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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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cover girl why she has been removed from a catog. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning it's 5:00 on the dot i am chris mckinnon. >> and i am kathryn hauser we are talking about breakfast. we were having the conversation >> it's friday. woke. >> hey danielle. it's calmer weather today. >> it is absolutely but a bit of a reality check. definitely because we are much colder thinking about boston 36 degrees dew points in the the 20s and wind out of the west but look at 17 miles per hour gusting at times over 30 miles per hour. real feel is 26 and no longer in the 60s and 50s like yesterday. 28 in worcester and 33 in manchester and middle 30s for a lot of us but the wind you have to factor it in. real feel is 12 in worcester 20s for the rest of us.
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today. a couple flurries overnight and light snow showers from mountains. we are fine and we get sunshine today and the planner goes this way. 6:25 sunrise. 37 for lunchtime today. and the real feel is going to be sticking around in the 20s clear and blustery 30 degrees for the ride home. i am tracking another warmup and we will break down the up. let's get you on the roads with good morning. >> reporter: happy friday. final commute of the week is here with no big backups or accidents to report right now. here's a live look over 93 and somerville. light volume on 93 southbound. rest of the route from the north look fine. and to the south expressway getting busy quincy to boston but no slow downs. route 3 north good from hingham 25 and 95 north are speed limit ride. breaking news a state police investigation shutting
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south in attleboro overnight. it was past the 295 overpass. no word as to why troopers were called there. the highway is back opened now. now to a developing story in kansas. three people killed, 14 more injured in a shooting rampage and this may be a case of workplace violence. the gunman was killed by police and ten of the injured are in critical condition this morning. >> there are several crime scenes including the factory where the suspect worked. a law enforcement force identified the suspected shooter as cedric ford. he was armed with an assault style weapon and pistol as he randomly fired shots while driving through the central kansas town. he then shot someone in theplant parking lot before storming the building. workers described the chaos. >> the doors opened and people started creaming coming out saying go to the front and everybody turned around and said no he is out front so everybody started to go to the back right over here.
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painter at the plant which manufactures lawnmowers parts it's not clear whether he was still employed there. phillip chism set to learn her cents. nicole jacobs is live at salem superior court. good morning. you chris. more than two months after phillip chism was convicted of murdering colleen rit diser u fine out -- ritzer he find out when he could be up for parole but not before he hears from family and friends grameling with the death. >> there's tremendous painful absence in our lives one that sadly can never be replaced. >> reporter: this one colleen ritz are's family in december after the 17-year-old student was convict of the rape and murder. it was a last hadn't filing that brought them to court by the defense ahead of the sentencing. >> that is family that has
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nothing but grace and respect for the process. >> reporter: at issue, who would be allowed to deliver victim impact statements. the defense wanting to limit that number. the judge disagreeing. >> the victim impact statement for family and for friends coworkers are important in and of themselves. >> reporter: judge determined the punishment. the teen was a juvenile at the time of the crime and only life with the possibility of parole is allowed. prosecutors asking for that possibility to come after 50 26. for ritzer's family the pain is for life. >> the family enterers a new phase one that we have no choice but to begin. >> reporter: it is expected to be a long and emotional day.
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cents by court's closing today or monday. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you very much we will be in the courtroom for thevictim's impact statement and we will stream it live and coverage begins at 9:30. take a good look. police asay this man -- police say this man is robbing people as they walk in boston and he kitchen knife. the attacks are happening during the day. >> susie sometimeel is live in boston with what police want us to know. susie. >> reporter: well, chris and kathryn, this is the intersection of washington and boylston streets right downtown and this is where police say the attacker was last seen. if you are like meow probably take a little bit -- me, you probably take a little bit of comfort walk downtown during the day thinking nothing would happen to you in the middle of the day. that's what both of the attacks took place. police want the public to stop and look at these pictures.
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robbed two people downtown with a 12 inch kitchen knife. >> it's crazy honestly. someone running around with a knife like that's scary. >> reporter: he has lived in the area for three years and knows it's a place police are working to bring the crime rate down. >> it's common especially at night. down there. >> reporter: still it's busy section of the city and the daylight. the first on a saturday at 7 a.m. at the end of january a man says someone approached him from behind grabbed the computer bag and took off. a witness chased the robber into the common where he wielded a knife. the other attack wednesday at 1 p.m. a woman was approached also from behind at a citizens bank and told to take out money. someone chased off the robber that time too. people we spoke to say they will stay vigilant in more ways than one. >> we will keep and eye out.
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me he would be dead. >> reporter: you would. >> i am sorry i know how to protect myself. >> reporter: missay the man has one other distinct quality they believe he is missing several teeth and think it may be a homeless man. if you have information on the crimes, or recognize the man in the photos, police want to hear from you. live in boston susie steimle. >> thanks very much for the update this morning. a huge fire destroyed a multi million dollar home in newport rhode island. the fire broke out at home on bellevue avenue near the city's famous mansion. it's worth at least $3 million. the good news is no one was injured. the investigators are look into what sparked the fire. a maynard firefighter will face child rape charges in court. james macgillivary is a 30 year veteran of the force. the alleged assault took place in 1991. he was arrested at his home yesterday and has been on
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sinceearlier this month when the police began the investigation. today state police divers will resume the search for a missing 22-year-old. they say video shows a man they believe is dackry -- zachary marr walking towards the charles river and disappearing. they scowed the watt he for him but came up empty e disappeared february 13th after leaving friends at boston bell and hand tank. a passionate appeal to save the prouty gardens. children's wants to build an 11 story tower because they say they need to fix an overcrowded problem. after studying several option the only fees able way to expand is to take the garden but doctors and nurses say it's vital to the process. >> we remember david with joy
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that were silly and it's just a place where we can be private and together. >> state regulators must approve the expanse plan before it moves forward. over to campaign 2016 now. >> it was knowledge you are the only person on the stage that ever been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally you hired workers from. >> i am willth only one that hired -- i am the only one who hired people you haven't hired anyone. >> tough talk last night. candidates doing what they could to take down donald trump. the last debate before super tuesday. as jon kerl explains -- eller -- kerl explains, the attacks came one after another. >> we won't solve the problems big try to destroy each other. >> reporter: maybe so but that didn't stop them from trying. on hiring illegal immigrants. >> donald you hired a significant number of people from other countries to take jobs that americans could have filled. >> they were part-time jobs you need them or we might as well close the doors because you couldn't get help. >> you are the the only person
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for hiring people to work on your projects illegally you hired workers. >> i am the only one on the stage that hired people you haven't hired anybody. >> reporter: and while ted cruz had trump on the defensive at times it was rubio bringing the moment heat. >> what is your plan on health care? that's the only part of the plan the lines interstate. >> i thought about it you have different plans and competition you will have so many different plans. >> now he is repeating himself. >> here's the guy that repeats himself. >> you repeat yourself every day. >> we are talking about repeating i watched him repeat him selves five times. >> you repeat yourself five seconds ago. >> i watched him. >> talk about your plan. >> it's five things everyone is dumb he going to make america great and we are going to win, win and he is winning in the polls. and lines are around the state every night. >> reporter: rubio and cruz dropped the gloves last night
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hampshire primary. you will remember that christie went onto do so poorly there that he dropped out of the race. we will see tuesday night if trump's tough night hurts him more than his attackers. jon keller at large wbz this morning. hillary clinton and her family will be in south carolina capital today before the democratic primary tomorrow. on thursday she picked up the endorsement of several women in leadership positions on elizabeth hill but -- beacon hill. bernie sanders is concentrating on the midwest. he held rallies in ohio michigan and illinois yesterday super tuesday is 4 days away. watch all of it here on wbz as voters in massachusetts and other states head to the polls. complete coverage starts at 8 on my tv38 and stay with us for a cbs news special on wbz at
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that's followed by the wbz news at 11. just about 5:12. a game changer for women facing infertility. >> the surgery just performed here in the u.s. that could givethem new hope. >> and eating breakfast the millenial waych the complaint that's a cereal killer. danielle. >> good morning chris and everybody. happy friday. so a little reality check today. it's going to be breezy and blustery. temperatures in the upper 30s but a warmup on the way just in time for the weekend. we will break down the forecast through the start of meteorological spring next week
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we have all heard this breakfast is the most important meal of the day. >> and cereal is a favorite for more than 100 years but you may be surprised why some people are saying good-bye to the bowl. according to market research report, 40 pez of millenials won't eat cereal and you are wondering why? because they don't want to clean up after they are done so they on the for the convenience of protein bars. he eats proteins bar all the time i feel like the story is for you. >> yeah. >> that's okay. >> a lot of stories for me this morning. >> the costa rica one. >> we have been talking about
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danielle is like starving over there. so let's get over to the forecast. >> is there that much cleanup involved. >> i know. >> is it too stressful. >> the milk thing. >> it's easy and i love cereal. >> i agree. >> i think i am going for something i don't know bacon egg and cheese. >> yeah that sounds really good. >> something a little more like that. last year compared to this year, in terms of februarys, what a difference right? remember last year we had 64.4 inches of snow he we have 15 for february now in boston. the month. it was well, we low -- below last year and the season snow today remember it was 101.8 inches at that point and we are at 25.4 in the city of the boston. so a quarter of last year. there is a bit of a realitycheck in the forecast. 36 in boston. 26 in worcester.
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degreescolder than this time yesterday and there's a wind out there. it's not damaging but it is making it feel colder. real feel is in the teens and 20s a couple light snow showersand flurries and wind blows up over the mountains and creates snow showers up and down the spine of the green mountains and berkshires. we don't have to worry about those today. a trend is going to be for increasing sunshine and that wind is going to stay strong through the day today. so the real feel won't get out of the 20s this afternoon. tomorrow, that wind shifts around out of the southwest. temperatures will be a touch milder going around 40 degrees and we will get late day clouds and the cloud will be with us on sunday morning but watch what happens. sun breaks out and it turns beautiful. lower 50s on sunday. we are on the warmer side of the front again on sunday. cold front comes in on monday with a couple showers with us and cool us off a bit heading into the first day of meteorological spring tuesday of next week.
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30s and we are not going that far. overnight tonight we drop into the teens to right around 20 in boston. tomorrow lower 40s so pretty normal for this time of the year. it will be a little bit breezy southwest wind make it feel a touch colder. look at sunday. 53 in boston. 54 in norwood and 50 in jaffrey and 40s back in the cape and islands. temperatures will be in the 50s on monday. and isolated shower tuesday 40s cooling off just a little bit and we will get a couple showers possible again on wednesday as the next storm approaches and lasting until again. the 4 and 5-year-old 4th and children's center yesterday had a blast with pamela excited to share their favorite type of and sunny. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: did you see the front row? the slick bow tie.
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>> reporter: chris can rock a bow tie. >> he can. >> reporter: i would look like nerdy professor but. >> you could rock it. >> reporter: he is styling. what's the deal. >> there he is. >> reporter: see him in the front row. >> he got dressed up for pamela. >> reporter: a good role model. pretty quiet right now as he we expect danielle that's going to change in the next 15 minutes or so. a live look over the expressway. moderate volume now braintree to boston but no reported backups for the rest of the routes from the south are trouble free. from the north no issues on 93 good from lowell. 1 south and 128 south are speed limit rides. >> i second that robi. chris is very stylish. >> you are too nice to me this morning. doctors in ohio completed a surgery that could someday give hope to thousands of women facing infern tility and the
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successful pioneered in germany and wednesday surgeons at the cleveland clinic finished the procedure. 26-year-old will have to wait a year before trying to become pregnant. lance end -- lands end included a interview with gloria stineum but pro life groups says she has supported abortion in the past. one catholic school threatened to stop using lands end to supply the uniforms. lands end apologized and says it never meant to get political but sns agreeing to drop the catalog the facebook majors been flooded by pro choice customers promising a boycott. >> this may be one of the best plays you will ever see but was it enough to win for the celtics.
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your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like
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nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my stop & shop. wbz sports is driven by bmw. test drive a bmw today at your massachusetts bmw isn't he on visit bmw david price getting to face real life hitters and celtics thrill at the garden. >> steve burton has morning sports. >> good morning. celtics beat the bucks at garden last night 112-107. all five starters were in double figures and isaiah thomas made one the greatest passes you will ever see. celtics up 4 with under a minute to g thomas helps it behind the head and over his
5:24 am
the 3. and the pass was right on the mark. catch and shoot and doesn't get any better than that. thomas had a game him 27 points 7 assists. celtics win 112-107 and the 9th straight win at home. heat come to town on saturday. sox spring training ramirez learning how to play first base. the ball doesn't stay in the glove you have to find other ways to hold onto it. he wants it so bad he can taste it. dan roche has more from fort myers. >> reporter: day two full squad work outs big story david price throwing live batting practice for the first time as he threw to sandoval and butler one of the backup catchers and price looking good as you expect for the 217 million dollar man. one thing i got to sit down with price after the workout and talk to him about facing hitters for the first time. >> felt good you know. it's the first time i had a hitter in the box and having had one of the dumbies in a
5:25 am
different -- so it's a little bit different when a hitter gets in there and i was pleased with the way i threw the ball today. >> reporter: you will see more on sports final coming up sunday night at 11:35 here on wbz the with the red sox dan roche wbz sports. >> and bruins take on hurricanes in carolina tonight. that's sports for now. steve burton now over to you. 5:25. it's not the first time she has been accused but this morning yoko ono says she didn't break up the beatles. she has 26 things you don't together for us weekly saying she had nothing to do with the tension that led to the band's macmccartney a pretty cool >> he is for sure. much more ahead in the next half-hour of wbz including the battle over a pothole. >> one local high school says
5:26 am
what they are doing to stop a planned concert. >> they inherited 200 mi million dollars he would be selling watches. >> no. >> the gloves coming off again in the last republican debate before super tuesday. why the political analyst thinks some of the hits against donald trump may have landed this time. good morning danielle. >> good morning. happy friday. and end of the school we are for the kids back to school first week back after vacation. temperatures in the 30s. you need the winter coat this morning. you got away with a fall jacket yesterday but not today a blustery feel but another warmup this weekend. we will talk about it in details. take a live look at boston right now. stay with us. you watching wbz this morning. i feel too young to be this old.
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i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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right now prosecutors fighting a judge's order trying to get a man freed from prison after three decades back behind bars. >> rock legend yes, role model maybe not. why high school students are saying no thanks to a headline event. >> this is jon keller ted cruz and marco rubio tried to strip a bark off donald trump last night but will the voters applaud the effort?
5:30 am
morning continues. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning great to have you with us i am kathryn houser. >> i am -- hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon we are looking toward the weekend it's kind of cold. >> it's chilly and we got spoiled yesterday. >> temperatures why more normal for the beginning of may and it's a reality check but i am track another warmup. >> i don't mind the warm blips in between. >> i think all the rain yesterday if it was cold and we were dealing with snow it would have been like last year. >> yeah. memories of last year. >> yeah. so we are warming up the next couple days. today we will be in the 30s. tomorrow 40 and coming into the 50s by sunday. 36 in boston right now and 28 in worcester and 23 in manchester. 20 to 30 degrees colder than
5:31 am
real feel there's a bite to the air. 12 degrees in worcester and real feel of 26 in the city of boston right now. same in taunton mid to upper 20s on the cape. a couple flurries overnight but the skies partially clearing and we will have partly cloudy skies this morning and light snow showers up and down green mountains and berkshires and we are in for a dry day today. sunrise at 6:25 so under an hour from now, it will be a nice sunrise with clouds decorating the sky. we come into the upper 30s again by midday lunch hour. sun and clouds real feel staying in the 20s today. and then taking it out through the evening commute, we will be around 30 clear blustery and cold sunset at 5:306789 we will talk about the week -- 5:30. we will talk about the week coming up how is it looking robi. >> reporter: no backups or accidents on the major routes. look live over the mass pike in brighton very light volume both sides. no issues east or westbound between boston and framingham. route 2 looks okay and so does route 9. from the south
5:32 am
brook to columbia road moving 128 sluggish between 37 and the split. and the north map shows lots of green no problems yet on 93 southbound. the rest of the routes from the chris. >> thank you very much. checking top stories this friday morning fillip chism set to be sentenced today. prosecutors recommend 50 years. he will be eligible for parole because he was 14 when he raped and murdered colleen ritzer. people who loved her will give impact statement ahead of the sentencing. we will stream the sentencing live on cbs a warning from boston police right now about this man who is accused of robbing people downtown armed with a large knife. they say he is robbed at least two people during the broad daylight with a 12 inch kitchen knife. and anyone with information is asked to call police. >> first of all he is talking about the polls i am beating him badly in the polls. >> you are not beating hillary.
5:33 am
really going to get killed aren't you? >> there you go a heated debate again last night between the gop presidential hopefuls marco rubio literally laid into trump accusing him of hiring illegal workers at his hotels. this is the last time the candidates will debate before super tuesday. and that was just the sampling of the fireworks last night. >> the candidates closest to trump in the polls took shot after shot at the front-runner. jon keller wonders whether trump may be on the ropes. >> reporter: good morning. ben carson began the republican presidential debate by saying "we will not solve any of our other." obviously when it comes to the major problems that donald trump has caused the campaigns those two disagree. for much of the debate cruz and rubio were like a pro wrestling tag team taking turns to raise questions about trump's
5:34 am
highlighting some of the less successful moments and questioningable practices of his business career. rubio pointed out trump's practice of hiring undocumented immigrants to work on some of his real estate projects a direct assault on the image of trump as a crusader against displacement of american workers. trump's response "i am the only one that ever hired people. you haven't hired anybody." cruz pointed out trump donated generously to some of the same politicians who backed the immigration policies he deplores. trump's rebuttal ted nobody likes you. but to meet most telling exchange occurred when tump -- trump was pressed for more detail on the bear bones health care proposals. he kept repeating the same line about promoting competition by making plans portable and rubio justifiably ridiculed for being repetitive a few weeks back
5:35 am
himself every night said rubio. he says five things everyone is dumb make america great again and win, win, win and he is winning in the polls and the lines around the states every night.." that seemed to put trump back on his heels. we are about to find out if the voters saw it that way too or if they even care. share your take at or via twitter at keller at large. prosecutors want to stop a man free from prison from getting a new trial. george perrot was released after a judge granted him a new trial. he was convicted of rape in 1992 but the judge says a technique used it taste key discredited. a group of high school students want to stop a rock concert by don mcclain. they say his arrest last
5:36 am
charges makes him a bad role model. he plead the not guilty to 6 counts including assault and is scheduled to perform at barnstable high in april. weight watchers may need to trip the familiar. >> the report that says oprah may be the biggest problem. >> you will have to hover at home. t says the rides are not welcomed. robi. >> reporter: the citizen that fixed potholes didn't get praised for it. turns out the guy sells paving materials for a living and so is's good samaritan or trying to boost his own business. let us know.
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you cpt help but smile when you see this girl -- you can't help but smile when you see this girl. joy comes from knowing she is getting life saving medical treatment thanks to fed ex. family of 2-year-old brooklyn ferris adopted her from china knowing she would die without a liver transplant. the family got a call saying a liver was available if they could get the child from tennessee to chicago in time. but bad storms this week made that almost impossible. until fed ex found a spot for her on a cargo plane. >> she calls me back and says be at the airport in 30 minutes. and fed ex rerouted a plane got pilots and the fact the world is blessed with more brooklyn we win. >> what a story right.
5:40 am
help and she was due out of surgery last night and her family is asking for continued prayers and urges everyone to support transplant charities. i just -- that's inhe credible. >> i love stories -- incredible. >> i love stories like that. >> how good humans can be. robots are not replacing humans in one job. >> and weight watchers may have an oprah problem. jill wagner joins us live with today's money watch. good morning to you happy friday. >> reporter: happy friday. good morning. chris and kathryn finance leaders are converging in china for the big 20 meeting investors are hoping they can agree to some type of stimulus program that would stop the global slow down. even oprah may not be enough to boost business at weight watchers. they say subscribers fell by 5% in the last quarter. weight watchers is struggling against fitness gadgets like fit bit and free weight loss apps.
5:41 am
weight watchers in october. car sharing service zip car is making changes. drivers will no longer have to return cars to the same location where they picked them up. they can make one way trips and extend reservations indefinitely. and mercedes benz is bucking the trend remacing some of the robots on its assembly line with humans. it turns out robots can't keep up with the custom options that mercedes offers for example, in the s class sedans there's four types of tire caps and a choice for cup holders. mercedes says the variety is too much for machines i wonder about the cup holders. sound interesting. >> they are intricate. >> i was going to say yeah what do you customize about a cup holder. >>i don't know>> reporter: mine need to be extra large for extra large coffee. >> same here jill that's very true. thanks very much. have a great weekend. >> reporter: christen joy your vacation. >> will do see you in a week and a half. >> coming up a check of your
5:42 am
weather together. >> and a look at court with fillip chism is set to be sentenced a if you've been shaken by a pothole maybe youare considering doing what this guy did. why that action could land him in hot water. danielle good morning. >> good morning. checking in with weather watchers temperatures are running in the 20s and 30s for most of us. so, it's a little bit of a chilly start to the day. 30 degrees colder for most of us. you have great weekend. we are check the weekend again.
5:43 am
do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman... in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i
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welcome back it's about 5:45 on your friday morning. congratulations to making it to the end of the workweek i love saying that every weekhey. >> congratulations you made it to friday. >> you did. >> it feels cold outside. yesterday. check. yesterday with 18 degrees above the average and we had a couple set of warm days. we did have cold week towards the beginning of february with the arctic air on the 13th and 14th and 15th but it's been a little warmer than average month of february and the third
5:46 am
boston. 36 right now. 28 in worcester in the 30s no 60s like yesterday this time and a wind out there too. so the the real feel 12 in worcester 26 in boston and satellite and radar shows skies are partially clearing. sunrise at 6:25 this morning. and it's going to be shining. the couple clouds decorating the skies. a few snow showers back to the west. we don't have to worry about those. upslow snow showers when the northwest wind blows over the mountains it creates lift and snow showers. mountains are thankful for that. pick up a couple inches in the the summit of northern new england. for us decreasing clouds and blustery feel today but wind shifts around tomorrow and around 40. and have to say the week send looking great. sunday, it's the day if you like mild air we will come into the as-- 50s after morning clouds break for sun. 10 plus degrees warmer than we will be during the day tomorrow. and we are 36 right now right in boston we come up to 37.
5:47 am
middle to upper 30s slightly below average for this time year. during the afternoon. tonight, teens in the suburbs and about 20 downtown and tomorrow, we should manage lower 40s that is pretty normal day. 30s on the cape and wind is going to be active tomorrow out of the southwest. it will feel colder. look at that on sunday. low to mid-50s being a you weather seven-day. 50s to start next week for the last full official day of meteorological winter. we will get an isolated shower cool off a touch on tuesday and then the next storm approachesto the middle part of the week warm this time around too with rain developing wednesday and perhaps lengering into early on -- lingering into early on sunday. the camera shaking. >> reporter: normal low downs in predictable spots on this friday morning commute to the south expressway now heavy and slow between braintree split and columbia road. 128 southbound hanging up between logan express and the split. quick check of the north a live
5:48 am
93 southbound getting business. i -- busy on the andover stretch. it's just about 5:48. a teen who murdered his math teacher colleen ritzer is going to learn his fate. three people are dead 14 injured in a shooting rampage. now a kansas police officer is being hailed a hero for ending a possible case of workplace violence. that officer shot and killed the gunman who stormed the factory where he worked with an assault style weapon. right now investigators have not said what may have set off the attack. >> reporter: good morning i am nicole jacobs live in salem where we are specth to -- we are expecting to hear he from colleen ritzer's family as her convicted killer is expected to learn his punishment. i can tell you it was a last- minute filing by his defense team that brought attorneys and family members here.
5:49 am
limit the number of victim impact statements. ultimately the judge ruled everyone on the list will be allowed to speak. coming up at 6, we are going to breakdown the possible punish minutes he could face. this morning. >> reporter: good morning i am susie steimle live in downtown boston where police are looking for a man they believed robbed two people at knife point. look at these pictures. they were just released by boston police yesterday. they think this is the man that attacked two people in the past month with a 12 inch kitchen knife. both of these robberies happened in broad daylight. one was a man whose computer was taken and the other was a woman at an atm taking out money. police do believe this might be a homeless man. they say one key clue if you see the person is that they believe he is missing a number of teeth. we will have more information on this coming up at 6. for now live in boston, susie steimle wbz this morning.
5:50 am
into the custody of children's hospital is now filing a lawsuit. justina pal tier's family says children's and four doctors violated their civil rights and are guilty of gross negligence hospital. in 2013 the pelletiers brought a gastrointestinal problem. children's believe the problems were psychological and her her. the mother of a 5-year-old fitchburg boy found dead moths after he was missing will face trial a judge seat trial day of september 12 1/2 earth for elsa oliver and alberto sierra they are accuse of kidnapping assault and other charges. jeremiah oliver was last soon alive in september 2013 but was not reported missing until december. his body was found by the highway four months later. if you ride the mbta leave
5:51 am
the transit agency says it's a safety issue because cheaper models of hover boards can respond tanously catch fire. the mbta is asking people not to bring them on board. no word on when an official ban will go in place. it's 5:51. time for our daily talker on this friday. the town says thanks no thanks for would be good samaritan. >> a local resident fixed a pothole but instead of praise desift. here's robi with more. >> reporter: it's important to point out here that this pothole fixer thomas perry is what he does for a living and works for a company that sells materials used to patch up holes in the road. mullbury town manageer is skeptical of his intensions some believe he deserves praise. the pothole was apparently huge surrounding a manhole could have but he didn't use hot asphalt like dpw. he had another fix in front of his home.
5:52 am
he was out of line telling wbz if i have a hole in the middle my driveway you don't have the right to fix it even if you are doing me a favor. several resident feel the whole thing is making a mountain out of a pothole saying perry deserves credit but the town manager says thomas perry is a sales manager for a company called paving and maintenance inc. and is trying to sale product to the town. perry didn't return our phone calls or answer his door when ken macleod went knocking. samaritan or salesman? brenda says they should be thanking him. it's the fact that citizen had to do the city's job that is the real issue here. but steve says you can't have every tom dick and harry running around downtown tasks. the town fails to do the work, shame on them. and social media or the local paper. shame on social media?
5:53 am
you can comment on the website twitter or facebook two lovely social media outlets we willread more at 6. >> thank you. we appreciate it. it's 5:5 # 2 still ahead we -- 5:52. still ahead, we look back at
5:54 am
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training. >> another career i may want to talk about. here's a look back at week at that was. >> red sox spring training is underway. >> sandoval is raising eyebrows. >> they told him to show up in better condition but didn't give him a weight. >> i don't weigh in. >> talking to big papi. >> a lot going on. >> a wild night. >> heavy rain and strong winds. >> extreme picture. >> it was a terrifying night local residents won't forget. >> watertown shoot out with the marathon bombers could be recreated. >> the question is whether or not that would fly in a community. >> it will bring up a lot of feelings. >> he would moonlight as a meteorologist. >> if i could. >> here you go. >> never ends. >> it could be tapped for a mission to mars. science knowledge. >> i think you are the first >> knowledge. >> no problem. >> i am here for you.
5:57 am
>> i am here for you any time. >> you always got my back. >> i love it it's funny you see the behind of scenes he is checking in with the forewith danielle. >> and she says go ahead and do it for me and i am like no. >> that green screen hard then a you think. >> no kidding. >> keep it here this morning
5:58 am
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developing right now at 6 a deadly workplace shooting in kansas. what we are learning about the suspected shooter and his moat nerve a massive fire at a mansion. flames destroying a piece of history in newport rhode island. >> and boston police telling people to be on alert for a suspected robber. armed with a large kitchen knife. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning thanks for being here with us it's friday february 26th. happy friday i am kathryn houser -- hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. it feelings a lot colder out there but utility crews restored power to everyone who lost it during yesterday morning's storms. even though things called down it's still a bit windy out there this morning.


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