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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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then as we move towards tomorrow morning, it will be gusty but we won't be talking about damaging winds like we endured earlier on during the morning. and winds turn northwesterly tomorrow. that brings in the cold right now 50 in boston and 30s in the berkshires and worcester at 40 and 20s as you move towards buffalo and many of us will reach 20s by tomorrow morning. whoa start the day 30 degrees -- we start the day 30 degrees colder than this morning. we look at friday weekend forecast coming up in a bit. if you one of the few to sleep through the tomorrow consider yourself lucky. >> the storm left its mark in duxbury it blew trees on three homes and some took down power lines with them. no one was hurt. >> a giant tree came down and crushed a car in the south end. and route 9 in natick was closed from the mall for most of the morning commute after winds blew down power lines in that section. >> tonight the cleanup continues bill shields is live in canton which was hard hit. bill.
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you can see the crews in back of me are still at work. came down. it took a line and three utility poles with it. so, they are taking 9 or 10 before this neighborhood in canton gets power back. >> big loud knows with thunder and lightning and a big bang and you see the ground rumble. >> reporter: it was a violent area. here in canton crews worked all day trying to restore power to a neighborhood after a tree blew down. taking with it two utility poles. when police arrived, they had to run for cover when a third pole came down. >> just heard a cracking and turned sought thing coming down and -- saw the thing coming down and myself and sergeant turned turn and ran and we were out of the way. >> reporter: route 9 in natick the storm took down power lines across the roadway. forcing crews to close down
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>> this is a little bigger. usually don't see poles down. lightning hit a tree and ran david's home. it blew out power and started an electrical fire in a wall. >> we started to smell the smoke and smell that burning smell and at that point it tarted to -- started to get worse and i said we have to department out here. >> reporter: the same lightning hit blew out a window in the neighbor's car. >> we were lucky the tree took the hit and it saved our house and you saw the car was shattered and we worried what else damaged from the house. intense storm. but luckily, no one was seriously hurt. which is really amazing. reporting live from canton bill paula. >> thank goodness for that. the family of a teen who was put into the custody of
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boston and held for over a year now filing a lawsuit justina pal tier's family says children's and four physicians violated their civil rights and are guilty of gross negligence. it was 2013 the pelletiers brought justina to children's to treat her for a gastrointestinal problem and she also has another disorder. children's believed her problems were psychological and her parents were medically abusing her a judge put her into churn's custody. >> terrible -- children's custody. >> terrible. it was like a big nightmare. they didn't treat me like everyone else. >> the judge reversed the order last year. children's released a statement saying that it welcomes the opportunity to vigorously defend the medical care it provided. we are committed to the best interests off our patience health and well-being according to the high standards we follow for every patient placed in our
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tomorrow phillip chism will be sent enand it could bring closure to colleen ritzer's family but today his attorney asked the judge to put limits on how many people could speak for the teacher. christina hagger is live in sail -- hager is live. >> reporter: sentencing for first degree murder is simple here in massachusetts normally. life in prison. but, since he was only 14 when he did this he is he will jell for parole. prosecutors said he should get the chance after 50 years. his attorney say after 26 years and they tried to limit who could speak in court here. the now 17-year-old phillip chism was not in court on this eve ofencing for the murder -- of the sentence hes of the murderer of -- sentencing of the murder he and rape of
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>> a victim impact statement for family and friends and coworkersare important in and of themselves for the opportunity of victims to be able to have it served. purpose of the court is to hear it. >> reporter: on list the judge asked to bar in a last-minute filing a paternal aunt and it also asked her best friend not be allowed to talk and her preschoolteacher another friend and colleague and a maternal cousin. all of these people are on the list to speak before sentencing tomorrow along with ritzer' parents and others. >> that is family that conducted themselves with grace and respect for the process. >> reporter: prosecutor kate mcdewingal. >> this is not a family that has any desire to turn this
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>> reporter: 9 of colleen ritzer's friends and family members will address the judge before he then decides how many years phillip chism shed spend behind bars before getting a shot at freedom. back to you. >> thank you. target of another boston globe is reporting a federal grand jury is look into joyce's role in a solar project at stone hill college he represented stone hill and the company that installed the panels but as a state senator he pushed for legislation that made it easier for projects like stone hills to connect to the power grid. fbi and irs agents raided his office and he announced he will not seek reelection. days away from the super tuesday and now hillary clinton picked up endorsement of five women in office here in massachusetts.
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harriett chandler and patricia hadad threw their support behind clinton today. clinton and sanders poll suggestion they will -- suggest they will be on fight for massachusetts on tuesday. john kasich plans to campaign monday and the ohio governor is at the back of the pack in the polls and facing more pressure to get out of the race. and it's going to be a very interesting night we have it all covered for you. join us tuesday night for an election night special at 8 on my tv38 and then at 10, you can watch a cbs news special here on wbz and we will have it wrapped up for you on wbz news at 11. still ahead a. bitter fight sides. >> the plan by children's hospital to build a new wing on top of a beloved garden. we will take you to the emotional public hearing that's underway and show you why the garden is so important to so many people.
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mbta taking a stand on the hoverboard controversy. >> price versus panda. dan roche tase us to the first
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tonight a bitter battle other over a place of peace. former patients parents and doctors are fighting to save a garden in children's hospital. it's called the prouty guardean they call it sole of the -- garden and they call it sole of the -- soul of the hospital. >> they say they need to demoller it to expand. they took the ad to show the plan for the space right now the department of public health is holding a hearing and jim smith is there live tonight. jim. >> reporter: as you can imagine this issue is so emotional for so many people. look behind me at this packed public hearing. a lot of people showing up and it seems many of them have
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grieving father who i met today. >> he remember how brave he was and -- i remember how brave he was and i will tot not dishonor his millionry by giving in. >> reporter: gus mourns the passing of his son gus junior who lost the battle with hugh came yeah passing away nearly the years considering 9 years ago at age of 17. >> we brought him to p prouty garden sunday morning and we were there and saidb. >> reporter: he spent the final weeks including treasured family time at prouty garden a place of healing in the heart of the hospital that's been around for 60 years a place so special that gus's dad took his there for final moments. >> we were all there and you know true to form he he passed quietly and. >> reporter: that's sacrate ground. >> it is: >> reporter: the battle over preserving the space is at the
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they consider a children's hospital plan to build a state of the art medical building where it stands a building featuring multiple gardens. >> it's hard the healing part of what we do involved in the green spaces and we are very keg cognitive of that and that's part of the planning process to expant garden space. >> reporter: people like gus say this is irreplaceable. >> it was like going into a different world and most importantly for my son it was a way to get out of the hospital and somehow or another there's something that lives on. >> reporter: no decision expected tonight and it could take months. in the meantime, the debate will go on. live in boston jim smith wbz news now back to you. >> thanks very much. when you steped outside it -- stepped outside it smelled and felt like spring. >> but you saw a lot of things knocked over and there was so much wind.
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all across the eastern united states and new england. these are wind reports as well as tornado reports over the last 24 hours or so. you see them stretching up through the mid atlantic and take the track all the way to the atlantic coast. early on this morning. and just unbelievable line of thunderstorms. the light show was out of control and temperatures don't know if it's unsettling when it's so warm outside. we have had 30 days over 50 and 9 below freezing. and now look at those numbers. remember the ones. i will show you how it broke down last winter when it came to warm and cold days. about the same in the 32 to 50 degree high range but only 9 days the same as we have had below freeing this year where we are -- freezing this year above 50 last year and 37 days stayed below freezing and 22 days in february alone last year stayed below freezing in boston. so we have exactly flipped from what we saw last season. right now it's 50 in boston and lawrence and basically the merrimack valley to the city
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the last warm spot the pouring air is coming in and the wind will take a while to calm down. see the gust in southeastern massachusetts this evening. 30 to 45 miles per hour. and that will driven the consider deliver the cold and after a beautiful day it will feel nasty probably all right noticing it. falling temperatures and winds and clouds outside and rain showers moving through. and during the day tomorrow, we will keep the breeze that will shift more to the northwest and the gusts will be 20 to 30 miles per hour for friday. there's rain showers moving through. a colder air aloft moving over our heads also. and that's touching off some of the showers right now rain falling and paxton and princeton showers and also downpour here around medfield and moving up towards natick. d-edham and it's going to be a damp night at times. showers moving through for the next few hours. and then we will start to dry out a little bit. so during the overnight a lot of cloud hold the feel.
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greens and clouds tomorrow morning decreasing cloud cover as the day wears on. so looking at overnight lows big change 20s in central massachusetts. lower 30s elsewhere. and many of us below freezing so 30 degrees colder tomorrow morning. and partly sunny skies to start. and we will work in more sunshine but doesn't warm up. wind chill values in the 20s. winter jacket should be around for tomorrow. in the evening breezy and cold and fall back into the 20s and teens after highs fail to reach 40 for most. worcester around freezing hyannis and nantucket close to 40 for your friday. and this weekend, things look nice if you have plans. sunshine on saturday, a cool day near 40 and the storm track stays to the north and by sunday we are back into the southwest winds and the warming temperatures and chilly saturday and low 50s again on sunday under partly sunny skies and no issues across southern new england. moving towards next week last day of february is monday and well into the 50s.
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seasonal tuesday and looks like the next larger storm again tracks to the west on wednesday and that would bring in another surge of milder temps and mostly rain. liam and paula. >> thanks so much. really feels like spring doesn't it we need baseball back. >> there's spring training going on. in fact a friendly battle between david price and pablo sandoval. >> exactly. and you know what, it's interesting to see a won. april 4th in cleveland we on the season. today was more drills and skills and live batting practice as well. we shoaled you ramirez at first with a nice pick up on the tough swoop. tough hop today the scoop nice he. [audio not understandable] dan roche is there for the fun and games and joins us from the fort. >> reporter: day two of workouts in fort myers. and thursday, the first time pitchers faced batters for the very first time live batting
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let's go through the day. it began with red sox coming out and doing outfield defense work. throwing to different bases and infield work as well taking ground balls working the double around. practice. david price versus pablo sandoval and sandoval hit the first pitch of price to the warning track but after that price look good. overall a good day for the fort myers. >> it's both of us it's for the hitter to get in and track and you know to get timing and if they want to take swings take some swings and for the pitcher to get your body going. and this is probably my 6th time off the mound so i felt good. >> he looked good. he is out there fast ball change up hitting the spots and come in change up and that's the heart of everything. today was a start and when we walk over he said let's go so, you know, good first day and i think everyone saw what he can do painting the corners and it was good. >> reporter: live batting
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first games coming up in fort myers against northeastern boston college on monday. and as we get set to start the 2016 exhibition season. with the red sox dan roche wbz sports. >> thanks very much. last two days off the celtics get back to work tonight hosting the bucks they won the won 8 straight at home but are 1-2 since all star break defense has been shaky giving up 110 points in 5 of the last 6 games. meanwhile, yeah edelman testing out and kick flip at boston children's hospital. patriots wide receiver and lewis and flowers took time to help flip up flap jacks for it's been over a month since they were knocked out of playoffs but next season is not
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>> last year just didn't go our way and that just gives you a little motivation for the next year and you know you look forward to going out and getting ready and seeing your teammates and training with those guys and creating the chemistry and creating the unity and that's what you look forward to. >> and in the meantime, they are going to help the kids. that's sports for now guys. >> i am sure that chef hat will be trending soon. >> yeahi you got that right. the cbs evening news is up at 6:30. >> scott pelley joins us from new york with a preview of the evening's broadcast. hi scott. >> paula liam great to be with you as always in boston tonight's republican debate may be the most consequential because it's a fight for candidates. and an opportunity the last opportunity to catch up to donald trump before super tuesday. next week. we will have the race and we
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taying the t? leave your who hoverboard at home the mbta will ban the devices. but the last few months they been linked to more and more fires because of the batteries and the t doesn't know when the ban will take effect. a crash has made a bad situation worse for the acton fire department. a fire engine returning from having a flat tire repaired crashed. no one was seriously hurt and the engine is out of service and in december the department had fire at -- had a fire at station that destroyed the only ladder he truck now they have
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harvard is dropping house master. the faculty dorm leaders who had that title before will be called faculty deans. the school made the decision after complaints that the word master had ties to slavery. other schools like princeton also eliminated the title. you can call it dog days of the off season. >> the video that proves tom brady.
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yesterday we told you about tom brady's dog fluffy. >> so cute and the video he posted this holding up fluffy recreating famous scenes from the lion king even had the circle of life blaring in the background. looks as though number 12 may be bored with the off season. he gets a puppy king holding him up. >> that's the third dog and he has a big medium size and there they are and he had to get the
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>> -- uggs into the video. >> yeah underrer arm our and three product placements and three dogs. >> obviously he thought about what he was wearing. >> smart. >> very smart. >> and the dog is adorable. >> i wish i had 3 sponsors. >> fluffy is a adorable addiction. >> classic. >> he could have made the dog tack neil that would have been good. >> the dog protected the qb. >> in the as windy tonight. >> gusting getting colder and will feel like winter tomorrow morning. prepare to bundle up. >> thanks for watching. >> we will be back at 10 on my
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>> pelley: tonight's republican debate takes on new urgency. it could be the last chance to catch trump before next week's super tuesday. also tonight, elizabeth palmer takes us inside syria at a turning point in the civil war. >> reporter: there is certainly no cease-fire here at the moment, and there's not going to be any time soon. >> pelley: daylight reveals the destruction done by a night of violent storms. and will this idea take off? plans for a widebody aircraft for wide bodies. >> at the end of the day, it's all about making money. captioning sponsored by cbs


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