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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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developing right now at 6 a deadly workplace shooting in kansas. what we are learning about the suspected shooter and his moat nerve a massive fire at a mansion. flames destroying a piece of history in newport rhode island. >> and boston police telling people to be on alert for a suspected robber. armed with a large kitchen knife. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning thanks for being here with us it's friday february 26th. happy friday i am kathryn houser -- hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. it feelings a lot colder out there but utility crews restored power to everyone who lost it during yesterday morning's storms. even though things called down it's still a bit windy out there this morning.
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adds a bite to the air and temperatures is 20 to 30 degrees colder than this time yesterday. so a bit of a reality check this morning. temperatures 35 in boston now we have dropped a few more degrees. 32 in manchester. mid-30s from taunton to the cape and factor in the wind today and the real feel is 15 in worcester 26 in boston right now and it won't get higher than this during the day today. a couple flurries overnight. the skies partially cleared and we are in for a nicerise. just 6:25. 25 minutes from now chilly breeze. we drop by a few more degrees between now and lets say 8 a.m. this morning and the real feel stays in the 20s. 37 by lunchtime and clear and blustery right around 30 for the ride. no weather related issues. sunset at 5:30. i am tracking a warmup this weekend and we will talk about it in details. let's get you on the roads. traffic and weather together hi.>> reporter: hi, not much north and west of boston but we have a crash and some slow downs to the south of the city.
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route 24 northbound at harrison boulevard. that's a busy spot no word on any lane closure there. the expressway northbound heavy and slow east. milton square to columbia road. 128 southbound sluggish from logan express today braintree split. 93 southbound looking good in the andover stretch. bogged down between roosevelt circle and the connector. a state police investigation shutting down at least one lane on 95 south in attleboro past the 295 overpass. no word why troopers were called. but the highway is now opened. in kansas three people killed 14 others wounded in a shooting ram paining. and this may -- rampage and this may be a case of workplace violence. the gunman killed by the police. 10 injured are in critical condition this morning. >> we should note there are several crime scenes including the factory where the suspect worked. a law enforcement source
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year-old cedric ford. the sheriff says he was armed with an assault style weapon. and a pistol as he randomly fired shots while driving through the central kansas town. he then shot someone in theplant park lot and workers described the chaos. >> the doors open and people started to scream coming out saying going to the front and everybody turned around and you know said no he is out front and everybody started to go to the back right over here. >> ford worked as painter at the plant which manufactures lawnmower parts. it is not clear whether he was still employed there. 6:03 a fire has destroyed a multi million dollar home in newport rhode island. it broke out on bellevue avenue near some of the famous mansions. the estate is work at least 3 million doll -- is worth at least 3 million dollar. no one was hurt but investigators are looking into what sparked the fire. a maynard firefighter is
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charges. james macgillivary is a 30 year veteran of the forcech the assault took place in 1991. he was arrested at his home yesterday. he's been on administrative leave since earlier this mong when the police started the investigation. a warning from boston police about a man accused of robbing people downtown. armed with a very large knife. susie steimle is live in boston this morning with a closer look at that suspect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning kathryn. this is the intersection of boylston and washington street. veries abouty area near the china -- very busy area near the chinatown t stop and this is where the robber was last seen. if you are like me walking downtown during the daylight with a lot of people you probably feel safe but that's when both attacks took place. in broad daylight. police want the public to look at these pictures. this is the man they believe robbed two people downtown with
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>> someone running around with a knife that's scary. >> reporter: he has lived in the area for three years. he knows it's a place police are working to bring the crime rate down. >> it's especially since the clubs are down there it's common. >> reporter: it's busy section of the city and the rob ies happen in broad daylight the first on a saturday 7 a.m. at the end of the january. a man says someone approached him from behind grabbed his computer bag and took off a witness chased the robber into the common where he wielded a knife. the other attack happened on a wednesday at 1 p.m. a woman was approached also from henned at citizens bank and told to take out money. someone chased off the robber that time too. people we spoke to say they will stay vigilant in more ways than one. >> we will keep our eye out. >> if this gentleman had a dead. >> reporter: you would.
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>> reporter: police say the man has one very distinct description that you might recognize. they think he is missing a lot of teeth. they do think that this robber might be a homeless man and if you recognize him or know anything about either of these robberies, police want to hear from you. live in downtown boston, susie steimle wbz this morning. >> good heads up this morning. thanks very much. today people who loved colleen ritzer will tell the court what they lost when the teacher was murdered. this comes as judge prepares to sentence the former student who killed her. nicole jacobs is live at salem court with more on today's sentencing. nicole. >> reporter: chris more than 2 months after phillip chi is sm was convicted of the rape and murder of colleen ritzer he will learn his punishment and when he he could be up for parole but not before hearing
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family. >> there remains a painful absence in our lives one that never can be replaced. >> reporter: this was colleen ritzer's family in december after the 17-year-old student was convicted of the rape and murder. it was a last-minute filing by the defense to tha brought them to court a day ahead of the sentencing. >> that is family that has conducted themselves with nothing but grace and nothing but respect for the prosecretary. >> reporter: at issue who would be -- process. >> reporter: at issue who would be allowed to issue impact statements the defense wanting to limit the statement but the judge disagreeing. >> the victim impact statement for family, for friends, coworkers, her important in and of themselves. >> reporter: the judge determined the pun inment. the teen -- punishment. teen was a juvenile and only life with the possibility of parole is allowed. prosecutors asking for that possibility to come after 50
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the defense asking for 26. for ritzer's family whatever the sentence the pain is for life. >> our family enterers a new phase in our -- enters a new phase in our lives one we have no choice but to begin. >> reporter: the judge is expected to send down the sentence by court's closing today or at the very latest monday. live in salem nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks very much. we will be live streaming from court today with the victim impact statements and the sentencing. you can head over to cbs coverage begins at 9:30 this monk. to campaign 20 -- morning. to campaign 2016. >> it was knowledge you are the only person on the stage that ever been find for hiring people to work on your projects illegally and you hired. >> i am the only one on the stage that hired people. you haven't hired anybody. >> well. >> tough talk as the g-op candidates try to take down donald trump in the last debate before super tuesday. the attacks came long after
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jon keller watched it all and breaks down the big moments. >> reporter: >> we will not solve problems by trying to destroy each other. >> reporter: maybe so but that didn't stop them from trying on hiring illegal imgants. >> donald you hired a -- immigrants. >> donaldy hired a number -- donald you hired a sum number of people from other condition nice we need them. >> you are the only person fined for hiring people to work our projects illegally and hired workers. >> i am only one on the stage that hired pool you haven't hired anybody. >> reporter: ted cruz had trump on the defensive at times it was rubio bringing the most heat. >> what is your plan on health square that's the only part of the plan the be the state competition. >> you have many different plans you will have competition and you will have so many different plans. >> now he is repeating him self. >> here is is the the guy who repeats himself. >> you repeat yourself every day. >> talking about repeating i
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times four weeks ago. >> i saw you repeat yourself five times five seconds ago. >> talk about your plan. >> he says five thins everyone is dumb he is going to make america great and we will win, win, win and winning in the polls and the lines are around the street. every night. >> reporter: rubio and cruz dropped the gloves last night just as chris christie did in the final debate before the new hampshire primary. you will recall, that christie went onto do so poorly there he he dropped out of the race. we will see tuesday night if trump's tough night hurts him more than his attackers. i am jon keller at large wbz this morning. >> as for democrats hillary clinton made several symptoms insouth carolina hoping to solidify the lead before tomorrow's primary. in massachusetts yesterday several women on beacon hill endorsed clinton for president. bernie sanders conceded south carolina virtually and is
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he held rallies in -- concentrating on the midwest. he held rallies. we will bring you complete coverage on my tv38 and stay with us for a cbs news special 11. new details on deflategate. >> the decision ahmed of next week's appeal and cot pats try back. >> and t riders paying a -- facing a possible rate hike>> good morning. so we are in the 30s in a lot of spots and we are staying in the 30s but a reality check back to february but i am tracking another warmup. we will break down the weekend
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welcome back. defrat flatgate head back to announced which three judges will hear the nfl's appeal. new york. you might remember in september a lower court judge ruled in favor of tom brady overturning four game suspension for the alleged role in the deflate
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a link on the patriots official home page has been updated to include two new articles that call for the nfl to return the draft picks the patriots lostleading coming to suggest they could fight for the picks back depending on what the panel of judges decides on appeal. >> so it continues. >> you believe it's been more than a year. >> i mean yeah. >> it's dragging on. >> yes and no. we are thinking about spring danielle. >> we are. >> after yesterday's weather it's back to reality today but why not? let's get the count down going. >> i think we turn the corner. i think. not to say there's not a couple more chances for snow. march could be a volatile month but we are getting there. 16 days until daylight savings time. 23 until the spring equinox. boston marathon 52 days away hope training is going well. warm temperatures have helped. 27 in worcester and not too bad by february standards but it's
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and there's wind out there. it's gusting over 20 miles per hour. and it will stay with us from start to finish today. no damaging wind but adding a bite. 15 the real feel in worcester. 26 in boston. a couple flurries overnight and a few light know showers in the berkshires stretching up to the spine of the green mountains a couple inches by the time the morning is done and summits of the mountains especially great news for ski country. and we have additional snow south. we don't have to quarey about any of these. the storm departs high pressure building into the south. we are in between which means we get a strong wind today gusting up to 35 miles per hour at times. the real feel is not out of the 20s. wind shift tomorrow out of the southwest typically a warmer wind direction we will see the warmer air come n normal fortomorrow with highs around or over 40. sunday morning clouds and additional more sunshine comes out and we warm up into the 50s low 50s for most of us by sunday afternoon.
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monday with a couple showers including a touch for the start of in week. mid-30s so we are in the rebounding all that much this afternoon. overnight tonight we get back into the teens and 20s. clear skies overnight and a little chilly and winds will slowly subside. tomorrow, 41 in boostan and upper 30s for highs for worcester to jaffrey but overall not a bad day. weekend is looking great. 53 on sunday. 54 in norwood and a little less wind on sunday compared to tomorrow. and in the 40s on the cape and yiewk weather 7-day forecast keeping it in the 50s as the shower. 40s on tuesday and the next storm for middle part of the week we may see rain develop on wednesday and it could linger thursday. pamela had a great visit yesterday four and 5-year-olds at creative world children's center in southeaston they were psyched to share their favorite
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traffic and weather together that's my favorite too. >> reporter: you have to love the kid with the bow tie amaying. excellent. overall not a bad commute for friday morning but we have some slow downs and accident south of town down in avon. 24 northbound at harrison boulevard. it doesn't appear to be causing any significant backup. the expressway is the only bumper to bumper ride northbound side jammed between east milton square and columbia road a 15 minute delay. from the north, i think there's a malfunction i called total traffic network. look at the green. that's very unusual for a friday. we have no big reported slow downs on 93 southbound from andover down to boston. and same deal with the mass pike popping that up you know moderate volume rate. but pretty packed by this time day. maybe people took the day off. >> 3-day weekend? >> thanks very much. 6:28. state's transportation secretary is defending possible fare hikes on the t. according to the globe. >> steve: any pollock said
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in regular but modest increases for t riders. she tells the paper they need resources in order to improve phs the board are vote next month and they are considering two proposal and it's possibility fares won't be raised at all. apple wants a federal judge to throw out a order demanding them to help the fbi crack into a iphone of a san bernardino shooter. the company filed the first official response yesterday since the order last week. apple says the fbi wants dangerous power that chps away at digital privacy. the f -- chips away at digital pry sigh. the f -- privacy. there are reports that google plans to file a court brief supporting apple next week. remember the cruise from a couple weeks ago? that got call in a winter storm and rocked passengers at sea. now royal caribbean is facing a class action lawsuit. passengers claim the company should have known about the dapping rouse conditions before
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before the anthem of the seas set sail. they are seek damages for emotional and psychological stress. ahead, a passionate protest. >> families fighting to save a garden at children's hospital. the emotional hearing last night. and why the hospital says it needs the space. and the new app building itself as lifesaver for people with food allergies. is it also a time safer.
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of:23 if today's -- 6:23. in today's "healthwatch" doctors have completed a surgery. the first uterus transplant in america is a success so far. surgeons at scene lan clinic
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finish the 9 hour -- cleveland clineish finish the 9 -- finish the 9 hour surgery. so far five healthy babies have been born after womb transplants. for people with allergies food labels can be land mines and miss something and ris being a life-threatening reaction. >> but reading the labels is time consuming and app can help you save time. >> can you get the butter. >> reporter: food is on kim wilson's mind her oldest son is allergic to dairy eggs and peanuts. >> terrifying thing when you are riding in back of an ambulance with your child hooked up to machines making sure that you know they are breathing. >> reporter: consider the average imroashry store mass more than 42,000 items and it becomes clear why finding allergy safe foods is so time consumer. >> it takes me when i go to the goshry store a good 2 to -- grocery store a good 2 to 3 times longer than the average person who walks through the door and goes to the check out line.
6:25 am
ipiit to help those dealing with allergies. >> it's more help in the shopping process speeding up. >> reporter: i tested it and indicated a allergy to eggsgluten and milk and scanned the bar codes on cereal bocks rice chex safe frosted flakes and oatmeal were not. the ingredients tell you in red what you shouldn't be he'd eating n case like that the app suggest similar products that fits your cry fear yeah but it has 300,000 items store brands like this cereal are often left oit out. we don't have this product yet. another omission nuts are expected to be add soon. >> i am not sure i would be willing to trust it 100%. >> reporter: ingredient panels shouldn't be ignored. >> read the label first and scan as a second type of precaution or the other option would be to scan first if you are in a hurry but make sure you read the label.
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and can be programmed to tell you about artificial dies and sweeteners andless you know which one are. [audio not understandable] >> she is always like on the cutting edge. >> that's a game changer that app for so many people. >> very important. lots more still to come in the next half-hour. whitey bulger getting in trouble behind bars. >> the act that got him sent to solitary. >> and also ahead, a new ban on hover boards. where you won't be allowed to take them. >> as we go to break four
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we're living in a very
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and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. right now an emotional day expected in court. loved ones of murder math teach colleenry. tzer set to address the -- colleen ritzer set to address the killer. into student calling for
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>> a local man is under fire for take repairs of potholes in his hands. why the town is angry about it that's the daily talker he. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning 6:30 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. great to have you with us. happy friday to you. >> thank you. >> it is cooler out there. >> yeah. >> a little reality check but the weekend looks fantastic. >> nice. warmup. if you like the warmth it's headed in our direction. see the puffy cumulus clouds decorating the sky this morning. sun is now up officially 5 minutes ago. and we are in for a good amount of sunshine today. it's breezy out there. not damaging winds. but the winds right now currently gusting to 32 miles per hour in boston. 30. and so that's adding a bite to the air today. temperatures are running in the
6:31 am
worcester and 35 in boston knock off 5, 10 degrees that's what it feels like. real feel of 15 in worcester and 26 in boston and we have what couple flurries overnight and there's snow showers up and mountains and berkshires so it will be slick in parts of western new england. for us though, chilly winds 32 and we may drop an additional couple degrees between now and the next hour and a half or so. sun and clouds a real feel staying in the 20s. -- dress for. we got away with a spring jacket an umbrella yesterday. you need to have the winter gear in full force today. clear and cold 30 for the ride home sunset at 5:30. we have got a weekend to talk about all the details coming up. let's get you on the roads and check in on the commute. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: congratulations computers -- commuters, looks like a easy commute. from the south you guessed it expressway is packed from adams street in quincy up to columbia road.
6:32 am
everything else is green from the north reported backup 93 southbound is between medford square and leverett connector other routes from the north look fine. it's not a holiday monday is it? >> no. >> reporter: where is everybody. >> maybe new hampshire school vacation. >> i don't know. >> reporter: weird. >> thanks robi. 6:32. fillip -- philip chism in learn his fate. >> family and friends address the court getting underway at 9:30 this morning. we have a reporter at the scene right now. nicole jacobs how is it going. thanks for joining us this morning. >> reporter: chris kathryn it's certainly going to be a emotional day in court as we are expected to hear from phillip -- excuse me colleen ritzer's family and friends as philip chism learns his fate. we will get to video right now. we do know that he learns his
6:33 am
he will find out when he could be up for parole because he was a juvenile when he murdered ritzer he will be sentenced to life with the possibility of parole. prosecutors want 50 years the defense wants 26. and it was a last-minute filing by defense attorneys that brought family and attorneys back here to court yesterday. they wanted to limit the number of victim impact statements but here's how the judge decided. >> the victim impact statement for family and friends of themselves. >> reporter: and we are told that the judge could send down that sentence by court's monday. >> thanks very much. we will be in court today live streaming the victim impact statements and the
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coverage begins at 9:30 this morning. this morning state police dive teams will search again the charles river for zachary marr who was last seen leaving a boston bar. sur veil and video shows him -- surveillance video shows him walking towards the river. divers spent two days in the water using sonar to help with the search. whitey bulger is getting into trouble behind bars i'm cord together boston globe prison guards caught bulger in a lewd act in his cell. medicated powder. 85-year-old gangster was put in solitary confinement for a month and lost e-mail privileges. a warning from boston police about a man accused of robbing people downtown armed with a large knife. susie steimle is live with a susie. >> reporter: well chris police released pictures yesterday. we will get to those in second. but right now this is where
6:35 am
seen at the intersection of washington and boylston street. the scary thing is the robberies happened in a very busy area in broad daylight. these are the pictures that police want you to take a close look at. there are two pictures just released of what they believe is the robbery suspect who held up two people downtown with a 12 inch kitchen knife. the first one happened back in january. a man says he was pulled down and the suspect ran off with hislaptop the other in early february a woman says she was at citizens bank take out money and the man approached her and demanded she take out money for him. police are asking people in the area to be vigilant and we talk with the couple people who live nearby last night. >> it's common especially at night. especially like since the clubs are just down there. >> reporter: >> if a gentleman inh a kitchenknife on me he he would be dead i am sorry i know how
6:36 am
>> reporter: very windy out here this morning as you can probably tell. one of the only good things about this crime in both instances a stranger who didn't know either victim saw this happened and chased the robber away from them. if you know anything about the crime police are hoping to hear from you. live in windy downtown boston susie steimle. >> thank you very much. a passionate appeal to save the so-called heart of children's hospital. prouty garden. children's wants to build an 11 story tower because they say they need it and it's overcrowded. after studying several option the hospital says the only feasible way to expand is to demolish the garden but former patients their family and doctors and nurses say the garden is vital to the healing process. elizabeth richter remembers it as place her dying brother was happy.
6:37 am
and we laugh at some of the things did he that's silly and it's a place we can be private and together. >> state regulators must doesn't expect quick solution to the latest battle over the wy-nn resort casino plan. governor babe baker tells the globe the dispute between the casino and somerville will not be fast tracked. wynn stopped construction after sommerville filed a objection. attorneys will meet march 10th with state environment officialer. group of high school students on the cape trying to stop a planned concert by rock legend don meek lean. students are part of violence prevention programs at four area high schools and say the arrest last month on domestic violence charges makes him a bad role model. he pleaded not guilty to 6 counts including assault and he is set to perform at barnstable
6:38 am
>> time for the daily talker. samaritan. >> a local resident fixed a pothole but was told to cease and desift. here's robi with more. >> reporter: it's important to put out there that this pothole fixer thomas perry he works for a company that sells materials road. and while the town manager is skeptical of his entensions -- deserves praise. the pothole he filled was hugeand vonned a manhole cover but didn't use hot -- surrounded a manhole cover but didn't use hot asphalt and he had another pothole ficked in front of his home. town manager says perry was out of line telling wbz if i have a hole in the mid heel of my driveway you don't have the right to fix it even if you are doing me a favor. several residents feel the whole thing is making a mountain out of a pole hole saying perry deserves credit
6:39 am
but the town manager pointed out perry is a sales manager for paving and maintenance inc. and is trying to sale product to the town. perry didn't return our phone calls last night and didn't answer the door when ken macleod within the knocking. people are supporting thomas perry on the daily talker today. and our website and twitter and facebook. lori says good for him he saw need and had the correct supplies and it's done months before the town would do it. beth on facebook says ever have you tried calling the dpw might as well call the white house and demand to speak to the president. the result is the same. nothing. good for that guy. we would love for you to comment join the conversation comment all day long. chris. >> thanks very much. folks, taking the t need to leave the hoverboard at home.
6:40 am
starked sparked by overheating batteries. no word on what -- when the ban will take effect. i am going with that's probably a good-- >> i am going with it's probably a good ideago check of the top stories including the veteran firefighters facing serious charges in court. >> a deadly workplace shooting in kansas. what we are learning about the gunman and his motive. >> and flames tearing through a mansion destroying history in newport road eye lant. island. >> good morning. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. sawn says 32 in ashland on the way to the 30s today. we are not going up that much but i am tracking a warmup this weekend.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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breakfast is the most important meal of the day. >> and cereal is a favorite for more than 100 years but you may be surprisedy some people are saying good-bye to the bowl. according to market research report posted in the "new york times" 40% of millenials won't eat cereal for breakfast. make you wonder why. that's -- maybe you wondering why. they don't want to clean up after they are done and are opting for the convenience of protein bars. how about that. >> interesting. >> i am not sure. >> you can rinse out the bowl. >> apparently it's labor intense knife let's get through the forecast because the quicker you do the fast are we go to breakfast.
6:44 am
winter is on record. mildest and meteorological winter is december january and february and this is the third warmest sitting at 36.9 degrees. degrees. with temperatures that were in the low to mid-60s. this morning. winter is not done yet. 35 at boston feeling more wind out there. it's not damaging like yesterday. but the real feel is 15 in worcester and 26 in boston. so certainly need the winter gear as you head out the door. slick spots in the berkshires up to green mountain and a few snow showers and flurries across northern new hampshire and central and northern main. we don't have to worry about a lot. it's been a bright start to the day with few clouds mixed in and the trend will be for decreasingcloud cover through the afternoon. the wind will slowly subside tonight. clear skies means cold temperatures in the teens and
6:45 am
and we make a decent rebound tomorrow. a light southwest wind. a little breezy during the day i don't think it will be as strong as today. but gusts over 20 miles per hour. and high temperature around 40 tomorrow and then sunday, we are cranking things up more. wind shouldn't be as strong with the southwest wind in the warm air coming into the 50s again by sunday. and we are awaiting a cold front. the front doesn't cross the region until monday. it will bring a couple showers with it and warm temperatures out ahead of it too. blustery and much colder today. 38 degrees. a lot of us are in the low 30s so the wind chill will be in the 20s from start to finish. that's a you want to dress for. clear and cold overnight. the wind slowly subside and 20 downtown and whoa zip into the teens tonight in the suburbs. so a chilly start tomorrow. sunshine and a few late day clouds mixed in breezy southwest wit wind 10 to 20. high temperatures at 40 toe greece and sunday morning
6:46 am
even middle 50s all the way from southern new hampshire through worcester to the south shore 52 in plymouth on sunday and 40s on the cape and islands and we stay in the 50s to start next week as the front comes in with a couple showers. brief and passing on monday. cools us off a touch on tuesday. the next storm comes in for wednesday and thursday. looks like we are still mild so it should be areas of rain developing wednesday. could linger into the first part of thursday. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: overall not a bad pry morning -- friday morning commute. eggs expres -- the expressway is packed. to minutes -- 20 hadn't delay. from the north -- 20 minute delay there. when you hit stoneham it's bumper to bumper from there to the leverett connector. >> thanks very much. check top stories we are following developing news in kansas where police are searching for the motive after
6:47 am
injured at a factory where the suspected gunman worked. a law enforcement source identified him as 38-year-old cedric ford. ford was killed by police during the attack. the sheriff says he was armed with an assault style weapon and pistol. as he ran tomly fired shotle driving through the central kansas town. he then shot someone in the plant park lot before storming the building. 10 of the injured are in critical condition this morning. a maynard firefighter is due in court to face child rape charges. james macgillivary was arrested at his home yesterday e was been -- he has been on administrative leave since last month when the police started the investigation the assault took place in 1991. philip chism is set to be sentenced today. he will be eligible for parole because he was only 14 when he raped and murdered ritzer. people who loved her will give
6:48 am
statements and we will stream it live on cbs a huge fire destroys a multi million dollar home in newport rhode island that broke out on bellevue avenue yesterday near the city's famous mansions. the estate is worth 3 million dollars. the good news is no one was hurt and investigators are still looking into the cause. first of all. >> you talking about the polls i am beating him awfully badly in the polls. >> you not beating hillary. >> then if i can't -- hey if i have can't beat her you are really going get killed aren't you? >> a heated debate last night between the republican presidential hopefuls rivals jumped to try to take down donald trump. this is the last time the candidates will debate before super tuesday. coming up this morning the celtics looking to exten the winning streak at home. >> ahead could they pass the bucks? we have highlights including one of the best pass you will. s you will see. >> -- passes you will see. >> red sox at work and playing.
6:49 am
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wbz sports is driven by bmw. test drive a bmw today at massachusetts bmw center or visit bmw celtics take on bucs at -- buck at garden and isaiah thomas made one the greatest passes you will see. to go. thomas whips it behind house head to jay crowd here drains
6:52 am
thomas what game high 27 points. celts win 112-107 the 9th straight win at home. heat come to town tomorrow. >> patriots trading in the gridiron for the gridel. julian he hadelmen and and others were flipping pancakes for patients at boston children's hospital e was asked about a report he won't need a second surgery to help his foot heal e said he is taking it day by day but his foot is feeling better. >> pancakes sound really good. >> they do sound good. red sox spring training is in full swing. >> they are preparing for the first games sox pitcher and catchers take part in live batting practice yesterday as the team held the second full squad workout all eye on the 217 man david -- 217 million dollar man david price e said he felt good pitching. the sox play monday against northeastern and boston college in fort myers. >> the team is having fun off the field.
6:53 am
restaurant. and it's funny captioned bogart is on fuego he is on fire and you can see why. that's great. having fun. >> it's 6:53. time for a closer look at morning. >> let's check in with nora o'donnell. good morning. >> good morning. ahead here on cbs this morning we will talk with marco rubio about the relentless attack on donald trump in the firey debate and spike lee in studio 57. we will ask him about the lack of diversity at the oscars and his new documentary on michael jackson. news is back in the morning.
6:54 am
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from severe weather to spring training. >> and the other career i might want to try out here's a look back at the week that was. >> red sox spring training is underway. >> pablo sandoval is raising eyebrows. >> the team told him to show up in better condition but they didn't give him a specific weight. >> i don't weigh in. >> big papi talking to the media. >> a lot going on. >> a wild night. >> heavy rain and strong winds. >> extreme picture of the storm. >> it was a terrifying night local residents he will never forget. >> watertown shoot out with the marathon bombers could be recreated. >> the big question is whether
6:57 am
>> i am sure it will bring out feelings. >> he would moonlight as a meteorologist. >> if i could. >> here you go. >> you are in the weather. >> he could be capped for mission to mars. >> he has the good with the science knowledge. >> i think you are the first person that said i was good at science. >> knowledge. i am here for you. >> you always got my back. >> oh we still got your back. >> both of you could do the weather at green screen. >> we do practice. >> it's kind of fun. >> it is fun you make it look easy. >> when the real weather hits that's when we are like oh. >> here you go danielle. >> i am glad there's quiet stretch for us too. it's back to reality today but we are going to feel a warm up for the weekend. >> that's a good thing. >> it's going to be nice. upper 30s today wind chill in the 20s and 40 tomorrow and
6:58 am
a brief rain shower on monday. next time frame for storm is wednesday and thursday but looks warm enough it is rain coming in lingers for wednesday and into early on thursday morning. so we will keep ion on it but above normal stretch. >> a great time for the weekend. >> it looks great. >> cbs this morning is up next.
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 26th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." marco rubio and ted cruz tear into donald trump in the final debate before super tuesday. could this be a turning point? a gunman storms a kansas factory, killing coworkers. victims describe the chaos as bullets. and spike lee is in studio 57. we will talk about the oscars backlash and creating change in we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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