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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the tides south of the city and areas with east facing beaches will be the areas with the highest chance of seeing the coastal flooding. there's the storm system. rain working up the coastline and the clouds increasing this evening. you might see a halo around the full moon tonight. temperatures falling in the upper 30s to lower 40s. and then we track the rain moving in by tomorrow. heavier rain by lunchtime. and to the coastal flooding coming up. for weather updates any time, download the cbs boston weather app. video forecasts right on your phone or tablet. it's free and you can find knit the apple and android app stores. president obama holding his first news conference since the presidential election. and his team will work with donald trump in the coming days
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power is a smooth transition. donald trump named his new chief of staff. and the president elect has a message for the country. >> we're losing this country. that's why i won the election. >> reporter: donald trump speaking last night on 60 minutes directly to those worried about his presidency. >> don't be afraid. we are going to bring our country back. but certainly don't be afraid. >> reporter: that could overturn roe v. wade. >> it would go back to the states. >> some women won't be able to get an abortion. >> no, it will go to the states. >> and to people concerned about his immigration policy, he said he'll focus on illegal immigrants with criminal
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reiterated he'll do everything he can to support the transfer of power. >> if on the other hand, whatever they're proposing results in millions of people losing coverage, and results in people who already have health insurance losing protections contained in the legislation, then we're going to have a problem. >> and the president was asked appointment of steve bannon. he's been accused of -- >> i think it's fair to say that it would not be appropriate for me to comment on every appointment that the president-elect starts making. >> president obama said during the press conference that president-elect trump pledged
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something trump declined to promise during the campaign. reince priebus has been named the chief of staff. the message from the state attorney general, there's no tolerance for hate speech. there's a hotline to report it as well. chantee lans -- >> a student was harassed here inside a store. this all happening as the new harassment hotline. >> and i heard him talk to the counter clerk first and he walked in and said oh, there's a -- muslim. >> a law student says he was followed, targeted, and harassed while walking across mass avenue from one cambridge store to another. >> he kept guessing where i was
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i was born and raised there. i live down the street. is there anything i can do to help you? and he didn't respond. >> massachusetts attorney general -- says her office has seen an uptick, biased motivated threats. this came after the historic election. less than a week later, she's launching a harassment hotline, a firs to address and punish hate crime offenders. >> in massachusetts, people have rights. those rights are to be protected and the attorney general's office and others in law enforcement will stand at the ready to enforce rights to protect the rights of people, and to keep people safe. >> reporter: and that student says he supports the new harassment hotline. and he also met with the dean
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live in cambridge, chantee lans, wbz news. >> and here is the number. 1(800), 994-3228 and contact the attorney general's office. in the wake of the deadly trench accident involving a company with a long history of safety violations, the city of boston wants to make changes to try to protect workers. bill shields is live in the south end with the story. >> reporter: this iser accident happened a few weeks ago. it took the lives of two guys when a trench flooded and collapsed on top of them. the company atlantic drain had a laundry list of past violations. the mayor got very frustrated when he found out about it. and now he's come up with a plan he thinks may help. it creates a safety officer
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permits, all construction companies. that person would be reviewing past violations and that's what the mayor wants to see. >> we think this is a great first step. >> reporter: the coalition for occupational safety and health says it's been a long time coming. >> there are workers in a trench submerged we believe for over 10 minutes. >> reporter: the trench flooded and ap atlantic drain, had a laundry list of past safety violations. in 2012, osha cited them for the five violations at a work site in boston, including exposing an employee to cave-in hazards. the agency proposed close to $74,000 in fines. >> i've actually never seen an employer just have a distaste for occupational safety and
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and sadly it cost two workers their lives. >> reporter: boston mayor marty walsh wants a safety officer. >> we're disappointed that it's not statewide. >> reporter: you may be wondering about osha. where is osha in all of this. osha is a federal agency obviously. and that agency has been described by several people in th they can fine people and companies and it ends there. reporting live from the south end. i'm bill shields, wbz news. hundreds of kids in lawrence are wondering where they'll be going to school. a fire at bruce elementary school forced everyone to evacuate. and crews stopped the flames but the fire, water, and smoke damage can't be fixed overnight. >> we're just pleased thattal
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got out safe. >> empty classrooms are all that's left after this morning's fire at bruce elementary school. >> significant damage to the classroom. heavy smoke and water damage throughout the school. >> the fire began in this second floor classroom. a staff member quickly pulled the fire alarm. >> the teachers did a great job of keeping the kids calm and getting them where they needed to be. >> 600 here, a block and a half away. bruce elementary is off limits. >> the building will be not occupied for an extended period of time. >> it's unclear what is going to happen next. >> reporter: the superintendent jeffrey riley tells us he's not sure if the students from bruce elementary will come back here tomorrow. parents should listen for an automated phone call letting them know the next step.
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investigating an arson inside the high school. someone set a bench in the girl's bathroom on fire. there was little damage. paramedics rushed construction workers to the hospital after an accident in kingston. the men were lifting a gable wall into place and the wall fell on them. one of the workers is seriously injured and the other two are expected to be okay. a tough loss for the patriots in the rematch with tl between the two teams was one single yard. it came down to that final play there. and some fans thought the referees blew it. but tom brady says blame the team not the refs. >> one thing the patriots don't do is make excuses. they took the high road and
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the game. brady-- to rob gronkowski and the ball falls incomplete. and there was not enough for the refs to throw a flag and that was it. patriots fall, 31-24. >> i thought the game was well i fishated. they did a good job. >> it is what it is. it's not p.i. to the refs. it's not p.i. to the refs. play ist you can't change it. >> sometimes you get the calls and sometimes you don't. certainly, looks like it came down to one play but probably a lot of plays we could have done a better job of. >> they did give up 420 yards last night. we have a scheduling change to tell you about for the september 27th game between the patriots and the jets. it's been flexed out of the
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on wbz at 4:25 in the afternoon. spaits will regroup and face colin kaepernick on sunday. patriots game day is 11:30. also here on wbz, and then immediately following the game. tune in to the 5th quarter on my tv 38. start the weekend with patriots all access. tom brady is taking heat over a he promotes his wife's new project, exploring the threats to the amazon rain forest in brazil. he's proud of giselle's work. and people are criticizing brady for supporting donald trump. brady hasn't said who he voted
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the quarterback's endorsement. letters filled with hate. and why do birds simply drop dead in dorchester? can the lab results provide the answer? the president-elect has promised to deport or jail illegal immigrants. but boston and other massachusetts cities are vowing to fight back.
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? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
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a 19-year-old woman is charged in a deadly hit-and- run. she hit this man who was riding his bicycle and left him in the road. when confronted by police she allegedly lied to them. the vict in the hospital over the weekend. >> loved ones are devastated. >> i loved him a lot. he was a good guy. >> reporter: it wasn't easy for amanda parker to come here. but she wanted to see the two people charged in connection with the hit-and-run of someone she loved. >> i want to see her face. i want her to know that people loved him and he wasn't just
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he was a human being. >> reporter: the 19-year-old is facing charges for leaving the scene of a deadly accident and misleading police. she hit him thursday night while he was riding his bike in the crosswalk at the intersection of broadway and washington street. when officers arrived they found the 36-year-old in the road with critical head injuries. the driver took off driving the bicycle. the car was found abando nearby. >> maybe if she stopped and called the cops he wouldn't be dead. >> he was a talented and passionate tattoo artist with a baby on the way. >> he'll never ever get to meet that baby. >> reporter: she hopes the painful loss will turn into a lesson for others. >> start looking where you're
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people. >> police also arrested 26-year- old ryan a day, calling him an accessory after the affect. the mystery of dead birds falling out of the sky may never be solved. dozens of dead grackles were found and they were sent to a wisconsin lab for testing. scientists haven't been able to figure out why the birds died. they tested neve nile and bird flu. we've been looking at the moon and it's about to get more interesting. >> apparently, there's a bad twist to the super moon. >> so we have a super moon because it's close in the orbit to the earth. and it's lined up with the sun so you get all those forces working in one direction. the lows are really low and the highs are really high. we have the highest tides without a storm.
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in. and i don't expect any flooding issues with it. the most prone areas that are the easiest to fill up when we have weather events are the areas we'll be watching for tomorrow. and minor beach erosion is possible. and right now it's not a powerhouse storm. and it's going to move quickly and those things work in our favor to keep this from being a high impact event. it's going to be on the lower side notice. it was a gorgeous day and we're falling back to the 50s. a quick drop and then things level off. the moon is already up. there's cirrus clouds moving in ahead of the storm system and it will bring the king tides during the day tomorrow up and down the coast. we fall into the 30s to low 40s. and we're not talking about frozen precipitation tomorrow.
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few showers developing. most of the rainfall will be happening around midday through the afternoon. locally heavy downpours will be mixed in and maybe a rumble of thunder. much needed rainfall. and we'll have lingering clouds as we start the day on wednesday. here's something that works against us and also for us. winds late tonight. as we head to tomorrow morning they move on shore out of the east. and around high tide is when we'll have 10 to 20-mile-per- hour the wind will start to turn around as the storm crosses southern new england. you don't have a lot of time to build up wave action or pile up water. and that keeps us as a low to moderate impact event. there are warnings and areas around hampton, we have videos coming out of that community. and we have high tides, that will be a spot to watch.
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is 11:08 in the morning. the water will move inland. and across the southeastern part of the state it will all come down to local geography. a place like scituate harbor will expect minor flooding. high temps tomorrow in the 50s. and looking at a quiet week after this. once the storm moves out. drying conditions on wednesday, increasing sun and mild temperatures. and a lot of sun on thursday, and temperatures stay above average the whole time. here's the act weather 7-day. and watching for the coastal roads, we're near 60 on wednesday, and 60 on thursday, and friday as well. friday's on shore winds means cooler on the water's edge. a chance for rain showers on sunday and looks great so far for the faneuil hall tree lighting saturday night. >> ready to get in the holiday
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the holiday spectacular at faneuil hall. crews are decorating the 85- foot norway spruce, the tallest christmas tree in new england. it will be transformed into a holiday destination with 350,000 lights. the governor and the mayor, mayor marty walsh will join us us the blue man group and the -- lisa and i will host the celebration. join us tu november 19th, right here on channel 4. it all begins at 8:00. and looks like a pretty nice night. the forecast holds out fingers crossed. are you getting into the holiday spirit by spending too much? >> your holiday shopping and how it compares to others in other cities. a major honor for a massachusetts marine credited with helping to break barriers decades ago.
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for patriots day. and how a movie recreates the manhunt for the boston marathon
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on the bz feed tonight we're already talking about holiday shopping. >> and just how much we'll be spending.
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boston is going to spend about $590 on gifts this season. sounds like a lot but that's considerably less than the national average of $935. the massachusetts city spending the most -- newton. more than $1600 and people in newton rank among the country's biggest spenders. they are going to give the economy a shot in the arm. >> santa does the toys. and my wife doesn't want much. a wyoming bookstore wants people to focus on the books, not the devices. >> the owner posted a sign outside of windy city books asking customers to leave the cell phones and computers in the bags. take a break, live like it's 1993. e-mails can wait. >> and customers think it's
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now an oasis of peace and quiet. i kind of love it but i wonder if there's more to it. maybe it's a business decision. people like to check out prices on their phones and this way they don't get to do this. >> as someone who heard a long and loud conversation in a bookstore, i am all for this. preschool students getting in on the action. 4-year-olds in new viral trend. and you know what they have to do? they have to stand completely still. that's impossible for a 4-year- old. the performing arts preschool posted the video on facebook. and it's been viewed 7 million times. you may be wondering how the teachers got them to stand still. it took four tries. >> and maybe there were some extra snacks as a reward. >> that's the winner. that's the best one.
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here's a look at 5:30. cutest thing ever. technology is making our lives easier. and it could also be making us depressed. we'll tell you who is most at risk. and violence in a dunkin' donuts parking lot. what started the fight that ended with two women in custody. >> and letters filled with racial slurs showing up in the mail.
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 5:30. >> now at 5:30, a weather alert. a storm headed our way. and combined with the super moon and the king tides that come with it. some areas could see some flooding. >> the biggest concern is the coast. eric fisher is here with a closer look. >> the storm is not a particularly powerful one but we'll see some areas flood us starting to work up the coastline. and some of the rain will evaporate. we're not expecting showers to reach us until tomorrow morning. and there's the culprit, the super moon. mary sent this in from rock port. the highest annual tides, highest astronomical tides basically. easterly winds for tomorrow so


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