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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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this morning. >> theews at 5 starts right now. >> right now at 5 a.m. the strongest thunderstorms now done. leftover damage as we track the strong wind that will come back later on today. >> and that storm making a mess overnight. heavy wind and rain bringing down trees and power lines. a closer look at the damage. >> and serious crash involving a fire truck and suv. who witnesses say is to blame. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you it's 5:00 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser we appreciate you being here the big story is the weather let's get to danielle with a update on the forecast a lot going on. >> it was a wild night. no severe thunderstorm warnings are up right now. strongest thunderstorms are shifting off the coastline of
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there's an additional line of down pours. no lightning associated with this but it's coming through metro west and just west of boston so from newton back up to waltham and stretching towards arlington and belmont this is where we have heavy downpours that are going to push through but no damage with these. these are all lifting to the north and east. they do extend from medfield and walpole. we had strong thunderstorms come through plymouth county and there's a little lightning that's just off the coastline of duxbury heavy downpours from plymouth to marshfield and a few additional ones but no lightning with this when you get on the south side of carver and back down near the cape cod canal. from sandwich and bourn all of this is moving off to the east northeast. where do we go from here? a few additional downpours cape and islands hanging onto this longest over the next couple hours. but otherwise the commute is going to feature improvement. the sun may break out temperatures even though we are
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the 50s through the afternoon. and the wind will still be strong but not damaging through the course of the day today. the only issue may be late in the afternoon and that's when we may see gusts topping out near 50 miles per hour. but currently, we are gusting spots. no longer the 60 plus-mile-per- hours ago. but the damage is done and cleanup is underway. let's check the roads traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: a lot of people may be dodging -- dodging tree limbs and it could be a messy commute with the wind and rain creating poor visibility problems as well in some spots. here's a live look over 93 and zak -- dz -- zakim bridge. no report backups right now. other routes from the north all look fine. the south map expressway getting bessy braintree to boston moving along. route 3 north coming up from hingham is trouble free and everything else is a speed limit ride. chris and kathryn.
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heavy rain and strong winds causing a mess overnight toppling trees and power lines all across the state. >> susie steimle is live in dore chest wear closer look at some of the damage there. what are you seeing? >> reporter: well we have got a great example he of some of the storm damage we are seeing around the area. i am on milton street in dorchester and i hesitate to say anyone who has storm damage to the home is lucky but people here really should consider themselves that. look at this home here. this tree snapped in two-bit storm just brushed the tops of the gutter. there's home damage but it missed the real structural integrity of the house. that's intact. it ripped off a portion of the gutter so they will have a lot of cleanup with this massive tree in their yard and all over the region. we have video from cambridge where another tree was snapped and that tree fell onto a car and this was a very powerful windy storm overnight and where we are standing the rain has
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if we go back to the video of the tree in dorchester you can get a pretty good idea of just how thick this tree was. i would say at least 30, 40 feet in the air and that really massive tree trunk that mother nature had no trouble snapping in two. coming back out here live you can see the home a lot of cleanup for them to do and if you come to where i am standing a little bit of a problem that you are going to see andn areas all over the region. that's some ponding on the roadways so as you make your way into work this morning that's something to look out for as far as hydroplaning it canly when you get off the highway you will see a lot of this. but, the good news you have warm weather for people who do have some of the downed trees to clean up and right now, no injuries reported from this pretty extreme picture of the storm. we are live in dorchester susie steimle wbz this morning. >> pictures like those say it all to be careful. we are getting reports of numerous power outages as well. more than 35,000.
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>> that's right. most of those are on the south shore. and we are told the breaker went down at station during the storm nothing out power a most of marshfield and duxbury. >> they have been able to reduce the outages. 8,000 people without power in marshfield and more than 2,000 in duxbury. >> and krause hope to have that power restored soon. a 2- year-old boy is among those killed in severe weather stretching from the south right up the east coast. a possible tornado destroyed a home in waverly virginia. the bodies of the child and two adults were found 300 feet away. nearby one man was sheltering inside his home and he saw thewind rip the roof off a laundromat. >> the wind come and spin and lift the roof, you know. i don't know but i survived. when i came out, then i learned.
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they said his brother die. >> a fourth person was killed in a different part of virginiach the governor declared a state of emergency. a fire truck involved in a crash with a suv. this one happened around 9 last night in acton. witnesses tell us the suv appeared to run a stop sight at parker and high streets. the two vehicles collided and the suv flipped. homeowners nearby ran to help the driver and say that the female occupant was able to climb out of the back. >> robert you know went outside and was-- came in and said holy, this is practically in the house. >> yeah i could hear her in the car and tried to on the door and it wouldn't pop open and the neighbor came over and i went to get a flash like and came out and she climbed out the back window. >> those witnesses tell us that the firefighters were shaken up after the accident but appeared to be okay. grief counselors will be on hand this morning after a high school senior was killed in
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her younger brother is still in critical condition. that crash happened along route 62 in the central massachusetts town of barre five mimes from the quabbin regional high school. the school opened two hours late because officials were worried about icy roads. after 9 a.m. 17-year-old brittany murch was driving her 15-year-old brother to school when she lost control of the car and hate tree. rescuers got there it was too late to save brittany but they cut griffin out of the wreckage. >> it's very tough for anyone who has to go through this or for those who responded as a far myself my heart goes out to the family. >> i am still in shock over it. i wish i could word it better. it's like a bad dream. >> griffin is treated at umass medical center in worcester where his parents are at his bedside. investigators are look into whether or not the role of speed and ice shall can -- what
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work on wynn casino is on hold while it defends another lawsuit. somerville claims they need to offset the environmental impact of the thousands of extra cars that will come to the area daily. until that is resolved wynn is canceling upcoming job fairs and freeing hiring of construction workers everett say they have had enough of back and forth. >> other cities should have nosay in what this city does. >> i whereby they would make up their mind. >> governor baker plans to act on the -- as the middleman and will bring the parties together to come up with a spry mice. a -- compromise. a public hearing will be held over the future of proudy garden. -- prouty garden the hospital says they need to help hundreds the patients but a group says the expant can't come at expent
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used by thousands of young patients and families for comfort in between difficult treatments and you for terminal illnesses. coming up, republican presidential candidates facing off in debate tonight. >> mitt romney take on donald trump. front roner. >> -- runner. weather. we will be in the 50s and the sun comes out and we will let you know where there's leftover down pours and talk about the
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. it's 5:12 on your thursday morningp severe weather moving through our area overnight. heavy rains strong winds and thunder lightning and pretty much all of it causing problems overnight. >> and it could be a dangerous commute for lot of people depending on where you are. let's get to danielle niles with the latest et on the -- latest on the storm timeline. >> there's no severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. heaviest down pours and storms moved offshore. lingering downpours and showers but the threat for damaging wind is done and the wild wind overnight and the lightning threat. we have got the live lightning tracker zero strikes but there's downpours up 93 in fact. right through medford stretching back up near redding and north redding moving through essex county in the
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a couple downpours. south of boston additional downpours. it's not that band of thunderstorms that came through a couple hours ago but we have downpours from medfield extending no franklin. a couple out of northern rhode island. additional showers and downpours again no letting with ease. nothing severe along the south coast of bristol county and back into plymouth county too over duxbury quick downpour for you right now. so hour by hour, actually the morning commute is going to feature improvement. the cleanup will be underway with the damage that occurred overnight but the sun is going to break out. cape and islands you hang onto a couple leftover showers through mid-morning and there may be a few additional showers this afternoon. nothing damaging or severe. but notice through the afternoon outside of 495, a lingering shower is possible and then for your evening commute, there may be a couple showers that lift from the mass turnpike in through southern new hampshire.
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the wind has been absolutely amazing. >> incredible. and it's no surprise to us that why we are experiencing all the wind damage reports as we wake up and head out the door. milton 83-mile-per-hour gusts. boston 6 9 drake at 66. chestnut hill 61. fair haven 56-mile-per-hour gusts. other storm reports. wind damage and lightning reports too in am herst a house struck by lightning that was after midnight as the storm line started to push through western massachusetts. but as it moves through -- moved through boston it createded wires down in south boston around 4:15 and then all along the south shore we had various area with tomorrow damage as well as -- storm damage as well as trees and wires down this from marshfield at 244 a.m -- 2:44 a.m. wind gusts not severe level but we are still going to keep the wind around.
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to keep the temperatures warm. wind adseesry through 7 p.m -- advisory through 7 p.m. today as we get another shot. gusts 40 to 60 miles per hour later today. danielle after we get through today pretty quiet. which is good. >> we have a break after today. >> you are right. so the front pushes offshore this morning. and it doesn't feel like a february day. we will be in the 50s. so temperatures drop a little bit over the course of the morning. but clearing comes in tonight and colder air comes in so sunshine to greet us for the friday morning. and a lot of sunshine in fact tomorrow. temperatures only in the upper 30s. so a normal february day is going to be a little shockbecause we have been warm and humid out there today. so by the time we get to the weekend too, looking great. high pressure to the south means we get a southwest wind that will warm us up on saturday we will be around 40 and cold front coming in that doesn't make it here kind of puts on the brakes in northern new england and eastern canada. that's where the real cold air is. for us, we are on the warmer side. temperatures will be
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time we get to sunday. so afternoon temperatures today and i say that because it's so warm this morning we may drop a couple degrees. we will be in mid to upper 50s well above average. tonight the colder air comes in and we drop back into the 30s and so if there's any leftover moisture we may get a few icy patches but i think that's going to be limited because the wind is so strong it tends to dry out the road and things like that. 34 in boston overnight tonight and we only rebound a little bit tomorrow. midel to upper 30s for highs and we will feature a good amount of sunshine and look at the weekend looking fantastic. a little chilly on saturday. temperatures near 40 and 10 degrees warmer on sunday and we jump into the 50s and so the start of next week a couple rain showers mobile on monday not a big deal and that cools us off a bit into the 40s for tuesday and wednesday. track and weather together. >> reporter: hearing about a situation in natick route 9 shut down both directions at natick mall. fire department tweeted that out.
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reports of two accidents one crash is down in weymouth route 3 northbound at route 18. and the other crash also on route 3 northbound in plymouth. it's right near the exit for route 44 west. whoa understand they had a wicked storm down there right before that accident happened. chris kathryn. >> thanks for the update. the mother of baby bella the little girl whose body washed up on deer island will be back in court today. rachel bond pleaded not guilty to accessory after the fact and other charges in the death of her daughter. boyfriend michael mccarthy killed the girl and they believe bond held dispose of the body. a cambridge police office hears been cited accused hitting a cyclist. it was his car and take off. ryan calinan is on administrative leave from the department. mrs. say the wilmington resident was off doubty at the time of the accident and driving his personal car. the victim was treated and released from the hospital. over to campaign 2016.
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debate in houston texas tonight. it's the final debate before super tuesday. mitt romney weighing in on the race for president. former massachusetts governor and gop's presidential nominee suspects there's a bombshell in donald trump's tax returns. romney says that's planes why trump is not releasing them and trump insist his account tants are work on the returns and that he will make them public. south carolina democratic voters head to the polls on saturday for the state's primary. the hillary clinton is riding high with a congressional endorsement. senate minority leader harry reid says he is throwing his support behind clinton. bernie sanders' team is rallying supporters in oklahoma and missouri. sanders attacked clinton yesterday for not releasing transcripts of her paid speeches poo goldman sachs clinton said she would release the speeches only if her republican counterparts did the same.
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days away and wbz has you covered from start to finish. we have a special on it at 8 on my tv38 and stay with us for a special cbs news report on wbz at so followed by -- so followed by with the -- 10 followed by the wbz news at 11. president obama is considering republican as potential nominee for the supreme court. governor brian sandoval met with harry reid on monday. sandoval is a former federal judge who supports abortion rights. the nomination could be a way for the president to get a resistant gop to hold hearings on antonin scalia's replacement the yesterday the president predicted republicans would cave. >> i think it will be very difficult for mr. mcconnell to explain how if the public concludes the person is well qualified that the senate should stand in the way for political reasons. >> over the weekend sandoval
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was mentioned. but heard nothing to think he was being considered for the job. it's just about 5:10. up next, spring training in full swing. as the sox work out as a team for the first time. >> plus the b's putting a on a show in front of the home crowd- - putting on a show in front of the home crowd. >> live look outside, we have more on the storm coming up.
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test drive a bmw at your massachusetts bmw center on visit bmw >> spring training is in full swing down in fort myers. >> and the b's have some luck on home ice. steve burton has more in morning sports. >> good morning. one of the best games of the season for bruins especially at home they man handled the penguins 5-1 all four lines scored. penguins never what chance. start first period no score. and one of the early shots and he converts becoming the youngest bruin to ever score a penalty shot. and 1-0b's same score and second period horrible turnover. he gives it to him and slides across and beats fleury for the second and 9th of the year. 2-0 black and gold. later he robs him with the clutch save down low. # 1 saves on the night.
5:24 am
ryan speeds in the zone and he buries it. his 13th. 3-1b's and now 4-1. when he turns down load and sliding home 31 goal the year making it 5-1 and that's a final. very important two points for the black and gold. let's go south to spring training. yesterday it was the first official workout for the red sox in fort myers and as usual a lot was going on. dan roche was there and has the story. >> reporter: last week red sox pitchers and catchers officially reported for duty here. on wednesday, another milestone, day one of full squad workouts. john farrell addressed the team thanking them for their support in his battle with cancer. then he put them through a two- hour work out. >> hopefully it's the first time a championship team has gotten together on the same field. >> reporter: john henry long been a driving force for the
5:25 am
poled 180 wednesday. >> over the years we have -- pulled a 180 wednesday. >> over the years we have had great success relying on numbers that's never been the whole story as we said over and over again but perhaps it was too much of the story and too much of a reliance on past performance and trying to project future performance. that obviously has not worked in three out of the last 4 year. >> reporter: the front officer leader is considered a hands on president. >> i seen it from day one. dave travels with the team regularly and he is present in pretty much every aspect we do. we wants to know. >> reporter: and he will be hands on watching live batting practice and pitchers throw back to the hitters for the first time here on thursday. and that's the next step of the process always fun to watch batters have a difficult time getting in the batters box as they try to get comfortable for the 2016 season. with the red sox dan roche wbz sports.
5:26 am
sports for now i am steve burton. over to you. still to come in the next half-hour heavy rain and strong winds take down power lines andtoppling trees. >> a closer look at the damage across the area. >> the damage in terms of wind threat right now is pretty much done along with severe storms. in fact, feels more like the mid to end of april right now. kids dow you don't need the winter gear. temperatures in the 50s by later this afternoon. one more threat for strong wind gusts in some areas later on today. we will breakdown the timeline of that and look at the leave
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it' s a taste so bold, yet so smooth, it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, fresh brewed, or one cup at a time. black silk, from folgers. right now at 5:30. tracking a few leftover storms and downpours but the severe threat is donech the threat for damage that will continue later on today in terms of the wind. >> and that same is system causing damage across the state overnight. heavy winds and rain toppling trees and bringing down power lines.
5:30 am
everett is on hold. the latest legal bate delaying ground breaking. >> from the channeled 4 stowedos in boston, this is wbz -- studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> very busy morning this morning with the weather. many woke up to some rumbles of thunder or wind gusts a wild overnight. good morning i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. thursday february 25th and you said it. probably woke you up. but. >> isn't it wild. >> it was. >> we had gusts that topped out at 82 miles per hour on top of blue hill and we had a lot of gusts over 60 too causing the scattered damage. thankfully things quieted down a bit. so there's no more severe storms we are tracking but there. we are looking at live radar and we have the lightning tracker on here and we will zoom into the storms which are south of boston again no severe thunderstorm warnings with these. but as you zoom in south of
5:31 am
that extends from hanson east of marshfield right now. this is lifting to the east northeast. notice the motion. so it came through halifax about to come through norwell and hanover and abington and scituate. south thereof additional showers but no lightning with these. additional light rain through atelbor yes and cumberland rhode island. one additional storm. there's a little ways to go but strong to severe weather shifted offshore. still tailing with the cleanup and that's the biggest storeity damaging wind threat is done for now. hour by hour, through the mid to late morning we may see some breaks of sunshine this come out. temperatures will be in the 50s andn a lot of spots through the afternoon. feels a little sticky out there too. additional rain a few leftover showers mid to late afternoon into the evening there may be a lingering shower but no more thunderstorms. highs wind advisories up until
5:32 am
hour in southeastern massachusetts. so wind advisory some additional strong winds probably come in late afternoon and into the evening and that may cause an additional few isolated pockets of outages. we will talk more about this pamela gardner joins me coming up and we want to get on the roads with traffic and weather together. >> reporter: we have a serious power lines. fire department tells us both directions of route 9 are closedin front of the natick mall because of downed power lanes. it's going to impact the morning commute. drivers are being diverted onto route 30 now. expressway northbound is bumper to bumper from columbia road look like a 20 minute backup. >> thanks very much. heavy rain and strong winds causing a mess overnight in many areas. toppling trees and take down power lines all across the state. >> susie steimle is live in dorchester with the closer look
5:33 am
the images speaking for themselves susie. >> reporter: there's a lot of damage and this is one of the most extreme pictures we have seen overnight. i am standing in what you will see in more common areas and a lot more place than what we are looking at right here. i sometimes wish you could see what's happening off camera because 30 seconds ago a car went by fast and i sprinted out of the street because there's so much standing water here. this is one of the most extreme pictures that we have for you. this is milton avenue in dorchester where mother nature just snapped a tree in two. and i wouldn't want to call homeowners lucky because they've lot of cleanup to do, but really, this tree completely missed the home. and that's been having in a lot of areas over-- happening in a lot of areas overnight. we have images from cambridge war tree was snapped and significant damage. in other places you are going to have to look out for smaller branches around the area. but if we go back to this video
5:34 am
how impressive the picture really is. this was a very large tree. a huge trunk standing at least 30, 40 feet into the air. it snapped in two and landed in the front of the home. snapping off part of the gutter here so again there is some work left to do but with the warm weather it shouldn't be too much of an effort. it's hard to believe this is a february storm. so by all accounts lucky that no one was hurt in a case like this. for now live in dorchester, susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thank you very much. and the storm also causing widespread power outages at one point overnight we were dealing with 35,000 outages. right now that situation is improving as we go through the morning. >> that's some of the good news. nicole jacobs is live on the phone in marshfield with the latest there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, based on the numbers you mentioned it appears this ever source is down to under 2,000 power outages here in marshfield.
5:35 am
they are working to restore 100% of ever source residents. i can tell you we are at the corner of t and ferry street waiting it out. we are experiencing a lot of heavy torrential downpours and occasional flashes of lightning as well. you might be seeing pictures and video right now of some areas we have entercountered in mashfield and duxbury with large branches and debris on the roadway a few minutes ago we were on church street in mash shall feed where there are downed lines and those -- marshfield where there are downed lines and they were live wires and were on fire. there was a fire crew there as well as power crews had just arrived to that area as well. so certainly not a safe situation here. there's a lot of standing water. so certainly that is what fire
5:36 am
dealing with this morning. but, again, they are really making good headway with regards to the power outages. chris kathryn. >> thanks very much for the update nicole and again that's a very he significant-- a lot of roads you don't think there's going to be something down but be careful and take your time. >> there was tweet that went out that said someone was trying to dodge a tree in the road and crashed so be careful. >> we have got team coverage for you and we will check back in with daniel and pamela for the latest on storms. >> and a closer look at damage across our area. robi. >> reporter: a swim suit model is accused of playing god. chrissy teigen getting ripped on social media afd announce she and her husband packed girl
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5:39 on your thursday morning. the wynn casino on hold after the somerville mayor fired a environmental challenge. >> jon kerl gives us his take. >> reporter: developers and supporters of the everet -- everett casino lashed out yesterday. over his appeal of their plan to build the wynn if a is the along the mistic river water front and painted the mayor and grandstanding paul coming a not in my backyard attitude that could chase away the jobs and spending the casino promises to deliver. and it was this dire warning from john fish the construction magnet you may remember as the
5:40 am
the casino he said will attract people national lin ainternationally. is a chance to showcase our culture -- that is chance to showcase our culture." while the casino will create badly needed construction and permanent jobs, it is not needed to attract visitors or investors to the boston area. as general electric recently demonstrated our appeal to investors doesn't rely on having a casino. and we are one of the top tourism destinations without one. and the reference to the culture is a provocative one. our culture is largely shaped by our history our natural resources and our determination to preserve both of them. unlike play places like las vegas -- places like las vegas where commercial blight is king. that culture is why we have the strict environmental protection law that the mayor is employing to force a better deal out of wynn he is.
5:41 am
hugger one look around the city will confirm that but wynn is better served dropping the attacks and cutting a deal that's more consistent with who we are. share your feedback with me via e mail at can or on twitter at keller at large. it's a condition -- 5:41. the latest on the storm and the cleanup efforts underway. >> and we are talking about big issues with your track and weather this morning. we will have robi on the roads all morning long keeping an y date for you. -- update with you. we will see you back here in
5:42 am
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a very stormy start to your thursday morning. we saw heavy rain overnight and the wind that could be a bit of an issue today. >> we want to get over to danielle niles with a look at what we expect and dealing with out there now. >> the wind damage you guys the threat is done for now but there's adiggal gusts that top out at 50 miles perhour. feels like a summer morning. 60234 manchester 59 in boston and we are tracking a few additional downpours. the severe weather and showers are done. we have live lightning tracker.
5:45 am
mansfield back down in through attleboro from dieton to taunton and back up into bridgewater. over the next 40 minutes or so. they are moving north northeast and they are additional ones pushing off plymouth county a few moreover nantucket clipping chatham with light rain and back up to orleans but no lightning with this just heavy rain pushing through. the question is where do we go from here. most us are drying out. breaks of sunshine are possible but the cleanup is underway this morning damage on roads and in terms of rainfall today there will be another area the showers and down pours outside 495 through the lower connecticut river valley through the early afternoon still a couple showers possible north and west of boston. for the evening commute a couple showers but not anticipated to be severe weather and between about 5 and
5:46 am
wind has been impressive and rainfall totals have been too. pamela gardner is standing by with the weather watchers. we are thankful for the reports on days like today. >> definitely. and it's valuable to us to figure out what is going on in your location. so we have warm temperatures 50s and 60s out there too. and depending where you are 55 degrees according to don in spencer but we put on the rain totals here and it's impress any of some locations. really pushing the two inches march in belmont and nashua 1.6 will. don in hollis 1 1/4 inch of rain. and hey if you want to be a weather watcher you are sitting at home thinking i have a great report send it in here. sign up cbs and we would love to hear what you experience at your home in particular. and so we also have been dealing with wind gusts and current gusts are still very strong coming from the south 43- mile-per-hour gusts in plymouth. 35-mile-per-hour in boston and we are not done yet.
5:47 am
the gusts and things pick up again later today. wind advisory is in effect in fact fact for southeastern mass the cape island through 7 p.m. today. 40 to 50-mile-per-hour gusts and going through the hour by hour forecast to show outwind gusts and direction here 10 a.m. still pretty strong between 30 miles per hour and we get a little heavier with the winds and stronger conditions there 50-mile-per-hour gusts on outer cape through island through the evening. things subside into tonight and danielle good news things will calm down and we have a few days just to enjoy a little sunshine coming up. right. quiet stretch of weather through weekend so the front pushes offshore and breaks of clearing tonight. we will drop into the 30s but bright sunshine in fact to greet us for friday morning. there's a bluster which and tomorrow. no longer talking about 60s but upper 30s for highs and as we head into the weekend high pressure will be building to the south.
5:48 am
start to see a warmup. saturday will be around normal. right around just shy of 40 and there's going to be an approaching front look at that front puts on the brakes as we head into saturday and sunday. so what does mamean for us? we are on the warmer side of the front. northern new england sees scattered snow showers we get sun and clouds and temperatures up around 50 again by sunday afternoon. so afternoon temperatures because we will drop a bit mid to upper 50s well above the average. the threat for damaging wind done for now. pam will mentioned later today the south coast southeast mass seeing additional gusts that may to top out 40 or 50 miles per hour. overnight tonight dropping into the 30s and skies clear out and tomorrow, mid to upper 30s that's about it for highs. the sun is going to be shining and accu-weather 7-day shows a warmup for the weekend and we turn warmer by sunday and weekend is looking great. mid-50s an isolated shower on monday a cool front that brings us back down into the 40s for tuesday and wednesday. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: we have an update
5:49 am
downed power lines in natick. both directions of route 9 had been closed at the natick mall and now only the westbound side is shut down. the eastbound side is back opened. fallen power cables have blocked the road on westbound side. police are detouring traffic onto route 30. then to the south we have the normal slow downs for this time of morning expressway jammed between furnace brook and columbia road looking like a 20 minute delay there. 128 sought bound heavy and slow between 37 and the braintree split and to the north, 93 southbound has one pocket reported right now between river road and 1 # # up in the andover stretch. -- 133 andover stretch. the big story is the weather. >> strong wind and rain causing damage across the state. our top stories beginning with the breaking news. >> reporter: good morning i am susie sometimeel in dorchester where the rain picked back up but nothing like overnight.
5:50 am
the extreme storms we saw overnight are visible here on milton avenue in dore chest canner he. a tree was snapped in 2 by the storm. and came right in front of this house. you can see how large it is. it was probably 30, 40 feet in the air and by any stretch this family should consider themselves lucky because it only damaged a small portion of the house. we did catch up with the homeowners a couple moments ago and we will talk more about that coming up at 6a lot of people saying they are thankful that no one was hurt. live in dorchester, susie steimle wbz this morning. allot cuesed drink driver seen falling on his face arraigned in his hospital bed. police say thomas mohan crashed into a pickup and hit a pedestrian on tuesday in weymouth. police say he was high on drugs and his blood alcohol level was more than four time the legal limit. man is recovering from severe burns after an e cigarette exploded in his pocket.
5:51 am
it can -- a convenience store in kentucky you can see the fire. man ran out frantically trying put it out a clerk rushed over with a fire extinguisher to help out. the cdc is investigating new reports of the zika virus spread through sexual contact. officials are looking at 14 case and several involved pregnant women. despite the reports officials say the most common way to be infected is still from mosquito bites. world health organization says up to 4 million people will be infected in the next year. it's 5:51. time for our daily talker. a celebrity model is defending herself on social media this morning. facing critics accusing her of playing god. >> the controversy began when she announced she and her husband chose to have baby girl. robi is here with details. >> reporter: if you haven't heard of chrissy teigen she is a swim suit model and host of lip sync battle and married to john legend she spent 24 hours battling with people on social
5:52 am
select a gender of the child during invitro feater lation. she told people magazine i picked the girl from her little embryo i picked her and was like let's put in the girl. and she added she and her husband john deserves a little girl. the comments had people ripping teigen on social media accusing throw away embryos to pick a girl ap she responded we didn't create a little girl we had multiple embryos boys and girls and we chose to put a female in first. teigen insisted her husband and she and her husband chose to do and it was not unusual she posted again you would be surprised at how many people you know go through this. also every doctor knows the sex of the embryos. it's not some grand secret. so, a very personal decision put out there on social media. people are ripping her what do you think? most of the comments we are getting sound like this one from cries teen on facebook who
5:53 am
cares it's their choice. agree disagree? join the conversation in many ways website twitter or facebook. love to hear from you. we will read more coming up at 6 a.m. chris kathryn. >> thank you. new york teacher says a mandatory conference with parents violates his human rights. >> the conference is scheduled on st. patting are's day and irish american teacher says it would prevent him from attending religious mark the catholic feast of stay pat reck he asked the board of education to reschedule the parent teacher conference before he brought the suit but never got a response. >> thanks for being with us. 5:53. ranking the happiest cities in the country. >> one local community getting
5:54 am
5:55 am
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severe weather is done and track downpour and showers and why the wind threat is not over yet -- threat is not over yet. >> apartment storm take down trees and-- and the storm taking down trees and knocking down power. >> a serious crash a fire truck and suv collide. witness say one driver blow through a stop sign noon a fight over garden at boston children's hospital. the next battle to save it going on today. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning. it's 6:00 i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon we are dealing with kind of a mess out there this morning. we will take a live look over the city of boston.


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