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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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breaking news right now new documents shine a light on fbi's interview with dzhokhar tsarnaev and the troubling information about his brother tamerlan. >> a new hampshire native killed in the line of duty on the first day of work is remembered. how the hometown is paying tribute. >> and tom brady's new deal with the patriots and how long it could keep him at gillette. >> record highs set today but clouds and showers are moving in quick. we will time them out and look at a busy week of weather ahead. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston wbz news at noon starts right now.
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tom brady adwreeg to a new deal -- agreeing to a new deal with the patriots one having him in new england for years to come. that's welcomed news for pats fans i am kathryn hauser. >> i am liam martin he agreed to a two year extension until 2019 and he would be 42 years old. and we have him playing 20 seasons with the same team. the extension may free up more money for the team to spend on other players. >> and we are breaking can be -- and more breaking news new documents gibbs giving us a glimpse into the mind of thetsarnaev brothers. >> bree sisson has the details just in. >> reporter: documents filed in the appeal of dzhokhar tsarnaev's friend gives notes on the convicted terrorists first interviews with the fbi. those discussions happened
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deacones medical center receiving treatment and before being read hi miranda rights. notes on the interrogation are detacted but there are parts that are telling and including statements he didn't warn any of his friends to stay away from the marathon finish line because he he didn't care if they got hurt. that each brother decided on his own where they were stop near the finish line and drop the bombs they designed to explode together. and that none of the people jar car contacted were -- dzhokharcontacted after wards were aware of what he and his brother had done. we learn more about tamerlan and his friend. both men are now dead but suspected of a triple murder in waltham in 2011. immigration documents reveal they were granted legal residency and on the path towards citizenship and three months before the bombings tamerlan sworn allegiance to
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links to terrorism. after tamerlan passed that english and u.s. history test, the globe says was not immediately approved for citizenship. instead, he still needed a supervisor's approval. we will have much more on the stories coming up tonight. in the satellite center bree sison wbz news now back to you. >> thank you. breaking news in are a veer the man wanted for attacking a police office wear needle he has turned himself in -- revere the man wanted for tack a tacking a police officer with a needle hasdunder -- attacking a police officer with a needle has turned himself in. expected in court later today. a horrific tragedy a police officer killed in the line of duty duration her first day on the job. >> 28-year-old new hampshire native ashley guindon was shot and killed responding todomestic violence call in virginia. she is being honored in mayor
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chantee lan it is is live with more on this -- lans is live with more on the special woman. >> reporter: it's somber day here and i sat down with the principal who reflected on the slain officer's life. >> once again please excuse me. >> reporter: more than 1200 students and 200 staff listened. >> for us, the story is intensely local and far more personal. >> reporter: mayor mark prins -- merrimack principal reflects. >> join me on a moment of sile en. >> reporter: the 28-year-old rookie was gunned down on the first day of patrol. she and two others responded to a domestic call in northernvirginia. the murder suspect killed her and his wife. >> she is the 6th member from the 2005 that passed andthat's far too much. >> reporter: each class has its own message. >> for every one the beach ball
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you think of ashley because she old. >> reporter: she leaves behind her mother and grandmother. >> our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this time. >>i read it before live for nothing. >> reporter: and we are just hearing words that murder suspect has been held without bond and now as far as the two other injured officers, they are expected to survive. reporting live in merrimack, chantee lans wbz news. >> thank you very much. we are counting down the hours until the biggest day in campaign 2016 super tuesday is what we are talking about tomorrow voters in 12 states will make their voices heardincluding here in massachusetts and we are getting a new look at how the presidential race will play out. a new wbz umass amherst poll shows clinton beating sanders 47 to 44%.
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because 9% of voters democrat canic voters are undecided. on the republican side donald trump is trouncing his opponents getting 47% of the vote marco rubio and ted cruz are tied for second place with 15%. but today, trump is facing criticism over one of his newest supporters. craig boswell reports from washington. >> reporter: donald trump finds himself at the center of controversy after former ku klux klan leader david duke publicly stated the support for the businessman on sunday trump can't immediately con-- didn't immediately condemn him. >> i no nothing about david duke or white supremacist. >> reporter: monday he said he a bad ear piece saying doesn't want duke's support. >> i don't mind disavowing anyone and i disavowed david duke and disavowed him the day before major news conference. on the attack. >> it makes him unelectable. how are we going to grow a party with a nominee that
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klan don't tell me he doesn't know who they are. >> that should be common ground among republicans and democrats and everyone the bigotry and anti-semitism and racism has no role in politics. >> reporter: democrats do aee. bernie sanders treated americafirst black president can't be a will not be succeed by a hate monger who refuses to condemn the kkk hillary clinton retweeted it. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: clinton is looking forward to super tuesday after a victory in south carolina this past weekend. >> tomorrow this campaign goes national. >> reporter: democrats will vote in len states on super tuesday and cbs news polls show clintonwith huge lead in the 3 with the largest number of delegates up for grabs. craig poswell -- boss we-- boswell cbs news. >> remember wbz has you covered join us for a super tuesday special on my tv38 starting at
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prime time special here on wbz and stay with us for the wbz tuesday wrap-up. now to a check of the there right now. we are getting a live look at skyline. spring. we could see record warmth but changes are on the way. >> i just wish it would stay like that danielle niles is tracking rain for us coming in the next couple hours. >> coming in quickly and we already broke a record in worcester where it hit 57. record was 56 broke that from 19 # 6 and now the temperatures cooled n booston we are 6 # -- boston we are 63 degrees. record is 64. if we hit 65 that would break 136-year-old record. it's going to be a close call over the next hour because notice yes we hit the record in worcester but now we dipped to 53 as clouds moved in and the
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pretty quickly now and coming in side of 128. they will win out in boston within the next half-hour and the rain comes in behind it. leading edge of the rain just coming into western worcester county and there's downpours when you get west of palmer back up near amhurst but south bridge and worcester 40 minutes the rain will move in traveling along without 140 up in the north side of west boylston new happen sure. from new boston and manchester within the next 10 minutes. this rain will continue to fall apart a bit but between now and ely evening -- early evening there's threat for shower. we will let you know how far the temperatures fall and you can get the forecast any time anywhere with our cbs boston weather app and it's free in the google and apple app stores back to you. >> thank you. the mbta is expected to announce it's making big progress on its big losses. the t cut deficit by 43% thanks
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spending, materials and services. and an increase in advertising revenue and real estate. they say they need to raise fares to address maintenance and service issues. and this is there is concernover the federal funding for the regional rail. >> several politicians are worried that budget cuts could hennedder security. they are tack -- hinder securitythey are tackling the problem today in boston and nicole jacobs is live with more on this. >> reporter: this all comes down to being better prepared. being better trained and making sure that the proper and necessary funds are being allocated as they should. just in and out of boston alone, more than a million people a day take to the rails. and it's a matter of safety for state local and federal at security. >> we have five times as many people traveling by rail as
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>> reporter: still 98% of the funds go to air travel. headed by congressman stephen lynch a rail security summit is dignitaries dangerous examples from across the country like the paris attacks brings them and the issues here. >> the point is not to neglect what will be a soft target in an era where around the world here in the u.s. >> reporter: the congressman acknowledges challenges and the impossible task of securing multiple entry poins of a -- points of a train but that is start of a conversation that goes even further. >> the rails transport enormous amount of freight and that's an issue something being transported could be dangerous. >> reporter: boston is leading the nation in many areas they say. but this team approach will further meet the challenge. taking a live look now in the
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week or a couple weeks ago during that major technical glitch south station is a major component to that northeast corridor and, of course, that is a major topic on the table today. live at south station nicole jacobs. >> thank you very much. it's our country's highest military honor. >> and moment ago president obama presented the metal of honor to special chief special warfare operator edward buyers he received the award for role in rescuing an american doctor held hostage by taliban insurgents in 2012. the pentagon says he used his body to shield the doctor from gunfire and this is only the 11th time the medal of honor has been presented to a living service member. coming up a golden night at the oscars. the big winner putting the spotlight on boston next. >> and unexpected red carpet appearance by pats owner robert kraft. find out which film he wanted to win.
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law make here wants to make flying more comfortable for you. hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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and the oscar impose to --
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>> the film about the boston globe's expo say on the catholic church's sex abuse scandal takes home the biggest award of the night best picture. it was golden night for them which also won best screenplay. >> depicting the work of the journalists on the spotlight team and it's-- >> spotlight. >> reporter: it's the first time film like this won best pick in your 70 years. just after the win the boston globe tweeted, a win for spotlight movie. and for every journalists in the tireless pursuit of the truth. >> we work so hard on the film and to have it rewarded like this is really overwhelming. >> reporter: the elephant in the room was the diversity controversy surrounding the nominees. host chris rock used comedy to take the issue head on. >> i am here at the academy awards of the otherwise known as white people's choice awards.
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>> reporter: he was praised pour your-- for pushing the noel he is an amazing -- pushing the envelope. >> he is an amazing person and it needed to happen. >> reporter: leonardo dicaprio won for best being aon and brie larson who picked up the award for room. >> robert kraft was in the audience. marty baron was portrayed by schreiber and kraft called it great casting. >> when i sought movie i called marty baron who is now in washington and i said man they portrayedo perfectly. it was pretty special. 23450* robert kraft says he has been attending the oscars for 4 to 5 years at the invitation of sir elton john and i think if sir elton invites you you go. >> you go. >> that's how it is. >> hey, get outside for the moment because weather is going to be change. >> changes on the way
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so the sun is shining in boston right now. but there's clouds that are starting to move in. and a couple showers too. so over the next hour or so, the air. but what a beautiful one out there right near record warmth. we have broken the record in worcester and we have one city of boston. it's going to be a close call. i think we may be able to sneak it out in the next hour. most 60 plus degree days in a winter we are up to 9. we are 64 in boston -- 63 in boston so number 2 for the most in a winter meteorological winter december, january and february. number one for 60 plus, 5 days break the old record of 29 days in 1932 and 33. we dropped to 53 in worester. wonts the clouds moving in and keeps temperatures down. lower 60-- worcester. once the clouds move in and
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64 in norwood and a little cooler relative, 50 to 55 a but doppler radar you can see the area of rain just starting to push into central massachusetts right now. so the leading edge is stretching from townsend to leominster and princeton and into paxton and it gets a little heavier the deeper greens in yellow. stretching to barre and downpour that is come in and this should week weaken but will than quick period of rain between now and late afternoon. this is a cold front that marks the leading edge of cooler air. so behind it, we are going see temperatures drop as we head into the day tomorrow. so hour by hour, between now and3 p.m. notice the band of rain extending from southern new hampshire and metro west and into boston. leftover scattered showers late afternoon into the evening commute and even a briefdownpour possible through plymouth and bristol until 6 p.m.
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see the showers clear by 7:30, 8. and tonight we dip into the 30s. 32 degrees, 25 to 30 in the suburbs. just a couple clouds. so it's going to be a noticeable change. winds will be active and no excuse not to get out and vote tomorrow. at least weather wise. look at this, super tuesday forecast sunny and chilly and 70. 30 in the morning. 42 degrees by the time we get to noontime. and a few wispy clouds and a light wind tomorrow dry and quiet and 38 degrees by the time we get to 5 p.m. and high pressure building over us but tuesday night clouds move in and touch of light freezing rain outside of 495 changes to rain. and it rains tuesday night into wednesday and wrapping up west to east in the afternoon and colder air comes in behind that and the next time frame to watch will be for the end of the week friday and saturday we may get a period of some snow showers and we will have to watch the storm to the south to see how close it gets. we should rebound to 40 on sunday. liam. >> thanks very much.
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wednesday's child is returning here at wbz. this is the long time segment found at 35 years -- founded 35 years ago by jack williams featuring children who need adoptive families. when jack retired a lot of people were asking if we would continue wednesday's child. and so there's the answer. we are relaunching it. the first story runs this wednesday on wbz at 5 and 6 as well as 10 on my tv38 and this will be every week as it was when jack was doing it and we are just so excited to do this. we have gone out and interviewed a couple kids and they are fantastic and so nice and a lot of people will want to adopt them. >> that is big part of the history and bringing it back. >> 35 years for jag. >> -- it can jack. >> 700 children have been adopted. >> 700 and we will kick the number up. >> an early return. >> a cruise ship caught in a winter storm. now heading home early again.
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one law mark wants you to fly. >> new york senator chuck schumer says enough is enough leg room. in the 70s passengers had 35 inches and that's down to an
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the width of seats has shrunk and he wants to include a minimum space standard for passengers he is proposing that. from the skies to the seas remember the cruise ship caught in the mid ill of a major winter storm earlier this month. that -- middle of a major winter storm earlier this month? the anthem of the seas is return to new jersey -- returning to new jersey to avoid noir storm and there's a outbreak ofnorovirus. not sure how many people are sick but i am not getting on the ship. >> up next a mother and her cub. >> adoreddable video showing off the newest edition to -- addition to one zoo. >> we are checking in with weather watchers this afternoon. great to see so many reports coming in. now the sunshine is out in eastern massachusetts. the clouds are increasing and temperatures are in the 60s right now. for some spots. we are approaching records 60s in a lot of eastern massachusetts right now but a big cool down on the way.
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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too cute cob russian zoo is debuting the newt newest polar bear it was born in december
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very cute until it malls you. >> we -- mauls you.
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eric fisher on wbz news >> well, the options are endless, really. local, destination, somewhere in between. of course, the time of year will play a huge factor. oh, which reminds me, uh, are you absolutely wedded -- excuse the pun -- to peonies as your flower of choice? because their season is relatively short in comparison -- victoria? >> victoria: oh. i'm sorry. my fianc\ wanted to be a part of this meeting. and i'm just wondering what's keeping him. >> billy: there's only one way jack. you go to the police. >> jack: i can't do that. >> billy: you have to. you take the evidence that luca that's it. victor goes down for bringing marco into your life, into all our lives. >> jack: it's not as simple as


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