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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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eric fisher on wbz news a hoverboard. the popular toy sparks a fire inside a local home. a cambridge police officer on leave, what he's accused of doing behind the wheel of his personal car. and hollywood thinking about recreating the terrifying scene that mraid out -- played out on the streets of the shootout with the unabomber. >> from the streets of boston, this is wbz "this morning". >> good morning to you, it is 4:30 right now i'm kathryn hauser. >> and i'm chris mckinnon, february 23, we're rolling ahead
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crazy it's gone on this fast. >> in a flash. >> this weekend is beautiful, now a massive storm coming through. >> a mixed bag of things. danielle will bring it to us. >> feels like last week, a little bit of everything, a burst snow, developing from 4:00 to 8:00 this evening, and then freezing rain, drizzle across the interior, through wednesday morning. tomorrow's commute is going to be slick start in spots. a warm up with it too. temperatures will spike to near 60 degrees on thursday. but it comes with heavy rain and a damaging wind threat on thursday morning, as some of the heaviest downpours come through. until then we're quiet, 27 boston, 27 worcester, 18 keene. in the 20s to low 30s on the cape, some sunshine once it comes in this morning and then the clouds win out quickly.
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morning rush, sunrise at 6:30. we will rise about 10 degrees, 38 by lunch time, mostly cloudy though that east wind up 15 miles an hour and then the ride home, areas of snow will develop. i don't think it will be a big impact until the end of the evening commute, the roads have been so warm as of late, we shouldn't see a whole lot of sticking until later on this evening. we're going to break down how much rain is going to fall and the forecast, kathryn, in just a moment. frightening moments for a family when a hoverboard sparks a fire at their chelmsford home. this is in a series of fires. >> an 11-year-old boy was on the hoverboard, in his monmouth street home when it burst in to fire, pictures show the damage left behind, the burn mark on the family's living room floor and the charred hoverboard with
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investigating more than 40 hoverboard related fires caused by batteries that overheat and combust. a cambridge police officer accused of hitting a bicyclist with his car and then fleeing the scene, cambridge police aren't releasing the office's name but tell us he was off duty, out of uniform, and in his own car sunday night when he allegedly hit a woman on a bike in kendall square. police tell us a witness got the license plate number. the bicyclist in her 30s spent the night at mass general whopt sxhaed neck -- hospital with head and neck injuries. the police will decide whether the policeman will face charges. investigating a crash that seriously injured a 76-year-old man last night. crossing milt street at the time. the 19-year-old driver stopped at the scene, dhoent believe he -- they don't believe he was speeding.
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from harvard, divers will be back out searching for the missing 22-year-old. they searched boston harbor and the charles river last week. he was last seen going for a smoke outside near the bellingham hall almost a week ago. masked men were caught on camera late sunday night, forcing three employees in to a freezer at gunpoint then demanding two others empty the register. they made off with $300, police are hoping someone will recognize them from the in. over to campaign 2016 now, bernie sanders bringing his night. the vermont center rallies students at u mass amherst to get behind his economic revolution. sanders says his presidency would call for free tuition at public colleges. he was at union hall picking up the endorsement that advocates
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today the republicans will caucus in nevada. donald trump is looking inform continue his winning streak while rival ted cruz is fighting back claims that he's running a dirty campaign. cbs's don champion reports. >> reporter: after winning primaries in south carolina and new hampshire, donald trump is eyeing a big win in nevada tonight. >> you got to vote tomorrow! vote, vote, vote! >> reporter: on the eve of the gop caucuses, the republican front runner did not hold back, slamming a protester. >> like to punch him in the >> reporter: and bashing rival ted cruz for what he called dishonest campaign ads. >> this guy is sick, there's something wrong with this guy. nevada! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: after finishing in third place behind marco rubio in south carolina, cruz is going in to today's contest without his communications director.
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monday for sharing a false news story on social media that suggested rubio dismissed the bible. >> i had made clear in this campaign that we will conduct this campaign with the very highest standards of integrity. that has been how we conducted it from day one. >> reporter: speaking on the flight to vegas, rubio called tyler the fall guy for cruz's deceptive campaign. >> you feel bad for the guy, basically a guy who was executing [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: rubio is leading cruz in the silver state, both are vying to be the main alternative to trump with super tuesday just a week away. don champion, cbs news. on the democratic side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton will take part in a town hall event in south carolina ahead of the democratic primary there on saturday. wbz political analyst jon keller keeping a close eye on the big issues in this election. today's topic, obamacare, and how the candidates hope to change the system. you can see that tonight on the
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camille cosby testifying under oath in massachusetts in a defamation case against her husband but she's not done answering questions yet. louisa moller has a closer look at the proceedings and reaction from the plaintiff's attorney. >> this is a woman that clearly didn't want to be there. i think there was some discomfort. >> reporter: inside this springfield hotel monday, camille cosby came face to face with attorneys for the seven women her husband of 52 years is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting. she faced questioning under oath for the defamation lawsuit against now disgraced comedian cosby. emergency motions to block the deposition denied. camille has stood by since the allegations surfaced. desfiet a day long affair, plaintiff's attorneys say he testified for two and a half
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another deposition was set up for march 14 with a slew of questions they argue yet to be answered. >> there are so many women who have made allegations that we have an opportunity to ask her about. >> reporter: a long process, plaintiff's attorney camarada argued made longer by the cosby camp. >> the cosby folks they want to stay the case which means put it on hold while he deals with the criminal proceedings. they want to shut down the whole case. >> reporter: the monetary value of the home the couple own in shellburn falls is wrapped up in the proceedings, hence it was held in springfield. attorneys for cosby didn't have a comment. in springfield, louisa moller, wbz "this morning". a new state law criminalizing trafficking of the drug sentinel goes in to effect today. the new law makes trafficking more than 10 grams of the drug
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states prison. it's a synthetic opioid that can be more powerful than heroin. a new law is an important step in fighting the opioid problem. the shootout with the marathon bombers could be relocated on location for hollywood. the watertown news report says for mark wahlberg's patriots day asking people in the neighborhood to recreate the shootout where it happened. flyers have been handed out to residents, the film would include simulated gunshots at night. the project would begin in late april marking three years since the bombings. the flyers say residents would be compensated for the filming. it's being produced by cbs films. meanwhile a special honor for the officer injured in the watertown shootout. dropping the first puck at the bruins game. donahue recently announced his
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of the injuries he sustained that night. several other first responders honored during last night's game. coming up on wbz "this morning", a change for loyal starbucks customers and they won't be happy. plus, free shipping on amazon will cost you more, details on money watch. and local inventors working on wearable technology for the future, i'll give you a closer
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facebook is out with a new video feature and starbucks is changing its loyalty program. plus, amazon making changes to the free shipping program, jill wagner live at the new york stock exchange with more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn. it's going to cause amazon customers more to get free shipping, $49 up from $35, from the $99 a year loyalty program, shipping on all orders free. really outpacing its revenue. facebook wants to bring your happy birthday messages to life with video cam, letting you record 15 second videos of your
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for now only available on eye orksios. >> reporter: and starbucks changing the loyalty program, more on how they spend instead of the current visit. $62 before they get a free item. so the less you spend, the harder it will be to cash in. luckily, frappuccinos are about $5. >> she knows me so well, jill, thank you so much! we'll check with you in the next hour. the big story this morning is the mess that's heading our way. >> yeah, we've got to get all the details from danielle, she's been tracking it for us. >> i have a feeling the next few days will be a frustrating commute, guys. any time you add snow, wind in there, it definitely gets tricky. this morning it's going to be just fine. we don't see snow move in until later on this evening. 16 keene, 21 manchester, 22 lawrence, 27 boston right now
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bit of a breeze making it feel colder, not all that strong but all it takes is a slight touch of wind to make it feel colder, nine degrees the wind chill in keene, 19 boeults right now. -- boston right thousand. there have been low level clouds, the clouds win out today and that's out ahead of rain to our south. we are cold enough we get a burst of snow as it comes in. this is part one of our storm. part two is down across texas right now. with the severe thunderstorm watch that's up for parts of texas, just a sign of how much moisture and energy is with this thing, part two is going to create areas of severe weather today along the gulf coast state and head our way for later on tomorrow night and in to the first part of thursday. let's break it down piece by piece, hour by hour today. temperatures rise through the 30s between now and mid to late morning. noon time, 40. the skies will be mostly cloudy. snow and rain advancing in to connecticut by the time we get to late afternoon. for us, it arrives from southwest to northeast during
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so the good news here is temperatures will be mild enough, it will come down at a good clip, should be less impact, some places like worcester starts to stick, outside 128 and 495 through the evening hours. and then makes a transition over to rain from south to north late evening and in to the first part of the overnight. that snow will linger longest outside of 495 and transition to a period of sleet and pink here and freezing rain during the predawn tomorrow. a slick start outside of 495 early tomorrow morning. even towards 128 pockets around that 32 degree mark. 40 in boston by tomorrow morning though. and then left yefr showers should -- left yefr showers should -- leftover showers should taper. snow, one to three inch event outside of 120. the closest you get to the coastline, coating to an inch, and back down along the coast as well.
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weather service has issued a winter weather advisory from 4:00 p.m. today until noon tomorrow, the areas in purple fall back in rain then falling steadily and heavily. in to thursday morning. the commute will be impacted by downpours, maybe a rumble of thunder. then we end with rain and snow showers thursday evening and night. the wintd wind -- wind is another aspect, could be two inches, of rainfall, damaging winds, in the predawn hours may gust 50 miles per hour with the heaviest rain that comes in. accuweather seven-day forecast we're talking about temperatures up near 60 on thursday before a big cooldown to end the week. weekend's looking good, temperatures should be running in the 40s, guys back to you. >> a lot going on, thanks danielle. from the popular fit bit to the apple watch, it's a booming business.
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for booming business, i looked at products that are building innovation in the way we work and play. >> reporter: these may look like sunglasses but they're so much more. they're called solos and are being touted as the most sophisticated smart eye wear ever. >> that's the key, you can have the whole cell phone on your head without people knowing it. >> reporter: i can see everything and then there's a little tiny screen right there. the tiny screen is an understatement. look at it next to this quarter. this promotional video dramatizes how the issue -- image appears. >> if i look over, colorful, big display. >> the more you wear it, the more invisible it becomes and the more information. >> reporter: solos are expected to be on the market this summer for $400, initially marketed to elite athletes. >> it will get more function, smaller, lighter, fast longer
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>> reporter: so right now i'm flexing my hand around my forearm urks seeing mus -- you're seeing muscle activity? making sensors smaller, thinner and pliable. >> actually capturing real world data. >> fraction of a hair and thickness. >> reporter: this sensor is smaller and thinner, called my uv patch. >> it can collect the amount of ultraviolate light doosh ultraviolet light to the sun and that information to the user. >> reporter: it will be marketed by loreal and expected to be at stores this summer. future universities like this game developed at worcester. >> children can learn in motion and having fun. so when they learn math matdices -- mathematics, they make positive associations to math. >> reporter: it's meant to
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watches. >> it offers a wide variety of ways to get rids -- kids involved. >> reporter: it's a new way to get us involved. >> you look good in them. >> yeah, they're actually very comfortable, everything we talked about is so cool because it gives you so much information what you're doing, what you're absorbing from the world. >> yeah, the curve with the smart watch but i'm behind the trend. >> happening so quickly, whatever we get is so outdated. >> thanks for being with us,
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breaking news overnight, a #-year-old boy -- 4-year-old boy found wandering in roxbury, someone spotted the young child around 3:00 this morning on blue hill avenue and called police. ems evaluated the little boy then transported him o to boston -- him to boston medical center. checking our other top stories, a hoverboard causing a fire at a chelmsford home, an 11-year-old boy was using it when it kautd on fire. -- caught on fire. you can see the damage, a burn mark on the living room floor and the charred hoverboard with one wheel missing. no one hurt and just the latest
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a cambridge police officer is accused of a hit and run. police say the officer off duty sunday night when he allegedly hit a woman on a bicycle in kendall square. a witness gave police a license number which turned them to the officer, the cyclist with head and neck injuries, the officer is on paid leave and will decide whether to file charges. an emotional night as family and friends gather to remember a 15-year-old boy stabbed to death by another teenager. kate merril has more on that violent crime that police say was over a girl. he was a good kid. >> reporter: it's not the after school activity anyone wants to see on the streets of dorchester. candles being lit for a teenager stabbed to death. his friends looking for a way to say goodbye. >> he was the type of goofy and friendly person. he was just very friendly. happened. everybody liked him. >> reporter: dion was killed
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to a fight with 16-year-old pope's girlfriend and they say pope, who lived nearby, grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him in the heart. he couldn't see him behind a wall but he was in court monday as prrz laid out the evidence -- prosecutors laid out the evidence against him. >> video surveillance shows moments after hopkins fell to the ground, lifeless, mr. pope circling him with a knife visible in his hand. >> he's a good boy, i love him. >> reporter: now his family trying to deal with the loss. >> he's a good -- i love him. like any other teenager. >> reporter: for dion's friends and family here in dorchester, this is not an isolated incident, they say this is a much larger problem. >> we're losing too many of your young people, it needs to stop. >> reporter: jones not only knew dion but she's also a mom. she says the violence has to stop and she's not alone. >> it's quite a tragedy and, you know, i hope everyone's outraged and again, this can be, sort of a teaching moment that we've got
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to get them the services they need. >> reporter: in dorchester, kate merril, wbz news. in other news, prosecutors say the uber driver charged in the deadly shooting rampage in michigan has confessed. but they're still trying to figure out jason dalton's motelives. one -- motive. one passenger says he snapped after he got a phone call, then started blowing through stop sign and side swiping cars. that passenger got away, dalton randomly killed six people sxl injured two others over a period of several others saturday night. uber says dalton had cleared a background check and received high ratings before the incident. and right now ride sharing services not regulated in massachusetts, but boston's police commissioner says it's about time uber steps up to better protect riders. yesterday all taxi drivers were being finger printed for more in depth checked. commissioner evans says uber drivers should do the same. the company does check all
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drivering records, but claimed beyond that is unnecessary. just ahead, staying active in the winter. >> the new sport combining snow
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it
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down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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check is out. greenville, wisconsin, comes up with the new softball and they had a tournament. >> fielders keep their snow mobiles turn ofd but the hitter can't fire up their snow mobile until after they hit the ball. the tournament organizers say of cabin fever. creative. >> there you go. your top stories and traffic all straight ahead here on wbz "this morning ". now. right now at 5:00, a popular toy is sparking a house fire in chelmsford, why officials say it's part of a national problem. a cambridge officer on leave accused of a hit and run, the latest on that investigation. hollywood hoping to recreate the shootout with the marathon bombers in watertown. their message to residents. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning".


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