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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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severe weather is done and track downpour and showers and why the wind threat is not over yet -- threat is not over yet. >> apartment storm take down trees and-- and the storm taking down trees and knocking down power. >> a serious crash a fire truck and suv collide. witness say one driver blow through a stop sign noon a fight over garden at boston children's hospital. the next battle to save it going on today. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning. it's 6:00 i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon we are dealing with kind of a mess out there this morning. we will take a live look over the city of boston.
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>> we had wind and rain and lightning and thunder in february. something you really don't hear this time of year. >> normally we talk snow. >> and doesn't it feel sticky. it's warm and we have been talking about temperatures in the 60s. no more severe weather right now but we are tracking a couple leftover downpours out there south of boston primarily. so one little area that we are watching from weymouth towards abington pouring and lightningtracker is on here and three no lightning in the cell so it's heavy rain you are dealing with. right from abington trechg into randolph and extends with another downpour from marshfield and westward from pembroke and easton and bridgewater many all moving to the east northeast. middleboro dealing with one tooand deeper reds near cherry street and stretching back near heaviest rain is pushing through. we have a band on outer cape. no lightning with this one butfrom or liens to east ham and nantucket as well. all of this is continuing to
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again the threat for damaging wind gusts is done for now as well. additional gusts later today that's stronger. drying out and cleaning up this morning. breaks of sunshine emerge and temperatures actually drop a little bit. we will run in the low to mid- 50s through the afternoon. and in terms of any additional rain, outside of 495 through the afternoon and the evening commute will feature a couple scattered showers. no threat for severe weather today. look for remainder of the day. current wind gusts 20 to 40 miles per hour few high gusts on nantucket. it's not the 60 plus-mile-per- hour gusts overnight but a wind advisory is up through 7 p.m. today for southeastern massachusetts. late in the afternoon we will see another round of gusts up to 50 miles per hour. it's been a busy morning on the roads. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: he well the situation on the mass pike. we have a disabled truck blocking the left lane on the
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and downed power lines causing problems west of boston: out in natick the westbound side of route 9 still closed near speed street near the natick mall. fallen power cables and traffic diverted to route 30. to the north 93 southbound we got two bumper to bumper pockets between river road and 133 in the andover stretch and woburn crawling to the leverett connector that's a 25 minute ride and let's pop up the live traffic cam and look at the expressway which is absolutely jammed between furnace brook and columbia road. that was a 25 minute delay but i think it might be sleetly more than that now. -- slightly more than that now. >> we continue to follow breaking news for you now. heavy rain strong winds causing a mess overnight toppling trees and power loons across the state. >> and this morning we are getting a closer look at the
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across the statement. >> and this morning we are getting a closer look at the damage across our area. >> reporter: under 2,000 customers without power and that's a great headway for them as they work to get back to 100%. can i tell you we have seen a couple areas of downed power lines which is what they are dealing with here. one area on church street we saw live wires and the wires were actually on fire. so the fire crews were there manning that area until power crews arrived there. we have also seen the random debris littering the roadways. we are talking about branches and lots of weeds he and twigs because the winds are really powerful as well as the rain and we have seen the situations of really torrential down pours. when we arrived this morning around 3:30, 4:00 it was almost too scary and too dang rouse to
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-- dangerous and to drive in. we were seeing lightning flashes but that subsided and we will bring you live pictures in half-hour but the good news for residents here in marshfield just under 2,000 customers without power. they are working towards that completely. >> thanks very much. you can see from the video there we have lots of reports of downed trees and tree limbs as well. >> let's get to susie steimle live in dorchester where the damage -- with the damage there. hi susie. >> reporter: hi. as mother nature dials it back at least where we are standing in dorchester, we are able to observe some of the damage overnight. there's still a little bit of wind and rain but nothing like the extremes we saw earlier. and this is milton avenue in dorchester one of the most impressive pictures of the storm. and thankfully we can say no one was hurt. you can see this tree a massive tree that was right next to this home on milton avenue. snapped overnight hit part of the gutter going down and they
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of damage but we soak with a homeowner who says he is thankful that everyone say live and they heard a boom and came out and had no idea it was this intense. there's been downed trees in a lot of the region of the there was some in came brj and we have images of that. there was -- cambridge and we have images of that. there was a tree that snapped and hit a car. there's likely going to be a lot pictures some smaller not as extreme but downed limbs people will have to clean up. going back to the images of dorchester, you can see how big this tree was. it was a massive trunk and a very tall tree that just snapped in two. no problem for mother nature to knock that down in a matter of seconds. coming back out here live you can see the winds picking up. there's stale little punch left in the storm but nothing like we saw overnight and again we are very thankful to say that no one was hurt here. and we will hear from the homeowner coming up at 6:30.
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dorchester, susie steimle. >> scary situation but glad everyone is okay. a lightning strike damaged this home in ashland. the fire department on scene says the house on pine crest lane took a direct hit around 4 this morning. the lightning shot out from the basement and through the walls. the man who lives there heard it and smelled it and called the fire department. no one was hurt and the damage appears to be minor right now. inn bolton one driver had to swerve into oncoming traffic to miss a tree bran that much fell into the road. the crash shut down route 117 briefly but it's now back hurt. a lot of cleaning up to do this morning and the wind is expected to be an issue for us all day long. our team danielle and pamela are here keep it here on wbz for the latest. stay up-to-date and one it ahead of the storm -- step ahead of the storm down load the cbs boston weather app in stores.
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those killed in the severe weather. a possible tornado destroyed a home in waverly virginia. the bodies of the child and two adults were found 300 feet away. nearby one man was sheltering inside his home when he saw the wind rip the roof right off a laundromat. >> the wind come spinning and lift the roof. i don't know but i survived. when i came out then i learned i saw one of my friends and he said his brother died. >> virginia's govern declared a commonwealth. a fire truck involved in a crash with a suv around 9 last night in acton. witnesses tell us an suv appeared to run a stop sign at intersection of parker and high streets. the two vehicles collided and the s-uv nipped over. home -- flipped over.
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female occupant was able to climb out of the back. >> robert went outside and came in and said holy, this is practically in the house. >> yeah i could hear her in the car and i tried to open the door and it wouldn't pop open and a neighbor came over and i came to get a flashlight and came back out and she climbed out the back window. >> no word on the driver's condition this morning. those witnesses tell us a firefighter -- firefighters were shaken up but appeared to be okay. cambridge police officer is been cite aid cuesed hitting a -- cited accused of hitting a bicyclist with his car and taking off. the wilmington resident was off duty at the time of the accident and driving his personal car. the victim was treated and released from the hospital. today a public hearing will be held over the future of the prouty garden at churn's hospital. the hospital says they need to expand to help hundreds ofpatients delayed or turned
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but the growing group says that expansion cannot come at the expend of praty garden that bush praty -- prouty garden. coming up a family and community in mourning. >> the deadly accident that killed a teen on the way to school and injured her brother. how weather may be to blame. >> and the new legal challenge that the casino in effort --everett putting project on hold. >> the damaging wind threat is done for now. we may see additional gusts up to 50 miles per hour later today. we are staying in the 50s on through the afternoon. breaks of sun coming out. tracking just a couple leftover downpours a live look at the radar and hour by hour forecast
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well could back -- welcome back. 6:13. we want to lock outside and show you were a-- look outside and show you what we are dealing with. it brightening out after a rough go. >> rain and wind and thunder and lightning you name it we had it. just really causing a problem people this morning. >> absolutely.
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i think that's right and it's wild overnight into early this morning too. so, the severe weather threat is done. we are still tracking a couple downpours that are out there right now. but there's nothing severe and the downpours are focused south of boston. there's a little light rain in the city but downpours through hingham and stretching into waim south so when we get towards the coast near west augusta beach towards cohassen and marshfield deeper yellows and oranges and reds is where the heaviest rain is moving through. lightning tracker is on this zero right now. there's no lightning with these just torrential downpours. east of 495 coming back up on the east side, southeast side of mansfield the deeper reds indicating the heavy rain. chatham orleans getting out of it but nantucket back into it right now. these will all be shifting to the east northeast. that's been the motion of all of this this morning.
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downpours probably likely from brockton back up through south of boston near dorchester and the rainfall totals have been impressive. the line of thunderstorms came through overnight. 3.9 inches of rain that's in a short period of time. see the totals and you understand why there have been areas of flooding and standing watt they are morning. nashua 1.68. and lexington a inch of rain. thanks to weather watchers for a lot of those reports. hour by hour here's where we go from here. notice the sun breaks out. it is all about the cleanup at this point. any leftover showers that exit the outer cape by late morning. later today a couple of additional showers that crop up especially outside 495 through early afternoon. and then into the evening, a couple showers as well but it's not big weather a band shifts
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the wind was mild overnight and that caused cadge. tam -- damage. pamela gardner is standing by and there's been a lot of damage report. >> wind gusts incredible. and we have gusty wind that live look and no lightning on the horizon. it was crazy overnight in that -- and the lightning was incredible a few strikes reported by the storm reports really starting to roll in as folks are waking up going outside and assessing what happened overnight. to make -- jamaica plain reports of a tree down at 4:42 this morning from the storm action last night. prior to 4 a.m. melrose numerous tree limbs down reported and even to lynn a large branch and wires on the roads and be cautious out there if you are driving. boston a wind gusts of 69 miles per hour at 2:43 a.m. this morning. and the winds are starting to somebody side just a bit at least nothing severe. severe gusts of 58 miles per hour or greater that's the criteria for severe thunderstorm warning.
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however, things could still amplify a bit. at least advisory criteria through 7 p.m. today. 40 to 50-mile-per-hour gusts coming in from the south. so danielle ice lighted power outages for today but thankfully things become quiet the next couple days. >> we are entering a stretch that will be quieter for the week and weekend. leftover shower but clearing tonight and tonight looks nice but it will be a completely different feel no 50s and 60s. 30s for highs and blustery gusty northwest wind not damaging tomorrow but it will add a chill to the air. real feel is probably in the 20s tomorrow afternoon and no weather related issues and as we head into the weekend we will watch the cold front in eastern canada. what happens for us is we are on the warmer side. so saturday will still be a little on the chilly side relatively speaking. right around or shy of 40. but on sunday, that front puts the brakes on. slowing down in eastern canada and keeps us on the warm side.
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heading into sunday. speaking of 50s we will be there today and we drop a few more degrees. upper 50s in the afternoon. tonight, we manage to drop back into the 30s. right around the freezing mark so some maybe asking what about patchy ice with the leftover water. the wind today is going to help us out. believe it or not because it dries out the road so i can't rule out a icy patch or two but i don't think it will be that widespread. tomorrow, blustery and much colder. plenty of sunshine but highs in the upper 30s and this weekend, we will feature warming trend 50 on sunday and into the 50s on monday with a couple isolated showers. that's the cold front cools us off into the 40s for tuesday and wednesday. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: hearing about two accidents on the same stretch of route 2. let's look at the map. both crashs are on route 2 eastbound. one in harvard blocking the left lane. the backup is to shirley and then another left lane crash in devons at jackson road so
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and then out in natick all lanes closed on route 9 westbound and by the natick mall. power lines went down earlier traffic being diverted onto route 30. >> thanks very much. on your thursday morning 6:19 grief counselors will be on hand this morning after a high school senior was killed in a crash on her way to school. her younger brother is now in critical condition. it happened along route 62 in the central massachusetts town of barre. just 5 miles from quabbin roaming nall high school. the school opened two hours late yesterday because officials were worried about icy roads. after 9 yesterday morning 17- year-old brittany murch was driving her 15-year-old brother griffin to school when she lost control of the car and hit a tree. when rescuers got to the scene it was too late to save brittany but they cut griffin from the wreckage. >> it's very tough for anyone who either has to go through this or for those who responded. as a father myself mike heart
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>> i am still in shock. over it. i wish i could word it better. it's like a dream a bad dream. >> griffin is treated at umass medical center in worcester where his parents are at hisbedside. investigators are looking at the role of ice and speed. work on the wynn resort is on hold defending itself against another lawsuit. somerville claims they need to offset the environmental impact of extra cars that will come to the area daily. until that is resolved wynn canceled 7 upcoming job fairs and freezing hiring of construction workers. residents in everett say they have had enough of the back and forth. >> it's other cities that should have no say at all in what this city does. >> i wish they would make up their mind once and for all get it going. >> governor baker says he plans to act as a middle man and will bring all parties together to
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morning. ahead new details on state senator. >> and the surprising person president obama may be considering for the supreme court. >> and concerning reports near local college campus. the students being told to look out for a man exposing himself. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our
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potential... unless we all do. together.
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federal prosecutors are looking at state senator brian joyce's roll in solar project at stone hill college i'm cord together boston globe it was part of a larger probe into his possible criminal activity that included an fbi raid last week. joyce's law office reportedly represented stone hill and company that installed 9,000 solar panels at the college as joyce supported legislation to make clean energy projects easier.
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brandeis university -- a warning for students at brandeis don't walk alone or distracted. a man exposed himself on south street just last night. not far from campus. it happened at least 5 other times near campus since mid- november. reports this morning president obama is considering a republican as a potentialnominee to the supreme court governor brian sandoval met with senate democratic leader harry reid. he's former federal judge supporting abortion rights. it could be a way for the president to get a resistant gop to hold hearings on antonin scalia's replacement. yesterday president predicted republicans will cave. >> i think it will be difficult for mr. mcconnell to explain how if the public concludes this person is very well qualified that the senate should stand in the way simply for political reasons.
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said he was honored his name was mentioned but had heard nothing to think he was being considered for the job. a man is recovering from severe burns after an ecigarette explode in his pocket. the video of the incident right there in a convenience store happening in kentuckych the man ran out the front door and frantically trying a put the fire out a clerk rushed over with a fire extinguisher to help him. and look at this a driver in florida caught a fed ex worker swerving all over the record and when he got closer to the truck he realized the fed ex driver was asleep behind the wheel. police are trying to figure out if the driver was actually impaired or if he had some of a medical emergency. >> scary to see that. we have a lot more coming up on the stormy weather in the next half-hour. danielle has the latest on the wind and storms. >> and the sunday is rising and we are get -- sun is rising and we are getting a better look at the damage.
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in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> just a wild night of weather thunder and lightning and intense wind bringing down trees and power lines. >> and we are told about 16,500 power. without power. that's significantly down from 35,000 this morning. that's good news. >> it's good news and thankfully the strongest wind is over. it was wild overnight. >> you can hear it howling and it was frightening listening to it inside. >> we had gusts over 65 miles per hour that's why we had it bringing down scattered trees and power lines. the wind is strong but no longer damaging. you can see the camera and severe storms are down. there's patchy fog right now. so what's next? the strongest wind done but there will be another round of gusts 40 to 50 mice per hour in -- miles per hour in southeastern massachusetts later on this afternoon until early evening. that may be strong enough to cause isolated pockets of
6:31 am
overnight. severe storm threat is done. there's leftover showers and downpours and cleanup is underway. standing water on the roads and additional showers are going to develop for the evening drive. nothing severe but there will be some additional wet weather later today. live doppler right now shows we have leftover downpours. mainly south of boston but there's one cell that's coming back just had a report thunder again clipped eastern essex county with the cell right here. you can hear a couple rumbles. this is moving out over the ocean amount couple showers hugging the coastline and back to boston the rain has been pushing out over a boston harbor so they will get clipped through weymouth quincy and randolph and sharon. life tracker is down here and there's no live lightning tracks. so severe weather is done but it's leftover rain on the roads lifting south of plymouth and
6:32 am
over buzzard's bay a quick downpour to sandwich. outer cape is dealing with it up. sun -- wrapping things up. breaks out. temperatures in the 50s through the afternoon and mid to late afternoon outside 495, additional showers that pop up. nothing severe but some scattered showers around for your evening commute. rewet the road in spots. gusts no longer damaging but between 20 and 45 miles per hour the strongest on nantucket not damaging at the moment but a wind advisory is in effect through 7 p.m. with gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour later today that may cause isolated pockets. it's been a bessy morning on the roads. robi has track and weather together. >> reporter: we have had everything from every direction. a pair of accidents causing problems in the same stretch of route 2. both are on route 2 eastbound. a 3-car crash blocking the left lane in harvard at route 111. the backup to shirley road n
6:33 am
left lane blocked there too. and that back up is to route 70. that's going to be a mess. to the west in nate i been all lanes closed route 9 westbound this after power lines came down across the highway. and the detour there is to route 30. and then to the north look at middle of the screen all that red. 93 southbound jammed wilmington to boston. that's now about a 35 minute delay. and finally to the south the expressway is packed from the split to columbia road. if we pop up that peckture now. i will show you what i am talking about. at the 25 -- a 25ment delay there. >> thanks for the update. breaking news. the heavy rain and strong wind causing a mess overnight. >> it took down trees and power loons across the state. susie steimle is live with a closer look at the damage in the city. susie. >> reporter: yeah we are here in dorchester chris and kathryn and we have a little bit of daylight as people get the day stared.
6:34 am
morning how much we want to show you the impressive picture overnight. see it better here. look at the tree trunk that is by the house that snapped like a tooth pick and hit the top of the gutter. nothing like it could have been. people in the home was thankful the damage was as minimum as was. the house was structurally intact and they slept here overnight we saw tvs on no damage considering what it could have been and damage left all around the area and we have video for you here from cambridge and there was another down tree and that one smashed into a car that is some of the more extreme stuff overnight and on milton avenue and then in cambridge and if we do go back to the images overnight from milton avenue here in dorchester you can see even in the darkness is the closeup shots show how big the tree trunk was and how tolt tree must have been and stretching a 30, 40 feet into the air.
6:35 am
crews and the home own here are saying they call it 56 out of 10 as far as extreme damage overnight. >> i. [audio not understandable] we knew something happened but we didn't know what what he can tent. >> [audio not understandable] thank god we have our lives. >> reporter: school buss are going by and more traveling than we have been dealing with throughout the morning so we will be happy to get off the side of the road. on the side more average for problems people will see. puddles and a lot of potential for hydroplaning and be careful about that if you drive around this morning. but we can feel the wind is not nearly as strong as it has been and people are moving on with the daych as far as cleanup for people like the families here in dorchester, at lowest they have warm weather during the cleanup today. live in dorchester, susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thank you for that update. also another part of the story is the tomorrow causing
6:36 am
right now, more than 16,000 are still in the dark. >> and nicole jacobs is live on the phone from marshfield where a lot of people lost power but nicole. better. under 2,000 still for ever what's caused that. we will look at video from marshfield where power lines came down. those lines were live and it was causing fire and fire crews were in the area making sure everything was okay until power crews arrived. that's what this area is seeing. i can tell you on the way in it was a treacherous drive when you mix in the winds and the heavy downpours of rain-the -- and the-- rain and the flashes of lightning made nor a scary commute. right now a lot standing water
6:37 am
it's very clear. no rain in sight and kind of eerie in terms of the contrast over the last couple hours but again purr krause are working to restore 100% to the customers. just right now under 2000 so he they are making great head >> thanks. all over. this is a look in brockton you can see water flowing under the bridge there. near the police station on center street between monticello and commercial. there's a lot of cleanup and wind is expected to be an issue just about all day long so keep it here on wbz for the latest and a quick reminder you can stay a step ahead of any storm down load cbs boston weather app free for down load in the apple app and google play. the mother of baby bella
6:38 am
in court. rachel bond pleaded not guilty to accessory after the path and other charges in the death of her daughter. investigators say her boyfriend makeel mccarthy killed her and they believe bond helped des pose of the body. mitf romney is throwing himself into the middle of the republican race for president. former massachusetts governor and gop presidential nominee in 2012 suspect there's a bombshell in donald trump's tax returns which romney says probably explains why trump is not releasing them. trump insist his account tants are working on the returns and he will event quellly make them public. the remaining republican candidates will debate in houston texas tonight. south carolina democratic voters head to the polls saturday for the states. presidential primary. and hillary clinton is riding high with a key congressional endorsement. harry reed telling -- reid telling cnn he is all in for
6:39 am
bernie sanders team is rallying supporters in oklahoma and missouri. sanders attacked clinton for not releasing transcripts of her paid speeches to banking giant goldman sachs and clinton said she would release the speeches if republican counterparts did the same. super tuesday is five days away. wbz will bring you complete coverage at 8 on my tv38 and stay with us for a cbs news special on wbz at 10 followed by the wbz news at 11. a new york teacher says a mandatory conference with parents violates his human rights. the conference is on st. patrick's day and the irish american teach he says iprevents him from attending irish cultural events or ceremony marking the catholic feast of st. patrick. he says before he brought thsuit he skid the board to reschedule the conference but never got a response-- asked the board to reschedule the conference but never got a response. a check of the top stories
6:40 am
officer he in qeax hit-and-run. >> a fire truck and suv collide in acton. who witnesses say is to blame. >> and more of the storm damage and power outages across our area. >> checking in with weather watchers it's been great to see the reports coming in this morning. temperatures are warm in the 50s out the door right now. impressive wind and rain too. rainfall totals 1.1 inches reports ryan in redding. karen in westminster 2.31 inches and it's easy to see there's a lot standing water on the roads, take it slow and easy. severe storms are done. the damaging wind threat is done for now. we will bring back in pamela gardner and break down the wind
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breaking news out of new york this morning. take a look at this. a fishing vessel ran aground so the coast guard sent in a ship to help and that ship overturned. these are live images right now. this is off the coast of queens. far from rock away we are hearing reports five coast guard members were able to get to the beach safely. they were all wearing protective gear. the fishing boat in the meantime, the carolina queen is
6:44 am
it had about 5 to 7 crew members on board and again live now. rescue operations are underway. just readint from the sister station cbs2 in new york there was 6 to 8 foot swells and we have a stormy weather on top of this just not great out there. >> no not a good situation. but glad to hear the coast guard members are okay and rescuemission underway. turning to our weather we dealt with it overnight wind and rain everything. >> a little bit of everything. it was the line that came through new york and long island and new england and brought in the warmth and wind. and lawrence. lawrence. 62 in taunton. 57 in boston and live doppler radar shows no more severe leftover showers zooming from from ran dop of to brockton along route 24 and a fe
6:45 am
pushing off duxbury beach. outer came down to chatham levere leftover rain. there are no strikes right now. it extends back down to nantucket with rain. there's the downpour near easton and a few more clipping essex county moving towards the east northeast. where do we go from here we are done with the heaviest rain and strongest wind. in fact breaks of sunshine will continue to emerge. there will be another round of showers notice early afternoon well outside 495 worcester and downpour possible. and we will get no a cuffle these this afternoon. no severe weather and you may want the umbrella on stand by. one more band of showers lifts across mass pike and in southern new hampshire during the evening commute home and wet snow flax across western new england. wind was impressiveo night -- impressive overnight.
6:46 am
>> blue hills observatoryreports 83. boston 69-mile-per-hour gusts which is tropical storm status. 66-mile-per-hour drake and fall river. impressive and no surprise since we are getting the storm reports. multiple reports across the board here early this morning 320. brain tree tree tree down and west -- braintree a tree down and foxboro -- foxborough wires down on chestnut street blocking the door of a house. the cleanup from the damage we will have dry spots this afternoon and the wind will be an issue throughout the day. gusts between 20 and 30 miles per hour in most spots. wind gusts pick up again this afternoon and that's why we have a advisory through 7people p.m. but the next several days danielle looking ahead, it's looking okay.
6:47 am
break from all this and you're right. southeastern massachusetts later today maybe isolated pockets of damage. nothing like overnight. front pushes offshore and we get clearing after midnight tonight. tomorrow sunshine looks beautiful and the friday looks great a totally different feel and we will be in the upper 30s wind chills in the 20s and blustery northwest wind dragging in cool are air. rebound for the weekend and high pressure to the south we start to get a southwest spin. saturday fun sunshine around 40 and here comes the cold front and warm. sunday we will approach 50 degrees. another warming trend. this afternoon in the 50s too tonight dropping into the 30s and i am not anticipating widespread black ice because the wind will dry out today. there may be a few icy patches midel to upper 30s for highs tomorrow. warming trend this weekend is look great overall. isolated shower on monday cools us into the 40s for tuesday and wednesday. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: a lot of problems
6:48 am
the latest accident is in weston multicar crash 128 southbound before the pike the left lane is blocked. route 9 westbound all lanes closed in natick near after the power lines went down and traffic is detoured to route 30. still a mess on the harvard stretch and denton both in the left lane. the backup is from 111 to 190. eastbound on route 2 from out in the leominster area tough ride. guys. >> thanks very much. it's 6:48 right now. and our weather also a big story of the morning the severe storms pounding massachusetts. reports damage from across the area. >> strong winds toppling trees and power lines. some branches hitting homes and cars even blocking roads. crews working to get powered re- - power restored to 16,000 customers. >> virginia is under a statement-- virginia is under a statement of emergency after a
6:49 am
a 2-year-old was among those killed when a suspected tornado destroyed the mobile home south of richmond. his body and bodies of two adults were found 300 feet away. another man was killed in a storm close to this-- close to there. a cambridge police office hear been cited accused of hitting a bicyclist and take off. ryan callinan is on administrative leavech the police say he was off duty at the time of the accident and driving his personal car when it happened. the victim was treated and released from the hospital. fire truck and suv collide in acton. witnesses tell us the suv appeared to run a stop sign at the intersection of parker and high streets. the impact causing the suv to flip. female driver climbed out the back. no word on her condition and firefighters were shaken up but appear to be okay. just ahead if you could, you choose your baby jeanedder. >> a well-known celebrity
6:50 am
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time for our dealy talker. -- daily talker. a local celebrity model is facing critics accusing her of playing god. >> the controversy began when chrissy teigen announced she and her husband chose to have a baby girl. here's robi with the details. >> reporter: if you haven't heard of chrissy teigen she is
6:53 am
the show lip sync battle and is married to john teggen. she -- legend. she has been battling with the social media over the decision to choose the gender of the child. she told people magazine she pick the girl from the embryo and i picked her and was like let's put in the girl and added she thinks her husband john deserves a little girl. and those comments had people ripping her on social media accusing her of throwing away some of the embryos to pick a girl and she responded we didn't create a little girl. we had multiple embryos boys and girls and we chose to put in a foe male first. she also insisted that she and her husband chose to do that and it was not unusual. she posted you would be surprised at how many people you know go through this and every doctor knows the sex of the embryos and it isn't some grand secret. so let's see what people are saying. a lot of people in support of
6:54 am
the choice of bringing a new life into the world is what matters and this is not a designer baby. and melissa says i am not carrying delivering of the baby and none of my business if she chooses the gender thanks for commenting and you can comment all day long. >> thank you very much. 6:54. time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7 on cbs this morning. >> let's check in with charlie rose. good morning. kathryn ahead on cbs this morning we are at a text oohs university where stewed -- texas university where students will be allowed to bring guns how fearful professors may change the way they teach and u.s. women's soccer goalie hope solo is in studio 57. in the morning.
6:55 am
we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them the middle class i'm bernie sanders
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there's a new addition to the brady bunch gisele sent out this picture of their now dog informy saying the kids are over the moon and fluffy is a joy. >> who do you think named fluffy. >> the kid i am going with the kids right? fluffy. >> yeah. that's fluffy. >> guys it's been wild but
6:58 am
is done and heaviest rain is done and the question is where do wego from here. another round of showers later today and wind 40 to 50-mile- per-hour gusts in southeastern massachusetts that may cause isolated pockets of damage. that's between 3 and 7 p.m. and leftover showers and downpours a couple come through for the evening and so if there's wet roadways it will be a totally different feel no more humidity and warmth in the 30s. >> thanks. cbs this morning is next on wbz. >> have a great morning
6:59 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a dramatic rescue is unfolding after wild weather cap sizes a fishing boat near new york city. powerful storms lead a trail of deadly destruction across the east. is there a bombshell hiding in donald trump's tax returns? mitt romney suggests the billionaire has something to hide. u.s. soccer legend hope solo is in studio 57 for her first


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