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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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break news right newt 6 deadly tornadoes down south and the threat is not over yet. >> and that same storm is round 2 for us. timing out the rain and damaging wend threats. >> if you listen to the pundits we weren't expected to win too much and now we are winning the country. >> in you this morning donald trump takes nevada and now it's a close race for second place and the numbers are still coming in. >> and the stunning video of a sobriety test. police say the driver you see falling over drunk set off chain reaction crash. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 6:00 i am kathryn hauser.
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wednesday february 24th we want to get you to danielle. >> the good news is that inside 495 it's not that slippery and the temperatures are above the freezing mark and the areas of rain and freezing rain are wrapping up for most of us. there is still a little sleet and freezing rain to the north and temperatures is 31 in worcester so outside of 495 there will be some slippery spots on anything untreated. pink here all the way from barnstead new hampshire towards deerfield ep and towards the southern coast of york county freezing precipitation. drying things out. there's a few leftover showers in northeastern massachusetts. we will still see freezing drizzle outside 495 but between now and late morning our temperatures you notice rise above freezing mark. so any leftover slick spots will tend to melt away. we come into the 50s in afternoon. 40th for the rest of us with pockets of rain filling in as
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this evening and overnight tonight after midnight heavy rain downpours even embedded thunderstorm will wrap up from west to east during the morning commute tomorrow. and then we are talking about strong winds as well. a high wind watch is up from midnight tonight until 8 p.m. thursday for all of southeastern massachusetts. more on this coming up. let's go on the the roads with traffic and weather together. hi robi. >> reporter: hi. we have plenty of slow downs north and south of the city right now. let's start with the south. the expressway jammed from the split to south hampton street a 20 minute delay there. and 24 northbound bumper to bummer from avon to 128. route 3 north looks slug frish union street to the split. 128 south hanging up between 37 and the split. from the north the 3 -- 39 southbound has -- 93 southbound had stop and go pockets and 128 to mistic valley parkway crawling between 95 and jug handle lights and route 3 south heavy and slow between 495 and >> thanks very much. we have breaking news.
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united states at least three people killed. dozens more injured in confirmed tore nidos that touched down in florida mississippi alabama and louisiana. this is the newest video from overnight from pensacola along the florida panhandle where a tornado caused major damage at three apartment buildings there. in louiseana one man says he and his family hid in the bathroom as a tornado rolled through. >> i got in the bathtub with my dog and they were praying and i was crying and i was scared. shaking. >> there were at least 26 reports of tornadoes touching yesterday. and the danger is not over yet a tornado watch is in effect for parts of florida georgia this morning. and new this morning cbs news is projecting donald trump caucuses. the results are still coming in and right now second place is just too close to call. danielle nottingham has the
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>> reporter: after picking up a third consecutive victory in last night's nevada caucuses donald trump continues the winning streak with a eye on super tuesday states. >> we have had great numbers coming out of texas. >> yes. >> and amazing numbers coming out of tennessee and georgia it's going to be an amazing two months. months folks. all right. >> reporter: the billionaire front-runner garnered much of his support in the state from with the government. destroying us. >> i think he is here for the the people. and i think he wants to win. >> reporter: the win gives trump majority of the delegates in the the state bringing him nomination. >> i think he is well positioned to really sweep across the board. >> reporter: as trump continues to gain momentum the rest of the gop field is battling it
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entrance polls show a majority of caucus goers who favor a candidate with more split cal experience backed marco rubio over ted cruz. texas senator addressed supporters shortly after polls closed. >> one week from today will be the most important night of the campaign. >> reporter: they will face trump in the next debate tomorrow night in texas before voters pick their choice for commander in chief. danielle nottingham cbs news las vegas nevada. massachusetts had to reprint thousands of ballot for tuesday's primary but secretary of state tells the globe it won't affect the results. the bad round was printed digitally and could have been smudged make them difficult to be read properly. printer will absorb the course of the do-over. massachusetts is where voters will head to the polls for super tuesday and we are just 6 days away. wbz will bring you complete coverage beginning at 8 on my tv38 and stay with us for cbs
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the wbz news at 11. a community on alert following a series of burglaries. susie steimle is live in brooklyn with the details and the big warning out there for residents. susie. >> reporter: that's right. the warning from police right now is if you live in the area where the burglaries are taking place, try to keep your lights on at night if you can. and make sure that your windows and doors are locked. we have a list for you of the areas where the break-ins have taken place. it's been 6 burglaries in the past week. right now police are describing the burglaries as similar but not necessarily connected at this point. and the similarities include signs of forced entry near the back of the house the thieves have gone in through a window or a door at the back of the homes and every single time they have taken small electronics and jewelry. at this point, police say they have not made any arrests so they are he hoping the public
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if you have anymore information, they are hoping to hear from you. for now live in brookline susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thank you. look at this video of an accused drunk driver. during the sobriety test. the man expected to face charges today in connection with a chain reaction crash. nicole jacobs is live in weymouth with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you kathryn. the pedestrian in this crash we are told suffered life- threatening injuries. driver of the other vehicle is recovering as well after a man accused of driving drunk and high should have never been behind the wheel. a sobriety test gives the big picture. 51 yowled thomas mohan struggling to ---year-old -- 51- year-old thomas mohan struggling to walk the line. >> just a massive crash by the time we ran out here, the cars
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>> reporter: michael saw the washington street aftermath. mohan was driving the minivan pedestrian. >> the driver of the meny van under the influence. arguing with the police. >> reporter: he was drunk police say and high on drugs. >> he has been going through a bad time. that's all i can say right now. >> reporter: at his home tuesday, a woman answered the door. shock right now. >> reporter: saying very little no one to speak on the driving violation that is spanned nearly 30 years. but mohan will have to answer to charges when he face as judge in court. we are told he was taken to south shore hospital and will likely be arraigned today. live in weymouth nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. the search is on for a missing mother. she left to pick up her son at day care monday but never arrived. last night state police
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clues at judith sales' home in hole brook. she was -- holbrooke. she was seen leaving her job at a taunton walgreens her husband reported her missing when she didn't pick their son up. the family says this is out of character. >> she never did anything like leave before. we are hoping and praying someone will see her photo or she will return home safely. >> as long as she can come home safely that's all that matters. >> that was judith's husband you heard talking through the door. police pinninged the cell phone in connecticut but since then the phone has been off. they are going to activate the lojack and see if they can locate the vehicle end. kennedy cousin michael skakel is heading back to court. connecticut supreme court will hear the case today. skakel a nephew of ethel kennedy was convicted in the killing of the teenage neighbor martha moxley.
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skakel was freed in 2013 on 1.2 million dollars bail after a judge granted a new trial saying the trial lawyer failed to present a key alibi witness and to argue that scabbingel a brother might have -- scabbingel a brother might -- skakel's brother might have been responsible for the court. coming up, standing with apple. >> the nationwide protests last night including here in boston. >> plus, new details about a 4- year-old found wandering on street alone in the middle of the night. what he told police he was out looking for. >> and do you recognize the men? police say they are trying to steal your money. the skimming scan hitting another community. >> it's going to be a damp day today with periodic areas of rain. temperatures rising slowly through the 40s and some 50s south of boston later on today. i am tracking the warmup and the threat for damaging wind and when the heaviest downpours
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here's a workout you won't whine about doing a california woman is getting interest for wine workout 18 million people have viewed the page on facebook about fitness. the 24-year-old mom says with a baby she has lifted time to work out but sought wine bottle in her house and decided to
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says her message is just about working out at home with simple every day exercises. >> love it. everything about it i love. >> you know it reminds me mygrandmother she is old and sues uses the soup can. >> i am going to do morning workout it has to do something better than nothing. >> 100%. >> when you check this later on. >> is that weight getting lighter. >> tomorrow i will let you know how it goes. >> awesome. so we are talking about at least a few slick spots out there this morning. we had snow reports from framingham is about an inch. a lot of spots ended with up coating to a half inch and a little crust on top of that. manual outside 495. so we are doing okay this morning. inside of that it's 39 in boston right now. 40 in brockton and 33 in lowell but 31 in worcester.
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will be slick spots inside that we are doing okay which is great news. portsmith through dover pockets of freezing rain extending into southern maine. we still have pockets of drizzle and some light shower activity that may mix in this morning i'm long with patchy fog. this was -- morning along with patchy fog. this is round one. thunderstorms from south carolina to florida. snow on the backside of the storm. we are on the warmer side this time around. temperatures will gradually rise today into the 40s. and continue rising into the 50s overnight tonight. so hour by hour between now and late morning, a few spocts of showers and drizzle. watch for any untreated surfaces to be a little icy through about late morning. worcester hills into southwest new hampshire especially. 4 p.m. notice areas of downpours and pier odditic rain cape and island a couple showers. but we wait on the heaviest
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it's going to absolutely pour. look at deep yellows and oranges. embedded rumbles. early tomorrow is the key. look at 5:30 the wrap is -- rain is wrapping up. there will be downpours in 495 that will linger until probably the tail end of the morning commute it canly on the cape. -- techly on the cape. -- particularly on the cape. breaks of sunshine coming out and a leftover sprinkle during the day tomorrow. projected rainfall amounts top out between a half an inch and an inch and half those are all the areas in blue. either side of an inch. this may be locally higher amounts back to the lower connecticut river valley and especially from southern vermont into the berkshires. over 2 inches is possible. so some big ponding water and puddles overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. the other issue is the wind. these are forecast wend gusts. overnight tonight, when the heaviest rain comes in, that will coincide with the strongest winds. we may gust over 40 miles per
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back down into the south coast and cape over 50 miles per hour possible. that's one round until early morning. and that may cause pockets of damage. and it's going to be a windy day overall. and then late in the day, during the lay afternoon and evening we may see the wind crank up again and see gusts near 40, 50 miles mer hour. damages will -- per hour. damages may not be wide spret -- widespread but we will have pockets. blustery and colder 38 for a high on friday. and weekend is looking good. in the 40s. warmest on sunday. 50s with rain showers late in the day on monday. cooling us off a bit by tuesday. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: tough ride in the being pressway right now on this rainy wednesday morning. a live look now excue me coughing attack the trip from the braintree split to the south bay mall had take more than a half-hour. other tough ride to the south 24 northbound jammed from 128 back to avon a 20 minute delay
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128 and neponset street. from the north 93 southbound packed between methuen and andover and crawling to medford take a half-hour. route # southbound stop and go. route 3 southbound bumper to bumper between 495 and 129. sorry with the waffing -- cory about the -- sorry about the coughing. dozens rallying outside the apple store. same protest across the country. demonstrators are upset over a court order to have apple create a so-called back door to unlock the iphones used by the san bernardino shooters. apple is expected to respond to the court this week. watertown residents have mixed opinions on whether a movie crew should recreate the terrifying night when police the marathon bombers. we told you about this story yesterday morning. reps for the film patriots day
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askedresidents if they could film scenes in the neighborhood. a source tells us originally the scene was set to be filmed in vancouver but some people in the watertown community said they wanted it in the their own -- in their own neighborhood. >> i believe it happened here and so you need to he see that is regular neighborhood and that it's not a movie set. >> i suppose it's good for watertown to get business out of it. >> i think it gives a sense of authenticity to the film and will bring up a lot of feeling for those who live on the street. >> the police chief says his officers some of the same one that is were there that night will likely work the security detail in the it goes forward. the movie is being produced by our sister company cbs films. a police is -- take a good look at these pictures. officers say the two people put a skimming device on an atm at a cumberland farms.
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every your credit or atm card. skimming device have been found in tabored attleboro westwood and hingham. ahead it may not be case closed at one of boston's most tress tegous dismools a legal maneuver over allegation of racial intolerance at boston lat in. >> carrie underwood giving a familiar hey night to remember. the surprise and excitement
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welcome back. si. rights group will ask the justice department to investigate the most elite public school. head master at boston latin apologized for lack of urgency but the boston chapter head of
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federal probe to determine if a environment exist. a state senator says that he won't seek reelection. brian joyce has been -- bryan joyce has bents target of a ethics -- has been the target of a ethics investigation. his law office was raided and he insist he did nothing wrong he he has been in the senate since 1998. new details about the 4- year-old boy wandering on blue the night. he told police he was looking for chocolate. someone spotted him and called police before 3 yesterday morning. he was able to give officers his name. those officers went to his house and woke up her mom who had no idea he slipped out. no charges will be filed. the department of transportation will spend two million dollars to stud yea project for the mbta. aid proposal to baled underground link between south station and north station. the idea has been prohe is -- proposed and rejected over the years. but former governor dukakis and
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and we are getting first inside look at the government center t station. you can see signage and route maps for grown and blue lines. the t has been undergoing renovation for two years and it will open march 26th. a star studded surprise for local military family. the van huyens is got to meet carrie underwood before the show. she invited the cape cod coast guard family to a show in november exclusively for hundreds of military families but the surprises didn't end there. the family is also getting a free carnival cruise. >> now we can have a memory together and this is awesome. this is one of the best experiences of our lives. >> it's an easy thing for me to do to meet incredible people and have them at our shows and i try to do things wherever can i to say thank you.
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highsen is chase stationed with the coast guard and says the family is excited. >> she is great and talent and giving back a nice thing to see. lots more coming up including a warning from the white house. >> robots could be taking over the job and it's the daily talker. >> who really cares about celebrity endorse men in the presidential race? okay no one. but we will still have some laughs as i run down a short list of who's with who.
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right now at 6:30 the man you see falling over in this sobriety test is the one police say caused a chain reaction crash that left several people injured. >> also developing this morning a rash of break-ins in brookline what police want home owners to know about the crimes. >> and donald trump delivers in nevada what's says -- what he says about the third win in row and how the other candidates did. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston,this is wbz this morning. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news down south this morning.
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coming in over the last 12 hours and national weather service will survey the damage today. at least three people have been killed in louisiana and mississippi there's nor neighedo watch for parts of floor dash tornado watch-- tornado watch for parts of florida georgia and south carolina until 10 this morning. >> this system is. >> it's the same and one of my friends that works for the national weather service in louisiana the actual national weather service got struck by lightning and had to go into shelter. it's been active. i don't anticipate severe weather here but there may be thunder overnight tonight when the heaviest rain moves n let's check out the winter weather advisories all about a slick start. outside 4 the 5 -- 495 that's when the advisory is up. excuse me and in through southern new hampshire until noon and i wouldn't be surprised if it gets lifted earlier southern worcester county into worcester as temperatures rise.
6:31 am
right inside 495. being see the clear color that shading with -- you can see the clear color that shading. it's at or below freezing manchester keen and concord up england. precip is done although he areas. so between now and late morning, the temperatures slowly that's the key will rise above the freezing mark. there will be additional showers and pockets of rain that develop through the afternoon even a few downpours in there through mid afternoon. grab the you will brem -- umbrella raincoat and look at. this our temperatures rise through the 50s overnight tonight and the rain is going to ramp up after mit night and pour tonight -- midnight and pour tonight into early tomorrow morning and taper off west to east during the tail en. i am concerned about the wind. we will breakdown the threat
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>> reporter: we have slow downs city. let's look live over route 1 in saugus route 1 southbound crawling between 95 and route 99. 93 southbound is a mess that is leverett connector. and route 3 southbound hangs up between 495 and 129. the south map expressionway packed from the split up to ride. 24 northbound struggle avon to 128 and 95 north heavy and slow neponset to 128. chris. >> thanks very much. take a look at this video of an accused drunk driver during a sobriety test. this man caused a serious chain reaction crash and he could face a judge today. >> nicole jacobs is live with the the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you catherine and chris -- kathryn and chris. that happened behind me on
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and it was a serious one leaving the pedestrian with hive threatening gofers. i want you go today go to cell phone video capturing the condition of the man. police say thomas mohan who is 51 was drunk and high when he hit a pickup truck and pedestrian tuesday afternoon. that pedestrian suffered again life-threatening injuries. mohan was arrest and charged. wbz learned he has a lengthy driving record tuesday afternoon. witnesses took note of his condition. >> the driver of the minivan was quite upset and obviously under the influence arguing with the police. >> reporter: and taking a another live look on washington street in weymouth where the crash happened i can tell you mohan was taken to south shore hospital where we are told he suffered some pret -- pretty serious injuries as well.
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we are live in weymouth nicole jacobs wbz this morning. a developing story today. a community on alert following a series of burglaries. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police are telling us as far as the burglaries go they are similar but not necessarily connected. they are warning residents to be vigilant and we have a list taken place. they are close to each other about a mile apart if not less than that and all pretty close to the police station. all 6 of these burglaries have taken haze in the past week and they have a lot of similarities the thieves receives are gone into the homes and you can see signs of forced entry through a window or a door in the back of the homes and each time they have been taking small electronics or jewelry. police are warning people if
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can, try to keep your lights on at night because that's when the burglaries have taken place. they are asking people to be on lookout of suspicious activity if they haven't made arrest they are hoping the public can help track down who is break into homes in the area. live in brookline susie steimle wbz this morning. new this morning another big win for donald trum with precincts reporting -- trump with all precincts reporting trump won with 36% of the vote. marco rube -- 46% of the vote. marco rubio came in second. trump says this is proof that he appeals to a wider variety. >> we won evangelicals and won with young young and old and highly educate and with poorly educated. we are the smartest people and most loyal people.
6:36 am
in south carolina on saturday and then both parties onto super tuesday. celebrities are picking sides. >> reporter: >> and this morning-- >> and this morning jon keller looks whether it matter. >> reporter: good morning. since we are in the middle of a presidential campaign where celebrity trumps all else no pun intended let's set the urgent issues of the time aside and focus on what matters celebrity endorsement. from ben affleck to robert de niro to helen miren to howard stern to sharon stone and gets the nod from one of the greatest basketball players in history magic johnson. on the down side, she is also endorsed by a-rod. but, bernie sanders is no slouch. watertown's own eliza is feeling the bern as is george
6:37 am
and if kareem abdul jabar can't isn't enough ronda rousey can mop up. will farrell was originally a sanders endorse enbut now appears to be backing clinton. let's face it. an anchorman has to appeal to the mass audience at all times. on the republican side, donald trump definitely has the most motley crew of endorseers. including the likes of latrell sprewell the former nba star totried to training strangle his coach john rocker famous for ethnic slurs and mike tyson, about whom nothing need be said. same goes for another trumpster ted nugent. we could go on but why bother? none of these celebrities has anymore insight into who should lead our country than you do probably less. which is why celebrity
6:38 am
also the ultimate in empty calories. share your thoughts with me at or via twitter at keller at large. >> about 6:38. time for our daily talker. bad news for a growing number of americans who struggle to make minimum wage. >> they could easily lose those jobs those low paying jobs. not to other people but robots. here's robi with this one. >> reporter: i been working at bz for a quarter of a century and in that time i've seen coworkers get replaced by automation. as a matter of fact right now here in the studio there used to be three humans operating the cameras now there's only one. and most of the cameras that shoot me kathryn chris and danielle are robotic we talk about a white house report detailing who is in danger of losing their jobs to machines. if you make less than 20 dollars per hour there's an 83% chance that a robot could take over your gig. if you earn between 20 and 40
6:39 am
down to 31% and if you are lucky enough to rake in 40 clams an hour or more, there's only a 4% shot that a machine brings you a pink slip the white house report says lower skilled jobs are at the most risk for takeover. workers with intensive social and creative skills stand the best chance of staying in their positions and good news for people who work in the boston area boston and washington, d.c. are cities with the the least percentage of jobs at risk of being taken away by automation. let's see what people are saying are they worried about being replaced by robots suzanne points out robots could never replace day care workers. that's true they are not good at changing diapers and rickey says robots are cool but they will malfunction so it might be a bad idea. rickey good thing humans never malfunction right? number of ways to comment the website twitter or facebook
6:40 am
up with humans down with robots. >> all right thanks very much. coming up a check of your day's top stories including kennedy cousin michael skakel heading back to court this morning. >> what prosecutors are asking connecticut's highest court to rule on. >> plus the search for missing here in holbrooke. what police are telling us about the investigation good morning. >> good morning. checking in with the weather watchers and getting a ton of reports and very helpful out there. temperatures running below the freezing mark outside 495. so kathy says 31 right in you in worcester. a half an inch of snow and there will be slick spots on anything untreated especially the sidewalks and driveways. i am timing out rain and the threat for damaging wind gusts
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good morning. it's a wet morning for lot of folks out there also foggy. that is live look at the pike. depending on where you are it could be slippery the road could be slick out there. >> absolutely right. we dealt with everything let's get over to danielle with a check for the rest of the morning. >> it was not a ton of snow but we had a burst that came in and spots had a coating. some melted inside 495 but the
6:44 am
in terms of ice and crust that came down with sleet and freezing rain is along and outside 495 into southern new hampshire and that's where we are below the freezing mark. 39 in boston. 33 fitchburg and 33 lawrence and 31 worcester and 32 orange and same in manchester there. are spots across the interior that are still dealing with a little bit of slick conditions out there. just be mindful of that. traveling along 225 and shirley sent aa groton and southern new hampshire on the rain sleet freezing rain line in through brookline and a little pink showing up along 13 and route 130 as well. you get in through manchester and then back up into concord either side of 93 you will need the wipeers a little sleet and freezing rain coming down. not a ton but anything untreated takes a toonie trace to make things slick.
6:45 am
down to the south. snow on the northwest side. severe weather from the florida panhandle to south carolina. all of this moisture is going work in our direction but we are in the warmer side of this nextround that comes in. through the rest of the day today, grab the wet-- grab the wet weather gear showers and downpours through the afternoon of cape and islands may be exempt for moat of this and along -- most of this and along into midnight west to east heavy down pours and embedded thunderstorm possible around or after midnight. this will linger into the early part of the morning commute tomorrow. he we sped up the timing a little bit. tail end of the commute aside from leftover downpours should be pushing off the coastline. so improvement tomorrow with sunshine may break out in a few spots with a leftover shower across the interior. isolated as we head into the evening. so projectd rainfall --
6:46 am
over an inch. there may be higher amounts purposeels and reds over 2 -- purples and reds over 2 inches. and the other big concern tomorrow is with the wind. high wind watches up for southeastern massachusetts from midnight tonight until 8 p.m. gusts 50 to 60 miles per hour may cause scattered pockets of damage. come in. overnight tonight. notice the gusts 4 a.m. over 50 miles per hour in spots. over 40 from boston through glofter and we see a -- glofter -- gloater and -- glofter and lay in the day tomorrow gust that top out near40, 50 miles tomorrow. so the wind i think will be the bigger story tomorrow once the rain ends early in the morning. temperatures up 55 to 60 degrees and blustery and colder.
6:47 am
weekend looks good. 40 on saturday and nearing 50 on sunday and into the 50s for the start of next week. couple showers monday cooling off by tuesday. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: starting to see the first slow downs of the morning to the west of boston. look live at the mass pike eastbound bumper to bumper in framingham stretch between route 9 and 30. and weston tolls to newton corner. expressway packed from the split to south hampton street and 24 north you crawl avon to 128. and from the north worst ride is 93 southbound. look at the red. now jammed from wilmington down to the leverett connector that will take you close to 40 minutes chris. >> thanks very much. we are following breaking news a tornado watch in effect for florida georgia and south carolina until 10 this morning. this after dozens of reports of tornadoes touching down across the south yesterday. the national weather service will be out today surveying the damage.
6:48 am
killed dozens more injured. almost 6:48 on your wednesday morning. chening top stories a man a-- checking top stories a man accused of driving drunk will face a judge in connection with a chain reaction trust. >> thomas mohan take as sobriety test before falling to the ground. police say he was drunk and high on drugs at the time. when he hit a pickup truck and a pedestrian on washington street yesterday, the pedestrian is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the search is onto find a missing mother from massachusetts. state police searched judith sales' home last night. the 39-year-old was seen monday afternoon leaving her job at a taunton walgreens. her husband reported her missing when she didn't pick up their son from day care. police say they pinninged her cell phone in connecticut and are trying to locate her car. prosecutors wand michael skakel to go back to prison for
6:49 am
he was convicted in 2002 pu freed in -- but freed in 2013 after a judge granted a new trial after saying his original trial lawyer failed to properly represent him. police issuing a community alert after burglaries in brookline. it's been 6 burglaries and an attempted burglary and another break-in yesterday. police say in all cases someone forced their way through a back door or window. most of the robberies were not far from the brookline hills mbta stop. still to come this morning, catching up with big papi at spring training. about his final year with the sox. >> a high school athlete living out his hoop dreams and proving everyone long. what he lacks in height he
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wbz sports driven by bmw test drive at your massachusetts bmw center or advice us. >> this will be david ortiz last season so he is making sure to enjoy every minute of his final spring training. big papi arrived on monday in fort myers and spoke to the media for the first time yesterday. ortiz says he won't be satisfied with anything less than another world series win but if it doesn't happen this year don't expect him to come back in uniform e says it's time. -- he says it's time. >> i thank god everyone day for
6:53 am
the career i have you know. and i think everybody gets the moment you know when you feel like it's time to go. >> wbz dan roche is with the team in fort myers look for live reports tonight on wbz. >> i love the next -- shall. i love next story. an unlikely player who made a spot on the team. he is 3 1/2 feet tall. >> but he's force to be reckoned with. tristan is a high school freshman and made the jv team at the high school despite a rare genetic condition that limits his growth he says basketball has been his dream for as long as he can remember. >> energetic and i like shooting. you know i have 14 points so far. >> everyone rallies around him. when tristan is going to check in the crowd, everyone on the beech is he can side -- bench
6:54 am
>> he is still growing and will gain another foot but he says he wants to play in the nba. >> 14 points and counting. >> there we go. >> i said it before and we are rooting for you. >> we are. it's 6:54 right now. time for closer look at what's coming up at 7 on cbs this morning. >> let's check in with gayle king. >> ahead on cbs this morning we will talk with marco rubio about the battle for second place in nevada and what he needs to do heading into super tuesday and we will show outso fit kate -- sophisticated way most confidential information from your phone. the news is back in the morning. we will see you at 7 straight up. >> thank you gayle. sludging through boston snowy winters can be a test of endurance for any human now a
6:55 am
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's
6:57 am
unless we all do. together. a stronger country. one robot trying to do when we do every winter wok through the snow. >> this is the latest version of the atlas robot create by boston dynamics. see it enjoying a walk through the woods strugeling a little bit in some places. creators say it's a leaner manor quieter -- meaner quieter machine. >> have to have snow boots. >> snowshoes. >> you see it coming at you you
6:58 am
>> it would be odd if you saw it. >> so we get a little snow we dealt with overnight. mainly a coating to an ionch and it will be a -- an inch and it will be a little slick. there are areas of fog and we will get periodic showers and rain that fills in a gloomy day overall. tonight, into tomorrow morning heavy rain and downpours and it's all about the wind tomorrow as the sun breaks out we will be up near 60. >> thanks very much. that will do it for us this morning. cbs this morning is next.
6:59 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, february 24th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." deadly tornadoes tear through the south. powerful winds toss rvs through the air. in danger. donald trump wins the nevada caucuses in a landslide. marco rubio surges to second. he'll be with us. is your phone secretly recording you, how some apps steal your personal information we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. look up.


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