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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  February 27, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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eric fisher on wbz news right now, at 6:30, we are following breaking news tonight, a plane crashes in plymouth, flipping upside down. the pilot has been rushed to the hospital. good evening everybody. i'm kate merrill. >> i'm ken macleod. glad you could join us. it seems the pilot was practicing his lanking when something went wrong. katie brace is live in plymouth tonight and joins us live with the latest. >> and kate and ken, the pilot was taken by med flight to a boston hospital and you can see why. his plane landed upside down, early this afternoon. and now, i spoke with a student
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and she described what went wrong. >> investigators crowded around this small plane that crashed at the plymouth airfield. mikala rider saw it firsthand. >> he went up and flipped and landed on his nose and went right back. i was scared. i didn't know if he was okay. >> police say only the pilot was on board practicing taking off and landing with an exercise called touch and go. and the plane only briefly hits the ground. rider, who was taking flying lessons, had just landed when she knew something was wrong. >> he was almost on the ground and went up like this, and then the nose hit the ground and he fell straight back. >> she witnessed the plane at about five feet off the ground. when it went straight up to 30 feet and crashed. she said it was traveling at a pretty good clip and appeared that a wind gust picked it up in it was really quiet at first. and then the engines revved up and then dead silence and then ground. and just crashed. >> rider says it sounded like
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causing the plane to turn sideways. when she saw the pilot, she said it was obvious he was injured but he was conscious. >> i was really scared. scene. and they just started the process of removing the plane. the pilot did suffer serious injuries, and i am told they are not life-threatening. reporting live, in plymouth wbz news. we are following breaking news in maynard tonight, where there is real concern about the town's water. >> testing there has shown an elevated level of a chemical which has been linked to some health risks for pregnant women and for infants. our jim smith is live in maynard tonight where he has just spoken to town officials. jim? >> reporter: well, kate and ken, mixed signals from town officials, they tell us on the one hand the warted is safe to drink but -- hand the water is safe to drink but a chemical compound in one of the water wells contains a dangerous substance that could pose that
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and women who might become pregnant and possibly infants. we are tauming about a compound called tri-halo-methane, a by- product of flushing water supplies with chlorine. and it combats possible bacteria problems. it is safe for drinking and cooking and bathing and also working on the problem. >> there is some concern. there is evidence that it might be harmful. you should follow-up with your physician on that. in the meantime, the town will be flushing out water lines in an attempt to get rid of organic malter that might be in the lines through poor flow, low flow, in the tanks. >> reporter: research does indicate that long-term ex pore to this chemical -- exposure to this chemical compound could potentially cause trouble with central nervous system and liver and could be a cancer- causing agent. there is more testing to be done. the state is giving maynard 90
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some tests will be conducted, in fact, this coming monday. we will stay on the story. we will have an update later on tonight. news. back to you, ken and kate. >> jim, thank you. under investigation tonight. an suv lost control and landed in a dunkin' donuts. a horrible scene here. it wound up in the middle of a busy road killing two people. paul burton has the story. >> jumped the curb here. these are the tire tracks. >> reporter: building owner david deller describes a horrifying crash that claimed the lives of 26-year-old salvadore kionis of boston and list 25-year-old girlfriend. both ejected from the vehicle after crashing on this dunkin' donuts on the route 1-5 in lynn. >> the car was practically cut in half, and then catapulted into the middle of the road. >> reporter: this is what is left of the mangled suv. the crash happened around 2:30 in the morning. both the man and woman were pronounced dead at the scene. >> i have never seen a car like that in my life.
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>> reporter: linda and jennifer visit this highly trafficked duncan doughnuts every day which is temporarily closed down. >> it was totally demolished. you can even tell it was a car. it was a piece of metal. >> there were customers inside the dunkin' donuts when the car came smashing through and everyone inside was okay. and one of the dunkin' donuts employees tried to help. >> the dunkin' donuts manager jumped through the window, to try and resuscitate or help the occupants of the car. but there was nothing we could do. >> salvadore was too upset to speak on camera but he was a fun-loving person, who was also hard working. >> so tragic. so bad. to lose your life like that, it is just terrible. >> i look at that picture, of that car, and they didn't have a chance. >> reporter: police are still investigating. no word if speed or alcohol played a role in the crash. in lynn, i'm paul burton, wbz news. a developing story in waltham tonight, where police
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been missing for more than a 56-year-old leonard quirk disappeared on february 16. he was last seen in the area of 190 moody street. not far from the charles river. and quirk has facial scars and walks with a cane and investigators say he might have baseball hat. if you know where quirk is, or police. the weekend is here. rolls on. >> it was a crisp day today. nothing extreme. more rain-like stuff. >> pamela gardner is here. the forecast. >> it was a bit of a chilly day out there. especially with the wind, and combined with the cooler temperature, but tomorrow, better news, on the way. that's for sure. 50s on the horizon. and for now, in the 30s. we have pushed it down to 36 degrees in boston and norwood. and 31 plymouth. and 32p-town. you factored in wind chill, and it really feels like 26 degrees in boston. with a light breeze from the southwest. worcester feeling like 19 degrees and more like the 20s
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and the satellite radar, it shows that we are mostly clear. through. but there is a weak system to our north, that will help to overnight. and the temperatures will stay pretty steady once we get through midnight tonight and falling to 34 degrees in the hour by hour forecast. we will go down in the lower 30s and then back in the mid- 50s for tomorrow's high. and coming up, how long the 50- degree high temperatures will stick around in that seven-day >> pamela, thanks. we will see you then. campaign 2016 now. democratic candidate hillary clinton will be in boston on monday. just ahead of super tuesday. but as craig boswell reports she is in south carolina today where primary voters are going to the polls and she appears likely to beat bernie sanders. >> voters headed to the polls primary. hillary clinton has a huge lead over bernie sanders in the polls here. clinton wants to establish herself as the favorite among black voters.
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candidates that are out there, and will is nothing more qualified -- there is nobody more qualified. >> some voters see sanders as more relatable. >> he seems like a nice person. when he is on the tv, it is like i see through the screen, he is so nice. >> clinten crisscrossed the state all week trying to protect her lead and she and her husband and her daughter did a combined nine campaign events yesterday. both candidates are now looking ahead to super tuesday. when more than 800 delegates are up for grabs. >> today, clinton courted voters in alabama. >> i know there are a lot of people in this state who want to continue the progress we have made. >> reporter: while bernie sanders struggled to gain traction notice palmetto state, he shifted his focus to texas and spent the day campaigning in austin. >> if all of you come out to vote, and you bring your friends, and your neighbors, and your co-workers, we are going to win here in texas. [ cheering ]
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at stake in the lone star state. the largest prize for democrats next week. craig about. oswell, cbs news -- craig boswell, cbs news, washington. the republican presidential candidates on the campaign trail today. as you might imagine donald trump and marco rubio continue to take personal jabs at each other. >> lightweight rubio. total lightweight. and little mouth on him. >> which is amazing to me that a guy with the worst stray tan in america is attacking me for putting on makeup. >> rubio was stumping in georgia while trump is in arkansas. it is super tuesday coming up and we have you covered. a super tuesday special on my tv 38 at 8:00 and 10:00 cbs news will have a prime time special here on wbz. and then tune in to the wbz news at 11:00, for a full super tuesday wrap-up. still ahead on wbz news at 6:00 tonight, mumps outbreak.
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health concerns in one local college. >> and celebrating summer just a little bit early. the big opening today on castle island. >> and sweating it out. why hundreds decided to spend
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a college hockey team, staring at an outbreak of the mumps. only two confirmed cases at saint ann's in manchester and both are on the hockey team. the college is checking the vaccination status of all students, and seeking guidance from the state department of health. one of best known symptoms of the mumps is swollen glands that make your cheeks puffy. new numbers are out on the
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cdc now says there have been nine confirmed cases among pregnant women in this country. and one gave birth to a baby with a brain defect. all of the women contracted the virus while traveling overseas. a lot of folks were cycling in boston today. >> are you ready? are you ready? [ cheering ] >> over 1200 riders took heart, pedaling as fast as they could to raise money for research, for rare cancers. this is the 10th year for the event, dubbed cycle for survival. the founder, a harvard business grad started the event after his wife was diagnosed. >> we were really surprised how few treatment options there were so we decided something needs to change. we started cycle for survival. our local gym. and now it is a national movement across the country. >> and since inception, cycle $100 million.
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in south boston is, a sign of spring. the iconic castle island food stand started selling the 95 cents hot dog for the 2016 season today. and as always, plenty of folks lined up for a little bit of lunch. this is the eatery's 65th year in business. >> and it feels like spring out there. the birds are chirping. it is a little chilly today. but definitely feels like spring is here. >> we are going to have to get to you sullivan's right? >> get her over there. >> one of these days i will make it out there. >> and someone tweeted a picture from there saying you need the hat and the gloves and scarf but it is a milestone that we are getting there. >> but tomorrow, you don't. >> tomorrow, 50s on the way. and stay in the 50s for a little bit of time here. coming up, in your forecast. and we will go through that seven-day forecast, in just a minute. daylight tracker here, today, sunset was at 5:31 p.m. and sunset after 6:00 p.m., coming up pretty soon here. daylight savings time begins march 13.
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sunset after 7:00 p.m. march 23. and after 8:00 p.m. on may 16. yeah. high today was only 38 degrees. the average was 41 this time of the year. and we were just a touch below normal and record high is 64 set in 1957. didn't hit any records or anything like that. and we don't expect records to be broken but it will be warmer for tomorrow. temperatures are in the 30s. 36 boston. 33 taunton. and 30 in fallmouth and 33 degrees in worcester but it does feel a little bit cooler with the breeze. and then the wind stuck around all afternoon. sustained winds. and still between 5 and 15 miles per hour, in most spots, although we have a pretty strong wind right now in boston. 18 miles per hour. and 24 mile-an-hour winds in p- town. real feel, running much colder because of that wind out there. and 26 degrees in boston. fols more like 19 in worcester. and feeling more like 28 degrees for our friends in lawrence. lows tonight, back in the upper 20s and low 30s. we will be slightly warmer than
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thankfully because we have that southwest wind. but also, expecting a few clouds to roll into the forecast, too. and those clouds tomorrow, they will hang around. we will be partly sunny but thankfully much warmer. 50s across the board here and 40s to the south and to the east. and 54 in boston. and 56 bedford. 56 degrees in norwood. fantastic. mild weather. dominating the forecast. not only for sunday. but also into monday. and ahead of our next system. hour by hour forecast, the start to the 8:00 p.m. on monday, the mild conditions, they slip away briefly, as the cold front passes through. and this cold front is bringing us a chance for a couple of isolated rain showers. early monday. but then they push out. and we will have plenty of clear skies, and a little bit of a wind direction change again. late monday. allowing for temperatures to again warm up into the 50s. awesome. then another minor system moves through for tuesday. and another little wave cooling us off by a couple of degrees. and still 50 though.
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degrees for wednesday. the seven-day forecast, looking pretty good here. and mainly dry for any plans you might have outside. and wednesday's high of 60. it will also bring us a chance for scattered rain. we could see some soakers. maybe a rumble of thunder. that is yet to be seen, though, as this system evolves. we will keep you posted. windy as well. and then we cool off by the end of the seven-day forecast. back to some 30s. but even the lows in the seven- day forecast are not too bad. >> right? >> best winter ever, pamela. >> thank you. the celtics with a matinee afternoon. the heat.
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eric fisher on wbz news we like to see the c's rolling. >> they are rolling. dan roche back from spring training. sunburned. starting to subside. >> the old irish burn going strong.
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miami today with. a one game over the heat for the third place in the eastern conference. c's riding a nine-game winning streak at the garden. playing well there. down 12 in the first though. the bench got the wakeup call in the second. marcus, nice bounce back to evan turner for the reverse jam. turner drives in here. tie game. and pulls up for the celtics first lead here at 33-32. 11 of the 14 came in the first half. and miami, dwayne wade with the follow here. and dragik is there. >> and the c's were down six in the third. 11-0 run. isaiah thomas up to avery bradley. wide open for the lay-in. and they are rolling. another miami miss. derrick sullinger pounces on the rebounds. up to bradley. 12 points. 12 boards for sully. c's ul by five.
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stoudamire and the miami were held to 41% in the game. nicely done there in the second half. getting after it a little bit. the defensive end. and isaiah thomas, without a field goal in the first half. drains the three to give the c's the biggest lead of the game at six. but it was just 72-70 at the end of three. and back and forth in the fourth. marcus smart, the pull-up three, and he had 15 points off the bench. and celtics had six in double figures. c's up one. celtics running again here. turner bounce back to tyler zeller. a beauty right there. and down low. celtics up four. under six minutes to go. zeller had fouled off the bench. and put it away, 11-2 win. and a fast break. lay-in. 11-point lead with two minutes to go. 14 points for crowder. and brad stevens picked up his 100th win with the celtics. 10th straight win at the garden. 101-89 is the final. college hoops. over at the heights. bc eagles still looking for the first acc win. they hung tough with georgia tech.
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to pull bc within two with 10 minutes to go. bc fell behind nine. but kept fighting. darryl hicks with the steal. ahead to carter for the lay-in. 25 points for carter. bc down four, a minute to go. milan again. he will drain the three from deep, 11 seconds left. and bc gets no closer. falling to 0-16 in the acc. 76-71 is the fime. the nhl trade deadline is monday. and lots of wheeling and dealing under way. but so far, none of it involves the boston bruins. the b's will host tampa bay tomorrow night. didn't make a move today. placing max talbot on waivers. and bruins with a quick one game road trip to carolina last night. patrice bergeron got the b's on the board with a back hand. and in the third, 2-1. another stellar effort. for tuku. 4-19 final. the bruins are fifth place in the east -- 4-1 the final.
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blace in the east. and at the garden at tampa bay coming up. and starting pitcher et bardo rodriguez tweaked his knee in a fielding drill. this is video of rodriguez with a bullpen session earlier in camp. tests today determine the knee is fine. and no further tests are planned right now. rodriguez told reporters in fort myers that initially he felt like he broke his knee but then it was fine after some time. rodriguez 10-6 in the rookie season. and pens amed in to the starting -- penciled into the starting rotation for 2016. >> i like that. >> i know. and u-mass, saint bonaventure, 85-82, they fell to saint bonaventure. >> rodriguez okay. >> thank you. and still ahead bringing new mean together slogan go fetch. >> dogs getting a lesson on the court. we will tell you how it all
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it seems tennis may be going to the dogs. >> four dogs. rescued from the slums around sal paulo, aking as ball dogs. they ran after balls were out of bounds and brought them back to the players. it worked out at least most of the time. >> they don't always give it up. which is typically what dogs do. >> that would be my dog. run off into the tunnel. >> that's right. >> a final word, a little bit of a warmup. >> yes, finally. we have more 50s on the way. it is actually going to be dry and sunny so you can enjoy it. 52 tomorrow. chance for rain early monday but then out of the way and
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school, are you good. 54 and dry. >> that dodd it for the news at 6 thirt thir -- that does it for the news at 6:30. thanks for watching.
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>> axelrod: this is a campaign 2016 update. i'm jim axelrod. breaking news from south carolina. cbs news projects hillary clinton has defeated bernie sanders in today's democratic primary. it is a big win for clinton in the first-in-the-south contest for the party's nomination. our projection is based on exit polls and interviews conducted throughout the day in south carolina. exit polls suggest african american voters and women were major forces behind clinton's victory. let's bring in nancy cordes, who is in columbia, south carolina. good evening, nancy. >> reporter: hi, jim. and the clinton campaign says


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