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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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[ no audio ] . a frost to the system, we're running colder compared to the last, say, couple of mornings. and it's just chilly to start out the day. thank goodness full sunshine ahead, temperatures becoming more seasonable throughout the day too. and then we warm up once we get to sunday.
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and 20s now, boston 22 degrees. worcester waking up to 19 manchester and lawrence also 19 degrees. we have a breeze, combine that with our temperature and it really feels much colder than what it actually is. real temp feel of 12 in boston, six worcester, 10 until manchester, the wind direction will change eventually coming from the southwest, that combined with the sunshine will allow to increase our temperatures ntd -- in the 30s and lower 40s. notice maybe a couple clouds moving through but no rain on the horizon. warming up for sunday, how high the numbers will climb and how many 50 degree days we could see in your seven-day forecast. kerry? >> that's a tease! all right, thank you so much, pamela. well, unacceptable, has
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murdered teacher felt about the sentence. philip chism eligible for parole after serving 40 years for clilg -- kill colleen ritzer. >> reporter: split between memories of a bright young woman, towards the student toward raping and stabbing her when he was 14. >> this sentence, and i beg of you do not give this coward to have the opportunity to shatter another family's life. >> reporter: friends and family of colleen ritzer had one opportunity to speak to the judge before he sentenced philip chism with the possibility of parole. even as they spoke, chism remained motionless. >> [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: ritzer mother broke in to tears as she sent personal reflections. >> october 21, her last memory, chocolate cream pie. >> reporter: then we goed --
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>> he's pure evil and that can never be rehabilitated >> reporter: any nau conference -- in a news conference, they condemned a ruling that ensured his parole eligibility. >> punishment for colleen's loved oned. >> our family would be forced to which is unimaginable for us. >> reporter: a different kind of pain for chism's own mother who broke down in the courtroom. she left without a word, her now 17-year-old son unable to seek parole until age 54. once again, chism sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after 40 years and the possibility every fiefd year -- five years after that. louisa moller. his mother released a statement writing in part, there is no one who has suffered more
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my utmost estate of emergency, prayers -- esteem, prayers, and humble respect to them as they continue to heal. in honor of colleen ritzer, her family has started a college fund for students aspiring to an education, we post thad on it is time now for campaign 2016 and the last minute push for voters in south carolina. the democratic primary is today, hillary clinton has a big lead over bernie sanders there. and says she's eager to debate any republican. meanwhile, bernie sanders doesn't spend nearly as much time in south carolina, he's working on super tuesday to regain his momentum, more than 1,000 delegates up for grabs. massachusetts is just one of the states that will be voting on super tuesday. a new wbr poll has hillary clinton beating bernie sanders in the bay state. 49-44%. on the republican side, donald trump has a commanding lead here
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votes than marco rubio and kasich combined. and trump's campaign is getting a new look from a new rival, now backing him. that setting the stage for what should be a wild weekend of campaigning. >> as they say, i endorse donald trump for president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: just hours after surviving the republican debate, support. >> nobody that could be a stronger, powerful executive in washington, this is the guy that can do it. >> reporter: the endorsement of new jersey governor chris christie who just quit the race is a beautiful thing for the republican. >> it helps trump to tramp down on whatever fire may have been started by cruz and rubio in the debate. >> reporter: they look blind sided by the endorsement at a campaign stop in tennessee. >> this decision is going to be made by the voters on super
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>> what we are dealing with here, my friends is a conartist. >> reporter: christie's surprise move moved them in to action. >> conservative, before the casts are vote on tuesday. >> i'm not disappointed but i'm surprised. >> reporter: having endorsed him before it folded, baker will not be following christie's lead. >> i don't anticipate voting for donald trump. >> reporter: but he argues he had the best shot at bouncing democrats from the white house. >> i'm beating hillary. and i haven't even started on hillary, but i'm beating hillary. i think i'm the one that can beat her and ted cruz cannot beat her. >> reporter: i'm ken macleod, wbz news. here's your coverage for super tuesday results, it starts at 8:30 and stay with us for a news special at wbz at 10:00 followed by the news at 11:00.
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possible motive in a deadly shooting in kansas. 38-year-old ford had just been ordered to stay away from his girlfriend. ford shot himself after he shot and killed three people and wounded 14 more at the lawn mower parts plant we are killed, and one of the victim's mother had this to say. >> raised a little boy to be quite a man that cared for people. would. i really would. >> kansas police are commending a lone officer who went inside the plant, confronted ford, and killed him. they say he had not sto bravely -- so bravely risked his own been shot. right now police are searching for the man what broke in to a woman's home as she was putting her kids home for a nap. >> a big crash and then i opened my bedroom door and i heard footsteps and i said hello?
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don't know, and then i just website in to my bedroom, i have one child across the hall, and i'm hoping to open the door, i have one child in my bedroom. >> police say 33-year-old keith babcock of sea brook broke in on wednesday. he only took off with a package from her back home, crediting a quick thinking neighbor for taking down the license plate of the suspect's car as it drove away. a driver will face charges after getting pin under his car, and crashing in to a home on west bridgewater. police say the driver hit a tree on matfield street and then got pinned underneath when the suv kept going and slammed in to a home. this morning, civil rights groups are formelly asking -- formally asking the attorney's office for racism at boston latin, signed by groups of local branches at the naacp and aclu.
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sure all students feel welcome. the jordan marsh brand could be coming back, buying the rights to the name from macy's. he hasn't said yet how it might be resurrected, one idea to sell the famous blueberry muffins online! jie ae -- a series of unfortunate events, without a working fire engine. the power of water, frozen, and wise, finally washed away an ice jam that damaged a new hampshire neighborhood. time to look at our weather watcher reports, we love to hear what you're experiencing at your home, we have a clear sky over all locations here, and that's why temperatures have been able to fall in to the 20s and teens for some. bryan in belmont has 12 degrees, don from hollis, new hampshire has 21 degrees, plenty of sun and warmer temps on the way. how high they climb in the
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>> i think they should make an app where you put your coffee and it fills it up. >> i would love that! fill me up! [ laughter ] so what's going on, miss pamela, it's cold. >> yeah, it's cold. >> but then they're coming right back. >> yeah, we're in that transitional period right now, the seasons and getting closer and closer to meteorological spring, starts march 1. 22 degrees, winds from the north at 21 miles per hour, your real temperature 21 degrees in boston, radiational cooling, clear sky tonight, no clouds to trap in, daytime heat we had from yesterday, the teens from worcester to manchester, to lawrence. 20 degrees though in taunton, chatham 21 degrees and comparing things to say, this time yesterday, we're running colder in all spots, 21 degrees colder in worcester and keene running
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plus we have a breeze out there, from a five to 15 mile per hour wind coming from the northwest and you combine that with your temperature and your real feel temp are run gs in the -- running in the single digits for some, boston feeling like 12, worcester like six degrees. 20 degrees for your real feel temp in taunton. today's high temperatures thankfully rebound nicely, compared to where we're starting this morning. we have upper 30s, lower 40s across the board, 41 boston, 42 bedford, 42 norwood and upper island. lows tonight dipping in to the upper 20s and low 30s, we do expect more clouds overnight tonight, helping to keep in some of the daytime heat so we won't be quite as cold in the southwesterly wind direction will help too. if you're heading to the north, going skiing, it looks like it's going to be pretty good for evening clouds. it does get warmer, a little toasty for sunday, 32 degrees
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the slopes. hour by hour, 6:00 a.m. starting off here, notice we have it in control, clear skies throughout the rest of this evening. overnight tonight, some clouds roll in, again expecting mostly cloudy conditions going in to sunday morning, temperatures milder than what we're experiencing today. 5:00 p.m. to sunday night, looks like plenty of sunshine. and then monday, primarily a few chances for some morning showers. this system pretty dry, so we don't expect any widespread rain or anything like what we had say, thursday morning. but it will be enough to at least get some soakers to some folks. 50s, yes. >> the next couple days, once you get past today. >> 54 monday, tuesday 49, close to 60 degrees again on wednesday, better chance for soaking rain that day, transitioning to a brief wintry mix for thursday. kerry? >> oh my goodness! a rollercoaster, all right, pamela thank you. well, this weekend, things
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normal in vermont, roads reopening from serious flooding. it damaged homes, vehicles, and businesses. people living in a mobile home park in caledonia county had to evacuate. in central vermont, areas of water four feet deep. the biggest concern, ice dams because look what they can do. this drone video in frankonia, new hampshire, the extent of an ice dam. the weather we saw broke the dam, allowing it to flow again, but not before causing street. and a health scare for a controversial artist, what yoko
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this morning, singer and artist yoko ono expected to be released if a new york city hospital, taken to mount sinai friday night from her home at the legendary dakota apartment building in new york city. her son says she was dehydrated and tired from the flu and was not suffering from a stroke as had been initially reported. in fact, sean lennon says the only stroke she's had is a stroke of genius. firefighters in acton are without two key pieces of equipment which means at least right now the town is banking on its neighbors for help in an emergency.
5:21 am
>> reporter: acton firefighters up to work thanks to a loaner from concord. hopefully representing a change in luck for the town's heroes. >> happens in threes. >> reporter: the fire department is down to just two of its own engines. thanks to three unfortunate scenarios. >> it's not the ideal situation. >> reporter: in december, the town's only ladder truck caught fire in the station, an electrical issue most likely started it. one engine went down from mechanic yap problems. -- mechanical problems. wednesday, one slammed in to a suv when it came back from a call. >> whatever it is, we get through it. >> reporter: unclear how much money it will cost to fix the truck and when they'll be back in service. >> 26 years old, so, you know, it's a little different especially for younger guys. >> reporter: concord's back up truck is at least filling a potentially big gap. >> if you guys didn't have this truck, you would be in a whirl. >> yeah, we would. we have three stations, so we'd be doing an awful lot of running around, this will save us from doing that. >> reporter: the acting chief
5:22 am
>> you shouldn't be concerned, we have great mutual agreements with the surrounding toup town -- towns. >> reporter: act wering chief is retiring, hart, now he just needs nothing else to happen to the fleet, many in town [ indiscernible ] >> i think they do a dpraet job from what -- great job from what i've seen. 5:22, actress jennifer garner is speaking out about her high profile divorce from ben affleck. if it's your birthday, you share it with jennifer farley j-would you from jersey shore, who played christina davis turns 26, action tres kenya mara from house of cars 23, if it's your birthday though, that's the big one. happy birthday to you.
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welcome back. jennifer garner is breaking her silence about her very public divorce from ben affleck. in next month's issue of vanity fair, the actress insists the decision to split had nothing to do with the rumor that affleck had an fair with the nanny. -- an affair with the nanny.
5:26 am
says they have she has no regrets about marrying affleck. the movie about the marathon bombers won't have a key scene in watertown, what's behind the change of plans. also ahead, never far from your mind, the new fundraiser putting pete [ indiscernible ] in the minds of those teammates.
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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from the channel 4 studio in boston, this is wbz "this morning". >> good morning, everybody, it's 5:30, i'm kerry connolly along with pamela gardner, thanks for joining us, it looks good this weekend ahead. >> starting off dry with you but then tomorrow spring. >> so exciting! >> up and downs, the next several days, the forecast going up, going down, but the downs aren't as, they're not like what we had two weeks ago. >> they don't bring us down. >> no, no. we're starting off rock bottom here, for the weekend.
5:30 am
20s, 22 in boston, 16 in worcester, 19 degrees in lawrence, 19 in manchester. but when you factor in the wind chill, your real feel temps in the single digits, the teens and the 20s. 12 degrees is what it really feels like in boston now. worcester feeling more like six degrees, and you want the heavy coat as you head out the door. definitely take the sunglasses with you too. 38 degrees by 1:00, 40 degrees by 3:00 p.m., we'll -- we'll have a few passing clouds on the horizon, but mostly sunny and a wind from the horizon in just a bit, another warm up in a bit. how high they will climb and how many days in the 50s in your seven-day forecast, kerry? >> all right, pamela, thank you so much. it is 5:30 now. we're disgusted and personally offended with the defense's repulsive recommendation that colleen's killer be parole eligible, evil cannot be rehabilitated. >> the family of colleen ritzer frustrated by the sentence given to her killer.
5:31 am
for the murder of the danvers high school teacher. but the teen will be given a chance for parole when he's in his 50s. ruling that juveniles cannot be sentenced to life without parole. and police are searching for the burglar who broke in to a woman's home as she was putting her kids down for a nap. police believe 33-year-old keith babcock of sea brook made his way inside through the shieding door -- sliding door on wednesday. he took off with a package from her back porch. they know who they're looking for because a neighbor got his license plate. the democratic presidential race moves to south carolina today. hillary clinton is hoping to expand her winning streak against senator bernie sanders, she's with a dominant lead going with the first in the south contest. 53 delegates are at stake today in south carolina.
5:32 am
movies about the marathon bombing, the patriots day will need to find another place to shoot. >> gunshots, even if they're fake might bring back painful memories. >> reporter: but the people of watertown won't have to worry about that, the wahlberg film about the manhunt won't be shooting the scenes with the tsarnaev brother there. >> i want the movie to be filmed here but i can under for the people who are, who have been close to the whole situation. >> reporter: the filmmakers have been scouting a location, right between the fire fight between the bombers and the police took place. the town manager says filming in watertown would not be in the best interest of the residents. >> i think for the filmmakers to not be around here, to keep it quiet. >> reporter: they'll looking for a new location, also looking to shoot at u mass dartmouth, the university saying they are considering the request but will
5:33 am
asked if the movie would be less authentic if not filmed in watertown, people we spoke to said it would not bother them. the movie, by the way, is being produced by our sister company cbs films in the satellite center, kate merril, news wbz. the superintendent who barged in a student's home now looking for work, the mashby school district came to an agreement to end its relationship with hyde. he was accused of breaking in to a home to see if a 17-year-old girl really lived there. a judge kwaited him last week saying hyde couldn't be charged with trespassing and breaking and entering because he wasn't told to leave. a new bedford fishing mogul is accused of cooking the books. the u.s. attorney says rafael, owner of the raul's seafood,
5:34 am
to buy the business. rafael, 65 years old held on bail, his bookie out on bail. suing water country, claiming he drowned in a crowded wade pool. the man accused the park of negligence, saying it was too many people in the pool and not enough life guards to handle emergencies. alarming news about the zika virus in the united states. the government confirms nine pregnant women here were infected, one of them has given birth to a baby with microcephaly, a birth defect that affects the brain. all women contracted it travelling abroad. a pilot force to do land without the -- forced to land without the front wheel, the nose gear failed to deploy, the flight crew had only the rear wheels to touch down, can you imagine? the front of the plane hits the ground as it landed, oh my goodness!
5:35 am
none of them were hurt. garth brooks uses friends in cause. be in massachusetts this weekend. all night long! >> reporter: the number one selling solo artist in u.s. history will perform three shows in worcester this weekend with wife trisha yearwood. but brooks's [ indiscernible ] will go off stage too at a flag football camp for kids. >> we can all think we're raising good athletes but our job is to raise good men and women. >> reporter: his charity, teammate for kids teams up with solder of the new england patriots. >> world champ. >> reporter: to host 100 boy and girls saturday. >> before they learn drills, going a minute, two minutes about discipline. or about respect. attitude, these key words that they can take from there and apply in their own homes. >> reporter: brooks puts on similar camps around the country. but at a news conference friday,
5:36 am
solder's young son hudson is fighting cancer makes worcester's session extra special. >> if that would happen to me, i would retire from the world and just wrap myself around my child and feel sorry for myself. for him to come out and help the camp, it's bg to make it special. >> reporter: 100% of the money donated to the teammates for kids foundation goes to the children they service. and projects like playrooms and hospitals. it's a cause his whole tam rallies around. >> there's a bible verse, to whom much is given, much is expected. i think you have an opportunity, you always have an opportunity to give back. as you get older, you realize those are the most rewarding thing in your life. >> reporter: in worcester, bree sison. the bruin are on a move, they're looking to perfect their regulars in to the playoffs. coming up next, but first --
5:37 am
>> all right, first question of the morning in just a second, your day planner looking fantastic. plenty of sunshine and no lightning, but our question today has to do with some interesting lightning. and we have, let's see here. tumble lightning is recognized as the most predictable and frequent lightning in the world. where does it occur? the philippines, in india, c,
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good morning, everyone, the bruins continue one of the best road teams in the lead, 21 wins and 53 -- 31 games on the road after beating carolina, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, joining on the road trip, first period. ward can't clear the puck, connolly gets the run and flips it, back and slides it right on to ward and there we go. and that's pa tris's grandfather -- patrice's grandfather right there with a big smile. passing on to herself and ward with the 2-0 lead. 2-1 in the third, getting the
5:41 am
year and this is dad joel, looking pretty proud right here. another stellar effort, 41 saves wednesday night, 39 more last night. lucky on the ice, on the game looking for hat trick but marshawn gets the empty netter. seems annoyed with himself for not getting to to bradsky but it's all good. they win 4-1. breaking out the regular season with two games, macklemore to put the cheries -- cheries, 3-2 win ries -- cherries, 3-2 win and out of tonight's game, 34-0 regular season, hockey team is picking up where it left off, the spinning move from dana. what a play, what a move! eagles in a 1-0 post season after beating 5-2 and game game one, game two tonight, the bc
5:42 am
up top seed in the hockey east playoffs. celtics red hot at home. they've won nine straight at the garden and they have a tough test today against the miami heat who are just one game back in the celtics conference. the heat play without the top scorer bosh. stevens knows, still a dangerous team. >> you know, last year they didn't have, i think bosh, wade sxrks -- wade, and maybe one another and they drove us. we're going to have to play well. it's not only a team you're playing against but they've got a good culture, they've got a good way that they go about playing group. you know, for all the talk of kimball, the final season will be the thaem in the rallying point for the red sox this year. dan roche had a chance to talk one-on-one with the indispute -- decision to call it a career.
5:43 am
what you're going to undertake in this final journey? >> um, this is a career, not fefr, you know what -- forever, you know what i'm saying? i'm not going to be the first one, i'm not going to be the last one making that kind of decision. so, basically, i guess, most of the time, as an athlete, it's probably one of the hardest decisions to make by, at some point, you have to. >> and you can see the entire conversation with big papi tomorrow night on sports final. paul frates and his family launching a new campaign ban together to strike out als. you'll see the red sox wearing these wrist bands when they play monday, the acc and mlb are both supporting the cause. i'm steve burton, guys over to you. >> all right, steve thank you so much. i'm trying to hide my blanky.
5:44 am
>> it's a good thing it matches my dress, you won't notice. >> share with me. >> i'll share, absolutely! it's chilly out there, no xwlaints about -- complaints about that. >> full sunshine ahead, and check out this live look over boston, it's a beautiful skyline, not a cloud on the horizon, great color, just a few minutes away from that sunrise. spectacular! so on our way to some 40s and hey, we're making more progress too, not only with the temperatures, but with the daylight tracker. sunset tonight, 5:31 p.m. and soon sunsets after 6:00 p.m. march 13. daylight saving time begins, by the way, two weeks from sunday. sunsets after 7:00 p.m. march 23 after 8:00 p.m., may 16 we're getting there, everybody. the angle of the sun getting higher too. later this afternoon, we'll warm in to the 40s, even though we've hit rock bottom, low temperatures in the teens and
5:45 am
radiational cooling overnight allowing for those temps to dip in to the cooler zones here. 24 hour temp change comparing things to this time, yesterday running 14 degrees in boston, colder for our friends in worcester. we have a breeze out there too, making you feel even more uncomfortable. sustained winds from the west five to 15 miles per hour. combine that with the temperature and real temp feels in the teens, single digits or 20s depending where you are. feels more like six degrees in concord. 12 degrees in boston and 12 degrees for our friends in falmouth. 38 degrees by 2:00 and not going to stop there. we'll have an ultimate high of 41 in boston today, 42 bedford, 30s farther to the south and east, 35 degrees high -- though not quite as cold as what we've been experiencing, say this
5:46 am
clouds to help trap in some of the daytime heat. if you're heading to the north to go skiing, great condition, it does get toasty sunday with 42 and a chance with a couple flurries. mild conditions rule the forecast next couple days going in to sunday. skipping ahead to monday morning, 7:00 a.m. and your hour by hour forecast. notice we have the cold front moving through here. it's going to be a weak cold front, not really helping to cool us down too, too much. maybe by a few degrees going in to early monday, but ultimately we'll see a few showers off this front and then drying conditions as we get in to the later part of monday. another system develops for mid week too and that one we're going to expect some more widespread heavy soakers, maybe the potential for a thunderstorm with the temperature right around 60 degrees. can't rule out that possibility. but we'll keep you updated throughout the week with that situation. and, we go on to weather trivia. gi you the question -- gave you
5:47 am
thought about the answer, catch and tumble lightning the most intense, predictable and frequent lightning, this came from stephen milford. >> can you give me the answer choices? >> philippines -- >> it's 'd'. 10 hours per day, 140 to 160 nights a year. >> you're kidding! >> it's incredible! >> wow! dave, i want dave to come in and pronounce the questions, especially those touch ones, yeah. exactly, thank you. well, they're massive and dangerous, and come without warning, until now. researchers at m.i.t. have come up with a tool to predict rogue waves. it seas high resolution scanners and radars to identify wave clusters that could develop in
5:48 am
two to three minutes to prepare wow. well, the entire award season has been building up to this. coming up, we'll take you behind the scenes at the academy awards. also ahead, almonds are a go-to snack for thousands of people but after last year's price spike, what farmers say you can expect this season. dying again. we can issue you a ticket. but you're right here. or, you can try staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. that's not protocol marsha. in by noon, out by 5 the next day.
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can breathe a cautious sigh of relief. so far, california's growers say this year's almond crop is healthy but not so good for farmers, prices are down, fetching less than $2 per pound. well, usually oscar weekend is all about the glamor, the red carpet, the goaden statues -- golden statues and sarkley ball -- sparkly ball gowns, but many say there's a dark cloud because of the lack of diversity. terry okita has the story. >> reporter: hollywood knows how to throw a party at the governor's ball, the champagne is chilling, art work is up and wolfgang puck's famous speech is being prepared. >> we flew in 40 crabs, each one cost like 450 to $500. >> reporter: experts expect plenty of surprise winners on sunday, including best picture. >> i've been in variety for 30 years and i don't remember an oscar race that was more confusing than this year because
5:52 am
>> reporter: after five nominations, this could finally be leonardo dicaprio's time to take home gold. brie larson for best actress, but no known guesses. snoop dogg is the latest celebrity to speak out saying for us. gray says the industry needs to change out of self-preservation. >> the film industry is at least 20 years behind what television is. and they're going to have to catch up or people will stop going to movies. >> reporter: the controversy could be a dark cloud hanging over hollywood's brightest night. cbs news, los angeles. well, everyone should have the right to a good education. but, a science lesson got a little too real at one school,
5:53 am
5:54 am
do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman... in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that
5:55 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. welcome back, a middle school in new jersey became a nature's classroom yesterday, literally. take a look, this small deer was itching for an education, pirnlts and jump -- apparently
5:56 am
window, knocking over a water cooler. oh, that's sad. animal control officers tranquilized and removed the deer from the school before anyone got hurt. the deer will be excused from class for the rest of the semester, poor thing was probably petrified. top stories and update, a look at your forecast coming up, getting warmer again, got to love that. you know what? glad you're waking up with us on this saturday morning. yes, you made it to the weekend.
5:57 am
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from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning, everybody on this saturday, february 27th. we're glad you're waking with up. i'm carry connolly along with pamela gardner. tuesday is going to be the best day. >> i can't wait. it's just -- we've done it . >> i know. >> you know, march is one of those months that i think it's march, yes. it's also a lousy month. >> we're there but not quite there. >> right. >> you never know.
6:00 am
coming in like a lamb but maybe out like a lion. >> you can't do that. you're not supposed to do that . that's why we have that saying. >> or in like a lion, out like a lamb. this year it will be in like a lamb. >> got it. >> cold start to the day out there. if you're heading out to walk the dog bundle up. we have teens and 20s. boston 21 degrees, worcester 15. it feels colder than what it is out there because we have a light breeze feeling providence. we will keep a wind the wind direction does change coming from the southwest later today. as a result that combined with the sunshine will help to warm day. then we'll actually top off in the low 40s briefly before we fall back to the upper 40s by 5:00 p.m. we keep it dry


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