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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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part of a lawsuit fooled by 7 women against bill cosby. the women claimed they were drugged and sexually assaulted by bill cosby. but camille's lawyers tried to stop the deposition saying shehas no involvement with the facts or allegations in the underlying case. and that for her to give a statement serves no purpose other than to embarrass her. the couple owns a home in monday tarry value is dragged into the proceedings that's why the deposition is here in springfield. and so far the only criminal charge against bill cosby has been filed not around here but in philadelphia. reporting live in springfield bill shields wbz news paula. >> thanks. and this lawsuit filed by 7 women is not the only case. three other women filed separate lawsuits against him with similar claims and cosby's facing a criminal charge of
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an omotional day in dorchester courtroom as a 16 year old charged in stabbing death of a 15-year-old boy. amari pope hid his face behind awall during the arraignment. police say pope stabbed 15-year- old dion hopkins in his heart yesterday on columbia roadand devon street. the fight was fronted by the victim and pope's girlfriend. hopkins family members decry the senseless violence. >> it's a tragedy and sad family hurt you know. you've got to get over it but you know, you have to stand strong and have faith in god. >> maybe they will stop the killing. it's sad. >> two families destroyed. two families destroyed. >> nope. >> prosecutors say that pope approached police officers at the scene and said i think i killed someone" pope has a prior record of gun and assault charges. new at 6 a robbery caught on tape at a chicago poet lay.
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were surprised by two men with semiautomatic guns one forced three of the workers to get into the cooler the other went into the officer's struggled with the manager and grabbed the cash drawer with 300 dollars. pretty quiet monday when it comes to weather but that will change tomorrow night what storm system moves in eric is here with the accu-weather forecast. this is going to feel familiar. >> it is a little deja vu and the storm is precisely what we saw last week. the same type setup from snow to ice and to the rain and warmth. a little bit of everything. winter weather advisory going knee effect form at 4 -- going into effect tomorrow at 4. the storm we are watching is here across the gulf coast states. a the lot of moisture involved with this one and it's coming in two-phases. first arrives as snow tomorrow. so clouds will increase in the morning. gray chilly day in the afternoon. and then the snow will start moving in between 4 and 7:00. so it gets snowy during evening and might not stick to the roads initially but visible
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and must like last week the snow by midnight starts to change over to freezing rain. and that freezing rain and drizzle likely to be a issue through ties and into much of wednesday across the interior away from the immediate coastline. now that initial thump of know a coating to a couple inches. important to note if you are inland here, i will say along and outside 128. the snow and ice is not going to melt or wash away until wednesday night into thursday. and that's when we get into the warmer air. so looking at snow and sighs. we have street flood and heavy rain by thursday morning and damaging wind gusts much like last week. we will look at the storm forecast coming up for you in a few minutes. >> thanks. vermont senator bernie sanders will be rallying at umass but he was in south beach picking up ep doorsment of national people's action. a group that fights for economic and racial justice. sand erstwhile there blasted the influence of big money in campaign politics.
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means to me and to the vast majority of the american people progressives conservatives and moderates, is one person one vote not billionaires buying elections through super packs. >> his opponent hillary clinton is on the west coast today raising money with three fund raisers near los angeles. after her win in nevada over the weekend clinton is hoping to score back to back victories primary. polls show she has a big lead there. the new poll shows sanders in a tie with clinton here in massachusetts. at 46% with 5% of democrats in the state undecided. on the republican side, donald trump has 50% of the vote in the bay state followed by marco rubio and john kasich. the republicans meantime, arenevada for caucuses there tomorrow. it's smaller field with jeb bush out of the race and marco rubio is seeing a benefit from that and three members of congress who were supporting
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new developments in the shooting in michigan over the weekend. the suspect jason dalton was charged today with 6 counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. authorities say dalton randomly killed people over a period of several hours saturday night. dalton was an uber drive and it a-- driver and it appears he picked up passengers in between attacks. so a story like this makes us think once again about the safety of ride sharing services like uber or lynt and it's been debating here in massachusetts for a while. last april governor baker presented his ideas about how they should be regulated. and lawmakers presented alternate plans and there was a public hearing back in september but as christina hager shows us, we are still waiting. >> right hand. >> reporter: taxi drivers inking up fingers as the boston police office rolled out the fingerprinting machines the city's police commissioner says
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same. >> i think it's the standard and i think you never know what's in someone's past and you don't know how thor wrote the checks are fingerprinting is the best way to do it. >> reporter: headlines from michigan make it top of mind with reports jason dalton picked up fares between shootings and while did he pass background checks the news ride share safety. massachusetts legislators held hearings on how to regulate uber and lyft. there's a proposal for a fingerprint requirement. >> it canly where people have-- women have been attacked and around the country there's been issues. there has to be some processs that what to be in place to protect people. >> reporter: i talked with an uber spokesperson who says the company does do federal state and local criminal backgrounds checks on all drivers.
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thatwith fingerprint requirements is unnecessary. taxi drivers tell us they don't mind the hassle. customers. >> i believe that having a fingerprint check would really reassure me and my parents. >> reporter: boston police invited uber to use their machines. so far uber is not taking them up on it. but lawmakers say if they can pass regulations they may not have a choice. in boston, christina hagger wbz news. >> massachusetts is clear if you are public employee and get caught breaking the law on the job, you lose your pension. >> so why did a former school administrator get over 3 50,000 dollars in pension payments even though he he stole from his school. up next the i-team gets answers. >> new problems for boston. a powerful voice that says the head master needs to go at boston latin. >> take a look at this red sox
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you will see david ortiz arriving for spring training down here in fort myers. we will have more on ortiz and one other veteran showing up and working out today here in
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tonight we have a wbz exclusive. if of you are public employee you are supposed to lose your pension if you break the law while you are on the job. >> the i-team uncovered a costly case that slipped through the cracks. ron kath shows us how they are take action. >> reporter: ryan craght with-- kath with wbz we wanted to ask one important question why should taxpayers fund your pension. former adstraightor was -- administrator was caught giving funds to himself that should have spelled end to the 700,000
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through and the checks kept coming. more than 350,000 dollars since the guilty the time he was convicted he was retired for several years so nobody at the school notified the retirement system. and the state which revoked the anything either. what break down is that. >> is that's significant. and i -- that's a significant breakdown and you doing the story is a great eye opener. >> reporter: ken blancheette is a former lawmaker that rote the legislation that strips public employees of pensions. >> violate the public trust you don't have a right to a pension that's taxpayer supported for the rest of your life. >> reporter: i want your response do you feel you should be able to keep your pension? >> no comment. >> reporter: after the i-team raised questions the state retirement board is taking action. his attorney argued he has been punished enough. >> he is admitted responsibility and paid back the school. >> reporter: but the law is if you are convicted of a crime related to the job you your
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why is this any different? >> it was not connected to his job. >> reporter: at the end of the week he will find out if that argument prevails or if he has to refund thousands of taxpayers dollars. department of education officials tell the i team they are using this case as a catalyst to review whether there's more they can do to communicate with the retirement system and that would be to make sure taxpayers are not mistakenly paying out pension funds as well. >> speak of that that's. >> the only case. >> reporter: tomorrow night at 6 a very unique case about a convicted former police chief and why retirement officials might now be moving to revoke his pension. 20 years after that conviction. >> interesting we will wait to see that. thanks very much. if you have a story for ryan or e-team 617-779-tips. here we are as we begin the first excuse me the last full week of february. >> just like that. >> you can feel the change in
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at this beautiful full moon. >> it doesn't matter what it's doing with the temperature as long as it is bright outside. it's one of the days and full moon is gorgeous so if you are outside look up tonight and it's the full snow moon which is appropriate considering we have snow less than 24 hours from now and right next to it you get a 2 fer. jupiter this evening. and in terms of the snowfall, that will be arriving after 4 p.m. tomorrow. so headlines here as we watch another storm system move in and this is almost exactly the same script as what we saw last week. the start is a burst of snow with one to three inches i've cross the area starting between 4 and 7 tomorrow evening. and then we do the transition over to freezing drizzle and freezing rain so tomorrow night between 11 and into wednesday, it will be icy areas and doesn't look like enough to cause power outage. but very slick travel outside. and then there's the warmup stage which begins on wednesday night and into thursday and we spike to 60 and we get heavy rain and a chance for damaging winds. so really, i mean you couldn't
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one thing that sticks out that's different is it's not as cold before the storm. so we have 30s out there tonight and last storm had act being air before it. we had the record setting cold and so surfaces were really cold and as soon as it rained or snowed it got slick as lopping as roads are treated tomorrow night they will probably be in okay shape. high pressure in coal. this is -- control this is the area to watch and the storm system comes out in two parts starting tomorrow. but for tonight mainly clear skies and upper teens to lower 20s and light winds a chilly start to the day tomorrow. and we will watch the clouds thicken up. a little morning sun and otherwise we turn to overcast skies and it's going to be a very raw chilly day and snow starts moo move -- starts to move n between 4 and 7 lower visibility especially from the pike southward and then that's going to transition over to freezing drizzle. and what is the case we mentioned last week, models try to get the cold out of here too quickly. heading towards wednesday morning, it's likely the temperatures outside 128 will likely be at or below freezing.
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and i think towards the cape and islands you will warm up on wednesday a little bit. but most of the interior is going to stay in the 30s all day long on wednesday. so it's going to be very chilly outside and staying icy in some spots. but the initial thumb of up -- thump of snow and then ice and then warmth. that starts tomorrow night. i think the big of the idea is if you get the snow and ice inland, it's not going wash away until late on wednesday night and into thursday. and that's when the warmer air pours northward and a line of downpour also be moving through on thursday morning with strong winds and a lot of very warm air makes its way up the eastern seaboard and the know is way west for the storm. looking at rain totals one to two inches could see street flooding on thursday morning and heaviest downpours and the strongest winds will be along with the really heavy rain on thursday morning. so out of the south we could see some gusts over 50 miles per hour. and again the chance for scattered power outages outside maybe limbs trees coming down like last week.
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into the day on friday also. here's accu-weather seven-day a sloppy weather week for us. going from the snow tomorrow and iciness on wednesday and rain on thursday and friday gusty and colder staying in the 30s and weekend right now looks quiet. lee a.m. and paula. >> we like that. -- liam and paula. >> we like that. certain things you have to savor the end of winter the sight of big arriving at spring training for the last time. >> did he look better than panda. >> yes, he better. elvis arrived and he reported today and he had a big smile on his face. let's not forget this is his final year and he said it and is sticking to it. check out big papi at the end of the workout hitching a ride. on golf cart. ortiz says it was going to be him next year so perhaps he is thinking ahead to coaching duties after he retires. dan roche won't retire and he
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myers with the the latest on big pape and justin pedroia who arrived today also. dan. >> reporter: nice to see them both here in camp. that's for sure. the two big guns showed up to work out on monday. a day before anybody had to officially report. and as far as those two are concerned, they are hoping big things in 2016. he arrived shortly before 8 monday morning. david ortiz beginning his 2016 farewell tour here in fort myers as the 40-year-old gets ready to retire following this season. knees in great shape. i had -- he is in-- >> he is in great shape i sat with him a couple times in the off season and he is looking forward to this year but above all he wants to win >> bust of luck. >> thank you. >> reporter: dustin pedroia arrived and with the addition of price crim bell and others -- kim bells and others he likes -- kimbrel and others he likes what he sees.
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the team is high and we will go out prepare and try to win as many games as possible. >> reporter: pedroia had thoughts on sandoval and ramirez who both were disappointments last year. >> you know expect ies as it-- expectations you can't live up to them and you have to be yourself and they will it takes time. >> reporter: pedroia is preparing for han leighley to be his partner on the rye side of the field. >> it is tough to change position you have to put the work in and we are here to help and do what we can to make him comfortable as possible -- comfortable as possible. >> reporter: as for sandoval not showing up in the greatest of shape the president and gm says he is not concerned by that. he expecteded to back the player david price and david ortiz meeting for the first time. they have in the past and they made nice and filming a commercial. you knew it would happen when they got together. here in fort myers, dan roche. now back to you steve.
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all about the hugs. the celtics and bruins are in action. the b's host the blue jackets and defenseman left with a right arm injury after a hit. ron is back after missing saturday's game. the cell ribs in minnesota take on timberwolves. fresh off the play of the year last night in denver. smart dives and punches the ball to turner and he saves it before running out of bounds. and bradley finishes it off and oh what a dunk. how can we resist. are you kidding me? what play. c's win 121-to 101. kevin garnett won't be in the lineup missing the 12th straight game with knee injury and david lee has now signed with dallas. that's sports for new guys. >> thanks so much. the cbs evening news is coming up next at 6:30. >> scott pelley joins us live from new york with a preview. scott.
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you in boston. after the mega bus fire outside chicago, we began to wonder whether the big double-decker buses have problems like this more often and we discovered that this is at least the third one in recent times. we will have a look at the mega buses and the regulations for their safety and the rest of the the world news coming up on the cbs evening news in 10 minutes. >> see you then. overtime trouble.
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we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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na-acpp wants boston latten head master to shep down because of how she handled incidents. they didn't properly aaddress
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racial slur and they say the head master failed students a school and city leaders are standing by her. a lack of rules held the overtime system to run out of control. a report released last year showed dozen phs mbta employees were doubling and tripling their pay with overtime. and an awedit. overtime system shows there's no procedure for requesting or approving or documenting overtime and they want to change that. >> there are very different rules for how overtime is assigned and there were individuals who managed to capture what seems to be a disproportionate share of available overtime. >> the mb-ta said most of the people who commented on the the proposal for a fare hike are against it. the t control board will vote on that proposal next month. till to come -- still to come, bc's big deal. >> the plan to transform part of the chestnut hill campus and
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boston college plans a the athletic facilities. >> they will build a correct rational facility when it demolishes edmonds hall. they want a baled field house next to alumni stadium and create baseball softball and intermural fields on the bright op side of the campus total cost 200 million dollars. >> first they have to start winning. >> they do. >> paul is excited about this -- paula is excited about this. >> it will be great. >> what about tonight. >> the gorgeous full moon and cool temperatures tomorrow we watch the snow arrive between 4 and 7 so by tomorrow evening it is snowsy and changes to freezing rain and pushing the message the stoferl is -- storm is just like last week whatever we did last week will work this week. >> what do you think steve? >> not so bad. >> what do you think i've been
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>> one guy needs to lose weight. >> and nley ramirez. [audio not understandable] >> turn your mic on. >> thanks for watching tonight. >> we will be back at 10 and 11 on bz right here. >> pelley: an uber driver is charged today with six counts of murder in a saturday night shooting spr also tonight, a top aide is fired for posting a bogus video of rubio. >> every single day comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue. >> drew: why did this mega-bus with 40 passengers burst into flames? >> the bus boomed and then boomed again and you see sparks and flames fly everywhere. >> pelley: and virginia mclaurin waited more than a century for this moment. >> it was the greatest time of my life. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs


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