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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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starts right now. >> now at 5:09 the strong storm system that caused so much damage in texas now headed in this direction. here 40-mile-per-hour winds caused a canopy to collapse just missing a convenience store. we are bracing for more damage here tonight. >> the heaviest wind and rain are expected to start in few hours for more on that we want to check back in with eric. >> it affect a lot of folks from texas to the southeast and midwest and here in february a line of tornado watches that are out on the east coast including philly and dc and those red squares are current tornado warnings. we have had reports of several deaths today because of those tornadoes. big sprawling storm system you can see here that line southwest of dc is where the strongest storms are. for us downpours this evening. it's heavier rain moving into the boston metro and through metro wet west. heavier rainfall leading to poor travel conditions this evening.
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midnight with that a rumble of thunder and temperatures climbing and winds increase after midnight as well. so hour by hour in boston we are in the 40s through about 9, 10 and then we are going to jump across the area into the 50s and even 60 degrees by tomorrow morning. and that rain will wrap up between 6 and 9 a.m. from west to east. and the wind becomes a bigger story overnight. so after midnight gusting 40 to 60 miles per hour in the downpours. wind advarieties ris are out a- - advisories are out across the region of the we will talk about the potential for limbs and trees to come down and scattered outages and debris on some roads tomorrow morning. heavy rain and street flooding and outside chance a severe thunderstorm warning tomorrow morning. we will look at this storm and what follows coming up in bit. lisa. >> thank you. tonight, a connecticut supreme court is deciding whether to reinstate michael skakel's murder conviction and send him to prison. he was behind bars for 10 years before a lower court threw out the verdict tonight christina
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>> reporter: this was a bid by the prosecution to get michael skakel back behind bars. an though a jury found him guilty of murder 14 years ago that conviction was reversedseveral years ago and he has been free on more than a million dollars bail. dorothy moxley watched the wheels of justice take a seemingly unending journey since her 15 -year-old daughter martha was bludgeoned to death with a broken golf club more than 40 years ago in grin itch. she is con-- greenwich she isconvinced they got the right guy when they convicted michael skakel. >> go back to jail and serve your time and come out and be a free person. >> reporter: prosecutors susan gill argued to connecticut highest court that the argument that ron skakel's appeal that the trial lawyer micky sherman's defense was inadequate isbaseless.
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this was a well planned well thought out professional defense. >> it's clear that my client didn't get a fair shake. >> reporter: skakel's a attorney says sherman overlooked evidence pointing to another key suspect skakel's brother. >> the probable kill was tommy skakel. now my client doesn't really want me to say that it's his brother. >> reporter: other family other suspects. >> check out leads. >> reporter: justis isss have to decide if the conviction should be reinstated or if skakel should get a new trial. the decision on that is not expected for several months. in hartford can't cut. christina hager wbz news. >> tonight a 15-year-old girl is dead and randolph police are killed her. laura vierra was walking across north main street near oak what
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she was in the crosswalk viera died at the hospital. the driver stopped spoke with investigators and tonight no word on any charges glt own easers sea covering restaurant- - the owners of a seekonk restaurant is suing chicago keeta banana company. they say there's history of improperly loaded banana trucks getting into accidents. barn fire was sparked last night. you can see the flanes on bayview avenue. there are not hydrants nearby he so tankers had to be brought in from several communities. good news no one was hurt. one thief might be getting rade to do the jailhouse rock. dartmouth police are look for the man they call elvis. he store about 400 dollars from sears and led police on a chase to the rhode island border. he was spotted in a black
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keeping your personal information safe from illegal skimmers. we are seeing more and more of them but do you know what to look for? walpole police found them on atms and attached to gas pumps. stealing credit card information. beth germano shows us how to protect yourself. >> you can take two seconds put this on and walk away. >> reporter: it's press and go. double sided tape. pressed over the credit card reader of an atm. a toonie pinhole in the mounted -- a tiny pinhole in themounted camera watches as you punch in your pass code. >> we work hard and don't want to use a atm and found out someone has stole our money. >> reporter: consumers like susan masters says it's usual lay quick transaction with little notice of the machines. these devices were recovered from a walpole cumberland farm
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attleboro and they believe this man and woman may have been behind the case of skimming and not just atms. >> -- at mms -- atms into you can see a small little-- >> you can see a lyle dial for a light or a pinhole camera. >> reporter: this strip was quickly installed behind the credit card reader at 2 gas pumps in westwood and several other local communities. to illegally obtain and record pin numbers. >> i mean you are asking me what am i looking for i don't know what to look for. >> reporter: police say the crime is prevalent enough in the area that consumer should be on the lookout in particular for any loose fitting credit card covers that seems out of place. >> this piece the card reader protrudes further than normal device. normally they are built into the machine. >> reporter: police believe there's connections to the cases and since it's quick and easy, they expect skimming will
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in walpole beth germano. we have a i team >> we are -- >> reporter: we are talking about pay pal. many use it to run businesses or buy or sale single item. but are sellers protected? some say a in a dispute the company sides with the buyer and that's created problems. >> so it's promoting fraud on the part of unscrupulous buyers. can be happening. >> reporter: now pay pal is facing a class action lawsuit arguing the company is failing to keep the promise to offer security to sellers. that'ss story for the i-team tonight on wbz news at 11. >> usually if something not good for businesses it's not good for consumers and i am story. >> so many people use it to buy and sell used clothes and run small businesses so it afacts lot of people. >> see you tonight -- afacts lot of people. >> see you tonight.
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see you tonight if you they there's story we should look into send a e-mail or call us. don't quite like something on facebook? no problem. >> coming up, the new way to finally let your expression your feelings. >> and hot grandpa? people suddenly talking about this old photo. >> and the coolest robots to come out of boston getting a
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i foal like we have been talking about this forever showing are true emotion on face nook you have love and haha and wow and sad and whoever your mouth over the like or hold it down on your phone and you will see the other emoticons spowp and they came up with the five extra
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people used most often when commended on friends' post. >> it adds something. >> one more thing to enhance your feelings. >> someone writes about a funeral or something you don'twouldn't is a say something but don't want to like it. >> right. makes more sense. the man who figured out how much it cost to rescue matt damon from the movie roles has a new one. >> this was the question how much pony-- money would it take to buy one of everything on amazon and the answer is 12.7 billion dollars. the commuter scientist figured out there were 479 million different items for sale and the average price is 26.68. and no word from amazon if the cal lieu lations are correct -- calculations are correct but if it's prime they will be there in a day. >> only he would have the time to do the math. >> we will go with it in and new life for -- with it.
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>> a photograph of a man before he was deployed has gone viral. more than 3 million people women impressed by the man's good looks. the man is shocked by the response and says yep his grandparents are getting a kick out of it as well. this is great photo. >> can you imagine being a grandpa and finding out you have gone viral. >> and people think you are hot. >> in my day viral meant you had the plague. piece of boston history is back opened. after the break what it took to get charlie's sandwich shop to reopen. >> a mixed bag with the weather watchers tonight as we look at some of the reports coming in. temperatures starting to climb a little bit but the cold not retreating across the interior dave in temple says freezing rain all day. the poor trees. help is on the way with warming temps. >> and tonight at 10 on my tv38, e cigarettes are more and more popular but one man would a real warning. look at this video his device
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the severe injuries and investigation underway coming
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street
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millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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you never he want to see this a gym in louisiana that was destroyed and strong storms are to blame for all of this damage. side and roof of the building gone. sob grabbed his or her cell phone is to today show what it hook like from the inside. tarnal weather in the south and even in the nid -- even in the mid weft west. >> that's the sits -- midwest. >> that's the system headed this way and the biggest issue tonight is the rain but the wind. >> frozen ground could see trees coming down and debris outside tomorrow morning slowing things down. so we will have to monitor through the overnight.
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tornado reports over the last 24 hours across the southeast from louisiana and across alabama and mississippi. georgia and florida and up into virginia as well you see the latest reports coming in this evening. potent storm system and brings heavy rain and strong winds. one to two inches total and the heaviest between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. i cross the reg -- across the region the we could have thunder and lightning and it feels like may close to 60 and the wind gusts at the 40 to of 0 -- 60 not enough to call a lot of damage but because the ground is wet and unfrozen there could be more trees than usual. sel we will keep an eye on. blizzard d. something we will have to keep ion on-- something we will have to keep an eye on. we are watching that arm of heavier rainfall moving in. what we have this evening is scattered stuff wait out ahead of the storm. and we have locally heavy rainfall a little icing going on in central massachusetts
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the trees. warm air is not there yet. we will look at heavy rain fromfranklin and along 495 and around midway area moving up towards boston and over city. we have heavier rainfall and it's going to be a nasty evenington out and about. quarter mile visibility in worcester and lawrence. and the fog will be here throughout the evening. temperatures side of this mentioned how stub or not cold air was going to be. we are at 32 in worcester and that he icy areas especially in northern worcester. boston is at 4- 40 and we are near 60 in new bedford and the air will work inland heading through tonight i mentioned that frequently and seems the cold air is never modeled well on the computer so it tells you it's going to warm up, here north and west of the boston you won't get into the warm stuff until after midnight tonight. and after midnight we get the heavy rainfall the chance for
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downpours and good news is we might be just wrapping this up before many people go to work and school. this ends between 6 and 9 by 9 it's outside cape cod so hopefully it will be out of the picture in time a little sun mixing in in the 50s all day long and chance for a popup shower in the afternoon. well to the north and west: wind advisories are out eastern massachusetts and southern worcester county. tonight's gust out of the south at 40 to 606789 get the strongest winds where we have the heavy rain and when we get into the warmer temperatures. you can see how they work northward with the warmer air overnight. eventually pushing into southern new hampshire but that's where the warm air stops. some gusts up 60 miles per hour and through the day tomorrow we will keep the wind around and stale chance for 50 and 55-mile- per-hour gusts tomorrow afternoon. if we lose power a diel difficult day for crews to get the electricity on. high temp 61 in boston which
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fitchburg up to 56. worcester at 57. er with we have highs that -- ice that will melt and quieter this weekend. chillier on friday. chilly and night start to the week on saturday. somebody whoa bring in the milder air -- sunday whoa bring in the milder air. -- we bring in the milder air. the we could have 60 in some towns on monday. hoare it's accu-weather 7-day. after the storm -- here's the accu-weather 7-day. after the storms a chance for some storms and middle to end of next week is the next chance for a more significant storm to head our way. by then it's march if you believe that. >> that's a milestone. >> we had to show you this piece of video a weather anchor in los angeles who wore the wrong thing in front of green screen and you can see the weather maps went through the dress when the male anchor rush to the rescue and gave her his coat.
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>> there's meteorologist in l.a. i don't wear dresses if you are in l.a. watch middle borrow's own a great meteorologist breewinkler. >> that's the one to look for. >> appreciate it. >> keep with the dress thing and you won't get in trouble. >> imagine how difficulty it is -- difficult it is for a robot to walk through the snow. you can see it walking through the woods and struggling with it. the robot can open doors and pick up and move boxes. it's the latest version of the human shaped atlas robot creators say it's leaner meaner quieter machine. >> it needs one of the snow clearing roombas. >> he is like everyone else in new england. here's one to sink your teeth into. a boston institution gets new life. >> when charlie's sandwich shop closed in 2014 customers were
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shows us it's back with brand new owners. >> reporter: it's new beginning for a old staple. >> this is boston right here. charlie's is boston. >> it's great this institution is opened. back up in the city. >> we were saddened when we had the closing but that is joyful moment. >> reporter: charlie's sandwich shop opened in 1927 in boston. it's always been a go-to for south enders until it closed in june of 2014 when the restaurant owner heard the news he bid for the chance to buy it. >> i was sad to see it go but now i am excited to be a part of the next 86 years. >> reporter: one of the charms is the history which is plastered all over the wall. when important people come they stop by this institution. >> right here on the sidewalk, legend tells the story of sammy davis junior dancing out here. >> reporter: but for a place
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century it's best known for being ahead of the time. when most boston restaurants didn't serve black customers, charlie's did. >> back in the day, segregation you know anybody couldn't sit anywhere. it was very different environment and culture. >> reporter: it's still cash only and the menu has not changed a bit. just the owner. who is ready to serve customers a taste of nostalgia. susie steimle wbz news. >> looks like business is going to be brisk. >> yes. >> cranberry pancakes. the winner is one super creative mom. >> coming up next how she and her kids are paying tribute to the oscar nominees. we have a packed show coming upton at -- tonight at 6 including breaking news on the wynn casino in everett. construction put on hold indefinitely. and how a local hospital is hoping to heal he traumatic
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many of you have it marked the 88th academy awards are sunday night and a photographer is once again having a little fun with the nominees. for the 5th straight year maggie dressed her kids up to recreate scenes from the films up for best peck tier see scenes from the martian revenant and even mad max. she post all the pictures on
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are good sports. we have much more still ahead the news at 6 starts right now. live from the wbz studios in boston wbz news at 6 starts now. >> a serious tomorrow system head our way spun tore fadeos in the south and snow in the midwest and in few hours heavy rain and really strong windser. >> what roller coaster round one with the snow and ice and rain. >> and tonight round 2 heavy winds and possible thunderstorms and we have problems for the trees out there. let's go to eric fish here is keeping an eye -- fisher who is keeping an eye on the storm. >> off to the west bigger issues snow here across the chicago area and grand rapids and severe weather the line of thunderstorms racing into washington, d.c. and this is
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later into tonight and we will watch the heaviest of the rain ariefng after midnight. tonight -- arriving after midnight. heavier rainfall along the north shore and down through boston and heavier rain that reaches across 93 and 95. and norwood to walpole and share and on 59 heavy rainfall over canton as well. this is rain ahead of the bigger storms that arriving late owner tonight and it's the heaviest rainfall that falls after night it's 56 right now in plymouth and the warmer air runs up against the cold and it's stuff -- tough to scour it out. worcester at the 32 and areas outside 495 will stay cold until at least 10 tonight. some towns not getting warm until after midnight. we are into 06 degree temperatures by the time we head towards 6 a.m. and will stay in the -- 7 a.m. and we will stay there all day
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this and the main lines arrives after midnight-we could have lightning and thunder in here within the heaviest downpours that will see the strongest winds. and 9 a.m. tomorrow morning so faster to the west where you will have better morning commute last exit cape cod wind' advisories for gusts 40 to 60 miles per hour. more on this storm and what while. david. >> appreciate it stay up to date on the storm with the cbs weather app check out live radar and get a personalized forecast for free. find it in the apple and android stores. breaking news now at 6. putting construction and hiring at the wynn casino at hold. liam martin has breaking details. >> reporter: it's a lawsuit from the city of somerville forced wynn to put construction of that casino on hold. wnn-- wynn cleared a number of


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