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tv   WBZ News  WBZ  February 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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wife deposed in a springfield courtroom. 7 women who accused cosby of sexual assault filed a defamation laut suit geeps them. >> michigan man is-- suit against them. >> a michigan man appears in court after killing 6 people. police found weapons in the car and home. >> a dorchester teen charged with killing another teen. police say 16-year-old amari pope stabbed dion hopkins in the heart with a kitchen knife a -- the victim a month shy of the 16th birthday. meth lab in the attleboro home and we are learning new information about what was going inside. we made the discovery after getting a call a man at the >> investigators found the victim of the overdose he was so much more. bree sison has the story.
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>> reporter: hazmat teams clean up a suspected meth lab. >> it's terrible. like right by the elderly housing and i mean, there's kids a lot of kids on that side of the street you know. >> reporter: just after 12 noon, police got a call for a as they prepared to take the resident to the hospital they saw tools used for making crystal methamphetamine. meth labs are not common in massachusetts and they are treedgesly dangerous. -- extremely dangerous. chemicals can cause explosions. officers evacuated surrounding homes as precaution. >> hopefully they get it out of the neighborhood. i am glad they found it there's no place for it where there's kids and elderly no place ever. >> reporter: prosecutors said 52-year-old robert etchson became sick from the -- acheson became sick from the batch he made and he this being -- and they took hem to the hospital for treatment sunday and to court monday to be arraigned on charges of manufacturing meth.
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the internet to research how to make it. at has arraignment his attorney says this was a failed first time chemical experience not a sophisticated meth manufacturer. the attorney cast doubt on whether evidence police found would stand up in trial. he is held on $2500 cash bail. bree sisons wbz news>> to the weather and yo-yo winter of 2016 continues. >> it's up and down after a very few beautiful days. we are watching a winter storm closing in. we go to eric for the details. >> another kitchen sink mock in our direction. winter weather advisories in worcester and western massachusetts and northwestern middlesex county starting at 4 tomorrow. however, i think it will be expanded a little bit as we get closer to the event itself. look there and we will be watching the storm system developing along the gulf coast moment. as it moves our way we start with snow and we go to ice and eventually over to rain. the headlines here the start is
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developing between 4 and 7 we will get 1 to 3 inches of snow out of that. tomorrow night changing to freezing rain and drizzle and across the interior likely stays icy through much of wednesday and the warmup is when temperatures spike on thursday to 60 with that heavy rain damaging wind potential as well. so in terms of commutes, snow developing tomorrow evening and morning. and still slicken the interior on wednesday night. the the storm system. we will talk about more of it in a few. >> see you then. a developing story. suing a gun maker. parents whose children were killed at sandy hook elementary are taking legal action. arguing that one gun in particular is too dangerous to be sold. and yet as brian webb shows us on its side. >> he took it without permission. >> reporter: attorneys for bush master argued before a connecticut judge that the company is not at fault for the
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hook elementary school. the company is being sued by some of the families of 20, first griders and 6 adults that were killed. >> we didn't sell it to adam lanza. >> reporter: they he argued the case should be thrown out because of a federal law protecting gun makers from lawsuits. especially since adam lanza's mother his first victim was the one who bought the weapon? the fire article was not used in-- to injure people by the person who purchased the firearm. namly nancy lanza. >> reporter: but the plaintiffs say the law shouldn't protect the makers of the assault rifle used in the attack which they said is a dangerous battlefield weapon marketed as manhood. >> telling people they are not the weapons. by doing that they are not leading anybody but making the knowledge that likely hoot of result more likely. >> reporter: families of the victims were also in the courtroom and said this lawsuit
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nicole hockley's son dylan died at the school and she says lanza chose his weapon carefully. >> he didn't choose another weapon he didn't choose another style of gun. he chose the ar-15 and the manufacturers need to be held responsible for that. >> reporter: the families areseeking unspecified monetary damages. brian webb for cbs news bridgeport connecticut. >> we have a disturbing report from the centers for disease control. the agency says people spokessed to certain types of laminate from lumber liquidators are more look at this a get chancer -- cancer than previously thought. a earlier report estimate the risk tore lower and the recommendation is the same. owner should try to reduce exposure to the flooring. this was frightening. a mega bus headed to milwaukee burst into flames. >> the bus boom. and then boomed again and you seen sparks and flames fly every where. >> now among the passengers on the bus was a "new york times" reporter who writes the frugal
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everything first saying how the driver told everyone they needed to return to chicago to get on a different bus. then, tweeting the bus caught fire and then update the bus exploded. mega bus policy says the company is liable for 250 in lost or damaged luggage and passengers are definitely not happy. >> that's ridiculous. that's redick loys. i had a -- ridiculous i what pair of shoes worth $180. >> it's ridiculous. and the 200 is gnt to do -- anybody. >> no one was hurt. some passengers claim they smelled smoke even before the bus left chicago. they want to know if the bus the trip. new hampshire investigators say a texas based organized crime ring planted skimming device on gas pumps in five communities. police have arrested one person and is searching for another man. investigators say they used the stolen numbers to make at least
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purchases in massachusetts and new hampshire. massachusetts police by the way are seeing the skimming devices as well. officers in attleboro found this device yesterday at two different convenience stores. there have been similar devices in westwood and in hingham. gas prices in massachusetts row. aaa says right now the average 1.70. 3 pennies cheaper than last week. pet owners and animal rights groups are applauding a city council counselor's idea to ban the sale of dogs from puppy mills to prevent shop breeders. a lot of the breeders don't provide vet care and pass on sick animals. a number of major cities including chicago already have similar rules on the books. still ahead, a fake game show controversy. >> coming up, why jeopardy is banning.
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>> plus anyone? anyone? ferris bueller fans go to-- about to celebrate a big anniversary. >> a white house dance party. how a 106-year-old woman made her dream of meeting the president come true. building a better bank starts with looking at something old, like this... and saying, "really?" so capital one built something new - caf\s. where you can unwind with free wi-fi and banking advice, without all the mumbo jumbo. free checking accounts. no
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bz feed answer the game show not allowing canadian contestants. >> question what is jeopardy andeligibility guidelines they say they cannot accept registration information from online privacylaws. all contestants take an online qualifying test and that may be the issue. as you may know jeopardy host has dual citizenship in the u.s. and where else in canada. >> now ted cruz can't run for president and can't be on jeopardy. >> well you know.
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making the round on the internet for the wrong reasons. >> the clip barber shape i believe posted it asks if -- asking if the look is in the making. see the stylist with the scissors cutting harsh layers into a model. and some comments swirling asymmetrical microlayers what's in a -- what's not to love or i think i can safely speak on behalf of the nation saying that's the most definitely not going to be trend i have no other words. i feel like the fashion industry just gets bored. they. >> i think that's something a 5- year-old would do given scissors. >> and you pay $300 for it. life moves fast. if you don't stop and look around you could mismiss it. >> it has been 30 years since we heard that quote in the film ferris bueller and now the feres fest plan something underway. celebration of the 80s film is
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there will be a screening of the moo movie a tour of the location that is were in the film and including the fabulous modern house and yes, a recreation of that memorable parade. >> if sloan is there i am on board. >> you are in. >> that's big time high school crush and i think seth agrees. >> you heard it. coming up next... >> i want to be like you when i grow up. >> an unforgettable white house visit a 106-year-old woman realizes her dream. >> checking in with weather watchers network cool temps but overall not too bad. we can't complain about the weather late thely. right now 39 degrees -- lately. right now 39 degrees. frank in foxborough beautiful sunshine but it's going away for a while. a stormier forecast. >> coming up tonight at 10 on my tv38, starbucks is making changes to the loyalty program. how your free perks are changing.
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the wall street banks
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just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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you are not. you are not. >> she couldn't slow down or hide her joy at meeting president and michelle obama. virginia mclaurin got to meet the first couple and dance with them. >> she couldn't hide her joy. she came to the white house to celebrate black history month and this visit was a long time coming. >> my name is virginia mclaurin and i was born 1909 and i would love to meet the president. >> the washington, d.c. woman posted that video online in december of 2014.
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>> hi. >> oh. [audio not understandable] >> nice to see you. >> michelle. >> reporter: the white house shared the video of mclaurin dancing as she met the commander in chief. >> dancing. >> come on. come on. [audio not understandable] >> yes. >> reporter: in a petition to the white house she explained she never thought she would live to see someone of color in the oval office. and she told president obama what a thrill it is. >> i thought i would never live to get in the white house. >> you are here. >> and i tell you i am so happy. >> we are happy to have you. >> a black president. >> look at him. right there. >> that's me. >> yeah. >> and i am here to celebrate black history. that's what i am here for.
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here. >> she made history right there. she says she remembers when there was no electricity and when the first car came out. she is going to be celebrating her 107 birthday next month. and after the white house posted that video on the facebook page 9 million people watched. >> you know what's sad is she is 106 and dances better than i do. way better. >> you have the overbite. >> of course you have to bite the lip. she remembers when winters were tough like this has been way too easy. >> and too tempting to compare each day weekend stretch to last year because it was so awful. this is spectacular. >> we remember when winters were tough the last two years. >> last year and the year before. >> this one not so much i thought it would be a good way to look at it. these are high temperatures in boston throughout the course of the winters since december 1st.
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44 in that freezing mark and 9 below freeing. if you wonder about last year it's the opposite. almost all the numbers are exactly the same but just reverse to the cold side. so you know a lot of times we see a season where it gets on the extreme end of the envelope. something as cold as last winter usually there's a react to the other way a lot of snowiest winters have dud seasons that follow a lot of warmest have the coldest right after. and so sometimes weather is seeking a balance. we are seeing that this time. it's 40 degrees in norwood tonight. 38 in worcester all tolled a nice evening with mainly clear skies and we are watching the next storm system developing along the gulf coast. that is severe weather maker over the next couple days to the south but locally we have a tonight mainly clear and temperatures in the teens to low 20s a chilly start to the day tomorrow. and clouds will start to thicken as we head towards midday. just a gray and raw afternoon. and our snow arrives between 4 and 7 tomorrow. notice the snow starting to
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drive, temperatures will be borderline but i think it will stick eventually and certainly visibility will be a bit of anissue. as we head towards midnight the snow will change over to freezing rain and freezing drizzle and that's what many of us get into wednesday morning. and i talked about it and this type of set up. the numbers at computer model comes up with are always too warm in this situation. so i think anywhere just outside 128 weeps morning we are at or below -- wednesday morning we at or below freezing and we will linger throughout a large part of the day on wednesday. i don't think we will warm as fast as that model is showing. now in southeastern massachusetts, you will warm up cape island and south shore heading through wednesday. a little bit. tuesday know a -- snow a isolated incidents eye depth cal to the storm last week where we started with a little snow and went over to the freezing rain and we got into the warmup. so i think most of wednesday is spent in the 30s. and away from the immediate coastline. it's going to be a raw day. as we head into wednesday
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air moves northward and we switch over to heavy rainfall on wednesday night. so i think the tack away especially for interior location, doesn't watch away. snow or ice until we get to late wednesday night. it will stick around. then heading through thursday a spike in temperatures heavy and i and strong winds on thursday morning also. we are looking at 1 to 2 inches of total rain coming through and there could be street flooding for thursday morning's drive and we will be tracking the winds. again, just like last week. when we get the heaviest rainfall early on thursday morning we will get the strongest southerly gusts and some could top 50 miles p per hour so there could be more scattered outages and going to be a pretty nasty thursday drive all considered no winter precipitation around but the wind and rain that will have an impact. as we move past the storm a. windy chilly friday in the 30s. weekends close to 40 both days. there's going to be a surge of arctic air to the north but it is stuck short and never gets here in song southern new england. >> whoa say keep out. >> yeah. >> you stay -- we say keep out. >> yeah.
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>> thanks very much. the fit bit a apple watch revolutionized warable technology but it could be the start. here in massachusetts researchers are working on the next wave of innovative devices. >> we are almost on a monthly basis looking to build even greater functionality into the systems. we are pushing that frontier ford. >> -- forward. >> you look at some of the devices tonight at 11. samsung made a move into virtual reality. the camera lets you shoot virtual reality videos. gear 306 has two cameras one on the front and one on the back and it worst with gear vr the headset developed with facebook okay louse louse. facebook c-eo posted -- posted this picture showing him at the samsung conference and you can see he is surrounded by people using the virtual reality
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the crowd in that picture and the mindless drones in apple's 1984 super bowl commercial for the m-ac and i guess that's the probably you don't realize mark zuckerberg is walking by you. >> take the headset off. american kennel club came out with the list of the most popular dog breeds in boston not terrier didn't make the cut here are the top five. we top it out with the lab. german shepherd golden retriever and then yorkshire terrier and bulldog. nationally dog lovers favor the beagel over the yorkie but we love them all. >> we do. love beagel. one k-9 is proving he is ready for action. >> get a kick out of cleaning the cruiser. >> coming up next at 6, the michigan shooting revises the debate about ride sharing. proposal to cut down on
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where do we stand. the violent robbery caught on
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tonight video from vermont state police shows how much it could be for police dog. the police says k-9 max was more than happy to help to clean the cruiser. there he is. chasing the stream of water back and forth.
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birthday complete with a party hat and the trooper says people see police dogs as aggressive but that's not the case in many cases. and at the end of the day, they can be pretty goofy. the video a perfect example of the bond between a k-9 and handler. happy birthday max. much more ahead. news at 6 starts right now. >> now at 6, the star witness. bill cosby's wife forced to answer questions in a springfield courthouse. >> another kitchen sink storm with snow ice heavy rain andwhen we will break it down. >> making sure your uber or lyft ride is safe. it's been months since beacon hill started considering new regulations why are we still waiting. >> former school administrator caught diverting money into hisaccount. why he is still getting a pension and what happened when we started to ask questions.
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studios in boston, wbz news at 6 starts right now. she has stood by him for decade now camille cosby forced to answer questions about her husband's past. cosby was deposed today in springfield courthouse. >> the lawyer asking the questions represents 7 women who say they were sexually assaulted and sometimes drugged by bill cosby. media from across the country spent today camped outside the hotel where the deposition was taking place. but cosby apparently managed to slip in and maybe out of the building without being seen. our bill shields is live in springfield with the story tonight. bill. >> reporter: there's about 50 ways in and out of the marriott and it connects to other office buildings. today i think camille cosby's lawyers tried to stop the deposition but to no avail. to the best of our knowledge she went ahead and gave the statement. here at the marriott in springfield. they have about married for 52 years but now camille cosby is
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part of a lawsuit fooled by 7 women against bill cosby. the women claimed they were drugged and sexually assaulted by bill cosby. but camille's lawyers tried to stop the deposition saying shehas no involvement with the facts or allegations in the underlying case. and that for her to give a statement serves no purpose other than to embarrass her. the couple owns a home in monday tarry value is dragged into the proceedings that's why the deposition is here in springfield. and so far the only criminal charge against bill cosby has been filed not around here but in philadelphia. reporting live in springfield bill shields wbz news paula. >> thanks. and this lawsuit filed by 7 women is not the only case. three other women filed separate lawsuits against him with similar claims and cosby's facing a criminal charge of


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