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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news right now a shooting in the heartland. it happened in heston kansas. >> it may be a workplace violence incident. we just got more information. >> reporter: the sheriff just wrapped up a news conference confirming police shot and killed the gunman, and the shooter worked at the lawnmower parts plant where he opened fire this evening. >> we heard pop, pop, and we just thought it was metal on the ground and. >> reporter: but they were shots. the employee drove through the
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>> i saw the guy pull up, and he stopped, got out, he yelled something, got our attention, and he fired off an ak47 before he went in. >> the guys i was working with, right by me, grabbed me by my shirt and said run, there's a shooter. >> reporter: the shooting continued, and the sheriff says many families will receive the worst possible news before this is over. >> inside the building he shot a total of 15 people. four were killed, including himself, the shooter. >> reporter: this woman knew her husband escaped but could not contain her emotion when they finally reunited. >> oh my god! oh my god! >> you can come in here! >> reporter: the cbs affiliate in wichita reports the shooter is ceddrick ford.
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painter at excel industries. >> you think you're safe at work, but you're not. it's scary. >> reporter: a s.w.a.t. team is surrounding the gunman's home, and they believe his roommate is still inside. police say the shooter was carrying an assault style weapon and has a lengthy record connection. >> louisa, thank you. investigation. as we get more information, we newscast. we will stay on top of this overnight, and you can watch the latest tomorrow morning at 4:30. we are following breaking news from rhode island tonight. fire in the heart of the new port district. it destroyed a multiple dollar home. it was on bellevue avenue, and you can see the flames pouring out of this house. it's near some of rhode island's most famous mansions, and thest kate is worth at least $3 million no injuries here, and no word on what sparked the fire.
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to restore power knocked out in last night's storms. there are gusty winds, even tonight, and eric says it's getting much colder out there. >> it will return to winter after an incredible day in the 60s, and the winds are gusting 20 to 35 miles an hour. the strongest gusts to cape cod and the islands, and a few gusts here and there overnight and the temperature change, 42 in boston, down to 35 in worcester, and pittsburgh is below the freezing mark, and lingering showers. most of these will wrap up by midnight tonight. tomorrow morning, want the winter jacket ready? 30 to 35 degrees colder depending on your town. upper 20s to 30s, and the windchill is in the 20s. the cold, not sticking around for too long. the climb will begin well above average as we get to the end of the week end and we will take a full look at the weekend forecast and how rare the
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up. to acknowledge, for example, you're the only person on this stage who has been fined for hiring people illegally. >> i'm the only one on the stage who has hired people. you have not hired anyone. >> tough talk as the gop candidates try to take down donald trump in a last debate before super tuesday. the attacks came one after another on the political stage. >> john keller is joining us now. it did not take long for rivals to go after him tonight. >> cruz and rubio hammered the front runner over business practices and his bare bones policy statements, and for the first time in this race, trump seemed rattled, but was it enough to slow his march to the nomination? >> we will not solve any of these problems by trying to destroy each other. >> reporter: maybe so, but that did not stop them from trying.
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>> donald you have hired a significant number of people to have filled. >> they were part-time jobs, and you couldn't get help. >> you are the only one who has hired people illegally. >> i'm the only one on the stage who has hired people. you haven't hired anybody. the most heat. care? that's the only part of the plan? >> no, -- >> you have many different plans. you will have competition and so many different plans. >> now he is repeating himself. >> the guy is repeating himself. he repeats himself every day. >> i'm not talking about repeating. i heard you repeat yourself five times a week ago. >> i just listened to you repeat yourself five times a minute ago.
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rubio -- senator rubio, please, please stop. >> as you can see rubio and cruz definitely dropped the gloves tonight, just as chris christie did in the final debate before the new hampshire primary. you will recall that christie went on to do so poorly there, he dropped out of the race. we will see tuesday night if trump's tough night hurts him or the attackers. hillary clinton made several stops stops in south carolina, hoping to solidify her lead there. several women in leadership positions on beacon hill endorsed her for president. her opponent, bernie sanders has virtually conceited to south carolina, and he is focusing on the midwest. supertuesday is just 5 days complete coverage beginning at 8:00 on my tv 38, and then you can stay with us for a cbs news special here on wbz starting at
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new tonight, a warning from boston police about this man, robbing people in the downtown area, armed with a nice, and wbz's katie brace is live in boston for us. >> reporter: this is the area where the man was last seen by washington and boyle street. his weapon of choice? a large kitchen knife. so far good samaritans have been able to chase him off. >> reporter: the drama of the stage takes a backseat to the fear one attacker has caused. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. i'm scared. >> reporter: boston police are after a man who robs people with a 12-inch kitchen knife. they released two photos of him. les feeders who works in the area is watching out. >> as a woman, today we have to be vigilant in what we do and where we are going.
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man struck twice in the last month, both times during the daylight hours, and he approaches for behind. one victim told police the man grabbed his computer bag and pulled him to the ground. the man was chased into the boston commons where he pulls the knife. the second attack he tried to get a woman to withdraw money, but someone chased him off. with police still looking for him, celeste knows she will not be a victim. >> if he had a kitchen knife on me, he would be dead. >> reporter: so you're -- >> i'm sorry. i know how to protect myself. >> reporter: police say the man is 5'7", and he's missing some feet, and they believe he may be homeless. katie brace, wbz news. tomorrow people who love colleen ritzer will tell the judge what was lost when she
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prepares to sentence the person who murdered her. this haunting video puts the murderer at the scene. julie will be live. >> reporter: tomorrow is sure to be a long day with hours of victim impact statements lined up, something the defense tried to prevent today. convicted murderer philip chisam was not in court on thursday, but the victim's parents were as they have been each and every day of the trial. today colleen's parentsen willed as his attorneys argued a last minute motion, asking the judge to limit who can give victim impact statements at sentencing on friday. prosecutors challenged the motion. >> this is not a family that has any desire to turn this into a circus, on the contrary. >> reporter: the judge decided all will be heard. >> the victim impact statement
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coworkers, they are important in and of themselves. >> reporter: a murder conviction carries life behind bars with the chance for parole because he was only 14 when he killed and raped his math teacher inside of a high school bathroom more than 2 years ago. prosecutors recommend he be eligible for parole in 50 years, the defense? just 26. when the family spoke pubically for the first time following the verdict, it was abundantly clear their sentence will have no end. there remains a painful and tremendous absence in our lives, one that sadly can never be replaced. our family somewheres a sad phase in our lives, one that we had no choice but to begin. >> the judge is opening to hand down the sentence by the end of
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the decision could come on monday. julie loncich. a firefighters is under arrest on child rape charges for an attack in 1991. james mcgillrey is a 30-year member of the force. some families and doctors are making a passionate appeal to save pardy garden to serve more patients, the hospital says it must expand and wants to build an 11-story tower that would wipe out pardy. many people are trying to save the garden, but elizabeth says it was a sanctuary, one place where her brother was happy. >> we remember david with joy. we laugh at some of the things he did that were silly, and it's just a place where we can be private and together. >> state regulators must now
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before it can move forward. ahead tonight at 11:00, whitey bulger caught in the act. how the mobster got in trouble behind bars. this man fixed a pothole with his hands. why he got in trouble with the town. what police want you to take away from the city. and a new lifesaver for people with food allergies. is it also a time saver? we will find out. a colder day on tap tomorrow. take a look at the standings and what to expect this weekend coming up. we are keeping a close eye on a breaking situation in kansas. four people have been shot and killed. 14 are wounded after an employee opened fire at a business there. as we get new information, we will pass it on to you after
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breaking news now.
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and 14 others are injured in shootings north of wichita, kansas. police say the gunman started to shoot from his car while he was driving through two separate towns and then showed up at his workplace with what they describe as an assault- style weapon, and there he shot 15 people, killing three of them. police shot and killed the gunman. right now a s.w.a.t. team is at a mobile home park where the man's roommate is believed to be in one of the trailers, and a local hospital is on lockdown. whitey bulger is getting in trouble behind bars. he was caught in a lewd act in his cell. he says he was applying medicated powder. he was put in solitary confinement for a month for it and lost internet privileges as well. a man trying to fill a pothole gap took the problem
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town said not so fast. >> reporter: last weekend this manhole was surrounded by a pothole. >> it was pretty big. >> reporter: sunday afternoon thomas perry patched it. instead of earning an attaboy, he was ordered to knock it off. >> if i had a hole in the middle of my driveway, you don't have the right to fix it. >> reporter: he used something other than the hot asphalt method, something he practiced on another pothole next to our home. >> we like good samaritans and all that, but instead of filling it, tell us where it is. >> reporter: he works for a company that sells this pothole patch material, and they would like a contract with the town. perry did not answer his door, and he didn't return our call. apparently stung by the criticism he should have
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protocol for his demonstration. >> he should go through the proper channels next time. >> reporter: while the town seeks to discourage the citizens from following perry's lead, not everyone sees it that way. >> if he's willing to do it, why not? >> from my prospective, it's not that big of a story. >> reporter: apparently fixing potholes is as controversial as not fixing them. >> that brings us to the number of the night, 3 billion. add it all up, and pothole damage costs drivers in the united states $3 billion every year. it was a close call for a trooper in missouri, caught on cameras, and the officer's patrol car sideswiped right there by a tractor trailer, and luckily he was not hurt. police say this video highlights the importance of the moveover laws across the country. last night we were talking about high wind and a lot of rain, and we are talking about spring-like temperatures moving in. >> not the case tomorrow. >> big changes after the
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air tonight. look at this picture from maine. this tree exploded in the area. the fragment went off 40 yards away it blew a hole in the side of the house with a fragment off the tree. the recent lightning strikes, the moisture and water inside, it will boil and turn to steam, and the pressure will blow the tree apart in less than a second. a wild scene there, a lot of trees coming down, and the unusual event. the earliest severe thunderstorm warning in effect here. the storm prediction center has a severe weather outbreak is what we saw, and it's a once in every 25 year event. we are looking at warmth, and in third place, we are having the warmest winter ever. exceptionally warm, and i think
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looking around the country, it has dried everything out it will be dry tomorrow morning, and much colder outside. temperatures are beginning to fall out there boston down to 42, and all told for february, it's not too bad, but we will look at worcester at 35, orange at 37 degrees. 20s across the border into new york state, and when you wake up tomorrow morning, you will probably want the winter jacket again. windchill will be a factor yet again. upper 20s for worcester county. out the door, looking at winds gusting out of the west, northwest, and some of the gusts will be around 30 miles an hour to start the day, and we will stay at 20 to 30 throughout the afternoon. that's windchill values in the 20s, big difference compared to what we had today. breezy and cold into friday night, and the good news, sunset at 5:30, getting later. the high temperatures below 40 across the area. maybe touching 40 for tomorrow.
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not on the ground, even if it's cold, it doesn't feel cold. i think the experience could be different. we head into sunday, and we are back above 50, well above 50 on monday with the chance for a couple of showers, and after that, it looks like another storm is west of us. that's another mild track for us. there's the accuweather 7-day. highs near 40 on saturday. low 50s on sunday, and nice spring-like day. close to 60 on monday, and we should hit 60 again on wednesday with another rain event. back to you. >> very warm. all right, eric, thank you. for people with food allergies, those labels can be land mines. if you miss something, you have a problem. enter time safe. tonight it is put to the test. >> reporter: can you get the butter, nate. >> reporter: food is always on kim wilson's mind.
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dairy, eggs, and peanuts. >> the terrifying thing riding in the back of an ambulance with your child hooked up to machines to make sure they are breathing. >> reporter: the average store has 42,000 items, and it's clear why finding allergy safe foods can be so time consuming. >> it does take me when i go to the grocery store a good 2-3 times longer than the average person who just puts food in their cart. >> reporter: and now this app helps shoppers with food allergies. >> it will help with the shopping process of speeding up. >> reporter: i tested the app and indicated an allergy to eggs, gluten, and milk. >> okay for you. >> reporter: rice chex is safe, oatmeal is not.
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>> reporter: it will suggest something in the place. >> oops, unfortunately we don't have this product yet. >> another ingredient left out, nuts. they should be added soon. >> read the label first, and scan as a second time of precaution or the other option would be to scan first, if you're in a hurry, but maybe sure you read the label. >> reporter: the app is free, and it can tell you about artificial dyes and sweeteners and let you know which food are compatible for certain medical conditions. >> great idea, but they have to get the nuts in there as well. that's the one that is dangerous for people. >> that's the one your daughter has. >> peanuts. >> we have to have that. most of us are red hot at home. >> one of the best passes you will ever see from the garden,
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we're living in a very competitive global economy, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country it is time for them the middle class i'm bernie sanders
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what spectacular passing tonight from the celtics. 112-107. it was not easy. all five starters went into double figures, and isaiah thomas made one of the greatest passes you can ever seen. turner, running the fast break,
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up by as many as 17 in the 1st half, and the wrap around from johnson, finishing with it. up 62-52 at the break, and isaiah, slipping the defenders, behind the back, to johnson. lead by 18 in the 2nd half, and the bucks got back into it. only up by 4 with a minute to go. check out this pass. behind the back, over the shoulder, are you kidding me? jake drains the 3, and it was right on the mark. shoots, and it doesn't get any better than that thomas with a game high 27 points, and that's 20, and they hang on to win it, 112-107. the heat comes to town on friday. fun team to watch. ramirez playing 1st base, and the ball doesn't stay in the glove? you have to find other ways to hold on to it.
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ken roche with more from fort meyers. price threw batting practice for the first time slowing to sandoval, and butler was one of the backup catchers on the team. price looking good as you would expected from the $217 million man. one thing, i sat down with him after the break and talked about facing hitters for the first time. >> felt good. first time i have had a hitter in the box. i haven't even had a dumbny mt. bull pen. it's different whenever the hitter gets in there, and i was very pleased with the way i threw it today. >> reporter: you can see more of the interview on sports final sunday night at 11:35 here on wbz. i'm dan roche, wbz sports. >> all right, cam told the sports hub today a contract offer was made to erickson. that's sports for now.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them-
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you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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the incredibly cute addition in tom brady's new family is getting the royal treatment online. >> he posted this video to facebook holding out his son for the famous lion king scene. complete me. [ laughter ] >> so cute!
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it's not spring quite yet. still winter? >> we have winter left, i think. tomorrow morning, one of the
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20s. don't be caught offguard. today beautiful, but be >> no snow? >> no snow anywhere in the forecast. maybe it will be the last day of winter. >> we will see you tomorrow. bye bye. >> stephen colbert! (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hello, people! (cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome to "the late show." thank you so much, everybody! (cheer ause) ;or


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