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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now at 4:30 remembering a young officer killed in the line of duty. planned tribute in her hometown in new hampshire. >> over 24 hours until voters head to the polls in massachusetts. the candidates final push ahead of super tuesday. >> and the spotlight shines bright on the boston globe the movie spot line winning best picture at the oscars. we have all the night's big winners. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you. early. hauser.
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chris mckinnon and danielle niles is here on what is a beautiful morning. >> it was a great weekend weather wise yesterday it was nice. >> it was beautiful and it's not too cold this morning. we are in the 40s right now in a lot of spots. 43 in boston and 44 in manchester and 45 in lawrence and 40s in the cape and island. keene at 28 this morning. 39 in worcester and there's an active breeze from the southwest5 to 15 miles per hour. the wind will occasionally gust over 25 miles per hour and it comes out ahead after the front. clear skies over us right now. but the clouds increase across central and western new york. a band of showers with it and that will slide through from midday until the mid afternoonin a lot of spots. start for morning rush hour temperatures in the mid-40s. 5 # by lunchtime and we should afternoon. passing showers you may want to have the umbrella on stand by a
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shore to the cape for the ride home. clearing for the rest of us and temperatures in the upper 40s. no weather related issues for voting day tomorrow. and rain on the way for wednesday. details in few. liam. >> thank you. merrimack new hampshire honoring one of its own a moment of silence will be held in memory of ashley guindon the police officer killed in the line of duty one day after she was sworn in. the rookie virginia officer graduated from merrimack high school in 2005. >> today the army sergeant accused of killing her is due in court. katie brace has more on the crime and how guindon is being remembered. >> reporter: hundreds gathered for officer ashley guindon the first day on patrol account prince william police department and it was her a murder victim. >> we will continue one step at a time in honor of ashley.
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service that we do anything but. >> officer is down. >> reporter: guindon and two others respond a domestic dispute and ronald hamilton shot and killed his wife and opened fires on his officers. >> it was scary i heard the shots 4 to 5 shots back to back. surrendered. the # 2-year-old active duty army sergeant was assigned to the pentagon and is accused of two others. she grew up in merrimack new the town's police department lowered the flag at half stall. >> it leaves a hole in everyone's heart the fact this is an individual who was a member of our community makes it more difficult for us to reconcile. >> reporter: flowers were left at her mother's home. >> very saddened you know to see somebody so young and first day on the job get killed. >> reporter: she graduated merrimack high school in 2005. in her yearbook she wrote live for something rather than die for nothing. she served for 6 years as a
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being sworn in on friday. >> that was katie brace reported. hamilton is spec in court. two other officers injured are expected to recover. funeral arrangements have set to be -- yet to be set. an investigation is underway into a police shooting in darth mouth. officers were responding to a domestic incident involving a mother and son. police say 23-year-old ryan kuphal took off and they tracked him to bush street where he charged at them with a knife. officers say they tried to subdue him with a taser but that didn't stop him. the one officer fired his weapon and hit kuphal and he is recovering in the hospital. worcester police are searching for a driver who hit two pedestrians and took off from the scene. a witness saw a woman run over a husband and wife sunday afternoon and he says the couple and their daughter were just leaving a flea market and the daughter pleaded with the driver to stop. >> no doubt she knew she sheuthit somebody.
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they were banging on the windows you know come on. telling you something stop or roll your window down or something. but the lady i guess was in shock herself and kept going. >> the husband was treated and released from the hospital. the wife has serious injuries. multiple witnesses say they saw the driver and took down a license plate number. over to campaign 2016 now. hillary clinton bernie sanders bringing the campaigns to massachusetts today. clinton holding events in springfield and boston while sanders is going to hold a rally in milton. and republican hopeful john kasich will be in plymouth. the visits come as voters in massachusetts and other key states head to the polls tomorrow for super tuesday. john champion has more on the candidates and a new controversy for donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump campaigned in alabama sunday afternoon. earlier he appeared on cnn state of the union and refused to denounce an endorsement from
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>> i am talking about david duke and the ku klux klan. >> i don't know david duke i don't believe i ever met him. i am sure i didn't meet him and i don't know anything about him. >> reporter: other republican slammed trump for not condemning the support. >> there is no place in the conservative moment for david duke the ku klux klan. >> we don't have anyplace for white supremacist in the united states of america. >> reporter: with more than 1500 delegates up for grabs on super tuesday, the candidates are hitting key states in the south. while courting voters in arkansas and tennessee today, hillary clinton also attacked trump. >> until last night america never stopped being great. our task is to make america whole. >> reporter: a battleground tracker poll shows clinton is ahead of sanders in georgia virginia and texas. sanders' midst he has work to
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>> we did really badly with older african american voters. >> reporter: trump is ahead in georgia and virginia but trails cruz in texas. 155 delegates are at stake there. don champion. coming up at 5 we are releasing results of the newest wbzumass amherst polls and jon keller looks at what those numbers mean. wbz and cbs has you covered on super tuesday with a special on my tv38 starting at 8. at 10 we have have a prime time special here on wbz. and don't forget to tune into the wbz news at 11 for a full super tuesday wrap up. and the oscar goes to. >> spotlight. >> it was a golden night for
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boston globe's investigation into the catholic church sex abuse scandal winning two academy awards last night including the best picture the biggest prize. it also won for best original screenplay and the globe called it a win for every journalist in the pursuit of truth. cbs chris martinez has more on all the big winners. >> reporter: the film that shined a spotlights on the catholic priest sex abuse picture. restore the faith. >> reporter: mad max the most awards. >> pop the corks we are running gold. >> reporter: the revenant run for best directing and best actor for the role as the frontiersman it was the 5th nomination but first win. for granted. i do not take tonight for
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>> oh wow. >> reporter: brie larson won for the role as an abducted mother in room. the white nominees. choice awards. >> reporter: the comedian beat diversity drum every chance academy echoed. >> our audiences are global and rich in diversity and every facet of our industry should be as well. >> reporter: even here on the red carpet will be os -- where oscar fashion is the biggest topic diversity was front and center. >> i am here to disappear and truly make it oscar so white is stupid to me. >> reporter: the night also included visits from r2d2 and vice presidento biden who joined lady gaga for a special presentation aimed at combating sexual violence. chris martinez, cbs news. hollywood.
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campus police be armed with semiautomatic rifle. >> the college program drawing criticism. >> and the mbta reportedly set to announce good news about the budget deficit but what does it mean for proposed fare hikes. >> overcome with emotion. the extra special reunion in revere.
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welcome back it's 4:43. disney is changing the pricing system and one lawmaker wants to make flying more comfortable. >> and apple is taking the bite out of the iphone. jill wagner joins with us today's money watch. good morning jill. >> reporter: good morning kathryn and liam. apple is expected to release the newest iphone at the end of march on the 21st. the phone will have a smaller 4 inch screen and it's the same size as older i-phone 5 and will report lid look identical to the iphone 5s except for curved edges and it's not expected to include the 3d touch feature. another lawmaker wants to stop airlines from stuffing more passengers into coach. new york senator schumer says
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faa bill to require the agency set a minimum seat size for airlines. he says airlines have been cutting down leg room and saidwidth forcing passengers to sit line sardines and disney wants to cut down on crowds for the first time ever disney world in florida and disneyland are raising prices up to 20% for the busiest days like holidays and weekends. those changes apply to single day tickets only. kathryn and liam. >> i knew disney prices are expensive but that sounds. >> another 20% sounds good. >> reporter: 20% is a lot. >> it is. all right. still sank you develop -- thank you very much. my son is all of a sudden obsessed with mickey mouse and mini mouse. >> you have an extra 20% to spend. >> put money aside now. it doesn't feel like it does at destiny world here but it's getting there it's very nice. >> yesterday, we had lunch at
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chilly but i felt like we needed to do it. >> i feel like we have turned the corner you know. we 55 to 60 yesterday. these are the high temperatures. 58 in boston and yes there was a bit of a breeze but just a beautiful day overall and you can pretty much wash rinse repeat the forecast. 55 to 60 again this afternoon forgot to say it the last full day of meteorological winter. 39 degrees in worcester right now. 43 in boston. aid mild start and there's colder spots. england. 28 in keene. skies are clear and we are in for sunshine out of the gate this morning. looks like a beautiful start to the the day. but look at what i am tracking to the west. clouds and then eventually showers. this cold front is coming in by this afternoon. look at what the temperatures do behind it. we drop to the 40s, 30s and 20s and single digits. so the colder air will stream in behind it. we won't be as mild as we head throughout at least our tuesday. so hour by hour today, starting with sunshine no weather related issues for the morning commute.
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clouds are going to start to build in pretty quickly and notice the moisture tends to fall apart a bit. so i can't rule out a passing but i don't think it's going to be a big deal and notice by the evening we are starting to clear the skies north and west of the boston. and any leftover sprinkles down to the cape are done by 7 p.m. so a brief passing shower any time from early afternoon until at least early evening hours. so, another cold front comes in tonight. in. and sunshine few late day clouds and temperatures won't be as mild as today. we will be around 60 this afternoon tomorrow we will top out in the low 40s -- 40s. and heading into tuesday and wednesday here comes the next disturbance. we have kind of sped things up a little bit with this one and locks like tuesday night into wednesday morning we get a slug of rain that comes in and some showers may linger into the afternoon but look at this. late in the day on wednesday, actually some partial clearing may come in. and skies will clear after that. colder air will work in as we
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so the up and down temperature roller coaster ride continues. look at the tides, 56 in boston and that will be a little on the conservative size. 60 in norwood and middle to upper 50s for most of us. and keep in mind we should be right around 41 degrees this time of the year. overnight tonight, just a few passing clouds and we will be mainly clear dropping into the 20s in the suburbs 31 downtown. this morning. tomorrow whoa come into the 40s a few spots north and west will come up to near 50 and that's generous so it will be a tomorrow. by the way the wind may gust afternoon. 50s is the morning rain and wind comes in on wednesday. then it's back to reality 30s for thursday and friday and there may be a couple snow showers. we will see if that amounts to anything more to end the week. and we will be in the upper 30s kathryn. >> thanks very much danielle. it's 4:47. arming officers on a local
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subject of a public hearing today. the boston city council hearings at 5 tonight they are going to discuss northeastern university decision to arm its rifles. the school says that they need the rifles in case of an emergency. the boston police officials say it's not necessary. northeastern is one of more than 60 campus police forces that use rifles. the mbta will anow is that they are making progress on the losses. the globe is reporting the t is cut deficit by 43% that is thanks to a decrease in overtime spending, materials and services and an increase in estate. but they say they need to raise fares to help address maintenance and service issues. there will be a summit to regional rail system. congressman stephen lynch is hosting the event in boston. he is worried about rail safety amid budget cuts the governor and mayor walsh will be there. there could be a strop at stop and shop the union
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workers in massachusetts just authorized a strike. if members in the the company can't a-- in the contract can't agree on a contract. for now the iewn crop and company agreed to continue negotiations into the week. a dog is right back where it belongs after a car crash on the lynnway. dog escaped when the owners got into a accident. frankie ran off but a good samaritan stopped and picked him up. he was taken to the animal rescue league boston and reunited with his owners yesterday. >> i don't know how we got -- he got away from me when i went unconscious if he pulled out of the leash or what happened because i don't know where the leash is. so, i don't know if he pulled out of it. he has a habit of backing out of the leash and trying to take off so it's a possibility that's how he got off. >> thank goodness he was not hurt and his owner is recovering from minor injuries. >> frankie is cute.
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another casino. >> the public weighing in as another state considers competition. >> why a newspaper employee's murder may not have been
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welcome back. it's just will 4:53. checking top stories on this monday morning, there's a hometown tribute in new hampshire today for the young police officer killed on her first day on the job. there will be a moment of silence today in mayor mark new hampshire in memory of ashley guindon. the 28-year-old was shot and killed when responding to domestic dispute in virginia on saturday night. two other officers were wounded. officer guindon was sworn in the day before. and one day before massachusetts voters go to the polls hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be stomping through the state. clinton has events this morning in springfield and this afternoon in boston. meanwhile, the vermont senator has a planned rally in milton. on the republican side john kasich is hosting a town hall meeting in plymouth. the oscar for best picture goes to spotlight the drama about the boston globe's investigation of the sex abuse
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it took top honors. the film won the oscar for best original screenplay. the death of a newspaper advertising woman gunned down on her nightly walk this summer may not have been random. the new hampshire union leader is reporting that police won't say why they believe 62-year- old denise robert was targeted. they won't say if they have a suspect or have recovered any bullets. robert was shot in the head around 9 at night on her walk in man shiester on august -- man chest on august 30th. this -- manchester on august 30th. in chelsea police are investigating at suspicious death of a man found on a sidewalk early yesterday morning. investigators say the 34 #-year- old victim was discovered on cottage street at around 5 a.m. paramedics rushed hip to the hospitaler with later died. as the district -- hospital where he later died. as the district attorney investigates the police are not releasing his name. kelly aot says the supreme court justice should not be nominated until after the presidential election. some of her constituents are
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others are saying she is sticking to the party line. president obama won the new hampshire twice and she says she is facing a tough reelection against the democratic governor. the the public gets a say on a proposed casino in brockton. subsidiary of rush street gaming in chicago wants to build a casino at the brockton fairgrounds. they are the only firm in running a public hearing will take place at the community college tomorrow afternoon at 4. rhode island wants to in the commonwealth. a plan that would build a casino on the massachusetts border is headed to the state legislature there for a vote. they will decide whether the idea should be put on the november ballot. 4:55. the cruise ship that cen tured out in a major storm and turned back has run into another problem. the anthem of the seas is
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avoid a storm and there's an outbreak of noro vie vows on the-- norovirus on board. >> i would not get on that cruise ship. still ahead, the best dressed at oscars.
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you want to feel connected. informed, included, inspired. so, when important things happen, we're here. your local tv and radio broadcasters. america's number one source for news, weather and information. on every screen in your life. we are broadcasters, always here for you, wherever here may be. text "tv" to 52886. tell washington local stations matter. . >> the oscars are not just about the movies. >> it's also the biggest night for fashion.
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looks on the red carpet. so, let's begin with brie larsen in the royal blue gucci dress with crystal and pearl i think gorgeous. >> best actress nominee says she wore this green calvin klein dress to pay tribute to her irish heritage. >> olivia juan one shoulder orange ground by stella mccartney. >> one my favorites. >> get a look up. oh. >> charlizer thereon stunning in this. i did not know how to say it before the show. i learned that. >> you did know. and also jennifer garner looking lovely wore a custom black one shoaler versace gone. i feel like. >> it looks good on her. >> what are you wearing today. >> definitely not gucci. >> noiment sure. i am not sure top stories and
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straight ahead on wbz this morning not news at 5 starts right now. >> right now at 5 remembering a young officer killed in the line of duty. how her hometown in new hampshire is planning to honor her today. >> over 24 hours until voters head to the polls in massachusetts. our new exclusive poll numbers the results might surprise you. and spotlight shines bright on the oscars. we have the big winners for you. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning hope you had a great weekend. it's monday february 29th. i am kathryn hauser. >> i am liam martin in for chris mckinnon. 5 in the morning. >> how you doing. >> hanging in there. >> this is a different morning. >> normally i am on at 10 and the script.


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