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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a scary situation, a 4-year- old boy found wandering in roxbury in the early morning hours. what led him out of his house. a popular toy bursting into homes. the first part of our storm is approaching the timeline of snow, rain, sleet, and when. why hollywood wants to re- create the shootout with the boston marathon bombers.
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on the storm for you, we will take a live look outside. we are waiting for some big changes to our weather. calm conditions out there right now but this normal ramp-up over the next few hours and we are going to see a little bit of everything, it seems come , over the next couple of days. >> thank you for being here with us for the first . the first part of our storm is moving in, danielle niles is here with the timeline on when that snow will start. >> between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., the first round of our storm advancing into new york city now, it is mild enough it's plain rain to start before making the changeover. the burst of snow that comes into start here between four-8 p.m. interior. the closer you get to the coastline it is up to 1 inch. i see with some freezing rain and drizzle making that changeover across the interior through early on wednesday morning. there will be some slick spots especially outside of 495 for
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then we get into the warm-up, temperature spiked to near 60 on thursday it comes with heavy rain and damaging wind threats. our by our, we are going to take a piece by piece, through the afternoon between now and 5 p.m. you notice we are doing okay. but the snow will advance between five and 6 p.m. and fill in between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. and a lot of spots. we started with some rain, notice midnight we make that changeover just north and west of boston, but still some pockets of snow outside of 128, colder temperatures. we will be talk about -- talking about deteriorating road conditions in spots. areas of rain, a wet commute, mixed with some sleet and freezing rain outside of 128. notice the temperature right around that magical 32-degree mark. there will be slick spots extending into southern new hampshire until probably late morning. in fact, the winter weather advisory is up until noon time
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purple. one-3inches for a lot of spots. the closer you get to the coast more like 1 inch when you get down to the cape and the islands. then we spike to 60 on thursday. "breaking news" right now, president obama laying out his plans to shut down guantanamo bay. about an hour ago, the president said it undermines our national security and must be closed mark albert reports >>reporter:president obama announced his latest proposal to fulfill a campaign promise, and close the detention facility at guantanamo bay in cuba. >> it's counterproductive to our fight against terrorists, because they use it as propaganda in their efforts to recruit. >> there are 91 prisoners still being held at the mall.
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mastermind, mohammed, will be moved to a facility here in the us. the administration is looking at 13 different locations including existing presence in south carolina, kansas, and colorado. >> i do not want to pass this problem onto the next president. >>reporter:the white house is moving the prisoners to the continental us would save as much as $85 million per year. but, it will take a one time cost of up to 475 million to implement the plan, which means hitting the approval of congress, and that appears unlikely. >> it would be illegal, under current law, to transfer current terrorist into the united states >>reporter:the chairman of the house armed services committee showed the -- call this marvin a pr move than a plan to work with congress. he told w mav radio it is not impossible to shut down gitmo and he's willing to hold a hearing on the details of the presidents proposal. the white house is urging congress to act quickly. mark albert, cbs news, the white house
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with his family but he wandered early this morning. nicole jacobs is following the latest. >>reporter: the good news, that little boy is okay. he was taken to the hospital we are told just as a precautionary protocol. here you can get a closer look, as to where he was found in the early morning hours. he was just for years old, and all alone. 3a.m., on the streets of dorchester. according to police, on a mission. on a mission to find chocolate, police say, he slipped out of his home, on his own, apparently no concept of time, as a toddler, but perhaps a recollection of how to get to the corner store. he was found right next to it, 3:40. as a precaution he was reunited with his mother, who slept through the middle of the night quest. fortunately, the 4- year-old was not hurt, and his
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charged. we did receive a response from the department of children and families saying they have received a report of the investigating. live in dorchester, nicole jacobs, wbz news developing right now, and explosion levels a washington state home. that home blown to pieces in the port orchard neighborhood. authorities have not found the people who live in the home, and right now they are looking for what caused the powerful blast that blew out the windows of an elementary school down the road. also developing right now, a new search underway for a harvard man who vanished in downtown boston. divers searched the water this morning near the charlestown bridge for a 22-year-old zachary was last seen more than one week ago but he was going out for a smoke outside of the tavern near fayetteville hall. a cambridge police officer now on paid leave accused of hitting a bicyclist with his
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scene. cambridge police are not releasing the officer's name, but say he was off-duty at the time of the accident. police are investigating to decide if he should face charges scary moments for a family as one of their son's toys goes up in flames, you can see the incredible damage left behind by the fire. sparked by a hover board, we were following the story and we have much more. hover boards have destroyed two homes, and a car, as well as starting multiple small fires, this morning tell me if they could go back, they would have never bought this toy. >> we are learning about the >>reporter:chief gary ryan's department had its first catching fire. year-old boy's feet in his living room charring the floor.
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out, that if you use it, please use it outside, and if you charge it, supervise the charging of the hover boards, and keep it away from houses. since december documented 52 fires in 24 states, and $2 million in property damage all from hover boards. fire department across the country are adjusting to calls about the popular and highly combustible toy. >> it was a popular holiday g ift, you know, i am going -- i am concerned that we won't will get this message out and it won't happen again. >>reporter:in this case, no one was hurt. that adds fuel to the fire for this fire department. if the situation does not improve, a mandatory recall from the federal government could be on the way. the big problem, right now, with hover boards is the technology is way far ahead of the regulation. that is something that the federal government is looking
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live in chelmsford, susie, wbz news hollywood is looking to watertown to re-create the terrifying night of a shoot out producers for the movie, surveying the neighborhood where it all went down. the movie is being produced cbs, residents are reportedly the distractions caused by the filming, before that happens the majority of the residents on the town manager would have to sign off on the plan. a dorchester teen is being held without bond today in the teenager. face during his arraignment yesterday but he stabbed 15- heart on sunday after hopkins got into a fight with pope's girlfriend. pope approached officers at the
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prior record of gun and assault shortly after that arraignment, to remember the 15-year-old victim, hopkins family says the death was an act of senseless lightness. boston school the boston martin. reopen the investigation into racial intolerance at the prestigious school. one of seven incidents over the past year. the entire school system plans to implement some recommended changes. chang also reaffirmed his support for boston latin's headmaster. the deposition of bill c osby's wife will continue next month. yesterday kamal cosby testified, under oath, for about 2.5 hours at a springville springfield hotel. the judge was contacted twice. a second deposition has been scheduled for march 14. last night we caught up with an attorney for the plaintiff who said they still have many questions for camille cosby. >> this is a woman that clearly
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there was some discomfort. >> cosby's lawyers to try to block the deposition before hand. a judge denied the request. seven women, who accused cosby of sexual assault, are suing the comedian for defamation. across the country protesters are preparing to take the streets of major cities, including boston. they will stand outside apple stores to object to the fbi's request for the company to hack into the iphone of the san bernardino attacker. apple has refused that request, so far, saying it would undermine cyber security. the battle pits some of tax biggest names against the microsoft founder, bill gates, weighed in while speaking with charlie rose. >> i think apple, the end, they judicial process. i don't think when the court goes to the supreme court, i don't think they are saying they will defy the government. >> yesterday, families of the san bernardino victim say they plan to file paperwork
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apple to help the fbi. otes, the last-minute campaigning and the new questions about one candidate tactics. facebook is good at reminding about birthdays, but now the site is rolling out a new way to celebrate them, too. monkeying around. an unusual moment in outer space
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hopefuls are making their last- nevada. tonight the gop caucuses will donald trump is dominating the polls is a close race for second place as ted cruz faces a firestorm over sending out misleading information about arrival. >>reporter:donald trump has a message for nevada voters. >> you have to vote, vote, vote mackey is hoping to turn support in the polls into a win. the billionaire businessman has a double-digit lead over his gop rivals entering tonight's nevada caucuses. senators marco rubio and ted cruz are expected to battle for second place. >> it's important to be able to say that i am the alternative to donald trump, but it has to be a close second. >>reporter:what an incredible pleasure to be with you
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loss in south carolina and one day after he fired his sharing this leading information on social media about rubio. >> every single day, something comes out of this campaign that is untrue. >> this guy is sick or there something wrong with this guy conducting his campaign with integrity. >> none of you have heard me for the kind of insult that marco rubio that he throws at me every single day >>reporter: both ted cruz and rubio have significant ties and money and nevada but it will be up to voters to decide if anyone can throw donald trump. cbs news, washington we are keeping an eye on things, weatherwise. this evening's commute could be a little bit tricky. just a heads up for everybody. >> tonight and tomorrow, right? >> yes, i think the tell him -- tail end of the commute may be a little slick, but tomorrow morning may be
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>> you have everything going on the weather menu is full. let's take a look, clouds have been on the increase here, there is a live look at the seaport hotel in boston. the clouds have been on the increase. those clouds have been thickening up, no precipitation falling just yet, right? by the late afternoon we will see some start to move in. 38 boston right now, 40 in the mid to upper 30s from chatham backed onto phallus, notice the colder temperatures just a little bit when you get outside of boston. was there sitting at 31, 33 manchester, we may gain a couple more degrees before the afternoon is done, in spots, but that's it. advancing into new york right this is the first burst of the next one is down across eastern texas right now
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that threat is going to extend through the gulf coast states overnight. that is round two that comes in late tomorrow night into early hour by hour snow advances in between four and 8 p.m. it does fill in between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. england. changing terrain, still some deeper blues in here. late traveling tonight, there will be areas to reduce visibility and the snow will be sticking on the roads. especially north and west of boston. we get to midnight that rain 3 a.m. coming back to boston. notice some pink and here as we mixed with that sleet and freezing rain for a period that last into early tomorrow morning. that is a concern, with a snow even though it is not a ton, and a little bit of a trace of sleet and freezing rain. that is all it takes to slacken things up. early tomorrow morning, still some pockets of wintry mix outside of 128.
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the in the action before the next round of showers. we are talking about areas of rain across southern new e ngland, wednesday evening and night rain fills in, thursday morning. several commutes impacted here. the good news is it looks like the band of heaviest rain shift offshore by mid to late morning. yes it will be tricky thursday morning especially the first part of the commutes, we may get breaks of sunshine temperatures would be up around 60 on thursday afternoon. in terms of accumulation, o ne- 3 inches outside 128, a coating to an inch inside of that right at the coast, more like a coating for the lower end of the total back down toward the cape and the islands. slippery spot wednesday morning, generally outside of 128 especially for 95 back through worcester hills and the merrimack valley. rainfall totals tomorrow afternoon until early on thursday, the purples indicate
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the winds is the last concern, the strongest wind coincides with the heaviest rain. from 3 a.m. thursday until early morning we may see some gusts that top out that would cause some pockets of damage but is still going to be a windy day on thursday but hours the damaging went threat will be done we will be -- we will be up near 60 and turning much colder on friday the weekend looks quiet. another brief warm-up for the start of next week. wish comes to life. the new job for actor morgan freeman, how his voice is now possibly part of your
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recognize that voice? is the legendary voice that is becoming part of your commute, morgan freeman is the newest voice option for the 'waze' navigation app, he navigation -- he navigates you're right. >> you were testing it out, you
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laughter] facebook wants to make your personal. wall, the social network now want you to leave your friends the new birthday video allows you to record 152nd videos to post on your friend's friends profile it also includes a birthday themed frame, it is only available on ios starbucks making some changes to its rewards program, yesterday that customers will money spent not visits. that means the more you spend the more perks you will get. this is good news every time she goes to starbucks we need to make sure we thrown in order so she wraps up those points. coming up next, getting wild for the unusual visitor to outer space that has them checking in with weather watchers this afternoon, and temperatures are running in the 30s for a lot of us right now. west of boston, 33 degrees in
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moving in, looking forward to a days. when we come back. if you want to join the weather watchers network it is really easy to sign up and we would love to get your observations. head on over to our website
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exploding onto the scene of national security, a local professor says he has developed a way to better sift out explosives to find terrorist and recent attacks for that story coming up today on the wbz news at 5 o'clock. you can call this next story a bit of monkey business. an unusual visitor to the international space station, retired astronaut, mark kelly, tweeted this video to his twin brother, scott, he commented i think -- i thought you had things under control of their. scott kelly is about to wrap up his year-long journey on the space station. could you imagine spending a year of their? >> you would have to deal with the weather down here. between 4 p.m. in. i don't think the evening
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tell and. we are talking about o ne-3 inches a coating to an inch at the coast. not a huge issue but some slick spots tomorrow morning. >> thank you very much. that will do it for us today at noon.
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eric fisher on wbz news >> nikki: elise. you're looking well. how is your husband's reelection campaign coming along? >> elise: nikki, you made it very clear in the phone call that this conversation wasn't requested, but mandated, so why don't you just cut to the chase and please tell me why i'm here? >> nikki: quite frankly, judge moxley, you can be of use to me. >> natalie: [ gasps ] >> summer: jumpy much? >> natalie: i'm overtired. >> summer: hmm. yeah, you do look like one from the walking dead.


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