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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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mobile up driving onto 90 at worcester. this is about to change. -- i-90 at worcester. this is about to change. >> we went to check on this with eric >> there is rain moving in as we move in to the evening. we start with the snowfall, winter weather advisory's in effect until noontime tomorrow. the big differences between this week and last week, the surfaces were so cold last week because we had the arctic air. the road should be in pretty good shape tonight. >> the state he -- the steady snow is in rhode island and connecticut. this is slowly moving its way across the area. brookfield and worcester are reporting light snow as well as the south coast. this will continue to slowly filling as we enter the evening. hour by hour here are the temperatures at or above just freezing in most towns. we aren't expecting much impact
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the change will -- the snow will change to rainfall. we could still have some icy spots as we head to them -- tomorrow morning. the snow should be just a coating up to a couple of inches. in the parts of worcester county it could possibly hit 3 inches if it really gets going. now at 5: 30, a frightening fire. a teenager's hoverboard went up in flames. you can see the damage. this is one of the first that we have seen in massachusetts. >> as suzy stines shows us the hoverboard caught fire while the boy was using it inside of his home. >> we are learning about the dangers of hoverboards. >> reporter: chief gerry ryan's department had its first encounter with a hoverboard to catching fire.
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year-old in his living room charring the floor. >> we want to get the message out that if you use it, use it outside. supervised the charging of a hoverboard. keep it away from combustibles. >> reporter: the consumer product safety fit dish -- safety division has registered to million dollars in property the united states. there had been many calls about this popular but highly combustible twe. >> it was a popular gift. we want to get this message out.>> reporter: in this case no one was hurt in jonesburg -- [ name indiscernible ] but they are encouraging people to offer refunds. a mandatory recover -- recall from the federal government could be underway, if no import -- improvements are made. the technology is far ahead of the regulation.
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guidelines for hoverboards at this time. this is something the federal government is looking to change immediately. in chelmsford, suzy [ name indiscernible ] the bbc news. five members have been killed in a shooting in house fire. police shot and killed a gunman. they say the man is the relative of the victims. people siding with apple in its fight against the government are taking to the streets. i want to show you a live picture outside the apple store in boston. this is a small group right now but this is taking place across the country. the fbi is ordering apple to unlock one of the phones -- a phone of the san bernardino terrorist. state officials are going
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venice snakes on an island in the [ indiscernible ] reservoir. they are saying this is a conservation effort. they are going to take a small number of rattlesnakes and put them on a large island that's closed off to the public. people nearby are concerned that the reptiles could attack fisherman, hunters and passersby. the federal affordable care act known as the -- as obamacare maybe the biggest hot button of all issues. we continue with the series exploring the issues on where the candidates stand. >> reporter: since the passage in 2010 obamacare has been at the center of political debate. this year is no exception. your vote in november will be a verdict of sorts at the end of a long year of obamacare on trial. >> we are going to repeal obamacare. >> if i'm elected president we
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word of obamacare.>> reporter: repeal has been the gop candidates refrain but replace it with what. all of them support expanding -- extending medical savings accounts making it easier -- and making it easier to take your plane with you when you change jobs or move. they also want to reduce red tape work ohio governor john kasich claims that his expansion in his state is a model for reform. critics say it has added bureaucracy without helping. >> a water downed version of the catalog -- cadillac tax that everyone in both parties wants to repeal -- >> the single most important change in terms of controlling the healthcare spending long- term>> reporter: this is endorsed by john [ name indiscernible ] a longtime health executive who founded
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insurance connector authority under then governor mitt romney. >> our medicare for all single- payer proposal will say the average middle-class family $4000 -- $5000 a year. scenic the numbers don't add up. that is a promise that can't be kept.>> reporter: bernie sanders wants to raise your income taxes more than $460 a year for a family of 4 making $50,000. he also wants an array of other texas to fund the government run plan that would wipe out co- pays and deductibles. >> it so ironic that he almost is because in the sanity was committed -- in the sanity was committed to single-payer. >> reporter: to absorb the cost? >> >> and some important patient challenges that they blew.
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implementation challenges, any changes in the status quo might be difficult. >> 11 ex-president is, if he tries to appeal obamacare, he will do with the same gridlock, the same people that made this impossible in years past.>> reporter: that's an important factor to consider as you evaluate where the candidate stands on obamacare. how good will they be at the political cajoling and compromising that will be needed to get anything done after inauguration day? here we are six days -- six years later going at it still. all the republican candidates want to repeal obamacare. it almost becomes a bigger question for the democrat candidates. hillary clinton wants to our -- argue with that what's bernie sanders wants to do, but the whole ball of wax at risk. >> he argues, we are trying to improve and key what works in the plan. they are going to be arguing about this intensely on this coming sunday morning when i am
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local surrogates on both campaigns >> dana-farber cancer institute has named its next candidate and ceo, doctor lori [ name indiscernible ] a harvard med school graduate. the current president has been at the helm for 16 years. he will stay on until his replacement arrives in january. >> i love the work that they do. it sound like they will be in great hands. special kids -- >> coming up, the major fashion label launching clothing for special kids. one major city is saying no
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we will start with something we love, designer adaptive clothing for people with different abilities. >> runway with james just partnered with tommy holsinger. they are modified. magnets are replacing buttons and zippers. many of the items are adjustable so that pants and 3 planes can be customized. instead of having to pull all of the clothes over your head, seems are moved so that you can do this on the back. how is this just happening now? this is a great idea. an image is soaring to new heights. >> this is a teenager going up for a rebound. appears to show an illinois fleshman levitating over the court. look at him to the right. the photographer took the picture at the right moment. when you see the video, this is the same show. it doesn't look like anything. the players is when he realized
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rebound he relaxed his arms midair opening the door for the incredible picture. can we go back to this film? no we can't. the photographer said, i didn't think much of it because the kid can jump. she knew that when she took the picture but it looks like he's doing a jedi tricks. >> like is eating his wheaties and they are really working for them. stephen colbert's show did not go as. -- stephen colbert's show did not go as planned. >> how are you. >> thanks for driving up. >> whether this is the most celebrity thing to do or least celebrity thing to do -- it is very casual. >> these pretty good natured. aflac called the host route. colbert says he wasn't being route. he said he's a dead ringer for
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>> he was pretty rude to him. i watched the whole interview. it sounded like you didn't like him. >> that begs the question, why do you like -- have him on the show? >> it seemed like he had them on the show just to make fun of him. it was almost like he was trying to point out that he has a well-known over -- older brother. you will never whine about going to the gym again because we are going to show you working out with wine. snow is working its way and. we are seeing some flakes hitting the ground. it's starting to snow in worcester as well. carrie underwood is in trouble -- is in the hub, making military families happy. we are going to be there ahead of her concert.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american
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what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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he's a ruthless man, president of the united states on tv. frank underwood played by kevin spacey on "house of cards". he was therefore the unveiling of this at the national portrait gallery. he stated character all night. the painting is up through -- october until we vote for president. >> that might be almost as good
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the smithsonian. let's talk about the weather. it looks like were going to get a little bit of everything work >> we have a fluid forecast, a lot of things going on -- everything. >> we have a fluid forecast, a lot of things going on. we will have some areas of freezing rain and drizzle especially north and west of 128. and we have slip spots, 60 degrees and strong wind gusts as well as heavy rain. >> that will bring snowfall to the region here. farther off to the south we have a stronger storm that will bring severe weather up ross the gulf coast states. that tracks to the west of us which is a warm stormtrac. here's live doppler radar, it has been snowing cross connecticut and rhode island in
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some people are reporting snowfall in areas where it's not showing up on radar yet. >> we are seeing snow in frankland reaching the ground. in hopkinton and milford there is some lighter snowfall. new bedford as well as fall river, we are seeing some there as well. i think working in our favor, it has been warm up until this point and as long as the roads are pretreated, they will probably be in pretty good shape tonight. a lot of people are tweeting about the carrie underwood concert and traveling. i think the roads will be okay. as we move past midnight, a little bit of drizzle and snow. we will probably get a coating to a couple of inches and maybe some isolated areas up to 3
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it will be a little below freezing and central parts of massachusetts. now we had to the warmer part of the storm which is tomorrow evening. these showers will develop in the afternoon and slowly the warmer air will move from the south coast inland eventually overnight getting into places such as the merrimack valley, new hampshire. it will take well into tomorrow evening to get into the milder air. can temperatures -- of the temperatures will continue to warm into tomorrow evening. we will have the strongest wind gusts ending by 9 am thursday morning. rain totals, over 1 inch expected, localize totals of 2 inches can't be ruled out. along with the downpours, wind gusts that 40 to 50 miles an hour out of the south with the heaviest rain which is early thursday morning. a chance for scattered limbs and trees coming down as well
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cooler air will slowly work its way in on friday. as we look at the seven-day accuweather forecast, we're back into their 30s again on friday. the weekend looks pretty quiet, 40s on saturday and sunday and 50s on monday. this is the daniel webster school in marshfield. students were talking about positive character traits. they just came back from -- their teacher came back from a tour of spain and will be starting a new program. >> why don't you take the kids there? >> [ laughter ] have the kids running around barcelona sounds like a great idea. hamburg, germany just made a big move that's getting a lot of attention. it is the first city in the
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pods from all government run buildings. it says they are bad for the environment and unnecessary. they sold mine. 8 billion k cups. the company pledged to make a recyclable version by 2020 and. this workout is called the wine work out. some people can't get enough. as the mother of a toddler, april story knows time is limited. healthy living can be a struggle. home with her daughter and husband, she has a busy life. what's resulted has now been seen by roughly 25,000,000 people worldwide. this 15 second video posted in january is now dubbed the wine work out. >> i was getting ready to do a workout and i saw the wine and i thought, that would be kind
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into this workout video. >> she says this is our life, simple everyday home exercises, not necessarily with wine. that was just one of the dozens of nonalcoholic videos posted. it got attention from across the world. one says, quit whining and start working out. people couldn't get enough. >> they were making their own videos and doing different things. >> no matter the number of recreations or comments, the story -- story is hoping they will get the message. >> i want to show people that fitness is something you can do every day, anywhere and you can use anything.>> reporter: kathryn hauser wbz news. >> a bottle of wine weighs 2 pounds and 13 ounces. >> that's light weights. >> you can make it lighter in the middle of the workout as well. >> [ laughter ] this will make a green with
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coming up new at 6:00, and i-team exclusive, a police chief who admitted taking bribes 10 years ago. why is he still getting his
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than jetblue passengers got a big surprise when they returned to boston today. celtics forward as well as the coach and the mascot were there to sign autographs and the entire plane full of people got free tickets to again. today's surprise celebrates the new partnership between jetblue and the ballston sextet's -- boston celtics. snowflakes coming down this evening, a changeover to freezing rain and heavy rain coming up. there's a lot to talk about in the forecast. reliving history, the watertown shootout will be re- created on the streets were at happen. that wasn't their first choice. and i-team exclusive, a
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ago accused of [ indiscernible ] and he is still collecting a pension. why is that? >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, "wbz news at 6" starts right now. snow, ice, rain and 60s. we will see a little bit of everything over the next couple of days. >> so far so good, here you can see the roads are still dry but how much longer will that be? >> several towns are reporting light snow. we have a winter weather advisory posted by the national weather service until noon tomorrow.
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us -- it is showing some lighter snow coming down in and around sharing, met feared, flying finn -- medford, franklin, also steadier stuff moving down across fall river. temperature wise we are in the 30s, 32 in worcester and dark coldest temps will be in the central area. we will have some low visibility at times. around midnight things will change to freezing rain. we are not seeing big totals that cause big power outages. the roads should be okay as long as they are pretreated. icy areas expected north and west of 128. i think most towns will be close to freezing starting the morning it.


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