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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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an active honor and respect as merrimack police officer draped the department with bunting in honor of ashley guindon. >> a peeves us dies with every police officer that dies. >> reporter: she wasn't a member of the department here she grew up in the town where today police kept a watchful eye on her family home. and her former high school principal reflected on her loss. >> it's a national story and should be a national story. but for us, it's intensely local. and intensely personal. >> reporter: guindon who served in the marines was sworn into the prince william county police force last friday and her first day on the job was the last. >> officer down two. >> >> reporter: answering a domestic i did tushance call she was shot and killed by 32- year-old ronald hamilton a active duty army sergeant who killed his wife before turning the gunon guin don and his wife.
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class. >> reporter: a moment of silence at her old high school. her yearbook quote live for something rather than die for nothing. >> ashley's story is you know one of you know brings pride to the school because she was trying to serve and protect the community. >> reporter: and the service is honored here today. >> she struck down at the onset of her law enforcement career. it is so true and we wonder what is in terms of the promise she had and the potential she had. >> reporter: and that's the question many in the community are asking. 8 members of the merrimack police department are now on their way to virginia to attend services that will be held tomorrow. meanwhile the shooting suspect was arraigned today and will be held without bail of the reporting live from merrimack new hampshire beth germano. >> thank you. we have new details about the boston marathon bombers. fbi reloseed new -- release
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>> reporter: the documents are redacted but give usin information about who knew what about the marathon bombings. it happened in the days following the arrest of dzhokhar tsarnaev while being treated at beth israel deacones medical sent. >> reporter: a week of terror and grief two deadly explosions at the marathon finish line and manhunt for the bombers. tamerlan killed and his younger brother arrested and rush to the hospital. fbi was desperate to know if anyone else was involved. bombings to come. but according to the documents released today, dzhokhar told the fbi no one else took part in the plan. because they couldn't trust anyone else. he also told them there were no other attacks planned there were no unaccounted devices. according to the documents, the younger tsarnaev described how the brothers moved down
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helped them identify or select possible locations to attack. he also indicateed that each of them decide on their own where they would stop near the finish line and drop the, plowsives. drop the explosives. a second batch of documents gives us information about tamerlan and show that three months before the bombings he passed a u.s. citizenship test, pledging allegiance to the united states and denying any links to terrorism. now some people question why red flags didn't go up as tamerlan applied for citizenship because he recently traveled overseas and had an arrest record for assault but immigration services says no errors were found in his processing. david and lisa. >> thank you. new tonight, new video of a in boston. 2 1/2 weeks ago officers responded to a report of a gun fight in dorchester. they say a man with a gun was carrying another man who was shot in the leg. a police repeatedly ordered the
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to drop the gun and when he didn't they fired killing him. boston police released the call for help today. >> shots fired a suspect down officer-involved. gun. >> gun. >> bravo units. >> show your hands. >> in that shooting 29-year-old peter was killed. on this leap day it feels like we left leapt over -- leapt over wipter. >> 60 in february -- winter. >> 60 in february is nice except for a little rain. when do we cool off because we know it's coming. >> cooler air will work its way in. but records today worcester set the new record at 57. the old was 56. set in 1976. boston tied a record which looks like 1 # 6-year-old -- 136-year-old record but it's 33- year-old record we haven't had
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mild day across the area. starting to fall back in the 50s. colder air not too far away down to the upper 30s across vermont. we have had one cold front move through bringing us showers and the main cold front is deific through the great lakes moving -- is diving through the great lakes by tomorrow morning it will feel like it should. 31 in boston for a overnight low. 20s across central massachusetts and all the way to the city. and lower 30s towards the cape and islands. would you believe after the warm temperatures today, winter weather advisories are out for wednesday morning. we are tracking the next storm system and a little wintry mix. and much colder air behind that. we will look at your forecast for this week and the start of march in a bit. the secret service threw a photographer to the ground in virginia today during a trunk rally at radford university. before they handled him the
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better shot of prohe testers shouted a swear word at the agent. [audio not understandable] >> it didn't end there. when the photographer got up from the scuffle he and the at it. until they finally the agent that is took the photographer out of the venue. also tonight battle for massachusetts the new exclusive wbz umass amherst poll shows a race between democrats too close to call. super tuesday polls in massachusetts will open in less than 14 hours. donald trump has a lead over the rest of the gop field more than 30 points ahead of marco rubio and ted cruz. but the race between hillary cline to and bernie sand -- clinton and bernie sanders is within the margin of error the both are spending the day inmassachusetts and urging supporters to head to the poll. we have team coverage starting with jim smith.
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many states are involved in super tuesday but here on the eve of all of these primaries, the two democratic front- runners are right here in massachusetts. so, what does that tell you? it tells you that this is a very important state in the eyes of national politics. here at milton high school, a crowd is building and they are waiting to hear tonight from bernie sanders. >> there is nothing more than i would love to do than run against donald trump. >> reporter: earlier today speaking in minnesota, bernie sanders he was taking aim at the possible republican nominee. but there's one obstacle in the way, hillary clinton. >> and i am so honored. >> reporter: sanders campaign workers in massachusetts are bessy and the-- busy and the candidate will say it'sth race is far from over despite a loss to south carolina. >> hillary clinton. >> reporter: hillary is also in massachusetts tonight a sign of
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at a late afternoon rally in boston she concentrated not on bernie sanders but instead took a not so veil swipe at donald trump. >> we reject the kind of mean spiritedness the demagoguery and bigotry that is being pedaled by the republican candidate. you know, america never stopped being great, we need to make america whole again. >> reporter: bernie sanders expected to speak about 7 p.m. here at milton high school. there a's huge line outside -- there's a huge line outsight. at 6 we will talk to the supporters. jim smith wbz news back to you lisa and david. >> thank you. massachusetts is always been clinton country. hillary beat then senator barack obama here in the 2008 primary. but this time she had her hands full. jon keler is here with a closer look -- keller is here with a closer look why that is. >> reporter: as recently as
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was shaping up as a possible nightmare for clinton after sanders range up a blowout victory in new hampshire but in the likely democrat being primary voters are saying not so fast. on paper, massachusetts democrats seemed ready to feel the bern look what they told the wbz umass amherst poll about what candidate qualities matter they want a candidate who shares their views. and by a large margin they told us sanders was that person. but on other issues experience, strength and electability clinton dominates helping her overcome his edge on honesty and trustworthiness. >> they think they rate bernie sanders higher on that but she has a huge advantage over him in terms of how qualified is the person for being president. >> reporter: what about the issues do they matter?
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local democrats say matter most the economy and jobs and income inequality among others you can see how the success of the sanders campaign enforcing clinton to address his agenda may be fueling his campaign downfall. >> it's very similar to 2008. there was not that much space between obama and hillary clinton on terms of the issue but more about obama's message just resonateed more with people than hillary's did that year and this year hillary's benefiting. >> reporter: our poll gives clinton a narrow lead but within the margin of error and in tight race a good get out the vote operation could make the difference. sanders campaign has college kids and grass roots liberals. clinton has the local democratic establishment and let the best team win. >> they are both here really does say something doesn't it hillary clinton think beating bernie sanders that maybe that would be the knockout blow. >> reporter: apparently so if bernie sanders can't win
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vermont maybe but consider we border on vermont and we are wee were essentially front row seat participants in the new hampshire primary where he performed well and he still struggling to get any distance from clinton. they see an opportunity to punch his lights out and that's what would happen if she wins here tomorrow. >> to make sure he doesn't get another victory beyond vermont. >> reporter: exactly. >> thanks so much. wbz is the place to be for all your super tuesday coverage join us on my tv38 starting tomorrow night at 8. then at 10, cbs news will have a prime time special on wbz and stay with us for the wbz news at 11 for a full super tuesday rapup -- wrap up. baking on brady. the patriots locking up the future hall of famer longer which is great for patriots fans. and for the team's bottom line. wbz sports director steve burton joins us now and i guess this is what you call a win- win. >> you got that right. that is no brainer. you u can't afford to let --
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brady get away but brady and pats agreed on a two year contract extension espn adam schefter says he will be a patriot until at least 2019 when he will be 42. has gotten better in his play and terms of the contract have not been disclosed but he was set to make 9 million this upcoming season and 10 millionth year after and with the contract extension it opens up cap space for the patriots. meanwhile the trade deadline came and went and bruins didn't deal loui ericks -- eriksson. they could lose him without getting anything in return. for now he will help the team playoff push. b's should make two trades before the deadline picking up a wing and defenseman. we will tell you who they are coming up at 6. >> thanks steve. there is growing outrage
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shore. >> we will so outsearch for people who -- you the search for people who sprayed gra geaty over fort revere. >> could one of the most terrifying spiders hold the key to relieving aches and pains. >> and spotlights on spotlight after the boston based film
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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and the oscar goes to spotlight. >> golden night for spotlight. the film based on the boston globe's investigation into the catholic church sex abuse scandal. >> and as bree sisson shows us it's part of oscar history taking home the award for best picture and best original screenplay. >> twilight. >> reporter: a spotlight on boston. as the movie showing journalist prevailed winning the academy for best picture and best original screenplay in we made the film for journalists who have and continue to hold the powerful accountable and survivors whose courage and will to overcome is an inspiration. >> reporter: around town many
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>> it was purrful -- powerful and made you think about just investigative reporting how critical and crucial it is. >> reporter: some bostoniansincluding the glow reporters who insired the film september tweets and another endorsement from new englander. >> i was really happy to see spotlight win. i think it's pretty good messaging. >> this film gave a vice to survivors -- voice to survivors and this oscar amplifies that voice which we hope will be a choir that will resonate all the way to the vatican. >> reporter: from the beginning of award season the actors and the people they portrayed have insisted spotlight should continue to a cause of clergy sex abuse survivors. >> the movie keeps the issue and story at the forefront of public conscious. >> spotlight.
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news. >> it's amazing that i think amazing that it's the best picture in america and over the past year if you think about how things were covered here, >> right. >> and part of that is johnny depp was in it. >> probably. >> spotlight got everything andblack mask nothing. >> i am delighted and so glad it was recognized with as a quality fill nome it's funny it was not on the front page of the globe because of newspaper deadline it's like here's the front spag paling and the winning was to the there. >> at top of the page was the weather with lots of things to smile about except for skiers. >> pretty mild stuff. unbelieveableable and this is -- unbelievable and that is strange month. this february we had a blizzard in the beginning of the month. we had our coldest air in generations and back on
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and we had a above average snowfall in boston but we had our warmest february days since 1997 a earliest severe thunderstorm watch in the city of boston not the state and plenty of warm days. really, a tale of two types of weather and cold didn't resonate an though he we had some events. no one remembers them at this point. and certainly for the winter the story has been the warmth. it's the second warmest on record. we won't sur spas the top spot set in 2001 and 2002 and if you look at snow only thing left a couple dirty snow banks here and there in southern new england. some snowfall where they will pick up a bit more. not much snow a big change from last year and this is 9th day above 60 this winter. second place to 1990 and 1991. so we look at temperatures tonight. we are in the 50s right now for most. 40s moved into the central massachusetts. much colder air into canada
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mainly clear skies and the cool down gradually happening by tomorrow morning. we are in the 20s to lower 30s across the area. and hour by hour, going out this evening it's breezy outside and certainly cool are but we stay in the 40s until 11. and after that, the colder air starts to work et cetera way in and by 7 -- its way in. by 7 many of us in the 20as--- 20s and lower 30s. chill out the door tuesday morgue and first day of march and the weather is cooperative at the polls. we are looking at the chilly morning temps but dry the rest of the day into the low 40s. and not too much going on in tomorrow. seasonal day. mainly topping out in low 40s. now we watch the next storm system approaching tomorrow night and a little before midnight this may start as a it up of freezing rain and sleet. northern worcester into southern new hampshire i don't think it will hold on for long. rain and downpours and showers into wednesday morning. this system doesn't have as
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see the same se he veer storms or strong wind as we saw with the last event and we will dry out and cool off heading through wednesday evening. there's another system to watch for the end of the week on friday. it may brush with us snowfall or out of time here we will talk about it next half-hour. here's accu-weather 7-day colder air thursday friday saturday and sunday. back to winter for a little bit. we will watch the storm on friday. david and lisa back to you. >> thank you. a navy seal received the nation's highest military honor. president obama presented the medal of honor to senior chief special warfare operator edward buyers e helped to rescue a -- he helped rest could you a american doctor he used his body to shield the doctor from gunfire and used hand-to-hand combat to fight captors and to bring the doctor to safety. >> today's ceremony is unique a rare opportunity for the american people to get a glimpse of a special breed of
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the the shadows. >> how rare? he is the first active duty member of the navy to receive the medal of honor in 4 decades. >> hugh row -- heroic. the irs breach is worse than anyone realized. >> how many people got hacked and what the government is do now to protect victims. >> plus, are some herbal remedies putting cancer patients at greater risk. dr. mallika shows us alternative treatments to avoid. >> coming up new at 6, he is in the fight of his life. but you would never know it by listening to him. >> just got to look to the positives. >> a young boy fighting cancer gets the surprise he will never forget. next at 6. how his community is
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members
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our health story affects a lot of people dealing with chronic pain and patients fighting cancer and what they shouldn't turn to for relief. dr. mallika marshall joins us and we start with the first that's fascinating and it's completely creepy to me. >> reporter: me too i don't like anything that crawls i have to say. but they are babies but one of the most feared creatures out there. the tarantula compound found in the spider's venom could serve as a pain killer. if so it could offer an alternative to conventional pain medicines which have nasty side effects. challenge for scientists is to
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tied from the toxins that canparalyze and dil you -- kill you if they do that it could be used to take the sting out of pain and people often turn to herbal remedies for a variety of health conditions but some could be harmful especially if you are on cancer treatments. some herbs like beginningo and green tea cos interfere with the effectiveness of the chemotherapy or in fact promote bleeding. so it's important for patients to report to the health care providers any and all herbal therapies they may be taking even if you don't consider them medications because as i have said before, just because it's natural doesn't mean that it can't hurt you. >> and unless someone reminds you you can forget to mention that's something you are taking. >> that's right. >> good reminder. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> thanks so much. a rhode island boy battling cancer received pretty special honor. he has the keys to cranston row island. the mayor presented him to the 8-year-old's family.
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form of cancer and it has spread through his body. his fight and desire to be world famous sparked the d strong movement which has spread worldwide. there is a mumps outbreak at a new england college. >> growing concern and what the patients have in common. >> then how safe is america's rail system from terrorists. local leaders are taking a closer look. >> spray painting gra teedy--
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people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. >> now at 5:30, tagged policeer ising for vandals who spray painted gra deety -- graffiti over fort revere park. many people feel it's violation. >> and bill shields shows us as police are investigating state workers did their part to clean up the mess. >> reporter: it was george washington who turned this into a fort with cannons overlooking the ep trance to boston harbor. in world -- entrance to boston harbor. in world war ii guns briteled history oozes from the sod covered roots but now swanneddals with spray paint blurred -- vandals with spray paint blurred the vision. people who come here are frustrated. >> yeah it's a bit


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