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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 28, 2016 11:08pm-11:35pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 10 starts right now. -- 11 starts right now. >> a candlelight vigil. the rookie virginia cop killed in the line of duty just a day after she stood -- was sworn in. >> officer ashley quintin grew up right here in new england. she grew up in new hampshire back in -- graduated in 2005. >> reporter: news spread very quickly to the hometown of meramec, new hampshire, of her death. and as they mourn her loss, so
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also coming to terms with the shooting.>> [bagpipes playing] hundreds gathering to remember the officer. her first day on patrol in virginia ended with her a murder victim. >> we will continue one step at a time in honor of ashley. her memory. >> officer down. i don't know where the suspect is at. >> reporter: responding to a domestic dispute saturday night, ron hamilton shot and killed his wife and opened fire on the officers. >> it was very scary. i heard the shots, four or five shots back to back. >> reporter: the 32-year-old active-duty sergeant was assigned to the pentagon. he is now accused of killing ashley and two other officers -- and injuring two other officers.
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>> the fact that this is an individual who was a member of our community makes it even reconcile. >> reporter: flowers were left at her mother's home. >> we are very saddened to see someone so young, first day on the job, get killed.>> reporter: she graduated in meramec high school in 2005. in her book, she wrote, look for something rather than die for nothing. she served for six years as a marine reservist before being sworn in on friday. tonight, she is being honored as a police officer who gave her life. >> reporter: hamilton is expected in court tomorrow. two officers shot also expected to be okay. -- the two other officers shot are expected to be okay. now to a developing story in worchester where police are searching for the driver who hit to the dress jeans and took -- to -- 2 pedestrians and took
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out that one of the victims is fortunately, out of the hospital but unfortunately, the other victim is still in top shape. tonight, we spoke with a man who said the witnesses were begging the driver to stop but she simply kept right on going.>> the daughter was screaming telling the lady to stop, banging on the window. >> reporter: ray rivera's still cannot believe it describing the scene sunday afternoon. he said a husband and wife were run over by a woman who allegedly took off leaving the wife deadly hurt. >> it was a couple with her daughter shopping here at the flea market and they were coming out, there was a lady backing up and ran over the couple in the daughter was screaming and telling the lady to stop and she would not stop. after that, i guess she took off.>> reporter: reveres says the couple and daughter were leaving the flea market where he is a vendor he said other vendors told him the daughter
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stop but she would not. >> reporter: do you think she knew she had somebody is 2 >> yeah, they were banging on the windows. it's something. right? stop for roll your window down or something but i guess she was in shock and just kept going. >> reporter: witnesses say the woman's chest was wearing -- was run over twice by that driver. >> reporter: the male victim is 60 years old and has been the female is 58. she has been admitted to the hospital. please also say that witnesses were able to get them partial license plate numbers and they are making real progress in the investigation. live in worchester tonight, jim smith, wbz news . back to you. >> another developing story out of chelsea. that is where police are investigating the suspicious death of a man found on a
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work investigators say the 34- year-old victim was discovered on cottage street around 5 am. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he later died. the da takes over the investigation. police are not releasing the man's name. new tonight, we are learning the death of a new hampshire newspaper advertised a woman gunned down was not random. police will not say why they believe the 62-year-old was targeted took they also will not say if they have a suspect or if they recovered in the balance. robert was shot in the head around 9 o'clock at night on her walk in manchester back on august 30. >> an investigation underway in a police shooting in dartmouth. we are told officers responded to a domestic incident when 23- year-old ryan kukoc took off. police say he charged at them with a knife. officers tried to subdue him
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his weapon. hospital. campaign 2016. hillary clinton and bernie sanders campaign tomorrow. john kasich was in springfield today. >> as don champion reports, a new poll shows who is leading >> reporter: republican front runner, donald trump campaigned in alabama sunday afternoon work earlier, he appeared on cnn's state of the union and refuse to denounce an endorsement for the former [ null ] leader -- former ku klux klan leader. >> i'm pretty sure i didn't meet him and i just don't know anything about him.>> other republican candidates slammed trump for not condemning his support >> there is no place in this movement for david duke, the ku klux klan -->> we don't have anyplace in united states of
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>> reporter: the candidates are hitting key states in the south. hillary clinton also attacked trump. >> i said last night, america has never stopped being great. >> a new cbs battleground tracker poll shows hillary clinton and had a bernie sanders in georgia, virginia and texas. sanders admits he has work to do after losing the democratic primary. >> we did really, really badly with older african-american voters. we got decimated. >> trump is ahead in georgia and virginia but trails ted cruz in his home state of texas. 155 delegates are at stake there. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> it is now super tuesday and we have covered for you. over on my tv 38 starting at 8 o'clock at 10:00, cbs news will
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here and you should tune into wbz news at 11 for a soul -- full super tuesday wrapup. kelly says a new supreme court justice should not be nominated until after the election. some of her constituents are a little put off by that statement your even as others like that she is sticking to the party line. president obama won new hampshire twice and is facing a tough reelection against maggie hassan. checking the weather now. many people spending the day outside today. temperatures in the 50. -- 50s. a first look at the forecast and what you can expect for this workweek. >> we are on the upside with eatable temperatures. still holding at 40 after a high of 58 after a high of 5846 in manchester. 43 and one and 43 in king. overnight tonight, dropping
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30s. milder conditions thanks to that clear sky and snow staying well to the north of us. before school at the bus stop, if you want that spring jacket. you don't need the umbrella. 32 degrees and we want to 56 school. it looks like you may see some spotty showers. i will have that in your forecast. this week, the public will put us say on a proposed casino in brockton, a subsidiary of brockton fairgrounds. they are the only firm in the running. the public hearing will take place at the community college tuesday afternoon at 4. rhode island wants to compete for commonwealth. tiverton right at the
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the state legislature for both and they will decide whether the idea should be put on the november outlet. boston with talk about semiautomatic weapons on one boston campus. holding a hearing tomorrow night to discuss the decision to our officers with semiautomatic rifles. the school saying they need the right tools in case of an emergency but boston police officials say it is not necessary. there could soon be a strike at stop and shop. the union representing 10,000 stores in massachusetts just authorized a strike if members a become king what -- company cannot agree. improving the safety of the regional rail system. stephen lynch is hosting the event in boston. he is worried about rail safety and budget cuts. mayor becker and maher walsh will both be there your>> the best picture has not been announced yet that spotlight is
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nostro -- oscar gold. winning an academy award for best original screenplay. >> even though it is still february, we continue to see signs. >> we will tell you what has already been spotted on cape cod. >> trying to avoid another storm at sea and a whole bunch of people on board are sick, to boot. >> oh my god. why this woman was so excited for an extra special reunion today. you will see it coming up. staying mild overnight tonight but i am tracking of us -- ups and downs in the seven day forecast where we could see some colder temperatures. sports final at the bottom of the hour and we will talk about whether or not to trade errington. david price and david ortiz and
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a public hearing is about to get underway at the vatican to investigate sex abuse within the catholic church. a group of sex abuse survivors from australia are on their way.
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top cardinal knew about their attackers. >> we also know that the general response to specifics has been a very legal answer of i can't remember. we sincerely hope that is not the case. but my message for cardinal palace to understand, we are not here to hunt him down. we are here to seek truce. we are here to heal our city. >> it's unclear if any boston survivors are heading to the meeting. the cruise ship that ventured out into a major atlantic storm and turned back has run into another problem. the anthem of the seas has returned to new jersey to avoid a storm and there is also an outbreak of neural virus on board your it's not clear at this point how many people are
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. a couple -- bera. when he crashed his car, the dog took off. >> the little dog is now back where he belongs. >> hey, you. no -- oh. >> she could not hide her joy. >> i didn't think i would ever see him again. i thought i would get a call that he got hit by a car or something. and never get him back. >> reporter: friday night, her husband got into an accident on then wait in revere and the dog bolted. >> i don't know how he got away from the. i don't know if he pulled out of the police are what happened. >> reporter: the next morning, he was found running in the southbound lanes of i-93. they stopped to pick them up and called the animal rescue league of boston. all in tears tracked down the owners and we were there for
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i owe you my life. >> mike spent two nights in the hospital. frankie was not hurt. >> that is a nice little story. >> a happy ending. spring was certainly here today. pretty unbelievable with temperatures climbing into the upper 50s. people were out and about, enjoying the day.>> pamela gardner joins us now with a look at your workweek forecast. starting off really nice. >> and ending not so nice. >> come on, now. >> half-full. we're going to stay of days. we fall back into winter like temperatures. so far, we are counting those 50 degree plus days in winter and we have added to the tally 34 days
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58 in boston for the official high. yield record, 29 days that backing -- the high today 29. setback in 1966, 53 degrees. temperatures are still holding in the 40s. a pleasant 46. 43 and worcester. 30s once we get farther to the north and the west and that is where the colder air is located. way up in canada. and in fact, they are actually dealing with some light snow showers at this time but for us, we have warm springlike temperatures and running warmer in almost all locations compared to this time yesterday. 8 degrees warmer in boston. he sustained when coming from the southwest at 10 to 20 miles an hour but strong wind gusts are found across the cave and -- the islands. that wind will stay strong overnight allowing for temperatures to hold in the 40s
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upper 30s and the -- expected in the suburbs that tomorrow, high temperatures just as beautiful. 50s across the board here from cape and and inland to worcester. farther to the south, to cape cod, we are still in the upper 40s and lower 50s. satellite and radar picture shows a a few clouds to the north but we are all clear across massachusetts. the next system will push and over the next 24 hours. this one producing snow for the crown main but in the midwest, they are dealing with thunderstorms. 10 am monday, starting off with a few showers. in the cold front moves the cost -- across at lunchtime. afternoon and at 6 pm, that is
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light rain and i mean, light rain. nothing to impressive. they be up to a 10th of an inch of accumulation. the next system fizzles out late monday. tuesday, high pressure and controlled in the bigger system moves in for wednesday as it continues to develop out in the midwest for tuesday evening. it has our way and we would get some rain at times. even went. warm temperatures -- when did -- one temperatures and highs in the 30s. thank you. sports are coming up next. see how the bruins did against the lightning tonight. >> some trade talks right after
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forget the oscars. there's a lot of questions and hype about the bruins and trade deadlines. >> the trade deadline coming up tomorrow. a lot of them made themselves available over the weekend. >> to get that loui eriksson watch. >> questions around the bruins tonight as they hosted the tampa bay lightning at the garden. the trade deadline monday and can the bruins turn things around at home as one of six with a losing record on home ice. louis erickson on the ice tonight with the bruins where
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remains to be seen. kevin miller's shot gets through beating ben bishop putting the bruins up one to nothing. meanwhile, under adam gets by to tie the game. two-on-one. ryan callahan with the first of mid-second. stephen breaking and. that's a penalty shot. doesn't waste the chance. he goes down, santos behind him with a 4-1 lead. tyler johnson on the left side of the head. scary but he was able to skate off on his own. a lot of blood work for -- >> reporter:-1 your final. >> it's a frustrating loss. something that we need to work on. and like you said, it was a little alarming.
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happen. we have to make sure we correct them. and we let that one get away. >> back to erickson before the game. contract talks are continuing but no agreement so far. sweeney also said he had talks with other teams about erickson them here in boston. also the opportunity to pick up will do that. the trade deadline is tomorrow at 3 o'clock. rodriguez in his left knee which he twisted in a field yesterday had an mri this morning and basically, his kneecap popped out of place temporarily. reports say he was walking with a lamp. some swelling but no structural damage. this was shut him down for a few days and go from there. we will stay on it. your sports final coming up in
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up next, the wells are


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