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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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check is out. greenville, wisconsin, comes up with the new softball and they had a tournament. >> fielders keep their snow mobiles turn ofd but the hitter can't fire up their snow mobile until after they hit the ball. the tournament organizers say of cabin fever. creative. >> there you go. your top stories and traffic all straight ahead here on wbz "this morning ". now. right now at 5:00, a popular toy is sparking a house fire in chelmsford, why officials say it's part of a national problem. a cambridge officer on leave accused of a hit and run, the latest on that investigation. hollywood hoping to recreate the shootout with the marathon bombers in watertown. their message to residents. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning".
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>> and i'm kathryn hauser, we appreciate you being here on this tuesday, we've got a lot of weather to get to, danielle tracking lots of things, rain, snow, ice, you name it. >> the warmth and the wind added along with it, absolutely. it's going to be a stormy couple days, the start is going to be a burst of snow that develops between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. this evening, a coating possible and then we turn icy, mixing with freezing rain and drizzle on the interior right on through tomorrow morning, a slick start, especially outside of 128. and then we warm up, temperatures near 60 on thursday with heavy rain and damaging wind on thursday morning. so, a lot of aspects to break down. this morning's quiet though, 27 in boston, 21 manchester, 16 keene. 20s and 30s, clear skies in spots. now clouds are starting to advance in and the clouds will lend out during the day today. your planner goes this way, sunrise at 6:30, we rise through
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time, mostly cloudy wind coming off the ocean, we can feel a touch cooler and then snow as we head in to the ride home, temperatures in the mid 30s, not all that slick to start. and then we start to turn cooler after that. we'll take you hour by hour coming up, on the roads this morning, traffic and weather together, roby. good morning, no major accidents or back ups there to report. live look over the expressway, moderate volume, quincy, fine from the north, same deal. too early for slowdowns, 93 southbound looking good from andover any major over the rides, chris and kathryn? a 4-year-old boy found wandering around in roxbury, someone spotted him around 3:00, to medical center. frightening moments for a family when a hoverboard sparks a pyre inside their chelmsford home.
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series of hoverboard fires across the country. >> our susie steimle is live >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn, just another scare with this very popular toy, hoverboards became a really popular toy over christmas but they've had a number of negative news stories catching fire batteries. this is what happened in chelmsford, inside much a -- inside of a chelmsford home, a 11-year-old was riding it inside fire. he didn't end up being injured but firefighters say this is yet another reminder of how can be. c-net reminds consumers that they shouldn't purchase any hoverboards below $300, those have been the most likely to be combustible. families have been continually warned never to leave these charging on their own but it
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these fires they appear to be random. they've been banned on a number of airlines for that reason. at least in this case we know nobody is hurt. live in chelmsford, susie steimle, wbz "this morning ". >> susie, thank you. a cambridge police officer accused of hitting a bicyclist with his car and then fleeing the scene! cambridge police aren't releasing the officer's name but they tell us he was off duty out of uniform and in his own car sunday night when he allegedly hit a woman on a bike in kendall square. police tell us the witness got a license number which led them to the officer. the bicyclist was taken to mass general with head and back injuries. but she's expected to recover. the officer is on paid leave while police investigate and decide whether or not he'll face charges. and right now police are investigating a crash that seriously hurt a 76-year-old man last night. the victim was crossing mill street at the time. the 19-year-old driver did stop. they do not believe speed was a factor.
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today in the disappearance of zachary mar from harvard. the family tells us divers will be back out this morning searching for the missing 22-year-old. last week they searched boston harbor and the charles river. zachary was last seen outside of bellingham tower more than a week ago. and right now police are searching for two men who robbed the chipotle in dartmouth, caught on camera late sunday night forcing three employees in to a freezer at gunpoint, then demanded two other employees with the register, the men made off with $300, police are hoping someone will recognize them in this video and turn them in. a terrifying night local residents will never forget. police in a shootout with the marathon bombers in the middle of their neighborhood. now that scene could be recreated for a hollywood film. our nicole jacobs is live for us in water town this morning, and reps are asking residents for permission. >> reporter: they are, kathryn. and those scenes we're told
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according to the local paper here with simulations of gun fire that infamous gunfight we all saw play out over the trial period with those witnesses. i can also tell you the big question for you is whether or not that will really fly in a through so much. it was the backdrop of a deadly shootout where dzhokhar and tamerlan tsarnaev were flowing bomb -- throwing bombs, killing an m.i.t. officer. water town where residents heard the shootout there, saw the swarms of law enforcement, some of their homes damaged. on lockdown for hours while authorities searched for dzhokhar. that was their reality in april of 2013. now hollywood wants to put it on the big screen. already surveying the area and residents according to water town paper, cbs films produces
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wahlberg, a film that would follow the day's bombings. the company according to the local paper is offering to pay residents for the quote intrusion. the building of sets, the shooting of scenes, the first mentioning of the film months back, many spoke out against it, having no desire to revisit that night of terror, even if only for the big screen. not a done deal, the majority of residents and the town manager would have to sign off. and crews would move in to this area for preparations we're told around mid april and be out of here by about may 11. again, the big question is whether or not residents would really go for that and the town manager as well. live in water town, nicole jacobs, wbz "this morning". 5:07, camille cosby testifying under oath in massachusetts in a defamation case against her husband but not done answering questions, louisa
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from the plaintiff's attorney. >> this is a woman that clearly didn't want to be there, discomfort. >> reporter: inside this springfield hotel monday, camille cosby came face to face with attorneys for the seven women her husband of 52 years is accused of drugging, and is sexually assaulting. she faced questioning under oath for the defamation lawsuit against now disgraced comedian bill cosby. emergency motions by his lawyer to block the deposition denied by a judge. >> if i was her lawyer, i would do the same thing. >> reporter: she stuck by bill since the accusations against him surfaced. despite a day affair, he testified for two and a half hours and twice the judge was contacted. another deposition set for march 14 with a slew of questions they argue yet to be answered. >> there are so many women who have made allegations that we
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about. >> reporter: a long process plaintiff's attorney joseph camarata argue made longer by the cosby camp. >> the cosby folks, they want to stay the case which means put the case on hold while he deals with his criminal proceedings chlts they want to proceedings. she they want to shut down the whole case. >> reporter: the home they live in wrapped up in these proceedings, attorneys for cosby didn't have any comment. in springfield, louisa moller, wbz "this morning". now to the race for president, bernie sanders bringing his campaign to the bay amherst. calling for an economic revolution and it's been popular with young voters. during his speech he talked about the need for free tuition at public colleges. >> we are listening to young
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who say what crime did i commit to have to be pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt? >> earlier in the day, sanders was at a union hall in southy, he picked up the endorsement of the people's group, a group that fights for racial and social injustice. hillary clinton heading to south carolina today, she and sanders taking part in a town hall event tonight, that state holding its state primary on sunday. another big test today for nevada's caucus. donald trump is looking to make it three in a row after wins in new hampshire and south carolina. trump is the heavy faift in new poll -- favorite in new polls right now. meanwhile, with jeb bush out of the race, more of the republican establishment is backing marco rubio. former gop presidential nominee bob dole threw his support behind the former senator. also from three senators and a number of house republicans. rubio at the center of a
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ted cruz asked his communications director to resign yesterday after he posted the video that falsely accused rubio of insulting the bible. it is just about 5:11, the top dogs in boston. >> the most popular breeds in massachusetts and how that matches us with the rest of the country. this is jon keller. how frustrated are women over being denied the presidency? why, presidential candidate jon kasich could tell you all about that when wbz "this morning" continue. and good morning everybody. temperatures running in the 20s out the door, quiet start right now by the end of school. it will be a little bit chilly running in the 30s. areas of snow develop late afternoon in to the evening, just one facet through the middle part of the week. break down all the details
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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welcome back. the american kennel club releasing its annual list of the most popular dog breeds in boston. >> and no, the boston terrier didn't make the cut. the top five, labs, germany german shep herds and golden retrievers, and placing above the yorkies. >> what about a corgi? >> didn't make the cut. >> i like them as individuals, you know?
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now we're talking about the mess underway. >> i know! danielle, we're talking about snow but late today. >> between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m., that's the snow, ice, and warm temperatures and then rain. a little bit of everything but it's quiet right now, look at this, you guys. shot of the full snow moon out there right now, nice shot. you can see high thin clouds starting to work in to, the how appropriate. evening. at least it's quiet, 16 keene, chilly start, 20s across the region, 27 boston, 23 taunton. a little bit milder over parts of the cape. 34 chatham right now. but there's a breeze making it feel just a touch colder out there. running in the teens for real feels to lower 20s. also some clouds that have been advancing in to southern new england. these clouds ring out today, this storm comes in two different parts. the first part is just to our south, coming through the mid-atlantic is rain right now. the next part is bringing the chance of severe weather, we
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that are up for parts of texas. this next disturbance will create severe weather today aalong the gulf -- along the gulf coast state. temperatures rise through the 20s and the 30s by late morning. the clouds will increase, around 40 this afternoon, and then it's late afternoon that you notice areas of snow advancing across connecticut. that snow advances northward during the evening hours. i think most of the evening commute will be okay. you get south of the mass pike and there will be areas of snow. notice it does come down at a good clip too. but temperatures are about the freezing mark and the ground so mild as of late we shouldn't have a huge issue in terms of a ton of snow sticking on the roads. 32 worcester. by the mid to late evenings athat snow -- as that snow comes in, we'll get slick spots. iejs -- 9:30, 11:00, starting to see it. by midnight in the city of
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longer to transition, outside southern new hampshire, pre dawn tomorrow we'll mix with rain and sleet and rain. tomorrow morning a slippery start, especially outside of 128. bedford 35. but you know some of the spots, you keep an eye on the car thermometer, right around 32 degrees. then we see leftover rain showers during the day on wednesday tomorrow. so tonight, it's one to three inches. it's the coating to an inch along the immediate coast back down to the cape for that reason. we have the winter weather advisory. a round of snow overnight tonight and after that, heavy rain that comes in on wednesday during the morning hours of thursday. and that's when we're talking about temperatures that will be in the upper 50s, heavy rain comes through on thursday. wind gusts over 50 will be possible, so that may cause damage early on thursday morning.
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the weekend looking good with temperatures in the 40s. barry had a great visit yesterday with the webster school, 80 fifth graders in marshfield, a studious group. and they're excited about the read across america next week. >> barry was at the senior center in my hometown, and my dad got to hear him speak there. >> he's all over the place! >> the young kids and the older generation. he says is everyone was very interested, much like the little kids are too in the weather. it never ends, danielle. always interested in the weather, throughout your whole life. still quiet on the roads, unlike tomorrow, not so fun. let's take a live look over route one, in saugus. no issues there on route one from peabody, 93 south, andover, through boston, 128 getting
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the rest through the south look like speed limit runs. the race for the white house has already seen its share of controversies. >> and now kasich is facing a backlash, our jon keller has more. >> reporter: good morning. so you think it's easy being a better think again. yesterday, kasich was talking to voters about the grassroots support he got when he first ran for office in the late 70s and he said quote, we just got an army of people and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door to put signs for me. within minutes, a female supporter stood up and supported him, she said i'll support you but i won't come out of the kitchen, and it wasn't until many were piling on, promming him to get relief. everybody's just got to relax, he said.
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in this campaign cycle, no one seems about to relax, especially women. did you see the video that made the rounds yesterday of the 106-year-old african american woman who danced for joy upon meeting president and mrs. obama? she never thought she'd see a president that looked like her. that's how women feel about the fact we've never had a female president. and while hillary clinton is hardly supported by all women, i can assure you there are plenty of female voters still smarting over her loss to obama eight years ago and determined to see that the glass ceiling in the white house gets shattered this time around. it's not just human nature to want to resent social barriers to your race, religion, or creed. it's what being an american is all about, the notion that those kinds of restrictions aren't tolerated. so if kasich feels unfairly maligned today, hey, sorry,
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your comments are welcome, e-mail me at or @kelleratlarge. 5:21 on your tuesday morning, a close game on the scene. >> plus, struggling on the home crowd, highlights and your morning sports. >> best buds? [ indiscernible ]
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big papi arrives in florida for his final spring training. >> you know, maybe they should stay on the road, a home ice problem. six of them by columbus, 5-3 in the third. and aaronson gets his second of the game, 2:57 to go. they kept the extra skate on but couldn't complete the come back. gets the empty netter, to ice the game. these go down by a score of 64. timberwolves, what a game. they played from behind most of the night but never gave up. bradley hits the three, 121, 122 with second to go. time running out [ indiscernible ] [ cheers and applause ]
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can't get that the one to fall. go down, 124-122. down to red sox spring training, new teammates price and ortiz now the best of friends! dan roche has the news of the day from fort myers. >> reporter: well, the last two to arrive on monday the big names from the boston red sox loping to make -- hoping to make 2016 a season to remember. ortiz arrived ready to begin his farewell season. >> he looks ready, me and my wife after the season went to italy, he went, we all went in the zpi went out to dip -- went out to dinner, a little upset it's his last year, he's happy to see how he's grown, it's special. >> reporter: what's he like in italy? >> nobody recognized him and we're like, yeah, they don't watch baseball too much >> reporter: in the house too, looking to bounce back after
5:26 am
hamstring injury last season while watching another last place finish. >> feel good, great, ready to go. you don't win the last game, the season's a failure. very difficult to win a world series, we all know that but that's why we work so hard. >> reporter: i'm dan roche, wbz sports. >> more from fort myers later on today, that's sports for now, i'm steve burton over to you. still to come over the next half hour, more details about the uber driver accused of a michigan. >> plus, how that case is stirring up concerns about ride sharing services here in massachusetts. also ahead, the mbta revealing the root of its overtime problems, the changes they're now planning on making. good morning, danielle. hey, good morning, chris, good morning, everybody. 20s out the door but we rise in the 30s pretty quickly here, topping out right around or just shy of 40 this afternoon. the clouds are going to thicken up and i'm tracking snow for
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right now at 5:30, a hoverboard being blamed for a fire inside a local home, a look at the damage. a cambridge police officer
5:30 am
of doing while off duty. commissioner -- police commissioner wants uber to take. >> from the channel 4 studios in >> 5:30 right now, welcome back, i'm kathryn hauser. >> and i'm chris mckinnon. it's tuesday, february 23, and after a quiet stretch of weather, hey! >> this again. snow, ice, wind, rain, warmth. >> whoa! >> it seems like last week, the evening xwhut is commute -- today. >> i think a big chunk of the evening commute will be okay because we've been so warm. once it wants to come down at a steadier clip it may come down slick. tomorrow morning a mess too. not so bad, 21 manchester in
5:31 am
merrimack valley, clouds will thicken up quickly and we'll disguise today. your morning drive, partly cloudy, sunrise 6:30, a little bit of sunshine and then thu the lunch -- through the lunch hour, chillies, with that onshore breeze today. taking you now through your evening commute, develops, temperatures in the mid 30s. that snow advances in from connecticut. not until early this afternoon, that's when we see snow actually start to break out new york city. and between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m., that's when snow advances in, rain on the cape after a brief burst and then that rain will grow northward overnight tonight, slick spots mixing with sleet and freezing rain, outside of 495 early tomorrow morning. traffic and weather together, at least it's quiet out there this morning. yeah, too bad about the commute but not bad out there right now. west of the city and accidents reported to the south. the crash is in brookline at
5:32 am
haven't heard of any lane restrictions as of yet of the the first bumper to bumper south of the city, braintree, no surprise, route 37 to the split. chris? >> all right, thank you very much, robi. breaking overnight, spotting the young 3-year-old child in roxbury, calling police and ems transported him to boston medical center. a hoverboard causing a fire at a chelmsford home, an 11-year-old boy using it in his home, you can see the damage from the pictures, the latest in across the country. a cambridge police officer accused in a hit and run, police say the officer was off duty
5:33 am
hit a woman on a bike on kendall square, causing back and neck injuries but expected to recover. a witness gave police a license plate number leading them to that officer, the officer on paid leave as investigators decide whether or not to file charges. 5:32 right now, 16-year-old dorchester teen being held without bail in the stabbing death of a 15-year-old. pope stabbed 15-year-old dion hopkins in the heart on sunday after hopkins got in to a fight with pope's girlfriend. prosecutor say pope approached officers at the scene and said quote, i think i killed someone. pope is a, has a prior record of gun and assault charges. meanwhile, family and friends held a vigil last night to remember the 15-year-old victim. dion hopkins's family says his death was an act of senseless violence. in other news this morning, a local woman expected to be
5:34 am
with a revere officer, officers off in the linfield parkway. hospital for minor injuries. murphy and a man are wanted for causing a police officer to crash in revere last week. the man also accused of threatening that officer with a syringe, he's still on the run. more on the sinking of the el faro cargo ship, about to be added to a list of at risk ships. that designation would've triggered more coast guard safety inspections. the 40-year-old ship sank after getting caught in hurricane joaquin last year. all 33 people on board died including several with ties to new england. prosecutors say the uber driver charged that i deadly shooting rampage in michigan has confessed. but they're still searching for a motive. one passenger says dalton snapped after he got a phone
5:35 am
through stop sign and side swiping cars. that passenger got away, authorities say dalton randomly killed six people and injured two others saturday night. he cleared a background check and received high ratings before this incident. and right now, ride sharing services are not regulated here in massachusetts. but boston's police commissioner says it's about time uber steps up to better protect riders. yesterday all taxi drivers were being finger printed for more in depth checks. commissioner evans says uber should do the same. an uber spokesperson says the company does check all drivers' criminal histories and driving records but claims beyond that, anything is unnecessary. the mbta opening up about its huge overtime costs. officials released details of an audit on their systems. after a report last year showing dozens of mbta employees were doubling and tripling their pay with overtime. in some cases, employees were approving their own overtime.
5:36 am
procedure for requesting, approving or documenting overtime. the key wants to change that. >> there are very different rules for how overtime is clearly individuals who managed to capture what seems to be a disproportionate share of available overtimes. >> the mbta also said it's scheduling a vote on its potential fair hike for next month. the t is considering plans, two plans which would raise prices between 7 and 10%. the mbta held a series of public comments online. the majority of people who weighed in opposed the hikes. still ahead, amazon turning heads with a policy change. >> why free shipping on the site is going to cost you more. details in our money watch report. from the quaint streets to the big screen, hollywood wants shootout. the details on the possible production coming up. remember the days of seeing
5:37 am
nursery at the hospital? well those days could be over. more and more hospitals are eliminating nurseries and putting the baby right in the room with the new mom, it's a trend that not every mother is excited about.
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welcome back, more people hitting the roads thanks to lower gas prices. >> plus amazon making a big change, jill wagner at the new
5:40 am
cause amazon shipping, $49 up from $35, from the $99 a year loyalty program, shipping on all orders free. really outpacing its revenue. americans are hitting the road, americans hit 31 -- 3.1 trillion miles, 337 round trips from earth to pluto. facebook wants to bring your happy birthday messages to life with video cam, letting you record 15 second videos for your friends, also a birthday theme frame. for now only available on ios. ; chris and kathryn. >> that sounds cool, you can send a video. >> i like that, jill, we'll be sending you one on your birthday! [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah, i'll be waiting. i'm expecting a big thing from you guys. >> big thing from us.
5:41 am
coming up, a check of your traffic and weather together and a look at the day [ bleep ] top stories. >> plus, are you having trouble sleeping? where you live could be the problem. the best and worst states for a good night's sleep >> reporter: a hoverboard catches fire and an 11-year-old boy is using it at his home in chelmsford. the latest warning against the popular toy coming up. and good morning, great to see so many reports, temperatures in the 20s across the board, ted says 21 in [ indiscernible ] near 40 but i'm tracking snow, rain, ice, wind and warmth, i'll
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find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv
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well, dangerous surf continues to pound the north shore of hawaii, waves up to 50 feet, over parks, and road closures promming. on the island of oahu, the biggest they've seen, a few daring ones able to kanch a few -- catch a few waves yesterday afternoon. have you tried surfing? >> yeah, in california, but nothing close to that. >> i feel like i could do a one foot wave, never tried it but impressive.
5:45 am
pretty active the next couple days. a little bit of everything, heading our direction. this morning it's quiet, 18 keene, 27 boston, lower 20s here for the merrimack valley back to worcester. clouds on the increase, sunshine earlier this morning, sunrise coming up, 45 minutes from now. and then the clouds are going to thicken up rapidly. our storm comes in two parts, one down to the south, part two down through texas with strong thunderstorms right now and snow on the backsides. so that energy works our way wednesday night and thursday. the pieces here, the temperatures gradually rise, through the 30s, average high this afternoon as we take it out through late afternoon, notice snow advancing through connecticut. for us mainly dry until the tail end of the commute, burst of snow will develop. mix with and change pretty quickly across the south coast and cape. and then as we take it through 9:00, 10:00, that snow advances in to southern new hampshire.
5:46 am
don't anticipate when the snow starts to see any big issues on the roads because the ground is so mild. but we will drop a little bit through the evening and first part of the overnight. and there will be reduced visibility in slick spots that result. taking it up after midnight, that rain snow line advances north. tomorrow morning, outside of 128 with temperatures hovering right around that freezing mark. there may still be pockets of sleet and freezing rain to contend with and then the temperatures start to rise. snow is one to three inches in terms of accumulation. especially along and outside of 128, closer to the coast, close to an inch and that includes to the cape and islands as well. that snow tends to get washed away late in the day tomorrow. it takes most of the day though because we drag in some warmer air, rain fills back in tomorrow. so although we may get a brief lull in the afternoon, steady rain will fill back in and that rain will come down hard, wednesday night in to thursday morning. so the thursday early morning
5:47 am
then late in the day, we may get an additional shower, especially in western massachusetts, comixed with a couple snowflakes overnight on thursday. the rainfall amounts, this is not what the snow included. topping out half an inch to an inch and a half. the purple here spots over two inches, central massachusetts. so there may be very localized flooding or street flooding, urban flooding, things of that nature, tomorrow night in to early thursday morning. the wind is an aspect as well, the wind will coincide with the heaviest rain. so 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on thursday generally when the strongest wind comes in. that's when we may see gusts over 50 miles per hour. and that may cause scattered pockets of damage, then that damaging wind, still windy on thursday but no damage resulting from that coming in. up around 60 degrees too, the warmth comes in and much colder on friday, dropping in the upper 30s.
5:48 am
and clouds, the 40s and 50s start next week. traffic and weather together, how's it looking, robi? a road closure because of something in newton, total traffic network just telling #34e a car has rolled over there and took down a couple of poles so there's wires on the road, all lanes closed beginning at center street. also on the expressway, a disabled car at first grove parkway on the northbound side. the right lane is closed there, already seeing a back up to the braintree split. 5:48, a hollywood production hoping to recreate the shootout in water town. plus a hoverboard sparks a fire in chelmsford, your top stories on this tuesday morning. >> reporter: good morning, called out because of that fire caused by a hoverboard last night. take a look at these pictures,
5:49 am
an 11-year-old boy was riding the hoverboard when it caught fire. fortunately, he wasn't hurt. and we've heard so many warnings about this popular toy, particularly about the combustibility of these lithium battery and to not leave them alone while charging but this time it happened while it was in use. the fire department saying it is just another example of the potential danger of these toys. live in chelmsford, susie steimle, wbz "this morning". the man accused of turning his home in to a meth lab being held on $2,500 bail. judge yesterday. they were called to his house after the 52-year-old overdosed sunday. that's when they say they discovered the chemicals examine tools to -- and tools to make crystal meth. potentially dangerous materials removed as officers evacuated surrounding homes as a precaution. acheson used the internet to
5:50 am
the man accused of forcing a lockdown at u mass amherst pleads not guilty to assault charges. william mccowen went before a judge yesterday and being held without bail. the campus went in to lockdown after police say he attacked a student inside a dorm. good morning, i'm nicole jacobs live in water town where cbs films is hoping to move in in this area in april to recreate the water town shootout. we'll get you right to some video that shows you what was the reality for this community. now, of course, it is expected to be a part of the patriots day film starring mark wahlberg and according to local water town paper, cbs representatives have already been in the neighborhood surveying it, talking to residents here, really trying to get a sense of whether or not the production would be welcomed. coming up at 6:00, more on the specifics of the film and what filmmakers say they'll give residents in return.
5:51 am
jacobs, wbz "this morning". a disturb k -- disturbing report from centers for disease control says cancer risk from those with laminate flooring from lumber liquidators. they say they should limit their exposure. more children getting vaccinated against it, a stigma associated with the vaccine because the disease most commonly spread through sexual conduct but they say 100% vaccination in girls and boys would eradicate the cancerous hpv all together. not getting a solid seven hours of sleep at night and the best and worst states for your sleep, the states where most
5:52 am
dakota, colorado, the worst, maryland, kentucky, and hawaii. massachusetts 26, new hampshire 19. maine 20 and vermont closed out the top 10. researchers say where the people report less sleep tend to have more reports of obesity and diabetes. it is 5:52 right now, time for our daily talker. hospitals changing the way they care for babies but not all mothers in for it. >> babies side by side in the nursery might be over. robi is here with more on your reactions. >> chris, if the baby is in one of those nurseries, chances are the mom is catching up on zs while the nurses help out. but monica marshal found out many are eliminating the nursery and putting the baby in the room full time. the trend is called rooming in, keeping the babies in the mother's room after birth, baths, swaddling, feeding all
5:53 am
assistance, but at the mother's bedside, not the nursery. saying they've been doing this for 10 years at the request for mothers, mgh told maternity patients wanted to be there when their babies were being weighed or having a hearing exam. nurseries not going away completely, an option there. as for the mother getting more sleep when the baby is out of the room, a midwife says the mother is able to snooze more if the baby is near her, that i didn't know. we put it out there for you guys, what do you think about this? christina on facebook says this is unacceptable. how are you supposed to cover up after your body goes through such a hinge if you can't rest? that's what a lot of people are saying on facebook, by wait. nancy says this is just another way to cut costs in service and use mom shaming as a smoke screen. mom shaming! >> wow! >> there's a term i wasn't familiar with until just now.
5:54 am
the daily talker, ways to comment on our twitter, facebook, more controversial than i thought. we'd love to hear from you, more comments coming up at 6:00. >> thank you, robi. still to come, getting a kick out of cleaning a cruiser. >> meet the new england canine proving he's ready to leap in to
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vermont state trooper showing how fun it is to be a kai thine. >> his canine max is more than happy to mep hep -- help out when it come to cleaning the cruiser. here's max chasing weather back and forth. he finished his second birthday complete with a party hat as you see there. >> happy birthday, max, probably burning a lot of energy there. >> yeah, no kidding. keep it here on wbz "this morning" your top stories straight ahead, stay with us.
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right now, burned by a hoverboard, the popular toy spashs -- sparks a fire inside a home. a cambridge police officer on paid leave, what he's accused of doing behind the wheel of his own car. and how hollywood is trying to replay the scene that played out in water town with the shooters of the marathon bombers. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning". good morning to you, thanks for being here with us, i'm kathryn hauser. >> and i'm chris mckinnon. it is tuesday, february 23. and we want to get right over to


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