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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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in wurster. this is the best chance for snow. we aren't expecting a lot of snowfall but some poor visibility as the sun goes down we will see freezing drizzle and the rain especially west of boston weather temperatures will stay cold through the night and through the day tomorrow. as we had through tomorrow the south coast, the icy issue for us. we get a low -- lull tomorrow morning into afternoon. mostly everyone will just get a coding to 2 inches. it's fairly minimal amounts of snow for the most part but then topped with some ice. overnight temperatures close to the freezing mark.
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coldest temperatures. now we will look at a bigger storm system across the gulf coast states producing severe weather this afternoon. that's going to move up tomorrow night. that brings with it warmer temperatures and stronger winds and heavy rainfall. to summarize the commutes, snow developing this evening, icy areas tomorrow morning especially north and west of 128. our strongest rainfall will be thursday and then things will calm down for the remainder of our thursday. we will look at heavier rainfall and a preview of the weekend coming up. >> stay up to date with our cbs weather app. you can get personalized forecast for free. you can find it in the apple and android stores. we are keeping a close eye on the roads as the storm moves into the boston area. for the most part evening commute looks pretty normal. there is some braving traffic
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a traffic trailer overturned on the i-95 northbound ramped to exit 6 6b. is causing some slowdowns but no one has been hurt. >> a person has been hit by a car roster the hospital with what is described as life- threatening injuries. police say two cards -- cars collided and then hit a pedestrian. both drivers were also taken to the hospital. a police officer working construction detail, we are told was dragged i have car. sergeant jennifer [ name indiscernible ] was hurt but not badly. she was working around i 31 a driver that she was talking through -- talking to to the passenger side window, took off and is now facing charges tonight. brian joyce has just announced he will not seek reelection this year. eye raided his canton law
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fbi raided his canton law office as part of an ongoing investigation. the search for a holbrook mother last seen picking up her -- leaving to pick up her senate they can -- her son at daycare is nowhere to be found. >> reporter: good evening. holbrook police say they are looking at and the -- any and every possibility. holbrook police said outside the home of judith sales last seen leaving normal monday afternoon. >> i waved to her she waves to me. that's it. >> reporter: she never arrived to pick up her 10-year-old son at daycare. >> we have a lot of missing were -- missing person reports but not a woman her age.>> reporter: investigators say her husband reported her missing. messages have been posted on facebook hoping for her safe return.
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with her or has had any information, we've asked for help but have gotten no reply so far. >> reporter: about 60 files south of soft -- of [ indiscernible ] her car is also missing. >> we are looking into every possibility. >> reporter: investigators say they plan to look at surveillance video in this area for possible close. reporting live and holbrook, shot a man the bbc news -- shaunte evans [ name indiscernible ] wbz news. search teams were in the water near nashua street looking for [ indiscernible ] there is surveillance video
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>> there is new surveillance video that shows him right around here. they happened released the video but it prominent -- prompted a pretty good-sized search by dive teams from the state police in boston police all day today. >> two dive teams, boston and state police have spent much of the day in murky waters. they were looking for the body of 22- year-old zach moore who has been missing for 10 days -- maher who has been missing for 10 days. he had been at this bar with his cousins. early saturday morning on the 13th he stepped out for a smoke without his jacket. this is the last video of zack. then he disappeared. >> he is working 40 hours a week and taking five classes at
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the stress of his mother passing away, i hope you can come home. >> -- >> reporter: apparently the survey lands -- surveillance video shows this. a massive search effort has failed to produce any results. >> sky i is live -- sky eye is here where this fire is. it required additional manpower fire out. we are learning more about a four-year-old boy who was found wandering in dorchester earlier this morning. he was looking for chocolate. someone spotted him and call
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hospital as a precaution. he was not hurt and was reunited with his mother. she is not expected to face charges. >> -- fire tore through this weather factory. peter -- people in watertown have been asked to relive the shootout with the marathon -- boston marathon bombers. christina hager is live with more.>> reporter: this brings back a lot of memories here where there are still bullet holes in the citing of this home from police shooting -- from the police shootout. originally in the movie, the shooting scene could have been done in a different location but people here in watertown
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>> nowhere was the tension more palpable where there was a lockdown when the boston barman -- boston bombers were in a shoot out in watertown. three years later this production crew is planning the filming of that scene in a movie starting -- starring mark wahlberg this spring. >> i am a little nervous about my response to if they are going to have gunshots and if they are going to have helicopters. there's a part of me that wonders how i will react to that.>> reporter: a survey asking how people feel was sent to community -- neighbors in the community. they had once recorded these dramatic images from the windows of their homes. it is said there will be simulated gunfire until
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it ended in front of this house with a homeowner says she looks forward to the movie. i want to watch it. i want to watch them phil. having someone like mark wahlberg bring this story to life and hopefully be accurate about it, i think will clear up a lot of missing conceptions -- misconceptions about what happen. >> -- >> reporter: the movie will be called "patriots' day" produced by cbs found. the president is making good on a 2008 campaign promise revealing today is plans to close guantanamo bay. >> it is counterproductive to our fight against terrorists because they use it as up against in their efforts to recruit. >> reporter: his -- >>'s proposal includes transferring people to the u.s. republican leaders are blasting that i saying it is actually illegal to transfer foreign terrorists to u.s. well.
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approval to pass. donald trump has a double- digit lead tonight under the other -- over the other gop hopefuls going into the vote to tonight. senator ted cruz as well as senator marco rubio will likely battle it out for second place. hillary clinton is hoping to keep the momentum going after a big win in nevada while ernie sanders is hoping to get some of the momentum back from his win in new hampshire. super tuesday we -- is just one week away. there will be more information on our news stations. tonight's topic is obamacare and how candidates want to change the system. you can see that in the next half hour. john kerry will add commencement speaker to his title this spring. he will address northeastern university class of what he 16
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it -- 2016 for their graduation. he is fully engage with the global community, according to the notations. you can see new signage and maps for the green and blue lines. the p station has been undergoing innovate -- work over the last several months. at least i had the opportunity to do this what a lot of people have not had the opportunity to do. >> is opening up about his style. the [ name indiscernible ] family says this burst into flames damaging their home. strike. a local professor says he's
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mobile accuweather lab is out on the road again. the roads are clear and 290 in the worcester area but that will be changing tonight and it will feel like dij@ vu with temperatures that we saw last week coming around again. >> the radar looks like it is
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i want to show you video out of louisiana first. this is a waterspout. this is cool video. this is part of the same system that is headed its way here. >> that's correct. here is one in the middle and then two one other side of it. this is just -- this is whether -- this is happening on lake park suturing -- lake ponta train pox a train -- one waterspout in the middle and 2 on the sides. we have a burst of snow 7:00. we can have up to 3 inches by midnight.
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inland tomorrow night -- tonight all the way into -- midday tomorrow. here's a look at the radar. we have snow looking -- moving across connecticut into rhode island. the snow is falling there. the snow is pressing toward the cape ann moving toward the east. there some lighter snowfall south of worcester as well working its way down to southbridge and sturbridge. so far nothing terrible has moved into the region. temperatures are in the 30s. most of towns are above freezing. as the snow moves in, it will drop the temperatures a couple of degrees. once we had midnight you see spotty weather -- spotty areas -- around the cape and islands
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warming up. north of boston we will still see icy areas during the first part of the day. it won't be until much later in the afternoon that we start to bring in the warmer air slowly from south to north. it will take a while, especially in the merrimack valley well into tomorrow evening before we see any warming. then we will see heavy rain tomorrow night. there's a lot of moving parts in this forecast. in terms of the snow, we are looking at just a coating to a couple of inches. most of it will fall in the midnight hour. overnight temperatures are near the freezing mark for most towns. as long as the roads are treated, i think we will be in fine shape tonight. the big difference between this week and last week, it was so cold last week before the storm system that surfaces were really cold and it froze on contact. it has been warm the last few days which will help us a bit. incomes a warmer where and southerly ends tomorrow night.
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some thunder early into thursday morning. i think the rain will be out of here by 9:00. if it moves even quicker we could be rid of it by 7 am. this would help us with the morning commute. we are still tracking for some earlier rain and some strong winds along with that. breezy and mild heading into thursday afternoon, the colder air will filter in by the time we get to friday. rain totals are over 1 inch in some areas, some downpours in some areas. i don't think we will have a big situation with raising water. we will have some wind gusts as much as 50 miles an hour. the strongest possibility is out of the south thursday morning. it will still be gusty in later hours on thursday but not as bad. accuweather seven day, colder, temperatures in the 30s. a cool day at 40 on saturday, into the 40s on sunday and
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final day of february. headed back to you. days into spring training and david ortiz is focused on the season on -- ahead. >> he says it's going to be as last season but he also wanted to be his best. he doesn't want to be a distraction. let's go to stand in fort myers.>> reporter: i think this will be hard. he's a distraction even when he hasn't announced his retirement. he met with the media for the first time since announcing he will be retiring at the end of the season. that announcement came last november. for about 30 minutes he was emotional at times but still feels this is the right time to say goodbye. >> [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the farewell tour is officially underway as david ortiz gets ready to call it quits at the end of the 2016 season. >> how did you come to your decision? there any chance if you hit 40
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play beyond this year. >> irene ninth -- i announced my retirement after this season. i don't know how this is going to all the after i am done. >> i think i am ready to pass the torch. >> the 40-year-old had cameras following his every move last year and says he wants to win the world series his final year. he doesn't want his farewell tour to get in the way. >> don't get me wrong. i am still hungry. i want to have another good season. >> i am going to be pushing me teammates the best i can. >> that is to world a -- is -- his desire is to win a world series. because i don't want operator
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he says i just want to move on. he says, when it is time to move on, it will be time to go. we will have more at 6:00 but rosh. back to you guys. -- dan roche. back to you guys. >> -- working out with wine? that sound like a
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard...
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the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. scientists at the university of rhode island has said they have come up with a better way to detect bombs used by terrorist. we know all too well here in boston how easy it is to make a bomb and how difficult it is to detect it before it's too late. >> a new advanced technique
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it's a 5 inch pipe bomb in a mailbox set off by scientists at the university of rhode island. we witnessed the damage it can be done with these chemicals. >> it is hard to shut down with did admit -- shut down legitimate chemicals. hydrogen peroxide is a legitimate chemical. >> reporter: this was demonstrated in a much smaller amount than what the boston marathon bombers best -- than what terrorists this typically have. >> start talking with your colleagues about other problems that you could lend a hand on. >> reporter: this chemical engineer spent almost a decade developing a sensor to detect vapors emitted by t atp, the same chemical one nation --
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the shoe bomber. >> we want to get to the end game as quickly as possible so we can get the detection system out there as fast as possible. we want to actually help people. >> zachariah and shows us the system they developed with funding from the department of homeland security. >> this is really the size of my mail. to tiny sensors -- two tiny sensors and then monitored by a laptop. this is the place that needs the kind of clarity that this new system can provide. apparently you don't have to be a real former president
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now at 5: 30 we have our eye on the storm.
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mobile up driving onto 90 at worcester. this is about to change. -- i-90 at worcester. this is about to change. >> we went to check on this with eric >> there is rain moving in as we move in to the evening. we start with the snowfall, winter weather advisory's in effect until noontime tomorrow. the big differences between this week and last week, the surfaces were so cold last week because we had the arctic air. the road should be in pretty good shape tonight. >> the state he -- the steady snow is in rhode island and connecticut. this is slowly moving its way across the area. brookfield and worcester are reporting light snow as well as the south coast. this will continue to slowly filling as we enter the evening. hour by hour here are the temperatures at or above just freezing in most towns. we aren't expecting much impact


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