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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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always you and tomorrow this campaign goes national. >> hillary clinton looking forward to super 'tis after idea sighs receive win in south carolina. that makes it 2 in a row for clinton with a few days before a national showdown with bernie sanders. >> clinton's big win tonight water thanks in part to one group of voters craig boswell has the story. reporter: hillary clinton ran away with the south carolina presidential primary. cbs news projects clinton beat vermont senator bernie sanders
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>> thank you so much south carolina. reporter: exit polls 84% of black voters went with clinton. she also dominated among women by nearly 50%. >> the main thing i think she has on her mind to see that the americans have what they need to have. reporter: with more than 800 delegates up for grabs next tuesday sanders looked past south carolina saturday and over the next 3 days is focusing specifically on vermont, minnesota, massachusetts, oklahoma and colorado. sanders was in texas earlier on saturday where he is fighting an uphill battle in the polls. >> if all of you come out to vote and you bring were you friends and your neighbors and co-workers, we are going to win here in texas. reporter: clinton campaigned in alabama before returning to south carolina for her victory celebration.
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every vote in every state we're not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for granted. reporter: voters there told cbs news that political experience was important to them and analysts say that helped clinton pick up idea sighs receive win this south carolina. tuesday night massachusetts will play a key role in selecting the nominees for president. the big push for votes has already started in massachusetts. today senator ed marquis met with hillary clinton supporters as they got ready to rally their grassroots campaign. bernie sanders stout sporters were hard at work in charleston making calls to bolster support for the vermont senator. one supporter says in the next aggressive. >> we feel that the people independents they folks are starting to pay attention and listen to the things senator
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>> on the republican side of things it's getting even nastier frontrunner donald trump and senator marco rubio ramping up the bad blood. >> he couldn't get elected dog catcher in forecast. >> he's flying around on hair force one. >> for second straight day donald trump and marco rubio explained the kind of insults more often heard in a schoolyard than presidential campaign. >> rubio total lightweight and little mouth on him. >> donald trump a con artist will never get control of this party. >> i see him starting to sweat, thank god he has really large ears the biggest ears i've ever seen because they were protecting him. >> a guy with the worst spray tan in america is attacking me for putting on make up. donald trump likes to sue people he should sue whoever did that to his face.
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mudslinging to defeat the gop frontrunner but others feel trump victory is inevitable. >> it's who's my honor to introduce to you the next president of the united states of america donald trump. reporter: he's forging new alienly answers with chris tryst christie and maine governor paul lepage just last week said a trump nomination would deeply wounds the republican party. back-up plan. various attempts to stop trump have fizzled like a super pack proposal in a memo circulated last fall to top donors saying if trump wins everyone loses. the focus now shifts to the super tuesday. kick off our coverage with a special over on my tv 38 at 8:00.
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on wbz tune into wbz news at 11:00 for full super tuesday wrap up. >> just t it was a beautiful but brisk saturday not bad for this time of year. >> tomorrow we'll see even warmer tempts. pamela gardner is here with a first look at the forecast. >> amazing temperatures on the way nill where from 15 to degrees warmer than today. temperatures are actually running pretty decent range we're in the 30s still haven't cooled off tootoo much. we have a southwest wind helping to keep temperatures elevated even though we're down in the low to mid 30s. 35 boston norwood. 32 degrees plymouth. that southwest wind makes it feel much colder real feel temps running in teens and 20s. we have clouds rolling into the forecast as well. there are snow showers in extreme northern parts of new england that's going stay to the north. we keep it dry here the clouds and the southwest wind will
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fall to maybe the low 30s come upper 20s in the suburbs but tomorrow not too far to go to get to the low 50s. southwest winds our friend 52 for the high temperature under partly sunny skies. more 50s on the way and also tracking your next chance for rain coming up later in the 7- day. we'll see you in a few minutes. developing story in may nard. town officials say too much of a certain chemical has been discovered in the drinking water there. >> that's creating some stir for some people especially brining women. jim smith has the story. >> we were shocked and then we wanted answers. reporter: anxious times for nate markly of may nard after learning tests reveal elevated levels of a potentially dangerous chemical compound in one of the drinking water wells. a chemical that can cause big problems for women who are expected. his wife is 9 months pregnant. >> we've been concerned about
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in the first trimester with possible stillborn and also with bladder cancer, liver problems, nervous system problems over time. reporter: the chemicals are call try hall look methane communities treat water with chlorine to combat bacteria. the town said the water is safe to drink, however. >> there is some concern. there's evidence that they might be harm full. you should follow-up with your physician on that. in the meantime the town will be flushing our water lines. reporter: even though test was conducted back on december 16th, the town of may nard says the state department of environmental protection did not notify maynard town officials about those elevated levels until this week. but on friday the town web site said maynard get the results back in mid january. nate markly wishes he knew before his wife's 9th month. >> we would have been able to at least stop drinking the tap water and so we're really upset about the way it's been handled and the fact that the
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the public in a timely fashion. reporter: more tests will be conducted monday. in may nard jim smith wbz news. also developing note a horrific crash turns deadly in norton the car jumped the median hit another car head-on. one person is dead. katie brace joins us live from the scene tonight. reporter: investigators have cleared away the mangled truck and car that was the result of a head-on collision. i want to show you some video we took of the scene right here on 495 in norton. now, the driver of the sedan was killed instantly the threatening injuries. on 495. a toyota yaris when investigators say the driver of that red toyota tacoma truck was driving northbound. median. sedan head-on. it's unclear at this time what caused the driver of the pick up truck to cross that large
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this is around 6:00 this evening and 495 southbound had two lanes closed for about 3.5 hours. now we do know that the driver of the truck is a 41-year-old man from mash bee he suffered nonlife-threatening injuries the district attorney's office is expected to file numerous charges against him and they are working on that right now. reporting live in norton along exit 10 katie brace wbz news. katie thanks. tonight a pilot is recovering after his small plane flipped over trying to land in plymouth. police say only the pilot was onboard. he was practicing take offss and landss with an exercise called touch and go where the plane only briefly hits the ground. a teenager nearby taking flight lessons saw the whole thing go bad. >> it was really quiet at first then the engines refed up as loud as they could go dead silence then you heard the wing snap on the ground and crash. >> the scene ted the pilot was obviously injured but was
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his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. the faa will look into it. in chatham an emergency lands following are small plane there. the flight came down without any landing gear hitting the ground on its belly. the airport closed for a short time but later reopened. luckily no one hurt. waltham police are looking for a man who vanished more than a weekal. 66-year-old leonard cork was seen in the area of moody street. he has facial scars and walks with a cane. investigators say he might have baseball hat. if you know where cork is or if call police. there is much more to come on wbz news at 11:00. . >> the college in new hampshire dealing with a couple of confirmed cases of the mumps. >> also two people are dead after a car crashes into a dunkin' donuts in lynn. how the manager tried to help the vehicles vicks. caught in the act a
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driveway leads to a little book that could solve a string of robberies. milder night ahead and warmer days on the way. high temps will soar into the 50s as soon as tomorrow.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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deadly crash in lynn is under investigation. an suv lost control and slammed into a dingdong ind. the car bounced right into the middle of a busy road. >> as pull burton reports the horrific crash claimed two lives. >> jump the curb here. these are the tire tracks. reporter: building owner describes a horrifying crash that claimed the lives of 26- year-old salvador quinones of boston and girlfriend of chelsea. both were ejected from the vehicle after crash into this dunkin' donuts. >> the car was cut in half. reporter: this is what's left of the mangled suv. the crash happened around 2:30 in the morning. both the man and woman were pronounced dead at the scene i've never seen a car like that in my life. reporter: linda and jennifer visit in dunkin' donuts every day. >> that car was totally demolished.
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looks like a piece of metal. reporter: there were customers inside the dunkin' donuts when the car came smashing through. one of the dunkin' donuts employees tried to help. >> the dunkin' donuts manager jumped through the window to try and resuscitate or help the occupants of the car, but there was nothing they could do. reporter: sample door was too upset but said he was a fun- loving person who also was hard- working. >> it's so tragic so bad to lose your life like that okay and be -- it's just terrible. >> i look at that picture of that car they didn't have a chance. reporter: police are still investigating no word if speed or alcohol played a role in the crash. four men caught red hand inside a burglary. nay neighbor saw an odd suv pull up to a house and called 911.
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and found 3 men inside. >> this is not appear to be a this group seems to be targeting certain homes. >> police believe the men may be tied to a string of burglaries inside the car they found a notebook with a list of more than a dozen addresses occurred. a college and hockey team are dealing with an outbreak of the mumps. there are only two confirmed cases right now both are on the hockey team. but there are other possible cases, the college says they are checking the vaccination status of all the students taking guidance from the state department of health. one of the best known symptoms of the mumps are swollen glands that make your cheeks puffy. . >> next several days will be nice and warm 50s on the way. made the 30s today a little
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when you get warmer in the second half of the weekend just as great with the sky conditions too. we'll have more sunshine for sunday afternoon. we're tracking those 50-degree plus days this winter and so far we've had 33 days this winter with 50 or above in boston. that's first place my friends. 29 days is the old record back in 1932. that season. 60 plus degree days if winter for boston. we're at third place now with 8 days. 10 is the record to beat and we might get close to 60 degrees again in your 7-day forecast. i'll show you that in a minute. temperatures running in the 30s right now. pretty mild for this time of year at this time of the day. 35 boston, 33 man chess are 34 lawrence and 36 degrees in falmouth. southwest wind keeping temperatures relatively steady. and that wind is sustained from the southwest between 10, 20 miles per hour in most spots. 17 miles per hour wind in boston with some gusts out
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miles per hour and the gusty winds will stick around tonight into your day tomorrow making it feel colder than those actual temperatures. your real feel materials running at 25 in boston 19 in worcester feeling like 27 in manchester 29 in providence. overnight we expect the southwest wind to stick around mostly cloudy skies helping to trap in some of the daytime heat and temperatures women stay in the lower 30. most. 20s upper 20s in the suburbs. that will be possible farther to the north and west. tomorrow's high temperatures are going to be fantastic. 50s across the boards except the south coast we have cooler water temperatures winds coming from the so. temps therefore will be in the upper 40s from hyannis 50s inland. 56 norwood 54 both ton. bedford 56. mild conditions sunday into monday even though we have a cold front we're tracking
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for sunday starting off here. we do have a warm front that's going to be to the north of us. that could help to tricker a couple of snow showers changing them to rain showers for the extreme northern parts of new england. by 7:00 a.m. monday we start off in the morning community commute then we'll see the cold front approaching. along this front not a lot of moisture with it so we only anticipate a couple of isolated showers at best and then all the rain gets out of here by after the lunch hour. 5:00 p.m. the evening commute of easier looking dry and looking great we'll have enough sunshine later in the afternoon monday to warm back into the 50s. another system will move our way for tuesday helping to cool down temperatures a bit but again that one still looking dry enough that we won't be this point. here's the 7-day forecast to 54 on monday. after some morning rain. tuesday 50 degrees back up to 58 on wednesday. scattered rain wind and maybe a
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we'll keep you posted on that storm system as it continues to develop. but then we get colder after that. thursday, friday into saturday highs in the 30s. back to you. >> all right pamela thank you. tonight yolk 0 own 0 is back at home after being hospitalized she was taken to a new york hospital yesterday. tonight her son tweeted his mom is home and running around as usual adding that she was just suffering from the flu. she was married to beetle john lennon until his death in 1980. a lot of folks cycling for a cure in boston today. >> over 1200 riders took part pedaling as fast as they could to raise money to research rare cancers it is the 10th year for the events dubbed cycle for survival. founder harvard business grads started the events after his wife was diagnosed. >> we were surprised how few treatment only objections there were. we decided something needs change.
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just this small little he in our local gym and now it's become this national movement across the country. >> since then cycle for survival has raised almost a hundred million dollars. coming up next the celtics take on the heat at home, but could they keep it rolling? >> plus going for history the pursuit of perfection for the b. c. women's hockey team. it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks
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a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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. green is becoming boston's new color. >> the set are on a role. >> snow is gone. it's green. >> miami at the garden. the c's thread heat one game third place in the eastern conference they were looking to extend their home winning streak to 10. bench got the wake up call in the weekend second. marcus smart bounce past turner. his 14 came in the first half. heat up by 3 at halftime. the c's down 6 in the third quarter they put together a 11 nothing run. sell first off and running. sullinger to braidly for the lay in. back and forth in the fourth.
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he led the zone 15 off the bench. cells up 79-78. jae crowder fast break lay in2 minutes to go. 14 points for crowder brad stevens picks up his 100th win with the celtics 101-89 your final. b. c. eagles looking for first acc win still. georgia techie lie carter matt milan to pull b. c. within 2. they went down 9 kept fighting darrell hicks with a steal to carter for the lay in. b. c. down four a minute to go but we'll get it down to 3 no closer. b. c. falls to 0-16 in acc play. 76-71 your final. over case jim b. u holy cross. junior eric fang had himself a
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b u where 8th win in 10 gales. 83-68. they open up tournament play thursday hosting american university. loui eriksson is still abreu inthe two sides have not reached a agreement on contracts extension. the nhl trade deadline is monday at 3:00. 's host the lightning home night. you mass bowl still playing for a bye. tyler moeller breaks the tie in the third short-handed goal. john edwards knocks home the rebound fire little insurance. the river hawks 3-1 win over b. c. earning themselves a first round buy. b u need a win at notre dame. it goes in off shawn maguire. cal peterson shut out they beat the terriers one nothing. b u will host umass friday. b c women's hockey team still perfect in the season. beating maine score of 5-1 to sweep the black bears move on
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lexi bender led the way with three assists b c will face vermont or uconn next week. the northeastern women advancing 6-2 over providence. kendall coin she leads the country with 49 goals in 82 points. red sox bit of a scare in ft. myers starting pitcher eduardo rosario rodriguez tweaks his left knee. rodriguez throwing a bullpen session earlier in camp. they peed to be fined no further tests are planned for now. rodriguez told reporters initially he felt he broke his knee then it was fine. penciled in a important piece of the starting rotation for 2016. and woody page of the denver post reporting peyton manning will acknowledge his retirement next week. the 39-year-old manning has played 18 seasons winning five league mvp awards and a pair of super bowls. so brady still hanging in there
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>> dany thanks. >> up next feeling like summer. >> the one thing that had the
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. . >> ed loyal fans started the day by lining up for the 95- cent dogs. this is eatery's 65th year in business. sounds pretty good. >> yummy. >> last year we were 3 feet of snow there was no hot dogs to be seen. >> end of february no snow on the ground and we're going for 50s for the end of the weekend. >> 52 for the high temperature. after we have lows in the lower 30s the winds is going to stay strong throughout the day too gusty at times partly sunny monday morning our next best chance for rain at least in the immediate forecast. 54 by afternoon and then stay
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>> that does it for us on this saturday night thanks for watching. >> phantom gourmet is coming
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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the lower the temperature drops the bigger our appetite grows. welcome to phantom gourmet, we are going to warm it up with fire foods because it'll always cozy and comfy when you are dining inside a great local restaurant. over the next half hour dive into some homemade potato chips smothered in cheese. and they can served karaoke --


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