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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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winds that can be as high as 45 miles per hour heading into the first half of the night. stays gusty all night with the wind relaxing a little bit heading towards tomorrow morning and we will start to shift more northwesterly as we head into the day tomorrow. our gusts tomorrow are closer to 30 miles per hour. still noticeable but certainly not damaging. temperature wise we are seeing the change 50 in the city but towards the west falling to the 40s and 20s into western new york and a big change in the air after the spring like day we had today. and we will look at temps in the 20s to low 30s by tomorrow morning and showers out there this evening and gusty and talking about colder temps waking up tomorrow lingering into today on friday and overall a big shift from last winter and we will talk about why it has been so much warmer on a day like today than last winter coming up. >> that will be interesting thanks. the storms were powerful and they were loud overnight. >> the force of the wind ripped trees out of the ground toppled power lines and leaving many
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bill shields is live in can'ton tonight where the clean up-- canton tonight where the cleanup continues. >> reporter: they are still in the dark. in back of me utility crews are hard at work and they have been here since about 3 in the morning. this particular neighborhood had 3 big utility poles come down. so it's taking a while. the crews -- for the crews to get everything up and running. >> big loud noise with thunder and lightning and then a big bang and you could hear the ground rumble. >> reporter: it was violent storm that swept through the area in canton crews worked all day trying to restore power to a neighborhood after a tree blew down. taking with it two utility poles. when police arrived, they had to run for cover when the third pole came down. >> heard a cracking and turned and saw it coming down and myself and sergeant turned and ran and luckily we were out of the way. >> reporter: here in mansfield
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along the ground and into david's home. it blew out power and started an electrical fire in a wall. >> we started to smell the smoke and the burning smell and at that point it startedded to get worse and worse and i said fire department out here. >> reporter: the same lightning blew out a window in the neighbor's car. >> we got lucky the tree took the hit. and it saved our house. we saw the car shattered and we worried what else damage the house. >> reporter: route 9 the across the roadways. forking crews to close down -- forcing crews to close down route 9 and detour cars during the morning commute. >> that is little bit bigger. you don't see poles and wires down across route 9. >> reporter: think the storm bigger than a lot of them. i am amazed how they didn't have more extensive fire in that house.
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and get the fire department here. here in canton, it's going to be a few more hours until they get power. reporting hive, bill shields, wbz news. back to you guys. >> thank you. heart breaking images from the storm are pouring into newsroom. this is drone video from pensacola florida that shows just how destructive an ef3 tornado can be. coming up in 10 minutes we will look at other areas on the east coast hit hard by the severe storm. no denying our weather has been bizarre, wacky and erratic a year ago we topped a hundred inches of snow and this year temperatures in the 60s. why is this year so different. >> a lot of it has to do where the air is coming from. and last winter we had the doors opened to the arctic. all the air was pouring down out of the pole and when you can air sitting over land and darkest coldest areas in the northern hemisphere you will get cold temperatures in the
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this winter the air has origin in the pacific ocean. a lot of influence from el nino and a strong subtropical jet andpolar air locked up to the north and we have had a couple cold outbreaks but nothing like last season. if you look at this year, 33 days over 50 degrees. we will have a couple more before the winter comes to an end sunday and monday. look at numbers. see these 33, 9, 45 last winter in the city of boston, well, 44 days, 9 days, 37 days. almost the exact same so both of the winters have been equally away from the average just one very cold and one very warm. and some more historical context we will tall about how odd it was to -- it was to have severe thunderstorms late owner in the newscast. >> thank you for that. to go beyond the forecast, and to get a closer look at what drives our weather go to cbs for the wbz weather blog.
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know just how long phillip chism will go to prison for colleen ritzer her parents are preparing to give impact statements. and we are live where -- christina hagueer is live where the hearing wrapped up. >> reporter: -- hager is live where the hearing wrapped up. >> reporter: prosecutors are asking for three life sentence hes for phillip chism with the possibility of parole after 50 years he would be 64 by then. defense attorneys on the other hand are saying his sentence should run at the same time not back to back and they tried to put a limit on who could speak tomorrow. the now 17-year-old phillip chism was not in court on the eve-sent -- of sentencing and the attorney filed last-minute paperwork asking the judge to ban certain people on murder
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giving impact statements. prosecutor... >> as he said this is not a family that has any desire to turn it into a circus. >> reporter: the defense asked the judge to bar a paternal aunt at of the english teacher and her best friend not be allowed to talk her preschool teach and another friend and cousin. all of these people are on the list to speak before sentencing tomorrow along with ritz are's parents and others. the judge denied that motion saying all will be allowed in. >> i am not going to limit the amount of time anybody speaks i only have one rule, which is that all comments be directed to the court. >> reporter: a spokesperson with the da's office says 9 of ritzer friends and family members will speak before the
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both sides say it will be a longday. christina hager, wbz news, now back to you. >> thank you. now to a family's fight for justice. justina's pelletier's family is suing boston children's hospital. the hospital took the girl into custody claiming she was the victim of medical neglect. bree sison is here with the new lawsuit. bree. >> reporter: the pelletiers and children's had drastically different ideas about the illness and what caused it and her treatment. children's hospital told massachusetts department of children and families that the teen suffered medical abuse. touching off an almost year long court battle. >> i really want to walk again. >> reporter: a rare public appearance for 17-year-old justina pelletier. the kenneth cut -- connecticut girl announced a civil rights lawsuit against the hospital she live at for almost a year. >> they didn't treat her in accordance with the standard of care. they made a radical diagnosis and they kept her this against
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and got her taken away from her parents. >> reporter: the suit against boston children's hospital names several doctors specifically including the former head of the child protection unit who also made a controversial decisions in other cases. justina's troubles started in 2013 when her parents took her to children's with stomach problems. at that time justina had a diagnosis of a rare disease but children's disagreed saying the issues was psychological. >> it was awful imagine being in a psych ward without needing to be there and just treating-- not being treated like everyone else was. >> reporter: children's hospital asked the state to step in and justina was put into the custody of dcf. not returning to her parents care until june of 2014. in a statement boston children's hospital says it "welcomes the opportunity to
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care it provided to justina pelletier. we are committed to the best interest of our patients' health and well-being according to the high standard we follow for every patient placed in our care. justina was 14 when she went to children's and now at 17 she says she has taken up therapeutic horseback riding and hope to takes up old hobbies like ice skating. now back to you. >> thank you. tonight we know one of the judges who will hear the nfl deflategate appeal played a key role in the bernie madoff case he sentenced him for ripping off inent have vestors. now he he -- investors. now he is hearing the argument that tom brady deserves the 4 game suspension. the lower court overturned the suspension saying the rules were vague and brady didn't get proper notice he did anything wrong. call it a safety issue mbta says leave the hoverboard at home. the boards so many people got
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at this point mbta is asking board. but the t expects they will be officially banned. in a few hours the republicans will sit down for the final debate before super donald trump's taxes could come up at that debate. this after former massachusetts governor mitt romney called out trump saying he suspects there is a bombshell in the businessman's tax returns though he said he has no evidence of that. trump fired back calling romney a hypocrite after he had his issue with tax returns when he was running for president. trump also says he will eventually release the returns. on the democrat he can side hillary clinton spend the day in south carolina where they will hold democratic caucuses on saturday. sanders stopped in ohio and has been attracting crowds in places like kansas and missouri. super tuesday is five days away and wbz will bring you complete coverage beginning at 8 on my
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us for cbs news special on wbz at 10 followed by the wbz news at 11. still to come tonight, millions of people use it to run their businesses or buy or sell an item. >> but tonight concerns about pay pal from sellers. they are getting a raw deal coming up at 5:30, the i team investigates. >> scarry moments caught on camera when two manhole covers explode. >> leaving his mark on winter. one step at a time. the unique way an artist is expressing himself. >> another reason for chocolate lovers to rejoice. why just one piece a week could make you smarter he.
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whether this is a frighten moment in new jersey underground explosion sent manhole covers flying in the air the no one was hurt although it was very dangerous. official say the weather is to blame. the last 48 hours have been wild when it comes to the weather. >> yeah. deadly too. 8 people were killed in the storm up and down the east coast. dozens of tornadoes strong winds heavy rain left behind significant damage. paula ebben is live with the latest on the cleanup. paula. >> reporter: lisa and liam the powerful storms swept across 1400 miles all the way from the
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massachusetts. 50 million people were in the storm's path and when all was said and done homes were destroyed and tens of thousands were left in the dark. amish residents came to help the nation neighbors after tornadoes ripped -- help their neighbors after tornadoes ripped through. 50 buildings are damaged including a amish schoolhouse no injuries reported there. in new jersey crews spent the day clearing downed trees and hear in moose shutes you -- here in massachusetts utility workers were busy. >> this is bigger than normal. and wires down. >> reporter: the storms caused problem in the water in queens new york a coast guard boat capsized trying to rescue a crew of a stranded fishing boat and official brought in a helicopter to pluck the 7 fishermen to safety after deciding the water was too dangerous. >> u.s. coast guard rescue swimmer went in the water and he couldn't handle the very deceiving.
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>> reporter: -- unbelievable. >> reporter: twisters were deadly in the south. forecasters say the tornado had wind speeds over 100 miles per hour and it cut a path of destruction 9 miles long and 300 yards long. one victim in waverly was 2 years old. the same storm ies tem brought -- storm system broughtblizzard like conditions to indian and and now a foot and half of snow. paula ebben lisa and liam. >> thanksch it's not snow that we are digging out from but -- thanks. it's not know we are digging out from it's. >> it's tree branches and thank goodness we don't have them happen the big storms very and you. >> not very often. you don't see a line of severe storms moving across new winter. and so we get into how rare is this to have it across the area. so it was the earliest severe for boston. not the state of massachusetts. but to go all the way to boston the coastline and there has not
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issued in the year. early february back in 1997 not in massachusetts but connecticut rhode island they had them in january and pretty much every month has had a severe thunderstorm. watch also you have to keep keep in mind i like to put the -- keep in mind i like to put the things in context what's the period of record. only since 1970. it's a impressive number. something you wouldn't expect in february. also blue hill observatory they have a automated system that measured 83 and 76 and that broke a record for the strongest wind on this date in 1965. how about the temperatures side of all of this. we got up into the 60s today, teemly mild and -- extremely mild concord up to 63. is that a record? not quite. worcester or boston yesterday's record in wore star -- worcester was 67 so we weren't close to that. very warm but look at record high for today in boston set in 1930.
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something that has happened before even tornadoes in pennsylvania february tornadoes in pennsylvania before. so just something you wouldn't see here in this part of the country. tonight we are starting the cooling process pittsfield down to 37. worcester 42 and getting ugly outside as clouds filled in. a couple rain showers scattered about. especially here in western worcester county. barre and brookfield is seeing wind drops and wind will stay with us this evening. strongest wind gust across the southeastern part of the cape gusting up to 45 miles per hour and moving towards tomorrow morning the wind is more westerly and during the day tomorrow, it turns more northwesterly and we will see some gusts staying up to about the friday. and that's going makey feel like a wintry day -- make you feel like a wintry day. a couple evening rain showers snow showers into the berkshires and heading towards tomorrow morning clouds to start and brightening skies the rest of the day but a more wintry feel after today that
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going for a low temps tonight into the 20sin central massachusetts lower 30s elsewhere. 30 degrees cooler than what we saw starting this morning. partly sunny skies to begin the day. a mix of sun and clouds at midday. wind chill values in the 20s. heading towards the evening blustery and quite cold as we teens tomorrow night. that's after highs range from the freezing mark in worcester to just shy of 40 defrees in the eastern end -- degrees in the eastern end of the state. this weekend a storm track stays to the north. so saturday is a chilly day. we have not rebound yet. degrees. and then on sunday, another front off to the north. the mild air is going start to move back in. this next system also tracks to the west and it will be on the week. days. saturday 40 cool and nice. sunday partly sunny and mild into the low 50s. next week storm track is just like what we saw storms to the west which keeps us on the warm
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here at accu-weather 7-day and after the weekend we are way into the a 50s on monday and we say bye to february and a chance of 60 again on wednesday. so winter is son the -- is on ropes. >> bye, bye february. tonight snow like you've never seen a artist wearing snowshoes has created this worksof art in the the alps with his foot stps he makes 30 drawings a year each can take 2 hours to plan and 8 hours to walk. that's around 40,000 steps for each of the works of art. >> that's amazing. from the snow stot sunshine. -- snow to the sunshine batter up. pitchers took to the mound and we got the first look at competitive davis price in a red sox uniform. dan roche has late -- the latest. >> reporter: another day of full squad workouts. the big story of the day the pitchers facing the hitters live batting practice for the first time.
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matchup david price the 217 million dollar man sloask live and the first man -- man stepping up to slow live and the first man was sandoval. first pitch thrown and hit to the warning track and after that price doing what david price does overall a good day for him here in fort myers. >> felt good you know. the first time i had a hitter in the box having had one of the dumbies in the bullpen so you know it's little bit different when the hitter gets in there and i was pleased with the way i threw the ball today. >> he was fine. first day of live bp and normal progression towards the beginning of games next week. >> looked good. out there fast ball hitting the spot and commanding the changeup and that's the start. when we were walking over he said let's go. it's good the first day and think everyone saw what he can do pinning the corners and it was good. >> reporter: the process
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the first game coming up on monday northeastern and boston color here -- college here in fort myers. dan roche. >> thank you very much. still to come a good excuse for anyone who wants to give up giving up chocolate. >> because what you are craving could make you smarter he. >> plus the boston -- smarter. >> plus a boston college professor getting in on the game what he cree naitd his living room getting a lot i've tension. >> new at 6, the vision children's hospital says willsave more lives. it will cost this garden precious to so many. >> brought him out to prouty good-bye. >> the emotional fight divided
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt
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and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. you will like this health news tonight a simple sweet way to boost your brain health. just eat chocolate. dr. mallika marshall is here and the bearer of good news. explain. >> reporter: we keep coming up with excuse after excuse for why it's okay to have a little chocolate. this is new research suggesting regularly eating chocolate can boost your brain prier performance. sign -- formerrancep scientists look -- performance. scientists found those who ate chocolate once a week did better on a variety of cognitive test measuring memory and focus and organization. it's not clear whether dark chocolate which has more
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boost than milk nor how much you should eat in a sitting to reap the benefits but we reported that pregnant women can benefit so it so don't overdo it but chocolate is not such a bad thing. >> feel free to experiment. what's the story for 11. >> reporter: this is important for you in particular because you have a child with food allergies. sorting through the choices at the grocery store to find ones that are allergy safe will take forever but consequence of buying the wrong product can be dire. >> it's a terrifying thing when you are riding in the back of an ambulance with your child hooked up to machines making sure that you know they are breathing. >> reporter: now this their's an easy and freeway to get quick read if the product contains a allergy trigger tonight i put it to the test and will let you know how it works. >> if it docile down load it immediately. >> reporter: i won't tell you. >> liam. >> thanks very much. we have a shocking. [audio not understandable]
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the center of the auto recall. when exactly did takata know about the faulty air bags and salem police officer on wrong side of the law accused of dealing drugs. what the chief had to say about
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>> now at 5:30 cleaning up after the wild winter thunderstorm trees falling onto cars and power lines pulled down and debris everywhere you look. and it will be windy again tonight. >> although fortunately not as windy. we will check back for the details now with eric. eric. >> some gusts right now over 40 miles per hour. we will keep the wind throughout much of the night tonight. and shouldn't produce much more in the way of damage but doesn't make it easier to be cleaning up as many towns still working on as we have gone through the afternoon. a big errand with a lot of trees and limbs coming down last night. 41 miles per hour the gust in boston. 40 on nantucket and providence gusting at 36 and it's bringing in the colder air boston providence nashua the only towns over 50 and then moving to the west 20s to low 30s. and the cold takes control heading through the overnight. a couple evening showers and wind tonight gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour and we will turning colder with upper 20s to low 30s by the time you wake up tomorrow and you probably noticed it's a little different than this time last year.


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