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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. developing right now at 4:30, a deadly workplace shooting in kansas. what we are learning about the suspected shooting and his moat nerves a massive fire at a mansion. the flames destroying a piece of history. >> and boston police telling people to be on alert for a suspected robber armed with a large knife. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning. it's friday, happy friday to you february 26th. i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon whoa made it but we have good news
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everyone who lost it during yesterday morning's storms. an though things have called down it is still windy out there definitely. >> and think that's what brings about the chill. >> absolutely. it's 20 to 30 degrees colder than this time yesterday. good morning. happy fridaych the 24 hour temperature change in boston is 25 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. we are in the 30s but you areright. it's all about the wind factoring in the chill. real feel is 17. in worcester and 25 in boston running in the lower to middle 20s for most of us here in eastern massachusetts. that wind is no longer damaging. but it's gusting over 30 miles per hour at times. and that wind will be with us today. it will be a bit of a blustery feel. even had a couple flurries overnight. but otherwise satellite is quiet. we have partial clearing taking place and then there will be some sunshine in forecast.
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chilly breeze at sunrise at 6:25. 37 by lunchtime. real feel will be running in the 20s this afternoon and that's what you want to dress for. guys clear to be a blustery field heading into 30. i am track another warmup for the weekend. all the details coming up in a couple minutes back to you for now. >> thrchg you very much. we begin-- thank you very much. we begin with breaking news a state police investigation shutting down one lane on 95 south innateelboro -- in attleboro overnight. that he no word why they were called there and the highway is back open. three people killed in kansas and 14 more wound and it may be a case of workplace violence. the of 10 of the injured are in critical condition this morning. there are several crime scenes including a factory where the suspect worked. a law enforce ament source identified suspected shooting
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the sheriff says he was armed with an assault style weapon and a pistol. as he randomly fired shots while driving through the central kansas town. he shot someone in the plant building. workers described the chaos. >> the doors opened and people started to screaming saying going to the front and then said no he is out front and everybody went to the back over here. >> ford worked as a plainter at the plant which manufactures law mower parts it's not clear when he was still employed there. a fire destroyed a multimill -- multi million dollar home near some of the famous mansions. no one was hurt but investigators are looking into what sparked the fire.
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due in court to face child rape charges james macgillivary was rate ofed at his home yesterday e has been on administrative leave since earlier this month when the police started the investigation. a warning for a boston police about this man who is accused of robbing people downtown while armed with a large knife. police are rerei leaseing two photos of him e robbed two people during the day with a 12 inch kitchen knife. one victim said he grabbed his computer bagged and pulled him to the ground. >> i will keep a eye out. >> if the gentleman had a kitchen knife on me he would be dead. >> you would. >> i am sorry i know how to protect myself. >> the second attack was outside a bank e tried to get a woman to withdraw money. someone chased him off and anyone with information is asked to call police.
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ritzer will tell the court what they lost. this as the person who killed her will be convicted. >> reporter: phillip chism was in thein court on the eve of the sentencing but the victim's parents were as they had about. colleen kitz are's parents listened as chism judge asked the judge to limit who can give impact statements at secretary sentencing friday. prosecutors challenged. >> this is not a family that has any desire to turn it into a circumstance out -- circus. >> reporter: the judge decide all would be herd heard. >> the victim impact statement for family and friends so corkers with important -- coworkers are important. >> reporter: a murder conviction carries life behind bars with the chance of parole because chism now 17 was 14 a juvenile when he killed and
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danvers high school bathroom more than two years ago. prosecutors recommend he be eligible for parole in 50 years. the defense just 26. when colleen's family spoke pub click for the first time following the verdict it was abundantly clear their sense sentence will have no end. >> the painful absence in our lives the one that sadly can never be replaced. our family enterers a new phase one we have no choice but to begin. >> reporter: the judge said he will try to hand down a sentence by the end of the day on friday but admits the decision could be on monday. in salem julie loncich. >> and we will be in court today during the victim impact statements. you can see them live streaming on cbs coverage starts this morning at 9:30. over to campaign 2016 now. >> your knowledge that you are the only person on the stage that ever been fined for hiring people to work on your project
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>> no i am the only one on the stage that hired people you haven't hired anybody. >> some tough talk as gop candidates try to take down donald trump in the last debate before super tuesday. the attacks came one after the other on stage. political analyst jon keller watched it all and breaks down the big moments for you. >> we will not solve the problems by trying to destroy each other. >> reporter: maybe so but that didn't stop them from trying. on hiring illoll immigrants. >> donald you hired a significant number of people from other countries to take jobs that americans could have filled. >> they were part-time jobs and you need them or we might as well close the doors because you couldn't get help. >> you are the only person on the stage that has been find for hiring feel to work on your projects illegally. >> no i am the only one on the stage that hired people you haven't hired anybody. >> reporter: and while ted cruz also had trum on defensive it was rubio bringing the most heat. >> what is your plan on health care. that's the only part of the
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>> you have many different plans competition and you will have so many different plans. >> but now he is repeating himself. >> here is the guy who repeats himself. >> you repeat yourself every day. >> i am talking about repeating and i watched and him we peat himself five times four weeks ago. >> i saw you repeat yourself five times five seconds ago. >> talk about your plan. >> he says five things everyone is dumb he will make america great and we will win, win, win and he is winning in the polls and the line is down the street. er night. >> reporter: rubio and cruz dropped the gloves last night just as chris christie in the final debate before the new hampshire primary. you will recall that christie did so poorly there he dropped out of the race. we will see tuesday night if trump's tough night hurts him more than his attackers. i am john jon keller at large-- jon keller at large.
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several stops in south carolina hoping to solidify her lead before the primary. in massachusetts yesterday several women andn leadership positions endorsed clinton for president. bernie sanders has conceded south carolina and instead is concentrating on the midwest and held rallies in ohio michigan and illinois yesterday. super tuesday is just 4 days away. wbz will bring you complete coverage beginning at 8 on my tv38 and stay with us for a cbs news special on wbz at 10 followed by the news at 11. coming up on wbz this morning a. passional protest. >> families -- passionate protest. >> families fighting to save a garden at children's hospital. the hearing last night and why the hospital says it needs the space. >> and a new ban on hover boards on massachusetts where you won't be allowed to take them. >> and the changes coming to this car. how the company hopes to make
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welcome back. a social experiment on jet blue the airline promosed -- tried to promote unity in the political system and gave everyone on board a chance to
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the only hang up everyone had to decide on one destination after discussion and disagreement everyone agreed on costa rica. not a bad destination. >> no it's not and the reason why is because he is going tomorrow. >> i know. >> i am jealous. >> i will be on the plane in 24 hours. >> oh. beach and sand. >> relaxing. >> sun. >> and you are looking at the forecast i saw you it temperatures and you are like too bad i am out of here. >> sorry. >> good for you why. one company replacing peoplewith robots and closing corns and gap and banana republic. today's money watch. happy friday to you and good morning. >> reporter: happy friday and >> thanks. >> reporter: good morning guys. finance leaders from around the world are meeting today for the g-20 meeting investors are hoping they will agree to some stimulus program to stop a global slow down.
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shares of the company dropped in after hours trading after the clothing chain said profits fell 33% in the last quarter. the company is in the middle of a turn around plan and the new ceo says gap will focus on denim and banana republic which is owned by gap will focus on classic and better fit. zip car is making changes in response to customer complaints. drivers won't have to return cars to the same location where they pick that car up. and they can make one way trips indefinitely. and mercedes benz is bucking the trend replacing some of the with humans. turns out the robots can't keep up with the custom options mercedes offers so for example in the s class sedan four types of tire caps and choice for cup holders and mercedes says it's too much for the machines. chris and kathryn.
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better than machines. >> yeah. >> robi scared them off. >> we did a story earlier talking about robots take over jobs and this is a story in the right direction. >> thanks very much. see you next hour. >> we need to check the weather on this friday we are almost there and very he can sighted about this. >> feels good doesn't it? starting off friday with a count downright? so the spring count down rolls on here. 16 days that's it until daylightsavings time spring equinox 23 days away. 52 days until the boston marathon on wbz hope training is going well for everybody. warmups have helped and i am track another one on the way for this weekend. this morning it was a reality check right. it felt like the beginning of may yesterday with our temperatures. now, 20s and 30s out the door. but there is a wind this morning. so it's 36 in boston, but the real feel is 25 and 17 the wind chill in worcester ride now. so that wind is not damaging
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thunderstorms rolled through. and the real strong wind in the evening on cape cod but it's gusting at times between 20 and 35 miles per hour. so that will add a little bite to the air. otherwise what couple flurries overnight and snow showers coming off the great lakes here and back up in northern new england. and upslope snow showers and mountains of northern new england will have a fresh couple inches and the summit by the time the day is done. we are in for a good a sunshine. decreasing clouds through the afternoon and the weekend is looking good. tomorrow, we start to get a southwest wind. which is typically a warmer wind direction. so our temperature won't respond all that much and will be breezy but we will pump in the warm air. tomorrow around 40 a little above today and then sunday there's a cold front in eastern canada but it never comes in so we see warmer airstream into new-land on sunday. temperatures should rise into the low 50s on sunday afternoon. we will get clouds in the morning and plenty of sunshine through the course of the day
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weekend from start to finish. so today's highs 37 wait a is sek we are at 36 right now we are going up a degree through the course of the afternoon. most of us will be stuck in the middle. a blustery colder feel. overnight tonight chilly. clear skies and teens in the suburbs and 20 downtown tomorrow a little improvement. low 40s there will be an active southwest breeze and sunday look nice. 53 degrees in boston. and low to mid-0s for a lot of us. accu-weather seven dan monday is warm with an isolated shower for tuesday cooling us off. next storm for the middle part of next week dragging in warm air it will be areas of rain on wednesday that may linger into the first part of thursday. now back to you. >> thanks very much. an emotional battle at children's hospital. last night families of patients past and present attended a public hearing. >> the fight is over a green space at the hospital. for some it's final resting spot for others a place to reflect.
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is needed for an expansion. louisa moller has the latest. >> we remember david with joy. and we laugh at the things he did that were silly and it's just a place where we can be private and together. >> reporter: for elizabeth richter prouty garden is a place where her brother david was a kid and the tumor evaporated and the family would spread his ashes when he died at age 12. >> that's what makes it so special because i think that over the years we found healing. >> reporter: richter joined thousands at a public hearing in a protest to destroy the garden that's a fixture for decades. and replace it with an 11 story tower. a 1.5 billion dollar renovation aimed at upgrating the facility and kinding bed space. equally emotional supporters of the project say they need that space now.
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we have a waiting list of 3 months. and these are not patients who just need surgery in three months they can have surgery now. >> it's not at all unusual to have a scenario where you have one family getting ready to go home after months of being in the hospital with a critically ill child who thrived and healed and literally separated by a curtain another family who may be having life support withdrawal. >> reporter: proposalsal includes three replacement outdoor spaces but critics says it can't compare. state regulators must approve the hospital's expansion. in the light center louisa moller. it's 4:49. time of year. >> one local man is under fire hands. ahead, why the town is so angry about it. >> and whitey bulger in trouble behind bars. the act that got him sent to
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welcome back. 4:5 # on your friday morning. we are involving a developing story in kansas war gunman killed 3 people -- war gunman killed 3e-- where a gunman killed three people a law he forcement source identified the suspected shooter at 38-year- old cedric ford who was killed by police during the attack. the sheriff says he was armed with an assault style weapon and piston. as he randomly fired shots while driving through the central connecticut town and shot someone in the plant park
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ten of the injured are in critical condition this morning. boston police are warning the public about this man a man they say is accused of robbing people with a large knife. police say he you can see he he robbed -- say you can see he robbed two people with a 12 inch kitchen knife. man was last seen near washington and boylston streets. anyone with information is asked to call police. whitey bulger is he getting in trouble behind bars. prison guards caught bulger in a lewd act in his cell. he says he was just applying medicated powder. the 85-year-old gangster was put in sol tarry confinement for a month and lost e-mail privileges. this morning the state -- go-- this morning the state police dive team will search the charles river for zachary marr. video shows him walk towards the river. they spent two days in the water using sonar to help with the search.
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pothole problem in his own hands. but the town of millbury is saying not so fast. last weekend the north main street manhole was surrounded by a pothole and sunday afternoon town resident thomas perry patched it but instead of getting at a boy the town told him to knock it off. >> if i had a hole in the middle miff driveway you don't have a right to fix it even if you are doing me a favor. >> perry wouldn't respond to the request for comment. apparently he works for a company that makes a pothole patch material his company would like a contract with the town but the town says he should have gone through the proper channels. this is the subject of our daily talker on this friday. do you think he should be reprimanded is it okay to take matters like pothole patching into your hands. comment on cbs or twitter and facebook too. robley have the comments at 5 and 6go folks take the t need
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the device will be banned. thep they have been linked to fires sparked by the batteries. no word on when the t's ban will actually take effect. apple wants a federal judge to throw out an order demanding them to help the fbi crack into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. the company filed the first official response since the order last week. apple says the fbi wants dangerous power that chips away at digital privacy. the fbi wants apple to change the policy and allow them to try to unlimited number of pass codes without erasing data there. are reports that google plans to file a court brief supporting apple next week. remember this wild cruise from two weeks ago caught in the big winter storm and rocked passengers at sea? well royal caribbean is facing a class action lawsuit. passengers claim the company should have known about the dangerous conditions before the anthem of the seas set sail. they are seek damages for severe emotional and psychological stress.
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red sox at work and play in fort myers. >> the action on the field and
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red sox spring training is in full swing. >> the team is preparing for the first games next week. sox pitcher and batters take part in live batting practice yesterday. take a look as the team held the second full squad workout. all eyes on 217 million dollar
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felt good pitching to live batters. sox play the first game monday against northeastern and boston college in fort myers. >> the team having a little bit of fun. david ortiz tweeted this showing some of the guys eating at a restaurant. he captioned it bow guards is on fire and you can see why. that's hilarious. >> we were saying we haven't done what batchy in a -- what bashy in a lock time. >> top stories and weather and traght ahead on wbz. >> the news at 5 starts right now. a deadly workplace shooting overnight and what we are learning about the shoot egg. >> a teenage killer face as judge why it it would be 45 years before phillip chism gets out of prison. >> a closer look at a fire that threatened one of the biggest tourist attraction.
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cover girl why she has been removed from a catog. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning it's 5:00 on the dot i am chris mckinnon. >> and i am kathryn hauser we are talking about breakfast. we were having the conversation >> it's friday. woke. >> hey danielle. it's calmer weather today. >> it is absolutely but a bit of a reality check. definitely because we are much colder thinking about boston 36 degrees dew points in the the 20s and wind out of the west but look at 17 miles per hour gusting at times over 30 miles per hour. real feel is 26 and no longer in the 60s and 50s like yesterday. 28 in worcester and 33 in manchester and middle 30s for a lot of us but the wind you have to factor it in. real feel is 12 in worcester 20s for the rest of us.


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