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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the exclusive trump interview. >> hillary called and it was a love call. >> the clinton confession, his presidential plans and answers to this -- >> let me ask you about obamacare. messages of hope in boston for a country divided. >> dine and crash. a car plows through a restaurant and it's camera. premature deaths. why facebook was telling them they died. said it was an amazing run. >> tonight, president-elect donald trump one-on-one, talking about the call from hillary. >> it was a tough call for her. she just said congratulations, donald. well done. >> who else reached out that night. plus, his new plans for
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since winning the election. i'm david wade. >> i'm paula evans. >> surprisingly he plans to keep parts of obamacare and told lesley stahl in his interview with "60 minutes" that hillary clinton could not have been nicer in her concession call. >> so hillary called and it was a lovely call. >> reporter: donald trump in his first te as president-elect describing the phone call that effectively ended the election. >> she couldn't have been nicer. she just said congratulations, donald. well done. >> reporter: and now revealing he plans to keep parts of obamacare in place. >> are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes. because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> you're going to keep that? >> also with children living with their parents for an
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adds cost but something we're going to try to keep. >> i thought there were three people possible. >> reporter: donald trump demoting chris christie, and mike pence will lead the team along with rudy jeff sessums. >> reporter: newt gingrich has been mentioned as a possible secretary of state and sarah palin reportedly being considered for secretary of interior. >> trump said bill clinton called him and said it was an amazing run. trump's 100 day plan is out, including a list of his top objectives, including term
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congress, cancel billions of payments to climate change programs. he'll be sworn in january 20th. david. >> thank you. you can watch the full interview with donald trump and his family as well sunday night on "60 minutes." it's here on wbz. another round of anti-trump protests across the country tonight. this video in from miami tonight where protestors stopped traffic on busy streets and highways in boston, a much different scene. thousands of people gathering peacefully for a rally on common. after what was a week filled with discourse, there are messages of hope tonight. people posting their thoughts on post it notes inside the park street t station in boston. >> katie brace is live in boston with this story tonight. >> reporter: david and paula, in the busy t station, people
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messages. our eyes are windows to our souls and the lower levels of the t station people posted their souls on post it notes. >> we are all people and the sun will rise in the morning. >> just saw it and made me think of various people that will be affected by this. >> reer message one woman encourages. >> everybody i know is depressed and all they can think about is what is going to happen to us? >> reporter: she was inspired by an artist that did something similar in new york, but here only positive messages are allowed. she wants the wall in essence to be a giant hug. >> no matter what your political background is, coming together as one.
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the collage grew of messages, hope and inspiration. >> some people we've had to give markers to, would you like to write a message? but a lot of people figured out to do it themselves and it feels so good. >> reporter: a way for everyone to come together as one. >> everyone is coming up to me saying thank you for this. we needed this. >> reporter: and they have to take down all the post-it notes when th this evening. she's taking pictures and will post the photos on social media. tonight fire crews are keeping a close eye on a big brush fire that's been burning all night. they have it under control. it's in the lynn woods. no homes are in danger. the remote area and high winds made it hard to fight and those winds will continue overnight.
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eric fisher. will get colder tonight. colder, the wind gusting over 30 miles per hour at times. will continue to be blustery until tomorrow morning. there hasn't been any rain. barely any rainfall in boston. and all those gains we made in october we've given back in november. though it's a cold start, big area of high pressure is moving in and that means a couple of suda new video shows a driver crashing into a busy restaurant. you see this man who gets bumped out of his booth. >> reporter: it wasn't exactly a peaceful meal for that guy sitting on the other side of this board. wait until you see that surveillance video one more time. see how he played it like a champ when the car ran into his
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hour, jimmy's famous beef and seafood was popping. >> very busy. >> reporter: every booth by a window was occupied. one of the restaurant's regular customers stopped in. >> standing here, taking an order and all of a sudden a big explosion. >> reporter: cameras captured the moment the restaurant was rocked. a man sitting by himself and the car comes crashing in. >> he was when he walked up here, he had little cuts, not much. >> reporter: the owner behind the wheel was a long time patron from 1967. >> she tried to stop the car but the car was rolling. >> reporter: just so happened that particular panel of glass the woman crashed into had just been replaced a matter of
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glass. >> i had to change it and might have probably saved the guy's life, you know, the old glass shatter like anything. >> reporter: so that owner really credits that safety glass for minimizing the damage out here. the man inside sitting at that booth we're told he just walked away with a few scrapes to his arms while the dr as well. tonight boston police are investigating a teenager that was found shot on a bike path near river street this evening. the 16-year-old was taken to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. so far no arrests in that case. new information tonight on the death of an infant in marlboro. drugs may have played a role in the tragedy that also sent the parents to the hospital.
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unresponsive infant and two unresponsive adults and that's when first responders tried narcan. cell phone video shows a young woman being wheeled out of this marlboro home. a neighbor says moments earlier she saw a heart wrenching scene, the 19-year-old's mother clutching a bundle that looked like a baby. >> she kept saying my baby, my baby, i don't know took the baby. >> reporter: the infant was pronounced dead in the hospital. the neighbor saw a man in handcuffs. >> he was walking out and the older woman went up to him and said, what did you do to my daughter? he wasn't responding. he was just walking with the officer. and the female was sitting and just kind of with her head down. >> reporter: relatives say that 23-year-old man is the baby's father. both he and the teenaged mom taken to the hospital.
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unresponsive. first responders used narcan on them, suspecting a possible opiate overdose. >> we're devastated. >> reporter: a cousin now grappling with what happened. >> i guess it was an accident. i don't think it was something intentional. >> reporter: district attorney's office has not said whether drugs were involved or if charges are coming. thank yo green tonight as we take a live look. this is in honor of our nation's veterans. green light a vet is a national campaign that asks americans to change out a light bulb for a green light to let members of the armed forces know we are thankful. president obama paid his respects today at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. he laid a wreath and bowed his head in silence.
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calling for the country to come together following the election. today a national moment of silence for the first time on this veterans day. a father and son from westin came up with this idea six years ago, but it didn't come into law until this year. today people nationwide honored a moment of silence. >> we've been at this for six years and it's emotional thinking about my grandparen come together. it's good as the colonel indicated for the world, not only -- >> they did not give up. they held more than 650 meetings to get congress to finally pass that bill. this was the picture of the night on this veterans day. a soldier surprising his wife and four young children during the boston college florida state football game in tallahassee.
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had been deployed to afghanistan for the past year. >> look at the ages of the children and you think if he's been gone for a year, it's half that little boy's life. dunkin' donuts is facing a lawsuit. >> why the company is accused of tricking customers when it comes to their sugar. plus, accidental deaths online. the mistake that has facebook telling users they died. an the super packed vitamins that you only need to take one time. chilly start to the weekend. but a nice rebound on the way. even 60s in the forecast. we'll take a look at that and the chance for much needed rainfall coming up. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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facebook certainly upset a lot of users after a glitch made it appear they had died.
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accidently memorializeed accounts. even facebook's ceo mark zuckerburg got the message. no comment from facebook, but it appears that they finally did fix that glitch. dunkin' donuts facing a lawsuit. the makers of splenda says they're tricking you into thinking their sugar packet are splenda, but says it's from overseas. if you were on the water, especially that wind was cutting through. >> it was beautiful, but tonight we'll have a cooldown. >> a change. warm start to the day for the parades and events. we hit 60 in boston. mid-50s in worcester county. tonight little different can of
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40 in the city. very dry air. chapstick weather. dew points in the teens. that northwest wind is still with us. at times gusting over 30 miles per hour. 36 in worcester. 37 in keene. cooldown will continue through the rest of the night. otherwise clearing skies across the northeast. they had a few snow showers in northern new england, which i'm sure the ski areas are see. clear and chilly. could have our first freezing temp tomorrow morning since april. the average first 32 in the city is november 4th. if it doesn't happen tonight, it won't happen for at least another week. gusty winds now and for most of the night. tomorrow morning we'll call it breezy. some gusts around 20 miles per hour. we'll continue to see the winds start to diminish into the
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bright skies. i wouldn't call it a bad day, just a cooler one. bundled up if you're going for a run. extra layers. after a cold night tomorrow night, we'll be warming up. sunday 50s and bright sunshine. tomorrow's highs, mid to upper 40s. maybe a couple of towns hitting 50. towards sunday it's mid- to upper 50s outside. plenty of sunshine. little bit of a pretty good weather for the patriots as well. it's a night game. if you're heading out early, sun sets a little before 430:00. toward 8:30, clear and chilly conditions, about 44 there and a light west-southwesterly breeze. plenty of moon light. our full moon will come up at 4:15 sunday evening. technically full, but it will have set. sunday night is the night.
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meaning it's at its closest orbit around earth since 1948. will be like the middle of the day out there. rainfall, we don't have much of that. the drought keeps on going. we're back to double digit deficits in boston for the year. chance of rain on tuesday, that's a day to watch, because we'll have onshore winds. we'll have the highest tides of the see pockets of moderate to significant flooding depending on the wind direction. eric, thank you. from the supermoon to a super pill, the vitamins you want all packed into one dose. >> students at mit are the brains behind this breakthrough. >> reporter: when it comes to taking vitamins, 27-year-old darrin thomson doesn't know where to start.
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be taking. >> reporter: store shelves crammed with options only add to the confusion. >> it's a complicated thing to think about it. >> reporter: so he signed up to take this 3-d printed pill. >> it's all in one pill and you take it in the morning. >> reporter: one personalized daily dose with up to a dozen vitamins or supplements. >> it's customize their lives around taking pills and for the first time we allow people to customize their pills based around their lives. >> reporter: the thickness of the wall determines when the contents get released over the course of a day. >> there's no fillers. it's literally the ingredients itself. that allows us to pack more in a pill. >> reporter: the labs can custom a pill based on your
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vitamins and minerals or even caffeine. >> they don't want to think about getting the coffee, so with our pill they can get that energy released. >> reporter: it's a feature darrin loves. it releases a caffeine boost in the afternoon. >> i feel like i got more focus and energy to push through the day, through the afternoon slumps. >> reporter: the pills cost $50 a month. the company hopes to start shipping next spring. keep in nd some can be harmful so check with your doctor first. the celtics on the rebound. >> they knock off the knicks. we have the highlights coming
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needless to say -- >> to look at his face on the bench it hasn't been pretty, but steve this is the team they had last year and the team we expected. >> exactly. the team that showed up tonight is the team we expected.
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they got one. they won big tonight at the garden. just what the doctor ordered. anthony had a short night after being called for a foul. got one technical. then another. good night mello. >> offense rebound. throws to the corner. isaiah elevates. >> power play. >> 11 new york turnovers. isaiah quick three from the red zone. >> isaiah is ripping it tonight. isaiah thomas with 20 in 16 minutes. >> yeah, isaiah finished with 29 points. . the foul coming up, loving
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115-87 the final. patriots looking to get back into action playing the seahawks. bell belichick says seattle's offense can do a little bit of everything. >> run the ball out of quarterback center, out of shotgun. same thing with the passing game. throw the ball in center, misdirection plays, take shots down the field, throw a lot of catch and run plays. they're a well balanced offense. they can hurt you a lot of different ways. check out sunday morning, 11:30 and after the game the postgame show. chris holgan is listed
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injury. all seminoles. second quarter, cook makes one move and in the end zone. from 19 yards out. eagles fall to 4-6 in the season, getting hammered 45-7. harvard down 14-6 late when the quarterback goes up top to foster. harvard is 2-point conversion away from tying things up. and they get it on a trick throw. what a play. tied at 14 with 3:23 to play. penn drove the length of the field and scored the winning touchdown. harvard loses a tough one, 27- 14 the final. over in red sox nation, team announced that mookie bets had surgery on his right knee. nothing serious, just cleaning up a few things so he'll be
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report on valentine's day. that's sports for now. guys over to you. >> that may be the first time valentine's day will be interesting to me. >> something else to look in order to -- forward to. a local youth football team doing something even the
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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there's a fifth grade football team in wellesley having an incredible season.
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opponents 312 to nothing. they're 10-0. their motto is if the other team can't score, they can't win. they're getting ready for their biggest challenge yet on sunday, in the state semi- finals. >> that's belichickian there. >> up next, one more look at the forecast.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it...
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tv and phone for this amazing price. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. soccer and football games tomorrow you have to have the puffy jacket? >> puffy jacket. hot cup of coffee ready to go. not a bad day. sunshine. 40s. sunday a warmup. great weather for the patriots by mid-november standards. >> i want to go back to that wellesley team. that's incredible. incredible. >> do you think belichick is already out there scouting? >> you never know.
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picture tonight of gillette stadium lit up green for the veterans. we want to thank all the veterans out there. >> happy veterans day. good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838. email: io d >> stephen: hello, america. if you're watching this, then s you've put the bottle down and regained consciousness. now, you may remember that on tuesday there was an election. we did a live special on ow the best moments of the worst moments. and guess what? it's free. shhh! don't tell showtime. we went on the air at 11 p.m. that night when the results were first coming in. if i seemed confused at times, it's because the sun had set six hours earlier, so i couldn't understand why the world was rapidly plunging into darkness. so sit back, relax, and enjoy, if you're still able to do any


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