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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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all right. danielle. we are ready. >> good morning to you as well. 5:00. i'm filling in for pamela this morning. it looks like we are going to have a nice day today. >> it looks beautiful. it is coming into the 50s today. more like april than february. we'll stay that way for the next couple of days.
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there this morning. look at the temperature in boston. it is 38 degrees. the wind is from the southwest at 15 miles per hour. there is a bit of a breeze out there. colder. the real feel in boston right now is 29 degrees. it is 32 in wooster rice now. 37 in chatham as well. the breeze feels a little bit colder but not too bad. we had a couple of flurries. this is actually going to lead to some partial sunshine today and a warm up too. look at these temperatures. 53 in boston. low to mid-50s. port smith 52 today. winds may gust occasionally over 20 miles per hour. it will feel a little bit cooler but keep in mind we should be around 40 degrees
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brief showers possible tomorrow. we'll talk more about that in a couple of minutes. >> all right. thank you so much. we have some breaking news overnight. a virginia police officer working her first day on the job has been killed. two other officers have been shot respond to go a domestic related incident. police say the man who opened fire on the officers is a military servicemen. the gunman is now in custody. he reportedly killed his wife during the dispute. the gunman has not been identified. the district attorney has authorized a capital murder charge against him. he has been identified as ashley. police say she had been sworn in as an officer on friday and was on first shift saturday when she was shot.
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officers shot is not known at this hour. police are investigating a deadly crash in norton. the driver of the sedan was killed instantly. the passenger hospitalized with life threatening injuries. they were traveling southbound in a toyota when investigators say a driver of a toyota tacoma crossed over the median. it is unclear what caused driver of the pickup truck to veer off. he does not have life threatening injuries but is expected to face several charges. a pilot recovering after a small plane flipped over. tonight pilot was on board. yesterday he was practicing the plane only briefly hit the a teenager witnessed the accident. >> it was really quiet at first
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heard the wings crash on the ground and then crash. his injuries are not believed to be life threatening. the faa will look into it. in chatham an emergency landing. the flight came down without any landing gear hitting the ground on its bellly. luckily no one was hurt. >> and tomorrow this -- and tomorrow this campaign goes national. >> a decisive win. that makes it two in a row for clinton. the polls say it could be a
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here is craig boswell. >> reporter: she now has back to back wins wins overall in south carolina by a 3-1 margin. >> hillary clinton ran away with the primary. she beat sanders by a wide margin. >> thank you so much. [chanting] >> it showed 84% of black voters went with clinton. she also dominated among women by nearly 50%. they hope americans give clinton a chance to be president. >> the main thing that's on her mind is to see that americans have what they need to have. >> reporter: sanders looked past south carolina saturday
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focusing on vermont, oklahoma and colorado. sanders ended his day with supporters in rochester, minnesota. >> minnesota can play a profound and important role in moving this country forward towards a political revolution on tuesday, just a few days from now. >> thank you, alabama. >> reporter: clinton before returning to south carolina for her victory celebration. >> we are going to compete for every vote, every state. we are not taking anything and we are not taking anyone for granted. >> voters there told cbs news that political experience was important to them and analysts say it helped him pick up a decisive win. >> this race is far from over. am of these are rewarded until the very last state votes. back to you.
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on the republican side of things it is getting even nastier. donald trump and rubio are ramping up the bad blood. >> he couldn't get elected dogcatcher in florida. >> he is flying around on hair force one. >> they are more likely heard in a schoolyard. >> little mouth on him, bing, bing, bing. >> donald trump, a con artist, will never get control of this party. >> i see him starting to sweat. thank god he has the biggest ears i have ever seen. >> the guy with the worst spray tan in america is attacking me for putting on make-up. [laughter]
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he should sue whoever did that to his face. [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> it is my honor and privilege to introduce to you donald trump. >> chris which i sayie just last which i say -- party leaders like mitch mcconnel. he has given the green light to break with trump. various attempts to stop trump have fizzled. it circulated last fall to top donors saying if trump wins everyone looses. >> a poll shows trump towing his rivals.
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rubio comes in a distant second. it is now onto super tuesday. we have got you covered. we'll have a super tuesday special. it is right here starting at 8:00 at 10:00. we'll have a prime time special on channel 4 and tune in for the news at 11:00 for an election wrap up. i told you we had you covered. police say they caught them in the act. ahead, a strange car in a driveway leads to a little bobbing that could solve a string of robberies. are you waking up feeling kind of lucky today? break out the winning lottery numbers. here is a look at your winning numbers. good luck.
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good morning. we are in the upper 30s already. on our way to 50 by midday. we are talking about temperatures more normal for april. it will be dry today, clear skies in the upper 40s this evening. i'm tracking a couple of showers on the way for tomorrow. we'll time it out and carry you hour by hour in a couple of minutes. four men under arrest caught red handed in a burglary. police say a neighbor saw an odd suv. officers pulled up to the home and found three men inside. >> it does not appear to be a random act. they seem to be targeting certain homes. >> they may be tied to a string
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there is a list of more than a dozen addresses. the four men will be in court tomorrow. much more still in court tomorrow, why it is leading them to fetch. is today your birthday? today is actress of heros turns 40. kelly bishop the actress who played on the gillmore girls is 32. if it's your birthday, that's the bigie.
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it's a sure sign of spring that it is still february. the food stand, sullivans opened for business today. loyal fans started lining up for the dogs. solis has been in business for 65 years. speaking of dogs, it seems like tennis might be going to the dogs. hate hit the court at the brazil open acting as ball dogs.
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them back to the players. i love that. at least most of the time. some were a bit stubborn. i imagine serving balls with all of that slobber on them might have been kind of difficult. >> that is so cute. >> they just want today play fetch after -- wanted to play fetch afterwards. >> i love it. >> bring us good news, what do you say? >> if you like the warmth we'll be 50 to 55 today. plan something. there's an isolated threat tomorrow. today will be dry. 21 days until the spring equinox. feels like we are almost there.
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the weather has cooperated for the most part this winter. this morning temperatures are 10 to 20 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. it is 35 in manchester and upper 30s from the meramec valley to the cape. it is 32 in wooster right now. there are high level clouds that are over the region too but the trend will be for decreeing decreeing clouds. it will put on the brakes here. you put the temperatures on here. we are near 40 in boston. we drop to the teens, 20s. look at that, the arctic chill back in canada. we are on the warmer side of the front this time around which means temperatures come up into the 50s today.
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it will be another mild day. we start with sunshine for our monday. clouds build in. we may get a brief rain shower tomorrow late morning to early. it comes through pretty fast. the clouds pass through and clearing comes through. it won't ruin your day by any means. brief flurry or sprinkle. tuesday sunshine to start. it will be a little bit cooler. we get increasing clouds late in the day. the next storm system we are south. there is a lot of moisture. it will bring periods of rain likely and temperatures in the 40s through the middle part of the week. it is 54 in boston. keep in mind we are 41 degrees. degrees. upper 40s. tonight not that cold. we drop back to around 40 with clear skies.
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come back into the 50s for high temperatures tomorrow. seven day forecast, 40s through the middle part of the week. a little bit of light snow in northern massachusetts. thursday we turn colder and friday we may get grazed bay storm. 30s to start next weekend. back to you. >> all right. thank you, danielle. about three quarters of college students are graduating with debt. some of these new grads are getting help paying back those loans. their employers are picking up the tab. >> reporter: it is like a lot of recent college graduates. now she is getting help from a new employee benefit. $1200 a year for the next six years towards her student loans. >> millennials are trapped
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we saw it as an opportunity to do something that mattered to our people as well as to society. >> reporter: bruce elliot expects the number to take off. >> i think it is really the beginning of a trend. we will see this benefit expand initially or in those companies that hire younger employees. they hope it will help them hire and retain good workers. >> it is advantageous. it keeps the employee motivated. it provides extra disposable income on a monthly basis and for the employer it keeps the employee. >> the student loan pay-down is an investment in our people, investment in their future. the sooner they pay it off the
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in our economy. >> it will lower the amount of time it will take me to pay back. it is hollywood's most glamorous night. how much money does it take to get ready for the read carpet?
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tonight is oscar night. to get you ready for tonight's academy awards here is your awards. jennifer lawrence is 25 years old and nominated this year for joy. it has been 29 years between nominations for sill vester stallone.
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it costs an average of $3500 to get an actress ready for the red carpet. the dangerous discovery found in a town's drinking water. we'll explain.
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good morning everybody. glad you're with us. i'm filling in for pamela today. >> you're bringing us a good day today. >> it is beautiful. >> is sun look bright. >> yes. and we turn cooler but not really until the end of the week. we'll take it. >> yes. march is right around the corner. >> isn't it hard to believe? spring fever today. 50s today and tomorrow. in like a lamb comes tomorrow. it looks like another warm and wendy rain event. temperatures will be running in the 40s. the rain may come down at a pretty good clip. 38 in boston right now. it is 37 in lawrence.
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speed. a bit of a breeze this morning making it feel a touch colder out there. it is 22 in wooster and 29 in boston right now. so it is a bit of a chilly start but not too chilly by february standards. middle and high altitude clouds right now. the trend will be for increasing sunshine here. hour by hour through mid-to late 40 sunshine mixed with clouds for the afternoon. 50 to 55 degrees. get outside and enjoy it. the wind may gust occasionally over 20 miles per hour and we'll gradually cruise back through the 40s under clear skies. we'll take you out to the week ahead coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thank you so much. a virginia police officer was killed in the line of duty.
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offering a domestic disturbance call. a child in the home was not hurt. one man is now under arrest. police described him but did not give his name. a driver killed instantly in a crash on 495 that he may never have seen coming. a pickup truck crossed the median slamming into a car heading south. the pickup truck driver is expected to face charges. hillary clinton finished with 73% of the vote. it gives clinton 39 of the 53 delegates.
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the day of tomorrow ten other states award delegates. a developing story in maynard now. the finding is creating concern for pregnant women. >> reporter: elevated levels of of a potentially chemicals. it can cause big problems for women who are expecting. >> we have been concerned about correlations with miscarriage in the first trimester with possible stillborn births and also with bladder cancer and liver problems over time. the chemicals are called methanes. it is created to combat bacteria. that town says the water is
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>> there is evidence it might be harmful. you should follow up with your physician on that. the town will be flushing our water lines. >> reporter: the town of maynard says the state department of environmental did not notify until this week. the town web site said they got it back in mid-january. he wishes he knew before his wife's ninth month. >> we would have been able to stop drinking the tap water. we are really upset about the way it has been handled and the way it wasn't shared for the public. >> reporter: more tests will be conducted monday. the suv lost control early
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median and slamming into a dunkin donuts. the building owner and several dunkin donuts say they have never seen anything lining it. >> it was totally demolished. >> the dunkin donuts manager jumped through the window to try to resuscitate or help the occupants of the car. there was nothing he could do. >> they haven't said what made in car lose control. elchapo says he will plead guilty if he can be extradited to median security prison in the u.s.. el chapo escaped twice from the
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they won't let him sleep so he is turning into a kind of zombie. the cease fire brokered by russia and the u.s.. they hope that all sides will respect the truce. the cease fire aims it would be the first time international negotiations brought any degree of quiet. tax season is here, yep. the number of people caught up in the taxpayer data is seven times larger than originally believed. they used a popular tool to steal tax forms of 720,000 people. they will warn about potential identity theft. they will offer a pin to protect any future filings.
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isn't working for weight watchers at least not yet. she is a spokesperson. she lost 26-pounds. they reported an $11 million loss and stocks fell almost 30%. that's surprise. the oprah effect is strong. coming up the womens hockey. (cell phone rings) where are you?
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down 12 in the first. bounce pass to evan turner. 11 of turner's 14 points came in the past. wade with a fallout for the heat. heat up by 3 at halftime. down by 6 in the third. miami are off and running. bradly for the lay-ins. they were up 72-70. back and forth smart with a pull up 3 here.
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break lay-in. two minutes to go. 14 points for crowder. his 100th win and 101-89 is the final. still looking for the acc win. they went down fine. 25-quarter. they got it down to 3. they foul in the acc 76-71 the final. terry looking a clinch the number three seed and fanning had a day. 25 points a career high. an 8th win and 83-68. they are open tournament employee hosting american university.
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they have not reached an agreement. the clock is ticking. the trade deadline is 3:00. they host tonight. bc locked up the number one season is friday. still playing for a buy last night. a shorthanded goal. knocks home to rebound far little insurance. they win 3-1 earning themselves a first round buy. needing a win for a bye. to the left of the goal and sean mcguire. the bc womens hockey team is still perfect in the season.
5:43 am
lexi bender will face assist. northeastern women also advancing with a 6-2 win yesterday. a 12th career hat trick and an assist. she leads with 49 goals and 82 points. red sox had a bit of a scare. he tweaked his left knee. it was throwing earlier in camp. it revealed that the knee was fine and no further tests to plan now. he told him he broke his knee. it is penciled into the starting rotation for 2016. finally reporting that peyton manning will knowledge his retirement next week. the 39-year-old manning played 18 seasons winning five mvp a awards. have a good sunday everyone. >> thank you. a parent to a duck, the
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also ahead, the video you have to see, the moments when a truck barrels through an bring on that trivia. >> we are coming into the 50s today. it looks like a beautiful second half of the weekend. here is your first question, why did leap year start? is it a because of the mooned and tide cycles,b, because people wanted an extra day every four years or c because the calendar didn't always match up or d, because february is an awesome month. i think she is going for d. [laughter]
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i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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red dump truck comes barreling through. yikes. okay. the truck crashed into several cars and crashed into a creek. the truck driver was hospitalized. police want to know why he lost control. amazingly no one else was injured. that's very strange. >> it was like he wasn't paying attention. >> you never know.
5:48 am
that's pretty fast to be going through it. and what is that salami sandwich back there? >> it made me hungry. i'm not going to lie. she came over and like you smell like onions. i don't think it's me. >> you never know. >> should i do the weather now? >> yes, why don't you? >> i'll have a cup of coffee and i'll have coffee breathe for you too. [laughter] yesterday's highs were up around 40. we were just shy of that. it is pretty normal for this time of year. we hit 39 in boston yesterday, 34 in wooster. look at our temperatures right now. we only came down bay degree or so overnight. it is not that bad of a start out there. it is 35 in manchester and 34 in careen at the moment. there is a bit of a breeze. it will make it feel a touch
5:49 am
middle and high altitude clouds. look at the snow to the north. areas back to northern new england. the cold front is coming back across eastern canada and putting on the break and going to move back north. so we will not get into the arctic air but 20 to 30 below zero. we are on the warmer side of this front. temperatures come into the 50s this afternoon. a little spring fever in full force again. tomorrow kicking off the workweek. sunshine to start. looks beautiful. tomorrow clouds will build. there's not a ton of moisture with this front but a couple of rain showers until about mid- afternoon. it may be worth having the umbrella. it will not be a big deal. it comes through pretty quickly. not everyone will see a shower. we clear out the skies right after that.
5:50 am
few clouds roll in late in the afternoon. that's out ahead of our next storm. it looks like it drags in more warm air so temperatures will be in the 40s. it looks like areas of rain develop during the day on wednesday along with gusty winds at the coast. in the meantime low to mid-50s today. clear skies tonight. the southwest wind still active. we actually don't get that cold. lows around 40 degrees and highs tomorrow once it can come back into the 50s. well above average. it looks like this stretch is going to continue too. we do cool off a bit. in the 40s the clouds gradually increase. it may move in wednesday night but we change to rain. colder to end the week. thursday and friday, friday we may get grazed by a storm. that's the next one to watch. it looks like next weekend will
5:51 am
enjoy this warmth while we have it. >> all right. it is trivia time. >> why did leap yard start? >> because of the moon and tide cycles i feel. >> i knew it wasn't the other two. >> so the ancient egyptians. the calendars didn't match because it takes a little longer than 365 days. >> i'm glad you did this one because i always wondered that. >> it is confusing. >> it really is. >> so wait, how often does this happen in. >> every four years. >> okay. >> so we get another leap year trivia in the next hour. >> and in four years? >> yes. [laughter] >> thank you. the world championship for indoor rowing will take place today. this is intense. hundreds of competitors come here to boston for what is
5:52 am
it is 2000 meters rowing as hard and fast as you can. it is the 35th year for the competition that began for rowers. the competition goes throughout the day. i'll be there rooting them on. good luck if you're doing that today. yikes. for main the story of an unbreakable bond. oh, my goodness. i love this story. how this little girl became
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you have a pet at home you really feel that bond. there is a little girl who is more than just a friend with her pet doesn't we went on the road to meet them. >> reporter: a lot of kids go to the park to see ducks. one takes her duck to see the park. snow flake comes near swim around the pond and then
5:56 am
snow flake truly believes that kiley is his mother and the duck is not alone in his delusion. >> i'm his mom. >> reporter: you're not really his mom. >> yes, i'm his mom. >> howdied you first find out? >> that he was a duck? [laughter] >> reporter: she is unbearably cute. since i never recovered from a question let me tell you this. the duck had to be by her side no matter what the hour. when snow flake refused to stay in the backyard her parents say they had no choice but to give him a diaper and make him a house duck. >> he goes almost everywhere they are allowed. i don't know if you had a two
5:57 am
lev home without her blanket. she would not leave home without her duck. at that point nothing is negotiable. >> reporter: he goes to the beach in summer, soccer practice, sleep overs and went trick or treating as olaf. they have formed a bond like most of us will never know. >> it is special even at five years old that i know that's the type of person she is going to be. >> reporter: she really is going to make a great mom some day mostly because she already is. >> some day he is going to grow up and go to college. >> what? [laughter] >> reporter: freeport, maine. >> what? he can't go to college. [laughter]
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