degrees the winds will stay with us heading through thursday afternoon. rain totals when we get to the thursday end of the storm one to two inches of total rainfall and minor river flooding something we will keep ion on as we get closer. from the the wind perspective, that's going to coincide with the strongest or heaviest rainfall on thursday morning. and so some of the gusts again may top 50 miles per hour. it's a very, very similar set up to what we just saw last week. and the winds will switch more southwesterly in the afternoon and they will calm down a little bit. be we could have more scattered power outages early thursday morning. we will stay below record levels worcester out of reach at 64. boston record is 65 on thursday and right now we are forecasting 60 but very mild for this time year. and similar to what we have seen all winter long. there's the accu-weather seven- day. friday, colder windy.
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-- high temps in the upper 30s. >> thanks. gronk is back on solid ground after having fun at sea shall we say. >> if boats could talk the gronk cruise returned to port. passengers have wild stories. this was a four-day cruise for fr miami to the bahamas including a stop at a private spot nicknamed gronk island. videos from the cruise have been popping up online showing the tightend and dj booth and getting down with his rather distinctive and energetic dance moves. >> he didn't break anything. >> he is very flex be apparently. still to come a woman's inspiring story of survival and success. >> and the organization that she says played a huge role in helping her turn her life around. >> and big trouble for the mega bus. a fire and explosion if it was not bad enough a passenger was uniquely qualified to let the world know what happened.
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worker caught taking school money for himself. the law says he he should lose his state pension so why is he collected more than 350,000 dollars in benefits? >> why should taxpayers fund your pension? >> tonight the i-team gets answers. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol . when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana
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nstop taking and call your doctor right away if you r r experience symptoms such as rash, swelling, rrr or difficulty breathing or swallowing. p p tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, r r and if you have kidney or liver problems. r r using invokana with a sulfonylurea or insulin r r may increase risk of low blood sugar. imagine life with a lower a1c. are you loving your numbers? ask your doctor about it by name. from high school drop tout phd. >> even when the odds were against hear young woman says a
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future. inspiring story. >> it has not always been an easy journey. >> reporter: 47-year-old wendy williams admits she has come a long way from a pregnant 15- year-old high school drop out to now an assistant professor at the alcohol egg. she -- alcohol egg she says she -- college she says she owes a lot to boston a bridge over troubleed watters. opportunity. >> reporter: it's continuum of care for the troubled youth ages 14 to 24. >> make sure you work on it you are young but do it. >> reporter: executive director elizabeth jackson says bridge is university life skills for young men and women homeless pregnant battling mental health issues or lack education they need to succeed. >> we are teaching them life skills they need to get their apartment and they need to get on their own. >> reporter: here they offer emergency shelter. bridge also provides dental and medical care and education
5:26 pm
housing for young women like 18- year-old sapora and her one- month-old son zen. >> you need help and stability. you need physical help you can't do it yourself. bridge is there. >> reporter: she battles depression and is now back in school and getting professional help she needs. >> i am not depressed. i am extremely happy. >> reporter: what does bridge need? >> other than resources to keep going we just need to understand it's work 75% of the money we raise at bridge is donation. >> reporter: for windy it was more than a second chance. >> hope. hope. >> reporter: she is now teaching social work at the college. >> don't give up. don't see your present as your future. >> reporter: in boston paul burton wbz news. >> what an incredible role mod neil never give up on people in mega bus with a mega problem.
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person possible for the company was on board when the charter bus caught fire. >> shod gun company face murder charges for sandy hook massacre? victim families members weigh in on a lawsuit. >> a meth lab discovered in the attleboro home. what we learned about the case
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rieive from the channel 4 studios in boston -- live from the channel 4 stewedos in boston -- studios in boston, wbz news starts right now.
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wife deposed in a springfield courtroom. 7 women who accused cosby of sexual assault filed a defamation laut suit geeps them. >> michigan man is-- suit against them. >> a michigan man appears in court after killing 6 people. police found weapons in the car and home. >> a dorchester teen charged with killing another teen. police say 16-year-old amari pope stabbed dion hopkins in the heart with a kitchen knife a -- the victim a month shy of the 16th birthday. meth lab in the attleboro home and we are learning new information about what was going inside. we made the discovery after getting a call a man at the >> investigators found the victim of the overdose he was so much more. bree sison has the story.


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