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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. >> now at 5:30, tagged policeer ising for vandals who spray painted gra deety -- graffiti over fort revere park. many people feel it's violation. >> and bill shields shows us as police are investigating state workers did their part to clean up the mess. >> reporter: it was george washington who turned this into a fort with cannons overlooking the ep trance to boston harbor. in world -- entrance to boston harbor. in world war ii guns briteled history oozes from the sod covered roots but now swanneddals with spray paint blurred -- vandals with spray paint blurred the vision. people who come here are frustrated. >> yeah it's a bit
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the place but actually what hangers me more is if you look down all the trash that people leave behind. >> reporter: george sylvester grew up near here and today showed his new wife the fort and had a suggestion. >> throw big good security cameras up in the place and high enough they get it and film it and everybody knows everybody in the town you got the kids. >> reporter: gra greety is so extense -- graffiti is so extensive your eyes can hardly focus on the beauty an though the town owns most it is helped to be maintained. as they have done in the past dcr workers were trying to make a dent in the vandalism. >> definitely sad that people this. >> reporter: i realize the times we live in that graffiti happens and cleaning all this up is obviously, a losing proposition. but still, dcr keeps trying and painting over the graffiti but when they do the people have no
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back with the spray cans bill shields wbz news. new york man convicted of killing a popular restaurant owner will spend the rest of his life behind bars. prosecutors say chung sun and two others planned to rob the restaurant in september 2011. once they got inside the plan turned violent and they beat and stabbed the owner tony wo and tried to get him to on the safe in the end they left empty gland young man is facing charges for a police-involved shooting in dartmouth. police called to a domestic incident last night tried to subdue 23-year-old ryan kuphal. when that didn't work a officer shot him who is now hospitalized and facing charges for assault, robbery and carjacking. david. chelsea police are look for information about a suspicious death that -- death early yesterday afternoon people discovered alex perez unresponsive and he was takeent to hospital and pronounced dead.
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hoping an autopsy will give more information about what happened. worcester police searching for the driver who took off after hitting two people a witness says that he saw a woman run over a husband and wife yesterday afternoon as they he were leaving a flea market. doctors treated and released the man but his wife is still injuries. a man wanted for attacking a revere police officer withinw needle turned himself n investigators say last week michael gouthro tried to stability office he and took off. police went after him and --stab the officer and took off. police went after him. the officer is okay. police at northeastern university are armed with semiautomatic rifles. the dization done deal but boston police say it's unnecessary and right now boston city leaders are hoeding a hearing to talk about it. northeastern insist it's necessary to protect people on campus and nationwide more than
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mumps outbreak. doctors in southern new hampshire diagnosed two students with the virus and say 3 others are showing symptoms. now the patients are all members of the hockey team and vaccinated. a important question how safe are the rails you ride on? tonight there's new concern our regional rail. several local leaders are worried budget cuts could put your security at risk. nicole jacobs has details. >> reporter: just in and out of boston alone, more than a million people a day take to the rails and it's a matter of safety for state local and federal officials now taking a closer look at security. >> we have five times as many people traveling by rail as compared to those who fly every day. >> reporter: still 98% of the funds go to air travel. headed by congressman lynch a rail security summit is in action monday with a host of dignitaries.
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the country like the thwarted pairs attacks brings them and the issues here. >> the point is not to neglect what will be a soft target in an era where around the world this is more an issue than here in the u.s. >> reporter: the congressman acknowledges the challenges and perhaps the impossible task of securing multiple entry points of a train but this is a start of a conversation that goes even further. >> these rails transport enormous amount of freight and that's another issue what's being transported ising it that could be dang rouse. >> reporter: bot -- dangerous. >> reporter: boston is leading the area in such areas but the team approach will further meet the challenge. and taking a look inside south station, we learned last week that this station south station is one of the major components for the northeast corridor. of course that is expected to be on the table during today's discussion. at south station nicole jacobs
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a massive ira data breach is bigger than first thought. in may they said hackers gained access to 114,000 accounts. the past few months the number grew and now there may be 3/4 of a million victims. the irs says the those affect led get a letter in the mail and receive free identity -- affected will get a letter in didn'ty. remember the irs doesn't call. aides for the michigan governor may have known about the water crisis as far back as 2014. released e-mails show them discuss switching water supply six months after the change. governor says the e-mails were about preliminary concerns before the new -- they knew about the lead problem. and make it an even dozen. gas prices in massachusetts down for the 12th week in row. aaa says the average price for a gavel self-serve regular is a buck 68.
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the nation average 1.75. campaign 2016 tonight republican john kasich is banking on massachusetts e sat down for a one-on-one be the view and says no matter what the -- one-on-one interview and says no matter what the the polls says he is not dropping out. he says he is going to stay in the race as the voice of reason in a campaign of name calling and yelling. he says that kind of rancor hurts everyone. >> the games that we are seeing played now and that's kind of what you call them, is not going to contribute to strengthening our country. so people sit back and say what a fascinating year. to me that's the wrong word. it's not fascinating year it's disturbing year in american political history. >> voters in massachusetts and 11 other states go to the polls tomorrow and wbz the place to be for soup are tuesday coverage. join us on my tv38 starting tomorrow at 8. and at 10, cbs
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and stay with us for wbz news at 11 for a full super tuesday wrap up. what is old is new again. >> coming up, we have details on the next iphone. >> plus love it or leave it we examine the scrolling thankous on oscar -- thank yous on oscar night. then [ music ] we hear a certain call. >> we are the world like you never seen it before. >> what a mild beautiful day as we wrap up february. look at our weather watchers at work still in the 40s and low 50s and high temps today bol in millis 63. andjennifer in methuen 63 but a cool down is moving in.
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that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. on the bz feed something din for the oscars. >> you may have noticed as the winners were announced, there was list scrolling at bottom of
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the list of thank yous. producers said they asked each nominee if they want to spate list of people they want to thank in case they won. and they hoped the winners would use the time on center stage to then talk about more profound things and i got to say even though the oscars were a long proceeding he felt like it was snappier. >> and i like the visual element and things that poped up next to the present -- popped up next next tote -- next to the presenters. >> i thought we school delays. videos of people using face swap app are all over the internet. >> it super impiece face over yours and one man may have created best video of them all. [ music ] [ music ]
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we are the world we are the children >> wow the 5 minute master piece we are the world shows him singing as everyone from lionel richie to dionne warwick and bruce springstein. >> i thought i saw kenny loggins. >> we saw willie nelson i am sure. >> i love that song by the way. >> right. >> all the years later i like it. today is february 29th and, of course, it's leap day. >> and if it's your birthday it's extra special because like a presidential election it comes around once every four years. leap year baby paul neville was born on this day in 1932 so even though he has been alive for 84 years, he is technically celebrating his 21st birthday. card that man he said his favorite year was when he and his son celebrated their 8th birthdays together. >> i think that's a neat thing.
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would you only get presents every four years. >> i would make sure it's not a loophole but it's a joke you cash in the rest of your life. turning to young experts. students now running their own school help desk. >> also coming up tonight at 10, over on my tv38. the t cuts late night service. but a company wants to broker's deal with the city to try to keep late night public transit. that's on my tv38 tonight at 10:00. vo: across america, of their type 2 diabetes .
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who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. we are watching a breaking story erin andrews as we look live is in tears testifying as she is suing for damages
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chain and the individual who was convicted of secretly recording her in her hotel room. she has been breaking down in tears as she is trying to collect 75 million dollars in damages again against the marriott hotel chain and individual who was secretly recording her in her hotel room. we will have more on this story as it develops. also tonight capitalizing on teens rarely seen without a phone tablet or laptop. instead of fighting the staff at burlington high school they embraced it. >> they are tapping into it as paula ebben shows us the students are running the i.t. health desk. >> reporter: when an app won't tbhoork hit google drive. >> reporter: or ipad won't connect to the network they are the first place to turn for students and burgton high school. >> -- burlington high school. >> i enjoy helping. >> it's important to have knowledge on technology.
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-- it's a real world and practical experience they are developing. >> reporter: the student run help desk started in 2011 when every kid was assigned an ipad. >> leverage the people who really are experts with the kinds of things so we enlisted students. >> reporter: troubleshooting still is a main goal of the help desk they are testing new oops apps teaching skills and finding ways to integrate technology. >> the teachers embrace they can get help from students. >> reporter: each runs a blog a chance to explore their digital interests. >> this allowed students to find their voice and to know how to assert it. >> reporter: the voice guarding their learning led many other schools to start up their own versions of student run technology means the work of the kids getting the recognition and distinction and that makes me proud. >> reporter: through the blogs fellow students log on and learn i movie tweet deck and more a virtual classroom
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able to help any problem any student who comes may way. >> it's prepared me in the sense that i am confident as a studentp addressing any -- student addressing any issues. >> reporter: there are a dozen to makes sure the help desk isstaffed throughout the school day. and it's now being offered as an honors elective. if you have an eye on education story send an e-mail to eye on or tweet me at paula ebben wbz. lisa. >> thanks. you ready for the new i phone. the 5se will look like a older longer battery life. apple hopes it will appeal he to those who like the smaller phones missing is the new 3d touch feature. so we are -- >> so we are there we are at the point where they are not adding new features. >> we are taking away and refining and the wbz weather app everybody is happy. >> very mild and comfortable to be outside for sure. there's no snow up in southern new england a change interest
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boston tied a record so did providence. worcester setting the record by one degree. and i think it's remarkable when you look at the two winters together december, january and february. and you look at days over 50, 35 this winter and days below freezing at 9 days and the days close to average at 47. and you look to last winter, it's the exact opposite. 9 days over 50 last wint erin 37 that stayed below freeing. in fact it was a little colder last winter than it's been warm this winter. and we see this over and over. time and time again. 95, 96 we had the snow. that's the previous snowiest winter and what happened in 96, 97 the same thing it didn't snow muff much and it was warm. if you've big extreme it goes he to the other end. 53 in norwood colder air is starting to move into central and western massachusetts. we have had one weak cold front move through. producing daseling skies -- dazzling skies with the clouds. stronger cold front is to the
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through after midnight tonight and comes through dry but will bring in colder air. by tomorrow morning, we are in the 20s for most of the area. low 30s across far eastern massachusetts but chillier more typical day tomorrow. as we start march, in like a lamb and bright but chilly in the morning. sunrise at 6:19. a great voting day as well. mix of sun and clouds at lunchtime. into the low 40s winds in the process of changing so as they go northwest tonight they start to swing around more easily as we head into tomorrow evening. we are going to live in the slack tied area without too much wind and wispy clouds heading towards the evening. high temps in the low to middle 40s which is on target. but we've a chance tomorrow night as temperatures will be borderline for a little snow and ice. especially in southern new hampshire and northern worcester county will be involved in. this as the next storm approaches, we could see a
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in the sheeshert color. traveling -- shebert color. i don't think the cold will hold on too long. heading into wednesday morning we are changing over to rain a few downpours and maybe a couple rumbles of thunder. this is not as potent as the last one so we won't look at wie spread showers. the front will sweep offshore so a mild wednesday morning turns into cooler wednesday afternoon. one other system we are watching this week is a storm that's going to be nearby on friday now right now south. so not expecting a direct hit from the storm. just something we will watch this week. it's for friday and would be cold enough for snow. right now the best chance of seeing snowfall would be around cape cod and the islands late on friday and saturday morning. something we are going to monitor here as we head through the course of the week. being a youh 7-day -- accu- weather 7-day chilly temps the weekend. this is the last bit of cold
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all across the east. school yard shout out killem in redding third graders known as koalas at this school and a tech savvy making weather power points during the library time and danielle niles went out to visit and a very energetic group. >> it's hard to be you know whenit's your school mascot and you want to be intimidating. >> koalas doing it for you. intimidating. >> not scary. >> but it's younger school and it's not the college realm. >> we have exciting news to share with you tonight. wednesday's child is returning here to wbz. legendary anchor jack williams founded the long time segment 35 years ago. eye features children who need adoptive families. when jack retired many of you asked if we would continue wednesday's child and there's the answer. we are relaunching itch the first store this wednesday on with.
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news at 5 and 6 and 10 on my tv38 and we are so pumped we have had the chance to meet the kids who will be profiled as sweet as pie. >> makes everybody around here happy. they say in life and this is so true it's all about relationships. even some you never predict. >> straight ahead, why so many people are following a little girl and her best friend. >> then coming up next at 6, documents released today are revealing shocking new details about the tsarnaev brothers. what we know they did and didn't dough before the marathon bombing. and a lesson a teacher and students will never forget when the fake crime scene got a lot of attention from police. that story and more coming up
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an oklahoma girl is an not alone. she leads the cow around while riding the toy tractor. the calf tethered by a pink the machine. and the cow walks behind pretty slowly and pretty patiently for the most part. she drives around the park. much more still ahead the news at 6 starts now. never before details about the boston bombers. what the brothers did before and after the bombings. >> republicans and democrats prepare for super tuesday. one race here in massachusetts is too close to call. >> record warmth today a
5:59 pm
we will talk about that in the forecast. >> a big surprise for a brave little boy. the community giving him a colorful show of support. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 6 starts right now. >> we begin now at 6 with shocking new details about dzhokhar and tamerlan tsarnaev the brothers who attack at the boston marathon and went on a crime spree killing 4 people and hundreds hundreds more. in documents just released today we are getting our first look at the fbi hospital interview with gone dzhokhar sarn knife and it has troubling information about his brother tamerlan. lauren leamanczyk has the story. >> reporter: the pain and horror were still fresh four days after two bombs exploded at the marathon finish line. when a manhunt and shoot out resulted in the death of tamerlan darnive and --
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bro younger brother but they didn't know if they acted alone orwhether there was ongoing plot and they requested-- questioned jarar while being streeted at the hospital. he said no one had knowledge of the plan before the attack nor did they tell anyone after the attack hit occurred. he he told them there were no other explosives and that each brother decide on their own where they would stop near finish line and place the bombs. tsarnaev said they built the bombs at his proper's came easy. because instructions were bosh- - brother's cambridge home that it was easy because instruction were online. he didn't warn any of his friends to stay away because he didn't ware if they got hurt. there's also new information about tamerlan tsarnaev. immigration documents object tanned by the boston --on obtained by the boston globe those three months before the bombings he passed a test for


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