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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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in control tonight and falling
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two storms to watch this brings us a developing storm this will be the stronger one that takes control later this week. that will bring the wind, the rain and the warmer temperatures eventually. clouding up in the morning we will have low 20s out the door, to start the day. overcast, topping out in the upper 30s and snow developing between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. especially from a pike southward. slick areas developing and then as we approached midnight we will switch over from snow to freezing rain. especially in the interior locations we will stay below freezing all the way through wednesday morning. and for some even longer than that. this initial snowfall is o ne-3 inches across most of the area. as we head into wednesday, temperature start to warm and that we bring in the rain and some strong winds. we will talk about that end of the storm coming up in a few minutes. "breaking news" tonight, a hover board sparked a house fire , the family was home at the time in fact, investigators say an 11-year-old boy was on the hover board when it suddenly caught fire.
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the latest in a series of hover board fires nationwide. the government says it is ready to seize, or recall any hover board that does not meet safety standards. camille cosby's testimony under oath of massachusetts. ill cosby's wife fought this court appearance for months, but ultimately she had to answer questions in a lawsuit against the comedian. louisa muller's life mueller is live with the story tonight in springfield. >>reporter: camille cosby's attorneys consistently argued that she did not know anything her husband and that the couple of conversations with each other were confidential. finally today she had to answer questions, under oath, about a man she calls a wonderful husband, father, and friend. >> this is a woman that clearly did not want to be there. >>reporter:inside the springfield hotel on monday, camille cosby came face-to-face with attorneys for the seven women her husband of 52 years
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sexually assaulting. she faced questioning, under oath, for the defamation disgraced comedian, bill cosby. emergency motions by cosby's lawyers to block the definition -- deposition denied by a judge. >> if i was her lawyer, do the same thing >>reporter:camille has stuck by bill since the sexual assault allegations against him surface. despite a daylong affair, plaintiff's attorneys say cosby testified for only 2.5 hours and twice the judge was contacted. another deposition has been set up for march 14, with a slew of questions they argue yet to be answered. >> there are so many women who have made allegations that we have an opportunity to ask her about. >>reporter: a long process, plaintiff's attorney argues made longer by the cosby camp. >> the cosby folks, they want to stay the case which means put the case on hold while he
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they want to shut down the whole case. >>reporter: the couple of shelburne falls home, the monetary value which is wrapped up in these proceedings, hence the deposition was held here, cosby's attorneys had no comments after today. live in springfield, louisa mueller, wbz news. is off the streets accused of hitting a bicyclist with his scene. let's get right to julie work in the story live in cambridge tonight >>reporter:tonight cambridge police are working to reconstruct that accident they tell me they will soon decide weather or not this officer will be charged. the off-duty cambridge officer was in his personal vehicle, and out of uniform sunday night when he allegedly's truck a bicyclist i did not stop. it happened on broadway and portland street just a few blocks from the police department. the female victim in her 30s,
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was taken to mass general with non- life-threatening injuries. cambridge police say a witness, who was able to get a license plate number led them to the office on sunday evening. for now, that officer is off the job on unpaid leave pending an investigation as well as the da. that victim had to spend the night in the hospital last night. we are told she will be okay. right now, cambridge police are not releasing the officer's name. live in cambridge, wbz news right now police are investigating a crash that man for the victim was crossing middle street, at the time. the 19-year-old driver did stop at the scene, they do not believe that speed played a role here, but the road is closed while they investigate. the only flight and the family's darkest time, a gathering in memory of 15-year- old dion hopkins who police say was stabbed to death by another teenager.
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as it comes together. there is wbz's kate merrill >>reporter:it's not the after school activity anyone wants to see on the streets of d orchester, candles being let in memory of a teenager stabbed to death. his friends looking for a way to say goodbye. >> he was a goofy, friendly person. i don't understand why this happened. everybody liked him. >>reporter:15-year-old dion hopkins was killed on sunday when police and he got into a fight with a 16-year-old pope's girlfriend and they say pope, who lives nearby, robbed a kitchen knife pope was in court on monday, as prosecutors laid out the >> video surveillance shows moments after esther hopkins lifeless, mr. pope standing over him and in fact circling him with a knife visible in his hand. >>reporter:dion's family is now
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>> i loved him. he's like every other teenager. >>reporter:for dion's friends and family this is not an isolated incident. this is part of a much larger problem. >> we are losing too many of our young people. it needs to stop >>reporter:aisha jones not only knew dion but she is also a mom, she says the violence has to stop, and she is not alone. >> it is quite a tragedy, and you know, i hope everybody is outraged and this could be a teaching moment that we have to do a lot more with these kids need. >>reporter:in dorchester, kate merrill, wbz news to campaign 2060 now, presidential politics turning to massachusetts tonight. bernie sanders bring in his populace message to umass, he rallied students it amherst we had his economic solution and says his presidency would call for free tuition at public colleges. >> we are listening to young people, and people not so
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commit to have to be paying back student loans. >>reporter:earlier today sanders was out -- advocates for economic and racial justice. the republicans are crisscrossing nevada hours before tomorrow caucuses there. spokesman to resign for tweeting a story that falsely insulting the bible. ted cruz and rubio are chasing donald trump who is now getting advice from former new york city mayor, and presidential candidate himself, rudy giuliani. could he really when it all? john keller is going to take a closer look at the question. coming up investigators searching for a motive in a deadly michigan had complained to uber about the driver now accused of killing six people.
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satellite center tonight. complaints just hours before >>reporter:they did, the received complaints from several passengers on saturday, including one about erratic driving more than an hour before the shootings began. 45-year-old jason dalton, appeared, by video link at the county courthouse where he is >> do you understand the charges being made against you? and the maximum sentences that i just dated? >>reporter:police say that uber driver went on a deadly rampage in kalamazoo, michigan on saturday night shooting eight people, killing six. investigators say the shooting started at an apartment complex where dalton shot a woman multiple times. tammy george came outside when she heard the gunshots >> she was curled up in a ball, and she was asking about her kids >>reporter:another man had come forward claiming dalton picked
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shooting. >> our interaction with him was very basic. it was a five minute ride. and i said you are not the shooter, are you? he said no. and i said, are you sure? and he just said no, i'm just tired. i been driving for seven hours. >>reporter:police a dalton admitted he gunned down a man and his son at a car dealership several hours later and then killed for more women outside a cracker barrel restaurant. >> uber says dalton, a father of two, passed a background check and had no prior criminal history. live in the satellite center, paula evan, wbz news in boston it is cabdrivers now getting fingerprinted as a safety measure for passengers area the police commissioner wants uber drivers to do the same, he's even inviting uber to use boston's new fingerprinting machines. the commissioner is not alone in this, state lawmakers are pushing for new regulations to make fingerprinting mandatory for all uber drivers. that brings us to our number of the night, 6000, that is how many licensed taxicab drivers
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chipotle employees keep their cool during a violent robbery. >> these workers held at gunpoint and forced into a freezer. the clues of the robbers up behind on camera. david ortiz arrives for the final spring training of his career. see how he started his last year in baseball. a little snow, a lot of ice, a little rain, a lot of winds. we would will take a look at
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right now police are searching for two men who robbed a chipotle in dartmouth. the mast men were caught on
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into a freezer at gunpoint then demanding to others and to the cash register. the men made off with about $300. police are hoping someone would recognize him from this video and tournament after two runaway primary wins in a row, the far-fetched notion of donald trump as gop presidential nominee now seems very real. >> john keller is here with a closer look at the reasons why >>reporter:if i had a dollar for every person who has asked me, in recent days, if trump could really go all the way now ? dinner would have been on me in the newsroom tonight. the answer to that question is yes, and here are some of the reasons why. >> we are going to win, or are we going to win? >>reporter: no mistake, there is cause for trump's confidence in eight of the nine states holding super tuesday primaries where there has were the has been polling, trump leads in six of them. trailing only in ted cruz's
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and short of an unexpected ted cruz surge or a rapid consolidation of anti- trump sentiment behind marco rubio, look for the trump express to keep on rolling. why? >> there is nothing easy about running for president. i can tell you. it's tough, it's nasty, it's me, it's vicious. >>reporter:no one has played the game better than trump so far, monopolizing media coverage and displaying messaging mastery. >> we are going to do the wall, and by the way, who's going to pay for the wall? >>reporter:resolutions may be sketchy, but trump's skill at identifying and exploiting the campaign's hottest issues will -- most notably immigration have left his competitors in the dos. while his critics say he is too harsh and negative, no one paints a prettier picture of life under his leadership. >> you're going to say please, mr. president, we cannot stand it anymore we do not want to keep winning we cannot end up.
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>>reporter:with rhetoric like that, trump makes his fans feel great about the future, something other candidates have struggled to do. and now, republicans who believe a trump nomination would be disastrous just weeks to find a way out from this increasingly inevitable party takeover. the newsroom tomorrow. thank you. good story. tomorrow here on wbz, obama cared how the candidates hope to change the system. >> we are keeping our eyes on another storm moving its way and after we had such a nice spring. rain for it but here we go, bad winter is coming back in. at his new england, eric, we know things change very quickly and dramatically. >> it is february, it is not spring yet. remember what last february was like, we are all out of sorts with this warm air we have seen the last few days. a couple of inches possible and developing between four-7
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have a timeframe of freezing rain and drizzle tomorrow night into parts of wednesday. especially across the interior and then comes the warm-up wednesday evening into thursday up to 60 degrees with some heavy rain and strong winds. let's take a moment of zen here. a beautiful picture. i like this one from eileen murphy she says the snell mood clear for takeoff. nice picture. temperatures falling back into the teens, low and middle 20s overnight. it will be a chilly start to the data. not a lot of warming going on without that sunshine is going to feel colder, wind increases out of the east especially near the coast. highs in the upper 30s, a couple of towns touching 40 degrees but the clouds will be thickening up as the day goes on. there are two areas to watch, to separate storm systems. the first one is this one, this brings us the chance of snow. the next warm as this one across texas and this one will
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weather across the southeast. it is also the one that pushes the warmth of the east coast and gives us our rainfall into wednesday night. those clouds thickening up in gray skies by lunch of that snow developing between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. tomorrow night. this is where we will have some lower visibility. the big difference between the storm this week, and lastly, is that it was very cold leading up to that last storm. and everything froze on contacted had not been as cold this time around. i think the roads will stay in better shape. as we headed to the overnight there will be areas of freezing rain, freezing drizzle across the interior. temperatures are going to stay cold into wednesday morning. even into wednesday afternoon in some spots. in terms of the snow, it is a coating up coding up to 2 inches, some isolated totals up to 3 inches. and then as we headed to wednesday, highs stay in the 30s for most of the day except
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the 40s quickest. wednesday evening into wednesday night, and comes the warm air, without some very heavy rainfall is expected. we will spike to 60, low pressures spikes its way eastward and that brings colder into and out of the week. rain totals at one-2 inches are expected here that could create street flooding on the roads. the heaviest rain is looking like wednesday night into very early on thursday. if we are lucky it will wrap up before the commute. the strongest wind gust will be on thursday, that has the potential of bringing down -- not quite as strong as last week but still strong enough. to summarize all of it, we are tomorrow evening the snow developing by wednesday morning still some icy areas west of 128, still brisk wednesday evening and rain for thursday morning. behind it all just a gusty cold right now the weekend looking quiet near 40 both days. less weather drama. >> thank you very much. weather to focus on health, education or entertainment.
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are finding crater boston a good fit. innovation taking place here could change the way people live and play rather world. we take a closer look at some of these new devices. >> a pair of smart eyewear. >>reporter:these might look like sunglasses but they are so much more. they are called solos and are being touted as the most sophisticated smart eyewear ever >> that is the keyboard you can have the whole cell phone on your head without people knowing it. >>reporter:i can see everything, and that there is a little tiny screen right there. the tiny screen is an understatement for the cat is sitting next to this quarter. this promotional video dramatizes house -- how the images appear. i can see it just off center. it's colorful. a big display. >> the more you wear it, the more invisible it becomes. and the information is there when you need it. >>reporter: the glasses connect to your cell phone via
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it will initially be marketed to elite athletes. smaller, lighter, last longer and this is just the beginning of the journey >>reporter:right now i am flexing my hand around my forearm you are seeing muscle activity. it's all about biometric sensors making the thinner, smaller and more pliable at nc 10 in lexington. real-world data as people go about their lives every single day. >>reporter:the sensor is called my uv patch. >> it can elect the amount of light exposure to the sun and user. >>reporter:the uv patch will be expected to be a cosmetic counters this summer. future innovations are in the work of local universities like at worcester polytechnic institute. >> children learn in motion, and having fun.
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they make positive associations to the idea of math >>reporter:it is meant to think using smart watches. undergraduates have been testing it. for the rest of us, wearable technology is giving us a new way to see the world. chris mckinnon, trying to show my very cool for the glasses would it not be hard to focus if it's right there in front of your face >> if it's anything like google glass, it isn't. we will have to ask chris the star sightings at spring training.
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maybe the bruins should've stayed on the road, they have a problem. 10 goals were scored tonight, six of them by columbus. he gets his second goal of the game on a deflection that makes a four-three. the bees pulled the goalie, and erickson gets his second of the game. ruins down five-for with two -- 2:57 to go. he gets the empty letter to isaac, bruins go down six-four. kevin garnet out with a injury, kyle anthony was a
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do it all. the game. up. bradley hits the three c's down 123-122 with six seconds to go. marcus smart goes in for three for the win, no. so close. down at red sox spring training, picture -- picture of the day, david ortiz now the best of friends, we have the news of the day. >>reporter:the last two to arrive on monday, two of the biggest names of the boston red sox and both are hoping to make 2016 a season to remember for red sox fans. david ortiz arrive shortly before 8 o'clock monday morning, ready to begin his farewell season. >> he looks great, he is ready. right after the season me and my wife went to italy and he went so we overlapped in the city i went to dinner.
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i'm a little upset it was his -- it is his last year. >>reporter:dustin is in the house, too, looking to bounce back after missing 93 games with a hamstring injury last season while watching another last place last-place finish. >> i feel great. i'm ready to go. if you don't win your last game, the season is a failure but it's very difficult to win a world series, we all know that. that is why we play, why we work so hard, we are going to try to accomplish that >> asked for him being one of the last to arrive for spring training. that's why i came when i did, we do not show up when we wear shorts. this is not softball. you wear pants. i will come when you wear pants, and you go to work. >>reporter:the president backed him up on monday saying he is not concerned.
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ortiz a little bit of bad blood there in the past, how did that when they first met. not surprising they even found a commercial as well. >> there you go, that is sports for now.
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tonight at the garden a special honor first -- sergeant dick donahue and a salute for all first responders. >> donahue dropped in the first pack at the bruins game tonight. he announced his retirement because of the injuries he sustained with the marathon bombers. several other first responders were also honored throughout the game this evening.
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we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you.
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causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you.
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after a few beautiful days it will snow tomorrow after 4 o'clock. >> thank you for being with us tonight. have a great tuesday. "the late show with stephen colbert" is next. >> jon: stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs (cheers and applause) >> stephen: thank you, ladies and gentlemen! thank you, joe! thank you, john! thank you, mark! (cheers and applause)


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