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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> now at 5:30 cleaning up after the wild winter thunderstorm trees falling onto cars and power lines pulled down and debris everywhere you look. and it will be windy again tonight. >> although fortunately not as windy. we will check back for the details now with eric. eric. >> some gusts right now over 40 miles per hour. we will keep the wind throughout much of the night tonight. and shouldn't produce much more in the way of damage but doesn't make it easier to be cleaning up as many towns still working on as we have gone through the afternoon. a big errand with a lot of trees and limbs coming down last night. 41 miles per hour the gust in boston. 40 on nantucket and providence gusting at 36 and it's bringing in the colder air boston providence nashua the only towns over 50 and then moving to the west 20s to low 30s. and the cold takes control heading through the overnight. a couple evening showers and wind tonight gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour and we will turning colder with upper 20s to low 30s by the time you wake up tomorrow and you probably noticed it's a little different than this time last year.
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topped 100 inches of snow in the city of boston last winter. it was the second coldest month recorded. this time around you know snow is above average this february. but today thunderstorms 60s and big difference in the weather. we will look at the last few days of february coming up in little bit. lisa. >> all right thank you. new tonight, role reversal a police office here used to go after drug offenders is charged with the same crimes. investigators say the officer was one of 4 people caught and arrested making a drug deal yesterday. >> tonight he is out of jail but headed to treatment beth german yoi is live where he --er germano is live where the officer faced a judge. >> reporter: the officers were neighborhood yesterday when they withinned a drug sale and one of the people buying pills from a street dealer think say turned out to be one of their own a salem police officer. his job is to uphold the law but 35-year-old salem police
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the wrong side charged with drug possession after police say he was involved in drug sale in the lynn neighborhood. which stunned his department. >> he's been a good officer and we have had no issues or problems with him. >> reporter: that's the lynn police say he was on the receiving end of a sale involving three defendants etch was allegedly seen stuffing something in a box in a back of this pickup police say he was driving. a closer look uncovered four oxycodone pills in a small plastic bag. >> it's break in the public trust relative to the situation. and you know we need to get to the bottom of it and look at the circumstances surrounding that. >> reporter: do you have any comment. >> i am sorry. >> reporter: you are supposed to uphold the law did you break the law in this case? no comment from scialdone who told police was dropping off football money at the lynn sandwich shop. police say another defendant 26- year-old matthew guy also had marijuana and large a cash on him. and struggled with police
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if scialdone need help his boss is impathetic. >> is that related to an addiction issue then whoa need to get to the bottom of that but we still need to address the fact it's been a break in the public trust. >> reporter: now matthew scialdone he has been on the force for three years and is on paid administrative heave pending outcome of the investigation and volume you be tiered to enterer's drug treatment program. beth germano wbz news. >> thank you. new ma'am sure police charged two -- now ham sure police charged two men with stealing cars and setting them on fire. they got the first call in late january and got more the same day. >> we also had a vehicle stolen and other crimes committed. we have stolen-- they are investigating the crimes. and we anticipate more charges coming out of this.
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karlin and 24-year-old michael york are free on bond but they april. a new twist tonight in the massive takata air bag recall. u.s. lawmakers accuse the company of faking test results to cover up the exploding air bags. they looked through 12 years of internal documents and say the company manipulated the information to hide the problem. the air bag recall involving millions of vehicles was the largest in u.s. history. royal caribbean is face class action lawsuit over the cruise that was caught in the winter storm passengers claim the company should have known about the dangerous conditions before the anthem of the seas set sail. they are seek damages for he severe emotional and psychological stress. tonight i team investigation critics say pay pal with the millions of users around the world is unfairly taking sides. and lauren leamanczyk says sellers says they are getting
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>> very few. >> reporter: joanna of and is talk about her vintage bag but after using it for few years decided it was time to make money back. >> it's money in the closet so why not be an adult and develop it. >> reporter: she listed it on several online sites and found a buyer. who asked for a discounted price of 800 dollars. and joanne agreed. >> i could tell she wanted it the same i wanted it a few years ago. >> reporter: she shipped the bag and two days later got a confirmation from the post office that it was delivered. but the next business day she was surprised to find an e-mail from pay pal saying that there was a dispute because the buyer claimed she never got the bag. joanna said pay pal the track information but pay pal sided with the the buyer. >> i am left with a missing bag and pay pal was holding the money for me. >> reporter: that is common complaint online. one seller wrote they will
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another person posted sellers be aware. pay pal focuses on buyers. >> you have a policy we think of the buyers almost always right and the buyer almost always wins. >> reporter: act any is a california lawyer who filed a class action suit claiming pay pal and former parent company ebay didn't give sellers a fair shake in the dispute resolution and that's in spite of the fact they the website promise world class security for sellers. >> when ebay and pay pal promised they will do what they can to protect sellers and keep their money safe, they have you know a duty to do that in our view under the law. >> reporter: joanna is convinced the buyer never had any intention of paying for the bag after seeing several negative online reviews. >> promoting fraud on the part of the unscrupulous buyers. >> reporter: pay pal disagrees and a company spokesperson said
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complaint and don't believe there's merit to the lawsuit and we plan to defend ourselves. whatever the courts decide joanna says if she needs to sell something she will find another way. >> i am done with pay pal. >> reporter: there are other options available facebook and apple both have new payment systems. but pay pal is the biggest name in the business. for the i team lauren leamanczyk wbz news. >> if you think there's a story they he should look into send an e-mail to i team@vbs or call. overall customers satisfaction is down for the second straight year but shoppers have the favorites. the american customer satisfaction index found wegman's number one and other companies scoring high marks including costco amazon and nordstrom on the flip side, walmart and clothing store the bottom. he is on the verge of
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ready to come home after a year in space. what does he want to do first? >> a seafood dinner he yields abig prize.sters" are not only place to find pearl. >> this may be the most entertaining das clans how well
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on the bz feed national clam chowed are day. >> we love that but the next time you enjoy a bowl think about what happened here a woman outside seattle was enjoying a seafood meal at her italian rest rant and bit into something that startled her and it was a pearl inside the meat of a clam. she took it home and discovered it was a rare purple pearl and it's worth about $600 but she is not selling it and will turn
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and the odds of finding that are one in a couple million. >> and lower out there because the cohog is out here. >> >> while appears on late show with james cordon jenna took on one of the toughest dance classes around. >> it's called the cop september is follow the leader. [ music ] >> couldn't get that. this is my life every day. our toddler. >> you that good.
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>> come on. >> no definitely not but our toddler is that good and if you put on music she dances. >> she is certified now. >> it's the only way i get exercise. >> that's good. one left for dead an abandoned cat is a internet sensation noon the reason she looks like charlie chaplain. someone left this cat in a salvation army donation box. workers found her and they loved her and brought her to the rescue center and volunteers named her sally ann. you can see her markings make it appear that sally ann has a mustache. rescue certain says she should be available for adoption in a few days. >> i have seen photos of mine with the top hat and they could never do that walk there you go gold. >> adorable. after the break from boston college from board gamed-- professor to board game creator. >> the warm spring air weather
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and lauren checking in from princeton. wind down from last night. thought the house was going to blow a way i think we all woke up in the middle of the night. >> coming up tonight at 10 on my tv38 a handful of oscar nominees will go home with gold tbhaw. doesn't mean they will go empty- handed. the free gift worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and the
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stranded in the snow. about 50 drivers of cars and you can see in some cases semitrucks were trapped in the this is indiana. the snowdrifts in the northwestern part of the state are 2 to 3 feet high making it tough for crews to come and dig
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one more reason to say thank you mother nature for what we are experiencing right now. >> walked out this morning no snow and couldn't see any. >> i don't understand how it happens especially in indiana. >> you were on road. >> yeah. >> i think they had a travel anything. >> they are break and silly. >> they are something. silly. >> and they are something. for us no snow it has not come to the psyche even when it's no ice or snow it doesn't feel cold. it feels easier he. average. but by a little bit but looking at the winter as a whole we are on pace for the warmest ever recorded in boston and in december a big player. december was an exceptional month the we are in third place for the third warmest winter and i think we will have a good shot at number 2. i don't think we will beat 2001 and 2002.
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other. big of the snow winters are usually followed by low snow and after 32-33 the next winter was frigid. so usually a flop from one to the other and hopefully again normalcy in the years that intervene. right now we are at 50 in boston. 51 manchester but 30s are working into the berkshires and the cold will be felt as we head through the evening. gusting over 40 at times. across the southeastern part of tonight. and still some at 30 to 45 miles per hour. and slowly as we move towards tomorrow morning the wind begins to calm down a little bit. but even during the day on friday, they will be a gusty breeze and it moves northwesterly and our gusts tomorrow will be 22 to 30 -- 20 to 30 miles per hour with colder temps. and we have rain showers that are moving through. scattered about in nature sprinkles here and there and a few steady areas of rainfall from worcester westward and barre and brookfield. and on a day like today antique
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weather is warmer later this year. a few more rain showers tonight. and as we head deeper into the night snow showers there in the berkshires and a lot of cloud in the overnight. colder feel much different type of weather out there. and for tomorrow we will break more sun as the day goes on. but chillier temperatures that is very much guaranteed. so overnight low temps in the 20s a in central mass. low 30s elsewhere so tomorrow morning 30 degrees colder than outside this morning. with partly sunny skies and we will get a little more sunshine as the day goes on. gusty northwest winds and wind chill values in the 20s. you want to bring out winter jacket again for tomorrow and breezy and cold as we head into the friday night. high temps from 32 in worcester tomorrow up around 40 in hyannis for tomorrow. things calling down for weekend. sunshine a cool day on saturday. but as we just mentioned no snow and it doesn't feel as cold. into the 50s again on sunday. and well into the 50s on monday with a chance of a couple rain showers moving through.
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will come to an end. completely different. the exact opposite from last february. here's the accu-weather 7-day forecast and monday's high around 58 with a couple rain showers. and a bigger storm system develops as we head towards wednesday and looks like that one too will track to the west which means we get into the mild air and maybe a shot at 60 degrees yet again in the middle of next week. >> this crazy winter. >> it's been something to track. >> yes. thank you. thanks very much. after spending nearly a year in space astronaut scott kelly is earth. the 52-year-old says while he somechallenges. >> it's not necessarily uncomfort but aid harsh environment having no running water and it's like i been in the woods camping for a year. with regards to like hygiene and you know it's more complicated here and then the fact everything floats makes difficult.
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international space station on a russian capsule landing kazakhstan and fly back home to houston and he is looking forward to jumping in a pool and eating at a real table with his friends and family. boston college professor created a new family game that is flying off store shelves. >> he is a native man who says his children inpied him. -- inspired him. how a dad turned his passion into commercial success. >> all players pass one card to the right. >> reporter: it's game night at the home. >> to get a family around a table laugh and -- laughing and having a good time there's not anything i would rather do. >> reporter: when the family pulls out the cards and rolls the dice know one is left out. >> you got it. >> reporter: it is dragon and they mastered it because darren designed and created it. he is not a game expert but a former wall street investment banker and now a college professor. but game making is the culmination of a lifelong
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was a little boy. >> from the earliest age was playing games. >> reporter: he wanted his family to play something he couldn't find on the market. >> 5 cards what do do you need interesting for mow where i want to play and easy enough for them to pick up and learn. >> reporter: it was such a hit at home, he brought dragon wood to a boston area game publisher and now it sold all around the world. >> over the christmas holiday season, it was probably one of the top selling games we had. >> reporter: it combines elements of poker and rum with fantasy and darren says he is blown away by dragon wood success. >> i think it's amazing. i am thrilled. >> reporter: and he hopes his kids will now be en-- his game will be enjoyed for generations to come. industry experts say classic board games are making a comeback this year and are seeing sales increase. dragon wood sold 30,000 copies. chris mckinnon wbz news. tonight a popular demand
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a love story based on a poem by alexander pushin and set to score and boston ballet was the first company in the united states to perform it and it has not been in a program here since 2002 and you will be able to see this gorgeous ballet through march 6th at the opera house. still ahead a. little girl's special delivery to police. >> tonight the officers are saying thank you for their surprise gift. >> coming up new at 6, children's hospital and the battle over the prouty gardens. parents and patients call it a refuge and the hospital says it has to go to save more lives. we will take you to the emotional hearing underway right now. and what's in a name? harvard has used for -- the title har var has used that is being phased out because of
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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portsmouth new hampshire police pulled this -- posted this picture telling us the story. and a 6-year-old showed up with the mailbox she made at home depot and asked her parents if they could fill it with goodies to leave for the officers. well police posted we wish we got your name. we are thankful for your sweet kindness she forgot to hive a card and perhaps she will come back. much more still ahead.
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>> now at 6 a wild storm leaves its mark destroying trees and power lines. >> strong winds blowing outside this evening. wind advisory in effect. when the cold comes. >> a surprise request from kill are's attorney the limits the defense wanted to put on the family of a murdered teacher. >> and children's hospital community divided by the plan to baled new wing on top of a loved garden. >> the garden gives you a sense there's more. >> the hospital says it has to move onto save more lives. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wpz news at 6 starts right now. it was wild night of weather thunder and lightning and hurricane-force winds taking down trees and knockout power to thousands. right now strong winds are kick up again. >> it won't be as strong as last night but the wind are strong enough to to more --
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>> we are tracking gusts over 40 miles per hour. look at the blue observatory at 83 with one of the through. 70. fall river at 63 and a lot of trees and limbs coming down and i think not just me but probably a lot of you watching tonight all woke up in the middle of the night. it was quite the light show and thunder was booming outside and pretty rare event. first earliest severe thunderstorm watch on record for boston not the state but for the city. the storm prediction center says severe thunderstorm watch in new england is once every 25 year convenient and last time we had one in february in massachusetts was in 1997. and a wind gusts officially at the observatory as measured at 76 was a record peak wind for the date. tonight, we are gusting 30 to 40 across the area. and that continues for the next several hours. colder air is pouring in and the strongest wind gusts is across southeastern massachusetts. the south coast the cape and islands and couple gusts here
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then as we move towards tomorrow morning, it will be gusty but we won't be talking about damaging winds like we endured earlier on during the morning. and winds turn northwesterly tomorrow. that brings in the cold right now 50 in boston and 30s in the berkshires and worcester at 40 and 20s as you move towards buffalo and many of us will reach 20s by tomorrow morning. whoa start the day 30 degrees -- we start the day 30 degrees colder than this morning. we look at friday weekend forecast coming up in a bit. if you one of the few to sleep through the tomorrow consider yourself lucky. >> the storm left its mark in duxbury it blew trees on three homes and some took down power lines with them. no one was hurt. >> a giant tree came down and crushed a car in the south end. and route 9 in natick was closed from the mall for most of the morning commute after winds blew down power lines in that section. >> tonight the cleanup continues bill shields is live in canton which was hard hit. bill.


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